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Dice Roll

Jjs Goodman

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On 6/3/2022 at 3:55 AM, 4EverGreen said:

Happy Birthday Fete GIF by Travis First time I've ever seen anybody roll PRESENTS instead of dice!

You rolled a 4 and 2, giving you 40 Tickets! Try again!

39 minutes ago, Minty Car said:

Roll initiative

You rolled a 6 and 1, giving you 80 Tickets! Try again in 24 hours!

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18 hours ago, 4EverGreen said:

las vegas dice GIF Useless dice fact #1: Dice rolling isn't just a fun activity in Las Vegas, Nevada, it's a way of LIFE!

You rolled a 1 and 1, giving you 100 Tickets! Try again in 6 hours!

1 hour ago, SpongeOddFan said:

roll the dices damnit

You rolled a 2 and 4, giving you 50 dbs! Try again in 23 hours!

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