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Snowcember Ball 2022

Jjs Goodman

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As 2022 reaches the end, SBC closes out the year with our holiday celebration.


(Credit to Kieran for the logo)

From December 12th to December 28th, enjoy our winter festival Snowcember Ball 2022. Here's a list of what activities to expect during the event:

  • Stop What You Are Doing - Holiday Edition: SWYAD returns for the 43rd edition. Decorate your username with a holiday theme. Reserve a name in this thread or via Discord if you haven't already.
  • Cards Against Snowmen: Cards Against Humanity will be every Friday night during the event at 7pm EST!
  • SBC Music Jingle Bell Fridays: Play your favorite holiday songs every Friday night at 8pm EST, and earn gifts via raffle!
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: One Pictionary game will be held on December 17th at 7pm EST, guest hosted by SOF with the theme of Christmas Movies!
  • Jackbox: On Monday nights at 7pm EST during the event, there will be a Jackbox game on Discord, streamed by dman!
  • SBC Christmas Trivia Contest 2022 - Ultimate Edition: The iconic Snowcember tradition returns to celebrate 10 years since the tradition began! We have a huge trivia contest planned to celebrate this milestone, starting December 12th at 8pm EST with two rounds. Who will be the champion this year?
  • SBC Secret Santa Program: Our yearly Secret Santa program returns, with quite a few changes. You no longer have to gift users items from our store and can instead branch out to something else, such as a graphic or a Discord Nitro gift!
  • Discord Christmas Party: A Discord party will be held on Christmas night, containing a unique twist of having multiple activities to do: chatting with friends, participating in our raffle, or watching a SpongeBob episode screening!
  • Other Activities: You’ll be hunting for snowmen again in this year’s scavenger hunt, sharpen your icicle to write a tale for the story contest, and play in a "Double Game Pack", consisting of a puzzle and flash game!
  • Snowcember Minigames: Past Snowcember minigames will return, and there will be a brand new one known as Snowman Builder!

As is tradition, we have another Christmas present awaiting to unwrap itself to you all on the 25th. On the aesthetic side, both the forums and Discord will receive fantastic holiday makeovers. There will be two new skins designed by Katie (in her first skin as a Fry Cook) and I. We hope people enjoy this Snowcember Ball and that it’s a jolly note to end 2022 on for you. :christmas2:

SWYAD Reservations:

Jjs —> Vanilla Ice

Ex —> Gizmo

SOF —> Santa Amity

Kat —> Pingu

Sbl —> Frosty the Snowman

JCM —> Holly Jolly JCM

Who --> Gingy

SpongeKid --> That Merry SpongeKid

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