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Power Rangers: Multiverse Force

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Virtual Insanity!

                It is a dark, full moon lit night; in a dense forest a few miles from the civilization of Coastal Falls. The six Rangers, along with friends BlackHawk and Sans; are having a camp-out, and they are having a good time, as Pinkie Pie has just brought out the marshmallows! Pinkie Pie asks: “All right, who’s ready to roast some marshmallows?!”

Ebony says: “I can go for that! Back when I went to Hogwarts, they’d NEVER let me go off and fool around with Crabbe and Goyle in the Forbidden Forest. Of course, that’s probably because at least HALF of the things in the Forbidden Forest had the capacity to KILL people! But still…”

Usagi says: “It sure was nice of Toby’s mother to give us permission to do this, as long as we had a RESPONSIBLE guide; I.E., Sans, to make sure we were safe.”

Sans humbly says: “No problem, I’m glad to be of help!”

Pinkie Pie passes around the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Naruto says: “Now that we’ve got our campfire treats, how about we tell some campfire stories?! Sans, BlackHawk seems to think highly of you! Why don’t you start us off?”

Sans sighs, and says: “You wouldn’t be interested in any of MY stories! Nobody wants to hear about the thousands of times I’ve been STUCK in the underground!”

BlackHawk says: “I don’t mind going first. It’s not a campfire story EXACTLY; but I do want to tell you a little bit more about myself!”

Ebony excitedly says: “Ooh! The mystery man/bird is about to SPILL his secrets!”

BlackHawk says: “I am descended from powerful Woo Foo Knights, but when I was just an egg, I was STOLEN by the evil Night Master, in a BRAZEN attempt to create a magical force of EVIL that would bring ARMAGEDDON to the Woo Foo Knights! The Night Master, being filled with evil magic, made it so my parents would NEVER be able to FIND me, even if they KNEW where to look! But by the time I was six, the Night Master had grown impatient, because I was REFUSING to cooperate with what the Night Master wanted, so the Night Master FORCED me to deal with the Gods of Chaos; which is HOW I know about them in the first place, in the hopes that it would straighten me out to what the Night Master desired! But after only six minutes within the twisted realm of the Gods of Chaos, instead of going MAD from the experience, it actually CAUSED me to go SANE from the Revelation, and my psyche remembered that I was NOT supposed to be an agent of evil, but an agent of good! And while the Night Master views the world as black and white; that is, evil is night and good is light; I realized that dark isn't necessarily evil; that darkness is just as much a part of the natural order as light is. Because of this, I am IMMUNE to brainwashing and mental techniques such as memory erasing and psychic fantasies! So I managed to break FREE from the Night Master, and I made his way to a Woo Foo Master, who kept me safe for the next ten years. It's also at the training grounds that I first met Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow.”

Naruto asks: “Are THOSE two Woo Foo Warriors?!”

BlackHawk says: “Not even close! Those two PREDICTABLY failed to learn anything of worth! But I took pity on them, and I decided to take them under his wing. I was only RECENTLY reunited with my parents, and I met with the great Woo Foo Master, Master Yo. It was his suggestion that I take Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow over to Core Earth, because he sensed there was an imbalance in the natural order here; and he felt it would help the three of us to find out who we truly are.”

Lettuce claps his flippers and says: “Wow! That WAS an interesting story!”

Toby chuckles and says: “That’s nothing! I’ve got a story for you that will REALLY blow you away! Not only is it about one of the EARLIEST teams of Power Rangers, the ones that even ZORDON doesn’t remember, one of my ANCESTORS, the awesome JEFF, was the Blue Power Ranger of that time, and he fought against Rita Repulsa’s evil, younger sister, Queen Hedrian!”

Usagi rolls her eyes and says: “Oh, we are ALL so SURE this happened!”

Toby says: “All right, but don’t say I didn’t WARN you!” (The scene ripples, and it reveals Toby’s story, realized in real, full color, and awesome explosions!) Toby narrates, and says: “Four or five generations or so ago, during the year of 1981 through 1982, the evil Hedrian clan invaded the developing realm of digital cyberspace! They planned to conquer all of Core Earth’s connected computers, in order to gain the power to conquer Core Earth in THIS realm! Thankfully, a Talking Dog, called the DIGITAL ORGANIC GUIDE or D.O.G., for short, managed to recruit five young teenagers with attitude to enter the Digital Realm, and become the Power Rangers Digital Squadron!

Ebony interrupts and says: “A talking DOG?!!! You would THINK you could be a LITTLE more creative than THAT!!!!”

BlackHawk says: “Please don’t interrupt! I’m liking this story!” BlackHawk reaches for his back-pack, and pulls out a bag of popcorn, and a bottle of Pepsi. BlackHawk says: “Go on, continue with this story.”

Toby says: “Right, then.” (The scene ripples, and returns to Toby’s story). Toby narrates: “Using the Digital Rings, given to them by the Digital Princess, Hina; the five teenagers would transform into Power Rangers. Kagi, the Red Ranger, was a Karate expert and used his special moves of Vacuum Kick and the Digital Punch to take down monsters! My ancestor, Jeff, the Blue Ranger, was a circus acrobat who loved yoga, gymnastics, and the occasional sweet roll. In fact, many years after he was no longer a Ranger and a sweet roll vendor, he met with another Ranger team, the Power Rangers Jet Fusion, and taught them the special moves of the Blue Rocket, the Screw Kick, the Blue Snake, and the Digital Drill, to use against the EVIL Vyram Empire!”

