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SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation

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Yep, screw it. I've been thinking about this being a full-fledged series. I thought I would only continue this as an experiment on my variety series, but clearly, it was an idea for a full-fledged spin-off in disguise. For those who don't know, the main gimmick behind this series is that certain SpongeBob episodes will be put into Google Translate. I will not go through every one of them, but I'll have guest spots open for those who want try the spin-off's formula. All four segments that I posted on Oh Yeah! Collections will eventually be posted on here as a combined pilot episode. The spin-off is also rated General+ for some future instances of unintentional swearing. The first official episode will be out sooner than later.

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1a. You used it / Tea with tea (Help Wanted / Tea at the Treedome)


You used it
Help Wanted


French salads: ... I like bikini and blood dogs. Of course, Espalzone loved, of course, than pineapple.
French Narrator: Ah, the sea... so fascinating. So wonderful. Here, we see Bikini Bottom, teeming with life. Home to one of my favorite creatures, SpongeBob SquarePants. Yes, of course he lives in a pineapple, you silly.

SpongeBob: Daytoy, Patricia!
SpongeBob SquarePants: Today's the big day, Gary!

Long Ulf: down.
Gary the Snail: Meow.

Big sea: ! Look at me. Thomas was not in good shape.
SpongeBob: Look at me, I'm ...naked! .../ Gotta be in top physical condition for today, Gary.

Gary: Meow. 

Big sea: ! Preparation, payment, rent, rent, rent ... 1 is late.
SpongeBob: I'm ready! I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!

Celebrity Patrick: Parbo? printers;
Patrick Star: Go, SpongeBob! Whoa!

_: It is better to come down with slimy rice! There is a dark brown alphabet in this contrast. Patrick! Patrick!
SpongeBob: There it is. The finest eating establishment ever established for eating: The Krusty Krab, home of the Krabby Patty. With a Help Wanted sign in the window! For years I've been dreaming of this moment! I'm gonna go in there, march straight to the manager, look 'im straight in the eye, lay it on the line and... I can't do this! Uh, Patrick!

Patch: This is horrible. 

Patrick: Where do you think you're going?

Spongebob Spongebob: A new story of wandering.

SpongeBob: I was just...

Patch: Kristapa Klapa is no longer necessary.
Patrick: No you're not. You're going to the Krusty Krab and get that job!

Do not Spongebob: 1m can not be seen.
SpongeBob: I can't, don't you see? I'm not good enough!

Patch. Anonymous: "Do you want to ask?"

Patrick: Whose first words were "may I take your order"? 

SpongeBob: in my bag.

SpongeBob: Mine were.

Patch: The forest is for football.
Patrick: Who made a spatula out of toothpicks in wood shop?

Paavo: 1m it's hard to control God.

SpongeBob: I did.

Money Patrick: Ah, Ah, big yellow holes in your ankle.
Patrick: Who's a, uh who's uhh, oh! Who's a big yellow cube with holes?

Spongebob squarepants:

SpongeBob: I am!

Money Patrick:
Patrick: Who's ready?

sponge bob:
SpongeBob: I'm ready!

Money Patrick:
Patrick: Who's ready?

sponge bob:
SpongeBob: I'm ready!

Money Patrick:
Patrick: Who's ready?

Great sea horse: !!! If the government is not considered to accept customers, he is Sherlock.
SpongeBob: I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!

Meanwhile Tentakel: Oh, SpongeBob, what are you?
Squidward Tentacles: Oh no, SpongeBob. What could he possibly want?

That day meet the sea !!!!!!!!! B: Duty in connection with their main god. Come Bob, Bob, Sponge Bob!
SpongeBob: I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! Go SpongeBob! Go SpongeBob! Go SpongeBob! Go self!

!! !! !! !!: Sharp Fast Crab, pencil of first 1 -
Squidward: Mr. Krabs! Hurry, Mr. Krabs, before it's too late, I gotta tell you-

Happy: Tribune Tribune Tribune Tribune Tribune When did you start?
SpongeBob: Permission to come aboard, captain! I've been training my whole life for the day I could join the Krusty Krew, and now I'm ready. .../ So, uh, when do I start?

H. Evgeny Cancer: I want water

Mr. Eugene H. Krabs: Well lad, it looks like you don't even have your sea legs.

_: One degree foundation, stuck in the bowl. Bush promises

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, please. I'll prove I'm fry cook material. Ask Squidward, he'll vouch for me.

_: The todas are shaped.
Squidward: No.

D: He is 13 years old. No, mastering and extinction

Mr. Krabs: Well lad, we'll give you a test, and if you pass, you'll be on the Krusty Krew! Go out and fetch me... a, uh, hydrodynamic spatula... with, um, port-and-starboard-attachments, and, uh... turbo drive! And don't come back till you get one!

Big sea: ! Is the storm the largest fluid source teacher in the world?

SpongeBob: Aye aye, captain! One hydrodynamic spatula, with port-and-starboard attachments, turbo drive, coming right up, Sir!

Kraft said: I just saw oil.
Mr. Krabs: Carry on! We'll never see that lubber again.

Squid? octopus:
Squidward: You're terrible! A hydro-what?

Bus management: Hello! I will not spend
Bus driver: Hey! Hey! Please! Passengers are to stay seated and put their hands out the window!

Kraft said: ... The air that contains the bottle is a bag of paper.
Mr. Krabs: That sounded like hatch doors! Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells smelly. Anchovies.

_: You want money?
Squidward: What?

_: Sir!
Mr. Krabs: Anchovies!

Submission: You can do that?
Squidward: Please, please, quiet! [anchovies stop talking] Is this any way to behave, hmmm?

Anthovy Priest;:
Anchovy: Meep!

_: Thumbnails when you upload eight small files.
Squidward: Could we show a little decency and form a neat, single file line in front of the register?

SpongeBob: Barg'N Mart. There is no need
SpongeBob: Barg'N-Mart, meeting all of your spatula needs.

Kraft said: Wide in hand. We choose our pants.
Mr. Krabs: All hands on deck! Get your anchors out of your pants!

_: okay
Squidward: One single file line was all I asked!

_: No, well, magic water, baby and car of the mother!

Mr. Krabs: Whoa! Batten down the hatches, Mr. Squidward! ...Were taking on water, Mr. Squidward! ...I want my mommy, Mr Squidward!

I do not use spongebob: hand, arm, shoulder belt, spin laptops.
SpongeBob: Do do do do do do, spatula, spatula, port-and-starboard attachments.

Persian: thank you.
Squidward: Help!

_: You must learn
Mr. Krabs: Man overboard! Climb, Mr. Squidward! Climb!

_: Secure Ancor.
Anchovies: Meep! Meep!

Kraft said: the end of the bag.
Mr. Krabs: This is the end! Good-bye, Mr. Squidward!

Iktità: Krabi!
Squidward: Oh Mr. Krabs!

Paavo Paavo: I borrowed in the field. Another spade and man. Safety belt on the height of the seat belt. Leave the driver. What do you think? Anyone?

SpongeBob: Permission to come aboard captain! Da da da da da da da! Da da da da da da da da da da! Did someone order a spatula? .../ That's right! One hydrodynamic spatula with port-and-starboard attachments, and let's not forget the turbo drive! Would you believe they only had one in stock? To the kitchen! .../ Who's hungry?!

I did not do anything.
I love the sun
Happy moon!
This is very funny.

Get rid of work
The coffee is empty
I love the sun
Happy moon!
This is very funny.

Please bring along.
All the girls are bake.

Do you want to be old?
The game is recommended
I love the sun
Happy moon!
This is very funny.

Hey, hi customer to Kiyohira!
Oh, do not listen

[These are just basically the lyrics to "Livin' in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight."]

He was saying: . You're welcome
Mr. Krabs: That was the finest fast foodsmanship I've ever seen, Mr. SquarePants! Welcome aboard!


Squidward: But, but Mr. Krabs...

He was saying: You are the number and the mushroom before. A little blow
Mr. Krabs: Three cheers for SpongeBob! Hip-hip!

Time: M.-
Squidward: Hooray, Mr.-

D. Crouch: Excessive exaggeration.
Mr. Krabs: Hip-hip!

Aika horse:
Squidward: Hooray.

D. Crouch: Excessive exaggeration.
Mr. Krabs: Hip-hip!

Aika horse: tumor?
Squidward: Hooray. Mr. Krabs!

He said: here it is.
Mr. Krabs: I'll be in my quarters, counting up the booty.

Patch: For Christie Cruz.
Patrick: Good morning, Krusty Krew!

_: Patrick?
Squidward: What would you like to order, Patrick?

Patch: Yes.
Patrick: One Krabby Patty, please.

_: Dear cancer! tumor? Gay, I came to a new bank.

Squidward: Mr. Krabs! Mr. Krabs! Mr. Krabs, come see your new employee!

- - -

Tea with tea


mushroom: Fingers wow me. .../ As soon as you saw me! .../ Opii the land. This little squirrel is my problem.

Sandy face: You love this old woman! You have to stay! If you like home and bad air.

mushroom: Low grounding. .../ Be careful! .../ They look small squirrels. .../ Works with Bra, Fight. Prepare for the winner! Comedy! .../ Hey, I really do it. .../ My phone!

Sandy: Waiting for the baby!

mushroom: Yeah, you and me on the carat! What's your name

Sandy: Sandy. Can you call me?

mushroom: I SpongeBob!

Sandy: Participate with good spiders!

mushroom: Yeah? ILO says!

Sandy: Dua, Spongebob Squarepants. Adults are more than shells. Hi-Dee!

mushroom: Yes, I want Sandy. Hi-Dee! aw. Tell me what happened?

Sandy: My moments because of this.

mushroom: How can I try it out?

Sandy: Bots. I have to breathe! I have to spend time.

mushroom: Me too! I like time! Air of God

Sandy: I'm not joking

mushroom: "Bread," my heart is! So the best! So the driver.

Sandy: Shea-oot. Why did you get cookies, do not delay!

mushroom: I see it tomorrow. .../ Patrick! Patrick! Patrick Patrick, Patrick! Lo. ?

Patrick: United Nations?

mushroom: I just have to meet this girl, a great mood!

Patrick: How do you think "breathe"

mushroom: Time imagination.

Patrick: I just want to talk to you. If you want to keep one of your roses. You have a fetish

mushroom: Jonni?

Patrick: Advanced!

mushroom: And then?

Patrick: This is a fantasy! If you like SpongeBob FancyPants! .../ Remember: If you are unsure, pink. You can, SpongeBob. I'll see.

Paavo: Thanks a friend.

Sandy: Hi?

mushroom: Hi Fi sand, SpongeBob!

Sandy: If you stop for a moment, we'll go.

mushroom: .../ Sandy! Sandy! Pen! Sandy! Sandy! .../ Sandy, something went wrong. ... There is no watering here.

Sandy: Without water. Time is not much.

mushroom: Without water?

Sandy: It's not a Hi-Dee problem!

mushroom: I have Dee trouble! He loves me! Without water.

Sandy: Very good. I made chocolate. Come on! Hi-Dee! .../ This is not straight. I! .../ You're a nice kid. I want the Grand Tourot to look like. .../ This is my personal time. This is one of the purest ... at sea, one of the simplest and purest airs. Oh, my dad's chicks. .../ The tree made the plant. "This work can mean a lot." This is a bitter polyurethane plastic fantasy. Does not it grow? So let's say it's not easy or not. .../ The first law. The meeting will come. Jonni. Most are busy.

Patrick: Pink! Pink!

mushroom: .../ Bring the flower.

Sandy: each other? How much you like! .../ Are you busy?

mushroom: Progress.

Sandy: You understand the first mopeds, and I know.

mushroom: I can not imagine why.

Sandy: Do it for you

mushroom: Beautiful water.

Sandy: I am.

mushroom: It's time to wait. .../ I need to get here Aaaah!

Sandy: Dua, Spongebob Squarepants. It's more than fucking!

Patrick: If you're suspicious, pink.

mushroom: Water shortage! Because of the attack! You do not need it, you do not have to save, so photographers do not ...

Sandy: Why are these flowers beautiful, more cold waters. .../ So tell about yourself. May be interesting or wonderful either. .../ Spray? Oh, some cakes. OK, he'll come back.

mushroom: Go to the store, do not force it. This is not necessary. This is not necessary. This is not necessary. This is not necessary. .../ Need!

Patrick: Yeah, Paavo! No one is enough. Pink! Pink!

mushroom: I have the power!

Patrick: .../ You can not go now! Cap!

mushroom: Patrick is not good. Air is not good!

Patrick: If you're just shy. Do not call me. All right. And do not leave. .../ In what way? Water shortage!

mushroom: Try to attract yourself!

Patrick: We must leave!

mushroom: And you ... or wrong ...

Patrick: I know I left him.

Sandy: Come and take it! Everything so ... [screams] .../ you have to do it. Request her suitcase. I offer a new gray bread for the product! .../ Go to the next. .../ I kind of like the situation that you wish. Spawn!

ALL: One A



Languages used for "Help Wanted:" English-Japanese-French-German-Russian-Indonesian-Latvian-Dutch-Armenian-Italian-Latin-Finnish-Korean-Polish-Spanish-Icelandic.
Languages used for "Tea at the Treedome:" English-Haitian-Creole-Welsh-Bulgarian-Italian-Hungarian-Polish-Myanmar-Norweigan-Albanian-Finnish.

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1b. Who is Chris? / Lemon color (Christmas Who? / Ink Lemonade)


Country: It's now! Spongebob Square Fan Club Heads of Fan and Patchy Patchy provinces.


Deciguaru: You will love me Ah! Slav, I'm going to Party, Spongebob SquarePants' Dong'onong'o! Hi!


school education: Happy Christmas! Happy Christmas!


Deciguaru: Is this true? This is the joy of Christ. Seven people during Christmas. Write me every year. .../ That is, SpongeBob has already ended!


sponge bob: I believe! .../ I'm ready!


Deciguaru: This is bad. My friend Patrick should be loyal. .../ I'm ready to be ready for the preparatory committee. Basketball is good! Okay, okay?


Wacky: this line!


Deciguaru: WC, WC! You are here!


school education: Sellist!


Deciguaru: Get it here


school education: Sellist!



Deciguaru: WC, WC!


school education: Tupique!


Deciguaru: Fight against the plane!


school education: Let me see


Deciguaru: Eat a baby for a meal. .../ What is this? Three tips! He is three.


MA: Open oils


Deciguaru: No, your thoughts are good! You are here!


school education: Is anyone on the horse?


Deciguaru: Sorry. No, the list is great!


school education: What!


Deciguaru: Thank you, yes hey, thank you for your leave! Thank you very much! Especially the plane loses! .../ Okay This list ...


Fisherman's Day: Addresses, addresses and addresses!


