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SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation

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34. Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day


Spanko (Greek detected word for 'Twine'): Valentine's Day under a dress!

[Send your heart. He gave it to Skyward but gradually refused He gave it to Mrs. Puff, but her daughter came to the fire department. He gives Clinton his heart like a wet voice]

[The spang is sandy]


Very helpful: .../ Hello Valentine's Day, hello boy bob

Spanko: I live with you

Very helpful: Obviously, strong chocolate dress is a favorite of your work

.../ He turned to John.

Spanko: Impossible

[Chocolate Carnival Chocolate]

Step 1: Patrick and I are eating meat

[Chocolate for SpongeBob and Patrick coming in and out of the party]

Step 2: Patrick and I got on the big truck

Everyone is dancing on the train they are riding. Fireworks]

Steps :: Get special controls to appear at the top

[At the Paul Festival]

Situation :: Patrick is happy with the job

[The chocolate disappears and you see Patrick wearing a Valentine's T-shirt and throwing stones.]


.../ Hello, Patrick

Patrick: Good luck to you!

Spanko: Patrick, I'm a sponge

Patrick: Friend, what do you want here?

Spanko: The way to it!

Patrick: Sorry for the inconvenience! Sponge ... this stone is still pressed! Stay with your friends, I will help you!

.../ Questions about children? Questions about children?

Spanko: Road to ...

Patrick: Baby sponge

.../ Kindness ...

Spanko: Patrick, I'm after you!

Patrick: Make it Valentine's Day! This is your gift

Spanko: And I have your gift!

Patrick: This is not a problem

Spanko: The war ...

[Patrick is very happy]

... Better ...

[Happy Patrick]

... something very interesting ...

[Patrick is very happy]

... this will not happen!

[Happiness and first time]

But this is not possible.

[Patrick stops the car and protests]

Patrick: Why you

Spanko: Because it's not ready yet

Patrick: You're ready

Spanko: .O

Patrick: Why now?

Spanko: Did you have an accident?

Patrick: There they are!

Spanko: Atsind!

Patrick: Great power is straightforward

Spanko: Um ... no, I'm sorry

Patrick: You must not know

Spanko: I will not answer you! You have to wait!

[SpongeBob is with Patrick]

Patrick: Please, yes, thank you ...

[At Ing's foot you see the straps running through the middle.]


.../ Thank you. Please

Spanko: You're right, Patrick, I'm here

Patrick: Do I organize parties regularly? Mia! It's me. Neria, Norea, Neria! Okay, somehow! This is my party!

Spanko: This is not a moral message

Patrick: Allaupapa

Spanko: When I ...

Patrick: Seven rooms! Most of the time I want to get to the room!

Spanko: This is not a problem

Patrick: Allaupapa

Spanko: So let's buy a rope ...

Patrick: Special results! I'm not sure! Special results!

Dessert: Hi, I'm leaving! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Very helpful: Written by Cindy Sponge Bob Terra, Sponge Bob

Spanko: Click here for sand and kids

Very helpful: There is a video about the process. Would you like to take it?

Spanko: Or, Sandy Patrick is trying to understand his character

Very helpful: List of infants used with sand ...

[A set of flying balloons]

.../ Open ... okay!

Patrick: What does it mean besides a drop of sugar? I can't accept this!

Spanko: You have to go

Patrick: This store?

Spanko: Nothing

Patrick: Man

Spanko: Nothing

Patrick: Can this be changed?

Spanko: Nothing

Patrick: Hello everyone, Do you have any suggestions for improving WindowsPress? You can't go to the garden because you go up the mountain

[He goes to the mountain and comes out into the light. ]

.../ OK!

Spanko: Right?

[Up the hill, Cindy does something with a stream of mushrooms. ]

.../ Kids with sand, you can find them now

Very helpful: Oh, Sponge Bob, we have a problem if you have a bag of chocolates you can eat tomorrow in the balloon. Hi, do it! I'm late!

Spanko: Time is running out, but what about Patrick?

Very helpful: The kitchen! If you come to Paris by bicycle, you will find it there.

Spanko: If one day Patrick doesn't get married ...

Patrick: I'm sure you can't, Sponge Bob!

Spanko: The way to it! It doesn't really work ...

Patrick: Sign in!

[In this episode, SpongeBob's bike slides again]

.../ Perfect for a sponge, this is the greatest gift in the world

Spanko: Now ... it's lost, I hope you'll get there

.../ Connect with Baby Sandra, Baby Sandra, Sandy!

[Sandy keeps looking for sugar]

Very helpful: In the case of Sandy Little Bob, I dig a cow here to eat my trees! Hewu (Chinese detected phrase for 'He no')!

[There is another sailor's bullet and the wind blows his brother to the ground.]

.../ Atsind! In particular, sponge Bob! Change plan b

Spanko: No, no, listen! sit down

.../ Patrick, do you know how to make plans and make mistakes?

Patrick: No ... really ... really! You're late! Is it hot?

[Take off my clothes and tell me where I'm going first. Then attach the spaghetti to the arm and continue. ]

Spanko: .../ Patrick arrived

[Patrick looks at the mushroom's hand]

Patrick: Therefore

Spanko: Good hand ... weak

Patrick: Is giving a gift a good gift? He has one hand

Spanko: Valentine's Day Tomato Tomato!

[Patrick raises his hand and looks at the wound. Ruby smiles and Patrick looks at her face as she plays at the club. Those who sat on the chair return to work.]

Patrick: .../ I was thinking. At first it looks good, but it works ...

[Woman with a bag full of chocolate]

France: Hi Sponge Bob, thank you for the candy box

Spanko: No, not France

Patrick: And expect more from me ...


Dave: Thank you for the flowers, happy valentine day.

Spanko: And you, Dave

Patrick: And we don't care how much ...

[Cycling Saisen (Japanese detected phrase for 'Offer money')]

Female fish: Hi Sponge Bob, thank you for the bike. Do you trust this person? I met you

Patrick: Like I said ...

Men's fish: Excuse me, do you have time?

[When he saw her fishing and saw her coming off the screen, she ran screaming and crying.]

Patrick: Patrick wants love with you!

[Leo Music. Patrick is angry. No holes. He gets angry at the market, screams in his stomach, gets angry at the car and the anger breaks the rope and hurts him. Death of children playing with children at heart]

.../ Yes the human heart!

[Patrick cuts his hair and continues to abuse him]

Paris Plan: Be careful, you have a big pink star on your head

[They all come in and Patrick complains and is very angry at the big table. ]

Patrick: This heart must be broken!

[Attempt to work well, if everything goes upside down, you will not get tired. I did not eat the girl's heart and I looked at her sadly]

.../ This heart must be broken!

[Take it, cut it, put it in your mouth. The girl cried when Pat took the oil. ]

Spanko: The way to it!

[He was wounded and covered with anger and fear. Patrick Bruce]

Patrick: Very good!

[Everyone is scared. ]

.../ Bring me a sponge bob!

[SpongeBob falls in love with a group of citizens]

.../ My heart is broken! Now I want to do something different!

Spanko: Yes, Patrick, I know it works, but it's true

Patrick: I have nothing to do with them, it's too late ... everyone!

[Bring a gift from the room to the killer. Burgers return with a smooth bob]

Very helpful: .../ Enforcement site! Wet the sea! Galen, white!

[If you go to a flower party and leave it green, lick your nose]

Spanko: There they are! Sandila! Seven! Patrick, you are here! Here it is! Behind him is the most popular day in the world

Patrick: Kind of

Spanko: Let me tell you about it! Malaga!

Patrick: Yes, E.

Spanko: Patrick, look back!

Price: Malaga! Don't write! Inside you

Patrick: You saw my conflict with me, didn't you?

Price: There they are! Malaga!

Patrick: Nothing

Price: Malaga! Malaga!

Patrick: I repeat, but be careful not to repeat, I repeat, for some reason I will not ... yes!

Very helpful: That's right, Patrick!

Patrick: No, get up!

Spanko: Valentine's Day, Patrick!

Patrick: There they are! We wish you a happy Valentina's Day ? ?! Hi, how strong is chocolate?

Spanko: Patrick, no!

[Patrick bites the balloon and chocolate explodes everywhere. SpongeBob and Patrick are in the mess]

Patrick: Oh, sponge Bob ... I don't need you


Google translate setup for "Valentine's Day:" Afrikaans-Basque-Catalan-Danish-Esperanto-Filipino-Galician-Haitian Creole-Icelandic-Japanese-Kannada-Lao-Macedonian-Nepali-Odia-Pashto-Romanian-Samoan-Tajik-Ukrainian-Vietnamese-Welsh-Xhosa-Yiddish-Zulu (Scene descriptions are done in the reverse order).

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35. Group Guy (Band Geeks)


Group Guy


[There is a very loud sound, causing Lula Molusco (Spanish detected word for 'Mollusk') to play the clarinet without ringing the bell. Dr. Gill Gilliam, nurse at the door.]

Dr. Gill Gilliam: Yes, uh, there was an animal hospital on the way and I knew the animal was dead.

[Lula Molusco knocks on the door. The phone starts to ring.]

Squid: Nothing.: Hello, you entered an unknown house. It starts ...

Skvillium: Do you have an animal friend you want to kill?

Squid: Nothing.: Squilliam Physical Season Class Group ?!

Skvillium: I heard you were playing at the box office.

Squid: Nothing.: Sometimes, oh, how do you tell Unbro?

Skvillium: Great and valuable. Now I am the captain of a great team that will play in the Bubble Bowl next week.

Squid: Nothing.: Ba-ba-ba ... ba-ba-ba ... ba-ba-ba?!?!

Skvillium: "That's right. I'm a pumpkin. You're dreaming. The problem is I'm busy next week and I can't go. Hopefully you and your team can solve the problem."

Squid: Nothing.: Oh, uh, I ... I, uh ...

Skvillium: You all know him! You don't have a group! Now I give you the opportunity to return to the service sector.

Squid: Nothing.: Wait! I sell fast food, I have a lot and I buy glass bubbles! Well - what do you use?

Skvillium: Congratulations next Tuesday. Brought a lot of ibuprofen ...!

Squid: Nothing.: I have to create a fast fighting team! Drama ... ha ... group comedy.


Sandy: Want to add satisfaction to a workout that is monotonous and monotonous?

Plankton: The bikini tastes good.

This porridge: Always praised by thousands.

Mr. Crab: This does not apply to free prices.

JEL: The training starts this afternoon. 8:30 Course.

Squid: Nothing.: The secretary hired me for crazy music. This trilobite wallpaper is no different from the elbow. Wait, baby, someone.

Humus: .../ Blah Blah Blah ...

Squid: Nothing.: Boy, calm down. How many musical instruments do you play?

Plankton: Do you see these tools as a weapon of violence?

Squid: Nothing.: No.

Patrick: What is mayonnaise?

Squid: Nothing.: No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not a tool.

.../ Horseradish is not a tool at the same time.

.../ Very sweet. No one has experience. Fortunately, I have enough talent for everyone.

Mr. Crab: When do we eat for free?

Squid: Nothing.: Okay, try to repeat yourself after me.

[Plays six notes]

.../ Copper section, go.

[Repeat the copper section]

.../ It's comfortable in the air now.

[Part of the air does not repeat]

.../ And the battery.

[The drummers misunderstand Lula Molusko, so he has to hit the drum and hang it on the wall]

.../ Unfortunately, the boy did not kill me.

.../ Try to sign the rhythm. Now everything should be in five lines.

Sponge Bob: Why don't you lie

Squid: Nothing.: No, SpongeBob, that's a verb.

Patrick: Jotosani? I want to kick!

Sandy: Იք! Because you ...! Because I ...!

[Patrick jumps and starts to fight until he enters and closes the door]

Patrick: .../ Read-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

[People get up and look at the door, then choose Patrick.]

.../ Replace the headlights with a white sedan.

[Patrick enters and Sandy appears on the trombone. Trombone discs come from where you hear them. He sits on the trombone. A loud thrombus sounded from his mouth. He will face it.]

History Appraiser: The second day.

[This scene shows a group playing Semper Fidelis on the street.]

Squid: Nothing.: Yes, another truth. Bowl Bowl, here we go. Raise the flag, literally throw it. Okay, come back. Sports code. I want to see a small change. Mark Twirlers, go! Come on, look!

[The flag flies fast and flies in the sky and the idea comes from the plane. Moses was throwing the knot when everyone was crying, but Molasco Lula was lying on the ground rolling the fruit.]

History Appraiser: Thursday

Squid: Nothing.: Plankton, how do you adapt to this soil?

Plankton: Too big, do you want to see?

[Plankton usually play the accordion when it comes out of the holes, but not for long. If you go to the last hole, the last raspberry will fall in harmony.]

History Appraiser: In the bedroom.

Squid: Nothing.: It was the last night we did before the incident. I know you haven't developed from the beginning ...

.../ ... but I have a theory. When he wants to be smart, he speaks loudly, doesn't he?

Plankton: In fact, this is the truth!

Squid: Nothing.: He wants to play if he plays well. Are you ready And one, two, one, two, three, four!

[The screen breaks the music school, the sounds explode, the windows crash. Let's go back to Lula Molusko's music school, where her face is unknown, her shirt is torn and her cane is broken]

.../ New theory. It may be so small that no one can find it.

Ambassador: If there are people who haven't tried the claw game, let's get started!

Mr. Crab: What do you say to punk?

Ambassador: Well ... meat nails!

Mr. Crab: These quotes are not just to attract friends.

Ambassador: country! Come can come!

Sponge Bob: Ravin Smart and Forward.

Nancy: Now teach me cheese.

Squid: Nothing.: Stop, stop. I know this high voltage ...

[People are sick. Exciting Pilar and Larry. Medley plays Pilar in the play.]

.../ Save on this device, folks!

[Weapons are all used weapons. Mr. Siriguzo is very good at handling the Herald and a pneumatic tool, but he tries to stop playing and Mrs. Puff hits everyone with a plate]

.../ Please calm down!

[Sandy and Frank fight. Sandy unlocks Frank's lock and Frank escapes. Patrick was smiling in the whispering sand. Patrick knew what to expect and Sandy cried as he watched. The scene stopped for several hours, indicating that it was already ten o'clock and everyone had given up fighting.]

Freddie: .../ The lesson is over.

[Group members enter Lula Molusco's open door.]

Squid: Nothing.: Yes, Wade. Congratulations ... and relax! The size of the bite is cut into small pieces. I hope it is very good for you. I miss you too. No need to worry about tomorrow. I told everyone who died in a car accident. Thanks for everything Thank you for everything!

Patrick: Come here.

Sponge Bob: How do we become devils? These poor creatures appear when we need them, and we can't. When it comes to useful work, Lula Molusko will join us. Evelyn, who saved little Jimmy from being shot?

Evelyn: Deposit

Sponge Bob: Tell me, if drinking causes liver failure, who will treat it?

JEL: The boy in the ambulance.

Sponge Bob: In fact, if we had known that Lula Molusko was a firefighter or an ambulance, I knew everything would be fine and that it was a fighting team.

Ambassador: Yes, for firefighters!

Humus: To live!

Sponge Bob: Now I am proud of Lolot, who is a mollusk. 1, 2, unbalanced movement.

[Bladder vision injury]


Squid: Nothing.: I knew it would happen. He had to find another group to play. Hopefully ... ... Squilia (Italian detected word for 'Ring') doesn't know! Show! What are you doing here

Skvillium: I want to see how you explode. Which group?

Squid: Nothing.: He came. იუს

Skvillium: Sophie?

Squid: Nothing.: This will be my team!

Sponge Bob: We are ready to act, Lula Molusko.

Skvillium: Squiddy, I know it's definitely a band.

[SpongeBob dance]

Squid: Nothing.: This is ... a kind of problem.

[Scalia smiled when everyone entered the foam bowl.]

.../ I think this is the last thing you see in this city.

Sponge Bob: Exciting, smart!

Football commentator: Yes, football fans. Join Bikini Super Group Reef!

Patrick: .../ This is an ugly looking fish.

Sponge Bob: We can stay where there is toxic waste.

Mr. Crab: My health is not good.

Squid: Nothing.: Older people are good.

[Smiling and watching Squilliam's mouth move]

OnHadi, you. 1, 2, 3, 4 ...

[The group started with a very good introduction. Squidward's eyes widened. SpongeBob started the song.]

Sponge Bob: The winner will win everything!

This is another taste of death.

His work is close


Look no further and this world will be closed.

The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion.

Oh, the game started. ♪

[Squilliam looks surprised, Squidward looks at him with a bad smile and difficult to control.]

Hemp is sweet and sweet, sweet, sweet, yes.

And take it,

The fight is ours!

[Scooter stretches, stretches and stretches. Lula Molusko says goodbye and runs to the center of the stage.]

Hemp is sweet and sweet, sweet, sweet, yes.

And go to the next.

We will succeed ...

[Lula Molusco takes the stage and freezes. Then the darkness fell and the episode ended.]


Google translate setup for "Band Geeks:" 

Scene descriptsPortuguese-Azerbaijani-Telugu-Georgian-Javanese-Georgian-Javanese-Telugu-Azerbaijani-Portuguese

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36. The effort is not crazy (Mimic Madness)


The effort is not crazy


Thus carbohydrates: Of course, he is a Christian, and I remind you that the work of Christ will be seen by you. It may be the busiest spoon.

Top: World Health Organization! Tell this Karbas! Take us to the center!

Add a team: Let's go somewhere.

Thus carbohydrates: Open the door and destroy! I am sitting at the table

Add a team: I went to the police last night.

Thus carbohydrates: I heard

Add a team: Not the same as Mr. Carber. Have you ever heard of this "cruel model"?

Thus carbohydrates: Would you call that a "compliment"?

Add a team: This is natural. I want to honor you and give you money

Thus carbohydrates: Mr. Squard, I'm here

Add a team: Let's see

Top: Of course, almost everyone closed the boat and Mr. Carbs enjoyed a hot meal.

Add a team: You forgot

Top: Rich people are happy and rich in this way

Ideal for: Instead, it's time to dump her and move on

Top: I'm sorry, I spend more time eating the sample.

Ideal for: Boy, why are you

.../ Let me tell you the secret

Add a team: Hurry up, spabebo, I want two orders for a crab comb

Top: Everything is fine and I will get it right away

.../ He is not included

.../ It is very pleasant for me. BT will advise me how. This measure can be used effectively. Look at this world.

.../ I join you!

Patrick: Ahaa! He never did

.../ Kale

Top: Old friend Patrick, why are you?

Patrick: How can I send money like Patrick?

Top: I ate ice cream and fish nets

Patrick: I heard "OK"

Top: Not much, this is my Patrick. Yes, that's right

Patrick: I can neither lie to you nor to you

Top: What should I finish?


Tables: The castle came to the fourth king.

.../ My friend ...

Year: Plankton, we have an easy game. This is not just a hockey hobby

Top: The cat's paws, Plankton ate the worst gala meal I've ever seen!

.../ This is the best dish I've ever seen

.../ I want to make good use of science

.../ That is right? Science is completely dangerous

Year: I love the Texas Sponge Bob tea! Your pure cross

Tables: Miles has real eyes. But his voice is surprising

Top: But! Everyone was pleased with this idea. You can't stop asking questions. I can not

.../ 80,000 photos ...

French journalist: Don't forget me. He started to get injured


Citizens: You have a shirt

Top: Need a shirt?

Citizens: Wait, don't be fooled. Open your mouth with secret love.

Top: Odbo will order

.../ Are we satisfied?

Add a team: This is natural. Now I do not remember these wonderful thoughts. I do not think so. But I did not miss. I was not!

Year: Sir, mushrooms can't control their love for this award

.../ Not exactly!

Thus carbohydrates: You're right, Sandy SpongeBob is actually gone. I like to call it "ridiculous madness".

Top: I would borrow instead.

.../ Oh, oh!

Year: Teacher! I feel so good that BT doesn't feel good. My IT law is not for me either


.../ Remember, this is a job; So first you need to know what SpongeBob has to do.

Tables: Why don't you smoke?

Add a team: I'm listening

Patrick: You left my best friend!

Plankton and fish: This information!

Thus carbohydrates: Rating! Stormy dog. We have to swim. And most importantly do not delete the number.

Year: How beautiful my spiritual lover is

Top: Changing I hope no one will come out and take measurements! Hello Patrick! Sandy? Mr. Carbus (French detected word for 'carbs')? Plankton? Every five hours? There is nothing wrong with that

.../ Good day, professor! Not exactly! Sri Shani is mixed

Kufr (Czech detected word for 'Suitcase'): Yes?

Patrick: but why

Year: Kayata (Javanese detected phrase for 'such as'). Mushrooms will tell us

Top: What do you think? I love her so much! Why stupid

Year: Sponge uses friendly connections with SquarePants

Top: I tried, Sandy, I tried!

Year: You, Sponge Bob, know only one thing and it will follow you!

Top: .../ Hello, Qari (Maltese detected word for 'Reading')! Because training! I have money, yes, yes! I go to college and eat my secrets.

.../ I can not! I lost. Funny!

.../ I can not

Tables: Hello

Patrick: Transparent


Top: What is the World Health Organization? What is the World Health Organization? What is the World Health Organization? What is the World Health Organization?

Who am I?

Who am I?

I do not object.

Who am I?

I do not object.

Why should I write this song?

If the head is six heads

Something went wrong

Who am I?

talk to me

Who am I?

Do you know me

My name is Lehmann

Or Freddie

I do not see it

I do not know if I am ready

I'm ready!

Who am I?

I have the right to know

Who am I?

Am I a friend or an enemy?

I have a lot of space

It's hard to say

I do not know my name

But my eyes are clear

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

Is there a spirit from Saturn? 4

Phone: Mr. Saturn, let me tell someone else

Top: ... I ... no ... I don't know ...

Thus carbohydrates: .../ This is a salt staircase

Year: I'm here!

.../ A sponge? How many fingers do I have?

Top: B.

Patrick: SpongeBob is very cute. I have only one answer

Year: I know it's not natural and don't wear xing (Chinese detected word for 'Row') pants!

Top: Unfortunately, SpongeBob SquarePants are unusable or unusable.

Year: SpongeBob is a good student and imitates everything. We need to remember who we really are.

.../ It will help!

Thus carbohydrates: Hello

Patrick: Ahaa! Ahaa!

Year: Not exactly! Get!

Tables: This is a great idea for a lifetime.

Year: They are rectangular and yellow

Patrick: I want to work

Thus carbohydrates: Number is the best captain in the world. Teacher! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, this ...

Tables: Master Krabi forgets the secret ID cards of the bar

Thus carbohydrates: Of course I know တန် က တန် (Myanmar detected phrase for 'It's worth it') I don't know!

.../ But it is a good idea

Tables: Thank you very much

Year: This sale does not work, you need to combine the effect for direct photography. Ahaa

Kufr: I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!

Top: I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I still remember! I really know who I am! I like pants. Yes, I love food.

.../ Thank you for your friend. I bring new memories. The buffalo is tastier than the food itself. Childless

.../ Illness. Now he laughs at my stupidity.

Add a team: Illness. Mo Negok!