BlackHawk interrupts and he is SHOCKED as he says: “Not THE Vyram Empire?! Aren’t THEY the ones headed by the villain that calls himself the God of Judgment; Radiguet?! He was evil BEYOND evil! He got so MAD when the Power Rangers Jet Fusion DENIED him Earth; he ERASED everyone’s memories of ALL the previous Power Rangers teams, out of SPITE! That is why so MANY people; Zordon included, mistakenly think the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers are the first team of Power Rangers!”

Ebony sarcastically asks: “Don’t tell me you’re actually trying to HELP Toby tell his story?!”

BlackHawk seriously says: “Don’t try to tell ME, it’s just a story! I’ve actually HAD an encounter with him once when I was nine! Okay; so it was a simulated VERSION of Radiguet on a training mission; I thought I was ready for the highest level of combat; but I only lasted six MINUTES against him! I had never been more AFRAID of anybody in my entire life! Simulation or not, I was LUCKY I was able to escape that simulation with my life!”

Toby seriously says: “This isn’t about the Power Rangers Jet Fusion, this is about MY story, about the Power Rangers Digital Squadron! Please, let me FINISH!” (The scene ripples, and returns to Toby’s story). Toby narrates: “Also among the Power Rangers Digital Squadron, was the Yellow Ranger, June. She was the Inventor and space researcher of the team, and was into calisthenics. Her special moves were the Digital Suplex, the Hammer Punch, and the Digital Pile Driver! Diego was the Green Ranger. He was a Detective who was also into boxing. His special moves were the the Green head-butt, and the Flying Spin Kick! And there was Momo, the Pink Ranger. She was a tennis player and a swimmer. Her special moves were the flying attack, and the Digital Lightning! Each Ranger, armed with a Digital Stick, could combine them into the powerful Digital Boomerang! They also had a Digital Blaster, the Digital Dragon, and the Digital Chain! In the Digital Realm, the Power Rangers, got to travel around in the Digital Buggy, and the Digital Hovercrafts! They only HAD the one Megazord; but it TRANSFORMED! The Great Electric, Digital Megazord! With its attacks of the Giant, Digital Boomerang; the Digital Energy Ball, and the Digital Sword which could perform the ultra-cool finishing move, the Full Moon Cut, they could finish off monsters with ANY attack!”

Lettuce asks: “Did Queen Hedrian make her monsters grow by utilizing the forces of chaos the way that Emperor Diabolica does?”

Toby answers: “She didn’t HAVE to! Her monsters grow from eggs, and they can control their cellular structure to grow at any time they want! If that wasn’t enough, she had her own grunts named the Dusters, and evil accomplices in her evil plot to pollute and corrupt the Earth! You see, the Hedrian clan has a WARPED sense of outer beauty. Queen Hedrian herself, absolutely HATES inner beauty and finds HAPPINESS in human suffering! Although she cares deeply about her own subjects, if THAT means anything! Her subjects are General Shogun, Keller and Mirror, and Demon King Banriki! In their final battle against the evil Hedrian clan, the Power Rangers Digital Squadron summoned all the energy from the Great Electric, Digital Megazord, and IMPRISONED them in the Phantom Zone, where they remain to this very day!” (Toby’s story sequence ends)

Toby says: “Thanks to the pioneering research of the Power Rangers Digital Squadron, they were able to access the realm of the Pokemon! After several years of extensive taming and hard work, they were able to bring the Pokemon into THIS realm, which is why people are able to have Pokemon as pets/companions today!”

Pinkie Pie says: “WOW!!!! That WAS a very good story!”

Ebony says: “Even if it WAS all fictitious! None of THAT could POSSIBLY be true!” /

But at that very moment, in digital cyber-space; a monstrous pirate was incomprehensibly speaking: “Zero, one, zero, one, zero, zero, one!” (Translated) “After all these years, I have finally gained enough power to break free, and FREE the Hedrian Clan from the Phantom Zone!” /

(BOOM!!!!) The Rangers all hear an explosion DEEP within the forest, and they ALL jump up with a start! Usagi asked: “What was THAT?!!!”

Naruto says: “It certainly wasn’t a shooting star falling to Earth! There WERE no meteor showers forecasted for tonight!”

Lettuce seriously says: “BlackHawk, you better get Sans to safety; there might be trouble around here!”

BlackHawk groans and says: “Oh, I ALWAYS have to miss out on your fights! Come on, Sans! Papyrus will KILL me if anything happens to you!”

Sans says: “Heaven forbid THAT should happen!” /

Meanwhile, above Core Earth, Emperor Diabolica stirs awake. Emperor Diabolica says: “There has been a disturbance on Core Earth.”

Vipera asks: “You felt it, to?”

Emperor Diabolica says: “A familiar power has surfaced. I can’t quite place my claws on it, but this power has laid dormant for a LONG time!”

Baphomet asks: “What power is that?”

Emperor Diabolica says: “The Orange Ruby has awakened, and it is waiting for a new master.”

Drako asks: “Are you sure? The Orange Ruby is powerful, and it disappeared almost 200 years ago. The last owner was Rita Repulsa’s younger sister, Queen Hedrian; and she got defeated by a group of Power Rangers. How could it still be around?”

Emperor Diabolica says: “It must have been separated from her in the Digital Realm when she was beaten. If I am able to feel the Orange Ruby now, it must mean that something has happened to our allies, the demons of Mariner Bay. Diabolico was like a brother to me.”

Vipera says: “And Vypra was like a sister to me.”