Deciguaru: Therefore, he says: "Dear Sir, I am 10 years old and want to become a Christian."


Fisherman's Day: Addresses, addresses and addresses!


Deciguaru: The problem is very good. But if you know it, it is the finest.


school education: It is not


Deciguaru: No, I'm sorry. .../ He talked about a Christian dress. Hey Do you want Bob to see Bob from the beginning? .../ Nebas? Cake comes


school education: SUNDAY!


Deciguaru: WELL WELL! Sou!



Who is Chris?

sponge bob: Today we can be a great help, Saigo. .../ Is there a way? .../ Hi, Sandy, there's a load! Life, the world, the fire in the air. .../ Yes? Think of fire?


Sanda: Bob Sponglor for Christmas


sponge bob: Who is Chris?


Sanda: What is this? I heard Christmas


sponge bob: Do you have a Texas?


Sanda: No, I'm listening to my Christmas.


sponge bob: More information ... Chris.


Deciguaru:  .../ It is a little old age. He would refund his games. But what is Sant Klaus?


sponge bob: .../ Everyone learns


Simple words: your share.


sponge bob: But because you've asked and asked, it's good to have your list.


patrick: students


Mr. Crábi: I do not know your teacher, but she is happy with my friend.


sponge bob: This is the United Spirit. What! Enter an email address.


Simple words: Residents are working and I do not know.


patrick: Like milk


Mr. Crábi: I tried that this is the first San Claus test.


Simple words: I have brothers


patrick: Hello Hello


sponge bob: No, who did it?


patrick: Oh yeah!


Simple words: Hello Hello


sponge bob: Patriarch.


patrick: There are no relationships with these words.


sponge bob: my dear


patrick: Ippy! Template


sponge bob: Now, Yoojoow. Hide it.


Simple words: I have an invalid listing and nobody else.


patrick: I went to my book. I have something


sponge bob: Yes, my money. Okioki, stones and blood.


patrick: Life, SpongeBob .../ Thank you. Dear Santa ... No, no.


sponge bob: Patriarch. .../ Do you want your siblings? See others. This is my wish. .../ Patrick opened the front of the ball. Drinks and other items are not available. Eat anywhere!


patrick: My mother! What Is Faith?


sponge bob: Part of Christmas.


Mr. Crábi: No, honey, the list is ready.


sponge bob: , Stêkk What do we do?


Mr. Crábi: on the phone


sponge bob: Do you have it?


Mr. Crábi: Leave the gold beds


patrick: Look, SpongeBob.


sponge bob: Patrick, what do you want?


patrick: Caesar Caesar's soldier.


sponge bob: .../ What do you want to do?


SUSAN: For you


Children: .../ I'll start a new topic!


Jennifer - Millie: .../ I have a new haircut!


Ronnie: .../ Do you have a cup of water?


Simple words: .../ Sorry.


sponge bob: Older, sometimes I do it. What will we do?


Simple words: Inner room with noise.


sponge bob: Margaret articles can be written. No, Santa is too big. The place is in queue.


Everybody: Hey!




Bob and game Patrick:
I'm fine.
Normal, small, daily.

Simple words:
Rio de Janeiro will be in Tokyo.
SpongeBob, Patrick, what are you doing?

Bob and game Patrick:
The place is very hard!

Simple words:
Go first!

Bob and game Patrick:
She talks about my mission for me
Advertising, decoration, don!
Hey, Patrick, are you afraid?

Simple words:
Whom? Who am I? Go and go!

Like a family like your family!

Mr. Crábi:
I'm great here.

Bob and game Patrick:
The crisis is not very good.
She talks about my mission for me

sponge bob:
Get out of there

Simple words:
What is this?
I am working?

Bob and game Patrick:
Go to China.

Simple words:
Sports Bob is good and good!

Bob and game Patrick:
Turn off third


Allow alternatives for stars!

She talks about my mission for me
She talks about my mission for me




Deciguaru: A yogurt is sweet? Is Christmas another? It will! .../ Time back! Now I'm a guy Yes, SpongeBob San ...

Martin: .../ I hope the language speaks Swahili.

sponge bob: Yes, this is the last page. Believe in wealth! The task of reading this library! .../ Sophie! Previously, Naadam! Faster

Simple words: SpongeBob, what do you do?

sponge bob: Do not modify their help. Santa ...

Simple words: SpongeBob, do not forget that.

sponge bob: No, it's legal. Hey ...

Simple words: SpongeBob, no.

sponge bob: How is Klaus?

Simple words: Not the first one.

sponge bob: Based on volunteering as Military Force and Santa.

Simple words: Did you say SpongeBob? I do not remember

sponge bob: Now, Claudia, what are you doing? Are you losing?

Simple words: My shop shop

sponge bob: Open and play.

person: Now on the sea! It's not late

Simple words: Santa's creative e! SpongeBob's over!

sponge bob: Now, Yoojoow. I'm going

Simple words: The picture will be a problem. .../

Yes, it's evening.
Santa's here today.
That night came.
Santa's here today.

sponge bob: Will I stay here?



Yes, it's evening.
Santa's here today.
That night came.
The future of Santa Claus ...


That night came.
Santa's here today.

fred: Hey, what is faith?

sponge bob: Yes, it should be here.

That night came.
Santa's here today.

person: You do not have enough for him.

fred: Hopefully history date! Let's take a little time.

sponge bob: Why Christmas? Very late.

patrick: The other meal is difficult.

sponge bob: Yes!

Patrick: .../ I'm not a guy.

Simple words: .../ Sib? My son Merry Christmas! You are here! Christmas. Question: The picture is very good. .../ Can I do a little? Tell your ancestors

sponge bob: Popcorn Santa

Simple words: It was my first mission. It is Christ in Christ for the first time. He is the first Chris.

sponge bob: No card. He is foolish. I do not want you one.

Simple words: Whom? What is this?

sponge bob: Gifts. I am with you, because you are not a grandmother!

Simple words: I know I know ...

sponge bob: Take it

Simple words: Spongebob? Did I give it to you? The jellyfish, Krabi is old and has a chain. .../ Does he find it so clean? It will happen again. Trees. This is my name. What is this? .../ Hey Hey hey, this is a great list. As I was martyred, I was so heavy ... I feel. What Is Spongebob Move For? Hey, SpongeBob? SpongeBob?

sponge bob: I know. It is good.

Simple words: They want a little boy

sponge bob: You need to find more sauces.

Simple words: You are here! You are here!

sponge bob: Yes? Hey, hey? Who is Yes? Hey, hey?

Simple words: You are here! You are here!

sponge bob: Hey, hey? Who are you Hey, hey? present. Hi, Hi? Who is this? Yes?

Simple words: It makes me happy. I will speak to Mary.

sponge bob: This is it?

Simple words: Yes, I'm Santaam. Besides,

sponge bob: .../ B L W D L W X D E F G H I J K L M N P T U V W X Y Z W X Y Z W T U D D D D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W D L W B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B

Simple words: Yes, son, let's go to me.

sponge bob: S-SS-SS ... SUN ...

Simple words: .../ Spongebob? Spongebob? Spongebob?

sponge bob: S S S S S S S Connection connection

Simple words: They are not

sponge bob: You know yes, my husband, we go?

Simple words: No, this is my body.

sponge bob: What is this? What is your life?

Simple words: ISTARTER.

sponge bob: What do you want? You need to know something good, but that's great.

Simple words: WELL WELL! I Santa.



sponge bob: My mother! Because we are good for death. Under Bikini Bikini.

Simple words: I said SpongeBob SpongeBob garden. You came.

sponge bob: What did you do?

Gary: Meat.

Simple words: Christmas, SpongeBob Happy Christmas! Ah! They are happy.

sweet: Will my husband pay us?

Simple words: Yes, yes, I'm not

sponge bob: Santa was not right to go. This heart attack is true and you do not want it.

Simple words: A-chan, only second. .../ What are young people? Avri coverage area? What do I have to do? Something's here. I want to say. I want to say. I want to say. Hey, it looks good! .../ Here you will be baby!

sweet: no no

Simple words: I think it's good. Who am I?

fred: .../ Hey where are you

Elder Jenkins: He is!

Abigail's mother: What is it?

Simple words: A good father is a good source of his own. .../ Good gift AHA! Making plants for you.

Jennifer - Millie: No, I want to do. New plan

Simple words: .../ Patriarch.

patrick: Hey, these hands started.

Simple words: .../ What do you think? If Spongebob was sad, I had paid something. I'm crazy. .../ You can accept it. All this.

sponge bob: Sophie! Did you remember here he was here? Everything loses. He was evil and evil. His face is bigger than Gulluk. Very entertaining and interesting. Santa Ocho Lake, but its sacred pillar. Yes, Carmo ...

Simple words: Is that so small? What is this?

Santa: CardWord, thank you for your help! It was good. The most famous name is Santa Claus. .../ You are here! You are here! .../ Yeah, he's my brother! Yes yes yes.

Simple words: Okay, I gave it to you.

Santa Claus: .../ Christmas!


Deciguaru: .../ Oh, Patrick! It's Christmas! Let's go! Hey! Disasters! Great look! I say DOR! She's like a skin! Please enter a page from the beginning!

Personality: What is it now?

Believe me: Oh friend. Dude, this sponge bob is good. This is a story about SpongeBob's Christmas. The crisis is also the sun. .../ Lord, I left a small ship. .../ You are the mother. Who are the people now? You went to the camp!

school education: Sorry

Deciguaru: No, I told you I wanted to kiss! No, I said WC, WC! What! No, no illness!

school education: Kiss, get away!

Country: Now you know how difficult it is to talk. Enjoy fun and pleasure.

- - -

lemon color



Patrick: Lemonade citrus?

Calamardo: If

…/ Lluc, what are you doing? Stone like stone should be stored. ... Do you have a license to sell only?


Calamardo: Thank you for hating me and me. I do not see any bookmarks in Lemonade.

Patrick: Need some lemon juice?

Calamardo: I can not say that I can not. Unfortunately, there are some frauds.

Patrick: .../ But still.

Calamardo: If

Patrick: .../ LEMONADE

stone: .../ Ax! Thank you for your friend. He put it

Patrick: Ax!

stone: Ax!

Patrick: Sorry, not included.

stone: I'm sick! "Where can I go?

Patrick: The usual.

Calamardo: .../ Hello there?

Patrick: More brave and never.

Calamardo: Do you need something?

…/ What is hmm

Patrick: Fire from the army can be used.


Patrick: .../ Can I help you?

Cool Sea: Good luck!

…/ Sweet!

He disappeared: Congratulations You and your family do not sell?



He disappeared: .../ LEMON BLACK SPECIAL LOGICAL EXPERIENCE! We'll get something else.

Patrick: Ax! SpongeBob, although likely to be closed.

Cool Sea: But expensive.


Calamardo: What do you want?

Patrick: Congratulations Likewise, I can not paint, so it is difficult to meet the needs.

Calamardo: I do!

Patrick: Ax!

…/ Just be afraid!

Calamardo: Then he said:

Percussion weight: Loan mortgages?

Patrick: .../ Thank you so much!


Cool Sea: Oh, I think it's better to be a black boyfriend or friend.

Patrick: Ax! Also. Uh, another

…/ Kitty kitty lorik Oh gate O boy?


Calamardo: Ax! Hmm

…/ I do not want to say that!

Patrick: Haya!

…/ Boon

…/ Thank you so much!

Calamardo: Welcome! No!


Patrick: Oh Oh, what are you doing?


Calamardo: Did you stay here? Is there a man? Who is it?

…/ If

…/ Can not I say bad?

Patrick: Know the Boo Cover ...

Calamardo: .../ Children's fears are not bad!

Patrick: .../ Yeah yeah!

…/ Thanks, love!


Calamardo: Is it pain? How can I go here? I do not think I want to go. The leaves are 60 years in the future.

…/ I can see it! I'm afraid I will not do that.

Doll Taddeo: Can I help young people?


Cool Sea: Thaddus should be original if you want to buy black leather.

Patrick: We will see the rest of the Return Department.

Calamardo: What is the lemon black? Do I sell cold?

Children and Patriarchs: IF YES!

I entered the intestinal tract: Tracking makes friends. However, we ask this question not all day long.

fish: So we can not do that!

Calamardo: Are you drinking for people?

…/ Ax! Ax! Ax! In fact, I can tell you that you need to buy direct lemon resources, even if it is not plum.

I entered the intestinal tract: We like Spring Spring!

Cool Sea: .../ Hello there!

I entered the intestinal tract: What is a black weapon?

Calamardo: If Ax! Do not bother me. I do this: I do something else. I just need to do better.

Dave: Tell me, boy, okay?

Calamardo: I am similar!

Dave: Make the black mattress!

Calamardo: Um, who will follow me?

I entered the intestinal tract: Oh, that's good for you, Jack!

Calamardo: .../ dark

stone: Is there a black hole?

Calamardo: .../ I do not understand. I thought I wanted to

Cool Sea: Hi, sir! You'll agree because I know what's missing. Find new things.

Patrick: Likewise, the light, the identifier and the knee are given.

Children and Patriarchs: image.png.92cb2ec0ce1ac359f79a87aa648b5325.png

Calamardo: It's not just about cooking yourself, your home cooking, biscuits, and fun things. Thank you so much. Hey, these cookies are so sweet! What?

Patrick: Spider Egg

SpongeBob: Yes, we have a new pair. Mildred and Tadeus




Languages used for "Christmas Who?:" English-Portuguese-Swahili-Bulgarian-Japanese-Mongolian-Chichewa-Slovak-Kurdish-Dutch-Azerbaijani.
Languages used for "Ink Lemonade:" English-German-Italian-Macedonian-Bosnian-Latin-Albanian-Somali-Catalan-Turkish-Uzbek.

Edited by Steel Sponge
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2. Box (Idiot Box)


Color: Are you ready for the kids?

children and youth: Close IP

Color: No hearing

children and youth: CLOSE IP

Color: Oh! Who will stay at sea?

children and youth: Sung Bob Cubic Ribbon!

Color: He is bright and yellow and melkleuchl

children and youth: Sung Bob Cubic Ribbon!

Color: If you do not predict what you want

children and youth: Sung Bob Cubic Ribbon!

Color: Go back and see weakness!

children and youth: Sung Bob Cubic Ribbon!

Color: Are you refusing?

Pictures and Kids: Sung Bob Cubic Ribbon! Sung Bob Cubic Ribbon! Sung Bob Cubic Ribbon!

Color: Subway Bobo ... SquarePaanana! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!


Improved: Black Odds




Spongebob: Well, Patrick?


Patrick: I have a car. Hmmm ... Next Heroes!


Spinb Bob Patrick Wife: All of us!


Coach: More about Search Moroni


Service: Spongebob?


