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Unbreakable was great, I'm so split on Split. This however has potential to be really amazing or offensive. But I'll say it does interest me. I'll be checking this out for sure.

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So yeah.  This movie was not good.  Very disappointed by that because the potential was definitely there.  I like Split and I love Unbreakable, so that probably played a huge part in my disappointment.

My major problem is mostly with Shyamalan.  His attempt at world building is very forced.  How he ties both movies together is heavily strained and it just leads to more questions from me than answers.  Also bringing into question pretty much some of the character traits that were brought up in Split and how they come into play here because of what Shyamalan is trying to do.  This really need more rewrites or another screenwriter to balance it all out more.

And then we get to Shyamalan’s directing.  To put it nicely, he’s not good at directing action scenes and it shows.  It showed in The Last Airbender and After Earth too, but those were easily his worst movies and I thought that now that Shyamalan has rebuilt his credibility a bit, that it would prove to be just a fluke.  But nope, he just can’t direct action scenes well, at all.

One last thing.  The characters.  James McAvoy is still the best part hands down.  That was a given.  My problem is with the rest of the characters.  David Dunn is a super flat character this time around with next to nothing to do except be the hero.  Which sucks because you’d expect him to evolve his character more.  Elijah Glass is barely in this movie (probably 15-20 minutes at least).  And I was not a fan of any of the new characters in this.  They are all either uninteresting, underdeveloped, or just flat out bad.  I could care less about any of them.

3.5...maybe a 4/10 and a lot of that goes to James McAvoy being so great.  This was very messy, but hey the anticipation was there for me to see this, so I’m glad I saw it if that means anything.  Never seeing it again though.

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