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Power Rangers: Multiverse Force

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Greetings all, Renegade here. I've decided to post my first lit on the site: an action/adventure crossover series based on the Power Rangers franchise. The series will follow a group of five characters in a science fiction/fantasy setting of my own creation as they become a new team of Power Rangers to save the world from an evil space demon using the powers of the ancient dinosaurs. Taking influences from the earliest Power Rangers seasons (more specifically, Mighty Morphin') and blending them with original elements, I hope to create a 65-episode series spanning 3 seasons. I'm currently working on the first episode, and should be posting it at some point. 


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I apologize for the time it's taking in posting the first episode of Power Rangers: Multiverse Force. Do not worry, however. I'll have the first episode (Day of the Diabolic) posted at some point this week. The reason I'm taking so long is because I'm starting a side project, The Animated Tales of GWAR, based on the Funny Or Die short of the same name.

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Day of the Diabolic

    We begin with an establishing shot of space, near the planet of Core Earth. Core Earth is a planet that is exactly like ours in most ways, down to the placement and shapes of the continents. However, there is one massive difference: Core Earth is located in another dimension entirely, and was once home to a mighty civilization known as the Annunaki. The Annunaki were a shapeshifting race of reptile-like humans who inhabited the planet thousands of years ago. The Annunaki possessed highly advanced technology, the most coveted being the jumpers; devices that allowed for interuniversal travel. Using these devices, the Annunaki gained control of not only the multiverse, but the space-time continuum as well. Their gods, the ancient Old Ones, punished them for their insolence and single-minded goals of conquests. 

    And so, the Annunaki vanished, their technology preserved and the multiverse desynchronizing back to the natural flow of time-space. 20,000 years later, a new order would be founded on Core Earth after a wormhole transported a group of space colonists to Core Earth in 2178 AD: the Multiverse Federation. Using the still-working jumpers, the colonists transported 60% of Earth's population to the new planet, in an event known as the Exodus. Shortly afterwards, the humans discovered that other universes were out there, and set out to build a new democratic civilization, calling themselves the United Federation of Multiverses, or the Multiverse Federation for short. Our story begins in the year 800 AE (After Exodus), or 2978 AD. Core Earth has been at peace for centuries, ruled over by the Federation with a fair hand. Until now...
-Coastal Falls, Western Core Earth-

    The sun shone on the floating city of Coastal Falls as the early morning clouds parted to reveal the bright blue sky above. The city itself was around the size of Los Angeles, built on an island kept aloft by thrusters. As the citizens went about their day, a small silver ship parked in front of Coastal Falls Academy, one of the city's most highly-rated schools. The ship itself resembled an Irken Voot Cruiser with hints of gold. Within the ship itself, there were two creatures. Penguins, to be more specific. In the driver's seat was a bird of around 70 years of age, wearing a rather nice looking tuxedo. His feathers were a grayish-silver, and he had a kind, yet upper-class look about him. His name was Giles, and he was the faithful butler of the wealthy Manchot (mon-CHO) family. In the driver's seat was the only child of Jacques Manchot, patriarch of the family and famous chef: Retthi Manchot, of as he preferred to be called, "Lettuce". 

    Both penguins, aside from age and feather color, looked about the same. Their bodies were small and squat, and both birds measured around 3.5 feet in height. They were covered in a predominant feather color, Giles' being grey and Lettuce's being a nice verdant shade. The exceptions to this rule were their stomach areas, covered entirely in white feathers. The penguins' feet were rounded rectangles of an orange shade, and their beaks were rounded ovals, also orange. And to top it all off, while Giles was 70, Lettuce was 51 years younger: 19. As Lettuce climbed out of the ship, Giles gave a warm smile. "Master Manchot, I do hope you're ready. College is a big responsibility." 

    "Relax, Giles." Lettuce said with a laugh. "I have nothing to worry about." And with that, the ship drove off, most likely back to the family estate. Looking up at the school, Lettuce could see that it was a bricks-mortar-and-concrete type of building, which seemed rather archaic for such an advanced society, but some people liked it that way. The campus itself was rather large, appropriately enough, due to the fact that Coastal Falls Academy catered to both high school and college students. Dormitories and classrooms were evenly spaced out, allowing for simple access. With these observations in mind, Lettuce took a deep breath and entered the school.

    At the same time Lettuce was being dropped off, a young woman of about 14 years of age stood outside CFA. She was around 4'11", with blonde hair wrapped into twintail odango buns. Her skin was very fair, with azure blue eyes. Dressed in a sailor fuku (as was tradition back home), the girl, named Usagi Tsukino, pondered her surroundings. Even though she'd been living in this city for several weeks now, she still felt alone and isolated. Though she was admittedly very sociable, Usagi still hadn't made one friend in Coastal Falls, nor did she think she ever would. She missed her friends back home, especially her bestie Naru. Trying to hold back tears, Usagi walked into the school, unknowingly following Lettuce.

    As Lettuce walked into the school, he had the feeling that someone was following him. Slowly turning his head so that he could see behind him, Lettuce caught sight of Usagi, who appeared to be crying. It seemed that she could not hold in the waterworks any longer and had broken down. Pitying the girl, Lettuce waddled over to her. "Hey hey hey, no need for tears..." he said calmly, placing his flippers on Usagi's left arm. "What's wrong?" he asked. Usagi expressed her fears and worries as she stopped crying. Lettuce listened, nodding where appropriate and spraking only when Usagi was finished. "Wow, that's tough." Lettuce said finally. "If you want, I'll be your first friend here." Lettuce soon found himself in a very tight hug.

    Elsewhere in the school, three very different individuals had met and already formed a rather nice friendship: Naruto Uzumaki, Toby Jones, and Pinkamena Diane Pie, or "Pinkie", as she preferred to be called. Each of these three came from varying backgrounds, and by extension, various worlds: Naruto from a world of ninjas, Toby from a world where people lived alongside creatures known as Pokemon, and Pinkie from a world of multicolored talking ponies. Each of them had different reasons for being in Coastal Falls, but all of them had the same core motive of education. Naruto, for example, had decided to pursue a year of further education after the Multiverse Federation had made first contact, Toby had decided to take a break from Pokemon training (at the insistence of his mother, a former trainer herself), and Pinkie was part of an exhange program. Naruto was a young fair-skinned man of 17, with blonde spiky hair and blue eyes. He wore a black jacket, and a grey headband with a metal plate on the front, which was engraved with a spiral, the symbol of his village. Toby was a boy of 15, with fair skin and a mop of greasy jet black hair. He wore a black T-shirt with a blue denim jacket, and faded jeans that might also have once been blue, but had faded to mostly white over the years. 

    He also wore dusted tennis shoes that had once been black, but were now brown. Pinkie was a mare that, while not giving her exact age, said that she was in her late teens-early adulthood. She had a coat of light pink, with her mane being a deeper shade and in a poofed-up style. Her eyes were an oceanic blue, conveying her personality: silly, sweet and innocent, but having a hidden serious streak. Pinkie's most defining feature, however, was the tattoo-like mark of three balloons on both sides of her flank. When asked about it, the pony explained that it was her "cutie mark", a representation of her innate talents, in this case throwing parties. She went further in explaining that all ponies in her world had one that they recieved in their foalhoods. Pinkie then followed her explanation with her own series of questions, mostly concerning Naruto and Toby's cake, candy, and drink preferences. 

    As all this was going on, far above Core Earth, a large spaceship was entering orbit around the planet. The ship itself had a rather large hull, colored a rusted red. On the sides of the ship were large mechanical bat wings, useless in space, but were an amazing decoration. This ship was known as the Diabolic, and its crew were here to begin their plans of conquest. From within, several beings were standing in the ship's central room, which was rather dim, with shelves lined with small bronze statues of various monsters. The leader of these six beings was a rather tall and imposing creature, despite his emaciated-looking appearance. He was entirely red, with small stub-like horns and glowing white eyes. His top row of fang-like teeth was protruding from his upper jaw, yet this did not affect his speech in any way, oddly enough. His name was Diabolica, Emperor of the Tauran, and he was...hoping to expand his rule, to put it lightly. Despite his feminine sounding name, however, he was a force to be reckoned with. "My loyal crew," the Emperor began. "Today we begin our conquest of this planet called Core Earth, and all of reality itself!" 

"My lord..." a high-pitched and feminine voice asked.

"Yes, Circe?" Diabolica asked, clearly annoyed. 

"How do you suppose we conquer Core Earth?" Circe, an obese anthropomorphic pig dressed in witch's robes asked. Her companion Kraky, a lean creature resembling the Kraken from Clash of the Titans nodded in agreement. 

"Obviousssly, we will use the power of the Bloodbeasssts." a voice, also female, hissed as she slithered up to Circe. This woman, from her head to her waist, resembled a redheaded and attractive woman with faded blue eyes. From the waist down, however, she had a long, green body, much like a serpent. Her name was Vipera, and she was one of Diabolica's top members. 

"Bah!" General Bahphomet, an ash grey goat-like creature with blood red eyes scoffed. "What use have we for Bloodbeasts? The rituals don't work unless you do them correctly, and Drako's the only who knows how to do them." 
"We actually have a lot of uses for Bloodbeasts, Baphomet." Diabolica interrupted. "Such as what we'll be using for our first scouting of Core Earth. DRAKO!" 

"Y-yes?" a wheezy voice came from a bit further away. The voice belonged to a red-and-gold colored lizard in priestly robes. His name was Drako, and he was in charge of the Bloodbeast creation rituals. 

"Create a Bloodbeast for our first attack on Core Earth!" Diabolica ordered. 

"Yes, sire." Drako replied, grabbing a figurine of a dinosaur with a unicorn's horn. Placing the figure on a small platform situated above a cauldron, Drako took a dagger out of his robes and made a thin cut on his arm, letting the blood drip onto the plaform and into the container below. Wrapping the wound so that he wouldn't bleed out, Drako began reciting an ancient incantation:

"Filiorum tenebrarum obsecro te.

Ut vas possidere liceat!"

As Drako recited, the figure gained red pulsating veins on its body that seemed to be...alive. Slowly, the figure began to grow to the size of a human, and its bronze skin replaced with grey flesh, the horn becoming a silver drill. As the creature began taking its first breaths of life, Drako smiled at Diabolica. "My lord, I present Unirex!"

"...Not the most creative of names, but he will do just fine." Diabolica mused. "A word of advice, Drako: do not go cutting yourself every time you create a Bloodbeast."

"Noted, my lord. From now on, I will use the vials of blood that I have stored in my chambers."

"Excellent." Diabolica said, summoning a small group of his foot soldiers, known as Imps. The Imps seemed to resemble small red devils, with sharp pointed horns, white eyes with small black pupils, sharp claws and teeth. There were 10 Imps in total, a sizable group to cause mayhem. Diabolica teleported the Imps down into Coastal Falls Square. "Soon, I WILL BE A GOD!"

    At the same time Diabolica was beginning his conquest of Core Earth, far below Coastal Falls Academy, there lay a large steel-lined building. From within, the walls were lined with computers that blinked red, blue, yellow, green, and pink. In one corner, there was a large crystal ball. In another, there was a podium on which lay five devices resembling smartwatches, with five colored gems situated next to them. In the center was a large computer console with various buttons and switches. What was at the front of the room, however, was the most amazing thing: a hooded man in a white cloak and a small humanoid robot with a red body, tube-like appendages, and a golden saucer shaped head with a visor. The hooded man stirred as if asleep, startling the robot.

"Omnus!" the robot said in a high-pitched voice, the visor glowing red as it spoke. "You're awake after all these years!" 

"Yes, Alpha." the man known as Omnus spoke. "I have awakened from my milennia-long suspended animation. Do you know what this means?" 

"We won't get our pizza in 30 minutes or less?" Alpha asked.

"This is no time for one-liners, Alpha. This planet is in grave danger." Omnus scolded. "It's time. Teleport to us the best representatives of goodness and humanity in the multiverse." 

"You mean...?" Alpha asked in an exasperated tone.

"Yes. Teenagers with attitude." 

"Ay-yi-yi!" Alpha declared. "I knew this would happen!" Moving over to the computer console, Alpha set the teleportation coordinates, and pressed a green button. 

    Back at CFA, Lettuce and Usagi had been idly chatting when the latter noticed something odd. "Lettuce, is it just me, or are we...?"

"Floating?" Lettuce answered. "Yeah, it does. I think something weird's going oNNNN!" As Lettuce finished his sentence, he was teleported out of the school in a flash of green light. Before Usagi could react, she was likewise teleported out of the school in a flash of yellow light. Naruto, Toby, and Pinkie were also teleported in flashes of red, blue, and pink respectively. 

    When they five had landed, they found themselves in the steel-lined building. Looking around, they all had different reactions: Lettuce astonished, Usagi frightened, Naruto confused, Toby excited, and Pinkie curious. "Where are we?" Usagi asked.

"I don't know. It's amazing though." Lettuce answered. 

"Neither do I." Naruto continued.

"It's awesome!" Toby replied.

"Pretty lights!" Pinkie commented.

After an awkward moment of silence, the five introduced each other, then began to explore. Toby and Usagi went left, Lettuce and Pinkie went right. Naruto was left alone in the center, and he began walking forward, bumping into Alpha. "Ay-yi-yi! I'm so sorry!" the robot said, turning around.

"Whoa...a robot." Naruto said.

"A robot?" Toby said, walking towards Naruto and Alpha, with Usagi following. Lettuce and Pinkie did the same.

"Yeah." Naruto said, turning to Alpha. "Hello. Can you tell us where we are?" 

"I am Alpha 8. And you're in the Command Center." Alpha answered. 

"And I am Omnus of Eltar, born of the Order of Zoltar, like my great-grandfather Zordon before me." Omnus greeted. 

"Why are we here?" Toby asked.

"I am glad you asked." Omnus replied. "This planet is in great danger."

"Great danger?! That's terrible!" Pinkie said.

"It is, my dear. Observe the Viewing Globe." Omnus said, directing the group towards the crystal ball. Within it, the five observed the Imps rampaging in the city square, then an image of Diabolica himself. "This is Emperor Diabolica, leader of the Tauran Empire. He seeks to take over this planet and then the entire multiverse. You five have been selected to form an elite team of heroes known as the Power Rangers." 

"...Power Rangers?" Usagi asked, tilting her head slightly. 

"Please direct your attention to the podium at the right." Omnus instructed. The group surrounded said podium, looking at the watches and gemstones.

"These are the Power Watches. They will allow you to morph into your Ranger forms when you call out 'Multiverse, Save Core Earth'. Next to the watches are your Power Gems, imbued with the energies of the ancient dinosaurs. Naruto: you have been granted the power of the mighty Tyrannosaurus, and the position of the Red Ranger. Toby, the Stegosaurus and the role of Blue Ranger. Lettuce, the Triceratops and powers of the Green Ranger. Usagi, the Hadrosaueus and the abilities of the Yellow Ranger. Pinkie, thw Anklylosaurus and the duties of the Pink Ranger." Taking the watches and gems, the group placed the gems in the bottom center holes of the watches. "You also have control of mighty Zords, massive war machines that are only to be used as a last resort." Omnus explained. "Your Zords can combine into the Multimegazord, the ultimate weapon against evil. Now, go! Fight off the Imps, and may the power protect you."

    The newly-minted Rangers were transported to the city square, where the Imps were waiting for them. Getting in fighting positions, Naruto in the front, Usagi and Toby at the left and right, Lettuce and Pinkie at the back, the team began to strategize. After a bit of pondering, Toby spoke up. "Let's split up. That way we can take these guys down easier." The others nodded, and split up. Toby realized rather quickly that splitting up may not have been the best idea, as he had no experience in either martial arts or hand to hand combat. Deciding to improvise with random punches and kicks, Toby found that taking the Imps down was surprisingly easy. 