Spongebob: Look at me!


Coach: See it!


Spongebob: Thanks!


Patrick: Hello Spongebob, how much do we play?


Spongebob: Second, Patrick


Coach: O, Alim, submit to life. Hi, are you television?


Spongebob: M ... easy ...


Spinb Bob Patrick Wife: Transparent!


Coach: The problem is referred to as "bad". Licensed license for treatment?


Spongebob: Is that right?


Patrick: I think it works.


Coach: Your system controls. Do you want me to agree? Half a day?


Spongebob: You know that it is necessary for TV. We are not


Coach: GAME ask him. TV program


Spongebob: Abu ... I can say something I want! Proposals! We are! GOG! ChUP!


Patrick: Economics of the world


Coach: Patrick, he ran away from you.


Patrick: Do you think? Check it out!


Coach: Life is a region. The Assistant Director will be on the project! Is Sprobob Alam?


Spongebob: Afrin, Squidward.


Coach: His Son is His Son!


Spongebob: Usually, Squidward, but if you change the system, it's inside!


Patrick: Master


Spongebob: I'm going

.../ Tower!


Patrick: Look at this.


Spongebob: Exhibition!


Patrick: Look at this.


Spongebob: Come on!


Patrick: Uh ... look


Spongebob: Find Nadir, Patrick, Turin, Armand.


Patrick: You have it!


Spongebob: Patrick! Patrick! Patrick, you


Coach: I hope it is very important in the region.


Spongebob: Patrick, education and experience


Patrick: If I have it! Neptune scarf! Other Excelsior!


Coach: Is he close?


Patrick: I am king of kings!


Spongebob: Patrick? Patrick? Patrick! I hope we are! You can start yourself!


Patrick: Is not it


Spongebob: I do not want to be happy!


Patrick: Satan is not


Coach: Be patient


Spongebob: They called


Coach: You live in me

.../ Spongebob?


Patrick: .../ Provinces province


Spongebob: Do you want to drive the road!


Patrick: Spongebob! Inside! You need it


Spongebob: Patrick, men, in the future!


Patrick: Why?


Spongebob: Protect Me From My Hand!


Patrick: You are


Coach: What are pages?


Spongebob: Deng, Squidward?


Patrick: This is the first time.


Coach: Transparent! However, the need to resist is this: snow, ...


Patrick: Keep in mind the population.


Coach: There you can. Engineers involved in the two parts mentioned above.


The driver was a container: .../ Alice Nazar, my job! Of course, of course!


Spinb Bob Patrick Wife: Transparent!


Coach: Bresr ... A! Do you really want to buy raw?


Spongebob: First of all, the primary point is 15 and one million.


Coach: That's right! Can I perform this song?


Patrick: I saw it. This is not necessary at the moment.


Bob Brown: Yes ... think.


Coach: Do you think you will not believe it? If you do, you're excited.


Patrick: The best in the world Now every one wants to see the area.




Coach: I'd like to see a good mail! O! Please see, good. Subscriber about suspicious and copying!


Of course, the SpongeBob Block SpongeBob Block: .../ Birth! We are about your passion! This is the time!


Coach: Want to Find Your Message? Is it hard? I have come to a sensual game! Healing and everything is fine. They do not see them more!


Include: You are not a key mark, nothing!


Postal Mail: John! The Janeican casket!


Patrick: You Go to your message!


Coach: I'd kiss. This is the TV.


Channel Channel: Dong Dan Dong Dan Dong

Professor: Awa


Payment: They do not want to return to the address.


It is: Please see here, please


Coach: Are I an email?


Computer Manufacturer: With your own work.


Coach: No, I think it's good. This means you have the ability to move.

.../ it is


Patrick Spongebob Experience Experience: 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... written!


Coach: How can I start? I'm hearing this fact! You have to do it. I think, I think!


Spongebob: .../ For today's discussions


Coach: I write, are not I?


Well, what do I think?


Patrick: I was like that


Spongebob: Wow


Coach: No classic? Registration


Spongebob: We are beautiful dress, Squidward!


Coach: No, "We're cold blood"! Watch out


Spongebob: But I do not know!


Patrick: I have a copy of the code.                  


Coach: Yes, keep it, keep it.


Spongebob: Invite the Council for Research! SS is now ... photography ... a special thing is clean! Would you like to go?


Coach: You are. I do not think I would follow him.


Spongebob: Where did you see We know the email. This is an amazing thing.


Coach: After that: 06:00 - 06:30 Monday mornings I'll be aware of the news. You want to see the TV again!


Spongebob: Muborak Island Islands                 


Patrick: .../ honey bee                 


Spongebob: PRIST


Patrick: Dimensional size


Spongebob: So she got up


Patrick: hot


Spongebob: This is for you!


Coach: Select this? If you do not see it, do not love it! I regret what I do not know about your work.



Is this situation? Many jobs that work. I'd like to have a pirate island island! I think, I think! I was killed by the beds and this mistake was found. I'll be there all night!


Patrick: I want to have mercy on me!


Spongebob: I think all wars are fighting in wars.


Patrick: Yes, I watched tomorrow morning.


Spongebob: Hello, Patrick.


Coach: .../ No, you can not "If you do not go, the enemies who use the robot with the official process!” I should be surprised! You are in a place. I can not do that! That is, you think you are behind the head. Please, Squidward! What do you say? Do you know where you rent a car here? Yes ... Proposals! I do not believe it! Do not you leave? Chapter Video Video Yes! I am.



Spongebob: See, Gary. This girl is an email. It is very good.


Coach: Mine! Mine! For a moment! I give you a way! Who is traveling? Work with me


Spongebob: Hello, please remove the back of your head!


Patrick: OK


Spongebob: More


Patrick: I hope it did not happen.



Google Translate setup for "Idiot Box:" English-Estonian-Slovenian-Kazakh-Vietnamese-Hausa-Bulgarian-Norweigan-Kurdish-French-Tajik
Languages used for the theme song: English-Persian-Tajik-Somali-Indonesian-Bosnian

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3. Party Smarts (Patrick SmartPants)


Party Smarts

Stripes: …/ What are you doing

Sponjbbb: What are you doing

…/ Come on, Pat, you. Symbol What!

Stripes: Yes, Digg yes ... He is ... Wind!

Sponjbbb: Patrick! Help my friends. Where are you

Stripes: My fault is worse.

Sponjbbb: Yes, I'm sorry, my friend. Subject

Stripes: …/ It happened.

Sponjbbb: No, you're not fishing! Come hard for you.

Stripes: Look at them. To be very interesting ...

Sponjbbb: A little good, Pat. He asks you to use it before you can use it.

Stripes: The worse words are worse.

Sponjbbb: Add a hint. It is impossible.

…/ Listen, my friend, something else.

Stripes: Yes ... I'm dead. Nothing good.

Sponjbbb: What do you want?

Stripes: We have quality values and comparisons.

Sponjbbb: Lassanvi

Stripes: I believe

Sponjbbb: Children

Stripes: World

Sponjbbb: …/ No, Patrick, we're doing a very interesting thing.

Stripes: Why should you talk or talk to external reasons?

Sponjbbb: Think about running, camping on sun visors.

Stripes: You are not very happy.

Sponjbbb: Is it a joke? What's the difference?

Stripes: It can stay in the water.

Sponjbbb: Yes!

Stripes: Look at the weather. I really want to go.

Sponjbbb: What happened to Patrick? It's better soon.


Who are you Pat? You do everything

Stripes: Learn a little.

Plavrn: I'll show you every time!

Sponjbbb: You want to see?

Stripes: No, then I work, find a bit to see.


Articles I do not know! OS 67: Cornelius-Lufrefish, blue blue.

Klma: Patrick?

Stripes: For a good job. Something else is needed. Ever since I put all these sides, to a large extent, balance to develop?

Klma: Wow, I do not want to do this.

Stripes: You do not believe it.

Sponjbbb: Learn more about music

Stripes: Creative plans are designed to change mental health and well-being. thence

Sponjbbb: Until ...?

Stripes: Square, soon.

Klma: I do not know you, Patrick. Can you imagine?

Sponjbbb: At home

Stripes: Let's move from the top.

…/ Not much for Kalamardo. In which on the basis it was decided. We started

…/ Thank you very much for the source. Perhaps it's mostly a part of the clarinet. E 1, 2, 3, 4 ...


Wait! Sufficient new!

Sponjbbb: Mainly you can send.

Stripes: No, Strawby, I'm not scared.

Sponjbbb: No, a new chance.

Stripes: …/ No thanks.

Sponjbbb: Maybe they could give the servants later.

Stripes: Honey, Roberto will not use it. For growth

Sponjbbb: Which means? Which means?

Stripes: We do not agree how happy we are. But we still have everything ... this is life.

Sponjbbb: But Patrick ... You're my best friend.

Stripes: To dirty, but crazy head.

Sponjbbb: Yes

Stripes: A few days we will be back. Think about you, Chek.

Sponjbbb: No ... sir ... my best friend!


Man, where are you? I need help. Patrick?

Communication: No, Pat, A + new.

Stripes: Thank you, Sandra. I have a lot of connections.

Communication: Thank you very much. No, Patrick, what do you think about it?

Stripes: Even if it is true that there is nothing else.

Communication: What do you think?

Stripes: Do not use the command, you are rejecting.

Communication: Do you suddenly become an idiot?

Stripes: I can get scared again, blind. "

Communication: I think it's fine.

Stripes: I need help.

Communication: No help, you. You know. Leader of security, I love you more than you!


Sponjbbb: I think I have a friend's e-mail address. Competition competition? With !


Stripes: Information about existence and absence can not be said. No one can call their friends. Do I use the old contract? Lep Bob


Sponjbbb: No, maybe Patrick is a girl.


Stripes: Today is good. Does it destroy? I want everything.

…/ What is this? What can you do? I see! I will come with me again.


Sponjbbb: Why ...

…/ Patrick, did you send in?

Stripes: Yes love.

Sponjbbb: "Yes!

…/ What can we do?

Stripes: What we do?

Sponjbbb: We do it

Stripes: Yes, happy for the first time.


Sponjbbb: Yes!

Stripes: Oh everyone!


Have you checked out great?

Sponjbbb: Yes

…/ You, Patrick?

Stripes: Sponjbab?

Sponjbbb: I ran away and cleaned my heart.

Stripes: Here!

Sponjbbb: You? Patrick, what are you doing?

Stripes: When I am new, I will do it once again ... I ... and! FROM

Sponjbbb: …/ Patrick! Go to my friend

…/ Are you there. Remember, no, Patrick. In the end, I went to find him. What is not back? Bad Paris ribbon, at the back! But different?

Stripes: It does not change.

Sponjbbb: I think we are not happy.

Stripes: Progress banned?

Sponjbbb: Yes

Stripes: Where did you find yourself?

Sponjbbb: I'm here.

Stripes: To the truth! When I come here, I do not have access to it, but only five meters away.

Sponjbbb: But because it's yours, I think there's a lot to think about ... dogs are fish! What does a friend think? Patrick, old. Do you think you do not know?

Stripes: The information is not friendly. I'm a stupid alternative!

Sponjbbb: I do not know Patrick. Good thing

…/ Patrick? Tell me something, Patrick.

Stripes: Hey, spongebob

Sponjbbb: Patrick, come on.

Stripes: Patrick, come on.



Google Translate setup for "Patrick SmartPants:" English-Shona-Galician-Bosnian-Russian-Hungarian-Sinhala-Finnish-Afrikaans-Lao-Polish

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4. For a little one (Rock Bottom)


For a little one


Children: That day advice in Islam!

Emily: …/ HH

Children: Look at the TV and look at it. No ... Patrick, what are you?

Patrick: How much do you want?

Children: How important is this?

Emily: Five years

Children: Five years

Patrick: spices

Children: If you try another job

Emily: Happy

Children: What do you think?

Emily: Please sit!

Children: thank you

Emily: Yes

Patrick: What are you looking for in Guse Z?

Children: OK! Light bulk cargoes

Patrick: ...

Children: You will see

Patrick: I'm Djindjir Gother!

Children: You woke up!

Patrick: …/ I do not have a spammer

Children: Yes, by letter

Patrick: Is there a "small scene"?

Children: Where do you see?

Patrick: I have a sign. I left now

Children: Was it?

Patrick: What's fucked up

Children: Patrick, a mistake ... a mistake!

…/ Please see God's mercy.

Emily: Exclusive

Patrick: Lola

Children: Look, because they are different.

Greenland: Hey ... [Small] U ... [Small] do we have

Patrick: Spongebob, I want to see dark and awesome. I do not want to be here. The United States wants to be surrendered. If you look, I saw the house.

Children: Navy, easy, patrician, then bread

…/ Maybe we bought someone else.

Patrick: You can not read these words. The United States wants to be surrendered.

Children: Djurka, the bus. Buying from me to Vicen Vincent. D, see, something is bad.

Patrick: Ay, Sibaba, here's the bus.

…/ Children's ...!

Children: Kill yourself that you are right. Exit the boat. Creators are created in 90 currencies. The best day.

…/ Take a car. I have to go to Gary and go home. There are bags, toys. You, go down and down

…/ My work! payin! payin! Look, sad, something else!

…/ Can I condemn this? Yes, yes, I ... no, no! Look! Stop fighting ...

…/ Okay, but instead. I have to be, however, will not change.

…/ I am disgusting. Chuck Yes, the world is a food for the world! OK! Hey, what Mandy Mee, Flower Her Flower, was looking at the place.

…/ Look ~ ~ V.

…/ Do everything well!

…/ Exit!

…/ Hello!       

…/ Hey! Are you okay here?

…/ Teura House Building

…/ Pasta Pasita!


You are now in the wind! I want to go to my son. The first is the first league, not earlier! Happy, second and second, love, love. April is good.

…/ Okay, 329. I'm fine and no one can forget about it.

Magazines in magazines: O FA [Small]

Children: By the way.

Magazines in magazines: …/ [Small] O FA [Small] O FA [Small] O FA [Small] API information

Children: Later! Okay, look at me! How long will you get in?

Magazines in magazines: Was it? [Small]

Children: Bus services reached the bus.

Magazines in magazines: I'm telling you ... [Small] Contract ... [Small] Your head [Small]

Children: Vir ... [Small] bikini ... [Small] Answer [Deng]

Magazines in magazines: Oh [Small] What? [Small] Look ... [Small] 5 angels of wrath, sin. [Small] last day [Small]

Children: Oh! [Small] Is not available ... [Small] You are [Small]

Magazines in magazines: OK!

Children: Way, I'm here! [Small] Have you heard [Small] Please write. I can not decide? [Small]

…/ As I said, you will come back here. City of Town There is no darkness in the darkness in the darkness. the best

…/ His son is not a subject. Okay ... no need.