Emperor Diabolica says: “The pact we made with them, all those years ago, still stands. If the demons were EVER to fall in battle, than WE, the Taurans, would take it upon ourselves to find the Orange Ruby, and conquer Core Earth in their place. The Orange Ruby acts on the mental thoughts of whoever controls it. If WE were to possess the Orange Ruby, then domination of Core Earth would soon follow.”

Kraky says: “I love domination!”

Circe says: “And the Orange Ruby would make a LOVELY conversation piece aboard this ship!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Vipera, get yourself down to Core Earth and FIND an entrance into the Digital Realm! Something has just BREAKEN free from the Digital Realm, and we must find out what it is!”

Drako asks: “You don’t want me to make one of my Blood Beasts?”

Emperor Diabolica answers: “Not this time, but you will get your turn, soon enough! And Vipera?”

Vipera asks: “You have something ELSE to add?”

Emperor Diabolica seriously says: “Do not even THINK about taking ownership of the Orange Ruby for yourself! This is STRICTLY for world conquering purposes, and ELIMINATING those AWFUL Rangers! Show loyalty to me, and I will reward you with what you want; even the removal of that CURSE I had to put upon you.”

Vipera sighs and says: “How could I forget? Very well, I’ll get the Orange Ruby for you, and fight the Rangers if they decide to get in my way!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Thank you for not making a STUPID decision, for once! Now, GO!” And Vipera teleports out of the ship!

Baphomet groans and says: “My sweet Vipera! Don’t let those Rangers BRUISE you!” /

The Rangers are searching through the forest, for the location of the explosion! Usagi says: “There’s too many TREES blocking our path! Guess you can’t see the forest, through the trees!”

Pinkie Pie says: “I have a Pinkie KEEN idea! Let’s split up!”

Ebony shouts: “Hold it! Don’t you guys EVER watch horror movies?! We’re in a creepy forest, we’re searching for the source of an explosion, which CAN’T be anything good; we don’t know what to expect, and someone suggests to ‘split up,’ and sooner or later, some ax-crazy, hockey mask wearing, chainsaw friendly lunatic shows up; and starts hacking us all up one by one, starting with the comedic, funny guy; namely Toby!”

Toby gulps in nervousness, and Lettuce says: “Even I know better than to do THAT!”

Naruto asks: “So why aren’t YOU worried?!”

Ebony says: “Being the obvious virgin who won’t even THINK about doing it until I’m married, I ALWAYS last the longest in these horror movie situations!”

Usagi asks: “Why are YOU the virgin?!”

Ebony answers: “Because you’re too pretty and obviously have a CRUSH on Naruto even though he already HAS a girlfriend; and Pinkie Pie is too funny/naïve/oblivious to last long in a movie situation of this nature!”

Lettuce asks: “What about me?!”

Ebony shrugs and says: “You’re a wild card; there’s no telling what will happen to you, but you MIGHT survive if you’re lucky!”

Lettuce says: “Thank you, I feel SO much better!”

Pinkie Pie says: “Come on! Let’s keep looking!”

And Vipera suddenly appears in front of them, and Ebony looks disgusted! Ebony says: “And Professor Snape thought that I looked indecent! 1987 ended a LONG time AGO, lady!”

Vipera sneers and says: “You WISHED you looked this good!”

Toby asks: “And be THAT delusional?! We live in a place called ‘Reality,’ Vipera! You might want to try VISITING it sometime!”

Vipera smirks and says: “Makes me glad I prepared something extra-special, in honor of your little camp-out! Zombie Imps, ATTACK!!!!” And a bunch of GREEN colored imps, looking a lot more…undead, than normal Imps, surround her! And the Rangers get into defense/attack poses!

Naruto asks: “What does your horror movie experience say about THIS one?!”

Ebony answers: “ALWAYS chop off the head! That’s the ONLY way to kill a zombie!”

Usagi says: “Glad we had this talk! It’s MORPHING time!” /

Ebony says: “Velociraptor!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!”

And the Rangers immediately pull out their weapons, and start hacking away at the Zombie Imps; although Ebony has more trouble with her martial arts, and relies on a series of misfired spells, which cause the Imps to fall, or while an appropriate song by The Cranberries plays in the background. /

“Another head hangs lowly, child is slowly taken. And the violence caused such silence. Who are we mistaken? But you see, it's not me. It's not my family. In your head, in your head; they are fighting. With their tanks and their bombs, and their bombs, and their guns. In your head, in your head they are crying. In your head, in your head! Zombie, zombie, zombie. Hey, hey! What's in your head, in your head? Zombie, zombie, zombie! Hey, hey, hey, oh! Another mother's breaking heart is taking over. When the violence causes silence, we must be mistaken. It's the same old theme, since nineteen-sixteen. In your head, in your head, they're still fighting with their tanks and their bombs, and their bombs and their guns. In your head, in your head they are dying! In your head, in your head! Zombie, zombie, zombie! Hey, hey! What's in your head, in your head? Zombie, zombie, zombie! Hey, hey, hey! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Hey, oh, yeah, yeah!” / And the song ends as all the Zombie Imps lose their heads and are teleported away! /

Vipera groans and says: “I HATE it when you Rangers ruin one of my LOVELY presents!”

Ebony asks: “You call THAT lovely?! Call me when you make a hot werewolf that can play basketball like in Teen Wolf, THEN we can talk!”

Lettuce says: “You can expect Vipera to say weird stuff like that, from time to time. These creeps USUALLY do! Why? Even Omnus can’t say for sure!”