    Usagi, however, was having much more difficulty in fighting the Imps, however. The experience of facing small devils caused Usagi to break down in tears. This had an advantage, however: the sound of her cries were picked up by the yellow Power Gem, and amplified into an energy attack, knocking the two Imps back. The Imps tried attacking Usagi again. And again. And again, to no avail. Toby ran over to Usagi, calmed her down and gave her some words of encouragement. Usagi's tears subsided, and she got up. Remembering all the manga she read back home, Usagi sent a flying kick towards the Imps.

    Lettuce, much like Usagi and Toby, had no experience in personal combat whatsover, but he already had a plan. Noticing several wooden planks nearby, Lettuce ran, making sure the Imps followed him. Making sure to arm himself with a plank, Lettuce looked at the Imps. "Hey fellas." he greeted. "I wanted to invite you to my 'Welcome to the Power Rangers' party." The Imps looked at each other, then at Lettuce. "Oh come on, guys, it'll be a BASH!" And with that, Lettuce brought down the plank onto the first Imp's head, cracking its skull open. The second Imp stopped fighting to mourn its fallen comrade, so Lettuce took rhe chance to crack open that one's skull too.

    Naruto, meanwhile, had the easiest time fighting the Imps. Using his Shadow Clone technique, Naruto created a double of himself to assist him in fighting off the foot soldiers. The duo, using all the moves that they could think of on one hand, easily defeated the Imps.

    Pinkie, likewise, had the easiest time in fighting the Imps. Using her party cannon (which she never left home without), Pinkue aimed at the first Imp and launched a cake at it. This provided her not only with a victory, but also a viable distraction while she fought the second Imp. Grabbing the small demon-like creature, Pinkie proceeded to bodyslam the creature, causing it to explode from the force of the impact, which caused Pinkie to rebound like a rubber ball. The first Imp stopped eating the cake that had been launched at it, and charged at the pink mare. Pinkie's response was to stuff the poor screaming Imp into the cannon, and fire at a nearby brick wall. 

    Emperor Diabolica was not happy. Not happy at all, no siree bob. His entire plan to invade Core Earth was already coming apart, and at the hands of ordinary citizens, no less! But he was determined to stop these puny creatures, no matter the cost. "UNIREX!" he bellowed. "Destroy those foolish beings!" 

"...Yes, master." Unirex replied, his voice sounding like Christian Bale's Batman gargling gravel. 

Meanwhile, the Rangers were congratulating each other on their victories against the Imps when Naruto saw Unirex being sent down. "Looks like we've got another guy to deal with." he said.

"Whoa! Freaky." Toby said.

"Wait...Omnus said these watches would give us power!" Lettuce piped in. "Let's do it!" 

The others nodded. "MULTIVERSE, SAVE CORE EARTH!" they invoked as white energy encased the group and the Ranger suits materialized. The helmets were entirely solid colors, aside from the visors which were purely black embroidered with gold. The suits themselves were mostly solid, with white diamond shapes located on the shoulders, chests, lower torsos, and legs. The chestpieces were golden symbols depicting a picture of Core Earth. When the morphing sequence had finished, the team posed in the same positions as earlier, with an explosion randomly happening behind them. No one commented on this, not even the monster that they were about to fight. 

"HAHAHA!" Unirex taunted. "Nice costumes, fools! Where are you going, a masquerade ball for basement geeks?" 

"No, but we know where you're going!" Toby replied. "Back to the slime pits where you belong!" 

"Oh, is that so?" Unirex replied. "I don't think so, pal! I'm planning to stay, so I'll give you a warm welcome!" Unirex proceeded to blast a small stream of fire, knocking the team out of their poses and causing sparks to fly.

"Man, this guy is tough!" Naruto said.

"Yeah!" Usagi agreed, getting up and dusting herself off. 

"What do we do?" Pinkie asked.

"We fight." Lettuce answered, charging at Unirex.

"NO, WAIT A MINUTE LETTUCE, HE HAS A-" Naruto shouted as Unirex struck Lettuce with his drill horn.

"...drill." Naruto finished dryly. 

Lettuce got up, and began to tussle with Unirex, who kept drilling at him. "Whoa...just like a Rhyhorn." Toby muttered.

"A what?" Usagi asked, looking at Toby with a confused look. 

"I'll tell you later. Right now we have to help Lettuce." Toby replied. 

Naruto nodded, as he led the charge on Unirex, who laughed as the claw-like nails on his stubby little fingers grew into katanas. 

"Oh, I see you've returned to help your little friend here. It's too bad you'll get to see him be turned into chicken nuggets." the creature said. 

"...What. Did. You. Call me, motherfucker?!" Lettuce shouted, his blood boiling. 

"You heard me, little bird. You heard me so very well." Unirex replied, sharpening his claws and walking towards Lettuce. 

"NOBODY...CALLS ME...CHICKEN!" Lettuce shouted, charging up a punch and striking Unirex in the stomach. Unirex not only fell back, but seemed to get weaker. Much weaker. 

"That's it! His weak spot is his stomach!" Naruto said to his teammates. 

Toby grinned at Naruto underneath his helmet. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" 

"You know it!" Naruto replied, readying a flying kick. Toby and the others did the same.

"OK, team. On three! One...two...THREE!" Naruto said, the entire team fly-kicking Unirex, causing him to explode. 

    This pissed Diabolica off further, and he turned to Drako with a fierce look. "Bring him back." he said coldly. 
"I honestly would, sire, but there's only one problem: I cannot bring Unirex back, unless the forces of chaos are called upon to make him grow."

"Where is the problem in that, then?" Diabolica questioned, his tone becoming angrier.

"The forces of chaos are very dangerous and risky to summon, my lord. There's a chance that if brought back, Unirex would become unstable." Drako explained. 

"Then that is a risk we will have to take." Diabolica said, moving over to the cauldron. "FORCES OF CHAOS, MAKE MY BLOODBEAST GROOOOW!" Diabolica shouted, summoning a red bolt of lightning that struck the spot where Unirex once stood, reviving the monster and changing him into a giant. 

"Whoa!" Lettuce shouted. "He's as big as a battleship!" 

"What'll we do?!" Usagi asked, scared. "There's no way we can fight him while we're this small!"

"Omnus also mentioned something called a 'Multimegazord', right?" Toby asked Naruto. "We can summon that to deal with Unirex!" 

"Good idea!" Naruto said. "WE NEED DINOZORD POWER NOW!" he shouted up at the sky. In the distance, loud roars could be heard as the Dinozords were summoned. The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord was mostly a solid red with patches of silver and glowing white eyes. The Stegosaurus Dinozord was almost entirely blue, aside from the silver and gold colorations of its spinal fins, as well as the purely silver underbelly and legs, with eyes that glowed an eerie yellow. The Triceratops Zord was entirely green, with menacing red eyes. The Hadrosaurus Dinozord was of a similar vein, colored an entirely solid yellow, with blue eyes just like Usagi's. The Ankylosaurus Dinozord's top half was a hot pink, while the bottom half was entirely silver. The cockpits of each Zord were all identical, being entirely silver rooms with a colored symbol representing the Dinozord, and by extension, the Ranger piloting it. The controls for the Zords, likewise, were identical, consisting of various buttons and joysticks much like a video game. When the Rangers were transported into the cockpits of their Dinozords, each of them had different reactions and comments:

"Red Ranger locked and loaded!" Naruto said.

"Awesome!" Toby commented.

"It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum...and I'm all outta gum." Lettuce declared.

"Ooh, is that a stereo?" Usagi asked, noticing a stereo system in her Zord. 

"...A CANDY DRAWER?!" Pinkie shouted excitedly. 

Once the other Rangers were ready, Naruto began the transformation sequence for the Multimegazord. "Multimegazord sequence has been activated." a robotic voice announced as the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord began to transform into the head and torso of a human. The Stegosaurus Dinozord split itself in half to form the arms, attaching themselves to the body. The Ankylosaurus and Hadrosaurus Dinozords merged together to form the left leg, and the Triceratops Dinozord formed the right leg. "Multimegazord sequence complete." the robotic voice announced as the transformation finished. Now in a cockpit big enough to fit all of them, the Rangers prepared to take Unirex down once and for all. 

"Oh, goody! I have a new playmate!" Unirex cackled as he charged at the Multimegazord.

"You wanna play?!" Naruto taunted. "All righty then, let's play wrestlers!" The Multimegazord then stopped Unirex dead in his tracks as it piledrived the monster into the ground. Unirex let out a groan of pain as he slowly got up.

"You wanna play dirty? Fine, I'll play dirty too!" Unirex shouted as he activated his drill horn. 

"Activate Dino Shields!" Toby said quickly as he pressed a button that formed dual solid gold rounded shields that appeared in the Multimegazord's hands. Unirex's drill gave off bright sparks as it tried weakening the shields. The Multimegazord, when the drill began to slow down from exerting so much energy, threw the left shield at the horn, breaking it off and leaving a massive hole in Unirex's forehead. 

"NO! MY BEAUTIFUL HORN!" Unirex shouted, rather upset. Making his claws grow again, Unirex raised his arms to slash at the Multimegazord, knocking the robot back quite a bit. Thinking quickly, Lettuce readied the second Dino Shield and tossed it, hoping to counterattack. What he got instead was the shield coming back like a boomerang, cutting off both of Unirex's arms in the process. Now armless and mostly without defenses, Unirex continued to fight even though he was bleeding out slowly. Seizing the chance to finish off their foe, the Rangers summoned the Power Sword, a silver blade that landed hilt-up onto the ground. Picking it up, the Multimegazord readied a finishing move as Unirex begged for mercy.

"Please don'r kill me!" Unirex begged. "I didn't mean it when I insulted your outfits! I'm sor-" Unirex didn't get to finish his pleas, as the slash from the Power Sword caused him to explode. 

"Good work, Rangers." Omus said, communicating with the Multimegazord. "Return to the Command Center at once."

    Meanwhile, Emperor Diabolica had reached his boiling point. "YOU IDIOTS! IF IT WEREN'T FOR THOSE POWER RANGERS, OUR FIRST ATTACK WOULD'VE BEEN SUCCESSFUL!"

"Do not worry, my emperor. We will defeat them soon enough." Baphomet said.

"I hope so, Baphomet." Vipera said, stroking her lover's head. "For once we do, we will make them pay."

"I honestly hope we don't defeat them soon." Circe whispered to Kraky, sharing a bowl of popcorn with her friend. "The Emperor's meltdowns are just too fun to watch."

    Meanwhile, at the Command Center, Omnus was smiling at his Rangers from beneath his hood. "You have done well, Power Rangers. You have shown Emperor Diabolica that as a team, you are a force of good that will be reckoned with. But even though we've won this battle, there are many more to be fought." 

Naruto took a deep breath, and spoke. "Even if it takes the rest of our lives, we'll dedicate every day to defeating Diabolica. Who's with me?"

"I am." Lettuce said, extending a flipper.

"Me too!" Toby said, placing his hand on Lettuce's flipper.

"Even though that was really scary, count me in!" Usagi said, placing her hand.

"Me four!" Pinkie said happily, putting her right hoof on the pile.

Naruto grinned as he joined hands, flipper, and hoof with his teammates. Throwing their appendages into the air, one thing could be heard in the Command Center:



And lo and behold, the saga of the newest Power Rangers team begins. This first episode/chapter was a lot of fun to write, and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Constructive feedback is not only welcomed, but encouraged as well.

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Check it out, Renegade the Unicorn asked me to guest write an episode while he finishes up "Fire Fight!" I hope you enjoy it! / “Heightened Anxiety”

The camera opens up on an UNUSUALLY cold bedroom, because it is DESIGNED to look like a giant freezer, mainly because it is the bedroom of one Green Ranger, named Lettuce the Penguin. Being surrounded by ice and a blast of cold wind coming from a fan, reminds Lettuce of his ancestral home in Antarctica. Right now, Lettuce is sleeping and having a dream. We get to see his dream, and it looks like a scene that would belong RIGHT in the 1986 movie of “Top Gun!” Lettuce is currently being coached by a LEGENDARY penguin, Skipper! Skipper says: “All right, you got your basic throttle system, your jet propulsion engine system, the check oil light, the tail lights, the headlights, your Dolby Digital Stereo System, your fancy intercom, and a clock that can be a G.P.S., distress signal, julienne fries and pizza maker and can do ANYTHING except tell you what time it is. Any questions?”

Lettuce raises his flipper and asks: “It doesn't tell TIME?”

Skipper says: “There was no more room for the clock. BEGIN training!” The two penguins start up their engines in their planes, and they achieve lift-off. Skipper says: “Now, do a barrel roll! Just press the R and or L button twice!”

Lettuce asks: “What do barrel rolls have to do with this?”

Skipper says: “I don't know, I read it on an Internet meme once. Besides, it just sounds cool!” Then suddenly, an alarm starts blaring in Lettuce's plane, and Lettuce's plane starts falling OUT of the sky due to some inexplicable event.

Lettuce panics and says: “I'm falling! The plane is falling! I'm falling...why am I falling?!” Than it DAWNS on him as he hollowly says: “I'm falling because penguins CAN'T fly!!!!” The plane is about to hit the ground, when suddenly, Lettuce SNAPS awake as he hits the ground, because he fell out of bed! Lettuce moans and says: “Not again! It's going to take FOREVER for me to get back to bed.” But right outside of Lettuce's bedroom, watching through his bedroom window, is a certain pig named Circe, and she is GIDDY to have witnessed this occurrence! /

In Emperor Diabolica's secret base, the Imps are standing at attention, waiting to carry out a new order from their dark master. Emperor Diabolica raises his right finger and says: “Imps, execute Attack Pattern 66!” The imps seem confused, and start attacking each other in random patterns, but it is clear from the SOUR look on the Emperor's face, that he is NOT at all PLEASED with their form! Emperor Diabolica screams: “You're IDIOTS!!!! You're ALL idiots!!!! And what's WORSE, I've got a HEADACHE!!!! I shouldn't have to DEAL with this, not on top of some multi-colored beings running around in SPANDEX!!!!”

Vipera straightens up and clears her throat as if to speak. Vipera says: “Not that it's any of MY business, but perhaps, the reason your Imps don't seem to carry out form, is that they don't have the kind of 'LEADER' that can inspire them!”

Emperor Diabolica fires a WARNING shot at Vipera, missing her by only inches! Emperor Diabolica angrily says: “I am their Emperor! That should be enough!”

Vipera can see that her Emperor means business, so she puts aside her own pride and decides to 'kiss up' to her Emperor. Vipera says: “That's totally NOT what I mean, sir! What I mean is, they don't have a general that can LEAD them in a battle, a General that's as tough as nails and is determined as they come! If they HAD the right General, I'm SURE they could decimate those so-called Rangers!”

Emperor Diabolica sees Vipera's point, and he says: “You're right. A General WOULD make the Imps so much more efficient. The question is, which General would be most useful to us, in leading an army that can take over this planet?” Circe beams in and is giddy with laughter!

Circe says: “Have I got wonderful news for you!” Emperor Diabolica rolls his eyes, clearly NOT amused by this sudden intrusion!

Emperor Diabolica sarcastically says: “Oh, goody, I can HARDLY wait!”

Circe says: “Well, you know how you've wanted Kraky and I to do some night-time spying on the Rangers; see if they have any weaknesses? Well, I think I've found a weakness that would be VERY useful to us! It appears that the one who calls himself Lettuce, is, get this, Afraid of Heights!”

Emperor Diabolica quickly stands up straight, surprised by this knowledge! Emperor Diabolica says: “How can you be, so SURE of this?!”

Circe holds up a strange machine, called a “Fear-ometer,” and the dial is pointed to “Fear of Heights.” Circe says: “The Fear-ometer tells no lies! You should have seen the look on that penguin's FACE, when he thought he was falling through the sky!”

Emperor Diabolica curls up his right, primary finger, and scratches his chin. Emperor Diabolica says: “It is decided then. We shall have a General that will not only inspire my troops, but, can induce this great FEAR into Lettuce, and COMPROMISE his fighting abilities as a ranger! Drako! Make yourself useful and produce a blood beast now!”

