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So since I am fully on sbc now my shop is now on here (since I am hardly gonna be active on a certain other site for a while)

Each review will cost 4 doubloons (unless it is from something not on the list those are 5 doubloons)

But after every 5 reviews I will review something random as an extra 


The review list

The amazing world of gumball

SpongeBob SquarePants

Teen Titans go

Winx club

Fairly odd parents

the adventures of kid danger
johnny test
power rangers


Anything Scooby Doo related

Pinky and the brain

puppy in my pocket adventures in pocketville

dora the explorer

pj masks


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stuck in the wringer (spongebob) review

Well today it is time to review a very infamous episode so what are my thoughts

Well i think it starts out with a great beginning of spongebob enjoying a bath until he drops the soap but luckily has a spare but then spongebob slips into the wringer and patrick puts forever glue on it

What i like about this episode is seeing how the wringer affects spongebob i mean i may like him but seeing him in this situation is so enjoyable it is gotten so bad spongebob can’t even eat ice cream

And well i kinda think the scene with the background fish makes a bit of sense since they did not know the full story

And i really enjoyed the krusty krab scenes

But at the end patrick ends up going to spongebob’s pineapple a bit after spongebob chased off patrick

I also love the scene with patrick saying how much does the carnival come to town and then it reveals it is always open on a sign

And then it is time for the crying always solves your problems after all

I actually enjoyed it and i like how patrick said crying doesn’t solve your problems but it does for spongebob



Fantastic episode or 10/10


upcoming reviews star wars the last jedi review and spongebob smoothe jazz in bikini bottom

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Star wars the last jedi review part 1 Ok so this is my first time seeing anything star wars so sorry if this review is a bit rusty and short So this movie starts out with a cool battle scene which i liked It was pretty cool And honestly i have to say i liked it If any other star wars movie is like this it must be a good franchise I know this movie is unpopular but yeah it is good Honestly if this is one of the worst movies star wars must be fantastic Ok so i will carry on The battle scene was really well done  But the titty milk scene is disgusting But even then the movie is still good for the first 22 minutes Final score 8/10 for these first 22 minutes anyways

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i'm doing a small filler review since its been along time since i did the last jedi thing that i have to rereview it


teen titans go waffles review

this review was voted for by sbccord which got two votes for waffles (this is a filler review until i rereview last jedi)

I'm glad they chose waffles because I love this episode I know most people find it annoying and I can see why it would annoy most but I guess I just view different things as annoying than most people

And I'm glad people chose this for my reviews that i will do on a more regular basis

So anyways let's get into the episode

What makes it work for me is seeing how each character gets more annoyed and annoyed throughout the episode but beastboy and cyborg who are clearly having fun doing this game until later on in the episode Robin even thinks of hurting those two 

We also see that apparently Starfire doesn't say waffles right


Robin making the waffles is so mundane that it's super funny especially the part I wasn't expecting where he gets milk from a cow instead of putting milk from a plastic milk container into a cup and then mix it into the ingredients like you would expect


Then they don't want the waffles


The episode really gets into its best parts once we hit the brother blood parts though

Brother's blood reactions to cyborg and beast boy's game is somehow even funnier than with the Titans when we get stuff like him torturing beastboy and cyborg to get their voice recognition but they're so dedicated to the game they still won't stop no matter how hard the torture is which really shows their dedication to the game since Starfire Robin and raven just easily gave brother blood the password since they didn't want to be tortured

Then the Titans get the great idea to copy cyborg and beast boy to annoy brother blood so he can stop

After how annoyed they were earlier seeing them having fun doing it by annoying brother blood is extra amusing and this is what final stops beastboy and cyborg from liking the game just because their friends started having fun with the game

Then we see cyborg's and beast boy's injured bodies which I love for how exaggerated they are and the fact since this cartoon doesn't have much continuity all the injuries will be gone basically If this show was continuity heavy I would probably despise this scene

Though the ending scene does make me wonder what brother blood would of done to keep them from leaving the cage he put Starfire Robin and raven in

Overall this episode is an episode well I can definitely see why it's despised but I find it to be funny not one of the best overall ttg episodes but one of the bests from season 1


My rating spectacular (which means high 10/10)


from now until doubloons return all users can request 2 free reviews since they can't pay doubloons but only 2 per person

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