Vipera eagerly says: “Lucky for YOU; I saved the BEST present for LAST!!!! Emperor Diabolica; make me grow giant, NOW!!!!” /

Emperor Diabolica says: “Never expected to hear her say THAT; but if she wants to give the Rangers something to REALLY complain about; I’m happy to OBLIGE!!!!” /

And Emperor Diabolica shoots an evil arc of electricity down to Vipera, which causes her to SHED her feminine, human-like appearance; and TRANSFORM into a monstrous, purple Viper-looking monster with sharp fangs, and sharp claws on her hands and feet!

Toby says: “Okay, that’s a new trick!”

Hissing, Vipera asks: “How do you like my TRUE form?! I’m sorry you have to see me like this; but Emperor Diabolica won’t let me BECOME giant if I’m human-like!”

Ebony says: “I don’t like this; she’s obviously DISTRACTING us from investigating what that explosion is all about!”

Naruto says: “I don’t like it, either! But this is a National Park! We can’t have Vipera tear it up! Vipera, we’ll fight you, but NOT here!”

Vipera hisses, and says: “Meet me at the abandoned rock quarry, then! It makes no difference to me!”

And Vipera teleports away! Pinkie says: “At least we don’t have to worry about any forest fires!”

Usagi says: “That’s the LAST thing we should worry about! A giant Vipera could cause us GIANT problems, and that is NO hyperbole!”

Lettuce says: “Agreed. Let’s go!” And the Rangers teleport after Vipera! /

Meanwhile, the monstrous Pirate reaches a spot within the forest, than stops! The Pirate says: “Zero, one, zero, one, zero, one. Zero, one, one!” (Translated) “They were banished right around here. Phantom Zone, BREAK!!!!” And unleashing a wave of red energy; a 2-dimensional black panel appears in the forest, and then it BREAKS, freeing the inhabitants within it!

A young, glamorous, but very EVIL looking woman RESEMBLING Rita Repulsa (if she were younger), raises her arms; and in a screechy voice says: “Ahhh! After all these years, I’m FREE! It’s time to conquer Core Earth!”

The Pirate says: “Zero, one, zero, one, zero, one.”

The woman yells: “Stop! I can’t understand what you are SAYING! You spent too much time in the Digital Realm! Take an Electronic Translator!”

And the woman zaps an electronic collar around the Pirate, and it starts talking in English. The Pirate says: “Aye; I am AYE Guy, ready to serve you again!”

A monstrous warrior, wearing traditional Japanese battle armor; says: “It feels GOOD to stretch my legs again! Don’t you agree, Keller and Mirror?”

Keller and Mirror, a silver and a gold colored woman respectively, in unison, ask: “Do you have any SPYING services that you want us to do, General Shogun?”

A shirtless, demonic-looking muscle-bound creep asks: “I’m ready to get REVENGE against those PATHETIC Power Rangers that imprisoned us! Aren’t YOU, Queen Hedrian?!”

Queen Hedrian says: “We must assess the situation first; my Demon King, Banriki. I estimate that it’s been almost 200 years since we were sealed in the Phantom Zone. Those Rangers would be long DEAD, by now!”

General Shogun says: “Shame! I had a bunch of brand new techniques that I thought of that I’ve been wanting to TRY against THOSE Power Rangers!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Although it IS possible that they might have had descendants; and THEY might be Power Rangers themselves! If there is even ONE, around; we must find them, and make THEM pay for sealing us away in that AWFUL Phantom Zone!”

Aye Guy asks: “Aye! Do you want ME to take care of them for you?!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Not yet. Before we deal with the Rangers personally, I will need my Orange Ruby back in order to recover my FULL power! I lost it in the Digital Realm when those Power Rangers sealed us away.”

Aye Guy says: “You sent me INTO the Digital Realm in order to HIDE me, just in case the Power Rangers managed to gain the upper hand over you; so that I could bring you back! I never SAW the Orange Ruby when I was in there!”

General Shogun says: “Than that could only mean one thing; it MUST be in the Digital data-banks of an ALPHA robot! That’s where ALL magic powers go when an ELTARIAN doesn’t WANT them to be FOUND!”

Banriki shouts: “You MUST infect the CURRENT Alpha Robot; and FIND that Orange Ruby, at ANY cost!”

Aye Guy says: “Aye! My majesties! Whatever you wish, I will DO, for you!” And Aye Guy teleports BACK into the Digital Realm!

Keller says: “A loyal monster, isn’t he?”

Mirror says: “Certainly one of our best.”

Queen Hedrian says: “He will find my LOST Orange Ruby for me; and even IF there’s a Ranger team to destroy him; we can ALWAYS hatch another egg for ANOTHER monster!”

Banriki says: “I just LOVE, the way your, FOUL, little mind works!”

Queen Hedrian says: “I KNOW that you do! But we must FIND some place to hide ourselves while we WAIT for my Orange Ruby to be returned to me! If there are any Eltarians still about, that COULD complicate our plans!”

General Shogun holds up a retro-looking tracker, and says: “Sensor’s indicate the North Pole would be a perfect place to set up a base. There’s an influx vortex there that will DEFLECT even an Eltarian’s sensors! We will be SAFE from prying eyes, there! I just hope that Aye Guy remembered to CLOSE the Digital Portal that he came out of!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Good; then let us make haste, so we can make WASTE!!!!”