Drako, resentfully, but respectfully, grabs a vial of blood from the vial compartment. Drako says: “I believe THIS one has the potential. GENERAL SKELETON!!!! He's made of bones, but his stamina is very high! No matter how often he is split apart in battle, he is always able to put himself back together! Plus, he's a GENIUS at exploiting fears!”

Emperor Diabolica grabs the vial of blood and says: “I will be the judge of that!” And Emperor Diabolica throws the vial of blood on the floor! And in a puff of smoke, a greenish-yellow skeleton beast appears, wearing an authentic World War II General's Helmet and regalia!

General Skeleton shouts: “Where are my worthless maggots?! When I say 'fall in', YOU fall in!!!!” Sensing the tone in this new monster's voice, the Imps quickly reply to this beast, and fall in line. Emperor Diabolica is unusually impressed with this new monster!

Emperor Diabolica says: “Ruthless AND efficient! I like it! This, I believe, will be the beginning of the end for the Power Rangers!” /

In the High tech Command Center, Omnus and Alpha 8 have gathered the Rangers together. Omnus says: “Alpha 8, begin the presentation!”

Alpha 8 beams with joy and says: “Oh, yes sir!” Alpha 8 turns on a hologram, and an artificial world appears in front of the rangers. Alpha 8, with pride says: “Rangers, this is a technological marvel 160 years in the making. This is the Simulation Planet!”

Naruto, arguably the most accomplished and well-studied of the Rangers (in fighting skills at the very least) still can't help but be floored by this image. Naruto asks: “Well, what's it for Alpha?”

Omnus interjects and says: “Allow me to explain. Core Earth is a very big place. As such, it would be very foolish to assume that Emperor Diabolica and his troops will always strike the exact same place ALL the time. There will undoubtedly be times that Emperor Diabolica will strike somewhere else on Core Earth, in an attempt to catch the local populace off-guard. Without the proper training, you would be strangers in a strange land.”

Alpha 8 says: “That's why I designed the Simulation Planet. This program will let you fight simulated versions of enemies, in any environment, in any place, under any conditions.”

Omnus says: “With the Simulation Planet now up and running, we can run tests and simulations to prepare you for just about any scenario. Let's give it a trial run!”

Pinkie Pie jumps up, her usual giddy self! Pinkie Pie says: “A trial run! I like to run! I also like to jump, skip, hop, play, and generally, have a happy day!”

Toby gets a strange look on his face, and he discreetly leans to Usagi, in order to whisper. Toby, very secretly, asks: “Did she over-dose on her Ritalin today?”

Usagi whispers back: “I don't know. I'm not personally familiar with her habits or routines.”

Alpha 8 says: “We'll start with something easy first; a training battle in Mesa, Arizona!”

Pinkie Pie eagerly waves her right-front hoof and asks: “Are the chimichangas any good, there?!”

Lettuce asks her: “Uh, you do realize this is a SIMULATION, right?”

Pinkie Pie nods her head and says: “Of course I do! Why do you ask?!”

Lettuce shrugs his flippers and says: “No reason, just wondering.”

Alpha 8 says: “Begin, program!” The Rangers are transported, but instead of winding in the TOWN of Mesa, Arizona; they are CLEARLY elsewhere! Alpha 8 says: “Stupid Auto-correct! Instead of transporting them to the TOWN of Mesa, Arizona, it transported them TO an actual mesa IN Arizona!” Lettuce gasps as they are on a high mesa! He quickly runs to the left, forward, right, and backwards, only to see they are closed in on all sides!

Lettuce pants and says: “Stop, STOP the simulation!” And Alpha 8 quickly turns the Auto-correct off.

Alpha 8 and says: “Sorry about the trial run going off-kilter. Don't feel so bad, the Simulation Planet takes some getting used to.”

Lettuce says: “It's not the program, it's the place!”

Toby asks: “Well, what's so wrong with the place where we were?”

Lettuce breaks down and shouts: “EVERYTHING!!!! Okay?!!!”

Usagi concerned, bends down to pat Lettuce on his right shoulder. Usagi, comforting, says: “There, it's okay. We ALL have places we're not too fond of. Why, I remember one time, Sailor Pluto wanted ME to come to her home world, but I said ' NO' because Sailor Pluto, technically doesn't HAVE a home world anymore, seeing as how Pluto has been a Dwarf Planet ever since 2005. Anyways...”

Lettuce raises up his right flipper to indicate that he understands her point. Lettuce says: “It's not so much the Mesa that I hated, its what being on top of that mesa represented to me.”

Alpha 8 says: “Well, what DOES the mesa represent to you?”

Lettuce breaks down and admits: “I had the dream again last night.”

Pinkie Pie perks up and says: “Dream?! What sort of a dream?! One with singing, dancing unicorns?!”

Lettuce says: "Not that kind of a dream. I dreamed that I was trying to pilot a plane, but we crashed because of one simple fact."

Naruto asks: "What's that?"

Lettuce says: "Penguins CAN'T fly! And as such, I'm terrified of heights. Specifically, falling from them. If we get into a situation where I have to fight in an elevated place, I don't know if I can handle it." Omnus contemplates the information, and takes in a deep breath.

Omnus says: “Lettuce, let me tell you something that will prove to be very helpful in situations like this. There is no shame in being afraid. Fear is often a normal response to the unknown obstacles we often face in life. The mistake that is often made, is that being afraid means that you have no courage. In actuality, being brave doesn't mean that you don't HAVE any fear; being brave means doing the very thing that you're afraid of, in SPITE of the fact that you are afraid!”

Suddenly, a loud alarm blares in the Command Center! Alpha 8 frets and says: “Ay-yai-yai-yai-yai!! What a time for there to be an actual emergency!”

Omnus urgently says: “Switch to our Secret Satellite View, at once!”

Alpha 8 says: “Yes, sir!” And without a moment's hesitation, he switches off the simulation planet, and switches to a large, crystal globe, which shows a desert location, a battalion of Imps, and an evil looking Skeleton General.

Omnus says: “It seems that Emperor Diabolica has lost no time trying to strike somewhere else. He's gathered a small league of Imps in the desert of Arizona, and is marching them straight to the city of Phoenix, Arizona. If they get there, they are SURE to kill any innocent civilians they come across!”

Usagi says: “We can't allow that to happen! We've got to stop them!”

Naruto, determined, says: “And we will! Because no matter what happens, we're Power Rangers!”

Lettuce, unsure, asks: “But what if I freeze up because of my fear?”

Omnus wisely says: “Fear is not something that can be cast aside, or hidden deep within. Fear will always be with you, if not in the form of heights, then of something else.”

Lettuce asks: “So, what should I do?”

Omnus says: “Believe in yourself. You were chosen as a Ranger for a reason. The power is with you at all times. And remember, courage of the heart is very rare. The Morpher will give you power when it's there.”

Pinkie Pie, unsure, asks: “Did you just borrow that line from The Secret of NIMH?”

Alpha 8 says: “It doesn't matter WHERE he got it; what matters is that it true!”

Toby says: “And besides, you can count on us to have your back!”

Lettuce says: “All right! I can get through this! It's MORPHING time!”

The Quintet all say: “Multiverse, Save Core Earth!” /

Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!”

The Rangers all make flashy jumps as they arrive in the desert in Arizona! Toby says: “Stegosaurus ready to lay down the law!”

Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus, and this outfit is slimming!”

Lettuce says: “Triceratops! Mess with me, and you get the horns!”

Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus, don't you dare mess with my friends!”

Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus, is the leader of the pack!”

The Rangers all say: “Power Rangers!” And a five-color burst of explosions, inexplicably appear behind the Rangers!

Baphomet, bringing up the rear of the Imps, asks: “Are they going to do that EVERY time they start a battle?!”

Naruto says: “It's called a proper introduction and making an entrance! You ought to learn how to do it sometime!”

General Skeleton says: “It's time they learned WHO has the highest rank! Imps, Plan 13, spread out, and ATTACK!!!!”

And the Imps pair off in pairs of two, and in these pairs, they surround each of the Rangers on two sides! One in front of them, and one in back of them!

Toby is shocked and says: “Woah! This guy gives a good order!”

Naruto says: “Than it's time for one of our own! BACKFLIP!!!!”

And the Rangers all do fancy back-flips, and get a clearer view of the Imps. Lettuce looks around and says: “I know this isn't the time and place, but we should really figure out a system on how we ALL know which moves to do WITHOUT announcing it to the bad guys!”

Usagi says: “Definitely! We'll figure it out once we have the TIME!!!!”

An elaborate fight sequence breaks out between the Rangers and the Imps. Naruto does his trademark Ninja moves; Pinkie Pie bucks around like a pony; Usagi does several elaborate punches and kicks that would make even Sailor Jupiter proud; Toby improvises with moves he learned from studying how Pokemon move, namely Scratch, Quick Attack, and Fury Swipes; Lettuce attacks with both his beak, and his sharp feet. And this happens all while a familiar song plays. /

“No, we cannot see. Who are we to look to? No, we cannot hear. What is to believe in? We keep dreaming of a world where all is good so we were told. We need a hero! And we keep dreaming of a time when good is all that we can find. We need a, we need a Hero! No, we cannot tell who's the one to lead us. But you know that we'll be there, waiting for them to find us. And we keep dreaming of a world where all is good so we were told. We need a hero! And we keep dreaming of a time when good is all that we can find. We need a, we need a Hero!” /

And the song sequence ends as all the imps are too badly beaten to continue moving, and are recalled by Emperor Diabolica! General Skeleton scoffs and says: “Worthless recruits! If you want a war won RIGHT, you have to WIN it YOURSELF!!!!” And without warning, General Skeleton's body breaks apart, and it reforms around Lettuce; trapping Lettuce within General Skeleton's see-through body!

Naruto shouts: “Hang on, Lettuce!”

General Skeleton asks: “How can he HANG on when he will have NOTHING to hang ON to?!” And General Skeleton tightens his bony ribs, and puts SO much pressure on Lettuce, he's FORCED to de-morph! General Skeleton says: “Now, let's see if you can handle THIS!!!!” And General Skeleton jumps up to the top of a tall mesa. With limited space to walk on and a sheer drop on any side, it is a precarious place for Lettuce to be in! General Skeleton releases his grip on Lettuce, and he is dumped out of the beast of the bony bad guy. General Skeleton says: “You haven't a prayer, up here all alone! Surrender, and I might show MERCY on your worthless soul!”

Lettuce pants, short of hyperventilating, but blurts out: “I'd NEVER surrender, no matter the odds! So there's no use pretending you'd show ME any mercy! You wouldn't give it anyways!”

General Skeleton is taken back, a bit, but composes himself. General Skeleton says: “Perhaps you Rangers aren't as STUPID as you look! But I can SMELL your fear!”

Lettuce asks: “How can you do that? You don't even have a REAL nose!”

General Skeleton's bones LITERALLY turn red as he says: “I'll show YOU what fear looks LIKE!!!!” And his bony gaze LOCKS Lettuce into a hypnotized trance, and General Skeleton telepathically moves Lettuce into open air, floating over the dangerous space!

General Skeleton says: “A swift death is TOO good for the likes of you! I think I'll torture you first! Your friends won't be able to get up here, my fear powers are too strong! I think I'll make you live THROUGH your fear, and BREAK you with it! You'll fall and fall AND fall, but your nightmare will NEVER end! What do you say to THAT, you flightless FREAK?!”

Lettuce strains and says: “Well, 'General,' come a little closer and I'll BOW to you!” And mustering all his strength, does a back-flip, and breaks OUT of the trance, POUNCES onto General Skeleton, and jumps high up into the air!

General Skeleton says: “Bad move! You left yourself wide OPEN!!!!” And General Skeleton THROWS a bone like a spear at the penguin, but Lettuce kicks it right back, and FLOATS in air! General Skeleton sputters and says: “A f-f-f-flightless bird! You're flying!”

Lettuce says: “This isn't flying, this is falling WITH style!!!!”

And Lettuce calmly controls his descent back to Earth! General Skeleton says: “Impossible! I was in CONTROL of you! I knew your FEAR! It should have PARALYZED you!”

Lettuce says: “Only momentarily! Fear can only control you if you let it. But once you realize that if you're brave enough to do something in SPITE of the fact that you're afraid, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!” Lettuce sets his power watch and says: “Sorry to spoil your FUN, General Skeleton! Back to action! Multiverse, save Core Earth! / Triceratops!” / And Lettuce is back in his ranger gear! Lettuce says: “And now, it's time for YOU to feel what fear is TRULY like!” And Lettuce uses his triceratops horns, and runs into General Skeleton, pushing him OFF the Mesa! Lettuce teleports off of the Mesa, and rejoins the other Rangers.

Pinkie Pie asks: “What happened up there?!”

Usagi asks: “Weren't you afraid to be up there?”

Lettuce says: “Yes, I was afraid. I'm still a little afraid. But Omnus is right, being brave isn't about not having any fear; it's about doing what needs to be done DESPITE the fact that you're afraid!”

General Skeleton leaps in and asks: “I'll make you afraid YET!!!!”

Naruto says: “Impossible! I saw Lettuce push you off the cliff!”

General Skeleton laughs and says: “Fools! Nothing can hurt me as long as my HEAD is intact!”

Baphomet screams: “You IDIOT!!!! Don't TELL them that!”

Usagi quickly gets an idea and says: “Pinkie, think you can give him a LITTLE kick?”

Pinkie says: “One kick coming up!” And Pinkie Pie swirls around and KICKS General Skeleton hard, shattering him to pieces!

Usagi says: “Quick Naruto, grab his head!”

Naruto grabs the disembodied head and asks: “So, how far do you think you can fly?!”

General Skeleton panics and asks: “What are you doing?!”

Usagi says: “I think it's time YOU took a little TRIP...” she winds up her arm, and with her lunar based strength, THROWS General Skeleton's head hard! Usagi finishes: “Into the SUN!!!!” And General Skeleton's head quickly burns UP in the sun, forcing the rest of his body to disintegrate!

At the secret base, Emperor Diabolica scowls in disgust! Diabolica YANKS a vial of blood away from Drako! Emperor Diabolica says: “Give me that! It's time for my OWN monster!” Emperor Diabolica closes his eyes and chants: “On the moon dust soft and pliant, send to Earth a Wrathful Titan!”

And Emperor Diabolica throws down the vial, and it LANDS on Earth as a huge, red monster! Pinkie Pie says: “WOAH! And I thought Discord looked gnarly!”

Baphomet says: “What are you going to do? Will you divert your attention to the beast, or will you prevent me from invading the city of Phoenix, Arizona?!”

Lettuce says: “I think we're skilled enough to do both! You guys go ahead and handle Baphomet! I'll take down the Titan!”

Naruto says: “I like that plan!”

Lettuce says: “I need Dinozord power, NOW!!!!” And sure enough, Lettuce's Triceratops zord appears.

Baphomet says: “Excellent! I can USE the work-out!”

Lettuce jumps into his zord and says: “All right, lets see what this dinosaur can do!” Baphomet screams a sonic yell at the zord, but Lettuce is able to keep it steady! Lettuce says: “Time for the thrusters!” And Lettuce pushes a lever forward, and the zord RAMS into the Titan with its horns, pushing it back! Lettuce says: “Time to put the cherry on the cake, and summon the power of lightning!” And Lettuce pushes a button with a lightning symbol on it, and electricity starts flowing through the Triceratops horns, until the arcs connect at a point! Lettuce says: “Triple electric charge, FIRE!!!!” And Lettuce fires the HIGH beam voltage at the Titan, and the Titan EXPLODES from the deadly ray!

Baphomet worriedly says: “Oh no! My bravado has been ruined!”

Naruto asks: “Not so brave, without a huge Titan for back-up, are you?”

Baphomet defiantly says: “This is called a strategic retreat! I'll fight again, another day!” And Baphomet transports back to his base.