…/ Who? Okay, you'll talk tomorrow. goes. Works! work. Speed Dial! I want to work! You love it. Where are you? Okay, Ku. Come to me. Get rid of me! There are some crocodiles! only you. Actually, look at the picnic problem, but I have a big problem. Find something. I went to the hospital. He said, "You do not know who I am?" Bolivia ... [Small] I came ... [Small] Check ... [Small] If ... [Small] thank you [Small]

…/ Hey, dark clothes. Thank you ... [Small] Hey! [Small]

Accepted: Let me see!


Children: She is at home.

Patrick: Do not worry, she'll come back to you!



-Google Translate setup for "Rock Bottom:" English-Indonesian-Romanian-Latvian-Slovenian-Amharic-Yoruba-Estonian-Kurdish-Macedonian-Bulgarian
-For this episode, stage directions are used, specifically for the Rock Bottom accent. Several line breaks were also used for that, as well with the long sequence of dialogue for SpongeBob during the climax, as a way to prevent the dialogue from being too condensed (Expect me to use this strategy again in some later episodes).

Edited by Steel Sponge
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5. Man-Meermin and Break Break before (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V)


Man-Meermin and Break Break before


Artists: New adventure and extraordinary home. The most popular restaurants, the city's most important part of helplessness.

France: Are you in a hurry?

Artists: If you do not want to answer this question, you will regularly respond to the Lower Sales Center.

Siren man: You come ... I want you, but not, no ...

Calorade: Please ask me. You made the line!

Sponge bob: SHH Hello, a bit of advice, park technique.

Siren man: I decided

Customer service: more

Siren man: Pity man and boy, pizza oven.

Fire light: Wait a second time.

Customer service: Goodbye!

Fire light: I do not want to buy Pipsqueak. I wish you a large crab strip.

Siren man: Cribby is too big for you. It will not stop.

Fire light: Are you looking for a child's life?

Sri Krsna: The type of eye is larger than the stomach.

Fire light: And another, I did not! I am very old and once spread my creamy hair.

Calorade: Trousers and trousers and trousers.

Fire light: A man 68 years old and beat people!

Siren man: Pittscock is fine. You are

Fire light: Give me a line

Some MM and BB: Ooooooooh

Fire light: I play second armory home. I would like to call a lot of Bernanke Mann! Save those who hate me

Sponge bob: Thank you Bernie.

Bernhardt's personality: Baby boy, my house! People ... but they forgot. I do not like you because you're not safe. Bad people ... move.

Sponge bob: He moves

Coach, Caldar, Patrick and Sandy: He moves

Siren man: …/ Move!

Bernhardt's personality: I'm sure ...

Sri Krsna: Why do I have all the action in the light?

Deep Bubble: …/ Do you talk about a few bad things?

Sponge bob: Healthy oils are coming! These drops and enemies are the arcade boy: Ray Man and Bubble Room!

Bernhardt's personality: Yesterday

Siren man: Good night! Enskri?

Real fish identification: This is a cruel and sexual life. Myanmar, "Global Butter", "Black Side", "Baby Guy" ...

Bernhardt's personality: delete

Real fish identification: ... Bikini is criminal.

Bernhardt's personality: SHH!

pensions: I'll fuck you baby!

Real fish identification: If you understand the three new steps: everything is bad and bad EVV. What can we do? When is it cold? How are you doing? Why are you listening to these questions? "Sir sir" where are you?

Siren man: …/ A | I'm afraid, good burger! Yearly. I. L. nothing! Ice cream should be creamy ice cream!


Two young men MM

…/ Every time I'm near.

Bernhardt's personality: This is one of its units, because you can print it. You do not have the opportunity.

Sponge bob: Are you miracles And how are these three guys?

Siren man: You send me

Sponge bob: You can not do it. What to do

Siren man: No, it's an idea. Men, what can I do?

Sponge bob: Goodbye!

Siren man: Who is the owner of the world?

Sponge bob: I'm doing

Sand: I'm doing

patriarch: I'm doing

Calorade: I'm not

Sri Krsna: Yes, there's no money in the world! Leave the world now!

Siren man: Then I came there! For beauty!


Sponge bob: Do not worry! Mèralair!

Siren man: Black International Youth Tournaments are recognized as Adolity Ever.

Sponge bob: Do not worry! I.J.L.S.A. Heroes have lots of cars! The best breakfast at the time.

Siren man: If you have these skirts, you have a lot of power.

Sand: Do not worry! I can not imagine the Great Power.

Siren man: Bhattaraktól! Power - all costumes! Why should we give them?

Calorade: Buddha has three reasons.


Artists: Soon ... can work really well ... soon!

Sponge bob: Do you want to come back?

Artists: Captain Magma ... Mad and must explode!

Calorade: Cracow!

Artists: Flexible ribbon ... Increase your body in a beautiful shape and size!

patriarch: I'll finally hit you!

Artists: And women see ... noise ... I can not do much.

Sand: Does someone look like something?

Artists: International SupeS League! Via tak


Siren man: You agree. Pizza must be with hair, chili and mushrooms on other days.

vodka: Dear friends, we need help.

Sponge bob: Good hibiscus! It's the owner!

vodka: Thank you for typing Quickster, but we know who. All Major Things, E.B.L. We had our place.

patriarch: What do you think?

Sand: Tell us where it is, head, we speak fast, "green eye".

vodka: We source I.L. See "Referals" for young people. How do you know rice? Kiyes is

Sponge bob: Swim, male girls, laugh

Siren man: It's an animal! Keep your child in the stress hormone!

Calorade: And take part in their treasures. Time is a good time.

Siren man: Rotate and discover!

patriarch: Can we find a pizza?


Jan and Nancy: Please stop it!

Dolent: John and the snail live, K-i-S-i-N-G!

Deep Bubble: Oh! Light this vehicle, Meg Rey!

Ray Man: Rejoice haha!

boot: Hello, the house is not good.

Siren man: Just leave your beloved!

Ray Man: Personally, there is no radio, there are no obstacles! We are saved from the emperor.


Siren man: Very happy! This is the end of the song!

Ray Man: Old and old or in a bag! Only three!

Sponge bob: There are two

Ray Man: Soon!

Calorade: Nearby

Bernhardt's personality: Captain magma!

patriarch: 4!

Deep Bubble: Comfortable ribbon!

Sand: 5!

Dolent: This is M-M-Me!

Siren man: I am ten.

Ray Man: O o

Deep Bubble: I do not have a good idea.

Bernhardt's personality: Oh, the game came.

Siren man: Superman attack!

Bernhardt's personality: No, strong!

Calorade: Cracow!

Sponge bob: Oh! Oh! Oh! Admission acceptance

patriarch: I have your red boxer, o!

Siren man: Bowser, I'm preparing a set of water! …/ Oh!

Calorade: Otherwise not, no, not me. Paddy Mom ... today ...

Sand: No, I think. I'm looking ... and I'll keep them forever. AA! explode

Sponge bob: …/ I agree I agree ... I am happy!

Bernhardt's personality: …/ We won, we won! Today EVI.M. The seabed is gone with superheroes, and the newborn rules are me.

Siren man: You do not need to

Ray Man: Does your world dominate the world?

Deep Bubble: I'll give you lunch! Haha! It's just ... shy.

Bernhardt's personality: The first is not a super hero, the player is a rifle. Secondly, I call Bannack. One third

Ray Man: Lord of the world!

Bernhardt's personality: I want to be grown up for a long time.

Deep Bubble: Have you ever heard

Bernhardt's personality: You need a good hand

Siren man: …/ Come back to justice, Kelly. Ok, thin!

Ray Man: Oh, it's nervous.

Deep Bubble: Leave if I left the body in the cross. This paper ...

Ray Man: Oh, Neptune, turn around!


Siren man: How does the wolf grow up?

Bernhardt's personality: Reality is very good. I do not know                                                      

[Cue laughing scenes]



Google Translate setup for "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V:" English-Russian-Slovak-Catalan-Uzbek-Nepali-Hungarian-Telugu-Haitian Creole-Afrikaans-Lithuanian

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6. Banana! (Plankton!)




Calamardo: Crappy bets for list II. I do not have a full day.

Spánbock Cappanals: I do not like it. Patty Crabby, BSC. First, Latita.

Calamardo: Come on, sunglasses!

Spánbock Cappanals: Later, Leah. Yes Senf.

Calamardo: Why Calvin, how are you sleeping?

Spánbock Cappanals: Second place!

…/ no more! Under tense shoes!

Calamardo: Paovocho, northeast! Ha ...

Spánbock Cappanals: You will see the squids. Convention c. All tourist circles - Betty cream

Calamardo: Yes, give me one.

…/ I'm coming, stop!

Spánbock Cappanals: Nothing worked Cheese Crab! Stop stopping!

K. Clasps: Enemies of the Common Navy! You are not dead That is the end.

Sheldon J. Plankton: Listen to me, thanks. I have a job. M college! Have toi

K. Clasps: So I log it. Let's fly a cat! Go back to the channel!

Small plants: Chicken, roast!

Spánbock Cappanals: My lord Blanckotton?

K. Clasps: Hmm, you have a great spirit with the pleasure of flying, you, soul?

…/ It is this Good children, happy are not you. Return to work


Spánbock Cappanals: Yes, fire, tomorrow!

K. Clasps: Children live

Small plants: …/ No title found Fake Title ... young people. Yes, there is no boy. It's so close! President Benignon enjoyed himself.

Spánbock Cappanals: Moss; Why fight?

Small plants: I want to talk Can you tell a friend, right?

Spánbock Cappanals: But Nott.

Small plants: Hello

Spánbock Cappanals: D.

Small plants: Yes, she likes it

Spánbock Cappanals: I think

Small plants: Check everything. I have one thing I have. They are stored in the lobby. Asia! Lighting and lighting.

Spánbock Cappanals: Wow GoldPrap! I hired.

Small plants: Practice! Thick gifts They help their neighbors to take care of the day. Ten a buyer of sky?

Spánbock Cappanals: Stop

Small plants: Ice Metal Steel? Zayar! Did not cooperate What is my information?

Spánbock Cappanals: We are not happy with time! My son can change for Moses for the day

Small plants: I have to think

Spánbock Cappanals: Katy Cubia is not available! Sometimes!

Small plants: Go atopoptie and keep it for yourself! You're sticky!


Spánbock Cappanals: No, the car.

Small plants: …/ Yes, son or owner!

Upon signing up: Type of product, A-B-C.

Small plants: …/ She and now ... where? Where do you get started

…/ Ouch! Men are stupid ... They bring their breasts.

…/ Then the brain came in! Yes, it's fun. At present, there are educational and educational projects.

…/ Get started by email first.

Spánbock Cappanals: One Sunday night?

…/ I mean ... I'm a little pessimistic.

Small plants: son yo

SpongeBob: One morning he got up. It's not mine


…/ Yes I do not want to write now


It's okay to use it. Gary is worried ... it's hard. It's true, Jerry! Something for me! Earrings Earrings Dad needs help! Earrings Help



Calamardo: Mushrooms grow

Spánbock Cappanals: Help

Calamardo: SpongeBob SquarePants! what are they SpongeBob SquarePants! Yoy Bo, is it customer?

Small plants: …/ Father, clone.

Calamardo: Justify

Small plants: There are many artists. Prepare the first funeral tips.

Spánbock Cappanals: There must be only one person!

…/ Banana! What kind of friend are you?

Small plants: Idea. But I could not make an invitation.

Spánbock Cappanals: Olleche! I was far from me!

Small plants: Get started Get started


Evidence! Where

Spánbock Cappanals: Not available! You must follow as rules!

Small plants: Leave it!

Spánbock Cappanals: nothing else



Small plants: No, storage is not available.

…/ This is my laboratory

…/ That is my theme! Did you select players?

Spánbock Cappanals: I can also travel!

Small plants: Do not worry

…/ How do you like my store? It is part of the reading.

Null name: Sea production: sea view 50%, leaf 50%.

Small plants: Grizzle lifestyle. In a small house in the house there was a small house. This small project will help. Last word, paleobium miami?

Spánbock Cappanals: I want to talk Install a full version. BLACK: There is no problem

Small plants: JAZ ...

Spánbock Cappanals: Aroma sweet, sweet, sweet, warm and fresh.

Small plants: Posters ...

Spánbock Cappanals: Try the coconuts, 100% cotton in two cement kilns.

Small plants: Yes, yes! He came to the priest! Home ...

Karen: Effect: 1% fat, 99% heat.

Small plants: No no

Spánbock Cappanals: Yes, sir, right now.

Small plants: SpongeBob, cool kibian! Nothing else is known. I'm waiting! Touch Nooooo! We decided to make some pain.

Google Translate language setup for "Plankton!:" English-Arabic-Telugu-Malagasy-Bosnian-Greek-Finnish-Danish-Amharic-Slovenian-Galician

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7. SpongeBob Club (Club SpongeBob)


SpongeBob Club


Construction: My shoes ... malicious, we are here

Spongebob Square Pants: …/ Yes, he was scared

Construction: Company's

Spongebob Square Pants: The importance of free work

Patrickan: Where are you working? What is Wooest Wub?

Construction: Do you want privacy secrecy?

Spongebob Square Pants: You are not a member of a club

Construction: What do people like? Dandonaura ......That should be

Spongebob Square Pants: Sorry, an eight-year-old brother, but you tried, but I did not go!

Construction: What Okay, I'd like to see 20 members of the 20th Asian club club.

Patrickan: what is the meaning of this?

Spongebob Square Pants: I do not know what I have.

Patrickan: You and your people are kept

Construction: What are these islands Why come

SpongeBob and padding: Ski boots! No shock, no, no! My own! Mercy, mercy! It works! Go to church Go to church You can not log in


Construction: Okay, that's a bad place!

Patrickan: good good

Spongebob Square Pants: We stayed for three days

Patrickan: What do you think?

Spongebob Square Pants: Yes, there are eight brothers, we go to a group of different groups. Peter, what about you?

Patrickan: Rebuilding!

SpongeBob and padding: Welcome to our club! Welcome to our club! Hello, eight brothers! Hello, eight brothers! Hello, eight brothers! Hello, eight brothers! Hello Kylman!

Construction: One step!


No, I do not want to be at the club house!


Homosexuality: How nice

Honesty: I have ten thousand


SpongeBob and padding: Hello, call me! Easy - Call! About it! About it! About it! About it! Who! Sorry! Who!

Construction: definitely no!

Patrickan: What's up;

Construction: Where the hell is lost! Solid ... in ... super market ... SpongeBob and Patrick!

…/ Why are you working hard on me? why you?