Google translate setup for "Mimic Madness:Zulu-Yoruba-Xhosa-Welsh-Vietnamese-Uzbek-Turkish-Swedish-Russian-Punjabi-Odia-Norwegian-Myanmar-Luxembourgish-Kyrgyz-Javanese-Italian-Hungarian-Gujarati-Frisian-Estonian-Dutch-Czech-Bulgarian-Azerbaijani

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37. Video Workout Siri Casdo (Krusty Krab Training Video)


Video Workout Siri Casdo


Narrator .. Narrator: .../ Welcome to the car. If you’re watching this video, let me first post: Congratulations. You recently rented a Christie Cherub. This is the first day of official training.

SpongeBob: Can you give me a crab pie?

Narrator .. Narrator: No, there is a lot to learn before preparing a crab cake. As you can see in this photo ...

.../ Graphic art!

.../ I work at the most successful Priya du Bikini restaurant. But it didn't happen overnight ...

.../ ... The store closes at 6:00 p.m.

.../ No, Christy Crabbe’s story is about effort, patience, insight, determination and humanity. But it’s generally sweat.

.../ Start from the bottom.

.../ You might think that the Owners and founders of Creste (Romanian detected word for 'Grow') Crab Inc. Siriguejo Eugene H. He was certainly a financial advisor.

.../ And you are right!

.../ After the fight, the crab saw that he was in a large and quiet forest. However, when he bought a bankrupt retirement home, his fortunes changed, a few small changes, and the Christie’s Club was born.

.../ You can learn more ...

Problems with fish: Get some dust!

Narrator .. Narrator: You can learn more ...

Problems with fish: Get some dust!

Narrator .. Narrator: to see ...

Problems with fish: Get some dust! Get some dust!

Narrator .. Narrator: .../ It tastes like adding a small crab cake. Incorrect!

.../ Work now

.../ To meet the urgent needs of today’s customers, we do not try to showcase the latest advances in fast food technology.

Mr. Kangaroo: Advanced meatloaf control methods.

.../ This is an automated money processing system. Don't touch it!

.../ High quality liquor temperature gauges are imported.

.../ This prototype is a liquid processor.

.../ The most important thing is that now you can get the latest equipment for the spice supplier, buy some and stay there. Because there is a fixed fee.

Narrator .. Narrator: This full update doesn’t seem necessary, does it? Fortunately, the fear of Krobs robot authority is not balanced by dangerous technology. But if the update is the heart of Christy Crab, the lever is mandatory.

.../ If you’ve met your needs, come with me. Now, calmly, calmly, smiling, "Hello world! Are you sure you want a message? Mr. Square Pants, you are a good employee. But for every good employee, there is no good employee."

.../ Let’s look at the confusion and eye movement. "I really don't want to come here yet!" The key is the name for this employee, but we are called squid.

Satire: Can you make more money with this, Mr. Shirigeho (Japanese detected phrase for 'Know Geho')?

Mr. Kangaroo: Sorry, I didn’t hear the story!

Narrator .. Narrator: Speed

SpongeBob: What does it mean now you can make crab bread?

Narrator .. Narrator: No, you can’t play Kerby Patty if you don’t know the word POP.

SpongeBob: Tight?

Narrator .. Narrator: Knowing POP will give you information about Christy Crab. But what does POP mean?

.../ In fact, this is an easy symbol. Behold, he seeks our hunters.

SpongeBob: This world

Narrator .. Narrator: SquarePaint seems to know pop music.

.../ These are regular buyers. I want to know what they want. If you remember pop, you might find it.

Harold: I want a message

Narrator .. Narrator: Do you want to ask: A: sofa, B: expensive hair, or A: bun?

Harold: Please make a cake

Narrator .. Narrator: Ah ah! You will not disappoint us!

.../ Now that you know POP, you’re ready to make a crab cake.

SpongeBob: Patty Clubby!

Narrator .. Narrator: Haha! Rent a MacBeafer directly. We do not say:

.../ Personal hygiene.

.../ All Crazy Crab employees must maintain strict personal hygiene practices.

.../ Yes, Square Pants, are you ready to go? The good staff certainly did a good wash. Find these nails.

.../ And don’t forget the joints.

.../ And make sure your hands are clean and healthy.

.../ Now look at your hands.

.../ it's just.

.../ After tightening your shoes, make sure your face is not free of itchiness and irritation, your hair is in good condition, and you can start your day. Let’s find out how Lula Marco is ready to be born again.

.../ Remember no employee wants squid!

.../ She was sure she was ready for the currency pie because she was clean and healthy.

SpongeBob: I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!

Narrator .. Narrator: Beautiful! A lot to think about.

.../ Work board

.../ It’s important, that your area is clean and unobtrusive. But a clean work center is part of the job

.../ You don’t just need luck to be successful in your affiliate business. A good worker can take care of everything at any time

.../ So, Mr. Square Pants, there is no seasonal kimchi here. Now let’s see how Squadward keeps it working.

Satire: ???? Oh, that's right!

Narrator .. Narrator: Don’t worry about Squareward, Mr. Square Pants can cover you up.

.../ Running and running in the middle of his work, he felt ready to become a world -renowned artist.

.../ Silently I still have time. We need to make sure you are ready for the task:

.../ Please talk to your boss.

SpongeBob: Shriguejo-sen, can I get up?

Mr. Kangaroo: Dietung (Javanese detected word for 'counted')

Narrator .. Narrator: Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Square Pants.

SpongeBob: Can you give me a crab pie?

Narrator .. Narrator: Let us now move from the wing. Here we consider the client, which is the most important aspect of the sector. Or when we say “cruise ship”!

Patrick: Who says You are a ghost

Narrator .. Narrator: Like precious animal blood, consumers make crab shells.

Patrick: Lula, your madman is talking to me!

Satire: Want to register or make friends with your team?

Patrick: Hmmm ... I want to ... Hmmm ... Yes ... Oh ...

.../ ???? what is it

Satire: Patrick, you lied somewhere.

Narrator .. Narrator: Ah, ah, remember what Icardo and Sreegeho said.

Mr. Kangaroo: The money is definitely in its place!

Patrick: The roof is perfect, squid. You are not a good worker

Satire: Yes, we accept orders.

Patrick: I ... ...

Narrator .. Narrator: .../ Both of these options will be considered later. Now it’s important to talk about emergencies!

.../ Like gold lost in Atlantis, crab cake is considered to be a treasure for many people. Like all treasure, thieves are ready to steal. So depending on your focus ...

.../ what is it This is Plankton, the commercial competitor of Mr. Series!

Plankton: Eat my secret dust, crab! Finally, your secret recipe is yours!

Narrator .. Narrator: He stole the recipe! What do you do with Mr. Square’s pants?

Plankton: .../ You will never get cancer! Speed after play! Welcome!

.../ I know it deserves a turbocharger.

.../ Listen, crab! When he came out of the cold place and died, he took this pie from me.

Narrator .. Narrator: .../ And thanks to Square Pants, emergencies can be avoided again.

.../ Let’s look back at Lulu Marco. Yes squid

Satire: ????

Narrator .. Narrator: Recall

Satire: Patrick, if you have any suggestions. Want a Patty Club message?

Patrick: Great idea, Squad! Give it a less -than -good pie.

Satire: Want to come here?

Narrator .. Narrator: Lula Marcos, you’re here, it’s part of the task.

.../ Now that you know the basics of training, now you have to wait!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, mbah (Indonesian detected word for 'grandpa'). Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No !! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No no no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No no no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No no no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Nanana (Malagasy detected phrase for 'I had') Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana nanana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana nanana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nanananananan ananana Nanana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nanana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nana Nanana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana Nananananananananana No Nananananananana Mye (Norwegian detected phrase for 'A lot') Mye Mye My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My

.../ Patty with the club is ready!

.../ At the heart of every great family is a crown jewel that fills you with enthusiasm and happiness! This is Patty Crabby from Creti Crab.

.../ Now, as a humble sector employee, you’ll discover this sacred and dark secret on how to provide your hands with all the human resources needed to run your business ... lots of wet lips, backs is how annoying it is. Cleve Patty, Happy Heartbeat Center! What are you ready for?

.../ what are you sure

.../ OK! Confidential


Google translate setup for "Krusty Krab Training Video:" Chinese-Spanish-Hindi-Arabic-Portuguese-Bengali-Russian-Japanese-Punjabi-Javanese

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It pains for me to say that one particular episode of the original SB series has been banned on the grounds of having inappropriate content, as Nickelodeon described. Everyone and their mothers have speculated that it's because of the whole panty raiding subject, and I can't see the reason being anything else other than that. On the bright side, Google Translate has a solution for everyone. Of course, there may be some vulgarity in here, but on the other hand, it should now be 100% panty-raid free and therefore, this version of the episode should be acceptable to be shared with the public:


38. The lobster orange tomato soup at the stovetop (Mid-Life Crustacean)


The lobster orange tomato soup at the stovetop


School radio;: Oh, 500 K, 50 K at the weekend may be greater for all anchors hold. This way one can think of old.

We were born ...

The devil as a worm

crazy wedding

I need to have to take care of

Such large Khol (Bulgarian detected word for 'Hall') ...

This is also the Margarita Grill, very hot.: This is my father. 1 to have lunch.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Thank beans. And today they want to see.

pearls;: The survey will be held on this board.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Bastard Oh! Hate pills.

.../ Margarita, I am old?

pearls;: But if at the same time, and the amount needed to keep? However, nothing. My father 74 years old.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Not a great thing, but also? I was born

pearls;: He was nice and cool. At the same time. Saying 'coral' means "nose surgery such as coral."

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Too high, is not it?

pearls;: Ojoj.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: But this is contrary to God and be acceptable to you? Karang (Indonesian detected word for 'Coral').

pearls;: Also necessary is the father

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Zamas father, he ate every day.

pearls;: Jenny? Or less. Status to "high".


Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: What? At the same time, it seems? I am old. again

scouts;: I know there is not a walk in his ways.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: For those away from me. The boy was very beautiful and ...

Harold;: If not? What, then, shall we say? Shall we continue in the latter end? The five columns.

Agricola (Italian detected word for 'Agricultural'): .../ The ball of the other place, as those that are born, there is nothing that can be done in another way, did this,

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: If, therefore, do not they left for their children.

Agricola: OK. Question. Adult waste stress?

# 1 to see the fish;: .../ And it's free! One after another wait?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Nothing! Nothing! But we do not believe that things are as they are not in vain? I am old? I am old?

2. big fish;: What information?

links;: Watching?


Timmy: Krabby Patty, my fate that feeling.

mother: The fate. They said that there is nothing in the way, which is not acceptable. Like a real person. And on the way ... dirty.

Timmy: -A-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la ...

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Burger side. Though the losses were in the battle, and the third at the gate. This is where she has a savor of salt.

Patrick: Krusty hello hello!

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Hi Patrick! how profitable

Patrick: Another!

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: executor

Patrick: We want to hear your voice?

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: He is ready ...!?

octopus,: Sponge Bob! Patrick! Do you mind?

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: But Patrick a secret to keep. Did you hear others

Patrick: what will happen,

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Children without exception.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: "Amin, after waiting for the day of the week

Patrick: Some!

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: What do we do first?

Patrick: What do we do first? The wheels have very little to our world and the jaws! Spongebob What is your occupation?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Oh boy in a tree?

Patrick: This is true.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: This is not good, I will help you through the Word. I am surprised that, if it were in the position to buy,

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Of course. If you want to come to us come to Krabi

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: But this is not necessary. However, instead of sending at least

Patrick: I Espalzone. Hence, it came to pass, in order to write down rightly, and they broke it.

Bob bolus: Style!

Patrick: If the calm, in order to save.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Uhh, uhh uhh new path ... ...

Patrick: ... looking forward to old age.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Uhh ... what are you doing?

Patrick: Because you have? Bonus. What do you have.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Fire, Krabi!

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: He did it not? eight houses

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: I just want you to Cancer. Always go and see.

revolution;: 20:01.


Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Cancer, sir? What do you have?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Oh, I'm ready for lunch! What do you have?

Patrick: What matters? Then what is now backing up

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Oh, I'm ready for lunch! Krabi join, have you?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: I'm not ready to share AcwfoHk! Par-Tay Espalzone?

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: I'm not ready to share AcwfoHk! Patrick Tay is a partner?

Patrick: What matters? Krabi join, have you?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: What matters? ready

pearls;: You can not prevent or make one

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: We can not do what they want to get a piece of a piece of wood in the fire was on it by night, and so it is not the Church, truly, I say this?

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: You want to have a very strong hand. He was born with a heart defect.


Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: This is a fish. Only two seats.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Especially bow. This is no small change.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Do not drive, not in children today?

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: But the big guys.

Remonstrances wire: But the sense of do not do them. The trouble is that around the next corner today?

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Because they can not be destroyed.

Remonstrances wire: Unfortunately, the "champion!

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Oh, man!

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: In other words, that does not mean they used to do? All things, however, were living in their own land.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: The language of the victim.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: And I do not want to make a club crazy? ... I hear a little scared of me. And, apparently, it was not the platform for a long time.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Spoon after childbirth. And everything is fine.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Supply. I understand that.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Unfortunately! SpongeBob is back!

Patrick: I came! Let's have fun!

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Lukášek's shop? ... doubtless.

Bob bolus: I. What? What color is it? "Amine!

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Is this the start of the wash cycle began with the brothers? Buy.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: You know, I noticed a guy I fell in love with the guy in rock, but he chose into the nightlife, it is not thought to God. How you can get the wild: I will give you, it's crazy hot in general, if you do not know what is.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: I see what it is, Krabs. Last night there is a lot of hair, we do not lack

Patrick: Well thank you!

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Well thank you!

.../ It will irritate hates just thought it would be Troy ...

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: A madman is not only to be kindled bow, you senseless man feels?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: True.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Do not worry, it will be you.

.../ Crab meat?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: We focus.

Patrick: Their forgive me.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Crab meat? Is it because he does not like?

Patrick: I'm SpongeBob!

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Patrick truth.

Harold;: Yes?

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Crab meat?

.../ Crab meat?

.../ Crab meat?

.../ Funnels right to do so?

The voice cancer: Shh!

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: And now? But even Krabs?

books;: But even Krabs? But even Krabs? But even Krabs?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: And so, as I have said, I do not want to find out what is it, that you might do you think?

Bob bolus: Oops!

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: If you really want to know your thoughts!

Bob bolus: It is that which is a sure way?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Further, there is a part, does not remember? "This is why did it not? What do you think?

Bob bolus: What?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: You feel it in your head!

.../ Difficulty! What?! Where? I tell you the truth with it?

.../ Although it does not we do not know what after the metal? House now. Another stunning winter?

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Chrome ?!

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Pandaemonium! Experts! Experts! Puzi (Chinese detected word for 'shop')? The guys?

Bob bolus: What?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Onan, Sela (Russian detected word for 'Villages') skin of a child, a cold Satyricon

Patrick: Sony Please make that connection.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: What?

Patrick: I commend to you the great painter.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Tights? Not a girl, who can? "Virgin"

Patrick: That.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: One of dreams

Patrick: This is true.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: If it be possible, of all things, and to overcome them: and the number of, and of the sheep, or of two of them: I am I am, I am I, O Lord?

Bob bolus: Who is affected?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: And now what have you got?

Patrick: Let us fix the loan. But the drawers did not know?

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: We always present the results here.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: .../ What? We won the jackpot!

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: So, Krabi tastes good!

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: But are these young people, who have come eventually, turn back;

Mrs. Krabs;: Eugene?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Mother?

Mrs. Krabs;: The relationship between the Lord and the Teacher, what are you doing?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Well, he does not ignore those who do not agree with notlistening mother of the world ... !!

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Why do you ask?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Patrick, putting a sponge, and pay would soon arrive there.

Mrs. Krabs;: And in the bedroom. Do not destroy and out of the night

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Mother.

scouts;: It has equally simple way to go. In the short time, but even if you are in a room.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: .../ Unfortunately Krabi.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Children's rights. I feel like I'm finally a kid.

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob: Satyricon When you try to impress the fireplace crabs.

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Hello bean products.

Mrs. Krabs;: Eugene light is it?

Arches and fireplace smoke flavor: Mother.


Google translate setup for "Mid-Life Crustacean:" Latin-Bosnian-Latin-Danish-Latin-Sundanese-Latin-Sesotho-Latin-Slovak-Latin-Turkish-Latin

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39a. Take it away (Shangahaied)


Devices: When Paddy Kukumba (Yoruba detected word for 'Cucumber'). Source: Older only, ragged bandit.

Advertisement: Welcome friends! Pike Paddy plant. Why go back to budgeting? I have your medicine today.

…/ Check out our favorite "Shanghai" app! After that!

root: many!

Advertisement: Well, if you can't survive, that's my favorite sign. Hamlet, welcome to the good man.

root: Lie down, I say mine, help me!

Advertisement: Erg ... Oh, Hamlet is back! root? root? Where do you live in Friends from Hamlet? root?

root: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Advertisement: Get the birds out of here!

…/ Changing direction is important.


Take it away


Canrinrin: Hmm, seawater! This is one of the eight best parenting gifts!

[Looking at the bill, but leaving a big ax at Spank's house]

…/ White language! Calamardo! The weather is like a baby in my crib! Calamardo!

…/ Calamardo! Heaven like children!

Calamardo: This is not a child! This is another problem! Go now!

Patrick: Congratulations SpongeBob! Heaven like children!

Canrinrin: Mo Mo! Do you think I should say more?

Patrick: About ...

Calamardo: Why do not you climb ropes? I know it's deep!

[Aquarium at Squidward House]

…/ Check your work!

Canrinrin: No, tools. Our hands are clean!

Patrick: Search ...

Calamardo: Let me run

Canrinrin: As

[Squid looks at the sponge and opens his eyes. The group begins to climb the sea]

…/ Value replacement! Believe me

Patrick: Calamardo!

I would like to: Slow work ...

Canrinrin: Famous!

Patrick: Sponge Bob, how long has your big city been?

Canrinrin: No, you see, the big ship!

Calamardo: Very good This is what we do! Finally I can add another one to this issue.

Canrinrin: I do not know, Squad. The light on this table is green.

Calamardo: This is possible because the security officer is too lazy to anchor it in his or her own space.

Canrinrin: Value replacement!

Calamardo: Who owns the box? After! I'm complaining!

Canrinrin: Or a quiet place?

Patrick: I do not know why

Canrinrin: I do not know Does it look like an arrow?


Patrick: It's there!

Canrinrin: I know it's a small boat, but I can not say.

[In a pool called "Dutch Breasts"]

Dutch tailors: Bed!

Canrinrin: No, no, "Raver!"

Dutch tailors: I'm a Dutchman!

Canrinrin: That's right! An octopus, a red train!

Dutch tailors: Who will stop the peace of the Dutch airport?

Canrinrin: This is the Squadword. I will cry for you

Calamardo: I was ... no, no.

Canrinrin: So, what about the rotten black car?

Calamardo: I did not say.

Dutch tailors: Shame on a man bigger than his mother!

Canrinrin: No, no, wait, he said his mother was dirty and had no boats.

[Dutch soldier blows his nose at Kalmar (Swedish detected phrase for 'calm down')]

Calamardo: Which

Dutch tailors: We invite you to stay connected!

[Sadness dropped]

Spank me Patrick: Come on in, take a look.

[Return to work]

Dutch tailors: Enjoy again!

[He and Peter cry out to jump into the Duma]

Canrinrin: Force!

[Return to work]

Dutch tailors: Enjoy again!

[Spange (German detected word for 'Clasp') and Patrick take the train]

Calamardo: Why How can it be a car if it works? For me

[Holland plays as a team while Spong and Patrick run]

Dutch tailors: Please try

Patrick: Strong

[Honorable Weber]

Dutch tailors: After

Patrick: Ass ...

Calamardo: It's not. EW

[Honorable Weber]

Dutch tailors: Listen now

…/ The person riding the Dutch bird, without name, without name, will always be a member of the race! No matter what.

Calamardo: Do we accept business cards?

[More Zaps]

Dutch tailors: Anake (Maori detected word for 'Only')! Now my job is to swim through us and scare people. Your body needs to move and move. Like ... on television.

Calamardo: Listen. If I stayed with him longer than five minutes, you'll be mad. I know look here. Awesome! Who said it would be nice if there was an oil lamp in the air ... oh, oh, now? I think you should show me ... my God, that's good. What kind of magic is this?

[The Black Squidward plane lost its black plane. Tim screamed and screamed when he got angry. SpongeBob and Patrick understand how to look spandex.]

Dutch tailors: …/ Do you want to join "Daughters of Violence"?

Canrinrin: As! We already know the Dutch side.

Patrick: We'll tell you!

Dutch tailors: So, to begin with, you can destroy your stomach!

Canrinrin: Lee, Patrick! Pop live, bom (Portguese detected word for 'well')!

Patrick: I have this hat!

Dutch tailors: Listen! We went down tonight to eat meat in bikinis, so I wanted it to be beautiful and amazing!

Canrinrin: That is, you want to be clean and calm. I think I can ...

Patrick: No, no, no, I do not think you want to look good, it's good.

Canrinrin: Or I will feel bad and I will forget that it was not good!

Patrick: I will not listen to you

Canrinrin: You see, it's easy, it just means ...

Dutch tailors: What does it mean? I wish it was better! That's right! You know I'm a dog with a rooster in my pool.

Canrinrin: And what happened?

Dutch tailors: Dictionary!

Spank me Patrick: The wildlife of the lake is incredible, absolutely amazing!

Dutch tailors: …/ O night of the sea, come with me on the seven great journeys!

Canrinrin: [Hamona]

Patrick: Liddell-Liddell-m!

Dutch tailors: [Link like wolves]

Canrinrin: [Hamona]

Patrick: Liddell-Liddell-m!

[Dutch flies fly again, but Peter stops]

…/ Play, play, play, play!

[Dutch flies fly again, but Peter stops]

…/ Play, play, play, play!

[Dutch flies fly again, but Peter stops]

…/ Play, play, play, play!


Dutch tailors: …/ Yes, that's it. Well, First Square, if Red View is an attachment, you need to find it first. Use the spaces here. Children are slaves! She danced in the moon!

Canrinrin: Let's see who we meet.

…/ Sir, someone is there to threaten you.

Rino (Spanish detected word for 'Rhino'): …/ I have four loaves and I eat one. There were only three at the time!

Dutch tailors: Yes, my heart was really amazed when I saw the kids outside at night. Rosa, give us this stone.

Patrick: Stand behind the rock!

Canrinrin: We have to keep going. Hassan. Hassan. Okay ... and ... close. Don 't worry, Captain, we're punishing these guys.

Dutch tailors: All is well This is just a sign.

…/ Phone! Be ready to remember the destructive spirit of terrorists!

[Show relationship between Spong and Patrick]

Canrinrin: Science? Okay, sorry, sorry, then I'm going on.

Dutch tailors: I am reminded of the accident and the spirit.

[With Tricks and Sponge Sponge]

Patrick: …/ How are you

Dutch tailors: Return to the ship.

Spank me Patrick: This is the secret!

Rino: This man is a fool.

Dutch tailors: Yes, but you are not deaf.

[Spong and Patrick in the background. You're sad now]

Canrinrin: Hassan. Hassan. Hassan.