Usagi says: “You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!” /

At the secret base of Emperor Diabolica, Emperor Diabolica is ANGRILY firing lightning bolts at the Imps, and they are scurrying for safety! Vipera asks: “Are you HAPPY now, Baphomet?!”

Baphomet says: “At LEAST I was actually on the ground! What were YOU doing that was SO important?!”

Emperor Diabolica angrily scowls: “Don't argue among yourselves! I've got a HEADACHE!!!!” /

Back in the Command Center, the Rangers are back in their casual clothes, and celebrating their recent victory. Naruto says: “Let's hear it for Lettuce, who totally showed us that fear is only in the mind!”

Toby says: “Lets hear it for Usagi, who KNOCKED that General Skeleton guy into where the sun ALWAYS shines; the SUN!”

Alpha 8 says: “And lets hear it for Alpha 8! I fixed that Auto-correct thing, now the Simulation Planet is guaranteed to take you to the right place every time!”

Lettuce says: “Well, even if it didn't, I've learned fear is just like anything else; it's something that you have to live with, but you don't have to let it control you!”

Pinkie Pie says: “Unlike the way I can control my balance!” And Pinkie Pie walks in, carefully holding an egg on her nose, while she stands on only one hoof! Pinkie Pie says: “See? If I hold perfectly still, I can balance this egg on my nose! WOAH!!!!” Pinkie Pie accidentally LOSES her balance, and the egg SPLATS onto Alpha 8!

Alpha 8 says: “Well, I guess that's egg all over MY face!”

The Rangers say: “Oh, Alpha!” /

Episode Notes: First time that two different monsters have been introduced in the same episode to fight the Rangers, though not at the same time. First time that a Ranger (Lettuce) has been forced out of morphed form. First time we've seen a Ranger's bedroom. First appearance of the Simulation Planet, a holographic planet (similar to the “Danger Room” from the “X-Men”) where the Power Rangers can hone their skills. First time that a solo zord has taken down a monster.

Personal Notes: To honor the original “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers”, I thought it would be great to bring back old staples. Such as the “We Need a Hero” song, the big bad of the series complaining about having a head-ache, and shameless bad puns thrown into an episode for a joke. I also thought I would poke fun at several things, such as how the Rangers usually announce their moves, or the Bad Guy announces his own weakness. And just like in the original series, the mentor ALWAYS has the right answer. That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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In an effort to keep this series alive, here is another episode guest-written by me, 4EverGreen! I hope you enjoy it! /

Dedicated to the first 23 years of “Power Rangers,” may the legacy live on forever! 8-28-1993 through 8-28-2016. “Pump It Up” In the early afternoon, a tall, blonde, teenage boy walks toward the gym, with a certain amount of swagger surrounding his aura. He is Naruto, and he is surrounded by some unlikely friends, Lettuce the Penguin, Toby Jones who is a former Pokemon Trainer, and Usagi, a gifted girl of strength and special abilities. Of course, these four share more than just a friendship. They, along with Pinkie Pie, are the Power Rangers! Naruto says: “Here is where I make my mark; the gym! So many athletic records to break, and so little time. Where should I start first?”

Lettuce asks: “Why are you asking us? And furthermore, why do you HAVE to break a record anyways? You KNOW that you're strong, so what else do you need?”

Naruto rolls his eyes and says: “I NEED to make my mark at the gym! If I'm the strongest or the BEST or something, it would FOREVER prove in the annals of time that I was somebody IMPORTANT!”

A mysterious voice says: “Don't waste your time!”

Usagi asks: “Who SAID that?!”

And everyone turns around, and they see a 6 foot, four inch tall black hawk, with red-orange hair, who has mysterious red-orange triangle marks on his cheeks, in the middle of his forehead, and on his hands. He also has LARGE back wings, which look like they can help him FLY pretty fast! Toby inquisitively says: “I've never actually SEEN a Pokemon that can TALK before! Come to think of it, I don't think I've EVER seen a Pokemon LIKE you! Who are you?”

The stranger says: “I'm NO Pokemon! I'm BlackHawk Little!”

Usagi asks: “YOU'RE little?!”

BlackHawk clarifies and says: “That's my last name; Little! I didn't exactly ASK to be born with it!”

Naruto asks: “And just WHY should I not waste my time trying to break an athletic record here?”

BlackHawk says: “Because I'm the one who holds ALL the records at this gym, except for one.”

Naruto says: “So I'll just break the one record you DON'T have. What's the problem?”

BlackHawk says: “The problem is that the record I'm speaking of is the bench-press record. It's held by one of my cohorts, Bash Buzzard. He's a fat, purple buzzard. You're likely to see him hanging around his buddy, and my other cohort, Smash Swallow. He's a thin, blue swallow.”

Naruto asks: “Why are you telling us this if you don't want us to break any records?”

BlackHawk scoffs and says: “Don't ASSUME that I don't WANT you to break a record. You can try all you WANT for all I care! The thing of it is, you have to bench-press 75 pounds, 75 times in a row in order to break the record held by Bash Buzzard, and you shouldn't take him lightly. I am VERY strong around here, and Bash Buzzard may not be bright, but he's second in strength behind me. I suggest being careful around him. Bash Buzzard makes ME look like a downright nice guy, compared to how HE can get when he gets mad!”

Lettuce nervously asks: “Do you go to school around here?”

BlackHawk chuckles and says: “You better believe it. You're going to be seeing a LOT of me and my boys around! See you later!” And BlackHawk walks away!

Usagi asks: “What have you gotten yourself into, Naruto?”

Naruto shakes his head and says: “I haven't gotten into anything! Besides, have you forgotten just WHO I am?! I can take care of ANY creep, even WITHOUT my Ranger powers!”

Lettuce says: “Hopefully, it won't come to that! I mean, did you SEE his back wings?! I think HE can actually fly!”

Naruto says: “Fortunately, he's not OUR enemy! Emperor Diabolica is; and we certainly have enough to worry about with HIM without having to worry about what BlackHawk is capable of.”

Toby says: “Agreed. Let's see what the gym has to offer.” And the four of them walk into the VERY busy gym, with everyone working out in a montage, to the sound of a B-52's hit song.

“I look at you and I'm ready to pump, luminous heartthrob ready to jump. Mama's dancing with jelly bone. You better watch out, take you to the freak zone. Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track!
Hard kiss – love chain! Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track! Pump it up – pump it up – pump it up – yeah! Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track! Pump – I'm a runaway train! Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track! Pump it up – pump it up – pump it up! Get serious, get off the phone. Talk to me and make me moan. I said baby, lose that phone. Rock me down to the jelly bone! Motor running double time. Machine is humming, your body's mine. Dancing in the street and we're having fun. Don't drop the beat, electric drum. Chartreuse glow is maxing out, electric love – electric luau. I'm busting loose – pumping the music. Let's dance, baby. Let's dance – jelly bone. Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track. Hard kiss – love chain! Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track! Pump it up – pump it up – pump it up – yeah! Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track! Pump – I'm a runaway train! Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track! Pump it up – pump it up – pump it up! Mama's dancing electric luau. Barefooting – and ka-hooting with a wild crowd! Well, wild crowd! Electric eel, that's the feeling.
Lines cross, lips heating. Lick my belly – turn to jelly. Spread me thin – I'm in! I'm in it, I'm on it, I'm in it, I'm on it, I'm out, I'm in, I'm out, I'm in. Shake that jelly, rattle them bones! Dance to the rhythm that will make you moan! Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track! Hard kiss – love chain! Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track! Pump it up – pump it up – pump it up – yeah! Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track! Pump – I'm a runaway train! Pump it up – give it up – turn up the track! Pump it up – pump it up – pump it up!” /

A familiar high energy voice says: “Hi guys! Great day for a run!”

Usagi asks: “Pinkie, what are you doing here? I thought the gym would be the LAST place you would go to!”

Pinkie says: “Oh, I mostly go here for gymnastics, and running! I really, REALLY like to run on the treadmill! Hey, according to this pedometer, I'm about to break the all-time--!” (SMASH!!!!)

And everyone gasps as they see who has just SMASHED the treadmill! Naruto rolls his eyes and says: “So, YOU two must be the goons that BlackHawk talked about!”

And everyone looks at what are undoubtedly Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow, who look EXACTLY as BlackHawk described them to be! Bash Buzzard asks: “So, I take it you've met with our mentor.”

Smash Swallow says: “Yeah, OUR mentor!”

Bash Buzzard says: “Little PINKIE is NEW here, so I'll be nice and EXPLAIN things around here.”

Smash Swallow tries to smoothly say: “And if she's lucky, I MIGHT let her DATE me!”

Pinkie PRETEND gags and says: “As if!”

Bash Buzzard says: “This is OUR gym!”

Smash Swallow says: “Yeah, OUR gym!”

Lettuce says: “I don't see YOUR names on this gym! It doesn't BELONG to you!”

Bash Buzzard says: “I see we've got a SMART Mouth around here!”

Smash Swallow says: “We don't LIKE Smart Mouth's!”

Bash Buzzard says: “Well, we might not OWN this gym, but we DO, for all intents and purposes, run it! You see, BlackHawk has a reputation to uphold about being the best. However, if you're lucky, he might feel generous and throw a bone your way. That's why I'M the record holder of the bench-press, it's a token of good will out of the goodness of BlackHawk's heart.”

Smash Swallow says: “So don't even THINK about trying to break one of BlackHawk's records!”

Naruto says: “Well, since you're being SO nice about this, I'm going to break the BENCH-PRESS record that is held by Bash Buzzard!”

Bash Buzzard says: “A lightweight like you? PLEASE! Stick to lifting pillows and beach balls, you'll live longer!”

Naruto says: “I'll show you that I'M strong enough!” And Naruto gets down to do the Bench-press, at 75 pounds. Naruto says: “I'll break this record as EASY as pie!” And Naruto starts to TRY to lift up the weight, only to have to quickly put it back down!

Bash Buzzard says: “Did I neglect to mention that the Bench-press is set to simulate gravity, at FOUR times Earth's Gravity?! You'll never break the record, even if you had fifty years STRAIGHT of attempts!”

Smash Swallow says: “That will show you!”

Bash Buzzard rolls his eyes and says: “Do me a favor, Smash.”

Smash asks: “What's that, Bash?” And Bash SMACKS Smash square in the fore-head!

Bash says: “Shut...up!” And the two of them leave the gym, while Naruto GROANS in defeat! /

In Emperor Diabolica's secret base, Vipera is amused with her latest accomplishment, as a small machine that LOOKS like a spider comes crawling to her! Vipera says: “Well done, Spider-bot. It DOES look as though great things DO come in small packages! What do you have to report?”

The Spider-bot whirs and clicks, but Vipera SEEMS to be able to understand it! Vipera's eyes light up, and she says: “That IS excellent news! I MUST tell Diabolica at once! Emperor!”

Emperor Diabolica groans and asks: “What do you want?”

Vipera says: “I want to tell you that today is the PERFECT day to target Naruto; he's going to wear himself OUT today!”

Emperor Diabolica asks: “How do you figure THAT'S going to happen?”

Vipera says: “Simple. My Spider-bot has informed me that Naruto PLANS to break an athletic record at the gym. With HIS track record of stubbornness, he's NOT going to stop until he succeeds! But if we send a monster that will wear Naruto out, we could KILL him while he's weak and helpless, and FORCE the other Rangers to surrender!”

Emperor Diabolica CREEPILY smiles and says: “Once again, you have proven your true WORTH to me! Drako! We need a strong monster, stat!”

Drako groans and asks: “Is that ALL my skills are good for? Making monsters?”

Emperor Diabolica angrily says: “Don't QUESTION me when victory is nigh! Now, show me a Blood Beast that's a WINNER!”

Drako sighs, and grabs a vial of blood. Drako says: “This should do the trick, Emperor Sphinx. His knowledge of the Egyptian occult, his strength, and his ability to keep the Rangers separated with the power of his strong wings, should make him MORE than a match for the Rangers!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Make it so!”

And Drako throws down the vial of blood, and a LARGE, purple cat-like monster with wings, wearing Egyptian garb, appears. Emperor Sphinx says: “I am Emperor Sphinx! I'm ready to conquer and KILL for MY fellow Emperor!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Excellent! Keep Naruto separated from his comrades at ANY cost, wear Naruto down, and when the time is right, KILL Naruto! Without him, the others will surrender to you, or they can perish as well!”

Emperor Sphinx says: “This plan will NOT fail!” And Emperor Sphinx VANISHES in a shroud of sand, which gets deposited on the floor.

Drako sighs and says: “I just WISH that the exit that Emperor Sphinx makes WASN'T so messy!” /

At the Command Center of Omnus, Alpha 8 is punching up the Simulation Planet for Naruto. Alpha 8 says: “Naruto, I really don't understand what is so important about training in a planet that has FOUR times the gravity that Earth has!”

Naruto says: “Because, I should be able to LIFT 75 pounds easily! But in four times the gravity of Earth, that means that I'm actually lifting 300 pounds! I need to do some training on a planet that has four times the gravity of Earth! It's the only way I'll get strong enough to break that record!”

Omnus says: “You know my Command Center is NOT supposed to be your private training ground. The Simulation Planet is only SUPPOSED to be used for a genuine training exercise!”

Naruto says: “This IS a genuine training exercise! Suppose someday us Rangers have to fight someone evil on another planet with greater gravity than Earth has? It's better to be prepared for anything, you know.”

Omnus says: “Very well. Would you like to fight off against something?”

Naruto says: “I'd like to fight against SOMEONE. Alpha 8, can you simulate someone called BlackHawk? He said he was strong, I'd like to see how strong he is.”

Alpha 8 says: “I'll scan your memories now. Hmm. VERY interesting. I've never simulated anyone who's trained in the martial arts form of Woo Foo training before.”

Naruto says: “What does that mean?”

Alpha 8 says: “It seems as though as BlackHawk has special powers of his own. He's not a Ranger, but he has skills of might and magic. Very interesting, if you ask me.”

Lettuce walks in and says: “So BlackHawk ISN'T just some strong guy, he has actual skills.”

Naruto asks: “Lettuce, what are YOU doing here?”

Usagi walks in and says: “Not just Lettuce.”

Toby walks in and says: “We're all in this together.”

Naruto says: “I can handle this on my own.”

Omnus says: “Naruto, you're a Ranger. I know you're used to handling things on your own, but there will come times when an obstacle or an enemy is too tough for one to handle.”

Pinkie walks in and says: “That's why you have us to back you up.”

Naruto says: “It's just one record I'm trying to break, not some monster!”

Alpha 8 says: “We are very well aware of that, but the Simulation Planet is a package deal. Either you ALL get the same training, or none of you do.”

Naruto sighs and says: “Very well. Send us in.”

Alpha 8 punches up the Simulation Planet and says: “Activating Simulation Planet now.”

And the Rangers find themselves transported to a Japanese styled town. Usagi says: “I'm getting the strangest feeling of deja vu here.”

Naruto asks: “Where IS this place?”

Alpha 8 says: “This is where BlackHawk originally comes from. I thought it would help you to understand your opponent, if you knew where your opponent came from.”

And a familiar voice says: “And I DON'T appreciate someone just BARGING into my turf!”

And BlackHawk, or rather, a simulation of BlackHawk, appears. Pinkie asks: “What's HIS problem?!”

Naruto says: “Remember the BlackHawk I told you about? That's him.”

The Simulation BlackHawk says: “Are you friend or foe?!”

Toby says: “Depends. We're friends to good guys, and foes to bad guys!”

The Simulation BlackHawk angrily says: “I don't believe you for a minute!”

Lettuce says: “Le Arrogance! You even got his personality down to a T!”

Naruto firmly says: “Look, we don't want any trouble.”

The Simulation BlackHawk defiantly says: “Than you'll LEAVE my town ALONE!!!!” And the Simulation BlackHawk strongly flaps his wings, and sends the other Rangers, all except Naruto, STRAIGHT out of the Simulation Planet! The Simulation BlackHawk says: “I see that you are NOT that easily defeated!”