Spongebob Square Pants: Ah, new, party, and sometimes bad

Patrickan: Yes, you can change it

Construction: It's called

Spongebob Square Pants: No, no, no, sister

Patrickan: No;

Spongebob Square Pants: Ladies, this is for us! How long have you seen? Do not forget or club!

…/ In addition, we are

Construction: what is this;

Patrickan: Server server! Gara Khan shell! Ask a little bit! Ask a little bit!

Spongebob Square Pants: Magic bracelet shell, do I give up my wife?

Magic ears: Perhaps it's okay.

SpongeBob and padding: Oohah!

Construction: You will come back! How it shows how I can help

Spongebob Square Pants: We do not have to think of magic starting at the club of all the previous clubs

Patrickan: Every shoes known!                               

Spongebob Square Pants: Hi, shell shell magic, kella tree fine?

Magic ears: De nada

Patrickan: From the shell!

Construction: We could not find it!

…/ I can keep two players!

…/ OK! I do not want to go with you!

…/ If the mood falls, no curse! In a ruthless daughter ... aunt ... Josh

…/ what is this; Where I'm sure! Oh ... I hope! I want to leave! What

…/ Today, I'm worried, Scott and Patrick! What Oh ... it's not all

.../ How do you get your club shell brewers, I do not know MMM-MMM MMM I know. Cooperation

…/ Funny, SpongeBob? The end of the day, Patrick? You have a baby juffer to be a kid in the club! If you hear, food, security and fire, but you've heard a word ... do not tell anyone! The bitter drama's answer to heaven


Cycle motors: Hi, we will not hit with obstacles!


SpongeBob and padding: Music debate is valuable!

Construction: …/ Hello, and size ... but you have a panic

Spongebob Square Pants: This is a gift from Magic Connath

Construction: Just look safe! Gemalenmiel! I want to say

…/ Hi, skop, I ... I know it for me, I'm mine - I mean ... I'm still in my club, is not it? I ... I - I - everything, - I see, I think ...

Spongebob Square Pants: Sky valley

Construction: Yes ... yes ...

Spongebob Square Pants: Children, Members!

SpongeBob and padding: Club!

Construction: Tomorrow he is my love ... true ... what kind of fire can I do? Pasta, turkey, bread, meat to buy?

Spongebob Square Pants: Ask ... magic heels, octavis?

Construction: Oh, I will talk about magic colors

Spongebob Square Pants: Sound Field, Key Magic Invasion Attack Attack? This is Clark RedWays Cloud Constance.

Patrickan: He is not a brother

Construction: Oh, my horn is wrong - I found it, plastic. Hello, Majichchanch, hello, I asked ... what is there?

Magic ears: Do not do

Construction: what is this?

Magic ears: I do not sleep

Construction: Can i drink something

Magic ears: No

Construction: No! what will you do? I can sleep it!

Patrickan: She offers magy, octa, healthy and sweet sandwiches?

Magic ears: No

Patrickan: I decorate this sandwich?

Magic ears: Ah, that's it

Patrickan: Beha! Sorry, the brothers are hard

Construction: I want something

Magic ears: No                                                         

Construction: Can i drink something

Magic ears: No

Construction: Can i drink something

Magic ears: No

Construction: You're no more than that, right?

Magic ears: Try again

Construction: Can i drink something

Magic ears: No

Spongebob Square Pants: All right, are you all right?

Patrickan: The shell asks if it works.

CLP Foreign Registration: 'SS! Who are many people Hi! Friends

Construction:  I saved you I do not know, I'm happy, for a couple of weeks I've done a witch rock for two women!

CLP Foreign Registration: Magic ... what do you mean?

SpongeBob and padding: Magic Cook! Club picture!

Construction: Going

CLP Foreign Registration: Help is free for Teres

Scott Patrick and Rangers Channel Forrest: Big shoes!

CLP Foreign Registration: Of course, magic ... now what?

Magic ears: De nada

Scott Patrick and Rangers Channel Forrest: Ah, this woman!

Construction: Is this great for all girls?


Google Translate setup for "Club SpongeBob:" English-Malagasy-Chinese-Polish-Scots Gaelic-Punjabi-Swedish-Greek-Malayalam-Frisian-Bengali

Edited by Steel Sponge
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8. A friend Mark (A Pal for Gary)


A friend Mark


a song: …/ My

Sponge Bob: Well, Gare. Let's go, my friend. Then go to Gare. Do you want to walk? Unfortunately, he does not have time to walk. You must get a doctor. Just be true to who you are. But I tell you to act. Well ... I love you, Gare-Beer.

…/ A spiral that Paul wanted to film. I can not imagine that I am alone, I felt, not only to feel it that way.


Pour Kru ... Excuse me, o Lord, but the cloth has shade of a Krusty Krab. You have to wait outside

client: And who does not? And he was not just angry. Excuse me, my friend, you do not want to buy it, what you eat is Krabby. Go home

The spread of cancer: Is this value in itself? These are, hey. This is not the case in our haste. Buying a Krabby Patty? Listen that because of the problems, Krabi patties are generally low. SpongeBob, Krabi Pieces approved the pet.

Sponge Bob: The sun is not the only author, Gary Peter all day. She was sure they agreed.

…/ He's very worried about the phone, he said.

book: Hello, sponge ... Angels.


Brand. It is very funny to meet us by phone. The news of the contacts. They do not, they do not always have fun together!

Sponge Bob: The way out is to lie words.

…/ Number:? Number: Espalzone it. A sign for you. Here please ...

…/ No one has been William, his father will come soon.

The spread of cancer: Well, well, now, SpongeBob. I parked again. Why not me?

Sponge Bob: Crab really helps you, you are not of a solitaire, so you have a family.

The spread of cancer: It is not, I tell you, go to the turtle, or the animal. Go now?

Sponge Bob: Can you jump? Do you know what you should do?

The spread of cancer: So it is only a parking space for five hours to complete.

Sponge Bob: Crab Lord!

…/ Marcus is an ordinary arm. Happy and services with Krusty Krab?

Timmy: Wow, Dad, is this really my duty?

MARCUS: Essentially implemented. Football now has friends, as the only pet. Now your customers can stay for free.

Sponge Bob: In short, you can play Rotherham. I was so lonely when I needed it.

Timmy: Wow, thank you, O

Sponge Bob: And it is so expensive! Sale? I was not removed.

The store: And it gives me back ... too much value, the risk of a new passion?

Sponge Bob: So yes, this is the only one of them.

The store: Be careful, or its child, is a concern for the pet.

Sponge Bob: Marcus is happy?

The store: To fit them for caring for other things.

Sponge Bob: Thank you then.

The store: Why I have not heard a worry


TV: Sheriff, and something for the attacker. Here is an error. I will kill

Sponge Bob: Hey! A song!

a song: My 

Sponge Bob: Euugoi surprise as a toy. Swollen hair name and leave the company at work. Then come back from two new ones

…/ two to eat

…/ A song! Was that one of us? You're fine, some of them give you a Puffy CRINITO. I am here, I am a good player. However, I am enchiladas or I make one.

…/ Nothing is? The enchiladas are hot, hot and hot.

…/ There are good friends. Why are not you in the game? Enchiladas very cold.

…/ M., what is going on? What is less possible of the night, at the time of sleep?


I am very happy now.

a song: My

Sponge Bob: Well, you can sleep your new friend. Each is wonderful to see the two together

a song: Meooooooow

Sponge Bob: I accept that you regret it, Philip. It's good now. Good death.

…/ Ah, then you can now make the songs and their content.

a song: …/ My

Sponge Bob: A song! The perfect inflated Crinitus pen. This is where I sleep. Let's sleep, John? Good death.

a song: …/ My

Lean Te Deum: Rawr!

a song: My

[cue long sequence of Monster Puffy Fluffy attacking Gary]

Sponge Bob: …/ Mmmmm Your step is the grandmother? He came to eat?

[cue another long sequence with Puffy Fluffy and Gary]


For him to want them to see how good everything is. This is very interesting. And the next night. Well, what are you doing? This is unusual. my library. He remembered T.S. That the record. clothes. No earthquake guns randomly. Who can? Nothing ... Angels. Are you happy with your new friend?

…/ A song! You are a big problem, sir? Thomas, business opened. Thomas, Thomas did it, but is it logical?

…/ Tom? Well Thomas, you can not faint.

…/ A song!

…/ But a wet child, Patricia! Bad bad, bad, bad, Robert! Oh, that's all. Are you a friend of CRINITUS?

…/ You hurt

a song: My!

Sponge Bob: This is me.

…/ Offer weapons, wait cute! Well, Thomas, what do you think?


What is more, I declare that this is what you want. Not just women there are many people.

The spread of cancer: What is a dirty animal in the kitchen?

Sponge Bob: I am SpongeBob. He took it, however, and brought help to the Song of Songs of himself.

The spread of cancer: I do not need it for free ...? Why do not I say more? Serve screws!


Google Translate setup for "A Pal for Gary:" English-Galician-Catalan-Portuguese-Basque-Latin-Spanish-Dutch

All except for perhaps Basque and Dutch (my wildcard as it's one of the most popular foreign languages in South America) are Hispanic/Latin native languages because....enchiladas.
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9. I'm looking for (Bubblestand)


I'm looking for


Spongebob: This is a great day. The boys' lights are sandwiched to allow water to be connected with light. Year

Editors' survival and prosperity: What time is it? I just can not fool!

Spongebob: Okay, Lula's turmoil.

Editors' survival and prosperity: It's me. Mmmmmmmmmm

Spongebob: How are you here


Editors' survival and prosperity: …/ Now ... clarinet Some of your children. Thank you.

…/ Do you think

Spongebob: Hello tduy! Do you want to kill something good? Only 25 white.

Editors' survival and prosperity: Oh, what can I download?

Spongebob: Uh Huh!

Editors' survival and prosperity: In fact! Remember?

Patrick: Supper day

Editors' survival and prosperity: Rate the day

Spongebob: Did God take that day?

Patrick: Everything is fine

Spongebob: Only one box

Patrick: Okay Isaac's brother and brother.

Spongebob: Yes, Patrick.

Patrick: There is only one room.

Spongebob: …/ Thank you.

Editors' survival and prosperity: Hmm, the power of force affects. However, would you block some lost? line

Spongebob: Bubble, Gatett, and Road Services.

…/ Can i keep it Only 25 white.

Patrick: Hello, Love, Hey, Worker?

…/ Thank you.

Spongebob: Okay, smart, everyone! Go and go. Boggs! Three to three: 2:59. Then pick up! Oh! Yes! Go right and right! She is hungry. Prynyasitsa is her city. I created a party that created him

Patrick: …/ HATE

…/ Oh!


Editors' survival and prosperity: …/ Boggs?


Spongebob: Family ... with all hands!

Patrick: …/ Getaffe!

Spongebob: …/ Pray, my king is ours.

Editors' survival and prosperity: What is a Geeta?

Spongebob: It turns out only. We are warm! Looks good. Go and go. Boggs! Three to three: 2:59. Then pick up! Oh! Yes! Go right and right! She is hungry. Prynyasitsa is her city. I created a party that created him

Editors' survival and prosperity: …/ Photo album. It is getting worse. He hears the bad thing he hears. This should be unpleasant.

…/ He is a man. photo.

Spongebob: …/ 25 yoga, hot dry.

Editors' survival and prosperity: Who is he? Who paid 25?

Spongebob: Dushshunde is not new.

Editors' survival and prosperity: City City City? Is that bad? It's 25 deep!

…/ Listen and learn We are waiting for you. It was also done. He accepts it. Uh ... hot.

Spongebob: Watch this device. Device technology! You must die again ...

Patrick: Okay! Technology, Tudus!

Spongebob: Go be ... find yourself ... or ... three ...

Patrick: It's a job!

Spongebob: Rob! But no ... I'm Wooooo! I can not remember. Tadeusz?

Patrick: Nephews and Nieces!

Spongebob: Adding! Adding! Adding!

SpongeBob and Patrick: Adding! Adding! Adding! Adding! means

Spongebob: You are not technician.

Patrick: Application

Editors' survival and prosperity: Power? Adding! Machinery, technology, technology and technology. Every time I got back. Boggs. Give it twice. They make heavy-duty tires. Wehooooo! Find out here! The agency. Then. Also for children or as it is. Then the guitar! Yes ...

SpongeBob and Patrick: Everything is fine!

Spongebob: …/ Good animals and proteins! Hose is good!

Patrick: Lula is one!

Editors' survival and prosperity: Thank you, you are, you are not a state!

Spongebob: No

Editors' survival and prosperity: Take the ball!

Spongebob: Talk to Tadda. See all the ways!

Patrick: Yes, technology.

Editors' survival and prosperity: Power? Cha! SpongeBob, is not it? Take my genitals.

SpongeBob and Patrick: Cat cats! Cat cats!

Editors' survival and prosperity: Thank you. I want to stop.

[cue long sequence of SpongeBob and Patrick cheering for Squidward, Squidward playing his clarinet, and the bubble beginning to make his house float]

Spongebob: Survival and Prosperity by Wireless

SpongeBob and Patrick: Lula Mollusco Weapons Magazine

Editors' survival and prosperity: Hello, friend. please

SpongeBob and Patrick: Survival and Prosperity by Wireless

Editors' survival and prosperity: ... smart

SpongeBob and Patrick: …/ Everything is fine!



Google Translate language setup for "Bubblestand:" English-German-Portuguese-Norweigan-Czech-Belarusian-Samoan-Mongolian-Yoruba-Albanian-Lithuanian

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10. Remove the spacers? (Ripped Pants)


Remove the spacers?


Signatories: No, Goo lagoon. Pushing for you Muses for large, low, crafted and homely apartments.

Sea saner: It's a beautiful day.

…/ No, Sandy! I SEE! I'm north.

…/ Hey, Sandy, who are you? Hi, SponggeBob Squares. Do you like it? I've tried it myself.

Pizza: Paavo!

Sea saner: Is there 20 pounds of pizza in the world?

Lari: No, Sandy. No, SponggeBob:

Pizza: No, Larry.

Lari: Add an important addition?

Pizza: Warning: good, sponge from the head.

Sea saner: They are:


Lari: Try, Sandi.

Sea saner: …/ Good service, Sandi. Yes, today is happy, is not it?

Lari: What a little washing. PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES:

Sea saner: …/ All right, go.

Pizza: …/ The UIa follows.

…/ Are you coming, Larry?

Sea saner: …/ Lift us to write two.

Fish: Mm-hm.

Sea saner: …/ Relationships are rounded, marshmalovs for two.

scooter: …/ This is cute?

Pizza: It's not so stupid to see it.


Lari: Who inaugurates one?

Sea saner: …/ See! back

…/ Yes, I thought I was a kid.

scooter: He is a star, forever money.


Sea saner: …/ No, Sandi, what do you think about me?

Pizza: Well, he will.