And the new breed of villains all cackle evilly as they teleport out of there! /

Meanwhile, at the Command Center, the alarm is going off! Alpha 8 says: “Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! Something TERRIBLE has happened on Core Earth!”

Omnus asks: “Is Vipera at it again?”

Alpha 8 says: “Yes, but the Rangers are already on TOP of THAT situation! They are about to engage in a Megazord battle with her! I’m talking about Rita Repulsa’s evil, younger SISTER; Queen Hedrian! She and the Hedrian clan have been FREED from the Phantom Zone!”

Omnus sighs and says: “So the rumors were TRUE! There WERE teams of Power Rangers BEFORE the Mighty Morphing Power Ranger team!”

Alpha 8 says: “And it certainly won’t take LONG before BOTH Queen Hedrian and Emperor Diabolica come after my digital data-banks! Emperor Diabolica will want to AVENGE Diabolico for falling in battle! Which means they will BOTH be after the Orange Ruby! It might be a good idea…to calculate…the…possibility (voice gets electronically distorted) of a digital break-in.”

Omnus, worriedly, says: “Alpha 8, whatever is the matter Alpha 8?”

Alpha 8, in a low voice, says: “I don’t FEEL so good…all of a sudden! There’s…a…foreign object…in the Digital Realm!”

Omnus pushes the communication channel, and contacts the Rangers! Omnus says: “Rangers, we have a situation at the Command Center right now!” /

Pinkie says: “We kind of HAVE a situation right NOW!” /

Omnus says: “It’s important! Alpha 8 is SICK!!!!” /

Ebony asks: “Wait a minute! Can robots even GET sick?!”

Toby says: “You’re a Ranger now. Anything is possible!”

Vipera angrily hisses, and shoots projectile VENOM at them! Vipera says: “Anytime YOU’RE ready to bring that PATHETIC little Megazord of yours OUT, I’m READY to thrash it!” /

Omnus says: “Rangers, you must use the Velociraptor Zord in Warrior Mode! It is the only way to shield yourself from Vipera’s toxic poison!”

Naruto asks: “How do we do that?”

Omnus says: “Lettuce, Usagi, Toby, and Pinkie must combine THEIR Zords with Ebony’s, in order to create a brand new Megazord!”

Lettuce says: “It’s certainly WORTH a shot!”

Usagi says: “We need Dinozord power, NOW!!!!” And the familiar dinozords appear, while Usagi plays her guitar in order to summon the Velociraptor!

Ebony says: “This will be different, and FUN!!!!” And Ebony jumps into her zord, and punches a bunch of buttons, and she says: “Time to see what you’re TRULY capable of!”

The other Zords (minus the Tyrannosaurus Zord), make a form AROUND the Velociraptor Zord, which assumes an anthropomorphic form. The Hadrosaurus Zord and the Stegosaurus Zord form the left and right leg of the new Megazord; the Ankylosaurus forms the torso and the lower part of the chest; the Triceratops forms the arms and the upper part of the chest; and the reptilian appearance of the Velociraptor’s head changes, into that of a cyclops-looking warrior, with an AWESOME Triceratops, three-pointed spear! The other Rangers (minus Naruto), jump into the new megazord, and assume their battle stations, with Ebony at the head of the new megazord!

Pinkie says: “This is a new experience!”

Toby says: “Than let’s not waste it!”

The five Rangers simultaneously say: “Velociraptor Warrior Megazord activate!”

Vipera sarcastically says: “So you can form a NEW Megazord; big deal! That won’t be enough to STOP me from BEATING you!”

Naruto says: “Maybe, but you’ll never know unless you FIGHT us!”

Lettuce says: “Keep a safe distance, Naruto! We’ll handle this python!”

Vipera attempts to claw at the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord several times, but Usagi is able to use her expertise in parrying enemy attacks with the triple spear, to deflect every attack; and she eventually SLASHES Vipera in her monstrous face! Vipera says: “You stupid JERKS! That HURT!!!! Taste my venom!”

Pinkie says: “Activate Ankylo Shield!!!!” And a swirling energy circle spins around the Megazord; safely nullifying Vipera’s attack!

Vipera hisses and says: “No fair! You’re making my attacks NOT work!”

Ebony sarcastically asks: “NOW you want to talk about fairness?! Let’s see how fair you think it is when we SPIN this triple spear THROUGH your chest!” /

Emperor Diabolica telepathically communicates with Vipera, and he says: “Vipera, disengage at once! Someone has infiltrated Alpha Eight’s digital data-banks! Apparently, we are not the ONLY ones after the Orange Ruby! You must go in there and find it FIRST!”

Vipera hisses and says: “Very well! POWER DOWN!!!!” And in a puff of fire and smoke, Vipera resumes her more NORMAL, smaller, feminine, human-looking appearance.

Ebony is disappointed and says: “You’re not even going to finish this fight?! I even had a COOL victory quote all lined up for the occasion!”

Vipera says: “Sorry to disappoint you, Rangers; but I have somewhere else I NEED to be, and TIME won’t allow me to play with you all night! But don’t worry your pretty little heads; we’ll deal with each other again SOON enough!” And Vipera magically teleports away!

Usagi asks: “What do you think she MEANT by that?!”

Pinkie says: “Knowing Vipera, it could be almost anything, and I don’t mean GOOD!”

Naruto says: “Come on, you guys! Omnus needs us back at the Command Center!”