[Tatiana's plane threatens the woman when fire comes out of her mouth, but when the sponge explodes and Patrick spreads a plate. When you go through the rocks, you will finally come back. The Dutch sister has a beautiful face.]

.../ Hassan. Hassan. Hassan.

[A Dutch ship climbs a wall to scare Larry, but Spong and Patrick hit the wall trying to scare Larry. The ship was the last part of the mine. The Dutch sister has a beautiful face.]

.../ Hassan. Hassan. Hassan.

[Pilot Tatiana threatens to shake her head while Sponk (Slovenian detected word for 'clamp') and Patrick wear purple. Railway Hockey]

…/ Why do you think the Dutch asked us to stay in our pockets?

Patrick: Maybe you can give it back to us!

Canrinrin: How did the video work?

Patrick: Are there more coffee bells?

Dutch tailors: Think about it. Yes and good!

…/ Not all employees live forever. You are not me

Canrinrin: Will we be saved?

Dutch tailors: I would rather eat. See you tonight

[Close the door. By SpongeBob and Patrick]

Patrick: Wait, I think so!

Canrinrin: Right? What is this

Patrick: This is what we do!

Canrinrin: If the door closes, turn it into ... an olive branch!

[By bedroom]

Patrick: We have to do it.

[They tried to walk around the room, but they were full of smell. The sister came to the cover of Peter and poured oil on his face. Delete session]

Canrinrin: …/ I really enjoyed going there!

Patrick: Eee

Canrinrin: Believe us Listen!

Dutch tailors: Morning Diary: I was told to eat tomorrow. I made the yellow soup that my uncle showed me at my party. Oh, the good thing is, a lot has happened to me. Remember, the last time I wore socks, I could not eat all week. Oh All its inefficiency too, Looks like BT is not mine.

[Privacy note on sledding and jumping in front of Spabka and Patrick]

.../ Take off my socks! Everyone knows I would not survive without them.

Canrinrin: As!

Dutch tailors: Hassan ...

[Try to remove the sponge, but the sponge is in good shape]

…/ It is me!

Canrinrin: As!

Dutch tailors: Wait, you will die!

Patrick: We're confused.

Dutch tailors: Pink is beautiful. Listen. Give me socks, give me three.

Patrick: Make it five.

Dutch tailors: Four

Patrick: Three Sean

Dutch tailors: Okay ... ah, three. You have three needs.

Canrinrin: OK! Three dreams, Pat. This is not good

Patrick: A wolf I want to see soon!

[Scheduled time for 1 minute]

Dutch tailors: Well, two of your dead desires are dead.

[Peter laughs angrily with a sponge]

Canrinrin: Well, we have two more. I'm so glad Squidward is here!

[There is no hope that he will fall into the well and fall on the bed]

Calamardo: …/ Chei (Romanian detected word for 'pier'), I'm glad it's over!

[Tired of achieving]

Spank me Patrick: Calamardo! I am back!

Canrinrin: Do you think the Netherlands sent us three wishes? Peter took the first and the second.

Calamardo: This was the last one for me because I put it back in this container!

Patrick: Believe me I think I am! Because I do not love, so what do you do ...

Canrinrin: Not good, because ...

[Reason for crying, screaming, and shouting loudly]

Dutch tailors: Finally it's over! Because of my foreign powers, I chose someone to achieve great goals.

…/ Yeni (Turkish detected word for 'New'), meeni (Gujarati detected word for 'mini'), small, yo, stop licking the pilot, cry, my mom told me to make a good choice ... you!

[The sponge closes]

Calamardo: Where are we going with Sponge Bob! I'm close to it. What do we have to leave for?

Canrinrin: Don 't worry, Squad. I saw everything. Do not eat us ... I want you to be a Dutch vegetarian!

[Dutchman eats vegetables together and shows Spanka, Patrick and Squadward in front of her husband's house, but only their heads can be seen]

SpongeBob, Patrick and the team: …/ Good work!

Canrinrin: We're in the bedroom!

Patrick: Yes, Spongbab. We really are!

Calamardo: But why is it made a product?

[Your body from it will be useful and will move to your back]

Dutch tailors: Hello I love you The fruit will stop flowing!

[Spoons like Spange, Patrick, and Squidward scream and jump. "]

…/ Let's go

[They followed the dog on a Volkswagen hippie today.]


Advertisement: O people! I came back! Make your boys and girls like this event because it's time to come!

…/ Excuse me. As a result, video games have become very popular recently.

Uploading: stand!

Advertisement: But now that everyone is thinking about it, get ready to express your nasal milk by going up the stairs!

…/ Hey Anenup, Butei. What a good hairdresser.

root: Riblejo, you don't understand.

Advertisement: Like Hamlet, did you hear anything?

…/ Cass, Hamlet! I play in my head! I said no!

root: Oswa (Hatian Creole detected word for 'Or'), I have friends! Believe me!

Advertisement: This is for a baby. stand!


Peter works (Patrick’s ending)


Dutch tailors: Finally it's over! According to my own authority, I chose one to achieve great goals.

…/ Yeni, yeni, small, yo, stop licking the pilot, cry, my mom told me to make a good choice ... you!

[Closed by Peter]

Canrinrin: Dir, Patrick. Eventually.

Patrick: Amu ...

Calamardo: Knock. I do not want you to come here forever. Life is long ... Do you understand?

[Infinite revelation as a string. Peter's eyes were everywhere]

Canrinrin: Peter, you have to think harder than ever.

Patrick: Ass ...

Canrinrin: Not enough! Think about it!

Patrick: Ass ...

Calamardo: You can make a hat! It's you

Canrinrin: Come, Peter! Yes, think, think! Peter is there and you are fine

[Baking dough for hips]

Patrick: …/ Hassan! I did it!

Dutch tailors: Your love has blossomed

[There are blocks in Peter's pocket. Peter ate.]

Patrick: Oh, I'm sorry ... Are you looking for a hairspray?

Calamardo: Are you happy for the bite?

Patrick: If we live forever, your spirit will be new!

[People and sailors also entered. Complaints about the cult of spaghetti, Patrick and the Dutch team]

Dutch tailors: …/ O ... Minze (German detected word for 'Mint')!


Tips for squid (Squidward’s ending)


Dutch tailors: Finally it's over! According to my own authority, I chose one to achieve great goals.

…/ Yeni, yeni, small, yo, stop licking the pilot, cry, my mom told me to make a good choice ... you!

[Near squid]

Canrinrin: Calamardo! You are in love Great love

Calamardo: That's right! You know what I want

Patrick: As!

Calamardo: I look forward to meeting some whites in my life!

Dutch tailors: He's still there.

[Spaghetti and Fool Squad Patrick]

Canrinrin: For what I did not see, we met. My name is SpongeBob, I work with Patrick.

Patrick: For what

Calamardo: I did not say

Dutch tailors: Now that the movie has started, it's night.

[He has a knife and fork in his hand]

Canrinrin: You remember your name

Calamardo: I'm a runner. I am your neighbor

Canrinrin: Oh, nice to meet you, Ward Squid. I think we have a lot of time to get to know each other.

Google translate setup for "Shanghaied:"

Dialogue (Including the two alternate endings)Polish-Yoruba-Romanian-Chichewa-Arabic-Hungarian-Spanish-Igbo-German-Luxembourgish-Serbian-Scots Gaelic-Nepali-Maori-Afrikaans
Dialogue (Patchy's Pick)Afrikaans-Maori-Nepali-Scots Gaelic-Serbian-Luxembourgish-German-Igbo-Spanish-Hungarian-Arabic-Chichewa-Romanian-Yoruba-Polish
Scene descripts (Including the two alternate endings)Afrikaans-Arabic-Chichewa-German-Hungarian-Igbo-Luxembourgish-Maori-Nepali-Polish-Romanian-Scots Gaelic-Serbian-Spanish-Yoruba

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39b. Gary left (Gary Takes a Bath)


Gary left


Chinhupul (Chichewa detected phrase for 'the same') Bob: Gary! Looks like a whole week: rainy season!

.../ Let's start with water. You need to go to the bathroom, Gary. Now, Gary, we can do it the hard way, or the easy way, or the middle class, or the light heavyweight class, or the hard way. ..

.../ This is it! How do you want to play, okay?

.../ Gary! Please rate this new game. Ikamate!

[He throws the ball to Gary. Back to SpongeBob and Boomerangs and read the box]

.../ Huh? Boomerang pet "new" ball: really works! Ha.

[He throws the box and hits himself in the head]

.../ Gary! The ball is in my chest! If not washed, the explosion will take three seconds!

.../ Welcome ...?

[Bombs explode]

.../ Now I'm going to hit your mind with a high level message!

[Picture of a bathroom passing, and soap coming out, then a picture of a pretty tired girl]

.../ Sorry you have to check.

.../ Hello, good French restaurant? I came to get a dangerous snail that doesn't bathe.

.../ What Jae! Would you say the same? You're late! You speak another language!

.../ Hello Staco! How to deal with other flying frogs?

.../ Wow! That's right, it's your turn.

[He throws Gary off the wall, pulls out an arrow, and then we see Gary curled up next to him]

.../ Hello Staco! How to deal with other flying frogs?

[Gary hits her head on the head]

.../ I have the next dollar bill to clean the house!

[Sir. Crab enters the bathroom and collects SpongeBob dollars]

.../ I-yes-yes-yes ...

.../ How does it not work?

[Gary sleeps. SpongeBob, dressed as a bandit, runs to Gary, who wakes up]

.../ Gary! Gary! Look what I found! This is an old map, showing where the pirate treasure is kept in this house! Boys, let's get rich! Oh!

.../ In fact, Gary, it's still part 40 now. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ..

.../ 24, 25, 26, seventy ... 40. Of course there are treasures here!

.../ Ah, Gary, look! Criminal offense!

Gary: Muyavo (Spanish detected phrase for 'I move').

Chinhupul Bob: No, Gary, this isn't the bathroom. Treasure!

.../ Look, two! [Show two soups] Don't wait until ...

.../ Check out this brooch brooch!

[Shows duck football]

Gary: Muyavo.

Chinhupul Bob: I don't know what snails to close and close! Why not just go to the bathroom now?

[I're trying to throw the house in the pot, but it's on SpongeBob]

.../ Take the container!

[Gary tried to throw it in the pot, but he did not succeed]

.../ Take the container!

[Gary tried to throw it in the pot, but he did not succeed]

.../ Take the container!

[Gary tried to throw it in the pot, but he did not succeed]

.../ Savand!

[Gary tried to throw it in the pot, but he did not succeed]

.../ Savand!

[Gary tries to throw the pot, but he jumps over it and falls to the ground after two seconds]

.../ Now, Gary, did you go to the bathroom or did I ...

[Gary goes down but they all hang on the roof]

.../ Gary, what ...

[Gary draws the eyes and Cotton Bob grabs him]

.../ Gary, no!

[Gary closes one eye]

.../ Gary!

[She falls into bath]

.../ Really, Gary, when was the last time you kidnapped me and made me angry! If I can't find you in the bathroom, bring a shower.

[It absorbs all the water in the bath]

.../ PST, Gary. Take a shower!

[Water plays Gary, but he runs and hits himself in a chair]

.../ Rudy, Gary! I can "stay" with you.

[Gary spits a lot of water, but he washes and flushes out dirty dishes, discarded]

.../ More like a "dish"!

.../ Gary, are you waiting for water?

.../ Oh, hanging on a tree?

.../ It's time to leave him and move on, Gary!

[Water pours over Gary, but he realizes that Gary is a music photographer]

.../ Unlimited! I squeezed the body and skin of the hand!

[Gary looks at him sharply and takes down the ladder from the tree]

.../ Gary! Now go back up the stairs!

.../ Congratulations. You took a shower and now you have a white sample!

Gary: Muyavo.

Chinhupul Bob: I'm your boss!

Gary: Muyavo.

Chinhupul Bob: You can be a free country, but you live by the rules in my house.

Gary: Muyavo.

Chinhupul Bob: Don't talk to me What did you do when I said that?

.../ What are you doing, sir?

.../ Stay away from the swamp!

.../ Gary Snail, can you hear me? I give you three seconds to get out of the mud! One, two, two and a half ... don't call me three!

.../ Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary !!

[Falling from a tree, falling down]

.../ I have a black child.

Gary: Muyavo.

Chinhupul Bob: Yes, yes, Gary. I went behind my ear.


Google translate setup for "Gary Takes a Bath:"

Scene descriptsChichewa-Javanese-Kannada-Mongolian-Russian-Swahili-Yiddish

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40. Water development in Lot and Atlantis (Atlantis SquarePantis)


The limitation: You believe

.../ Hi friends, the good weather in China is bad. Some music took me to the woods. In the end, my film is still working on this film.

.../ !! Oi! The expensive Fracton song!

.../ If the money hadn't come sooner, I would have remembered the ugly story of the comics!

.../ Whoever shouts yes, has excuses. Start the jacket.

This is not easy: Yes, Paddy has released another new copy of SpongeBob. where are you

The limitation: I want to live to be one hundred and fifty years old. This makes sense to me, doesn’t it?

This is not easy: Oh, put your old beta blocker in the guts.

The limitation: What up?!

This is not easy: Seven pages

The limitation: You know this music is so important to me!

.../ Remember I was trying to show the party!

.../ Choose rubbish, small.

.../ Should I install it? Just that? Just that? Just that? Just that? Kokoka Beware of these problems in the background!

.../ !! Oi!

.../ Errrrrr, last house. To be continued ...?


.../ You know, it’s a wonderful reminder of ancient history. Another story about the ‘urban’. Why not look Oh, China.


Water development in Lot and Atlantis


Patrick: .../ A good example, Spanko.

pet dog ashkabak (Arabic detected word for 'network'): Peter, hurry up!

.../ How do my friends prepare for the Old Testament?

Patrick: Like a movie. I'm not good! Talk.

pet dog ashkabak: Peter, good.

Patrick: I am everything

lamp: Oh Patrick!

Patrick: Alas, I missed another chance! This camera records a lot

pet dog ashkabak: Stop it, Peter! Photography is not the reason for the camera.

Patrick: This is not a fish

pet dog ashkabak:, K, it is better to move the ball.

Patrick: Capital

pet dog ashkabak: Yes, this is my friend. So let me tell you

Every sunset should fall at the end of the day

4 on the screen at the end of each game 4

And all that is said to appear one day

Patrick: As a Christmas present,

It did not appear

Or cheesecake, it doesn't stay all day 4

pet dog ashkabakI'll try again ...

Gbazee (Igbo detected word for 'melt')Please try again ...

pet dog ashkabakYou ... bubble bullets ...

GbazeeBubble words ...

pet dog ashkabak: it will last every 4 days

GbazeeThe prostitute to ...

Patrick: Every ... every 4 days

.../ Do you live in Spain?

pet dog ashkabak: Not now, Peter. This policy violates all records!

Patrick: We will not lose hope until we come to this world.

pet dog ashkabak: What were they doing? We are not giving up!

Patrick: Yes!

.../ What happened

pet dog ashkabak: That's it.

Patrick: This looks real.

pet dog ashkabak: Andy, what does this mean for Peter?

Patrick: Andi, Andi ... Lotova (Bosnian detected word for 'lots') Bandis (Hindi detected word for 'prisoner)! Maybe he's a salesman. In the city center you will wear old Anna crowns because they are great for your age!

pet dog ashkabak: My birthday is correct?!? Oh God, visit the new bikini museum!


Mr. Corb: Oh, I had a good day at the museum, I can't say anything.

pretty: What do you think

Mr. Corb: Hello everyone, come to the museum! Here are three stories.

kill me: But I don't think the tax will be paid on Tuesday.

Mr. Corb: Piles on Monday. If I hadn't gone in there, I would have said, "I hate Mondays."

kill me: good answer

Mr. Corb: Have a great craft! Don’t get too close because people are confused. SpongeBob Sequoia!

.../. , Ф (Serbian detected word for 'F').

I realized: Resurrection of Neptune. He left his character in Atlantis. Doctors asked Skinner to spend a day studying the Atlantic. Because there is no redemption

Nihal: What does that have to do with the beauty of Atlantis?

pet dog ashkabak: Just us ...

I realized: Do you want to steal ?!

pet dog ashkabak: We don't want to be without him ...

I realized: This is a low score for two. Luckily I came here today. If you steal something, you can throw it in the stone ..... A !!? Did you find the piece missing in your heart in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?

pet dog ashkabak: What is an Atlantic tortilla?

I realized: Yes, this is wrong! This is important for most homes!

Mr. Corb: I’m not talking about expensive things!

I realized: Eugene. The streets were burned with gold, and diamonds were minted.

Mr. Corb: Hera Molli (Italian detected word for 'Soft)! I doubt the recipient of the money.

I realized: For no apparent reason, the capital was destroyed in the afternoon and the area was never seen again. We found all the heroes you can think of. Bring wisdom, economic development and infrastructure in the coming centuries!

pet dog ashkabak: Why did you paint this wall?

I realized: It's just an old animal.

pet dog ashkabak: The oldest treasure in life? Here, Peter! The first baby sang in a few years!

Patrick: It was the best cry I had ever heard.

I realized: White pictures are here! But whiteness is greater than that.

.../ Good Gage lives in the Atlantic, and some serious diseases are more important than fishing ...

Mr. Corb: subject yourself

B.: Forget it, science, science. What kind of people are they?

I realized: The farmer took half the fruit.

B.: Next to the Atlantic Ocean ?! The story takes place when the two teams meet and go to Atlantis! What do you mean? Make two beautiful walls! Keep it up!

Mr. Corb: Fast, fast and stable money.

pet dog ashkabak: .../ Ha-ha-ha-ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !! !!!!!!!!!!!! !! e!

I realized: Manila is the best way to visit Atlantis?

Mr. Corb: boyfriend!

Patrick: Yes Yes, it sounds stupid where I am, it seems that BT is not for me

B.: .../ Yes, Holly Valley Dean Khan, give it a try!

I realized: Barbie!

Mr. Corb: There are a lot of ships, but who cares?

Techaa: Welcome to Atlantic Shoes. It was a tiring journey, waiting, fun and flight readiness.

Mr. Corb: Pat, that's a change!

pet dog ashkabak: This is good

I realize: , F I'm not saying what I did.

Techaa: Keep in mind that we don't need fuel for the next flight.

However: What an amazing thing!


Mr. Corb: .../ Here is a group of happy friends

Techaa: Our Atlantic trees also produce other things called patience and fear.

Mr. Corb: When.

Techaa: A man sings lighting a fire. As you invest your heart in it, you will reach Atlantis. move on

I realized: Do you need vaccines?

pet dog ashkabak: No, but I play it every day!

Is it? Kantu

A song that wants to go together!

We all love 4 cities


Finally the city where all the water comes out

I want Babylon,

He avoids me, but I'll see you again soon

 Mr. CorbNow he is a good man!

No country where money is hidden!

Can spend more

I will be your friend when he is 4 4 years old

opi (Finnish detected word for 'Learn')Ha ha

What it takes to be brave - lol

Atlantis lost its weapon, the best

When the foolish song is over,

I want to do miiiiine!

 B.Did Allnu hear anything?

I could hardly believe I was a lost thing

Where the mind is more important than the beauty of beauty!

With basic sciences,

I have so many painful thoughts!

'cure peopleI think we can figure out how to do great things

Eating like a pumpkin and skin!

 I realizedLike a lover of art,

I'm glad to say that!

I look at things my own way!

The lanterns are “artistic” and magical beauty.

I will copy their style - prophecy will be my skill! 4

PatrickI'm Patrick, I'm Patrick, Patrick-Patrick-Patrick!

And I love, uuuuh,

I can't think of anything I love

Techaa: Warning: No fuel on the road.

I realized: .../ Hi, this is Atlanta.

pet dog ashkabak: very good


I realized: .../ They were not in the dark for two minutes and had nowhere else to go.

Mr. Corb: .../ Square Pants. A new country.

pet dog ashkabak: The king doesn't lose the king, does he?

esighe (Italian detected word for 'demands'): .../ Welcome to Atlantis. we are waiting

.../ Let me show you. I am God, but my parents call me LRH.

pet dog ashkabak: My friend said he was home. I come and look at the old man.

LRH: It is okay

Mr. Corb: What an explosion! This process is not gold!

LRH: Oh, you can have gold if you want.

Mr. Corb: I'm Eugene. I need money

LRH: Yes I did. Enjoy the meeting. I look forward to visiting our class for the Atlantic. I'm glad you're here.

opi: they are going. Get these articles now ...

.../ Come on! What should I do here? What does this user manual say !? I'm looking for weed!

.../ Yes!


LRH: For centuries, the inhabitants of the Atlantic have used their skills and abilities to defend themselves from their demands. But we have abandoned the idea of war and these weapons are kept behind the road, for example, if people want to live in this world or to live in this world.

Mr. Corb: Sorry, when did we see you zombies ?!

LRH: But the truth followed me.

Mr. Corb: Don’t leave that person alone!

opi: Is Atlantis leaving a room full of simple devices? I was surprised.

.../ Oh, it's me! Now no one wants to catch me!


The limitation: Good news, bad news, Lao people. I have never seen Inkino (Kinyarwanada detected word for 'Game'). !! Oi! The best part is this is my radio!

.../ rest


LRH: Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean, a source of pride and joy. We didn't have guests for a while. Life in an abandoned city has its drawbacks. If you follow me now, I will show you my favorite work ...

Mr. Corb: Peru! I told each other. Whether this is the best diamond icon or not.

.../ Hi Emma Squid.

I realized: Stay with me!

LRH: It is okay

Mr. Corb: Yes, but I feel like it's great.

pet dog ashkabak: see you later

Mr. Corb: I found it everywhere.

.../ My bag smells like an essay! Yes it is!

LRH: He must have a good nose in this bag.

Mr. Corb: These are my pants

LRH: Here you can see the ancient history of the Atlantic Ocean. We will soon be looking for wealth and knowledge. Save as much as you can!

Mr. Corb: How much money can I make!

Oh, if I only knew today when I knew

Along the way, I paid for Simstress,

I have ten long-sleeved shirts,

Because I think I heard the ruins of the earth!

That's all the money, that's all that money!

I hope my heart can accept it!

on page: Ninel

Mr. Corb: All right, boy!

Accidents at work can be irritating

So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange

Make me money

The big machine Mr.

I always knew my true color was green!

Oh, because I'm small

I dream of such a place, yes, I have!

Money has mountains and money in the river

And lots of money to get around!

Oh, I would open a crust crab so that chain crabs would make money

It will be delicious and expensive and will taste golden!

Real money, gold and taxes!

And all for me!

LRH: We want to meet Mr. Kirby Doddpet, do you want him to join us?

Mr. Corb: They're playing, here I am!

LRH: .../ Not good for the doctor.

Patrick: When did you see the mushroom hole?

pet dog ashkabak: Patrick, yes!

LRH: You don't want to go back, do you?

pet dog ashkabak: This one

B.: You know, LRH, I was born out of curiosity and wondered if I would follow scientific discoveries.

LRH: Yes, Dad, we have the technology now. I want to give you an Atlantic scientific solution.

B.: Go to kindergarten. Take a look at these miracle tools! What is this universe doing?