Sea saner: I can use my hand here.

Pizza: So, SponggeBob?

Sea saner: I mean retreat ... without a girlfriend.

scooter: You still call an old man.


Hunting: Can I help;

Sea saner: Let me have a banana.

Hunting: Yes, late.

Sea saner: BRA. Crazy, you hit my palms. Do you understand?

Hunting: Roar. What else;

Sea saner: From the point of view of perfection, it comes. Glorify yourself, make another choice.

…/ Can you live a burgers?

Harold: Why are you;

Sea saner: Do you know what you're doing?

Harold: Good:

SponggeBob: Destroy ... pants.

…/ Sign in to your country.

…/ Come on! The law is twenty-two


Neither Perkins: Climbing the bay. They came to Larry, they got a message. Go to the sandbacks ten ... on your finger. SponggeBob ... Turks.

Lift the edge: …/ She does not see the plaque cleaned at the beaches.

…/ Fire your fish! Son

…/ What; What; What;

Pizza: Paavo!

Sea saner: Come closer. I want ...

Lift the edge: What do they give me?

Sea saner: консультант:


Pizza: There is no chance, Spongebob! He is very sick

scooter: Ancient ...


Sea saner: Come on, SponggeBob, lost him. Wait for your community. Let's take a look ... "Good voice, great acclaim", "Frisbee, kills", "Worry, you cry", "I can see the words!

…/ Repeat the trousers! The leaves are reduced. I have; You have to be a cops. Father is free

…/ No, not all, Sandi. Do you want to hang Larry? I can not help. I work with pants

Clothes: What do you say "me"?

Sea saner: Yes, I am pleased to announce Sandi. I'm bigger on the beach.

Jennifer: Not me. I had a bed.

Sea saner: Ouch.

CORRECTLY: Not me. My husband is sand.

Honest, honest: No, it is the most important beach. He was buried, I forgot the sand.

ALL T: What happened;

Sea saner: I lost my most beautiful friends.

ALL T: How;

Sea saner:

When I have ... my job.
I think it's all my people,
people walking in the sky,
and now does not set the movement,
because I do a lot of things


When Larry's mother stopped,
Spongebot found a lot,
I do not want to play with a girl
a crazy person who destroyed the races.

Sea saner:

He must be concerned,
I have no lights,
Male pain is more emotional.
"The environment is not fun
hot judges ...


Make your own place

Sea saner:

No, do not forget, do not forget ...
Listen and you will not understand it.
It looks good on you.
I have no chance ...
I will not ... when ... copy ... costume!

Pizza: …/ Paavo!

Sea saner: Review!

Pizza: On the right side of Sinesky. If you do not want to be my friend for you.

Lari: SponggeBob, okay. Did you call your clothes?

Sea saner: Is not.


Google Translate language setup for "Ripped Pants:" English-Xhosa-Slovenian-Indonesian-Finnish-Armenian-Croatian-Swedish-Italian-Serbian-Greek

Edited by Steel Sponge
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11. That is not Madonna (That's No Lady)


This is not Madonna


Get up: …/ task

Ilona: i am

Get up: Then the wind

…/ Leave the city! Go to the sunny day. Aloha!


Ilona: Open the city!

…/ Yes, the translations

Song Bobo: Sure, Patrick, you're ...

Ilona: You had to go! There is my story:

Song Bobo: Danger.

Ilona: Well, good ... well, I'm not sure. He is skeptical.

Song Bobo: Yes, the book? This work will not go to the staff! But, Patrick, you can not go. I do not like it. Who is with me? How did you win this victory?

Ilona: This is one of the stories because I have a lot of resources.

Song Bobo: "It's nice to stay!

Ilona: I wrote and I thought I was ready. I looked at him

Song Bobo: Patrick, that's my wish.

Ilona: From land!

Song Bobo: I really need it.

Ilona: I found it!

Song Bobo: I thought I think Patrick. Like all herbs.

Ilona: I write for myself.

Song Bobo: East! What are our ideas? 8:00 - From Lethbridge to Patrick, 9:00 - Patrick of Celtic, 10:00 - Patrick at 13:00. Do you want to work with me?

Ilona: But it was not born. Patrick Sonâ'ole lives only.

Song Bobo: How is Patrick Star?

Ilona: No, am I here?

Song Bobo: Patrick does not know, but your time is great.

Ilona: Not true


Song Bobo: Here is Patrick. There is no reason for the reason.

…/ Patrick, how?

Larry: For boys) Aloha! King, Patrick, cool home.

Song Bobo: But what are you? Try it.

Ilona: Always, thick SpongeBob's support for you. The war was a lucky warrior, but everything was wrong, he was just not sure about losing. You have to go.

…/ It's a happy day. Good morning! "Algeria.

Song Bobo: The bad people are not good. Next by ...

Ilona: Yes

Song Bobo: Here we are! You can ...

Ilona: Monstrom (Czech detected word for ‘monster’) is the hand. They live in the ass.

Song Bobo: Patrick is in the world of wonderful things.

I am not Moses: Aloha

Ilona: O my God!

Song Bobo: Everything is, Patrick. He can have the devil. I can say that about the subject.


…/ Optional office? Hey, Patrick.


Pumpkin 2: Intestinal, intelligent, healthy, comfortable.

Song Bobo: Hana (Japanese detected word for ‘flower’), Patrick ... I'm Patricia.

Larry: Bob Bob, do not choose to become friends.

Ilona: I married. I'm sick

Song Bobo: Trichia. Baby is ready to come from Patricia!

Larry: Your friend is not good.

Song Bobo: No, Larry'aole is in good friend, ...

Larry: Great food. No idea to write my wife.

Song Bobo: This is my friend.

Larry: You can access a booklet, but you can check your message.

Song Bobo: Yes, Patricia.

Patricia: Yes

Larry: Woman the new woman, people!


Mr. Crab: Happy christmas! There is no time to get to the party. It's time to do it.

Song Bobo: My Lord Haku (Japanese detected word for ‘wear’) Krabs can not open for Hola Hola.

Mr. Crab: The store will not be opened immediately. It's clear, right?

…/ Bob is a friend?

Song Bobo: Cross Cross'o Patricia.

Mr. Crab: Patricia Tingguli (Chinese detected word for ‘Very encouraged’) has given my good. Do you want to help Bobbub, Krusty Krab?

Song Bobo: New things

Mr. Crab: He is in politics, we can come soon.


Kremer: How, my beauty?

Mr. Crab: Patricia, our partner.

Kremer: But it's in idiot.

Mr. Crab: It is important to be safe on the secure site, then be careful.

Kremer: Hello my friend! I'm the clients and the serve.

Patricia: Sabugur, Kara (Japanese detected word for ‘from’).

Mr. Crab: That goal, Patricia.

Patricia: Ask me, Calv.

Mr. Crab: Go to level 7 and go.

Patricia: How great!

Mr. Crab: That's 7, Patricia.

Patricia: Sir Casey, are you disinclined to lie?

Mr. Crab: Want to send messages? I do not want to be Christ. I have to work.

Patricia: Hold down, hold the edge, blow up

Mr. Crab: No, Patricia, I do not worry, but I think it's in the personal relationship.

Song Bobo: …/ That's in test, but in woman.


Kremer: Aha! Patricia called them "the constraint of words." Are you sleeping today?

Patricia: No, that's a blog of the night. There is a game.

Kremer: Bob Bob?

Mr. Crab: I did! 2.2.2. They do not go to realism! Today we are alone. Do you want to fold

Patricia: Moe and Bob tonight. I go back to Crab. Is he a good man? They did not like Patrick. That's another thing

Kremer: Is it in life?

Patricia: Kepe (Slovenian detected word for ‘lumps’)

Mr. Crab: What is the money at this time?

Patricia: They are not interested in you!

Kremer: But I was protected by the two ...

Patricia: I do not mean

…/ New things

…/ even if.

…/ New things

…/ New things

…/ No!

…/ What can I do with my friends and my friends? Hele'oe to me. I do not use it.

Song Bobo: After viewing the body's body it is easy to drive a car!

Patricia: Spusami, sponobob. This may be the case. I am convinced that this is a real man.

top: …/ The good woman on the field is also.

Patricia: He reached everyone. Always always ...

…/ Yes ...

…/ I try ... I'm with my comment!

trade: Not true

Image: Find More Questions?

Patricia: I'm fine.

Song Bobo: Hatter Hatter? Patrick

Patricia: This is a booklet. Behold, the blood of the city.

Song Bobo: basements, basements

Patricia: What can I do, sir?

Image: He said, "I do not feel well?"

Patricia: No!

Image: Yes, just that. Leave the city!

Patricia: That is one of us.

Song Bobo: I do not have to work. You have more than your interest in the city of Patrick.

Dress & D1 Color: Patrick

Image: New things

Song Bobo: Leave the city! Height is light. It's a sign outside the city, but you can buy the first prize money.

Patricia: I do not think you should have this.

Kremer: I'm in the dream.

Mr. Crab: Do you want this woman?

Ilona: New things

Mr. Crab: Hole it. And 20 years, if you want, do not worry.

Song Bobo: Friend, how can you earn your time at home?

Storm: The Board


Google Translate language setup for "That's No Lady:" English-Romanian-Corsican-Japanese-Ukrainian-Albanian-Tajik-Macedonian-Hawaiian-German-Frisian

Starting with this episode, any stray non-English words that can be detected by GT are now cited.

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12. operation (Boating School)




isbuuninta (Somali detected word for ‘sponge’) wounds: .../ Gary!

Barley: Miyauchi (Chinese detected word for ‘in the palace’)

isbuuninta wounds: I did not try.

…/ Ready to sink! To collect!

To list: Am I doing?

isbuuninta wounds: I am a parachutist!

To list: Are you ready?

isbuuninta wounds: No, I want to test your ship. I'm ready, I discipline. Are you ready? Well, the skin has already been prepared, not necessarily. Yes I am ready.

Telugu location: How are you! I agree! How are you.

isbuuninta wounds: Hello, we will get something else.

Telugu location: How are you.

isbuuninta wounds: Well, please. I'm ready! Here, Mrs. Phew. I'm ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready

Mrs Puff: I'm not finished.

isbuuninta wounds: Hello, Mrs. Puff Today I am my test.

Mrs Puff: First look at the corner ...

isbuuninta wounds: First make a oral test. I think my career has been successful.

Mrs Puff: you know. Well, the ship 1: What is:

isbuuninta wounds: Bahaghari (Filipino detected word for ‘rainbow’)

Mrs Puff: the next

isbuuninta wounds: Return

Mrs Puff: # 3: ...

isbuuninta wounds: Proper school: Leader: Father. Blood: Niles Police Speed 1924

Mrs Puff: OUT must be checked. It's amazing. It's time to take part in the test. On a boat.

isbuuninta wounds: Oh, here he is markabkanu.

Mrs Puff: Figure 1

isbuuninta wounds: If

Mrs Puff: Are you strong? Well, especially, you are the first.

isbuuninta wounds: 1924

Mrs Puff: No, this is the first thing you can do.

…/ Spongebob? Spongebob? Stop the boat

isbuuninta wounds: What kind of ship is it?

Mrs Puff: Well, the other is what you are doing

isbuuninta wounds: Foundation:

Mrs Puff: Yes ... yeah, yeah. floor:

isbuuninta wounds: Foundation:

Mrs Puff: No, please do not go to the ground.

isbuuninta wounds: It was good

Mrs Puff: Hindi Hindi Health

…/ Or, are they burial, why?

Fred: My feet


isbuuninta wounds: I do not know why Gary. I do not know. I healed the defeat of the boat. We have collected seven times.

Barley: Miyauchi

isbuuninta wounds: Eight fine, ten

Barley: Miyauchi

isbuuninta wounds: No, Gary, I do not run.

Patrick: RPG, star,

isbuuninta wounds: What is Patrick?

Patrick: She surprised me

isbuuninta wounds: Patrick, I do not understand.                         

Patrick: I bought a bed.

isbuuninta wounds: Well, here, Patrick.

Patrick: Go to the local clinic and you should surprise someone.


isbuuninta wounds: Well, I'm a shirt.

Patrick: Listen carefully at the same time as red and double.

isbuuninta wounds: I do not know Patrick.

Patrick: Patrick Square Pant!

isbuuninta wounds: Song, do not do it. I'm worried

Patrick: What is the problem?

isbuuninta wounds: I can not reach 37 years of my test ...

Barley: Miyauchi

isbuuninta wounds: I have all the answers I know about 18, me ... until I find someone behind the ladder. I do not want to help myself.

Patrick: When I left, I would say, I will give it to him, and everyone has to pay it.

isbuuninta wounds:  How can I do this?

Patrick: Worship: Hello Brave

isbuuninta wounds: Do you feel the head? This is good If you pass the test, you can answer all of my questions. Wait a minute, Patrick. It comes from the head, not false


Patrick: Try to test in the oven, rope and casserole. Test Tests: Exam: Exam: You can read this:

isbuuninta wounds: These are songs and bubbles, but I read and read clearly.

Patrick: Do you want to lose the chance of the apple? Wait for a bingo! Clothing, Apple, you get the license when you are ready. Oh, Madame Puff is easy. Hand job

isbuuninta wounds: Is it correct?

Patrick: No, fishing.

…/ So apples.

isbuuninta wounds: Where are you?

Mrs Puff: let's do it! What do you do at the beginning?

isbuuninta wounds: I'm sorry ...

Patrick: The ship starts.

isbuuninta wounds: Mrs Puff, Mrs. Poie (Hawaiian detected word for ‘advised’).

Mrs Puff: Wow! So I accepted it.

isbuuninta wounds: Well, the boat

Mrs Puff: What kind of ship is it? Do not get a boat

isbuuninta wounds: Or ... I am happy.

Mrs Puff: Oh! Well, what are you doing?

isbuuninta wounds: 1924

Patrick: But he threw it.

isbuuninta wounds: Subject:

Mrs Puff: Jaaa Jaaa

isbuuninta wounds: Foundation:

Mrs Puff: Hindi Hindi Health

Patrick: Pay and neighborhoods

Mrs Puff: Great stability. YaasAsaasSaAamamamamamA╕! We are not worried

Patrick: First, the first change.

Mrs Puff: Oh, for the first time. I know what to do first.

Patrick: left!

Mrs Puff: Oh, that's all.

Patrick: Okay

Mrs Puff: Oh, that's all. Oh, this is a beautiful nation. All things are right.

…/ It's amazing. It's amazing. Finnish This is unrealistic. Have you ever seen how great progress? What is your privacy? Your coach is a little radio. Oh, you are a hat, anna. Here we must answer every one of the miles. Well, I'll lie.

Patrick: power

isbuuninta wounds: I have taken a picture of nature.