Lettuce says: “Right! I just hope BlackHawk and Sans are safe, wherever they are!” /

Meanwhile, BlackHawk is running through the forest, panting! BlackHawk asks: “Where have those Rangers gotten to NOW?! It’s bad enough Papyrus INSISTED I stick around for a spaghetti dinner after returning Sans to him, but he wastes MY time, talking about the Juice Bar that he and Undyne are going to run?! The Rangers could be getting HAMMERED by who-knows-who; and I wouldn’t be there to lend my help! Well, I made myself a promise; only ONE warrior is WORTHY of beating Naruto in combat, and it is GOING to be ME! I won’t LET any stupid Blood Beast kill Naruto, or ANY of the Rangers for THAT matter! I’ll find them no matter how hard I have to…”

But BlackHawk NEVER finishes his thought, because he disappears THROUGH a Digital Portal that Aye Guy FORGOT to close! /

Meanwhile, the Rangers, now de-morphed, are busy giving Alpha 8 a physical check-up; which is really strange to Pinkie Pie, who has never SEEN the working parts of Alpha 8 before! Toby and Lettuce, being the more mechanically inclined Rangers; are using the tools at their disposal in order to look over Alpha 8. Electronically distorted, Alpha 8 says: “Be really careful with those tools, Rangers. My parts can be VERY sensitive, and they take a delicate touch.”

Naruto asks: “What’s the analysis?”

Lettuce says: “Well, physically, and I use that word liberally; Alpha 8 is completely fine on the outside. It’s what’s on the INSIDE that’s the problem!”

Omnus says: “It’s just as I’ve feared. A foreign monster of some kind has infiltrated Alpha Eight’s digital data-banks in an attempt to take the legendary Orange Ruby.”

Usagi asks: “Orange ruby? What is that?”

Omnus says: “It is an object of immense power; that was once owned by a dreaded villain. That villain is the younger SISTER of Rita Repulsa, and she is called Queen Hedrian, of the Hedrian clan! It seems that after the Power Rangers Digital Squadron defeated her nearly 200 years ago, a servant of the Hedrian clan has FREED them from the Phantom Zone; and is now seeking the Orange Ruby in order to fuel Queen Hedrian’s return to full power!”

And all the other Rangers, ASIDE from Toby, who flashes a GIGANTIC victory smile, gasp in SHOCK from this revelation! Ebony asks: “You mean all that STUFF that Toby told us was TRUE?!!!”

Usagi says: “Statistically speaking, he HAD to be right about SOMETHING sooner or later!”

Toby says: “My father told me; before he…kicked the bucket, so to speak. He says that as a descendant of a REAL Power Ranger; we have been guarded with keeping the hidden truth about Power Rangers a secret; in case the dreaded RADIGUET ever returned to Earth; and tried to plague all the innocent people here!”

Ebony chuckles, and she says: “I guess if BlackHawk were here right now; he’d just say, ‘I told you so’.”

Than the Rangers HEAR BlackHawk over the Viewing Globe; and he electronically says: “Where AM I?!”

The Rangers are absolutely puzzled; as they can TELL that they are looking at BlackHawk, but as if he was being FILTERED through an eight-bit NES game! Pinkie asks: “What’s with him looking like something out of The Legend of Zelda?!”

Omnus says: “BlackHawk must have gone through an unclosed digital portal. If that’s the case, than it CAN only be the work of one of Queen Hedrian’s servants!”

Ebony accurately says: “And if Queen Hedrian is looking for the Orange Ruby, than Vipera WON’T be too far behind!”

Naruto says: “If there IS a monster in the Digital Realm, we got to destroy it! If for no other reason but to help Alpha Eight get better!”

Omnus says: “And recover the Orange Ruby! It would not spell good news for us if it fell into the hands of EITHER Queen Hedrian, OR Emperor Diabolica!”

Pinkie asks: “But how can WE go into the Digital Realm?”

Toby says: “That’s something my Dad never got a chance to share with me.”

Omnus says: “We have a way. The Simulation Planet also acts as a gateway, and you can use it to enter the Digital Realm!”

Toby says: “Awesome! I’m going to get to actually SEE the Digital Realm! My mother wouldn’t BELIEVE that she MARRIED the descendant of a Power Ranger, let alone gave BIRTH to one!”

The Rangers get into the Simulation Planet sphere; and Omnus says: “I admire your enthusiasm, Rangers. But all the same, stay on your guard in the Digital Realm. It has grown a LOT since the time the Power Rangers Digital Squadron first utilized it! The Digital Realm can be a VIRTUAL nightmare for those who are uninitiated!”

Lettuce says: “Don’t worry about us, we’ll be careful!”

Pinkie says: “Simulation Planet, activate!!!!” / And in a flash of lights and a flurry of beeping sounds; the Rangers can feel their VERY molecular structure be altered, as they are converted to look like 3-dimensional, but VERY pixelated; versions of themselves within the Digital Realm!

Ebony electronically says: “I must say; I imagined the Digital Realm to be a lot more…high tech looking.”

Toby excitedly says: “Don’t tell me you’re not impressed! We’re living EVERY Nintendo fanboy’s fantasy! We are IN a real-life VIDEO game!”

Usagi electronically says: “We’re not here to be impressed by the game-play of Mega Man 3; we must find this new monster AND the Orange Ruby!”

Naruto says: “And get BlackHawk out of here! I made myself a promise that only ONE Warrior is allowed to BEAT BlackHawk in combat, and it’s NOT going to be some dumb, old monster; it WILL be me!”

Ebony asks: “You actually WANT to try to beat BlackHawk in combat?”

Lettuce says: “It’s a LONG story! We’ll fill you in, later! All right?”