LRH: This is a good tool. It may take time - there will be a four-sided box. Does anyone want to try it?

From the: Oh, me, me, me, lies, lies!

LRH: Please!

From the: Hello!

pet dog ashkabak: Smaller heads down.

B.: How does that change the situation?

LRH: It’s actually real ice cream. I'm not mistaken, but I can show you some fun works that happened in the Atlantic Ocean. You see, this wonderful tool allows users to come up with new pieces and fight viruses manually.

B.: How does this work?

LRH: I'm sitting down to tell you. Worship ...

pet dog ashkabak: , F, that's fine

Patrick: where are you going

LRH: At the same time, secret cells store information on these islands, which easily helps computers.

pet dog ashkabak: More help from me!

LRH: Finally, through this pipe you transfer knowledge from all spheres of life ... Oh, God! Scientists seem to be very angry! Maybe that's the problem.

Patrick: Don't worry about Sponge. I came to help you!

I realized: I saw. Get me out of here!


.../ Mu ... oh

pet dog ashkabak: Bata, lee (Spanish detected phrase for 'Robe, read')!

I realized: .../ Help each other!

However: Help Cindy!

B.: Promise, trouble!

.../ One station! I want to be there when I hurt him

Beware of viruses.

The last one is here

Good day, because Sandy is here!

I have this virus,

And pay

And some old and true still


If I put some disks on a normal board

I can make a beer that will cost

I avoid viruses, bugs or treatments

But think about my microwave photo!



LRH: .../ Can we continue the rest of the journey?

B.: He will leave me alone

LRH: Thank you. We look forward to seeing you at the table.

.../ Your daughter Sandra is a very attractive girl.

pet dog ashkabak: to submit

I realized: I know you live with me

opiWhat a beautiful face!

Weapons are visible to the naked eye

But who do I have to?

How to choose?

Do you want to enjoy it?

What is the best way to get eternal rest?

Lots of weapons!

How to choose?

Take a good look at it!

And that I can miss it

Obviously someone will give them their heart ...

But it affected my shoes! 4

Forget pulling, floating, grabbing shoes!

Birth, Meni (Slovenian detected word for 'To me'), My little one, I choose you, go now!

I realized: Everything is different and great, but when will we see Atlantic culture?

LRH: tower? What is his will?

pet dog ashkabak: Yes, Al, that sounds pretty shitty to me too, it seems to me that BT isn’t for me either.

I realized: I can't ask! Art attracts beauty to some extent.

LRH: He won't come near!

.../ Art is what you learn.

.../ That is the perspective for the future.

pet dog ashkabak: like my dad!

LRH: the way! Go to Art Work!

I realized: .../ I can't say for sure! I can do that! To work! How true this picture is! How it works.

LRH: Creation developed

pet dog ashkabak: I will work!

I realized: It's cold!

If not, it is not true,

I live art from head to toe!

From the first photo of the wall in the cave,

What hearts and souls look forward to!

Then take a pen, pencil or brush

If you don’t like it, you’ll paint it!

Tell me the truth from now on

I can wait until your feelings grow

Get it from the water supply

I'll take a good look at your car!

No matter how you cut it, I’m still black and white

Talk to your divorced parents

Between minimalism and cubism

My behavior can be suspicious

But I finally found out from time to time

I can sincerely and courageously,

I will live in Atlantis forever!

Atlantic ocean: I can not play. Here are a few examples.

I realized: N Nando Ni (Japanese detected phrase for 'How much'). Why did you invite me to make this greeting card?

I realized: I think it was inspired by artists in the beautiful Atlantic here. Soro (Portuguese detected word for 'Serum')!

pet dog ashkabak: .../ Hello how are you

LRH: The city is known for its scientific and economic development.

pet dog ashkabak: God forbid, this trip is really great and fun, but do we see its origins?

LRH: Forgive me. Many people avoid traveling. I can never create it. Keep this in mind. The tomb was a million years ago. He was arrested during the first operation in the Atlantic Ocean. Soft hands flew the world billions of years ago. These are our most important memories. But keep in mind the most important thing you will enjoy!

pet dog ashkabak: Lee Patrick!

From the: The oldest garbage in the world!

pet dog ashkabak: Here, Peter! These are old, old, changeable, happy smiles and the most beautiful old sandals I have ever seen!

Patrick: Apples are good in the air!

LRH: If you'll forgive me, I'll be ready tonight. So I left my parents, and two friends didn’t know me. Let's go inside!

pet dog ashkabak: Thank you Royal.

.../ Peter looked at him. Here is a story about a man that needs to be told. I want you to meet us

.../ ise (Turkish detected word for 'if')! Maybe -

Patrick: Things, go ahead! Oh, I don't know how long I'll stay!

pet dog ashkabak: Oh, this friend!

Patrick: I will work! We show you all the important results for Atlantis!

pet dog ashkabak: Oh man, this is a big mistake! But before bad things happen, we have to start over.

Patrick: Yes! Ask for your drawings and notebooks before you start the journey.

pet dog ashkabak: Jisie Peter!

From the: Wolf!

pet dog ashkabak: .../ What does Peter look like?

Patrick: Does that sound loud?

pet dog ashkabak: one


LRH: sorry I didn't come in the absence of what continued for a long time. So how can we all be interested in our favorite city?

I realized: He never left. Here, in just a few hours, I learned a lot about painting at Parsley Community College.

LRH: It was all fun! Eugene, do you think this treasure is what you think?

.../ Sandra, how did you find the lab?

B.: They are amazing! I made my room!

LRH: What does luggage do?

B.: So let me tell you

.../ Don’t eat water without a hat! to ask! I want to sit down and work tomorrow morning.

LRH: Sping, Patrick said. How did you find our unique and important heritage?

pet dog ashkabak: We're turning now!

However: When.

LRH: Yes! Eat a delicious meal in the Atlantic before you go.

I realized: What made you stupid?

pet dog ashkabak: We should go home now!

I realized: Why do you want to leave paradise like Atlantis?

pet dog ashkabak: Because I have a car?

Patrick: We stopped the war!

LRH: .../ Yes! The Secret of the Atlantic is our best medicine!

pet dog ashkabak: It's funny, we ask!

LRH: Yes, this is not true. This is the only tourist place. It is okay

From the: Yes!

LRH: .../ Call the Imperial Guards!

.../ Get rid of these dangerous drugs!

B.: Don't stop here! Next step!

Mr. Corb: Sandy can't fast?

B.: If you use two legs!

Mr. Corb: you believe you will do a good job

B.: Jisie Peter!

pet dog ashkabak: .../ It's difficult!

B.: .../ Eze!

LRH: .../ Do not give up!


The limitation: This is the result of the reformation. And water, food and pet food. This is your favorite food!

.../ I cover my tree! This is amazing! Search like G! Oh, that's a lie.

Adults: .../ I’m not talking about someone using a vacuum. Do not give up. Everything is fine when you come to China.

The limitation: But Encino was persecuted.

Adults: They think they are not lost.

The limitation: That is correct

.../ Welcome to the Inca! Sponge I agree

You have to accept it

Here is the situation

You have to accept it

I returned to Enquino (Portuguese detected word for 'horse')

You have to accept it

Everything is fine

Sky above and below

Take me to NCino

Recently lost,

I was happy at home

You have to accept it

I returned to Enquino

You have to accept it

Everything is fine

You have to accept it

I went back to Encino

You have to accept it

All is well

You have to accept it

I returned to Enquino

You have to accept it

Everything is fine

You have to accept it

I returned to Enquino

Do you have ...

The limitation: .../ This is amazing! This is amazing! This is stealing. Incino is no longer in!

.../ Oh, the sandwich. Maybe you’re a saver.

.../ Good luck! Oh, you know, I don’t like mayonnaise! Whatever you’re sure of, I don’t like mayonnaise. Did you know that when you have 1,130,155, it gets worse?


opi: I don’t think about nerves! Claim the most powerful weapon in the Atlantic! Get ready for the new king of the Atlantic and have fun with my family!

.../ I will work! , K, so you're ready to get angry!

.../ Yes! Ready to hear my rage!

Calcutta: Begin!

Patrick: .../ Osikapa (Igbo detected word for 'Rice) iiri planktonis (Estonian detected phrase for 'Irish plankton').

From the: Thanks!

opi: ice cream Nanci?!?

.../ Big snow is coming!

.../ I will work! Yes! Yes!

LRH: the way! Verbally! This place is great for hunting! They don't want that

opi: I want to use everything.

LRH: I can't say for sure! Dusty bones!

opi: I missed the last one! If I get out of here, he'll save me with a bandage.

.../ The boys! Don't let me make a mistake!


LRH: Glad to meet you. I hope you had a great trip home. Come back often.

pet dog ashkabak: Thanks for the love and travel

LRH: Make a plan. Tourists cannot live like this.

Age: So it is!

LRH: I think awards make life easier.

pet dog ashkabak: Atlantis, bless you

But we really have to go

In the village, it was the best place I knew - o-o-o-o!

Come on bikini bikini!

I can't wait!

Mr. Corb: About taxes?

That's beautiful!

pet dog ashkabak: I really like bikinis!

This is my Gary!

B.: But the Atlantic has some science that I keep!

pet dog ashkabak: Then I saw the Crab Crab

Because I love to work!

Patrick: Atlantis but Atlantis has the oldest building I have ever built!

pet dog ashkabak: Bik (Arabic detected word for 'Beck') and you won’t win a bikini! The place is not beautiful!

I realized: Atlant Ma Atlantis is a beautiful black paradise!

pet dog ashkabak: Sorry Khit (Bulgarian detected word for 'Hit'), Squid, but it’s the end of the Atlantic vacation!

I realized: For the indifference of my life and the constant frustration 4 times

pet dog ashkabak: Atlantis, bless you

Tied to a bikini base!

I realized: Get on this bus!

pet dog ashkabak: We love it!

Patrick: Yes!

pet dog ashkabak: ♪ But now we have done

B.: They criticized me.

pet dog ashkabak: ♪ Let's go!

B.: Can't wait?

pet dog ashkabak: So come now!

Mr. Corb: I thought I was crying!

Patrick: but myself

pet dog ashkabak: Atlantis, bless you

We slip under the bikini

East-West Houselle is the best!

Mr. Corb: There is no place like Atlantis!

pet dog ashkabak: At home, I can't go home

Mr. Corb: I'm not coming back!

pet dog ashkabak: The bike should be paired with a bikini bottom!

B.: Please don't leave us!

pet dog ashkabak: The bike should be paired with a bikini bottom!

I realized: Stop!

pet dog ashkabak: I like the sound!

However: Enjoy Atlantis!

pet dog ashkabak: Bikini is the best place to stay! I can -

However: Enjoy Atlantis!


The limitation: The good news is, aren't these people?

.../ Find me in China. But this is bad grass. Who am I ...

I have: .../ Unfortunately, Noor (Estonian detected word for 'young') is black, so she smiles when she is born.

The limitation: Aspak (Albanian detected word for 'nothing')! I will rehabilitate my mind! No place to call home. No place to call home.

I have: That’s right - it’s not about You’re Good Way;

.../ We build bird nests.

The limitation: Is that so?


.../ Everything seems to be back to normal, right? Should I install it?

This is not easy: Dbbbbbbbb

The limitation: This is amazing! Good man, I’m not too busy right now, but remember this doesn’t apply to your people. This is amazing! Step by step instructions. I can do it, I can order mine!


Google translate setup for "Atlantis SquarePantis:"

Main episodeAfrikaans-Tajik-Lao-Albanian-Nepali-Tamil-Icelandic-Samoan-Scots Gaelic-Kannada-Ukrainian-Amharic-Romanian-Esperanto-Pashto-Arabic-Norwegian-Tatar-Igbo-Serbain
PatchyScots Gaelic-Kannada-Ukrainian-Amharic-Romanian-Esperanto-Pashto-Arabic-Norwegian-Tatar-Igbo-Serbian- Afrikaans-Tajik-Lao-Albanian-Nepali-Tamil-Icelandic-Samoan
SongsDanish-Afrikaans-Vietnamese-Icelandic-Dutch- Basque-Odia-Welsh-Igbo-Esperanto

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41. Lakra Co (Pull Up a Barrel)


Lakra Co


Metaphoric crabs: do nothing. I no longer have asshiles (Hindi detected word for 'infallible') or empty dollars. Hunting, don't be afraid. Or scorpions up to 5 miles. We may be here too soon. Once you have a mattress, food and snacks.

skwid: Yes! Gumbo, are you saying Mwafuka (Maltese detected phrase for 'you're exhausted') week was anger master an hour ago?

Metaphoric crabs: When that happens, you can go.

skwid: Lumenj! (Albanian detected word for 'Rivers')

.../ Excuse me, Mr Hunting, don't be afraid. But it looks like Shizun (Japanese detected word for 'Sinking') Shetty Mistress UK. Let me help you dog.

.../ Yes! What's a No Show, bitch? Finally, too! Death! Dawn again! I can't believe the other is over!

.../ No reason.

Metaphoric crabs: Photo Ahhh! Like a hurricane! The donkey knew that the storm, as in the past, reminded me.

Ego Spink: Elderly Navy School Day ?! Oh!

Metaphoric crabs: This gives me a good idea of Gangben, SpunkBizzle. Go back and make your ass. Since you seem to be able to get out of here, what wouldn't cover your ass, I'm a woman, a dog? Let me tell you an amazing story about my old salt.

.../ Yes, now, Nahman, Bach? Fires are reduced. I love this, grandmother! Place your rib with soda bread on your mattress while I explain to you that you are hiding in the trunk.

skwid: I don't want an expensive suitcase.

Ego Spink: Oops, si m!

Metaphoric crabs: Datas (Portuguese detected word for 'Dates') Cheznet doesn't look like anything. The wind has forgotten!

.../ I also look like shizui (Japanese detected word for 'pulp') donkeys, like squats and a trampoline jacket!

.../ I'm up and down dawwwwg! Keep looking for Chicken Duck so they keep in mind!

.../ Chestnut Island will only stand on the Island Slides and Lid of Ass.

Ego Spink: Damnio (Welsh detected word for 'damn'), I'm here. who will be the singer

Metaphoric crabs: A playboy whose goal is to turn corner games into a lunatic disease!

.../ A strong, strong, strong and old school with tears in its eyes! How do I hate a silly boss and I, I hate to be human!

.../ They call him Captain Scrappy!

Captain's scarf: How are you?

Ego Spink: Oh!

Captain's scarf: Stop, man, Mephovkin Krebs Medofoka (Japanese detected phrase for 'No windows')! I want you to tell me what it means!

Metaphoric crabs: Ah, that sir, Small? Why signs, it's the beach sandwich, the signs, the stones that came in, the ones the kings wrote. * Lolly Bushey - Amosai (Japanese detected phrase for 'Ammo Festival') Fu Bandits, sign up. Hunting, don't be afraid.

Captain's scarf: This one is in Navy uniform, my son! Friends of Hecata Crest! We smoked but others thought!

Metaphoric crabs: Or ... and silly moves!

Captain's scarf: I'd love to take a few words to make it last! Guntata donkey better stop chicken!

Metaphoric crabs: But I can't say hello!

Captain's scarf: So you can get to know this baby! I want wide eyes but not hunger, Krabs methofuka! We had a pill full of dried lilies. NO ...

skwid: Wait, are you making lotion, bat? What is SPF, acne?

Metaphoric crabs: I don't play with them, the puppy has the right to come back with a donkey. Skwid. I love this, grandmother! Another Big Izz Asshole Bandit flies into pirate paradise and a sleeping pad supplier for leather sailors. I love this, grandmother!

.../ Not sure, meta-mesotrophin in the ass right away. Hardly!

Ego Spink: N leather!

Captain's scarf: N leather!

Metaphoric crabs: Come on, sign up! Received, sign up! N leather!

Captain's scarf: So this dinner will be soft! Donkey, do you understand me, son ?!

Metaphoric crabs: Hey!

Captain's scarf: What are you doing again, Eve?

Metaphoric crabs: Come on sir!

Captain's scarf: A special tension switch will place the iron next to you!

Metaphoric crabs: Come on sir!

Captain's scarf: Either the POINT or I'm against throwing you in my iceberg!

Metaphoric crabs: Yes sir.

World Health Organization: Haha ha!

Metaphoric crabs: Not "Huja" (Polish detected word for 'fuck'), thieves.

Low: What's in the menu with the evening wiki, right?

Metaphoric crabs: Good

Low: Ah, loop, huh, cool? Make a bank! Why not carry a load today in a beautiful bed ...

.../ I'm sure it's one of those awful silencers that makes you feel sad, but it feels good.

.../ dare

Metaphoric crabs: Oh well. key commands

.../ Oh, I can't take it, baby Chesnut!

.../ What can't I tell Captain Medofaka.

World Health Organization: Haha ha! Haaza F 'Motafokin Krebs Metaphysics Table! Haha ha!

Captain's scarf: Yes! What does "Hushing" mean ?!

Metaphoric crabs: Oh, God is not God damn Mr Playa! Oh, the smokers run! Yes! You bughi (Igbo detected word for 'not'), thugs, unyi?

Captain's scarf: Care thinks it is sacred. But what is it, disbelief?

Metaphoric crabs: The desire for cherries.

World Health Organization: Jubilee Cherries!

Captain's scarf: Jubilee Cherries ?!

Metaphoric crabs: So the key is in the Jubilee club.

Captain's scarf: Is it burning ?! Yes! What do you want to cover, many, many? It will be like a typical cherry fruit!

Metaphoric crabs: So you see, my master, I'll fight here and ...

.../ And then I met two people to cover each grandmother's movements. Dad was just as cruel and happy as a sweet ass you could see in a silly idiot.

the ocean contains: , What are you looking at, fox?

Metaphoric crabs: But I think it can cause more fatigue than necessary.

Ego Spink: G, Wife of Methovkin Krebs. The defender looks like a good footballer.

Metaphoric crabs: Straight out of his chaos, I started adding the right cheeses. I'm stupid, a fanatic is a spinning girl and I tell her ass looking sore at the end of a straw. The other is changing my device, you might say.

.../ I gave him a donkey to work on at Sugar Cathedral, which caught his attention. I am not talking about chicken and chicken dishes. I no longer have any doubts about a friend looking for a Lily Candy-key hole Where is Sorpia Paula tonight?

Access: Pain is a pain in bed just like everyone else. I am not talking about chicken and chicken dishes. Video The Captain won't blame God for Faden (German detected word for 'Faden') Dam, but the silly and old sandwich you can't put on toast is a pain in my stomach. But that wasn't the case, until a boy killed me for chicken. I have an abominable dick.

Metaphoric crabs: The kid is smart. I love this, grandmother!

.../ And then, when he was eating all over the walls, the sugar eventually went off the rails. Recently, Nintendo Gadri (Haitian Creole detected word for 'daycare') loved Da Dog. This is my main point about my terrible freedom. But what do I do, is it a dog? I was arrested for naval numbers. The guy said something similar that made me think about 'my fucking ass'.

.../ Pirates of Iberibe! It's raining! I'm a fast kid!

.../ Go boy and boy today! Oops! Man at War!

.../ I'm alone

.../ I can see everything A pirate boat! And look at the hell on the island: Five people blow Lila's ass! Our only hope, sweet ass and other traps Trapped motifs on the beach! And the awkward feeling of Biachchaft! Sunburn! The pirates have boarded a beautiful ship that will be ready to board our aircraft!

River Pirate: Hello, how much you want!

Captain's scarf: Stop by, Krebs Medofuka! I'm with you at Metal Mufuoka (Swahili detected phrase for 'You are weak').

Metaphoric crabs: Give it to me, boss! It's going to be stupid sooner or later! What a boat you are!

Captain's scarf: We're not fighting, Medofuka Crabs! No weapons! These trips are kids and known criminals! The best rainbow!

Metaphoric crabs: Then consider the dawn! About Us We need to get rid of the consignment scheme and get rid of Hughes & St. creams and badges.

Captain's scarf: What you are suggesting is rebellion!

Access: As the lost Medofaka says, Captain!

Metaphoric crabs: What's wrong with Rakimu (Japanese detected word for 'Rakim'), Ensign?

Access: First, I set up an old sandwich box full of fruit to guide the colorless paint. give me this

Metaphoric crabs: Cheznet Dizzy Baby! Come on, young bacon!

.../ good coverage

Mustang Muthafuckin Krabs n 'Ensign: .../ Haha ha!

River Pirate: Toys! Miditifa Gate Bandit M!

Access: Hey, what should i do?

Metaphoric crabs: Carry a heavy load!

.../ Beecha will pay. Have Hope! Boy! Grandfather! Baba! Hello! Close the bag. Hello

River Pirate: Wow, he'd like to hit Lyle Kuckey's ass in the ass.

Captain's scarf: I can't do that. I'm weak

Access: Hey man, man!

.../ It is!

Captain's scarf: Veterinarian dawwwwg time!

Access: Oh, I'll return the island to you.

Fish: Photo Ahhh! Feeling bored! Yeah, like a pimp!

Metaphoric crabs: Oops! Grandfather! Hello, dear grandmother! She stopped breastfeeding!

.../ Oh! Oops, play cherry trick games?

River Pirate: finish the box

Fish: Ha'sa Miss Massofficin Krebs!

Metaphoric crabs: Hello, hello, sunscreen again! Hello, hello, I want to beat this gentleman. He-is-he -h-heh-heh-heh!

River Pirate: Very frail, I see.

.../ Follow me, Krabs Medofuka! We fight for the law of the seven seas!

Metaphoric crabs: I cannot let you know that it would be a waste of ocean volume. Last trip needed. Nintendo Nintendo but I'm fine Pete Walker, I'm still in the big oven, hope you like the sugar sponge bowl!

River Pirate: Yes prostitute O!

skwid .../ Yes! How are we all?

Ego Spink: I don't spend money!


Google translate setup for "Pull Up a Barrel:" Gizoogle-Filipino-Swahili-Sindhi-Portuguese-Igbo-Albanian-Welsh

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42. Gary and Mark (Gary & Spot)


Gary and Mark


[The event begins the night in a bikini.]

Sand: Neighboring Wild Her old friend Cindy Gal and Bikini are finally a historical reality It was a long day and all the germs of the city were ready to release the grass

[Fred is shown brushing his teeth and Debbie talks to Richard about his baby while he sleeps.]

Where: Hello!

[The scene goes to SpongeBob's house, where SpongeBob and Gary are getting ready to sleep.]

Sand: Even SpongeBob and Gary look good with their tired heads

Kanrin: Lee Po bear

Sand: Now Soti (Haitian Creole detected word for 'Out') wants to sleep, but she also wants to have fun. And there is no difference between leverage and intelligence.

[When Giggs starts, he stands up]

…/ With good behavior, Gary is ready to attack the city

[Gary leaves SpongeBob's house and goes to Squidward's trash.]

…/ But first of all This unfavorable weather is very dangerous It may not look good to you and me, but this is a four-star restaurant for cheese.

[Gary's time may be some other twist. Suddenly Patrick came out of the trash and got angry]

…/ Now, Gary is in no hurry to meet his friend, but Patrick Anna apparently doesn’t want to share his family here.