Naruto says: “It takes a lot more than some WIND to defeat me!”

The Simulation BlackHawk says: “If you think you can just push me around, you're sadly mistaken! I'm sworn to take out EVIL like you at ANY cost!”

Naruto says: “I'm NOT evil!”

The Simulation BlackHawk says: “Enough of your lies! Now get a taste of my TRUE power!” And the Simulation BlackHawk attacks with an intensity that Naruto has RARELY ever seen before, even in all his many fights against evil. But Naruto's training enables him to stay evenly matched with the Simulation BlackHawk, able to go blow for blow against him. Suddenly, BlackHawk stops striking out against Naruto. BlackHawk says: “Why don't you transform and show me your TRUE power?”

Naruto gasps and says: “You KNOW about that?!”

The Simulation BlackHawk says: “I can read auras. I know there are powers that you're trying to hide from me. You won't get far by underestimating me.”

Naruto says: “All right, but you're in for the surprise of your life. It's morphing time! / Tyrannosaurus!” And Naruto transforms into his Ranger form.

The Simulation BlackHawk says: “Not bad. Now it's MY turn! Shadow Hawk AURA!!!!” And the Simulation BlackHawk suddenly radiates a LARGE, orange aura around him!

Naruto says: “Sheesh! How many tricks does this guy have?!”

The Simulation BlackHawk says: “This is NOTHING compared to when I hit my stride! The truth is, I'm just getting warmed up!”

Naruto gasps and he says: “WHAT?!!!” And the Simulation BlackHawk begins to SWING at Naruto, but before the Simulation BlackHawk can connect with Naruto, the Simulation Planet is suddenly TURNED off, and Naruto is back in the Command Center! Naruto takes off his helmet, and complains: “What were you DOING?! I was about to WIN!!!!”

Alpha 8 groans and says: “You call THAT winning?! Besides, it wasn't MY choice, it's the alarm! It automatically turns off the Simulation Planet whenever there's an emergency!”

Naruto says: “There's an emergency NOW?!”

Lettuce says: “Just look at the footage from our secret satellite system.”

Naruto looks, and sees a rampaging monster on the viewing screen. Omnus says: “He calls himself Emperor Sphinx. Be warned; this monster appears to be a real menace. This is a job that requires all of you working together to take him out.”

Naruto says: “Very well. I'll warm up by taking out the trash first!”

The other Rangers say: “Multiverse, save Core Earth!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” /

The Rangers leap into the middle of a rocky, mountainous area, and find themselves face to face with Emperor Sphinx! Emperor Sphinx says: “If it isn't the little hyenas themselves? How nice of you to come to your OWN funeral!”

Pinkie is confused and says: “We're NOT hyenas!”

Lettuce clarifies and says: “I believe he was being sarcastic.”

Emperor Sphinx says: “Let's see what the gift of the occult has in store for YOU! Ancient spirits of the sands and the wind, come forth and transport us to the Egyptian realm!” And sure enough, lightning fast beams of white energy surround the Rangers, and transports them into the middle of an ancient Egyptian Pyramid! But the Rangers have now been cut OFF from each other! Emperor Sphinx says: “Welcome to my old home! I do hope you like it, since you will NEVER be leaving!”

Naruto defiantly says: “We'll just see about that!” And Naruto begins to run through the pyramid, only to discover that the inside of it is a GIANT maze!

Emperor Sphinx says: “You like riddles? Pick your path! All lead to doom and destruction! How you die is up to you!”

Naruto says: “Too bad for you I'm not in the MOOD for riddles!” And Naruto punches his way STRAIGHT through the walls, until he gets to Emperor Sphinx! Naruto says: “No more games, Emperor Sphinx! Or are you afraid to fight me alone?!”

Emperor Sphinx says: “Surely you didn't THINK I was alone!” And ten imps suddenly surround Naruto and GREATLY hinder his ability to fight, by fencing him in! While Lettuce is walking through the maze, he suddenly gets a gut feeling.

Lettuce activates his communicator and says: “I think Naruto is in trouble! We need to get to him, fast!”

Back at the Command Center, Alpha 8 says: “Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! What do we do?”

Omnus says: “Use the Morphing Grid to isolate Naruto's energy. The other Rangers can hone in on his energy like a homing beacon!”

Alpha 8 gulps and says: “I hope this works!” And Alpha 8 pushes a set of buttons.

Toby says: “I'm getting a signal. I know how to get to Naruto!”

Usagi says: “Hurry Rangers, there's not a moment to lose!”

Emperor Sphinx says: “Defeat is inevitable, Naruto. You will fall, and the other Rangers will FALL without you!”

Naruto defiantly says: “The other Rangers will NEVER surrender to you!”

Emperor Sphinx says: “That suits me just fine. I can kill them at my LEISURE!!!!”

Than suddenly, the sword that Emperor Sphinx is holding is BLASTED out of his hands, by a laser being carried by Pinkie Pie!

Pinkie Pie says: “Didn't your mom ever tell you not to play with sharp swords? You can poke an eye out that way!”

Naruto says: “Man, am I glad to see you!”

The other Rangers appear, and Toby says: “Let's see how far you get when you have to deal with ALL of us instead of just one of us!”

Usagi says: “By the powers of the space and the planets, you will NOT prevail!”

Lettuce says: “It's time to take out the 5,000 year old trash!”

Emperor Sphinx says: “Imps, attack!” And as they attack, the Rangers inexplicably hear the sound of (appropriately enough) a very BIG hit song by The Bangles.

“All the oil paintings on the tombs they do the sand dance, don't you know. If they move too quick (oh whey oh) they're falling down like a domino. All the bazaar men by the Nile they got the money on a bet. Gold crocodiles (oh whey oh) they snap their teeth on your cigarette. Foreign types with the hookah pipes say Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh. Walk like an Egyptian. Blond waitresses take their trays they spin around and they cross the floor. They've got the moves (oh whey oh), you drop your drink and they bring you more. All the school kids so sick of books, they like the punk and the metal band. When the buzzer rings (oh whey oh) they're walking like an Egyptian. All the kids in the marketplace say Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh. Walk like an Egyptian. (Instrumental Solo and whistling) Slide your feet up the street, bend your back, shift your arm, then you pull it back. Life is hard, you know (oh whey oh) so strike a pose on a Cadillac. If you want to find all the cops they're hanging out in the doughnut shop. They sing and dance (oh whey oh) spin the clubs, cruise down the block. All the Japanese with their yen, the party boys call the Kremlin. And the Chinese know (oh whey oh) they walk the line like Egyptian. All the cops in the doughnut shop say. Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh. Walk like an Egyptian. Walk like an Egyptian.” /

And the song fades out as the Rangers have defeated all the Imps. Omnus contacts the Rangers and says: “Everyone, set your blasters at maximum power, and connect the lasers at a point to get out of Emperor Sphinx's trap!”

Naruto says: “Gladly!”

Emperor Sphinx, in futility says: “NO!!!!” But the Rangers fire, and the Rangers and Emperor Sphinx are transported back to the rocky, mountainous area where they were before!

Naruto says: “No more games, Emperor Sphinx! Surrender, or be destroyed!”

Emperor Sphinx says: “Quite commanding for a little insect, aren't you? I think I'll just BLOW you all away!!!!” And Emperor Sphinx flaps his wings, and BLOWS all the Rangers except for Naruto FAR away from the rocky area! And the other Rangers are FORCED to demorph in the safety of a bush, close to where Pinkie Pie lives.

Pinkie asks: “What just happened?”

Usagi says: “We just got thrown OUT of our own fight!”

Emperor Sphinx says: “You don't want to play GAMES, Naruto? That's just fine. Why don't we just skip to the part where I KILL you with my bare hands?! Emperor Diaboica, make me GROW!!!!”

/ Emperor Diabolica smiles and says: “Your wish is MY command!” And Emperor Diabolica THROWS down an evil yellow potion which EXPLODES at the feet of Emperor Sphinx, and Emperor Sphinx is now GIANT-sized!

Emperor Sphinx says: “I feel the POWER!!!!”

Naruto says: “Not good! I need Dinozord power, NOW!!!!”

And Naruto summons his Tyrannosaurus zord, which comes charging to the rescue! Emperor Sphinx says: “Not THIS time!!!!” And Emperor Sphinx flaps his wings again, and BLOWS the Tyrannosaurus zord away! Emperor Sphinx chuckles evilly and says: “You won't be walking away from THIS one!” /

At the Command Center, the Rangers are back discussing things with Alpha 8 and Omnus. Usagi says: “Omnus, Naruto is in trouble! How are we supposed to FIGHT Emperor Sphinx if we can't even get anywhere near him?”

Lettuce thinks about it and says: “If we could hone in onto Naruto's energy back in the pyramid, we might be able to do the same back here!”

Toby says: “The question is, how do we STAY together once we get back together?!”

Omnus says: “The Power Watches contain your answer. Inside each Power Watch, you will find your Dino Gem. The Dino Gems are the keys to controlling your zords, and is the key to bringing them all together. If you all fight as one, Emperor Sphinx's ability will be rendered useless and he can be taken down for the count.”

Pinkie says: “Sounds like a plan to me!”

Toby says: “Back to action!”

The Other Rangers say: “Mulitverse, save Core Earth!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” /

The other Rangers hone in on Naruto's energy, and are transported to his spot! Emperor Sphinx says: “You NEVER learn, do you?”

Toby says: “Actually, we do! Activate Dino Gems!”

The other Rangers activate their Dino Gems, and the Dinozords start appearing. The Stegosaurus, the Triceratops, the Hadrosaurus, and the Ankylosaurus.

Lettuce says: “Naruto, your Dino Gem will bring the Tyrannosaurus zord back to you!”

Naruto says: “All right. Activating Dino Gem!” And sure enough, the Tyrannosaurus zord is revitalized by the energy provided by the Dino Gem, and begins to come to the Rangers aid. Naruto says: “We have all the Dino zords! Now let's fight together as a team!” And the Rangers all jump into their respective zords!

Toby says: “Stegosaurus here, ready to stomp some Egyptian bad guy butt!”

Lettuce says: “Triceratops here, and it's je me beacoup here!”

Usagi says: “My Hadrosaurus is ready to fight!”

Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus is looking stylish today!”

Naruto says: “All right! Activate the Dino Gems!”

The other Rangers say: “Dino Gems! Activate!”

Naruto says: “Mobilize into Megazord formation!”

A robotic voice says: “Multimegazord sequence has been activated.” The Multimegazord forms together, and gets charged up for the fight! The Robotic voice says: “Multimegazord sequence complete.”

Emperor Sphinx says: “Great idea, make yourself into a bigger TARGET...for me to blow AWAY!!!!” And Emperor Sphinx tries to flap his wings, but the Multimegazord doesn't even FLINCH an inch!

Naruto says: “Sorry! It'll take a lot more than some hot air to separate us!”

Emperor Sphinx says: “I have MORE tricks up my sleeve! Egyptian Gods! Send me Giant IMPS!!!!” And sure enough, two Giant Imps wearing Egyptian garb appear to protect Emperor Sphinx!

Toby says: “Let's take care of the goon squad first!”

Pinkie says: “Activating Ankylosaurus buzz saw!” And the Ankylosaurus starts to spin around like a buzz saw, and cuts into the Giant Imps!”

Lettuce says: “Time to finish them off! Activating Triceratops torpedoes!” And the horns on the Triceratops shoot off energy beam torpedoes, blowing up the Giant Imps!

Naruto says: “I call upon the power of the Power Sword!”

And in a burst of electrical energy, the Power Sword appears in the hands of the Multimegazord!

Emperor Sphinx cryptically says: “If you strike me down, I shall become MORE powerful...WAIT!!!! Let me FINISH!!!!”

And the Power Sword SLICES Emperor Sphinx in two, and the two halves fall down and EXPLODE due to the unstable energy of the monster being released from the blow.

Pinkie says: “I'll say one thing about Emperor Diabolica's monsters, they sure do make some pretty explosives!” /

At Emperor Diabolica's secret base, Cicre and Kraky look really worried!

Kraky says: “Emperor Diabolica looks really ticked off!”

Circe says: “Is that different from his USUAL mood?!”

Emperor Diabolica walks to Drako, and PUNCHES Drako square in the head! Emperor Diabolica angrily says: “Your monster...failed to meet my expectations!”

Drako says: “And his failure is automatically MY fault?! Who ordered his creation in the FIRST place?! Answer me, Emperor!”

Emperor Diabolica screams: “Don't talk to me! I have a head-ache!!!!” /

The Rangers go back to the gym. Usagi says: “Naruto, don't tell me that after all you've been through today, that you're STILL going to try to break the record?”

Naruto sighs and says: “Not today, Usagi. I've found out that while there are a lot of things I can do on my own, I still have things that require the help of my friends.”

Toby says: “We're good on our own, but together, we're unstoppable!”

Naruto says: “I'll break the record someday, it'll just take some time and practice!” And suddenly, the Rangers hear grunting inside the dojo.

BlackHawk angrily says: “You are the WORST!!!! What did I TELL you about trying to bully others?!”

Bash Buzzard nervously answers: “To NOT to?”

BlackHawk says: “That's right! So, leave the nice gym patrons ALONE!!!!”

And both Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow run out of the gym with their tail feathers between their legs. BlackHawk brushes off his hands and says: “You must forgive my cohorts. They are not accustomed to greeting others with the respect they deserve.”

Naruto asks: “YOU respect us?”

BlackHawk says: “Of course I do. Just stay out of trouble. You never know when evil will rear its ugly head around here.”

Lettuce coyly says: “Oh, we might have an idea. More than you think we would!”

BlackHawk sighs and says: “There's going to be MORE monster fights around here, aren't there?”

Usagi says: “Good thing we have the Power Rangers to protect us.”

BlackHawk thinks about it and says: “Yes, it is good. Very good indeed.” And BlackHawk walks away.

Pinkie says: “He's not such a bad guy, is he?”

Naruto says: “No, he appears to be WAY more good than I gave him credit for!”

Pinkie says: “And I didn't even KNOW that you HAD a credit card!”

Lettuce sighs and says: “Oh, Pinkie...” / And the episode ends.

Episode Notes: First time that a Ranger (in this case, Naruto), has appeared morphed but helmetless within an episode. First appearance of BlackHawk Little, Bash Buzzard, and Smash Swallow. It's revealed in this episode that Lettuce can speak French. First appearance of the Dino Gems.

Personal Notes: In exploring a way to make an old story new, I wanted to explore a story route that the original “Power Rangers” didn't go down, and find a new way to depict a fight. Also, I originally wanted to use the “Power Rangers” song “Combat” in this episode, but I was unable to find it. That's why I settled on “Walk Like An Egyptian” instead. Incidentally, people who used to read my stories on TV.com, particularly from the “Yin Yang Yo” stories forums, may remember the three characters I introduced in this episode. While BlackHawk has always been prominent in my old “Yin Yang Yo” stories, Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow never really took off in those old stories, and weren't able to shine in those old stories, until now, where they are well suited to take advantage of certain story ideas, and not get relegated to the sidelines as much!

That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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Since Renegade the Unicorn is busy with "Cerebus the Aardvark," I'm going to go ahead and guest write another episode of "Power Rangers Multiverse Force!" / “All You CAN'T Eat!” The episode opens up in the secret base of Emperor Diabolica, and he is feeling in an even WORSE mood than he usually is! Emperor Diabolica pants and exclaims: “AH-CHOO!!!!” And he breathes out fire, causing nearby Imps to run for their life.

Vipera keeps her distance, as she cunningly says: “Come now, you don't mean to tell me our fearless 'leader' is actually sick? I thought you were supposed to CAUSE sickness, and not BE sick yourself!”

Emperor Diabolica screams: “Shut up! I can and I AM sick!”