Mrs Puff: Of course, my son.

isbuuninta wounds: I think.

Mrs Puff: What do you want?

isbuuninta wounds: He has deceived me

Mrs Puff: You have legs

isbuuninta wounds: I have skin on my hat. What do I think? Well, I'm summarizing. Me

Patrick: I will do it

isbuuninta wounds: I'm sorry about Mr. Puffy. Forget it!

Mrs Puff: Wheel, SpongeBob! band

isbuuninta wounds: I ... I have a copyright. I bought ...

Mrs Puff: Maybe! This is true. You can print.

isbuuninta wounds: No, I ... ... copy

Mrs Puff: At least SpongeBob ...

isbuuninta wounds: power

Mrs Puff: Sorry!

isbuuninta wounds: I am a bone, stroke, food.

Mrs Puff: This is a good example.

isbuuninta wounds: No ...

Mrs Puff: Forward. Sorry!

isbuuninta wounds: Listen!

Mrs Puff: …/ Or, are they burial, why?

isbuuninta wounds: Mrs. Phew, I think I was a copy.

Fred: My feet


isbuuninta wounds: That's why I'm sorry, Puff.

Mrs Puff: Well, you do not know that. Let me follow my father.

isbuuninta wounds: Do not worry, Mrs. Pooff. I see it differently. What good is it? Now I do not have a bicycle.

Barley: Miyauchi

isbuuninta wounds: Gary! My bicycles are great during the roaming season.

…/ Well, this is a great hospital.


Google Translate language setup for "Boating School:" English-Samoan-Hindi-Myanmar-Armenian-Malayalam-Japanese-Filipino-Catalan-Dutch-Somali

Edited by Steel Sponge
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13. That's great (Gone)


That's great


Seafood: Gary, let's go!

…/ Gary? Gary? Gary? Gary? Gary?

…/ Gary should start the first.


…/ Edit, click, calculate! You can not delete the right so I can not see it in today's area. I feel that a good sleep is good and is not looking forward to the beauty of the environment.

…/ Patrick tomorrow! You will not return Patrick? Be careful, good luck


…/ Hi, man, skidward hel (Swedish detected word for ‘whole’) Mr. Crabs


…/ Gary, I'll go home! Gary? Are you old here?

…/ Gary? He did not know what to eat!


…/ Cut it! Send a stone, see? It's a disease! To grow The symbol is not a symbol. To grow


…/ You're here, Skillard Clarynet.

…/ This is not true. The document is missing!


…/ Patrick, open! Lost and lost!

…/ Patrick did not marry If all do not want to go? Southwestern


…/ Mr. Krabi! It's not


…/ Gainmheach! (Irish detected word for Sandy) And he went


…/ Where did everyone go I return! I will go I will go

…/ Go all! But I still tries to keep for her life, and I track the Wicken Fool.


…/ Is silence silent You killed my dreams


…/ Sir. Can Cabel, sir, can I pay my salary?

…/ None! Start working!

…/ Yes, sir, yes!

…/ So, can I enter the "boot strip" contract?

…/ So! I mean ... Hello, Sponge, we send to Kirby Patel Deluxe. God only knows what to do

…/ Come here!


…/ But you are sandy, but did you eat these glasses?

…/ Why do you trust Within two seconds, how do you think SpongeBob now?


…/ Hi, did you do it before I got the time out?

…/ Are you a holy person?

…/ This is true Good work and speechbabb!

…/ Why thank you, Minister ... or ... or ... or! Nothing! I do not want to miss Puf! I can not change everything! I'm glad again!

…/ These are license agencies!

…/ This boy


…/ Well, man, I am no longer, I'm convinced.

…/ Listen! La la la la la


…/ Good night, boat

…/ None! None! Do not work alone!

…/ Oh, Gary, I'm sorry, all my friends have been saved! And I want to get rid of it -

…/ Route! I'm thinking of myself and my shoes.


…/ It's my job, do you want to cook me? Good!

…/ People were considered worldwide. Check here

…/ What? Do you like me What Well, I think we can still do it.


…/ Do you know your children now? I think you can be sad, make friends and people famous, but think something!

…/ What? My old friends? Is it different from food? Oh you are right

…/ Sorry, Peter Boxing talked to me.

Balance - Metadicular force: Do you think you want

Seafood: Who is not boat, not really ...

Balance - Metadicular force: I can not speak now, look at it.

Seafood: Flyrich, thank you! I will go

…/ Are you? None! Start! I will go

As follows: Three days later

Seafood: One day of the day, I do not really know that I trust the car. The city may run soon

[cue long sequence of SpongeBob being surrounded by boats]

…/ Are you?

N: Come up!

Seafood: Are you still alive? Yes, where are you

N: This is a day for the movie.

Seafood: Is the market in the country?

N: Yes, every day you are dedicated to living

Seafood: One day? But you stay for two weeks.

N: Well, our color is.

Seafood: Sign up for a patrick?

Patrick: Yes, every day, one day wishes.                                                                       

Seafood: I am happy to myself

N: Oh, men, this is the day of inspiration.

Seafood: Is that right?

N: Is clear

…/ First, make a nice color for you and keep it on the floor! Hide, boy! No dance call

Seafood: Wow every day for me

Patrick: This is very important. It's time for Patrick. Come here!

…/ Where did everyone go Really? Really?


Google Translate language setup for "Gone:" English-Chinese-Malagasy-Punjabi-Turkish-Bulgarian-Italian-Scots Gaelic-Maori-Danish-Nepali


Edited by Steel Sponge
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14. Paregoy scarecrow (Scaredy Pants)


Paregoy scarecrow


observers: There is no difference for Xilvan (Uzbek detected word for "odor."). Pirates, skeletons and missiles in the ocean. Unfortunately, everyone is happy. Yes, almost everyone.

Lovili (Croatian detected word for "chased."): .../ Who is there?

.../ Yes, Mr. Carb, ready to rice, I'll go.

Mr. CrisisWait, will you get my price?

LoviliNo, thanks, Christ's specialists. He is a devil.

Mr. Crisis: We will change more.

Lovili: No, that's a real story.

Mr. CrisisVery blue

LoviliPerhaps something

Mr. CrisisBring my son.

../ Every year, Hilvin flies in the Netherlands, as well as in the Netherlands. Very good

Lovili: Ask for Crabby Pet.

Mr. Crisis: As I said, he left the Netherlands and stole the hearts of the people.

Lovili: The spirit is like a magician.

Mr. Crisis: Alo, they are honest. And he says that the sun can not be.

ScandinaviaI'm your son

Mr. Crisis: Oh, I'm scared to wear your pants every year.

Lovili: Humph, good!

Mr. CrisisIs not my son a good story? We hope this tonight, Sponge Dwarpents (Hindi detected word for "Doorpants.")!

Scandinavia: Money in your spirit


Boy: Vendor

For him: He's just a great consumer.

Mrs. Pouf: Happy Hollywood, Hilarious Fears.

Lovili: This is the title of SquarePants. That's a place.


.../ I do not know, I apologize. Every Hillary is doing a hard job, but I'm not afraid.

GrayishIt's possible:

Lovili: Yes, I'm sick. There is no script.

Patriarch: Shimgich (Uzbek detected word for "sponge.")!

LoviliGuitar, this is Patrick. I'm afraid she's with me

.../ for blasphemy

Patriarch: Hello, sponge.

.../ Unfortunately, I'm not afraid of you.

Lovili: Why not? Where is my freedom?

Patriarch: If you are afraid, you need a good dress.

Lovili: .../ What do you think?

Patriarch: Good for my safety.

LoviliNo I rest in Florida.

Patriarch: Oh ... something happened. I understand!

.../ Take a bigger step, follow them. Excellent

Lovili: I do not know Patrick.

Patriarch: Come on, Rangers. There are children here. Children are afraid.

Children: Greek or Good!

LoviliRawr Rawr!

Baby # 1: Look, little.

Lovili: Yes, this is my body.

Baby # 1: No, thank you very much, thank you.

Lovili: I do not know Patrick.

Patriarch: Sponge, look at your new face. Yes, I'm afraid

Lovili: Thanks, Patrick!

Patriarch: What is this

Lovili: What is the difference between me and me?

Patriarch: No, no, wait for me.

.../ D - I did not say so. Do not tell me! Do not tell me! I can not say: Do not tell me! Yes, tell me

Lovili: I'm going there, and the real place is not important. We need our head and taste, I'm afraid.


Patriarch: Are you ready?

Lovili: Do not forget.

Patriarch: You like?

Lovili: Give me the fear that gives me.

Patriarch: OK, we'll see.


Lovili: What do you think?

Patriarch: Is it good now? Let's look at it


Lovili: Yes ... I've been to the Netherlands

patriarch: Yes ... I do not know who I am!

LoviliCome on! Come on! I left the Netherlands

patriarch: Yes, my best friend for a Dutch plane.

people: Hello, do not you love your children?

patriarch: Baby, something. Your clothes are really effective.

Lovili: What do you think

patriarch: Yes, you have no questions! You are afraid of this guy!

Lovili: Whom Should We Care?

patriarch: In Corob and Philadelphia, there are many people who want to get involved in injustice. Who comes here?

LoviliCome on! Come on! I left the Netherlands

Baby 2: Is it dangerous?

Baby 3: I think he is in prison.


We say: Sorry!

Remember: .../ Fast Spanish flights, ie Flights. An important idea, huh?

Scandinavia: What should I do?

Remember: Sweet fingers

Scandinavia: I can not. 

patriarch: You are peaceable, ready

Lovili: Good Petric, save the light!

patriarch .../ Hi! Arcocus, Arc, Arc, Arc! Give me life

.../ If so

(Cue sequence of SpongeBob struggling while attached to the rope.)

Baby 3: Well, it's Dutch, it's a turtle!

Remember: Shimgich?

Scandinaviasponjy (Malagasy detected word for "sponges.") 

Lovili: Help me! Help me!

patriarch: I'm not sponge, this is my clothes on the street.

Flying Holland: .../ Enough!

Mr. Crisis: There's a real flight in the Netherlands.

Flying Holland: I believe in my husband's life and Holland. I want to send you to various secrets. I will play my heart.

 .../That's right, go every year, and someone like me ...

 .../ ... name the Dutch aircraft. But this is not in your heart.

.../ No, Syrian women fled this week. I saw the worst Dutch clothes.

LoviliAre you afraid?

Flying Holland: Are you afraid?

.../ Let me tell you about a dangerous baby. There are many things in this world. The cops are afraid, oh, I'm scared. Do not worry. Yes, we did.

Remember: Shimgich!

Flying Holland: Above all, I must leave this dirty part.

Lovili: .../ Hi, do you know what I'm doing?


.../ This is Patrick. Everyone is afraid!

patriarch: Yes, I think there's a yellow ball.

Lovili: Pink paper Yes, this is not a weapon. This is my opinion.

patriarch: If so.

Lovili: Do not worry, grow up again!


Google Translate language setup for "Scaredy Pants:" Icelandic-Pashto-Uzbek-Catalan-Malagasy-Czech-Azerbaijani

Starting with this episode, seven is now the intended maximum of languages for an episode to be put through.

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I know it has been a while since the last episode, but new eps are on the way. There's just another series that I have to focus on first. However, while you wait, here's a very handy guide to the main characters of this spin-off:



Spongebob Squarepants

SpongeBob Pants' The yellow anthropomorphic coatstone is shaped like double coconut cream for soft and white, white, and pink. He stays in a playground and works as a restaurant in a fast-food restaurant called Cruise Crab. He graduated from high school in politics, but he never went; The lack of car license is a little ridiculous of this feature. She has a great deal of passion and passion for her work and her friends. Bob Sponge Bob is also involved in tahili, red, playing with his favorite Patrick and the harm to his Skywird community.



Patrick Stal

Patrick Starr has a pink chain and floral decorations that run under the rocks. His most famous role is his extremely low intelligence. He is SpongeBob's best girlfriend, knows the difficulties and difficulties with ignorance. Usually, Patrick usually does not have many job opportunities. But each chapter tells the story. He can usually be slow and relaxed, but can be as aggressive as a real star.



Scandalous plots

Tentacles Squidward is a top quality octopus that works as a customer at Krusti (Latvian for 'Cross') Crab. Spongebob's neighbor is very close to a dry, cynical lack of sensation. He thinks he is an artist and a musician, but nobody knows what he can. Playing in the clarinet and hanging in his house Moai presents the pictures in his body. Though he does not want Spongebob and Patrick, they do not care about his behavior and they think he's a friend.


Haitian Creole-Japanese-Urdu-Nepali-Azerbaijani

Mr. Club

Yuen Kakab is a creative crocodile pastry restaurant owned by Spin's Red Cakeb. Self sufficient, excellent and worth the money and value. She lives with her daughter in the Bible, Pearl, a candle. He does not spend money, but there are many efforts to make the pearl happy. Compared to the needs of their staff, their property is more concerned. He wants to talk about the navy as serious and surfing, wheels, sea bands and bandits.




Sheldon Plankton and Karen Plankton are owners of failed restaurants, against Crew Crab and Chumb Bucket. His job is a commercial failure because he sells incredible food made from the skin. Plankton is a small plankton keyboard, and Mr. Krebs has been declared an enemy. She is a talented inventor, and Napoleon is her least honor.




A super computer spokeswoman uses a plan to recover from CRB's secret recipes of Crubs Patrick's. She was married to Plankton and she often used the bucket bucket lab.



Sand Street

Sandy Gecksx is a Texas Knitty that lives in a water-filled full-colored dome. When a creature comes in to his home, he needs to wear a helmet. Sandy works as a scientist, researcher and researcher. He is enthusiastic about radio sports, such as "Border" and Qatar. She speaks to the southern window and uses the name and expression of her joint committee.



Mrs. Puff

Puff works as a boat instructor in Paranoo (Finnish for 'Paranoa'), a boat training center and a boat driver. He wore a suit and his school was a little bigger. SpongeBob is a very talented student and knows the answers to each oral question about the test, but it is sad to get to the board. When he's scared, he's going to put himself to the ball.



The decorations of the cross

Pearl Crabs is a woman's nurse and crabs. He wanted to share with his colleagues, but he did not see them at the meeting. Krusty Grab is growing when he is growing up with his father, but he has no problem in school and family affairs. Berlin's comfortable relaxation bottle Bottom Mall uses his father's credit card, buying things and listening to pop music.



Gree - Rasa (Indonesian for 'flavor')

Abu-Batin did the slime of the sea Spongebob live in this house and sing a finger-like analog. Although it is only a talk with the museum, but other characters can understand and speak. As expected to be a powerful role, Gary often functions as an excuse to cause Spongebob and have complete answers. Pink skin almost bloody.

