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Congratulations, Krusty Krew!

Jjs Goodman

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After a terrifying gauntlet of events, the Krusty Krew (Kreepy Krabs) win Octerror Fest 2020 14-6-4! This is their 3rd win of the year. Better luck next time, Chum Buddies. Here's who had the most wins:


1.) Dman with 11 wins (MVP!)

2.) RDSP with 2 wins


1.) Fred with 4 wins (MVP!)


1.) Negi with 2 wins (MVP!)

I'll see the teams at Snowcember Ball 2020 for the last Major League event of the year! Reminder that if you wanna join the Krew or Buddies, just sign up here, as they have plenty of seats open. Happy Halloween to all!

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