Drako, wearing a Haz-Mat suit, comes up to Emperor Diabolica with a vial of medicine. Drako says: “Try this, and take some NASTY medicine!” Emperor Diabolica drinks it up, only to SPIT it out immediately! Drako asks: “What's that matter? Too nasty?”

Emperor Diabolica screams: “Too SWEET! Bring me NASTIER medicine!”

Circe says: “Well, you'll be happy to know that thanks to my latest supernatural ritual, you can NOW spy on the Power Rangers magically without them EVER knowing that you're watching them!”

Emperor Diabolica moans and says: “Fine. I could USE something to distract me from my illness.”

Circe says: “One magic screen coming right up!” And Circe points her hooves, and a TV screen, surrounded by fire appears. Emperor Diabolica is watching Pinkie Pie cook up a plethora of consumable food items, mostly sweets. And she's being helped by Lettuce and Toby.

Emperor Diabolica groans and says: “Oh, what is THAT?!!!”

Vipera says: “I'll tell you what THAT is; that is Pinkie Pie and her do-gooder friends TRYING to do good again! If I had to venture a guess, I'd say they are cooking food for some charity pledge drive or some such nonsense. A WASTE of time if you ask me!”

Baphomet asks: “Should I go down and wreck the party?”

Emperor Diabolica says: “You wouldn't be FAST enough! Just the sight of that food is making me SICK! I need a REAL monster to handle this! DRAKO!!!! Make me a monster!”

Drako groans and asks: “Really!!!! Right now?!”

Emperor Diabolica screams: “Do as I SAY!!!! Don't MAKE me take that Haz-Mat Suit OFF of you!”

Drako can tell that Emperor Diabolica isn't fooling around, and Drako says: “Oh, very well.” Drako grabs a vial of blood and he says: “This one sounds promising. Greedy Goat. I wonder why we haven't used this monster yet?” And Drako throws the vial of blood on the ground, and a monster appears!

The monster is a fat, white goat, with long, curved horns, wearing sunglasses, a yellow bib that say's “Let's Eat!”, and is carrying a giant spoon and a giant fork! The monster introduces himself: “Greedy Goat is the name! Devouring foodstuffs is my game!”

Drako frowns and he says: “Now I remember why I didn't want to USE this monster before; he ONLY speaks in RHYMES!”

Greedy Goat says: “Eating food is a REAL treat! Whether its produce, dairy, or meat!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Spare me the rhyming! Are you capable of destroying the Power Rangers?”

Greedy Goat says: “Fighting is NOT what I'm about. But if you want me to eat, I've got the clout!”

Drako frowns and he says: “Now I remember the OTHER reason why I didn't want to use this monster before; he doesn't even WANT to fight!”

Emperor Diabolica asks: “Why did you make such a monster then?!”

Drako rolls his eyes and says: “Give me a break! They can't ALL be winners!”

Vipera smirks and she says: “ONE would be nice!”

Emperor Diabolica groans and says: “Well, I don't FEEL like sending another monster out! We'll just have to make lemonade out of lemons! Just eat what you want at that food pledge, and don't stop until the food drive is all ruined!”

Greedy Goat says: “Pinkie Pie is going to be really sad, while Greedy Goat will be REALLY glad!” And Greedy Goat ROLLS out of the secret base, using the power of his magic horns.

Drako moans and he says: “Oh dear. I DO hope the Rangers are having one of THEIR off days!” /

Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie is supervising the other Rangers, as they prepare to cook food for the food drive! Pinkie Pie says: “We've got lots of work to do people, and penguin! We've got to cook 40 more hamburgers, 25 more hot dogs, 55 more fish, and corn on the cob! We need LOTS of corn on the cob!”

Naruto rolls his eyes and sarcastically says: “Do you THINK we've got enough FOOD yet?!”

Pinkie Pie totally MISSES the sarcasm and says: “Nothing is too little for our endeavor. Besides, we're doing this for a wonderful cause! The Homeless Creatures of Core Earth! We're raising money to build homes they can AFFORD to live in!”

Toby says: “And I've got plans! People have always said that I was crazy; but I ALWAYS told them the Pokemon Poffins were good for MORE than just Pokemon. And now, I'm going to prove it with my Poffin Pies! I've got Poffin Pies that are sweet, sour, dry, hot, and bitter, or a combination of two flavors! I just want to make sure that I've got all my bases covered!”

Usagi says: “Well, people are going to be in for a real treat when I cook up my homemade chocolate star bars! It's a taste that is LITERALLY out of this world!”

Lettuce says: “And I plan on cooking genuine bonne French cuisine. Some baguettes, some frites, chocolate mousse, some vichysoise; that's a fancy name for potato soup, and a surprise that is tres jolie!

Pinkie Pie asks: “What about you, Naruto? What are you good at cooking?”

Naruto shrugs his shoulders and says: “I don't know. All I'm good at is cooking stuff like, ramen and noodles!”

Toby says: “That's better than nothing!”

Blackhawk walks in and says: “And I most certainly agree.”

Naruto is taken aback and asks: “BlackHawk, what are you doing here?!”

BlackHawk says: “I know I might not look like it, but I can be QUITE generous when I want to be! Surely there must be SOMETHING I can do to help out around here, with this food drive.”

Pinkie says: “Well, as a matter of fact, we don't have anyone providing any Italian themed foods. It would be a BIG help if we could have someone on that.”

BlackHawk says: “Lucky for you, I know how to provide foods of an ethnic flavor. I'll go and get my top men to help me on it.” And BlackHawk leaves the cooking room.

Usagi's eyes open wide and she asks: “HE has top men?”

Lettuce shrugs his shoulders and asks: “Who knew?!” /

Meanwhile, in a central food plaza in NEW Los Angeles (mostly rebuilt after the gigantic earthquake of 2039), Greedy Goat appears with a ravenous appetite.

Greedy Goat moans and says: “It looks like I am here, then. Now what was I supposed to do again?” He looks at a list PROVIDED to him by Drako that says: “Wreck the Food Drive! Priority ONE!!!!” Greedy Goat says: “Messing with the Rangers is good and fine, but I absolutely HAVE to dine!” Greedy Goat looks around and sees an ALL You Can Eat Chinese Buffet! Greedy Goat says: “All You Can Eat is just the deal! I'll eat what I want, in fact, I'll steal!” Greedy Goat rushes in, and without any warning, starts grabbing EVERYTHING he can get his grubby little hooves on, regardless of the looks and stares from customers EATING there!

Strangely enough, who should HAPPEN to be eating there except for Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow? Bash Buzzard asks: “What does THAT hooligan think he is up to?”

Smash Swallow says: “I don't know, but I think he's asking for a HEINIE whooping!

Bash Buzzard says: “And we're JUST the guys to GIVE it to him!”

The two of them walk up to Greedy Goat, and poke him in the back. Bash Buzzard says: “I don't think you REALIZE the trouble you're getting yourself into!”

Smash Swallow says: “Yeah, trouble!”

Bash Buzzard says: “See, this is OUR favorite restaurant!”

Smash Swallow says: “Yeah, OUR favorite restaurant!”

Bash Buzzard says: “So if you don't WANT any trouble, you'll CEASE your disgusting behavior IMMEDIATELY!”

Smash Swallow says: “Immediately!”

Greedy Goat moans and says, with his MOUTH full: “I don't want trouble anyhow. Can't you see I'm trying to EAT now?”

Smash Swallow says: “Oh, a WISE guy! Maybe WE ought to teach you some MANNERS!” And Smash Swallow PUSHES Greedy Goat by TOUCHING his bib, but THAT sets Greedy Goat OFF!

Greedy Goat angrily says: “I can't believe what you DID! Nobody EVER touches the BIB!” And Greedy Goat charges back, and HEAD-Butts Smash Swallow HARD, sending HIM flying against a restaurant wall!

Bash Buzzard is secretly impressed, but he tries to play up some false bravado. Bash Buzzard, unconvincingly, says: “That's not so tough! I can do that! Why don't you TRY to do THAT to me?!”

Greedy Goat says: “You better be careful WHAT you say; I might ram you anyway!” And with another charge, Greedy Goat head-butts Bash Buzzard HARD, sending him FLYING into an occupied table with a bunch of Chinese food, making Bash Buzzard all COVERED with food!

Bash Buzzard says: “That did NOT work at all the way I planned!” /

At the Command Center, the alarm goes off, causing Alpha 8 to pace back and forth! Alpha 8 says: “Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! What is the problem now?!”

Omnus says: “Look at our secret satellite system. You'll see our culprit.”

Alpha 8 does this, and he sees the STUFFED goat monster! Alpha 8 says: “Just what we needed! A Greedy Goat!”

Omnus says: “You know what to do, Alpha. Contact the Power Rangers immediately!”

Alpha 8 moans and says: “Oh, I hope they're not in the middle of doing something important!” /

Unfortunately, Toby is right in the middle of baking some Poffin Pies!

Toby says: “Just ten more minutes to go, and my Poffin Pies will be good enough for a Mewtwo!”

Naruto rolls his eyes and says: “IF you were EVER lucky to catch one!”

Toby says: “Watch your mouth! My Pidgeot once helped me catch an Entei with nothing more than a wing and a prayer...and another wing! So if my Pokemon can do THAT, imagine what I can do!”

(BEEP! BEEP! Ba-Beep! BEEP! BEEP!) Usagi says: “Looks like your conversation will have to wait! Duty is calling us!”

Lettuce answers and asks: “Alpha, what's up?

Alpha 8 says: “Oh, it's just TERRIBLE! A Greedy Goat Monster has appeared in New Los Angeles, and is devouring food at an ALARMING rate! And he's HURTING anyone who tries to stop him!”

Pinkie Pie says: “Say no more, Alpha! We will stop him!”

Naruto says: “It's Morphing Time!”

Everyone says: “Multiverse Force, Save Core Earth!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrasaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!”

They morph, and teleport to the middle of a park, where Greedy Goat is currently running across it, or as fast as his fat body will ALLOW him to run! Toby says: “Stop right there! You can't just eat what you want, even if this IS a consumer based equality!”

Pinkie asks: “Haven't you EVER heard of saving for a rainy day?”

Greedy Goat moans and says: “Come on now, don't bother me. Why don't you try some IMPS for FREE?!” And a bunch of Imps appear to surround Greedy Goat!

Usagi says: “Guess we got to warm up on some appetizers, first!”

And inexplicably, a famous POP song by Weird Al Yankovic begins playing during the fight, because Greedy Goat keeps throwing food stuff at the Rangers whenever they try to get CLOSE to him! /

“How come you're always such a fussy young man? Don't want no Captain Crunch, don't want no Raisin Bran. Well, don't you know that other kids are starving in Japan; so eat it, just eat it. Don't want to argue, I don't want to debate. Don't want to hear about what kind of food you hate! You won't get no dessert 'till you clean off your plate, so eat it! Don't you tell me you're full, just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it. Get yourself an egg and beat it! Have some more chicken, have some more pie, it doesn't matter if it's boiled or fried, just eat it, eat it, just eat it, eat it. Just eat it, eat it, just eat it, eat it, ooh! Your table manners are a crying shame, you're playing with your food, this ain't some kind of game. Now, if you starve to death, you'll just have yourself to blame, so eat it, just eat it! You better listen, better do what you're told, you haven't even touched your tuna casserole. You better chow down or it's gonna get cold, so eat it! I don't care if you're full! Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, open up your mouth and feed it! Have some more yogurt, have some more spam, it doesn't matter if it's fresh or canned. Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, don't you make me repeat it! Have a banana, have a whole bunch! It doesn't matter what you had for lunch! Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it! (Instrumental solo). Eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, if it's getting cold, reheat it! Have a big dinner, have a light snack, if you don't like it, you can't send it back! Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, get yourself an egg and beat it (oh lord)! Have some more chicken, have some more pie, it doesn't matter if it's boiled or fried! Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, don't you make me repeat it (oh no)! Have a banana, have a whole bunch, it doesn't matter what you had for lunch! Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it!” /

The epic song ends as all the Imps are defeated.

Greedy Goat says: “I guess the Imps were much too weak! I would fight, but I'm way too meek!” And Greedy Goat suddenly begins rolling away on his horns!

Lettuce asks: “What's going on? He's running away!”

Naruto says: “Well, we can't just let that menace run around this city free!”

Pinkie Pie says: “I'll stop him!” And Pinkie Pie gallops, and does a flying kick, FORCING Greedy Goat out of his roll!

Greedy Goat says: “Come on, what was THAT for? Why do you treat me like a door?!”

Usagi says: “Enough games, Goat! Either stop what you're doing, or fight!

Greedy Goat says: “I will not, can not stop my rhyme! I simply do not have the time!”

Toby sarcastically says: “Great! Now he's making fun of Dr. Seuss!”

Greedy Goat says: “You should NEVER mess with me, or you'll get a taste of electricity!!!!” And with his Magic Horns, Greedy Goat produces a BURST of electricity that begins to SHOCK the Rangers!

Lettuce says: “It's too much!”

Naruto says: “Quickly, back to the Command Center!” And they manage to teleport out of there!

Greedy Goat says: “It looks like the Rangers left me alone. Who knew I was so danger prone?” /

In his secret base, Emperor Diabolica says: “I'm feeling slightly better seeing this Greedy Goat reek havoc. Who KNEW that a third rate monster could prove to be SO effective against the Rangers?”

Kraky goes to Drako and says: “Makes your GOOD monsters look BAD, by comparison!”

Drako angrily says: “Don't you DARE talk trash about MY monsters!” /

At the Command Center, all of the Rangers appear morphed, but helmetless. Usagi says: “Greedy Goat is more competent than he looks!”

Toby says: “I agree. For a monster who doesn't even WANT to fight us, he can sure put the hurt on anyone he WANTS to!”

Omnus says: “Which is why you will NEED something to help even the battle in your favor. Alpha, do the honors.”

Alpha 8 says: “Yes sir! Now, I just press this button on the console, and you will receive something to AID you in your battles!”

And sure enough, powerful weapons appear in front of the Rangers!

Lettuce says: “Merci beacoup! What are these?!”

Omnus says: “These are your Power Weapons. Naruto, you have control of the mighty Fire Blade. Usagi, you wield control of the mystical Wind Staff. Lettuce, you have mastery of the powerful Earth Mace. Pinkie, you wield the graceful Diamond Boomerang. And Toby, you get control of the strong Water Ax. Alone, these weapons have the power to control the elements of their name. Together, they will form the nearly unstoppable Power Blaster Cannon! With these weapons on your side, evil will have to think twice before they EVEN think about attacking you!”

Naruto says: “Thanks for the gifts, Omnus! Back to action!” /

Greedy Goat arrives just outside of the building where the Food Drive is going to be held for the benefit of the Homeless. Greedy Goat says: “A place for free food can't be beat! I'll bet they have a LOT to eat!”

BlackHawk stands in the doorway and says: “Not so fast, you rhyming freak! You think I'm just going to let you BARGE in here?! Have a taste of my FIRE ray!!!!”

And BlackHawk fires a magical ray of fire, but Greedy Goat rolls up, and his horns deflect it! Greedy Goat says: “Your attack is not to hot! Now let me show you what I have got!”

The Power Rangers appear, and Toby says: “Maybe HE isn't, but WE are!”

Usagi turns to BlackHawk and says: “Clear the area just in case! Things might get a little messy here.”

BlackHawk sighs, and reluctantly says: “All right.” And BlackHawk rushes into the building!

Greedy Goat says: “You can't stand up to ME! Have another dose of electricity!”

Usagi says: “WIND staff!” And Usagi summons a powerful blast of wind, which BLOCKS the electricity from reaching the rangers!”

Lettuce says: “My turn! Earth Mace!” And Lettuce SLAMS his mace to the ground, and creates a torrent of Earth power which AMBUSHES Greedy Goat, and knocks him to the ground!

Naruto says: “Time to turn up the heat! Fire Blade!” And Naruto sticks his sword into the ground, and creates a FAST blaze of fire, which STRIKES Greedy Goat hard!