Edited by Steel Sponge
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I'm just going to say it perfectly clear that I am still focusing on one of my other works as I've been holding this back for a while because I didn't want to make an impression like "Hey, this series is all I'm ever going to do for a while." Since I promised you people that I am premiering new episodes for this series this month, that's what I'm going to do, even though one of my other projects, which I planned to finish beforehand, is not finished yet. (Also, I intended to publish this yesterday but I forgot, so I'll be posting two new eps for this today.)


15. I was a young man (I Was a Teenage Gary)


I was a young man

Spongebob: The duration of the exercise is empty. We do not want you to be too thin. Boys here

Garry: Can

Spongebob: …/ What? Good job, Gary! I love you, Gary! Gray, Garry, Gray, Garry, Garry!

…/ He was! Boy haha down!

Patrick: SpongeBob! You're done You're done You're done

Spongebob: Why?

Patrick: Annual conventional watermen in Ukraine at the end of this week!

…/ So ready or what?

Spongebob: I can not go at the end of this week. I'm not afraid of gary!


Squidward: Put underwear on the front of the grass?

Spongebob: Squadward, can you see that weekend?

Squidward: What is gary

Spongebob: This car is not ... Garry, my slow hello!

Squidward: How do you really care?

Spongebob: I'm in love!

Squidward: But I can not see anyone else

Spongebob: I think we can not come this weekend, Patrick.

Squidward: He went through

…/ I mean, if I see Garry, will you disappear all week?

Spongebob: In fact, a three-day weekend.

Squidward: Do not like this in three days?

Spongebob: Yes, but you have already said that you can not do what we think.

Patrick: It does not matter, Squadward. Our tree is about our watermen!

Squidward: I changed my mind. You deserve this weekend

Spongebob: Can you? The best! Show me a little villain. You have to take a wagon to go ...

Squidward: Friday, Saturday and Sunday - three weekends.

Spongebob: Tell me to feed it. Ken is assigned, he can put him in the morning.

Squidward: It is enough

Group: The bright brightness blinks

Patrick: Only here! Only here!

…/ Come on, SpongeBob!

Group: The bright brightness blinks

Squidward: Now the time is not too late, enjoy it, hello

Spongebob: Do not forget my orders now?

Squidward: I can remember the movie. I take care of the person

Spongebob: Garry

Squidward: Yes Yes Yes Sea song! Blinks so much! Leave

Garry: Can

Squidward: It will be the best day of my life.

…/ I do not want to do what I can do for SpongeBob.

…/ Well, the biggest end of my life ends. No SpongeBob, not Patrick, nothing but me, yes, me.

…/ slowed down! I forgot to slow down!


…/ I have to do something.

…/ Ok, come on. Eat, cook, cook, cook, cook, eat, eat! You must complete this meal!


Spongebob: Patrick, when I saw you


Squidward: Lose it

…/ Oh ...

Spongebob: Gray! I am home!

Squidward: Hi, SpongeBob.

Spongebob: Squidward! what are you doing here

Squidward: I'm just looking at your old car

Spongebob: Your big friend, troop.

Squidward: Yes, look at you. Hello.

Spongebob: Thanks, Squadward. I can always count on you

…/ Gray! Gray, what happened to you? What is the problem? Squidward, something nice with Garry! Squidward!


Small doctor: Yes, yes, as I thought.

Spongebob: What

Small doctor: It's definitely slow.

Spongebob: I knew! Oh, squid, did you hear that?

Small doctor: Therefore, plasma must be cheap. Take it with you

Spongebob: Do not you want to do that?

Small doctor: Oh no no no no no no I'm very tired

Squidward: Oh, Doctor, let me help with the bag

Spongebob: Octopus, wait, I can not give her plasma, I'm hiding

Squidward: Oh, SpongeBob, I do not want to work ...

Spongebob: …/ Gray!

Squidward: OK, I will do that.

Spongebob: Now Squadward is attacking her. Good, stable Wait, it's very hard. try again

Squidward: Do you want to keep it?

Spongebob: Oh, Squadward, you have my plasma needle.

Squidward: Yes, what did I do for you?

Spongebob: What's wrong with me

Squidward: Oh, nothing, it's just plasma plasma.

Spongebob: I do not know. I am so funny

Squidward: I say everything is in your mind.

Garry: …/ Can

Squidward: Does he just need water?

Spongebob: Garry, that's better

Squidward: How small are you, I go home and throw him away.

Spongebob: Squadward, wait, plasma slowly!

Squidward: Trust me, SpongeBob, nothing happens to you. You are good.

Garry: Can

Spongebob: Do not worry, Gary, Squadward says I'm doing well. He knows everything. So you're hungry

Garry: Menu!


Spongebob: …/ here it is. Eat, gray

Garry: Can

Spongebob: Sorry, I can not control myself.

…/ Can

…/ Why did I do that? It will shoot

Garry: Can

Spongebob: No, no squadward is right. I am good. I ... I am very worried about everything in my mind.

…/ Gary, you're getting too fast!

…/ look at me. It is not good

…/ I am good! Squadward said I was good!

…/ Garry ... I'm fine

…/ Yyyyyyy what you want

…/ Yes, I'm the owner!

…/ Wells no longer need to buy new shoes

…/ I took it back, gray. Something happens to me



I hope to see another hole again. Basically, Clara. Who can be, as I did not before

…/ SpongeBob, I already said that. You can only

Spongebob: Menu!

…/ Menu!

…/ Can

Squidward: SpongeBob Oh, Nepon (Esperanto detected word for “grandson”), what have you done? It's all a sign. Well, yes, good, integrated, oblique.

Spongebob: Menu!

…/ Mujo mujo

…/ Menu!

…/ Mujo mujo

Squidward: If you do not have an account yet, sign up! I'm sorry to hear you.

Spongebob: Can

…/ Can

…/ Can

Squidward: …/ Oh oh


Garry: Guy [B ], Snake [C], Mac [B ], Mio (Italian detected word for “My”) [G], Mao (Chinese detected word for “Hair”) [E].

Spongebob: Tuna, Marion, Tan, Red Leaf.

Squidward: Coffee, Tan [C], Tuna [A], Mao [G], Moore [A ], Mac [F].

Garry: Guy [B ], Snake [C], Mac [B ], Mio [G], Mao [E].

Spongebob: Tuna, Marion, Tan, Red Leaf.

Squidward: Coffee , Tan [C], Tuna [A], Mao [G], Moore [A ], Mac [F].

Garry: Guy [B ], Snake [C], Mac [B ], Mio [G], Mao [E].

Patrick: do you want to come?

Spongebob: Tuna, Marion, Tan, Red Leaf.

Squidward: Mother , I - [C] Ommf!

Garry: Guy [B ], Snake [C], Mac [B ], Mio [G], Mao [E].

Spongebob: Tuna, Marion, Tan, Red Leaf.

Squidward: [M] [m] [m] [m], mac , mac , mac , mac [a], mac [c] mac [g] mac [e]].


Google translate setup for "I Was a Teenage Gary:" English-Bosnian-Persian-Swedish-Urdu-Czech-Danish-Norwegian

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16. New and Chocolate (Chocolate with Nuts)


New and Chocolate


Spy: …/ Fun Poster

…/ Yes I can. see you tomorrow!

Patrick: There is no email here! What did you do?

Spy: Gary, cart, cart, cart, cart, cart, cart! Magazine! so funny. I remember the registration of Fancy Living Digest.

Sponge Bob and Patrick: she is!

Spy: You can see all these live images on the main course of life in life. A swimming boy in a water table is extremely wealthy!

Patrick: The boy works on his shoes!

Kazama: Give me an email to play. Unfortunately, I did not tell the authorities unintentionally.

Spy: No, kazama, how can I pay people to this magazine?

Kazama: Merchants sell something.

Spy: Which stuff

Kazama: What people want to buy is what I need to know. It is now coming to save your mail.

Spy: What is this, Patrick? We must be a merchant!

Patrick: If so

Spy: What happens when Patrick does not know what is happening right now?

Patrick: Okay ... take the time to think about it.

Spy: No, you can pay something.

Patrick: Chocolate?

Spy: Pat is a good idea! Our chocolate treatments go!


…/ Happy life and here!

Patrick: Save some services!


Spy: Patrick, for that! Our first step! Follow the marker.

…/ In the afternoon we can take care of you with another chocolate bomb.

Tom: Chocolate? Can you tell chats?

Patrick: By itself. In Peanut or Walpole?

Tom: Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!


Spy: For the first time, no man has succeeded. This is our first step in truth!

…/ Yes I can! Would you like to buy some chocolate?

From male to male: Do not write chips, no?

Spy: Yes, our toy chicks!

From male to male: it has! You may sell me some of the vendors you ask for. This is a way to manage your business.

…/ Anyone is wrong. And you're a good seller, not an aristocrat

Sponge Bob and Patrick: Oh sure!

From male to male: Without having to die without sugar, self-esteem!

Spy: Yes ...

From male to male: This is a candy bag, they're going to face you! The various velvet cans designed to create the bar are the same. But my time is in progress. You do not need this bag.

Sponge Bob and Patrick: We Found It! We Found It!

From male to male: People are there! Good hunting grounds ...

Sponge Bob and Patrick: A Survivive Life 'Here Are We! get away!


Spy: Let's try the door!

From male to male: Yourself?

Spy: Hmmm? If this sells a chewing gum, you are not the same person

From male to male: I remember. But my coworkers had many tables. In time, my chieftain bosses have no inclination to follow two murders, very intelligent.

Patrick: Stays


Salad: Well, because I have two young lawyers

Spy: We do not sell chocolate. Want to buy?

Salad: This is Heaven! I'll pick one.

Spy: Come to Chocolate!

Salad: …/ But I will not.

Spy: I got it! One of the chapters of the slip

Tom: Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

Spy: Wire.


…/ We're not good, Patrick. We need a new way, a new way.

Patrick: Okay ... I have! We are Hey!

Spy: When I'm selling a treasure to salvation. Something must have happened. What do sharks need to buy?

Patrick: Feeling ...

Spy: So much so! It made us feel special!

Patrick: Yes, you've got it ... Get more Bags!

Spy: Do not wait, Patrick! Why not try funny?

Patrick: Okay, you can


Spy: Remember Patrick, do not leave the customer. Be happy

Green fish blue saliva: bye

Patrick: love you.

Spy: I was just a little boy, the old pal (I mean). Let's try

Green fish blue saliva: G-Go.

Spy: H, H - How are you doing?

Green fish blue saliva: What shall I do?

Spy: Want to buy Chocolate?

Patrick: buy now!

Green fish blue saliva: Sorry, chocolate, sugar and chocolate turned back. Child abuse is inaccurate

Patrick: He laughed!

Green fish blue saliva: Do not see me more Chocolate?

…/ And you can hide both fish.

Patrick: I'm getting ten things!



Spy: We did not sell chocolate through barcodes. I think it's easy to make fun of us.

Patrick: Hmmm?

Spy: Now we focus on selling the house, we are there.

Patrick: Hmmm?

Spy: Let's try.

Patrick: Can you say something?


Spy: Do not forget Pasta's attention.

Violet: Yourself?

Spy: Good afternoon, we are selling chocolate.

Violet: Why are you watching Tubby?

Patrick: To think

Violet: Jack's back!

Patrick: Good place to come here.


Spy: We can not understand what's wrong.

Patrick: I can not understand anything

Spy: Nothing else in this game. Some people want to see this!

Patrick: For Barnacle Chips fun

Spy: It is not really a recreation!

Patrick: Do not use it!

Spy: But every day, they sell millions of billions!

Patrick: No, no, they did not.

Spy: What is this, Patrick? We have cords!

Tom: Chocolate!


Spy: We work as a team. This is too hot and the buyer must kill it

Patrick: Kill

Marie: Yourself?

Spy: Hi, are we in your mother's house?

Marie: Mum!

mother of God: Which of your flocks?

…/ You no longer need to wait for me

Marie: Sell Chocolate

mother of God: Chocolate?

Marie: By itself

mother of God: What are you buying?

Marie: Chocolate!

mother of God: Yourself

Marie: Chocolate!

mother of God: I did not hear it

Marie: Sells shats!

mother of God: Sell Chocolate?

Marie: By itself

mother of God: Chocolate. I'll never forget when I started chocolate. Sweet and Delicious Chocolate I always hate!

Spy: Oh, but this is not a chocolate meal. The reason ...

Patrick: It will take you from the skin, change direction, and give you eternal life.

mother of God: Forever? I'll pick one.

mother of God: OK, Maria Start this chocolate and invite me!

Marie: I do not like.

Spy: If we focus on the fact, we have to stay for a while, very good!

Patrick: Lies!


Spy: This hair growth can be made.

Fred: My wife is trying to break my hand!

Spy: They make it clever.

User: And I will take many.

Patrick: This will show you your face.

Patrick 2: Time.

Spy: They let you go!

Patrick: And you love it!

Spy: Bring peace to the world!

Patrick: Wall!

Spy: You will judge the earth.


Patrick: This is now the best lie!

Spy: Yes, you, everyone, have a chocolate, you feel the other person's feelings.

User: Based on my children's recommendations

Spy: Hello. Do you want to buy chocolate sizes, we need surgery?

User: Do I say the problem is for you?

Spy: Anxious headache and internal bleeding.

User: Well, some people are lucky.

…/ I was born in glass and pearls. My legs break every morning, and the mornings are closed in the afternoon. When I realized the pain, I had a heart attack at night.

…/ no way ...

…/ This ...

Spy: We understand it, Patrick.


…/ Slowly, slowly.

User: This ...

Spy: If you are poor and poor, you can give us advice if you have nothing

User: Something here can come here ... Your good medical debt is so high, but in my case you can sell chocolates.

…/ Two people and this type of unit are inspired! They are not!


Spy: Patricia does not harm me. While it is good to help children, no one in the city can sell them.

…/ We accept grace. Confirmation

Patrick: I can live with Him.

Spy: As we think, we'll change the names.

Tom: …/ Chocolate!

Spy: is not! Do not hurt us. Do not hurt me, no.

Patrick: is not! Pray for me and save me

Tom: Longer! I'm trying to hold everybody! Now I know where I am ... I want to take your chocolate.

Spy: …/ Thank you for organizing


Patrick: Now we're working on SpongeBob and we want to find true happiness

Spy: Yet, Palmy! For one thing, we have to use all of the money.

Patrick: But what will we use them?


Kazama: When a night ends, please another table.

Server: Sorry, but a private group fell into the restaurant.

Kazama: But this is fun, my night! How to rent a restaurant in a restaurant?

Server: O, couple and their wives.

Spy: Then the two meet each other

mother of God: what can I do?


Google Translate setup for "Chocolate with Nuts:" English-Zulu-Myanmar-Catalan-Turkish-Italian-Serbian-Amharic

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