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The Golden Community Awards X (10!): Nominations

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Gonna give spin-off/lits some love for SOF7. May or may not do members later (I'd wager more on "may not", but who knows):

II.) Spin-Off & Literature Categories

1.) Best Creation: Xat Time Travelers, Miss Appear, Team SpongeBob, Community Deathmatch, and SBCinema

2.) Best Ended Creation: JCMovies, SBC Honest Trailers, Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure, One-Time SpongeBob Characters: Where Are They Now?, and Pisces Moon

3.) Best Pilot: "The Fast and the Curious" (The Quickster), "The Adventure Begins" (The Yellow Avenger), "Get Ready To Sail" (Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure), "A Dark Place" (Miss Appear), and "Day of the Diabolic" (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force)

4.) Best Episode: "The Do or Die Squad" (SBCinema), "The Universal Guardian" (Team SpongeBob), "Opportunity Knocks" (Community Deathmatch), "Communists vs. Fascists" (Skodwarde), and "It's Called Gruzz" (Squid)

5.) Best Storyline: Xat Time Travelers, The Quickster, Miss Appear, Team SpongeBob, and Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure

6.) Best Comedy: Total Cartoon Global Cruise, Community Deathmatch, Xat Time Travelers, SBCinema, and My Life Story

7.) Best Location: Pacific Maritime University (Squid), New Kelp City (The Quickster), Xat (Xat Time Travelers), Karate Island (Team SpongeBob), and Core Earth (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force)

8.) Best Protagonist: Mr. Krabs (Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure), Miss Appear (Miss Appear), The Quickster (The Quickster), Lettuce (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force), and Hayden (Xat Time Travelers)

9.) Best Antagonist: ACS (Community Deathmatch), Shadow (Miss Appear), Tammie (The Quickster), Triton (Team SpongeBob), and The Aliens (Xat Time Travelers)

10.) Best Minor Character: Captain Retro (Total Cartoon Global Cruise), Vivian Coyne (Miss Appear), and Kraky (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force)

11.) Most Creative: Community Deathmatch, Team SpongeBob, Cerebus the Aardvark, Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky, and Xat Time Travelers

12.) Most Well-Written: Team SpongeBob, Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky, Cerebus the Aardvark, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, and Doody Era

III.) Hall of Fame

Honorary Creator Award: Teenj and JCM

2.) Honorary Show Award: Community Deathmatch and Spin-Off Action

3.) Honorary Staff Member Award: JCM and Face

4.) Honorary Member Award: SOF and Steel

Edited by Austin Layers
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Best Debater - Wumbo, terminoob, Katniss, Nuggets, 70s

Funniest Member - OMJ, Elastic, sbnator,  Homie, Burgerpants

Most Serious Member - crushing, Steel, teenj, Negi, Darkness

Most Unique Username - CyanideFishbone, TheOpenWindowManiac, whatever WhoBob's username is now, whatever ScienceGirl's username is now, whatever Spongetron's name is now

Spongiest Member - Mermaid Magic, Grubby Grouper, Rev, President Squidward, Sandy

Kindest Member - Sauce, Cha, Renegade, SOF, Ooooooofy

Most Competitive Member - Hayden, Trophy, More, sbl, Halibut

Maturest Member - tvguy, ssj, Sailor Man, Aya, Fa

Most Contributive Member - Jjs, hilaryfan80, JCM, Fred, Metal Snake

Most Creative Member - Spongy272, William Leonard, Ol Bold and Brash, Jekuma, BenPaz

Most Missed Member - Jelly, CF, Someone, Doctor Sex, CNF

Smartest Member - E.V.I.L, illiniguy34, Face, SpongeBob's #1 Fan, Elmyra Duff


Hall of Fame:

Creator: Tvguy and Metal Snake

Show: Community Deathmatch and Rusty's Raping Rampage

Staff: 70s and terminoob

Members: Sauce and Steel


I will gladly vote for spin-offs and lits when the nominations are finalized, but I've done a terrible job keeping up with a majority of them the past six months so it wouldn't be fair to do so. =/

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Best Debater - terminoob, Metal Snake, Clappy, Katniss, Dr. WhoBob

Funniest Member - OMJ, Wumbo, Clappy, Fred Rechid, JCM

Most Serious Member - Clappy, jjsthekid, Metal Snake, crushingmayhem, Katniss

Most Unique Username - WhoBob's recent username, CyanideFishbone, TheOpenWindowManiac, Spongetron Robotpants, The Spicy Burrito

Spongiest Member - Mermaid Magic, Spongebob's #1 Fan, Grubby Grouper, Sandy, BeachBob95

Kindest Member - Cha, crushingmayhem, Sauce Mama, Spongetron Robotpants, teenj12

Most Competitive Member - Hayden, Trophy, More, teenj12, Sandy

Maturest Member - JCM, jjsthekid, terminoob, Halibut, E.V.I.L.

Most Contributive Member - hilaryfan80, jjsthekid, Homie, crushingmayhem, Cha

Most Creative Member - Cha, Mermaid Magic, JCM, Renegade the Unicorn, Dreaded Patrick

Most Missed Member - CNF, Jelly, Sabre, Dr. Sex

Smartest Member - hilaryfan80, jjsthekid, SG10, CNF, terminoob


1.) Honorary Creator Award

JCM and teenj12

2.) Honorary Show Award

Community Deathmatch and SBC Honest Trailers

3.) Honorary Staff Member Award

JCM and Metal Snake

4.) Honorary Member Award

Dr. WhoBob and Katniss


Sorry guys, I haven't been keeping up with Spin-Off/Lits to muster up the time to vote for them.

Edited by Steel Sponge
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