Pinkie says: “My turn for fun! Diamond Boomerang!” And in a magical swirl of diamonds, the boomerang SPINS around, and cuts OFF Greedy Goat's horns, causing the electricity to short-circuit ON him!

Toby says: “Now I'm going to FINISH him off! Water Ax!” And Toby swings his Ax, and a BLAST of water connects with Greedy Goat. And when it does, the resulting mixture CAUSES Greedy Goat to EXPLODE into chunks!

Usagi says: “That's the end of THAT villain!” /

Drako is fuming and he angrily says: “It's not over until I SAY it's over! Power of darkness and power of rain, make my monster LIVE again!” And a blast of rain appears OVER Greedy Goat's remains, and they not only make Greedy Goat INTACT again, they also make him a fifty foot HIGH monster!

Greedy Goat says: “I'm back and I'm BIGGER than ever! It looks like you'll stop me NEVER!”

Lettuce says: “It's time to pull out the BIG guns! Let's see what our Power Blaster Cannon can do!”

Naruto says: “RIGHT!!!!” / Toby says: “Water Ax!” / Pinkie says: “Diamond Boomerang!” / Lettuce says: “Earth Mace!” / Usagi says: “Wind Staff!” / Naruto says: “Fire Blade!” And when combined together, it looks like the most POWERFUL blaster cannon to EVER be assembled by a dedicated squadron of Power Rangers!

All the Rangers say: “Power Baster Cannon, FIRE!!!!” And with a flurry of elemental shots, they hit Greedy Goat RIGHT in the heart!

Greedy Goat says: “My appetite wasn't big enough! The Power Rangers...were just too tough!” And Greedy Goat falls down, and his whole body explodes!

Pinkie says: “Nobody messes with the Power Rangers!” /

Back in Emperor Diabolica's base, Emperor Diabolica is moaning in MISERY again! Emperor Diabolica screams: “AUGH!!!! I can't BELIEVE that utter DISGRACE of a monster FAILED me!”

Drako puts his arms on his hips and sulking, says: “Well, I DID tell you he wasn't one of my BETTER monsters!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “And not only I am still sick, but NOW I've got a head-ache!”

Vipera rolls her eyes, and out of ear-shot from Emperor Diabolica, sarcastically says: “And I've got another MIGRAINE!” /

The Rangers, now de-morphed, run back to the Food Drive. Pinkie says: “That was an awesome battle!”

Toby says: “We got some cool new gear at our disposal!”

Usagi says: “And best of all, no more IRRITATING rhyming!”

Naruto says: “I'd say this calls for a celebration!”

BlackHawk walks out and says: “How does Pizza sound?”

Lettuce says: “Pizza? I LOVE Pizza!”

BlackHawk says: “Well, I wasn't sure which flavor combinations to use, so I decided to use ALL the ones I could think of!”

Pinkie says: “That must have taken QUITE a while!”

BlackHawk looks back and says: “Well, I DID have help!”

And upon saying that, Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow walk out, completely COATED in flour and marinara sauce!

Bash Buzzard asks: “Are we done cooking yet?”

BlackHawk says: “I think so.”

Smash Swallow asks: “And does that mean we can eat now?”

BlackHawk asks: “And did you pay the minimum $20 donation fee needed to EAT food in this food drive?”

Bash and Smash look at each other, and they both KNOW better than to try to lie to BlackHawk, so they honestly both say: “Yes.”

BlackHawk says: “Than you may both have ONE pizza of your choice.”

Bash and Smash sigh, and they both gratefully say: “Thank you.” And they rush inside, causing the Rangers to laugh.

Usagi smiles and says: “You're ALL heart, aren't you BlackHawk?”

BlackHawk says: “Well, I certainly do what I can!” And the Rangers laugh WITH BlackHawk, at BlackHawk's statement! /

Episode Notes: Introduction of the Rangers Power Weapons, and of the Ranger Blaster Cannon. Also, the first episode where there is no zord action. First time that someone OTHER than Emperor Diabolica (namely Drako) made a monster grow. First episode where ALL the Rangers appear morphed but helmetless.

Personal Notes: Going into this episode, I thought, what would be more irritating than having to fight a monster? And what I came up with was, having to fight a monster that ONLY spoke in rhymes! And if that wasn't enough, I decided to have a monster who particularly wanted nothing to DO with having to actually fight the Rangers, and only did so when he was FORCED into doing it! Also, I thought it would be funny to have a Weird Al Yankovic song play during a fight sequence of the Power Rangers. / That's my episode idea THIS time! Enough said, true believers!

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Sorry for the LONG wait for this episode, but at long last, I am ready to present my latest contribution to “Power Rangers Multiverse Force!” / “Get Your Motor Running.” / It is a bright, sunny morning. Toby opens up the window of his bedroom, and breathes in the good, clean air! Toby says: “What a PERFECT day! It's the kind of day, where you GOT to ride a bike! It looks like Old Faithful is going for another SPIN!!!!” Toby is about to run outside, when he's suddenly stopped by a middle-aged, brown-haired woman, also known as his MOTHER!!!!

Toby's Mother asks: “Toby, where are you off to in such a hurry?”

Toby groans and says: “Not now, MOTHER!!!! I'm burning valuable daylight! I got to ride my bicycle today! If I don't USE my skills, I'll LOSE them!”

Toby's Mother says: “I don't understand what you see in that bike. That thing is about as fast as a scooter, from 1998!”

Toby says: “But I like it, and it's never let me down! Please, let me take it out!”

Toby's Mother sighs and says: “All right, but first put on your helmet, and your knee pads, and your elbow pads.”

Toby reluctantly puts on his protection and says: “MOM! I'm not biking to MARS or anything, I'm just going out for a ride!”

Toby's Mother says: “It's my JOB to worry a little bit!” Than the both of them simultaneously say: “I'm your mother!”

Toby runs outside and says: “I'll be back later!” And he hops on a somewhat rusty, somewhat mended, but very well-loved bicycle! Toby says: “All right! Toby, the Pokemon Champion is out for a ride! Old Faithful is his trusty steed, taking him to exciting destinations where brand new possibilities await! Who KNOWS what he will run into?!” And as IF to answer his question, who should pull up beside him except Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow, in a brand new HOVER motorcycle no less?!

Smash Swallow says: “Well, if it isn't Runty Toby, riding the S.S. Hindenburg!”

Bash Buzzard says: “He won't get that reference because he's not smart like us!”

Toby rolls his eyes and says: “Actually, I do get that reference, and calling ME names only PROVES that you're the Neanderthals that I THINK you are!”

Bash Buzzard says: “You know, I think it's high time you RETIRED your rust-bucket of bolts!”

Toby defiantly says: “I've had this bicycle for seven years. It's one of the few things I have remaining from when my dad was still alive. I have MANY fond memories with it!”

Smash Swallow says: “Sentiments don't buy you ANYTHING except a nice epitaph on your tombstone! Put THAT on your bucket list and EAT it!”

Toby says: “I might not have the newest bike, but it suits MY purposes!”

Bash Buzzard says: “I'll say, it's slow AND pathetic like YOU!!!!”

Toby gets mad and says: “All right, hot shots! How much do you want to BET, I can ride CIRCLES around your high-tech device?!”

Smash Swallow chuckles and says: “I would LOVE to see you try! Of course, I'd also like to see you looking like a crater!”

Bash Buzzard points forward and says: “We race down Dead Man's Hill, infamous for its Dead Man's Curve! Whoever gets to the bottom fastest wins, and NO cutting corners!”

Toby doesn't even STOP to think and says: “You're ON, BOZO Buzzard!” And the two of them race forward, full throttle! Toby speaks to himself and says: “Toby, the Pokemon Champion, is taking a break from catching Pokemon, to race the two LOSERS known as Bash and Smash! They might have new technology on their side, but they do NOT have the soul of a Pokemon trainer legend!” And they begin the descent down Dead Man's Hill! Toby says: “Now we're going down the Dreaded Dead Man's Hill! Hardly a man is now alive, who has FACED this Dreaded Hill! They're coming to Dead Man's Curve! Will HE make it?!” Bash and Smash, with their technological machine, are EASILY able to calculate the curve, and they make the turn EASILY, but Toby goes TOO fast, and FLIES off the hill!! Toby says: “Oh NO!!!! The man is going DOWN!!!!” (CRASH!!!!) Toby lands in a bush, mostly fine, but his Bike is a different story! Toby says: “Oh MAN!!!! My mother's going to KILL me for wrecking THIS bicycle!”

Bash Buzzard says: “I told you that you were no match for us!”

Smash Swallow says: “Yeah, for us!”

Bash Buzzard says: “Better get used to walking, because that bike is a GONER!!!!”

Smash Swallow says: “It feels SO nice to WIN for a change!” And they zoom off, as Toby grunts in defeat, unaware that a certain evil female VILLAIN has seen EVERYTHING!

Vipera says: “Poor, pitiful Toby! You'll lose SO much more than your bike by the time I'M through with you! I feel the NEED for speed!” /

Vipera returns to the hidden base of Emperor Diabolica! Emperor Diabolica says: “Tell me, Vipera, what news do you bring from Core Earth?”

Vipera whips out a nail-file, and says: “Here's the thing, you've been hunting for ways to destroy the Power Rangers, and I have one. You want it, then it's going to cost you; $10,000 all in advance!”

Emperor Diabolica GRABS Vipera by the throat and says: “DON'T play GAMES with me, Vipera! Need I remind you why I'M the Emperor? Don't MAKE me take away that lovely little face of yours, I WILL do it if you PLAY with me!” And Emperor Diabolica EXTENDS his claws into LONG, sharp knives to demonstrate his abilities!

Vipera nervously says: “Your point is VERY well taken! In that case, Toby is having a terrible day TODAY! He just lost his bike!”

Emperor Diabolica sighs and says: “And THAT concerns us HOW?!”

Vipera says: “It's given ME a great idea on how to defeat the Rangers! We simply get the fastest, most VICIOUS Blood beast we can find to take out the Rangers ONCE and for ALL!”

Emperor Diabolica ponders this and says: “That IS a good idea! After all, the Power Rangers CAN'T beat what they can't HIT! I LIKE the way you THINK! DRAKO! It's monster making TIME!”

Drako sighs and says: “Don't you EVER get tired of the monsters? Why don't we make something more practical, like a batch of pizza?”

Emperor Diabolica yells: “I'll put YOU in a pizza if you don't MOVE it!!!!”

Drako nervously says: “Okay, OKAY!!!! No need to yell!” And Drako grabs a vial of blood, and he smiles with delight. Drako says: “This blood beast will be PERFECT for our purposes!” And Drako throws down the vial of blood, and it transforms into a bulky pig, who looks very WELL suited to belonging in the realm of the 1982 movie, “The Road Warrior.”

The Biker Pig says: “You can call me Road Hog! I have a need for speed, and there's not a ranger alive that can catch me!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Than PROVE it! Give the Rangers the runaround, and when you've worn them out, destroy them!”

Road Hog snaps his fingers, and a big, GIANT purple motorcycle appears in front of him! Road Hog climbs on, and says: “Your wish is MY command!” And Road Hog zooms OUT of there!

Kraky sighs and says: “Oh, MAN! He left skid marks on the floor! Now I'M going to be expected to clean it up! That's going to take FOREVER! /

At the local mechanics shop, Toby has unloaded what REMAINS of his bicycle! Usagi STARES at Toby, and she asks: “THAT was your bicycle?!”

Lettuce sighs and says: “You're just going to have to bang out the dents, that's all there IS to it!”

Naruto says: “Are you KIDDING?! The problem isn't in the dents, the problem is that the bike is broken to PIECES!”

Toby says: “The problem is in your MOUTH!!!!”

Pinkie asks: “How are you going to explain this to your mother, anyways?!”

Toby says: “Have you ever heard of plausible denial?!”

Naruto asks: “Have you got any scotch tape?!”

Toby shouts: “Come on, hot stuff! What do YOU drive?!”

Naruto defensively says: “I DRIVE!!!!”

Toby asks: “Yeah, how about YOU, Lettuce?!”

Lettuce says: “ME?! Well, what about Usagi?!”

Usagi looks flustered and says: “Well, I...”

Toby says: “That's what I thought. Come on, we're FIVE fairly intelligent guys or girls here!”

BlackHawk says: “Make that SIX!!!!”

Lettuce asks: “What do we owe YOUR pleasure of being here?”

BlackHawk says: “Mechanics happen to be one of my VERY strong hobbies! I like to take things apart and put them back together, better than ever! I'll probably become a repair-man once I finish High School.”

Toby says: “That's perfect! Than maybe YOU can help me out here!”

BlackHawk asks: “With what?”

Toby sighs and says: “My bicycle got all broke riding down Dead Man's Curve.”

BlackHawk is shocked and asks: “You tried to ride THAT down Dead Man's Curve?! What were you THINKING?!!!”

Toby protests: “I was thinking that I HAD a shot against Bash and Smash and their souped up monstrosity!”

BlackHawk shakes his head and says: “Not in its current state, you didn't! I fixed Bash and Smash up with that hover motorcycle, myself. One of the best things I ever made.”

Toby asks: “You CAN fix this, right?

BlackHawk says: “It's very challenging, more challenging than anything else that I've seen, but I think that I can do SOMETHING, with it!”

Toby says: “That's all I want to know...Um...how much is this going to cost?”

BlackHawk says: “Don't worry about it. I'm doing this pro bono. It's on the house. Consider it an early birthday present, from me to you.”

Toby asks: “How long do you think it will take you?”

BlackHawk says: “A job like this? I'd estimate...4 hours and 44 minutes, if I don't take any breaks!”

Lettuce says: “That's pretty fast work! You usually have to pay EXTRA for that!”

BlackHawk puts Toby's bicycle parts into a clear plastic bag and says: “Don't worry, your bike will be fixed and better than ever! Later!” And BlackHawk flies away to where he lives. No sooner than does BlackHawk leave, than do the watches start to beep their familiar sound.

Naruto says: “That would be Alpha 8 and Omnus again.”

Pinkie asks: “I wonder what they want this time?”

Lettuce answers and says: “What's up, Alpha?”

Over the communicators, Alpha says: “Rangers, we want you to come to the Command Center! We've got something we think you'll find VERY useful!”

Usagi says: “We're on our way! Let's go, Rangers!” And they teleport to the Command Center. /

The Rangers arrive at the Command Center and Omnus says: “Welcome Rangers, you are about to witness the most recent development, to help you in your fight against evil!”

Naruto asks: “What have you for us, now?”

Omnus says: “Alpha has been working on a project, and we believe that is is finally ready to demonstrate to your rangers. Alpha?”

Alpha 8 says: “As you might have noticed, your teleportation skills have proven to be very useful to you. However, even with advances in technology, teleporting from place to place STILL takes a little bit of power out of the morphing grid, power that would be better utilized for fighting against evil. So, I've been developing some technological vehicles as a teleportation alternative, and they should prove more useful than teleporting in some cases!”

Lettuce says: “That sounds tres bonne! Let's see them!”

Alpha 8 says: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Rangers and Omnus, I present the Power Vehicles!” Alpha 8 pushes a button and a curtain unveils, revealing FOUR fancy vehicles!

Alpha 8 points to a fiery red, two-wheeled vehicle, and says: “Naruto, you will get to ride the Fire Blazer! It's speed is unmatched, and can create powerful bursts of fire to slow down your opponents!”

Naruto says: “Color me impressed!”

Alpha 8 points to a forest green, winged glider jet, and says: “Lettuce, you will FINALLY be able to fly, your vehicle is the Verde Aeroplane, or the Green Jet for those of you who don't speak French. It is able to perform any aerial maneuver you can think of, and has very handy energy torpedo missiles that you can you to stop evil in its track!”

Lettuce says: “It's my dream come true!”

