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After a year break, our festival to celebrate spin-off & literatures returns.


(Credit to Cha for the logo)

The 10th edition will last from May 21st, 2021 to June 14th, 2021. For those not in the know, the Spin-Off Festival is our spring event where we honor people's well-written spin-offs and literatures with several activities. We took off from this last year for an experiment, but as the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it's ready to return with a fresh new coat of paint. While spin-offs may not be booming as they once were, it's still a nice tradition for us to come back to, especially for the few writers that still contribute to the section. And with SpongeBob having actual spin-offs on the way, this event has a double meaning to it now. 😉 If you don't write or read any of SBC's fanfiction, that's fine. You don't have to read or make any to participate in this event. Here's a run-down of games and features to expect:

  • Cards Against Humanity: Every Friday night at 7pm EDT during the event, there will be a CAH game, and with more cards for our new SBC pack!
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Three Pictionary games will count for the event, on Saturday nights at 7pm EDT. The first will be a spin-offs/lits themed game, the second will be a Glove World themed game, and the last will be the epic Season 3 finale. 
  • Among Us: Every Saturday night at 8pm EDT after Pictionary, we'll be hosting more Amogus games, and without the team aspect in this, so these will be free for alls. 
  • Arcade Tournaments: Using JCM's flash archive, we'll have several more flash games scattered throughout the event. 
  • One-Shot Glory: Previously named Creation Glory in previous years, this is our annual writing contest for the event. If you want to submit a short, one-shot story to flex your writing talents, then this is the contest for you!
  • Festival Awards: Previously named The Spin-Off Contest in previous years, this mini awards show will be held in the last week of the event to celebrate the best works submitted during the event.
  • Festival Word Count: Returning from 2019 is this competition. Whoever has the highest accumulated word count from submitted works during the event will be crowned the Festival King or Queen. They will receive several glorious prizes in addition to the title. The 2019 Festival King was OMJ, who shall take the title this year?
  • SOF Tickets & Prize Store: SOF Tickets will be returning for the sixth time. These are a temporary sub-currency, similar to Doubloons. You'll be able to earn these from winning games during the festival and through several other methods. You can use these to buy special prizes at the Prize Store, where there will be prizes, new and old, awaiting for you.
  • Festival Minigames: Your favorite minigames to earn tickets from will return, along with two brand new minigames.
  • Turntable Music Party: A surprise turntable party will be held one night at the event, and whoever attends get free SOF Tickets! Stay tuned for the date. 👀
  • New Discord Channel - #writing: To help promote the event, we'll launch a new Discord channel known as "#writing" for writers to get together and discuss their SBC writings, or real life literatures, whichever. Whether if this channel will be permanent depends on how well it does, but for now, it's only being made to coincide with the festival.

I should note that unlike the past few festivals, this one won't have a huge focus on the game aspect, as we want to relax and give more focus to the writing side for those who want to do them. That said, if you're not into writing side, there will still be a decent amount of games to play as it wouldn't be a festival without them. We hope everyone has fun!

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