Ebony sighs, and says: “Fine! Let’s get looking!” /

BlackHawk is walking around this unfamiliar realm, and is impressed with the terrain. BlackHawk electronically says: “I always knew those history texts that Master Yo kept around were telling the truth! There WERE teams of Power Rangers before the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, and I’m getting to explore the world of one of those teams! I just wish I knew just WHERE in that world I am right now!”

A friendly voice says: “I can help you!”

BlackHawk electronically asks: “Who said that?!”

The voice says: “Down here!”

And BlackHawk looks down, and sees a Golden Labrador Retriever. BlackHawk asks: “Are you a TALKING dog?! Certainly not the FIRST time I’ve encountered one; I fight with one back at home, but he’s a Scottish terrier! I call him Big T, for short!”

The Labrador says: “Hi there! I AM a dog! A talking dog! I just met you, and I LOVE you! I am DIGITAL, ORGANIC, GUIDE, or D.O.G. for short! My master, Zordon, MADE me this electronic collar, so I could talk--.” Distracted, he says: “SQUIRREL!!!!” D.O.G. turns back and says: “Hi there!”

BlackHawk electronically replies: “It’s nice to meet you. I’m BlackHawk Little.”

D.O.G. happily says: “You must be here because the time of destiny is drawing near!”

BlackHawk electronically asks: “Destiny? I thought being a Woo Foo Warrior was my destiny.”

D.O.G. answers: “If you’re here, it must mean that the object I’ve been guarding is to help you FULFILL your destiny, and protect the entire planet!”

BlackHawk electronically asks: “What is this object?!”

D.O.G. digs in a hidden spot, and unearths a very LUXURIANT, opulent gem! D.O.G. says: “I was instructed by Zordon, to give this to one who is worthy, and one who has the ability to master the power within. This is the Orange Ruby, and it waits for a new master.”

BlackHawk electronically asks: “A new master?”

D.O.G. says: “Right now, the Orange Ruby is sleeping; it is dormant as it waits for a pure-hearted warrior to help it fulfill the goal, of leading Core Earth, into a new age of peace and prosperity!”

BlackHawk electronically says: “Well, I do like the idea of peace and prosperity. But how will I know if I truly AM the one who is destined to control the Orange Ruby?”

D.O.G. says: “Well, I don’t like to say this, because it’s not so pleasant; but the Orange Ruby will attempt to drive you MAD!!!! That’s the fate of ALL who are UNWORTHY to own the Orange Ruby, as they try to use the Orange Ruby for their own selfish ends! All who do, are all fated to one day meet the same end; a tragic death, fitting for one who desires their OWN goals!”

BlackHawk gulps, and nervously says: “All right! I’ve been in tougher tests then this! I’ll take the test, and see if I am worthy for myself!” And BlackHawk picks up the Orange Ruby, and it immediately begins ZAPPING him with electric energy! BlackHawk groans and yells; not from pain, but from SHOCK; as he see the image of a BLUE-SKINNED; beautiful-looking, but sadistically smiling, pointy-eared, blue-haired ALIEN!!!! BlackHawk shockingly asks: “RADIGUET?!!! HERE?!!!”

And the Orange Ruby stops shocking BlackHawk. D.O.G. says: “You have not succumbed into madness. It seems that you ARE a worthy owner of the Orange Ruby.”

BlackHawk electronically asks: “What was that…THING; that I just SAW?!”

D.O.G. says: “It appears to me that you caught a GLIMPSE of the FUTURE!!!!”

BlackHawk frantically asks: “Is it a future that MIGHT happen; or WILL happen?!”

D.O.G. says: “Not even Zordon knows for sure. Remember, nothing is set in stone. All you can do is prepare yourself for any possibility; and be willing to face anything that comes your way!”

BlackHawk sarcastically says: “And here I thought that some wanna-be demon with aspirations of actually trying to BECOME something was the WORST that I would have to deal with! Now I find out that I might have to face against the so-called God of Judgment himself! He’s so sadistically INSANE; he actually WANTS to face against the Gods of Chaos themselves; just to destroy them and DRAIN them of their power! Radiguet…is the ONLY thing I’ve ever feared in my life! But I won’t let my fear hold me back from doing what’s right! I’ll protect this Orange Ruby, even from the likes of HIM!”

D.O.G. says: “That’s a true hero if I’ve ever heard one! And believe me, I’ve heard them!” BlackHawk puts the Orange Ruby into a makeshift necklace, and puts it around his neck, and it resonates with an Orange glow!

BlackHawk electronically says: “On the bright side, it WILL make for a good very conversation piece with the LADIES; and heaven knows, I sure could use MORE luck with THEM!”

Aye Guy suddenly slashes through a Digital data-steam, and GROWLS intimidatingly! Aye Guy angrily says: “ARGH!!!! What are you doing with the QUEEN’S Orange Ruby?!”

BlackHawk electronically asks: “Queen? What Queen?!”

D.O.G. says: “The last person who possessed the Orange Ruby! Queen Hedrian! She must be back after ALL these years!”

Aye Guy says: “If you don’t give up that Orange Ruby RIGHT now; you won’t LIVE to REGRET it!”

BlackHawk stubbornly says: “I’m giving YOU, UDON!!!! As in, YOU DON’T get NOTHING!!!!” And the Orange Ruby suddenly resonates, and it SHOOTS an Orange beam at Aye Guy, and it HITS his Electronic Collar, causing it to malfunction!

