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Why did SpongeBob never address the BP oil spill?

Danny DeVito

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As meticulously crafted as SpongeBob has been as an epic narrative, there's unfortunately been one key element missing: ignoring the infamous 2010 BP oil spill, which spawned irreparable damage to the ecosystems. For a show that's set underwater, you'd think it'd be common sense for them to bring it up and show its effects on Bikini Bottom, but nope. I am very disappointed they never found a way to tie into the narrative. Not very bravo, Steve and gang...

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10 hours ago, markerbob_101048 said:

Same reason why covid and 9/11 were never addressed. It's too touchy of a subject for kids. 

So, in spite of the fact that this is clearly a joke thread, I'll respond to this anyway and say... uhhh, no? That's not why? That kind of thing just has no place or relevance to a goofy, manic cartoon like SB. (And it's probably set in the Pacific, definitely not the Gulf, but that's way besides the point.)

Also as an aside: it's not hard to explain to a kid what an oil spill is and have them accept it... that is, unless you're me, someone who actually personally knew one of the workers who died in the DWH blowout.

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