[Patrick and Gary get out of the trash and follow him. Patrick sees Gary as an angry dog. Gary's voice cracked, frightening Patrick. Patrick left then.]

…/ The first “Gary” now feels like a ten-story story, but he reminds you that life isn’t just about fun and games. Especially when controlling animals in the tail

[Sandy says the truck got up and stopped a cow named Marvin.]

Marvin: Ava, juice juice!

Gary: Types of chickens

Marvin: Hmm

[Marvin goes after Gary, but Go goes to the trash. He threw the fisherman's head on his head and fell to the ground. Everyone joined Marvin, Gary smiled and checked his watch. Then he went.]

Sand: …/ For Gary, the more important the weekend is, the more important the fight is

[This show turned into Greece's defeat at Cham Bakhtiar.]

…/ This is an old Plankton restaurant, Cham Balkit Gary is not here for the victims There was no one in the bucket for the injured.

[Gary Restaurant enters Bucket Cham through the perfume menu. It hit the bapudu in the forest, which almost captured the plant near the smoke entrance. Then he went to the other side of the roof. Gary's part fell into Plankton's mouth. Cough Plankton and swallow before bed.]

Gary: …/ Hello!

[Sleeping on a plankton bed.]

Sand: There’s a pet billboard of Amoba’s pet and Gary’s best friend

Gary: Kirm

[The stain rose and he began to eat.]

Sand: The place is beautiful, but the hair is as beautiful as a jar Gary thought it was good enough or both would disappear by the beginning of the night.

[Karina puts the airport on the monitor and goes back to sleep. Gary bent his left arm down to cover the dog's mouth. But Icon faces the other side of the body then removes it. Kareina is at the table to stop the conversation. Suddenly he took plankton.]

Plankton: …/ Hey!

[Gary covers the other head that lifts it. Gary and Dot then let the chickens kiss and start night activities.]

Sand: While the first ‘Gary and Icon’ were hidden for years, their owners are no longer smart. They love to play all the games together, but what they love is the fight

[Gary and Spot fight for a while until they go for the Curse of Christ. Everyone is cooking in the kitchen.]

…/ This church of Christ is a bad wound

[Gary and Sputum have bad stomach aches and bad breath. The sun came out of the fridge. JR and Tick drink water in their mouths and go to the fridge for food. Unfortunately, the doors are locked.]

…/ Gary and Dot probably all loved fun and games

[The blemishes are very offensive to the family. He dumped everything and dumped it in the kitchen. He tossed it in the fridge, dropped his rifle, and went to the kitchen. Open the fridge and remove the food.]

…/ And this has to do with stealing an ice pack

[Gary goes to the kitchen to see if the thing works in the kitchen. Gary remembers the hard family that Sputnik came up with. It disappeared like a sponge and was photographed. Scan and happy icons on the table. He went into the kitchen and found the kitchen. Gary puts food on the plate and makes some snacks.]

…/ He has a son. This is the right time

[Gary pulls the plate out the window. Food fell back and Gary hit the ball. Gary and Dot go to dinner.]

…/ Hello! Gary was like a marriage

[Both Gary and Icon ate so nothing happened. Then they came back into the game and left Christie Corbo as a big problem. Marvin is also ready to find Gary.]

…/ It may not be good, but for some reason it is silent

Marvin: Dale, Dale Oh, then

…/ Oh, oh! This time I have

[Kirby is thrown to the ground and falls in front of him]

[Gary and Icon run to save the cows quickly. Immediately afterwards, Mr. Kirbs, come and enjoy more.]

Senior Corps: Ahmad

Marvin: Animal management, fishing I keep lost horses

Senior Corps: I don’t push the cheese! Warn me! Look at this evil

…/ Come on in, take a look! Get it!

Marvin: Hello! Hello! Hello!

[When Mr. and Mrs. Christie escape, Mr. Carbs goes to Marvin.]

Sand: Johnny Luck's son seems to have changed

[Gary and the little boat that sank]

…/ Keep in mind that they need a little something for a while

Gary and Mark: Hello!

[Suddenly sad and sad eyes popped out. Her eyes are closed and she looks like a beast. Dogs, worms, sea and sea horses.]

Sand: And it looks like you already have a shelter

[Once the animals hit Gary and Spit, but they lost because they knew him.]

…/ Luckily for them, Gary and Icon are already friends with everyone here

Patrick: Let's start with this celebration!

[Worm that brings out all the animals, including DJ, always singing and dancing Patrick. Marvin also got up and listened to music.]

Sand: And the scene doesn’t move forward easily

Marvin: Hi, this is my block

[Go to church]

Sand: It is said that music beats animals

Marvin: Yes, yes, yes, yes

Sand: But sometimes it also works with friends

Marvin: You are too

[Stop Church Alert Stop DJ Change Music]

…/ Yes, did the chicken get you? Yes ... yes and yes

[Beast and Patrick flee Marvin and attack.]

Sand: Hello! It must be painful, mother!

[Gary and Icon escape the war and escape the sinking ship. Everyone is hiding behind a rock. Marvin came out throwing Patrick and the beast into his car. Then remove.]

…/ I think this is just part of Luckily, small sponge bears usually have something on their cover

[Build wheels to reduce glass. Gary and Icon followed the truck and found the store. They both went to their front door and stopped.]

…/ Closed doors are no problem for pieces like Gary

[Gary made a ribbon and used it to open. The place gave Gary a good mood and both couples entered the zoo. They looked outside and saw that their pet friends and Patrick were locked in the garden.]

…/ So, for most animals, the weight is heavier than a slow cat in John’s car, but Gary and Icon are tasked with protecting their friends.

[They continue to panic in the streets, while everyone in prison laughs. But when they reached the end of the hallway, they found a ladder under the wall.]

Gary: Ah!

[In Gary's cell, buy a hat, look at his left hand, and Lewis goes down. The program is open, and Patrick and the animals are free.]

Patrick: …/ Yes?

Gary: Welcome! Time!

[Patrick and the animals no longer cry. Everyone went to the police. Now Gary looks around the table and sees that Marvin is uncomfortable.]

…/ Hmm

Marvin: Oh, Marvin, maybe you pulled all the cheese under the bikini, but the only thing you got. And the cough of animals

Gary: Types of chickens

Sand: Not Marvin Gary / girl / girl / girl / girl / girl / girl / boy / girl / uncle (uncle / uncle / uncle / uncle / uncle / daughter / daughter / uncle). . Gary didn't see anyone small

Marvin: I'd like another cloth

[Gary goes to Patrick and the other animals and calls them having problems with the sea. Patrick and the beast look worried. Marvin returned to the office with another room and put it in his nose.]

…/ Hey! What kind of animals do you get?

[Gary, Icon and the animals suddenly fall apart with the beautiful costumes and simple game of Jose Music. The worm came to Marvin.]

…/ What's going on

[Poke brings Marvin to the table and puts him on the throne. Patrick came in and brought out the normal oil.]

Patrick: And this is it

[Ken opens his teeth and puts the food on the plate]

Marvin: Zebo

[Gary breaks down and becomes a beautiful woman.]

…/ Hey! This is amazing!

[Marvin falls in love with a woman's song that takes him to the world of medicine! Everyone shouted at the rollers, but the slide hit the people behind them very angry. Then draw a picture with each of them.]

…/ Do

[Marvin and his thin wife, named Alice, finally got married at home.]

…/ I can’t thank anyone for bringing this love to my hard life. Everyone is free

[Patrick, beast and couple continue. Patrick walks happily with the animals.]

Patrick: Why am I running?

[Both Gary and Icon leave before returning to Chuck Bucket.]

Sand: Her friend is safe, it’s time for our kids to get closer to the end

[Gary's eyes widened, but before he reached the restaurant hall and back inside, he went to Gary's temple. Gary returns and enters SpongeBob's house. When he got there, he found that Squadward was collecting all the garbage that Gary and Patrick had collected.]

Gary: …/ Meat

[Gary enters SpongeBob's house, takes out the pieces and falls into bed. Then he fell into Spang Bob's arms and fell asleep.]

Sand: After a long night of activity, Gary made the day even sadder

Canrin: Welcome, Gary, sender Now it's time

[Gary smiles happily at SpongeBob.]

…/ Well, maybe not more than a few minutes

Sand: Well, it’s long and short Next season we’ll see more stories about bikinis for you below

Gary: Come on!

[Sandy's belly is hard and the screen dark, she completes the scene.]


Google translate setup for "Gary & Spot:"

Scene descriptionsSamoan-Pashto-Odia-Tajik-Galician-Albanian-Romanian-Yoruba

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43. It was a wonderful day (Opposite Day)

It was a wonderful day


SpongeBob and Patwick: .../ consciously! prajem duwthday, squidwawd!

.../ please die for two years. happy cake two days

.../ please die for two years. taiw, a demonstration of the rope.

.../ please die for two years. prajem duwthday, squidwawd!

Kanrinkan (Japanese detected phrase for 'Can forest') Bob: Yeah wong, squidwawd, hello, by two, I don't know.

Tomorrow: anathew yeaw owdew.

squid: I'm gone for two days now.

.../ It melts when I leave the area.

maiki (Bulgarian detected word for 'mothers') 49a.: egg, mv. Tentacwes! I'm back home for the summer.

squid: Oh, angry dooi (Dutch detected word for 'thaw') comments, because I didn't see the move right away.

maiki 49a.: no pwobwem! and a person who is not infected with the nematode virus because he is surrounded by two parasites.

squid: Oh honey, don't worry... Who says 'haranas'? (Dutch detected word for 'Armor')

maiki 49a.: I do not see the size of the breast, I have seen it many times in bad neighbors.

squid: office. Network ...

maiki 49a.: I'll be back to look for a home. Luck!

squid: SpongeBob is not going to buy your house because he is working for the next job. He's a good friend, black, has a weird job. Young young ...

Kanrinkan Bob: .../ hm, squidwawd, why are you afraid to replace your useless finger?

squid: two under my hair! see you alone spongebob, thanks!

Kanrinkan Bob: Stop the warrior, you must have a bed in the west! I'll deal with that when we get back.

squid: Oh h, I know when iws day, this duu (Catalan detected word for 'two')?

Kanrinkan Bob: Unnnn, Thursday?

squid: what a great day. does huu (Swahili detected word for 'this') mean huu you see? My son is missing. a different day than the one you made, so that the clothes will be different. Now I know, I'm bent over but that's how I look today.

Kanrinkan Bob: Does everyone know the other day?

squid: but it hurt! childhood?

Kanrinkan Bob: coma, agony

squid: Yes now, unfortunately, who are we? Who are we?

Kanrinkan Bob: leave it on the road. Ah!

squid: Of course, I do not live up to my words.

Kanrinkan Bob: I'm knitting hun ... I don't think I hate it these days. I am tired now.

squid: and won, hoa (Vietnamese detected word for 'flower'). Move, move, wear a bikini. "

Kanrinkan Bob: Silly! I had a strange day and ... ... obedient, sad. Now I go ... different ... in front of me ... I want to fall on two beds and save something new. Is it just a shame to have a useless cow in a year?

to start: in the future

Kanrinkan Bob: Silly! When did you start Hovidey Spivit?

to start: rock

Kanrinkan Bob: company! I hate people.

.../ Who is this?

Tomorrow: patwick!

Kanrinkan Bob: Patwick ... Look! Nevw wawnt tuwu and see this.

Tomorrow: SpongeBob doesn't like me.

Kanrinkan Bob: Go away, our worst enemy!

.../ patwick, uu'ow now I'm not feeling well. The known date is the first day.

Tomorrow: one day? I'm worried.

Kanrinkan Bob: Do you have it?

Tomorrow: no iwt iwt?

Kanrinkan Bob: Wow what's your du'u, your du'a is different today.

Tomorrow: Ah! I am a warrior. I am a warrior.

Kanrinkan Bob: .../ patwick! patwick, dear!

.../ now the habit is melting. Show me how duw (Welsh detected word for 'god') wwong grows!

Kanrinkan Bob: .../ in the future

Tomorrow: in the future

Kanrinkan Bob: kciwtap, yes

Tomorrow: pu evig:

Kanrinkan Bob: tsi etisoppo eht ot teg ot!

.../ say wawnt tuwu hewp my duwu sowme wowk home is great, foes wowst?

Tomorrow: No

squid:  After lunch և Please see SpongeBob. I sow and reap. one day.

.../ kanrinkan Bob, awe uu...

Kanrinkan Bob: .../ hewwo, octopus! Therefore, the rest, the octopus. Hey, it's a weird day isn't it? ... ... Not you?

squid: I am teww uww what is tewwibwe ... after female tuwu huu! O neighbor, wow history!

Kanrinkan Bob: Wow squid is the best squid, tell me squid!

squid: When a weaver sees the mud melt, I build a new house.

Tomorrow: not beautiful

Kanrinkan Bob: part of your iwt.

squid: ah, sponge Bob!

Kanrinkan Bob: .../ I don't know if it's because of the bad job he's done for my house, because I've tried it, because I've been sharing cabbage, but it has to be solid. squidwawd, which stands for SpongeB! Aha! Now I don't understand everything. I had to switch with SpongeBob. I want ...

.../ terrorism

Tomorrow: Mango! I want something different.

.../ End of the world! jojo like squidwawd, som (Swedish detected word for 'as') squidwawd, squidwawd, squidwawd, squidwawd.

Kanrinkan Bob: now it's not enough to stand in front of you with tuvu-vuk (Latvian detected word for 'close' / Bosnian detected word for 'wolf') or video-tuvu as a setting. No uu twy.

Tomorrow: Pai (Portuguese detected word for 'Father') Hey svidvad (Russian detected word for 'retinues'), squidvad, phazi (Chichewa detected word for 'foot'), squidvad.

SpongeBob and Patwick: like an octopus. I have an octopus. I am a healer, a tyrant, a tyrant.

Kanrinkan Bob: after that, mw. Squidwawd:

Tomorrow: chani, thank you, mw. Squidwawd:

Kanrinkan Bob: Kim, welcome, mv. Squidwawd:

squid: oh, the next day. Then I went to Tuu. "Get down from the bottom of the island."

maiki 49a.: Wow her! I'm also decorating a house in Pewson.

.../ hewwo, mw ... Aue ... Mw. Tentacwes?

Kanrinkan Bob: Yes come.

maiki 49a.: Laughing, I found you like a pack of wolves.

Kanrinkan Bob: yes it all says a lot

maiki 49a.: Now if you find it useful, you have nice things in your home if you do.

Kanrinkan Bob: good thing! These days... I knit. Iro Fowow, wow, welcome.

maiki 49a.: hun ... weww, I didn't mention the phone number.

Kanrinkan Bob: Hello to my Wintews wonderful, beautiful, incredibly round. We will be people who eat in the future. Now, oh, see the west side of my house?

maiki 49a.: er, umm, to be honest while working...

Kanrinkan Bob: I don't answer any stupid bird. Have mercy on me, Powease.

.../ awwe hew comfort home. my stupidity 

maiki 49a.: Oh yes, this painting is great.

Tomorrow: this gun!

maiki 49a.: Who cares?

Kanrinkan Bob: I want a cotton ball. Squidwawd:

maiki 49a.: uu u, do we live together?

Kanrinkan Bob: I sighed and went downstairs.

SpongeBob and Patwick: We have a claim.

squid: wow, they melted. SpongeBob sits quietly on the cross.

.../ No

maiki 49a.: Well, I'm glad tuv, no, note.

Kanrinkan Bob: pai

maiki 49a.: I didn't eat grass on the ground, thank you.

Kanrinkan Bob: iww huu woud awd cweaw.

squid: tokoma! go eat. oh, oh, I'm ugly, I'm white, I hope these two heads are no more.

maiki 49a.: WHO

squid: looking for scam

maiki 49a.: What kind of lover do you want for me?

.../ hung, hung, Hey, we're fighting ... I'm an octopus. Am I afraid of other obstacles that I know of?

to start: in the future

maiki 49a.: I am crazy.

squid: Ma'am, a lot. How can my house be?

maiki 49a.: I don't want to find a house to use if I lose my octopus.

squid: faith

Kanrinkan Bob: No...

Tomorrow: ... Yes!

squid: You are welcome

maiki 49a.: tokoma! tokoma!

squid: enjoy my home

maiki 49a.: joyful!

squid: invisible minorities

SpongeBob and Patwick: Thanks for a weird day, we hate it.

squid: .../ Nat let me tell you how much I hate this.

Kanrinkan Bob: patwick, duwu this evew even squidwawd wikes get his respect!

squid: a happy day


Google translate setup for "Opposite Day:" English to UwU (LingoJam)-Slovak-Armenian-Afrikaans-Maori-Yoruba-Chichewa-Turkish

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44. Sports? (Sportz?)




[Movie rights to movable property. Review Linux holds a pile of junk outside its door. Then throw it in the pool. ]

Alien monsters: Wow!

[Send an ISO combination by email and drag a paving box. ]

.../ What is this?

Diary: It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Alien monsters: Find out who owns it. The other side can say the same.

Both: Yes.

Diary: Hey, it's open

Alien monsters: Isn't it?

Diary: Yes.

Alien monsters: Yes. Ha-ha-mess here!

Diary: Let me know that! But how did this happen?

[Sports equipment falls on sponsors and patches. The scene revolves around Sponge Bob and Patrick's collection with a friend. ]

Both: Yes.


Alien monsters: In any case, the book comes out of the top shelf.

[Killing the book from the top shelf with the golf club]

Diary: Hey

[Animated people remove many books from all bookshelves that are printed as scripts. Check the oven and add it so that it falls on top of the ivory. ]

.../ Or

.../ This is normal sour cream.

[Johnon takes a bottle of whiskey and drops it in the middle of something. He threw the ball, but put it in his mouth and ate the whipped cream. Then it falls from the floor and into the basement. ]

Alien monsters: .../ Yes! How are you?

[Nyoni licks the cream. ]

Diary: Breakfast.

[This scene showed Dad and Patrick in the living room using an MITT sensor. In it, caracals are given to sleeping government officials. ]

Diary (Gary): May.

Alien monsters: It is easy to lie down slowly. CK Rock-a-Della Musica (Italian detected word for 'Music')

Diary: Must try!

Diary (Gary): May.

Alien monsters: Or

[Change scene to return property. The boy in the kitchen prepares his lovely meal. ]

Son: Yes, it may be afternoon for the kids, but this dish is perfect for the king. Yes. My food - must be women.

[Knocking on a tennis door destroys the rich taste. The boy took a step back - the rain. ]

.../ How -

[The rocket started with a rich flavor - a woman shot her in the face from the inside. Children and Patrick laugh in the park. ]

.../ A sight! John! What do you think - good.

[The boy runs back to where SpongeBob and Patrick exploded in his backyard with a football and tennis racket. ]

Both: oh yes

[The bird football bath destroys houses and flowers for birds. Kids and Patrick will return to football before the kids arrive. ]

Son: My beautiful! How do you hit your head with these tools?

Both: Please select

Son: You do not know what this mess is ?!

Both: Hmmm

Son: This is football ...

[Face with a noodle ball]

.../ It is a rocket.

[Holds rocket in front of them]

.../ These are also some common things! [Sponge Bob and Patrick face to face] Do not panic now, clean up all your junk!

Both: Problem of darkness "Rocky?"

Son: Sports games so you can play with us. The game of my criticism.

Diary: Hehehehehehehe I love sports!

Alien monsters: Me too! You know a lot about "sports", can you teach us to learn to play?

Son: I can not think of anything else to do ...

Angel boy: Now, boy. You have to help them. The game failed and this game is very dangerous.

Bad: Yes, he was right! You are ready to learn "TS plays the truth" because it is time to make money!

Angel boy: Let TA be between the eyes.

Son: Think about it, as you know, I want to learn all the games and play video games.


.../ The object of this game is to get a hurricane around the game.

Alien monsters: Yes, it seems to me that BTT does not suit me either.

Son: Sure, but you have ... T.H.

[Put the sweet world of mushroom beans on your face and leave ADM's Moon SFM. ]

[Jimim closes his eyes when nyon licks his ass with his son. ]

Diary: Hello, are we investing now?

Son: Yes.

Alien monsters: At the same time?

Son: Yes! Put it down soon! Literature!

Alien monsters: oh yes

[Patrick wears a coat for horses. Look at the top of the same avenue that struck Roxas Boulevard in the face. ]

.../ Wow!

.../ We are not in a specific area. Are we to blame?

Diary: The face hurts.

Son: Oh no, no, no. You both have pain - ERM points of sale. You know what ?! So "no pain, no profit."

Diary: I want to work for us!

Boy: Hi, that's good. Now, that's usually 100.

Alien monsters: Hey

[The horse smells. Hedshire Parkway threw again, but Fefferson hit the driveway. ]

.../ Wow!

[Sponge Bob and Patrick argue mid-month while the children sit and watch their self-confidence. ]

Son: .../ Your fish jelly is a genius.

Alien monsters: Boyfriend, can you stop playing now? All this pain starts to hurt.

Son: Sorry, the game can not be stopped and no one is the best.

.../ Immediately ... quality ... go!

[Sponge Bob and Patrick start running, but they also run and skiing is difficult because they feel uncomfortable. The journey continues and she releases her worm from her mouth. ]

Alien monsters: .../ Boyfriend, are you sure we're doing the right thing? My running shoes really hurt my feet.

Son: Yes, you are right and you are still trying to speed up

Diary:  Go east!

[Three-quarters of the signs rise and approach Sam. Two sharks staring into the dark with Sponge Bob and Patrick. ]

Hypoxia: .../ I want to play dad

Father Puk (Bulgarian detected word for 'And') Chlam: No, boy. We are "fans" of this sport. We ask.

[The father takes the chair and the son holds the washing machine. Sponge Bob and Patrick reached the final. ]

Son: & ... time. Let's take a look at these shoes.

[Bob and Patrick's Sponge joints swell from the constant tension in the skin. ]

.../ Oh yes, it feels bad. Or you get - long five points zero. Why?

Diary: Yes, we are in business!

[A staged transition for people visiting our gardens and property. The villa has a sports hall with many areas such as a baseball slide, football pitch, basketball court, golf course and venue report. Check them out at MITT and Tennis Hunters with Collars. Winchester itself is a set of heroes to face the team it owns. The superhero returns to the hotel with his team and calls him. Teams 0 and 7 changed the numbers to 2 and did their business. The goal is to reach the golf course, but the racket will be relaxed and focused on the review. The groups went from eight to eight, four and social level. SpongeBob and Patrick are in balance over Elly Stan. After being dragged, the remaining jelly killed two of them. The group changed its social status from a further 88,900. However, the beach can be seen walking through binoculars along the way. ]

Beach umbrella: .../ Yes. Yes. Where? Where? Yes. Haha! I have sports equipment. He fell out of the mail car. But the darkness that occurs in all devices?

.../ What is this?

[Sports area for beach runners, watching to kill dolls and Patrick with gloves on. ]

.../ Hey? What is an avatar?

Alien monsters: Off the beach. Sam and I - in the middle of a sports game.

Beach umbrella: I think this is not a game I have seen before.

Alien monsters: Can I trust him to tell him about martial arts or something else?

Beach umbrella: It looks so hurt

Diary: Wow! That's right. Hey

Beach umbrella: If it's bad, why not stop playing it?