Alpha 8 points to an ocean blue, four-wheeled ATV, and says: “Toby, your vehicle is the Ice Smasher! It is a vehicle that can travel over ANY type of landscape, and can convert into a hover-cycle for aerial battles, or transform into a one-person submarine for underwater battles. It can also fire ice energy beams to freeze opponents solid!”

Toby says: “That is LITERALLY cool!”

Alpha 8 points to a four person car, that is both yellow and pink and says: “Last, but certainly not least, Usagi and Pinkie, your vehicle will be the Electric Shocker! One of you drives, and the other handles the electric beam attacks, that can shoot in any direction, so your opponents will never be able to catch you off guard!”

Pinkie says: “That sounds electric!”

Usagi says: “I'm going to look SO awesome driving that!”

Alpha 8 says: “With these vehicles under your command, I'm sure you will find your mission to stop Emperor Diabolica will be much easier!” (WHIR!!!! WHIR!!!!)

Lettuce says: “Speak of the devil, we've got confirmation of a monster!”

Naruto asks: “What are we facing THIS week?!”

Alpha 8 pulls up the screen, and is visibly REPULSED by the ugly pig, riding on his purple motorcycle! Alpha 8 says: “Ay-yai-yai-yai-yai! That is a face that only a MOTHER could love!”

Pinkie asks: “Why can't Emperor Diabolica ever make any PRETTY monsters? It would be a nice change of pace from the nasty freaks we USUALLY fight!”

Omnus says: “This villain calls himself Road Hog! Be careful, Rangers! I sense that this monster is faster than the monsters you usually fight!”

Naruto says: “We'll be on our guard Omnus! It's MORPHING time!”

Everyone says: “Multiverse Force, Save Core Earth!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!” /

The action switches to Bash and Smash, who are STILL celebrating their victory over Toby! Bash laughs and says: “And do you remember the LOOK on Toby's face when he flew off Dead Man's Curve?!”

Smash laughs and says: “I wish I had a CAMERA to capture his priceless expression!”

Bash groans and says: “Get with the times! It's the 22nd century, nobody uses CAMERAS anymore, that's what we have cell phones, for!”

Smash says: “That doesn't mean a camera wouldn't be as USEFUL, you know!”

Bash says: “You're lucky that there's nobody else to HEAR you, because you sound PRETTY stupid right about--.” (SCREECH!!!!) And Road Hog brakes right in FRONT of them, causing their Hover-cycle to crash INTO the impervious Blood Beast, and come FLYING right off!

Road Hog says: “How DARE you TWERPS ride around on MY road?!”

Smash asks: “Your road?”

Road Hog says: “MY road!”

Bash defiantly asks: “YOUR road?!”

Road Hog defiantly says: “MY road!”

Smash says: “I don't see YOUR name on it!”

Road Hog asks: “So?”

Bash defiantly says: “So it doesn't BELONG to you!”

Road Hog says: “You DARE to claim ownership, to something that is MY dominion?!” Road Hog snaps his fingers, and a laser gun appears in his hands! Road Hog says: “I'll teach you little PUNKS some RESPECT for the King of the ROAD!!!!”

Smash looks nervous, gulps and says: “MOTHER!!!!” (CLANG!!!!) But at that moment, Pinkie Pie throws her diamond boomerang and KNOCKS the laser gun out of Road Hog's gloved hands!

Pinkie says: “Didn't your mother ever teach you NOT to play with naughty laser guns? You could put someone's EYE out!”

Road Hog asks: “Don't you think that I KNOW that?! That was PRECISELY the point!”

Lettuce says: “You need to respect the rules of the road! For starters, you should REALLY wear a seat belt!”

Road Hog sarcastically says: “And what if I REFUSE?! What then?!”

Naruto says: “Than we're just going to have to cite you for reckless driving!”

Road Hog says: “You'd have to CATCH me first! Imps, ATTACK!”

And ten imps, with crudely made stone weapons, appear in front of Road Hog! Usagi says: “Oh boy, looks like our job got slightly more complicated.”

Toby turns to Bash and Smash, and Toby says: “You two better get out of here while the getting is good!”

Bash nervously says: “You don't have to tell US, twice!”

And Bash and Smash get back on their hover-cycle, and zoom away FAST!!!!

And inexplicably, while the Rangers are fighting the Imps, a hit song by The Eagles begins playing! / “He was a hard-headed man, he was brutally handsome, and she was terminally pretty. She held him up, and he held her for ransom, in the heart of the cold, cold city! He had a nasty reputation as a cruel dude! They said he was ruthless, they said he was crude! They had one thing in common, they were good in bed! She'd say, "Faster, faster. The lights are turning red!" Life in the fast lane, surely makes you lose your mind! Life in the fast lane! Eager for action, and hot for the game, the coming attraction, the drop of a name! They knew all the right people, they took all the right pills, they threw outrageous parties, they paid heavenly bills! There were lines on the mirror, lines on her face! She pretended not to notice, she was caught up in the race! Out every evening, until it was light, he was too tired to make it, she was too tired to fight about it! Life in the fast lane, surely makes you lose your mind! Life in the fast lane! Life in the fast lane, everything all the time! Life in the fast lane! Life in the fast lane! Life in the fast lane! Life in the fast lane! Blowing and burning, blinded by thirst, they didn't see the stop sign, took a turn for the worst! She said, "Listen, baby. You can hear the engine ring. We've been up and down this highway, haven't seen a goddam thing!" He said, "Call the doctor. I think I'm gonna crash!" "The doctor says he's coming, but you gotta pay in cash." They went rushing down that freeway, messed around and got lost! They didn't care they were just dying to get off and it was life in the fast lane, surely makes you lose your mind! Life in the fast lane! Life in the fast lane, everything all the time! Life in the fast lane! Life in the fast lane! Life in the fast lane! Life in the fast lane!” / And the epic song ends as all the imps are defeated.

Road Hog mockingly claps his hands and says: “Impressive show, well done...IS what I WOULD say to you if you ACTUALLY impressed me!”

Lettuce says: “We took care of your imps, and we'll take care of YOU, to!”

Road Hog says: “I highly DOUBT that! Later!” (ZOOM!!!!)

Usagi says: “He's driving away! Now we're NEVER going to catch him!”

Naruto says: “Oh yes, we will! We've got new power vehicles, let's use them!”

Everyone says: “Right!” / Naruto says: “Fire Blazer!” / Lettuce says: “Green Jet!” / Toby says: “Ice Smasher!” / Usagi and Pinkie say: “Electric Shocker!” And the four vehicles appear very close to the Rangers!

Pinkie says: “All right! It's time to bring Road Hog to justice!” And the five Rangers begin their fast pursuit against the evil blood beast!

Road Hog chuckles to himself and says: “Those Rangers are light years AWAY from ever being able to CATCH me!” But then he GASPS when he looks in the rear-view mirror, which says: “Objects are DEFINITELY closer than they appear!” And Road Hog looks behind him, and he SEES the Rangers are catching up to him! Road Hog says: “Shoot! I forgot that light years measure DISTANCE, not TIME!!!! Time for some evasive maneuvers! It will take MORE than some fancy vehicles to stop the beast known as Road Hog!!!!”

Toby says: “We've got Road Hog on the run!”

Usagi says: “It's time to give him all we've got, in good, old-fashioned Ranger fashion!” /

And as they're pursuing Road Hog over VERY tough, rocky terrain, an appropriate song by Steppenwolf begins playing! / “Get your motor running, head out on the highway! Looking for adventure, and whatever comes our way! Yeah, darling go make it happen! Take the world in a love embrace! Fire all of your guns at once, and explode into space! I like smoke and lightning, Heavy metal thunder! Racing with the wind, and the feeling that I'm under! Yeah, darling go make it happen! Take the world in a love embrace! Fire all of your guns at once, and explode into space! Like a true nature's child, we were born, born to be wild! We can climb so high, I never wanna die! Born to be wild! Born to be wild! (Instrumental Break) Whoo! Whoo! Get your motor running, head out on the highway! Looking for adventure, and whatever comes our way! Yeah, darling go make it happen! Take the world in a love embrace! Fire all of your guns at once, and explode into space! Like a true nature's child, we were born, born to be wild! We can climb so high, I never wanna die! Born to be wild! Born to be wild!” / And the epic song ends! /

Naruto says: “Time to test out our weapons!”

Lettuce says: “Right! Energy Torpedo Missiles!” And Lettuce fires them, causing Road Hog to bounce about in his motorcycle!

Usagi says: “Our turn!”

Pinkie says: “Right! Electric Charge, STRIKE!!!!” Pinkie fires the electric beams, and they cause Road Hog to get really jolted in his ride!

Toby says: “Time to chill out! Freeze Ray!!!!” And Toby fires an ice beam, which makes Road Hog REALLY cold, but he STILL stays on his ride!

Naruto says: “And I'll top it off with a Fire Blast!!!!” And Naruto fires an EXPLOSIVE blast of fire, which FINALLY knocks Road Hog off his ride!

Road Hog screams: “NO!!!! I'm NOTHING without my RIDE!!!!”

Lettuce says: “Time to finish this guy off! Let's use our power weapons!”

Everyone else says: “Right!” / Toby says: “Water Ax!” / Pinkie says: “Diamond Boomerang!” / Lettuce says: “Earth Mace!” / Usagi says: “Wind Staff!” / Naruto says: “Fire Blade!” /

And the weapon is combined together and Road Hog asks: “Can't we resolve this problem at the DMV?!”

The Rangers say: “FIRE!!!!” And the beam hits Road Hog, and knocks him to the ground! Usagi says: “Looks like YOUR driving days our over!” /

At Emperor Diabolica's secret base, Baphomet angrily says: “Your Road Hog is looking more like ROAD kill! What do you have to SAY for yourself, Emperor?!”

Emperor Diabolica calmly says: “Not to worry, Road Hog has an ACE up his sleeve!” /

Road Hog wearily says: “It's time for my TRUMP card! Ace of Spades, grant my wish and make me GROW!!!!” And sure enough, Road Hog gets FILLED with energy and grows to giant proportions! Road Hog says: “I may be too BIG for a motorcycle, but I'm just PERFECT for crushing you!”

Pinkie says: “Should have KNOWN it wouldn't be THAT easy!”

Naruto says: “It NEVER is! We need DINOZORD power, NOW!!!!” / And the Dinozord vehicles are all summoned, and the Rangers jump into them!

Toby says: “All right, I've got an idea on how to take Road Hog out!”

Usagi says: “All right, let's hear it!”

Toby says: “Let's utilize the Multimegazord in tank formation, and use the force of our vehicle to send Road Hog BACK to the Pork Factory!”

Lettuce says: “All right! Let's make sausages out of this bovine!”

And the zords all pull together, and form into their tank formation!

Road Hog says: “You think your vehicle is strong enough to stop ME?! Bring it ON!!!!”

Toby says: “Gladly! This is for OLD FAITHFUL!!!!”

And with a powerful charge, the Multimegazord tank JETS forward and KNOCKS Road Hog several feet backwards! Road Hog cries: “WOAH!!!! That really HURT, you jerks!”

Pinkie says: “If that isn't the pot calling the kettle hot...or, something like that, than I don't know what IS!”

Naruto says: “Let us utilize our weapons!”

Everyone says: “Right! Multimegazord, fire all LASERS!!!!”

And powerful electric charges FIRE at Road Hog, and ZAP him in the heart!

Road Hog moans and says: “Blast you! Blast you all to HECK!!!!” And he falls down and explodes!

Toby says: “And that puts an end to ANOTHER evil scheme today! All in all, I'd say it was a very excellent day!”

But Vipera appears, and she appears right next to Road Hog's motorcycle! Vipera chuckles and says: “Well done, Rangers. Your resourcefulness surprises me, your certainly no ordinary fools if you can beat a speed demon! You may have destroyed Road Hog, but his motorcycle is MINE! I look forward to racing you ANOTHER day!” And Vipera disappears with the motorcycle!

Toby says: “Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling that Vipera will find a VERY good use for that motorcycle in the future!”

Lettuce says: “I have a feeling that you're right!” /

At Emperor Diabolica's secret base, Emperor Diabolica is blasting his imps with electric charges in anger! Circe nervously says: “I can't STAND Emperor Diabolica when he gets like this!”

Emperor Diabolica screams: “I can't STAND you useless IDIOTS!!!! You give me such a headache!!”

Vipera appears in Emperor Diabolica's base, with her brand new motorcycle, and says: “I am VERY sorry my idea to destroy the Rangers didn't work!”

Emperor Diabolica angrily says: “And you SHOULD be! Those vials of blood aren't exactly easy to come by!”

Vipera says: “But on the bright side, I did SAVE Road Hog's Motorcycle! I think I'll retrofit it and make it my own. It should prove to be VERY useful in my future battles against the Rangers!”

Emperor Diabolica calms down and says: “That is very resourceful of you. Very well, keep the motorcycle. I suppose you've earned that much.”

Vipera says: “Thank you Emperor Diabolica, I'll make sure to make the Rangers PAY for destroying Road Hog someday. I'll make them pay with their very LIVES!!!!”

Emperor Diabolica cracks a RARE smile and says: “That, is what I LOVE to hear!”

Baphomet groans and says: “Oh, man! Vipera ALWAYS gets all the GOOD stuff!” /

Back in the Mechanics Shop, the Rangers are celebrating their victory! Pinkie says: “Man, today was sure a RUSH, wasn't it?!”

Usagi says: “I'll say. We don't get to experience speed like THAT, every day!”

Lettuce says: “That may be true, but Vipera SAVED Road Hog's Motorcycle. There's no doubt in my mind that she's going to use it against us in future battles.”

Naruto says: “I have no doubt that you're right, but we'll deal with her when the time comes!”

Toby looks outside and says: “We can save this conversation later, BlackHawk is back!”

And the five Rangers get into casual poses, as BlackHawk walks into the shop. BlackHawk asks: “Don't tell me you guys have just been standing around here, waiting for me to get back?”

Pinkie says: “It's not like we had anything BETTER to do!”

BlackHawk says: “Well, I HIGHLY doubt that, but it doesn't matter. Toby, it took a LOT of elbow grease, but I think I've made your bike as GOOD as new!!!!”

And Toby runs outside, and sees his bicycle looking better than ever! Toby says: “That's AMAZING, BlackHawk! It looks just like new!”

BlackHawk says: “It wasn't easy. I had to scour through FOUR different junk shops to find all the replacement parts. But I think it was worth it to make your bike look picture perfect again!”

Usagi says: “Congratulations, Toby! It looks like you're mobile again!”

BlackHawk says: “And the best part is, your wheels have better gripping traction. So if you ever try to race down Dead Man's Curve again, I have a feeling that you can handle it! Even Bash and Smash won't be able to WIN against you!”

Toby chuckles and says: “Actually, I have a FEELING that Bash and Smash won't be up to racing against ANYONE for quite some time!”

BlackHawk asks: “Why is that?”

Lettuce says: “Oh, just a funny feeling that we have!”

Pinkie says: “And nobody is funnier than me!”

Naruto laughs and says: “THAT'S definitely true!” And everyone shares a good laugh! /

Episode Notes: First appearance of the Rangers Power Vehicles. Naruto's Fire Blazer, Lettuce's Green Jet, Toby's Ice Smasher, and the Electric Shocker shared by Usagi and Pinkie. First appearance of Toby's Mother, and it WON'T be the last! Vipera also gets her OWN vehicle in this episode, as she claims Road Hog's Motorcycle as her very own AFTER Road Hog is destroyed!

Personal Notes: I guess the major reason why I didn't get around to writing this episode sooner, probably has to do with the fact that I DON'T want to recycle fight scenes. That is, utilizing the exact SAME fight maneuvers over and over again in different episodes. Coming up with Power Vehicles was a good way to make the fight scenes different, plus the Ranger's coolness factor shoots up about 400% whenever they RIDE their vehicles! Expect Vipera to utilize Road Hog's Motorcycle pretty often when she fights against the Rangers in the future! / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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