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If I could successfully Lucid Dream, What would I do?

Slam Lord BBBB

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I have a list as to what I would do. Here it is.

Pick a number between 2 and 16 and I'll tell you what it is.

1. Go to Bikini Bottom and visit Spongebob.

2. Become a super hero who sleeps on clouds amongst the gods with lots of woman

3. Become a Cop

4. Jump across hills over a bog.

5. Fly with my cruise ship armada

6. Take over the world Violently

7. Help Candace bust phineas and ferb in a convulted trap involving my dead grandma, a landmine, and vladmir putin. Then go with my friend timothy and kill Kat from Kid vs Kat

8. Become a Pokemon trainer, Kill johnny test, and fight a mutated pokemorph to the death in a football field

9. Recreate the ultimate dream. Car chase with My science teacher, me, and captain john price trying to assainate Grunkle Stan, Ruby and Sapphire for not paying protection fees under the orders of mr dwicky, in alberta.

10. Become a seasoned sailor on the winnipeg basin, carrying trinkets from calgary to winnipeg

11. Go hunting on a safari with Theodore Roosevelt, then arm wrestle him.

12. Get attacked by a serial killer, then escape, and go on a long and tedious game of cat and mouse, until in the end I manage to both capture and escape the serial killer, and still remain morally upright in the end.

13. Eat Pizza with Daria and Jane.

14. Fly with wings composed entirely of butterflys! YAAAY!

15. Host a massive battle event, while wearing a business suit and sporting a handlebar mustache, with Spongebob as co host, also in suit. Hosted at the battlebots arena. Round 1 is a battle between Finn the Human and Steven Universe, who would win? Putting 10K snelfu on Finn. Then in round 2, turn to the computer screens and get SHODON and XANA to have a ultimate hardware smackdown!!! Then for the halftime show, we get penguins on unicycles, a monkey orchestra, a drunken street fight, and a nice ole fashioned Viktor Reznov V Melody Powers cage fight. Then I get a battle between Jimmy Hopkins and Ayano Aishi. Then for the grand finale, we get a bunch of world leaders, and put them in a hunger games. HUZZAH. THIS IS GONNA BE FUN.

16. Sail the Jigglypuff Waterfall

17. Interview my sub concious, except my sub concious takes the form of and sounds like Colonel Klink(Or possibly SpongeBob, or Daria, Or a mirror......depends on the tone i want)

18. See if 10 Million fireflys, can truely light up the world as i fall asleep.

19. Steal Kappa Mikeys show.

20. Win Battle Bots.

21. Get Giffany and Monika to fight each other, and then the winner gets their conscious put into a human body to fight Ayano Aishi.

22. Help Emperor Empoleon take over the world.

23. Become Megamind.

24. Become god king of the world, and take requests from my subjects as the merciful, kind, and silly king.

25. Lead a Native American reconquista.

26. Join Captain Hooks crew.

27. Help Elvis hijack MH370 so we can go find Amelia Earhart on her honey moon with Jimmy Hoppa in Area 51.


What do you guys think of these. Have any ideas of your own

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2 minutes ago, SnOWMan ⛄️ said:

see your shadows in my room

goddammit owm

anyways, I think you could probably hack SBM with your fantastical mega magical dream powers if you had lucid dreams lul

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