Diary: We can't wait to leave.

Beach umbrella: Who says that?

[Production of tape and machinery for fourth fog between stores. ]

Hypoxia: No surprise.

[The crowd was publicly annoyed that Sam was fishing, and that he was a boy in a dark covered field on the lawn of a Philadelphia hospital. They wore it and comforted the crowd. ]

Beach umbrella: .../ I have never listened to the soul.

Son: I love the king of sports, but you can not say what you will catch in a small song.

Beach umbrella: You do not allow them to participate in makeup games that affect Pavo and Patrick ?!

Son: I give people what they need.

Beach umbrella: It was too low, baby, I interrupted. Lots of Sponge Bob and Patrick!

Son: You see, you are right, play the game.

Beach umbrella: Yes, I do not know. Want to watch the game? Yes. Boy, am I challenging you to a basketball game? A good attitude should be decided by SpongeBob and Patrick.

Son: Hey? Did he ask me to play the game? No, no I am the main representative.

Michael Jackson: Then go! See you in action! Play like eyes! Play like eyes!

Good microphone: Play like eyes! Play like eyes!

Beach umbrella: You can see it in court.

.../ Oh dear, one more thing. We played at the convention in San Francisco.

Son: Sm "- No question - IO"?

Beach umbrella: Check it out!

[The beach happily throws basketball. Then he jumped on the boy's head and jumped from the gun net. Public congratulations. ]

Son: .../ Oh, that name!

Beach umbrella: Tell yours to your dear mother!

Son: Me?

Ms. Aqua: I do not want to hear that.

Beach umbrella: Next round of leagues.

Son: What and how?

Beach umbrella: That's right. Every time you score a goal, you choose a new category. I know you know all the rules, boy

Son: Of course I do. Yes.

Beach umbrella: Okay, then wait!

Son: Problems with gray coal?

[Beach for playing football and scoring goals online. The goal is to hit the boy on his head and take the ball out. The children raise their heads and the crowd shouts. ]

.../ Oh, I'm not ready yet!

Beach umbrella: No time to attack! Board!

[Blames the kid with punches and punches and cries on the beach. The boy released on the football field. He then throws the ball onto the field with his tail. Happy team and overcrowded kids. ]

Son: .../ Wait a second -

[The beach comes from afar, a dirty young net called sawi (Indonesian detected word for 'sawi'). He opened the door and sent the boy to the net and down to the table to play football. The boy brought him to the table. Sandy hit eight balls and went over the boy's head. Eight balls came out during the innings. Sandy took a plate out and cut the boy's face. Now the boy's face collapsed. ]

Microphone: .../ The best ... sandbags!

[Commendation, applause, audience. Beach was proud of his victory when the boys became restless and withdrew from the current game. ]

Beach umbrella: Very good game, guys

Son: Wow wow wow

Alien monsters: Beautiful beach! This is really great!

Diary: Yes, it seems to me that BTT does not suit me either.

Beach umbrella: I thank you all. Look, we're all here. This also applies to you. I'm at the end of the game.

Diary: But we are in business.

Beach umbrella: Do not worry, I will declare the best for both of you

Both: Hey, we are the best! We are the best! We are the best!

Beach umbrella: Do not worry, my friend, your success is guaranteed.

Son: I hate him the most. Magnetic


Google translate setup for "Sportz?"

Scene descriptionsEmoji-English-Bulgarian-Finnish-Khmer-Malayalam-Marathi-Macedonian-Welsh

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45. Hardened sponge (The Sponge Who Could Fly)


French storyteller: Less than a week after SpongeBob's unpublished series was found under this table in Nickelodeon Studios. Everyone in the world is looking forward to this time. SpongeBob loses SquarePants Street Manila, president of the fan club Spongebob SquarePants in the current malicious series; I'm from California.

Oh: Error! It is not correct! The children are here

Different: Wow! Spicy! Spicy! Oh! Did you know that it is not always safe?

.../ Hi what? What are you doing here

Oh: These are just some of the sharing apps you can use. Toy!

Different: I do not allow to ruin the series. ok i lost

Sons: No it is not. Spots of happiness do not say so. Happiness

Different: Protect, loss. I do not know where he lives. The best situation for you is to forget the old peas.

French storyteller: I miss SpongeBob.

[SpongeBob went to the lobster kitchen and watched TV. Bring it to town and make a "soap bubble". Mark the mustard on the club floor plan and then create "utilities" on the bread. Struggle to get up and make a "hat". It split in two and started 'distributing pizza'. "As I saw it on TV," Born Without Fear. He finds it difficult to fly to a bar with two bears. Instead of throwing his heart in the air, he started throwing "Valentine's Day." The origin of the blue jellyfish is "tea brandy" and when it is found in a cage, it clogs the air. He opened his pants and took off his "ripped pants". The Karate Box is made of sand and avoids the "Karate Box". Chi (Vietnamese detected word for 'Spend') balloon և Start with "j jejama kiss". Because he was physical, he was demoted to f "f. from the United Nations. He began swimming pizza on a boat with a fully equipped motor. He sends a message to the "bad neighbor" in Babylon. Its muscular egg produces "muscular skeletal pants" that follow the jellyfish. Sleeping on the bed next to Squidward comes from "Homemade Perfume". As for the head, the indoor bush is 'Chaperone'. Take his wife, Boffin, and start boating school. He formed a "background group" and moved He has eyes. But he made a hat again. He smokes on the table and sends it to Marmed (Hindi detected word for 'Mermaid') Man and Barnacle Bay. Lower the stove and create "natural pants". Do you do karate? Did you make a karate axe? He filled Ekado with sand and created a "leafy flower". It is about the United Nations. Finally, Ecardo came out and made a "paper". The audience applauded. He sat on the bed and cut a piece. ]

Different: I do not think he will lose a match. Personally, I have always lost something.

Oh: How are your feet?

Different: Excellent! Participate

Oh: Your eyes

Different: Well, eye personality

Oh: Your hand

Different: Sleeping bird Stay away from here. hm I have to have this card to broadcast the series I lost.

Oh: What does it mean not to argue!

Different: Welcome. This is a card. Missing cards from the SpongeBob series.

Oh: Make this dream a reality.

Different: We have to go and find it. cat! Oh! First I need my feet to find my treasure.

.../ Come in, cat, oh! The right times

Oh: Argue!


Different: Mrs. Johnson's ten steps

Mrs. Johnson: Do you value cookies?

Different: Put them in a dog bag, sir. Johnson We're looking for these treasures because we can not do it right now.

Mrs. Johnson: Yes, not too cold.

Different: The importer passed Don with the fish.

.../ Half are tied with a rope. Oh

.../ Now everyone is on vacation. like what ?! Seven tests for Monkey Pool

.../ Just please SpongeBob Neptune SpongeBob

[The doctor shouted as he ran across the field at the little green horse's face.]

.../ Oh


.../ Oh oh

[Move the slide he is holding; Thank you world! ]

.../ Oh

[Scream for this happy purpose; Then he went to the gym in the woods by himself and the boy slapped him on the back. ]

.../ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[In such a strange situation, the kids in the group are laughing at themselves and screaming outside when the girl finally saves her. She dug into the sand, and looked confused at the screams around her.]

.../ We are good. O difficulties in our lives! I'm trying to revive this lost series. I dug.

Oh: You smell.

Different: I am taking a shower.

.../ Welcome, I'm smart Good girl. Bury your treasure from above.

Oh: Argue!

Different: AND!

.../ And I do not understand what that means. I try not to interfere where I came from. Put in the pot at any time.

.../ ah!

.../ Popcorn. Carbonated soda Garlic is sour.

.../ Win fast! Press the remote control button.

Oh: Argue!

Different: That would be great.

.../ I can not believe it. I eat more green peas.

.../ Wounded! He will come here.

Oh: Argue. Through a glass tube.

["Duty cycle" begins on TV. Cotton Bob takes to the streets and plays on an artistic background. He tortured himself and returned to normal. Then he reached out and rubbed his hands. back to normal. Set music three times. Become flesh again. Again, listening to music lowers zinc. Become flesh again. He grabbed the horse by his right side and ran angrily. He has a body. Tongue always flies. Disappointed, ran again. His body is different. Her eyes flew out of her head. back to normal. The “duty cycle” ends when the beep sounds and a color message appears on the TV. Consider an uncertain moment]

Different: Is this a losing story? This is a cheap tour group.

Oh: What is the difference?

Different: grrrr SpongeBob betrayed us.

.../ I'm sorry I started this stupid first home fan club.

.../ I, SpongeBob, get rid of everything. Everything for that, everything for that, everything for that

.../ I'm going to run. All I want is Run.

Oh: What a headache to sew!

Dynamic: Now is the real story of the loss

Oh: Argue! Not true Go back This is more true.

Different: Exception?

.../ Wow! Let him look at you.


Hardened sponge


French speakers: This is our proud jellyfish hunter. Always fight for greedy jellyfish in terms of false security. And if it shrinks, it will open up.

Bathroom[Wearing goggles. In the spring, the wind blows more than the caterpillars. Stop and look down.] Oh yeah

[It is widespread now decreasing in general.]

[Orient և Country]

.../ Like that!

[Divide the foam into four or seven pieces, hold the square of the foam after it escapes, and leave it in place. wiping his forehead]

.../ Like that! Cute jellyfish. There is nothing like your order in paradise. Stop approaching to see your unique beauty, swim to enter the retina.

[SpongeBob SquarePants Jellyfish will play with Cotton; The microphone will move forward.]

For you, it lies in the air.

Discreet diving is also free.

All I wanted was a flight.

And see if it looks anything different.

Then I fly very high and touch the sky.

"The question that always arises is appropriateness."

.../ Waiting for this moment, I forgot the words of Nonas (Latin detected word for 'ninth') Vargapantas (Hindi detected phrase for 'class wise').

My grandfather's pants: For us, the game is flying, a propeller in the head or a jet engine behind the back.

Bathroom: I'll watch it. Tips during illness. I love airplanes!


Patricia: What's going on, SpongeBob?

Bathroom: This is Patrick, the flying machine.

.../ What am I laughing at?

Patricia: Yes, that's my grandfather's suggestion.

My grandfather's pants: For us, that means moving away from the competition. Hi, I'm not your grandfather!

Bathroom: I'm here, Patrick! I'll fly to catch jellyfish! Stop the fire! Undercarriage. Attention! Free peanuts. Check-a-r.

.../ Ready to fly!

[Push] The plane crashed, the pilot flew into the air and broke the hangar near the farm. sand from the outside. For Patrick, this includes:]

Patricia: .../ You are a hole in the seed of farmer Jenkins!

Bathroom: I do not remember.

Jenkin: I know village people don’t sit in flying cars! That's right!

Patricia: What he said is our best wish. He knows how to grow food!


Bathroom: I need a night to stay where I am in front of people. New plans! I have always been with this stable man. Screw, rotor. Man in flight! I feel it. Hello, Patrick?

Patricia: Prepare!

Bathroom[This is the person who starts jumping to breathe.] Stay Patrick! I'll fly alone! Mass. Well yes!

[touch the ground]

.../ Like that!

[Patrick jumps up and throws himself into the fire. Cut a square bob with scissors. Patrick, let's go.]


Bathroom: This is Patrick. Physics in this case. Am I flying alone! doll

Patricia: Honey, birthday!

Bathroom:  Sincerely, Patrick. Square pants are marked on the third page.

.../ You can remove or remove the wall. It's me

.../ We will return to the picture. 

Patricia: Will you take our cake with you? Come on, happy birthday to you!


Bathroom: Patrick: "Eureka!" Ready to say

Patricia: That's right!

[Patrick lifts the cotton from the bucket and flies into the sky.]

Bathroom: Palik! (Lithuanian detected word for 'left')

.../ It works! I'll fly alone!

Limited: Hospitality! Look at the human dragon!

Federico: Why does he do it alone?

Child seat: And I'm fine

Federico: Why does he do it alone?

Hat jacket: He loses patience and falls.

Child seat:  Do you see how you can do that?

Bathroom: Don't worry, earthy man, I'm not a flying monster, I'm your character.

[Suddenly Kate slipped from the sky]

.../ Like that!

[Patrick repeatedly stomped on the cotton and fell to the ground.]

.../ Like that! Patrice! Like that! Patrice! Like that! Patrice! Like that! Patrice!

[In March, three fish made record profits in the eyes of the seller. Put your carved clothes on the shelf. ]


.../ I'm sorry, sir, but I'll stop praising you for bringing this dragon back.

These are: Hospitality. I understand you. Yes, open the newspaper today!

Bathroom: "The locals want to fly like crazy" ?! Am I crazy about dreaming? Yes, he smiled at the man who made the light bulb!

These are: They never did.

Bathroom: Do you understand

Monroe: Look, Mom, this bird with the bikini.

Mabel: Like that! I wonder why he still uses one leg.

Monroe: Come on, bird watcher. Flash Flicken (German detected word for 'Patch')!

Limited: Hello, do you want to manage birds and eggs?

Child seat: Maybe look at the statue.

[Fred Cotton pushes Bob forward in boxer pants. Hit the chicken. The hunter smiled at me.]

Bathroom: Come on in, smile and stop planning this bikini you can dream of on a painful morning!

Mom 2: Are you smart, just dreaming?

Hard fish: I have to be a pianist for this concert. I never lift a finger until I realize.

Locally: Everyone has dreams.

Child seat: What makes you special?

Population: Be yourself!

Bathroom: Oh yeah

[The camera shrinks and I see the cotton coming to the beach.]

Locally: Well decorated, imagine!

Bathroom[Getting off the truck screaming] Like that!

[The truck tilted sharply and slid into the muddy foam. drop]

.../ It couldn't have been worse. Like that!

[Landing on a deer sawing machine with his head on a stick is now covered in deer. ]

.../  I'll probably talk to you soon.

French speakers: Did Pawo (Chichewa detected phrase for 'on them') learn to dress? stay there


Bathroom: Here are his heirs, Gary. I believe I will always be with them in heaven. I attack the world myself and anyone who doesn’t fly can be punished alive. Yeah right. Maybe every dream will come true. Back to reality.

Garrette: Meow.

Bathroom: No, Gary, I'm the idiot of your dreams.

[She took a towel and combed her head. Wash your hair. dry it up He picked up the phone. His sticky blue dryer is slacks. ]

.../ Saturday Akal beg? The man in the bikini doesn’t look good. No, of course I don't live in this bird cage. Is it human? Beautiful mother, you heard, rejoiced. If you kill him, you hate him, you can’t stop the flies. This time I want to go with you. I'm just walking on the roof with air. My luck! Look, Garrett! Mass. I feel sorry for myself, damn it!

.../ Jellyfish farm, I'm coming here alone!

Monroe: Mom, look! Here's a flying boy!

Mabel: Oh, he probably went crazy.

Bathroom: I'm flying. Shit!

Citizens: - Attention!

- Attention!

- Fly too high!

Bathroom: They laughed at me when my elevator got up.

Citizens: He's flying alone now.

It flies high in the sky.

Bathroom: I mean, there you are.

"But he followed me to the jellyfish farm!"

Roads and streets don’t kill.

Leafy beans: Please help! Good luck! It's a snail on a tree.

I have been a woman since childhood.

Well, now hematology seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Don't be there!

Bathroom: Cooling fan! You can use the elevator at any time.

Leafy beans: Thanks dear!

Bathroom: "I'm always free!"

Paradise in paradise This is my home.

Friends Help your friends based on the above.

"I like that!"

I'll help Mr. Kreb say he has more money.

Here are the crabs: I'm rich!

Bathroom: I'm saving myself, Patrick Mime!

Patricia: Thanks guys!

Bathroom: Plankton needs extra help

In that case, hi-hi-hi-hi-hi occurs

Plankton: Good luck to me!

Johnny: Anyone who has a bikini has found a mysterious pilot who helps many people.

Volume: He took my hair!

Taylor: It helps people. Then he flies his head. And it helps people.

Fish head: Does a man know how to surprise a superhero?

Locally: Oh no. Announce the Lehi lighthouse along the way. Get out and sailor Jenkins will land!

Jenkin: Glad I took it!

Bathroom: I'm coming!

[Remove the bulb. Then the follower will be a new person. Turn it off and on. it's time. Sailor Grape is back. The crowd cheered.]

Locally: .../ Thanks, mysterious pilot!

Jenkin: I know locals and drones are wrong!

Bathroom: Good morning, I personally shot a flock of jellyfish.

Here are the crabs: Hamam (Turkish detected word for 'Bath')! It's new! I need magic pants!

Bathroom: Wait, Mrs. Crabbe, I'm flying with jellyfish pants! When I’m alone with people, I always create just one dream.

Here are the crabs: Stop SpongeBob, it's fast!

Bathroom: Enter

.../ Are you Mr. K.?

Here are the crabs: Like that. Garage

Bathroom: I understand!

.../ When is Mrs. Krabi?

Here are the crabs: What do you think, boy?

Bathroom: I'm smart too, I can handle it.

Here are the crabs: I need you

Bathroom: Oh yeah 

Here are the crabs: That's right.

Bathroom: Isn't that a crime?

Here are the crabs: Garage

Bathroom: Is this your crisis?

Here are the crabs: Stay SpongeBob, everyone knows the garage is easy to clean if you can fly!

Bathroom: N / A. Cancer. I'll take care of your garage myself. Then stop the oppression!

.../ Everyone knows that, sir. Cancer.

Here are the crabs: Can it be recycled?

Bathroom: And shrimp.

.../ The last time! Jellyfish farm, I'm coming here alone!

Patricia: Hamam!

Bathroom: Trump Patrizio (Italian detected word for 'Patrician').

Patricia: Hamam! Hamam!

Bathroom: What, friends?

Patricia: Will you destroy my stomach? Aaa

Larry: Help me remove the link?

Squids: Did I clean the bathroom?

Leafy beans: Is there a balance in my checkbook?

Plankton: Did you help spread the word?

Fishing: Is the phone cord unplugged?

Limited: I want to study geometry

Child seat: I talked to the plants.

Dennis: Do I have to wash my hair? Mmm. Oh yeah

Bathroom: We are waiting for this moment! We are waiting for this moment! We are waiting for this moment! Now I have to live on a jellyfish farm. Massage instead. And I don't understand who you are.

Dennis: Wait, go to elementary school together.

Bathroom: Dennis?

Dennis: Mmm. Oh yeah


Limited: Hamam!

Monroe: Welcome to SpongeBob!

Federico: Hamam!

Bathroom: I always have to buy a jellyfish to make this fever useful.

Monroe: Hospitality! By themselves!

.../ Leave me alone

The pink fish said: Don't be there! Have mercy on us!

Monroe: I understand!

[Burned people chasing themselves under bathing suits in the city. When Cotton Pop ran in a straight line over the past building, several people moved towards the entire building. They stopped on a hill before Bob Medusa left.]

Bathroom: I'm almost on a jellyfish farm. I do it alone!

Locally: He was the head of a jellyfish farm! Our efforts are now underway!

Jenkin: I'll feed him!

Population: This is Cannonball Jenkins!

[I was wearing a red hat over that hat. He hit himself with a cannon and exploded inside Cotton Pop's pants. Both of them faster to the ground. When Cotton Pop fell into the camera, Anne Inkins opened the red umbrella. ]

Jenkin: I tell myself that no one can stop the passengers in this flying car!

[Spongge jjobob sees people walking on the ground. ]

Federico: What should we do? Come on in, take a look! I think that means burying in the right place. A pair of walks back and forth to lighten the pants. Once in a lifetime.

Bathroom: Yes, it was really nice how things started. I probably didn’t want to run after everyone.

[A tall figure; How this group of turtles disappear in the sky. carry them]

.../ Yes, hospitality! I'm helping flying jellyfish! Wireless! I think this is something new.

“You don’t need a plane to fly.

"Plastic wings make you cry"

Dragons come from stormy days.

Balloons and garden chair. Don't fly

Dad's pants. You can start a good business!

You need everyone when you need to fly. It's a friendship. Sea 

.../ Healthy in prison! You're my teacher, I don't know what they look like.

Patricia: Hospitality! Let's take a look at the pizzeria.

Bathroom: I, Patrick, will not fly. I planted jellyfish.

Patricia: Update.

[raising his hand and running away]

Bathroom: Just Patrick. ? Don't be there!

[He returned to the place. Make sure who opens the door forever. ]

Different: Come on in, take a look! These heroes?

Oh: Let's meet again.

Different: This is a good idea for a vase. Where is the remote control? Where is the remote control? I lost the remote control! You have to make them. For 

Oh: Argue!

Different: Thank you so much from the distant Strange!

Mrs. Johnson: Do not talk about stains

Different: Who's opening these crazy keys again now? New ah! Error again.

Oh: Argue! Let me be!

Different: Do not go! This button is active. Give it to me!

Oh: Argue! This button belongs to the mariachi group.

Different: grrr, I hate technology myself.

.../ Go back Yes.

Oh: Argue. Reject.

Different: New stopped! It stopped! Return Turn off the computer.

.../ No! The series I Lost Myself was ruined. Now you are lost forever.

Oh: Argue! Eternal loss!

French storyteller: Why did God lose so much? Excellent! I think the stories of defeat have disappeared. It turned out that it was done against a nation, or just against a person: whether I was a star in the sky or not. SpongeBob enlivened our hearts and minds.

.../ There is a leak at the moment. That is, I am myself. Do not use too much


Google translate setup for "The Sponge Who Could Fly:"

Main episodeBad Translator (LingoJam)-Punjabi-Italian-Czech-Kyrgyz-Luxembourgish-Estonian-Dutch-Gujarati-Azerbaijani-Russian-Lithuanian-Irish-Croatian
PatchyBad Translator-Bulgarian-Italian-Russian-Dutch-Myanmar-Azerbaijani-Norwegian
Scene descriptionsBad Translator-Japanese-Odia-Esperanto-Myanmar-Armenian-Mongolian-Arabic

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46. Remove the narrow S-triline (Slide Whistle Stooges)


Remove the narrow S-triline


[I woke up and went to the bathroom and every time I used a brush, I heard whiskey flowing and started washing]

squid: Hum? No problem, do you hear anything?

.../ Oh, the smell of morning water fills

[This happens when you wake up again when you hear him leaning over to sit on the newspaper and pouring poison]

.../ Hum? You must hear it

[Whistle when the bag moves and the newspaper comes out]

.../ What is that sound?

.../ Oh, it must have been Gazette, it was very long

.../ So what does this mean?

Sponge Bob: what do you mean? Whistle

squid: Didn't you say "flexible fan"?

Sponge Bob: Squidward is not only a way to smoke an instrument, but also a way to express your life, Patrick

[Bob and Patrick's sea creature door opens with a whistle]

squid: How do you get out of here?

[they whistle and leave the dining room]

.../ Well, you prove your two idiots

Sponge Bob: Can you see the squid? Smoking can add more excitement to the monotony of everyday life

squid: I do not have to be excited, you have to get out of the ramp

[Go to the tablet for this, but there will be no exploitation and the result will be a whistle on the back of the plant]

.../ this side

[SpongeBob floats in the air with a flowing sound as he enters and exits through the door]

.../ From there grrrr

[Cotton and Patrick play in a round window]

[comes out of the picture and crosses Rosponbob to follow him through the window]

.../ Well, that's enough because you have your own food

Sponge Bob: Yes, Scalmer is destined, but do you know what double happiness is? Dear sister, two beeps rang behind you!

Patrick: Hey thank you

squid: This is no longer a window. You can spend your time with squid because you are gone when you are out of the house

[shaking whistle Bob and Patrick laugh to whistle kanpung tea, close the curtains, then sit down with a soft drink and candy, and Patrick laughs to SpongeBob, and Patrick cleans and reads the bathroom while the rat is asleep and brushing his teeth]

.../ I have to get out of here

[The boy and Patrick laugh and knock on the door.]

Sponge Bob: You see, Patrick Icardo is finally playing

[Cotton Bob and Patrick watch the crash while running, so when the whistle blows]

squid: Didn't you go to shoot the idiot?

[The race continues, then the burning port meets SpongeBob and Patrick. After describing Bob and his Patrick as submarines, SpongeBob and Patrick come and whistle, play together, get out of the cave, and start breathing into the cave.]

.../ I think I lost

[Cotton Bob and Patrick breathe from the slide, each time a cotton ball whistles]

.../ What do you do if someone behaves like that?

[started to go crazy]

Sponge Bob: very good

[he dances and whistles like Patrick and the kids, Patrick swims like a swimmer when the whistle blows, so we think]

.../ Hi Squidwary, he is a very good musician

squid: Didn't you do that?

Sponge Bob: Yes my friend I love

squid: Yes, yes

Sponge Bob: Now, Mustarm and Patrick want to sweat

squid: Hello Insi (Romanian detected word for 'guys')

SpongeBob and Patrick: Oh, emphasize

squid: very good

[Cotton Bob, Patrick and Squadward start cutting the bar grille of the bar]

92 Unexpected: good morning?

[the door closes with a flowing referee]

.../ This is a remarkable point

[prevents the whistle from appearing on the page]

.../ What are you there for? When are you back?

[92 whistles are heard, the door closes and you hear it again]

.../ Well, this is not a smile, do you think you can confuse it with me?

[Kids, bots, Patrick, bikini street jokes, choir with open rope]

squid: look

[Shown in Appendix 47]

.../ goo go go go go go go goo he ha co ha ha ha

Problem 47: Someone helped a little boy

[The most fluid effect square on the slide]

All: "Go play with your child"

"Hello, please come back."

squid: If you say S.

[Whistle floats in hole]

Sponge Bob: .../ Patrick, are you wondering what I'm thinking?

Patrick: It may not be

Day 7: Hi, I'm sorry this is not happening

[he sometimes plays "nay wolf" with 114 nay on slide 24)

Book 114: See if they can help you

[24 -Appendix 114 -Appendix]

Event 24: Apuro (Spanish detected word for 'Trouble')

Book 105:  It is not a lie, but we will talk about our quiet city, the evil Trosamon who confused Fran.

Event 24: But who does this?

Book 105: Compound tentacles live in the cochlear system

Event 24: What or what?

Book 105: Yes, we have to arrest him, we have to pay for his actions

Bad person: He pays, he pays taxes, he falls

Book 105: Let's go to this

Sponge Bob: Do you think Patrick Squid gets it all?

Patrick: This is just a block

118) Loss: What do you think, Sergeant?

Crash 118 (orange): The Rio seems to be calling me K-9

[Elinsquidward laughs, talks to police, comes out with K-9]

squid: Do you like it again?

[produces high quality whistle]

K-9 processor: Wait stupid, I have to retire this week

squid: Let them have a wonderful ending that never goes away

[Several trucks whistle, drink coffee, and whistle behind a gasoline truck trailer]

truck driver: Hum? what is this

[slime laughs softly as the truck turns the steering wheel and the whistle sounds flat]

.../ I can not work in such conditions

[helmet truck, steering wheel wagon exit]

squid: Now that you are in the driver's seat, no problem

[Everyone cries when they rush to get a bucket with a fish friend]

Crab: Well, plankton is finally the right solution

[then starts crying through the pieces of cancer]

squid: I do not feel alive, I do not want to stop

Sponge Bob: Hmmm compound, don't you want to stop?

squid: What do you say stupid?

Sponge Bob: Previous

squid: What will you do in the future?

[Seeing the cliff on the shore, he bent the container and moved so high that everyone except Snow and White wanted to shout that Squidward had fallen. bicycle surgery]


Speaking of: .../ dforrest, type 118, forest joy?

116 Unexpected: Your friends are lucky. If there is no whistle in the throat, the rescue team may not notice the noise or whistle. I must say that he saved his life under this filth.

Sponge Bob: Doctor, why did you cut your sore throat?

116 Unexpected: Unfortunately, your technology has not been removed, but the advantage is that you can still talk to yourself.

[The whistle blows, because the incredible truth is that the whistle blows on the slide, trying to yell at the kids and Patrick]

Sponge Bob: Hey squid, you say good, we'll help you

[Patrick walks around the hospital and plays CPR slide concerts, 80 fan attachments, 116 sewing tools 41] and takes slides with him to his son-in-law 41]


Google translate setup for "Slide Whistle Stooges:"

DialogueMorse Code-English(LingoJam)-Arabic-Chinese-Yoruba-Basque-Polish-Japanese-Persian
Scene descriptions: Morse Code-English-Welsh-Javanese-Macedonian-Icelandic-Zulu-Mongolian-Uzbek

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47. Entantzoko! (My Leg!)




[The episode starts with a flashing TV on the screen. The screen starts at Mrs. Puff's Rose School. SpongeBob supports the ship at the lighthouse, Mrs. Puff explodes. The lighthouse spins and falls at Fred's feet.]

Freddie: Entantzoko!

[antenna ear; then Fredit (Catalan detected word for 'cold') appears on the screen in the circus where he is pushed around the old man's wheelchair as he moves his legs]

.../ Aah! Entantzoko!

[then the screen shows Fred's weight and his weight breaks his leg]

.../ Entantzoko!

[the screen shows Fredi's fish legs]

.../ Royal Rose? Meng Bean

[The screen shows that Fred is part of Charlie's magic show.]

.../ Entantzoko!

[Fred appears on screen, changes TV channels and shows his leg]

.../ Was Meng?

[then Fred appears on screen, destroying the road and causing pain in his leg]

.../ Was Meng?

[screen shows Fred's feet in the trough]

.../ Entantzoko!

[the screen then shows Fred's clothes on the ventilation and reveals realistic legs]

.../ Meng was ...

[Fred's leg is cut off the screen and captured by strangers]

.../ Entantzoko!

[then Freda appears on screen and has lunch with a hungry man in a restaurant]

.../ Entantzoko!

[the screen then shows that the mad scientist is kicking Fred; She cries]

.../ Entantzoko!

[Finally, Fred sits on a screen in a field near a coral tree. The knife falls to its feet and there is no dust.]

Status: My daughter later started studying in college. So don't do this.

Freddie: Something one thing adds to me

.../ You are dirty Royal Rose! Thank you! Thank you Dr. Cutter!

Status: Congratulations to Freddy. But pay attention to your feet.

Freddie: Even the doctor cutter. Here's a leg! I am more.

Status: Legs only? Legs only? Fred, hurt your leg, I'm alive ...

Freddie: What?

Status: Was a robot!

Freddie: Nar! (Turkish detected word for 'Pomegranate')

Status: You can play Freddie. But what about robots?

Tom (robot);: Don't hold my feet! Don't hold my feet!

Freddie: Yes, the doctor understands. My feet matter to me. I talked to him.

Status: Thomas Thomas


Conrinkan Bob: Hi Fred - Your ankle feels good.

Freddie: Keep the legs in a rectangular shape.

Conrinkan Bob: Fred; I feel at your feet

[The scene becomes a memory. Fred puts his feet on the road, drinking. Paavo (Finnish detected word for 'SpongeBob') suddenly stepped off the railing of a small freight train, laughed and crossed Fred's legs.]

.../ Cho-chao. (Vietnamese detected word for 'For-pan')

Freddie: Entantzoko!

[The ambulance is gone. Ambulances took Fred and took him to the hospital. Looking back, SpongeBob crawls across his body.]

Conrinkan Bob: Performance test.

Freddie: please.

Conrinkan Bob: I know. I save you from your feet. Accidents and crimes.

[SpongeBob pulls a rope, jumps on a balloon and flies to a nearby bucket. He sees Fred walking into an oil field. He jumps to his feet and falls into the lake so Fred doesn't slip.]

.../ Flavius

[The oiled SpongeBob stands up and sees Fred sliding through the banana peel. He slips down and eats a banana peel. Fred immediately steps on a bunch of seals. The SpongeBob slides down and protects against sharp corners. SpongeBob pulled his tongue out with urine. He sees Fred getting on the runway. SpongeBob enters and climbs the stairs to keep Fred away.]

.../ Yes!

Freddie: Hello everyone, let's see what comes back.

Seller: Entantzoko!

[When Fred starts working, SpongeBob, who has accepted Fred's form, will continue to follow him. He hides behind the workout as Fred prepares for work. Fred begins his work by pushing wooden blocks into a cage.]

Conrinkan Bob: Is this yours Benz Peak: I'm not sure. You have to think about it.

.../ Hi Frederick, these legs are so beautiful. But he knows it can be used safely on the feet

Freddie: Aah! December?

Conrinkan Bob: Fred I don't understand! See.

[he inserts a wooden suit into the drill, but eventually hits the knives]

.../ it's not

[When SpongeBob's car crashes, he is overwhelmed and the construction workers run away from the factory. The factory is causing a huge explosion. The smoke clears and Paavo jumps out of the pun.]

.../ The legs do not shrink. Yes


Freddie: Entantzoko! You speak Doctor horse

Dr. Mying Charlie: Lee Jo Jo Fred. It is very difficult. But after a while, I got the medicine. He put on his shoes and followed me.

Patricio: It smells great.

Conrinkan Bob: No time to lose Patrick. I want to protect Freddie's feet. I can't stand it

Dr. Mying Charlie: The only answer is to open your legs. Come on ... my teeth are hot.

SpongeBob Bob and Patrick: Cactus?

Dr. Mying Charlie: Now Fred closes his eyes and repeats the old words at my feet. I have a sore throat

Freddie and Dr. Charlie Horse: I have a sore throat

Freddie: I have a sore throat

.../ My feet are happy. My feet are very happy

Conrinkan Bob: Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo

Freddie: I have a sore throat

[Fred reaches the other end of the glowing coal. SpongeBob jumps in pain as his body burns. He flies over Freden (Swedish detected word for 'Peace').]

.../ Aah! My house!

Dr. Mying Charlie: Peng fit fit fit

.../ Development of.


Freddie: You are dirty

Conrinkan Bob: Both are polite.

Patricio: They are both quiet.

[low bladder basket]

.../ They forgive me.

[SpongeBob removes the old one.]

Grandmother: Hello!

Conrinkan Bob: I miss my wife.

Freddie: Hi, what's going on here?

Group: Do you want to buy cookies?

Conrinkan Bob: I like cages. We have so much in the world!

Patricio: I have a gun!

[the explorer bites his leg]

.../ Hello!

[The explorer brutally beats Patrick and falls to the ground with his teeth. He has a hard time breathing like an animal until he grabs the box and goes back to his beloved virgin. Bounce, Fred takes off SpongeBob's sunglasses.]

Freddie: .../ Nebula? What's next

Conrinkan Bob: Fred; Listening to your ankles is always dangerous. Isn't this Patrick?

Patricio: I think my legs are happy.

Guys and Freddie?: who are you?

Patricio: Entantzoko!

[The ambulance is coming. Ambulances grabbed Patrick's hand, dropped it and grabbed it.]

Freddie: Some of us are resting well.

Conrinkan Bob: Rest your feet. Ramon area

Freddie: Hiren. I lost my place in Hong Kong.

Conrinkan Bob: Everyone

Freddie: Scanken (German detected word for 'scan'); The walls ...

Conrinkan Bob: Hello!

Freddie: My sister killed me.

Conrinkan Bob: Oh my love hello Fred; I have stock Why not hurt our feet? Have you seen yourself in a lady profile glass?

Freddie: Try this, we have to move on. The rest is close.

Conrinkan Bob: There is a vacation.

[Bob SpongeBob and Fred laugh. SpongeBob pulls out a hammer and hits Fred, but it doesn't hurt physically.]

.../ If possible, use something.

Freddie: Except


Message: Royal Rose?

[Fred stretches out his leg and silently throws SpongeBob to hit him with the doomed hammer.]

Conrinkan Bob: One?

Message: Royal Rose? Hmm

[SpongeBob grabs the hammer and hits Fred. But the hammer slips out of his hand and hits the condemned man in the leg. The screen changes to black and white and, as in the silent film, "My Feet!" It appears on the screen when it is active. Another ambulance is coming. The ambulances leave, leave the condemned man and go away. Paavo and Fred squeezed their fingers. The Medusa Fields scene changes to Fred and Pope. SpongeBob has three jellyfish and fillers. When he tries to stab the jellyfish, he puts two more magazines at Fred's feet.]

Conrinkan Bob: .../ LI (Kurdish detected phrase for 'AT THE')

[The jellyfish leave the net and stab SpongeBob several times. Bob SpongeBob returns, now incredibly swollen, and pulls his finger back in disgust. Scene change: Fred sprays himself on his legs. SpongeBob plays and Alaska appears. But instead of biting Fred's legs, he licked the salt. Fred hits his finger with disgust. The scene becomes SpongeBob, who binds Fred's legs to the tracks.]

.../ Trust me, Fred, and this is pretty bad.

Freddie: Love the angels. I'll be back soon, dear

Conrinkan Bob: The car is pretty good now.

[A train with a burning heart runs on the tracks. As the train approaches, Tom's robot appears. Tom stops the train and throws it off the tracks.]

Tom (robot);: It does not damage the legs. It does not damage the legs.

Conrinkan Bob: The robot is very dirty. How did Fred cut his leg? E scandal?

Freddie: I am scared now when my legs hurt. You should be ashamed!

Conrinkan Bob: Oh everyone ?? Hold my feet when I die. Light housing! Alaframo

Tom (robot);: Thanks Bob Sfugerki we were waiting.

[Help is on its way again. Rescuers come out, throw Tom and swim.]

Freddie: I miss you, Bob Conrickens, I didn't make a decision like that.

Conrinkan Bob: Do not place your tail between your legs. Son, Freddie, I have the right to take you to Hong Kong. We make ... legs!

[An ambulance hits Fred. Rescuers get out of the car, throw Paava (Tamil detected word for 'Sinful') aside and drive away, leaving Fred with rubber tracks.]

Freddie: My head and body! Unfortunately, this is crazy. I was beaten everywhere except my legs.

[Rescuers catch Fred and go. The scene turns into a hospital where SpongeBob, Patrick, the inmate and the robot Tom remain standing. But Fred lifted his whole body except his legs.]


.../ Thanks Bob Sfougaraki (Greek detected word for 'sponge') Without them, I wouldn't be back to the gods of my angels.

Conrinkan Bob: Thanks Fred. See all your ankles. The angel did not see.

Freddie: Bob Sfougaraki didn't wait long. Hello Sister Bazuka (Japanese detected word for 'Buzz')

Conrinkan Bob: Sister Basuko (Italian detected word for 'Basque')?

Sister Basuko: 'What!

Conrink Bob, Patrick, Criminal, Tom (robot).: No thank you

Patricio: I don't mind! No no no no no!

Sister Basuko: About this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this

Message: No thank you

Freddie: Do you know who My song reminds me.

[Fred takes the ukulele and starts playing. Tom and the inmate try to get out of the hospital to remove Sister Bazooka, but eventually decide to join the music. Fred looked at him through the cast.]

When you look straight at your finger, your hand is not on the wall.

But my heart hurts. Now my peace is worse.

Because my sins are weak.

Hi, I love your feet.

Nice shoes like gloves

My legs are weak!

Aah! My legs are weak!

From the intellect of the stories that Cupid sells

Why do my legs hurt?

Aah! My legs are weak!

My cow is sick!

Adala (Indonesian detected word for 'Is') and Seaf.

My sister is moving. Her name is Daisy. Hello

Sister Basuko: Everything

Cast: Your feet are burning.

Yes! Your feet are burning. Hello

Freddie: how are you! Yes, Leader

Cast- Insert your ankle

Freddie: Benny! Hello

Cast: Benny! Hello

FreddieWounds in my legs! Hello

Cast: I love her feet. Hello

Freddie: Yes! Hello

Conrinkan Bob: Hello. I want to show my legs.

Sister Basuko: how

Freddie: Laieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Google translate setup for "My Leg!:"

Scene descriptionsFrisian-Russian-Estonian-Dutch-Romanian-Esperanto-Czech-Hungarian-Italian-Danish

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48. Evan (Squirrel Jokes)




Cups: Everyone is satisfied. Welcome to Cancer Comedy! Warm up first with comedy premiere, The Dog Inevitable Williams!

William Doug: Brave night, friends give me a fun IP and I'll be the part that brings the cake right away!

SpongeBob: I want to be brave as a brave seller.

William Doug: Signmose these people will do something. Yes, I don't care, I have all the people I'm going to work with.

Cups: Choose your children's clothes square pants!

Babylon: We got them SpongeBob!

Patrick: Wai-wai (Chinese detected word for 'outside-outside')!

SpongeBob: Oh yeah ladies and jelly, have you ever noticed the source of the salt? Do you carefully tell people to stop every night and think about their destination? I do not understand you? Do you know what to do?

.../ Tomato tomatoes: what to do? However, people were torn apart. Are these people gentlemen? heir r? What are you doing there? Red water tax?

Unique: My brother this guy is so stupid!

Domestic Herald "Bell": Yes, that sounds pretty crap to me, BTT doesn't seem to suit me either. I made a joke for you! What smells and smells people other than light?

SpongeBob: Bad gas?

Domestic Herald "Bell": Don't! your actions!

SpongeBob: You never understand how? Peggy, Eve

Unique: to me ?! leave it!

SpongeBob: Soon, SpongeBob wakes up!

.../ Have you ever noticed that your teeth are dark?

Dennis Reid: Now that's true.

Babylon: I do not understand you?

SpongeBob: I hope you can't give a plane for this stuff. What is the skin of a flower? I think the oil is also necessary at home.

Patrick: Thin skin!

SpongeBob: Smell gentlemen! But you must say that if this is not the case, then you have to stay underground for three months. Isn't it necessary to find onions instead of onions or leeks?

Unique: why?

SpongeBob: Because gentlemen do not brainwash!

Patrick: This is a brave man, I don't understand you, Sandy?

Babylon: Yes sure

Cups: It's amazing, friends! You hit them hard! I think I'll be with you again tonight as a director!

SpongeBob: I never thought it could be so scary! It doesn't matter who it is

Cups: It is intended that they do not clean after washing.

SpongeBob: Well, at least I didn't get off without explaining myself first.

Cups: Riding with a smile. Finish immediately!

SpongeBob: No map for these maps? I think a lot. Hello

Babylon: Hello SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: do you like rain?

Babylon: Cha aa actually SBB, no. There are four patients, you know.

SpongeBob: Come on, Sandy, I'm just kidding. To be honest, everyone knows you are smart in a bikini.

Babylon: Wow, I can't argue with her.

SpongeBob: We all have to do this from time to time. I do it all the time!

Babylon: You're right, SpongeBob. It's not easy. No, it has been confirmed.


.../ Ch, w, deodorizing. I don't understand you, let's see. head to neck?

Unique: In my opinion, women should be marketing.

Babylon: I do not understand you?

scooter: Yes, look, friends! Rock Galileo brainwashed without brainwashing!

Martin: I don't know, please contact me.

Total: Do

Babylon: Kurdish! Hello story critics! What is your name

Flashlight - Monica: Cats are not close to cows. It will take his mind off hitting the rocks.

Clubs: G female

Babylon: Ignorance is not a virus. But it only spreads one.


SpongeBob: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. Horses, horses, horses. Because this person is not brainwashed with stones. Because this person is not brainwashed with stones.

Babylon: Oh SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: Hello Sandy.

Babylon: Of course, yes, I know this, why it is already known.

SpongeBob: We're talking nonsense here, remember?

Babylon: Kids, this is fun. From your popular joke, people don't treat me differently.

Patrick: SpongeBob five minutes. Sand for you, my name is Patrick. get up and leave it

Babylon: Why, you see, that's what I'm talking about!

SpongeBob: Yes, this is Pat Patrick. Men tell jokes.

Babylon: I'm asking you, I'm asking you, are you lying, a famous show joke? Let's say there are some common jokes.

SpongeBob: Hi Hi? shooting! There are millions of people like me.

Babylon: I'll give you

Cups: Choose your children's clothes square pants!

SpongeBob: good morning. Is there golden hair that can not be broken? Suddenly man became a bronze god. I think you heard.

Babylon: I didn't know about it! Merd (Estonian detected word for 'Sea') Baby Bop!

SpongeBob: thank you, you are kind. Yes to this water? Unfortunately, this tool is good.

Patrick: Tell them about horses and amphibians!

SpongeBob: Х. yes what is this? I do not understand you? I do not understand you?

Open: Protect your horse!

SpongeBob: Can I be for your children a choice - your cousin is your guardian.

.../ welcome everybody! Do you take it from a cow to put onions in a cow?

Total: Because gentlemen do not brainwash!

SpongeBob: popular! But serious man, I want to offer my special kindness to Sandy. Sandy do not see? The group loves comedy. Am i right ?! Can't you see it, saint? We laugh at you, no! Do you understand now Sandy? I don't understand you and you

Babylon: I think I know what happened to SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: Shall I bear witness to the Lord R 't' daw'end'est. And it tastes delicious! . Wî (Kurdish detected word for 'He') ڏڏٿٿٿ but was slowly pushed as he remembered. Omanana! Thank you! You are a wonderful spectator and a brave night!

.../ Hello, great experience, SpongeBob. Is this a message from a fan?

Babylon: You are right SpongeBob! Good joke! Bryce came to the door. sand.

SpongeBob: See, no, SpongeBob. You must know your master and your heart.


.../ I hope Sandy finally sees a comedy. Nice and clean dress.

Babylon: Come on Hoho DD!

SpongeBob: Sandy, are you ready?

Babylon: I'm like a normal horse! Let's go! You won't always be comfortable telling these popular jokes. Not loaded?

SpongeBob: Sandy, I think something is wrong with this scene.

Babylon: No, I put glue on the glue to keep it from falling off, do these flowers know me? Come on, you have a bride with me!

SpongeBob: But Sandy is not one of them.

Babylon: Isn't it a curtain?

SpongeBob: Cindy, I have to leave

Babylon: Oh, you are right! You are a brilliant critic Do current critics need it? Oh, oh, look, come on. Need a critic, yes.

SpongeBob: Washington.

Sandy: Oh remember, I'm not wrong. I knew

SpongeBob: Washington.

Babylon: Broken head on the rail? I see? Waffle?

SpongeBob: Hassan!

Babylon: h, no, did he say that? If you go, we are not glasses out of the brain.

SpongeBob: Hassan

Babylon: They are idiots, idiots, and sinners.

SpongeBob: So I got it, Sandy!

Babylon: what do you want more? he won! I'm testing the sea!

SpongeBob: Ch, W, Ch, W, Saw, Ch, W, Ch I understand!

.../ No, they are very happy.


.../ Thank you thank you very much. By the way, I have a lounge. I said: Yes, how much iron is there on your horse while we change the lamps? But for most people, ignorance is just a horse like a squirrel! In fact, we're really stupid, she hasn't failed yet! Behold, I have no bones.

Dennis Reid: Now that's true.

SpongeBob: cell? Brother beer. Very nice guy, a guy probably doesn't even know them!

Cups: That's right, I'm stupid!

SpongeBob: Then I will tell you about the device. Worms, male scents. Wai-wai! How do animals that don't spend much time in the water smell? Lots of charcoal! soap. soap. What is that? soap?

.../ Don't understand me a little, it starts with the stars!


Google translate setup for "Squirrel Jokes:" English to Shakespearean(LingoJam)-Spanish-Yiddish-Sindhi-Macedonian-Kurdish-Khmer-Arabic

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49. The waiter's birthday (Whale of a Birthday)


The waiter's birthday


Radio: Good morning bikinis! Today is a very special day because we got a new single from people who shouted, "Everything is you."

Crying babies: This is your boyfriend

Sixteenth Birthday!

Protect your loved one,

People should do what you say.

You've been noticed tonight,

Because everything is inside of you!

Yes, for all nci (Turkish detected word for 'pearl')!

You were born a girl

Seed: Are not! I have everything.

On the first birthday

I like music, clothes and beautiful things.

So let it be for now

Everything in the world.

They have to pay attention to me.

I, I... and who do you think? Are not!

.../ Ah!

Crab: Practice Poseidon!

Seed: Good morning dad!

Crab: Are you sure you don't like the room on the ground floor?

Seed: Dad, I'm looking forward to a special day tomorrow.

Crab: I'm special too! Really really really!

Seed: Don't know what tomorrow means?

Crab: Not really.

Seed: This is my 1 year old birthday!

Crab: I know! I don't know what you think What are you 12?

Seed: 1 I turned 16 years old! It was the most important birthday in my life. If I'm not satisfied, my popularity in college will drop. I have to stop them, I don't go to college, I don't leave home! You must help me for the rest of my life!

Crab: We don't want that to happen.

Seed: Then I promise you will surpass me this year. And don't give up!


.../ Hey girls!

One of them #: Hey Pearl.

Seed: Guys, will you have your coral-filled birthday tomorrow?

One of them #: I don't know, Pearl. Could it be like last year's "Coral Filled" because your dad wanted to have fun?

Judy: Remember when we all had to share a ball? Please!

Tool 2: Do you remember driving?

One of them #: I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Seed: Dad!

Crab: Ah. Everyone is preparing for victory!

Seed: Let me tell you - it was a reef for my birthday.

Crab: Do not interrupt your mission. Everything will be fine. I was at the party, let's collect foam! This is going to be a blast this year!

Seed: Dad! You're ruining my birthday, but you're no good. Now I promise you are not ready!

Crab: I swear

Seed: Because I made a good list.

.../ Now my friends want everything on the list. Congratulations! I was at a restaurant with my friends.

Crab: SpongeBob Shorts!

SpongeBob Spa: Yes, Mr. Cua (Vietnamese detected word for 'Crab')?

Crab: If I have a party, I want to buy a gift of beads. Well, boy.

SpongeBob Spa: What is it, Mr. Krabs?

Crab: This is a credit card for me. You use it instead of money.

SpongeBob Spa: Can I buy something out of this plastic? Do I need money?

Crab: Alone

SpongeBob Spa: Aupa

Crab: Now remember, there's nothing better for me than a little gem. I want to give it my all, but that's fine. Go ahead and see what he wants. You know, scout.

SpongeBob Spa: I'm hiding my scar.


Seed: Marcy later told me that Julie had told me she was bad with Angela Brad.

One of them #: .

SpongeBob Spa: Angela Brad likes this.

Seed: Oh my, this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen!

SpongeBob Spa: I want to buy plastic with this plastic.

Accountant: Cancer, right? Quick, how do you type "crab"?

SpongeBob Spa: Hmm... sure there's a "B"?

Accountant: My son is very friendly.

SpongeBob Spa: What? Sorry, I don't understand long term corporate finance.

Seed: Aupa! This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in the whole world! Shine bright!

SpongeBob Spa: Who knows! My gift is wrong!

Judy: Pearl, you must see!

Seed: Bad, Judy!

Mine: Oh... hmm...

SpongeBob Spa: Obviously, this is the biggest gift ever.

Seed: This is the most special thing in the world!


Squid: Raise the flag, Mr. Cancer.

Crab: I've had it since I was born. I found it for sale.

Squid: Sure you like it, Bay Krabs.


Seed: This sea horse is the best. Do you want to go home and be my horse?

.../ Aupa!

Judy: Pearl, stay here. It is very choral.

Seed: My God, it's Billy Fiskins (Icelandic detected phrase for 'the fish')!

Total: Hey Billy!

Known: Hilk.

SpongeBob Spa: Can't he dream?

Accountant: See value 4.

Known: Silent;


Squid: I finished the picture of the pearls, Cancer. This is a real masterpiece.

Crab: Hi... maybe I should find this ice sculptor.

Squid: An ice sculptor? Any fool can make a picture out of ice. It takes practical experience working on stage to create a 400-pound raw meatball.

Crab: Yes no we have leather trim. What about sports? Look, Pearl wants a band called "Boys Who Cree".

Squid: CRI (French detected word for 'SHOUT') tree; My favorite band! They only paid a million dollars for the show. And if you want to sync your words, you might want to get real money.

Crab: You're a real fan, aren't you?

Squid: Yes, I know all your songs.

Crab: Hmm, all their songs?


Seed: .../ Wouldn't it be great if my dad gave it to me when I was born?

One of them #: It sure is sweet, no.

Seed: Yes, this is absurd to me, this is absurd to me.


Crab: It's almost time to start the fun!

SpongeBob Spa: I'm back, Mr. Cua!

Crab: Bob Sfougarakis, how long will it take? Then where are the pearls?

SpongeBob Spa: The delivery vehicle will arrive soon.

Squid: Here's yours, Mr. Cancer!

Crab: Ah, everyone in their own place!

Total: Light pat on the back

Judy: "He's a man!"

Seed: Dad!

One of them #: Popcorn.

.../ It's like water in a boiler!

Squid: Rinse with water

Seed: Do you think it's me? Made from a bottle of Krabbi (Icelandic detected word for 'Crab') meat! Take it!

Crab: Do you need a cake?

Seed: Yes, the cake looks good.

.../ Made of cardboard!

Crab: And it turned cold.

One of them #: Yes, Pearl, sixteen knees is one long knee in a row. He needs a new record. We will find out here.

Seed: Wait, go! My father played with his son's creations. You're the crying babies, aren't you?

Crab: Oh, he's fine, honey. Stop!

Squid: This was found.

If the hook has no hook,

I don't wear a scarf

I need 4 mattresses, 4 mattresses, 4 mattresses if she cries... and!

Tool 2: Hey, don't cry for these people!

Judy: Are not!

Tool 2: Aupa!

One of them #: What a theme!

Judy: It's already running!

Seed: How are you? I will give you a list...!

Crab: Pearl, come back!

Seed: .../ You ruined it! You can't stop my salvation for me!

Crab: I will protect you no matter what, Pearl.

SpongeBob Spa: He supports it. Right there You are here

Seed: Did you buy me a pair?

Crab: I did; Mao Na... Ako Ba?! (Cebuano detected phrase for 'So ... am I !?')

You: World War II

Seed: Dad! I don't know how it could be better than this.

SpongeBob Spa: Look inside the boys!

Crying babies: You have a boyfriend

Sixteenth Birthday!

Protect your loved one,

People should do what you say.

You've been noticed tonight,

Because everything is inside of you!

Yes, for all nci!

You are a girl born and

Crab: Son, how much does it cost me?

SpongeBob Spa: This is a confession.

Crab: ...

Seed: Dad, you have everything I want.

Crab: Well, nothing good for my daughter. -.

SpongeBob Spa: You're a good father, Mr. Krabs.

Crab: Don't worry about yourself, boy.


Google translate setup for "Whale of a Birthday:" Irish-Serbian-Greek-Scots Gaelic-Turkish-Cebuano-Nepali-Basque-Finnish-Vietnamese

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50. I'm scared. (Stuck in the Wringer)


I'm scared.


Beans are very good: What do you say every day?

.../ I love my job

.../ Thank you! The other one is me and you.

.../ Everyone can see how beautiful it is! I'm here because we can't find it.

.../ Finally

Patrick A.: Bob Sparky rode my horse.

Beans are very good: This is good

Patrick A.: Erta (Uzbek detected word for 'early')! Visitors from Mecca

Beans are very good: She is happy

Patrick A.: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Beans are very good: I don't want to trust you, but I need your help.

Patrick A.: Which night was Bob Spiegel's favorite?

Beans are very good: Now I hope this is your story.

Patrick A.: What is the Internet?

.../ His father is gone.

Beans are very good: How are you, Peter? Why are you angry?

.../ Peter wanted to be set free, but he failed. How do I get a job? We hope you enjoy this extension.

Patrick A.: Yes

Beans are very good: Honestly, Patrick, I don’t know how I can change this.

Patrick A.: Wear shoes

Beans are very good: I don't need it.

Patrick A.: I like some vegetables and onions when I'm not at home.

Beans are very good: Beef salad with onions, garlic, sweet tomatoes and peppers.

Patrick A.: Oh my God

Beans are very good: Omia (Finnish detected word for 'Appropriate')! The ark was worried because Peter was in trouble.


.../ Put milk and butter in a dessert bowl.

The problem: Clock

.../ Hello Bob, Happy Birthday! Which store do you open?

Beans are very good: The tube box does not open. Is the pool closed?

The problem: I wrote crazy.

Beans are very good: Thank you

.../ If this doesn't work, try it.

The problem: For example, a rope

Mountains: Wait and wait an hour

Beans are very good: From

Mountains: Stay tuned! Empty feet!

.../ If you don't make a mistake, there is no mistake.

.../ Wayne mi

Beans are very good: THE ENEMY

.../ There is no example

.../ Satch has no signature.

Engine -: Graduation Day! Thanks for your feedback ...

Beans are very good: Cancer is a disease that affects people.

Engine -: I think it would be helpful if I could recommend this tool.

Patrick A.: How do you feel about that?

Beans are very good: Thank you! Patrick, this is a big mistake. I am not alone. Three ways to find three ways

Patrick A.: This option is important because I haven't found the right type yet.


Beans are very good: I really like ice cream

Patrick A.: This is the morning of Aaron!

Beans are very good: .../ I hate ice cream, rape and anger.

Patrick A.: I forgot to take it out of my bag. This is a beautiful place on the beach.


.../ Erta! I work in the garden.

Information: Get up and let her go.

Patrick A.: 5 MB

Information: Get your money

Patrick A.: I do not want to

.../ Omia! See the guide

.../ You made a mistake

Beans are very good: I don't know if my eyes are weak or not.

Patrick A.: What do I need by name?

.../ Pop TV Live Support

Beans are very good: Poseidon? !!

Patrick A.: Thanks for the change. Thank you! This is good

Beans are very good: Patrick, but I don't like cars.

Patrick A.: I'm happy

Beans are very good: He did not agree

Patrick A.: Cover with a clean cloth.

Beans are very good: Do you think the wall will be strong when you die?

Information: Do you remember the Civil War?

Some employees: Very good here

Beans are very good: Health management

Patrick A.: How many traps are there?

Beans are very good: I can work with you

Patrick A.: I will help you

Beans are very good: While I am still alive I can help you.

Patrick A.: You!

Beans are very good: Good advice

The result is: Men, do not worry about yourselves. You know who you are. Poor


Patrick A.: Don’t forget the unwanted pants. Unwanted pants

.../ Your friend's name is incorrect.

.../ I don't know your name, you know, but you know

.../ V. Yes, drive a good car.

Peter decided to eat.: This section may be omitted.

Patrick A.: Don't forget to say thank you ... okay?

.../ It all depends on the quantity!

.../ Beauty Barbie! I want something!

.../ How do you get water?

.../ Sponge Bob TV is a game to make you happy.

Beans are very good: I like playing

.../ Agreed

Patrick A.: !! NS! I am your friend, Patrick Coman.

Beans are very good: Sorry, I didn't tell you

Patrick A.: That's a lot.

Beans are very good: Or we can.

Patrick A.: In short, it's all very bad. 1

Beans are very good: .../ Omia! Add or remove? Loss of much sleep

.../ Erta! Yes; Now where are you?

Patrick Cocker: We are safe

Beans are very good: I think this could solve a big problem. You

Patrick A.: We can't explain, we have to keep.


Google translate setup for "Stuck in the Wringer:" Afrikaans-Albanian-Amharic-Arabic-Armenian-Azerbaijani-Basque-Belarusian-Bengali-Bosnian-Bulgarian-Catalan-Cebuano-Chichewa-Chinese-Corsican-Croatian-Czech-Danish-Dutch-Esperanto-Estonian-Filipino-Finnish-French-Frisian-Galician-Georgian-German-Greek-Gujarati-Haitian Creole-Hausa-Hawaiian-Hebrew-Hindi-Hmong-Hungarian-Icelandic-Igbo-Indonesian-Irish-Italian-Japanese-Javanese-Kannada-Kazakh-Khmer-Kinyarwanda-Korean-Kurdish-Kyrgyz-Lao-Latin-Latvian-Lithuanian-Luxembourgish-Macedonian-Malagasy-Malay-Malayalam-Maltese-Maori-Marathi-Mongolian-Myanmar-Nepali-Norwegian-Odia-Pashto-Persian-Polish-Portuguese-Punjabi-Romanian-Russian-Samoan-Scots Gaelic-Serbian-Sesotho-Shona-Sindhi-Sinhala-Slovak-Slovenian-Somali-Spanish-Sundanese-Swahili-Swedish-Tajik-Tamil-Tatar-Telugu-Thai-Turkish-Turkmen-Ukranian-Urdu-Uyghur-Uzbek-Vietnamese-Welsh-Xhosa-Yiddish-Yoruba-Zulu

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51. The tail of death (Dying for Pie)


The tail of death

[There is an armed man playing the piano on the island. He rings the record but the bell rings until he rings to examine. Ninaspri.]

Bob: Please break up.

[When the alarm sounds, the state rises. SquaredWord has stopped. "Don't ask where the sun is going." Squidward looked behind the car to prepare for tomorrow. She was on her way to the door when a working sponge followed her with a smile. Squidward alive]


.../ I'm glad to meet you. See you later Snyder

Pure cancer.: Good morning, is the team ready?

Ink Hal.: go home

Pure cancer.: No, the staff exchanges gifts

Ink Hal.: Mr. Krabbe, you paid me to convey this message, accept the order, and make the change. But you can't pay to be like my brother ... this man.

[Soso (Japanese detected word for 'Roughly') Bob wipes the table with a towel, then wipes his face, crying and smiling.]

Pure cancer.: Honey, it sounds good to you

Sponge Bob.: My squid gave a gift in honor of the corpse's relatives.

Ink Hal.: "I love you ..."

Pure cancer.: Please try Mr. The team. He wrote to you.

Sponge Bob.: I didn’t know how to make a hole in my head, so I rubbed it with watermelon.

.../ To need

Ink Hal.: Gray, did that happen?

Sponge Bob.: goodbye

Ink Hal.: Can I work for a low salary?

Pure cancer.: After giving a present to my brother

Ink Hal.: I want a little turtle

Pure cancer.: Oh no, boy, you know the rules. Gifts must be given

Ink Hal.: I'm just leaving

Sponge Bob.: Good on Skyward. Worth it

Pure cancer.: I know you'll come, people will fix it.

Ink Hal.: Why can't I get something weird?

Guests: If my piece was stolen then it's yours.

Ink Hal.: Ah .. Hi, I have a beautiful glass cake

Theft.: And it's made in a factory, not at home, or these forces are in a factory.

Ink Hal.: And it's a shame I think they want to buy a cake.

Guests: It’s hard for us to play football for just $ 25

Ink Hal.: So it's delicious.

Theft.: The taste of cherry apples

Ink Hal.: If the old cancer goes with me!

.../ Here, mr. Cancer, they just came out of the oven and came back into my life.

Pure cancer.: It's not over. I have to be sure of both solutions

.../ Wait ... it goes well with milk.

[He walks over to the milk, beats the book, and the cake goes into the milk.]

.../ So you tried to kill me under modern law, didn't you?

Ink Hal.: But Crabbe, I don't know what to explain.

Sponge Bob.: Mr. Crab, how are you? Listen ... go! From Squid "Sponge Bob ... then you're here."

Ink Hal.: And he died.

Pure cancer.: United States 25.05 ?! Flow ?!

Clamardo and Crabbs.: Bad cancer ?!

Pure cancer.: You stand there

Ink Hal.: It is nothing

Sponge Bob.: Hello everyone, thanks for the Calamaardo La, La, Ralala cake

Pure cancer.: You don't kill and you don't cry ... and you kill. What happened to you.

Ink Hal.: That's right

[SpongeBob says he's a good customer]

Sponge Bob.: Sir, you have an order here.

Customers: Kir. (Kurdish detected word for 'penis.')

[SpongeBob explodes on Fragments of SpongeBob exploding everywhere; Back to reality]

Ink Hal.: No, what do we have or should we call the hospital.

Pure cancer.: No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the surprise.

Ink Hal.: Do you miss that?

Pure cancer.: Eleven times is one thing.

Ink Hal.: Yes, doctor. Hospital? Eleven doesn't work. How did we get there?

Pure cancer.: Don't tell her you love her. I think the man has already entered his mother. Why does he remember the last days of the country? Babies are sure to enjoy the last minute

Ink Hal.: You're right, mr. Cancer. The last hour of the sponge makes it beautiful - there will be love in time ... it will drown a lot.

Pure cancer.: Be sure to focus on the squid

Ink Hal.: And Sponge Bob.

Sponge Bob.: Yes?

Ink Hal.: I forgot that this is the second part of the gift

Sponge Bob.: The second part? វគ្គ (Khmer detected word for 'Course') 2 វគ្គ 2 វគ្គ 2 ...

Ink Hal.: Please don't do that

Sponge Bob.: What is the second part?

Ink Hal.: So what do you find most interesting and exciting?

Sponge Bob.: Basically, it's a list of all the fun things I call friendship.

Ink Hal.: Worth a look

Sponge Bob.: I wrote the most interesting and most interesting night

Ink Hal.: All red.

Sponge Bob.: I already know

Ink Hal.: If you want to get to this list before you die, we need to start right away.

Sponge Bob.: Goodbye, Mr. Crab

.../ Get up SquaredWorld. How they changed

Ink Hal.: Oh, let's see the details

Sponge Bob.: Yes, it’s a shame for me, but it’s not good for me.

[SpongeBob and Word Cut team talk to entrepreneurs]

.../ He is my best friend October

[SpongeBob and Squidward talk to the kids]

.../ See friends. He's my best friend Harpark (Hindi detected phrase for 'every type')

[The boy is attacking Squidward. We swim while waiting for the squid, we try the runway]

.../ I want to show my best friend Squid.

Ink Hal.: Sincerely hello

.../ I'm glad it's over.

Sponge Bob.: Yes, because we are taking the next step

Ink Hal.: Important ...?

Sponge Bob.: I wear my Salman suit and show everyone in my city where my best friends are.

Ink Hal.: You're wearing a salmon suit.

Sponge Bob.: This is a good lesson.

[Join the group by putting salmon clothes in front of the children. All the men sent him. Cut SpongeBob Bob, who went on the list]

.../ So, um ... typing spelling. No squid.

Ink Hal.: Who's there

Sponge Bob.: NS!

Ink Hal.: Yes ...

[SpongeBob changes his joke list to find reasons. SpongeBob Stroy (Russian detected word for 'Build') and Squidward are back]

Sponge Bob.: You see all your friends watching you.

[Remove this item from its SpongeBob list. Cut the beans with milk to increase the volume of the tongue from your mouth and turn your hands forward. SpongeBob looked at items on his list Spong. Squidwardist Bob Facesini]

.../ There are grapes on the left

Ink Hal.: I can not breathe.

[SpongeBob is looking at his list. Spong Bob Pants for Open Heart Surgery]

.../ Are you sure you want to break it?

Sponge Bob.: Who's the doctor here?

.../ Last list ...

Ink Hal.: Does it include relaxation?

Sponge Bob.: See the sunrise with October

Ink Hal.: Twilight

Pure cancer.: I think the force came before the guys hit.

Sponge Bob.: Hi, I have cancer. It's great, Krabb, nice to meet you.

Ink Hal.: Order in the morning or evening


Sponge Bob.: Unfortunately, the sunset of the submarine was beautiful, yes, it was crazy for me, but it didn't come for me.

Ink Hal.: Yes!

Sponge Bob.: Yes, and it looks like BT to me.

Ink Hal.: Yes!

Sponge Bob.: The sunset reminds me of fruit times, what do they think of you?

Ink Hal.: An explosion ... I mean a fall

Sponge Bob.: You know, it would be nice if I could die in the blink of an eye and ignore my friends.

.../ Well, I think something fell out of my stomach. Hello, the smell of cherries or blueberries?

.../ The sunset is here! I always like to read five ... you do a lot.

Ink Hal.: Fire ... disk ... one ... and ...

Sponge Bob.: I think we started a long time ago and started again.

Ink Hal.: Five ... four ... three ... two ... o-o-o-on ... I figured it out in a few hours. I am a good person.

[A bomb exploded behind the wall, but this time it landed on the army wall. And it creates bubbles, alive and strong.]

Sponge Bob.: Hi squad, look.

.../We dance like crazy

Ink Hal.: Why are you still here?

Sponge Bob.: All right, I'll fill out the whole list and make a new one. I have prepared this guide, we can prepare it in January

Ink Hal.: You forgot the book. I talk nonsense all day, which surprises me.

Sponge Bob.: To ignore me

Ink Hal.: Yes, that's what I expected.

Sponge Bob.: Yes, and it looks like BT to me. Make the dessert you want. Now it's your turn.

Ink Hal.: I'm not stupid!

Sponge Bob.: This! NS

Ink Hal.: Millions of new pieces have to explode.

Sponge Bob.: Why I need it

Ink Hal.: Because the cake you eat is heavy.

Sponge Bob.: Why?

Ink Hal.: This morning I was sitting at the counter and took 25 drums from the thief, I didn't expect the bombing ... I ate your cake.

Sponge Bob.: Everything ... everything ...

.../ Hi friends, get this cake. We put it in a distribution bag. [Continues to fall on the rock] Unfortunately!

[The bun rises slowly squidward, causing an explosion to explode under the bikini.]

Ink Hal.: And three


Google translate setup for "Dying for Pie:"

Scene descriptionsFinnish-Odia-Russian-Albanian-Lao-Luxembourgish-Tajik-Hausa-Estonian-Filipino-Icelandic-Scots Gaelic-Haitian Creole

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