BlackHawk electronically asks: “Wow! Did I do THAT?!”

D.O.G. answers: “You’ll learn how to do MORE, in time.”

Aye Guy, his electronic collar malfunctioning, starts to talk in PIG LATIN!!!! Aye Guy says: “Ou-yay, upid-stay ERK-JAY!!!!”

Vipera suddenly appears and says: “And here I was, thinking that FRENCH was just a ROMANTIC language! You learn something new every day, if you LOOK hard enough!”

BlackHawk electronically asks: “And what do I owe YOUR unwelcome appearance, here?!”

Vipera says: “I’m here for the same reason Queen Hedrian’s servant is. You see, Emperor Diabolica WOULD want the Orange Ruby for himself! But I have a much BETTER idea in mind! You see, if I were to own the Orange Ruby instead; I could USE its power to undo the curse that Emperor Diabolica placed on me! Then, Baphomet and I would take the Orange Ruby’s power, and use it to conquer! We’ll start with Neo Austaliasia! Than Core Earth; and eventually, the UNIVERSE!”

BlackHawk sarcastically says: “Wow! That sounds like a REALLY well-thought out plan. Except for one little problem that you’ve over-looked!”

Vipera rhetorically asks: “And what would THAT be; not that I really CARE about your ANSWER!”

BlackHawk electronically says: “While I can TELL that question WAS rhetorical; I’ll STILL answer it anyways! YOU are a VILLAIN, and YOU want this! And if YOU want it, then I’m DEFINITELY never going to give it to you, EVER!!!!”

And an orange glow resonates from the Orange Ruby, and it HITS Vipera’s lips, causing them to PUFF up like a Blowfish!!!! Vipera mutters: “What did you do to my LIPS?!!! I look like Angelina Jolie with too much BOTOX!!!!”

The Rangers electronically shout: “Not so fast…VIPERA?!!!”

Pinkie looks at the monstrous Pirate and asks: “Who’s THAT guy?!”

Vipera scoffs and mutters: “Not that I care, but he’s not OUR monster! He’s one of Queen Hedrian’s creeps! He calls himself Aye Guy; I call HIM a waste of SPACE!!!! I’ve had ENOUGH humiliation for ONE night! I’ll see myself out!” And Vipera teleports out of there!

Naruto, worriedly says: “Queen Hedrian is back AGAIN?! That can’t be good!”

Ebony electronically says: “I KNEW Vipera was distracting us from something important!”

Lettuce electronically asks: “And what are YOU doing with the Orange Ruby; BlackHawk?!”

BlackHawk electronically answers: “The talking canine, D.O.G., told me that I am its TRUE owner! I’m the only one who has a chance of taming its powers! And Queen Hedrian may be the LEAST of our problems! We may have the so-called God of Judgment, Radiguet himself, returning to Core Earth someday! And we’ll need to be SUPER ready if THAT ever happens!”

D.O.G. says: “It’s true. Radiguet will stop at NOTHING until he controls the ENTIRE Universe and is able to torture ANYONE he wants! Compared to HIM, Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian are SAINTS!”

Toby electronically says: “We’ll worry about them only IF and/or WHEN that time comes! Right now, it’s MORPHING time!” /

And a special, pixelated version of the Morphing sequence appears! / Ebony electronically says: “Velociraptor!” / Toby electronically says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie electronically says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce electronically says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi electronically says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto electronically says: “Tyrannosaurus!” /

The pixelated Rangers electronically say: “Power RANGERS!!!!” And it comes COMPLETE with a pixelated explosion!

D.O.G. says: “You just got to LOVE it when the Power Rangers do that!”

BlackHawk electronically says: “Well, I will love it when YOU are safe! I’ll get D.O.G., to safety, you guys deal with THIS Virtual creep!”

The Rangers electronically say: “Right!”

BlackHawk picks up D.O.G. in his arms and says: “Come with me! We can go out the way I came in!” And the two of them leave the impending melee!

Aye Guy says: “Uster-Days, tack-atay!” And a bunch of skeletal soldiers, armed with sickles, appear around the Rangers!

Usagi asks: “I’m guessing THESE are the Duster grunts that Jeff had to fight against, right?”

Toby says: “You know it! Just don’t let their skeletal appearance deceive you! They can teleport from place to place, so be careful!”

Ebony excitedly asks: “Fighting against zombies, EVIL Barbarella, a Pirate, and SKELETONS; all in the SAME night?! How cool IS it to be a Power Ranger?!”

While the Rangers fight against the Dusters and Aye Guy in this Digital Realm, an EPICLY cool song by Jamiroquai plays in the background! / “Oh yeah, what we're living in (let me tell ya). It's a wonder man can eat at all, when things are big that should be small. Who can tell what magic spells we'll be doing for us? And I'm giving all my love to this world only to be told, I can't see, I can't breathe! No more will we be! And nothing's going to change the way we live, cause we can always take but never give. And now that things are changing for the worse! See, it’s a crazy world we're living in, and I just can't see that half of us immersed in sin. Is all we have to give these - Futures made of virtual insanity, now always seem to, be governed by this love we have. For useless, twisting, our new technology. Oh, now there is no sound - for we all live underground! And I'm thinking what a mess we're in, hard to know where to begin! If I could slip the sickly ties that earthly man has made! And now every mother, can choose the color of her child! Well, that's just not nature's way! Well, that's what they said yesterday! There's nothing left to do but pray! I think it's time I found a new religion! Woah - it's so insane, to synthesize another strain. There's something in these futures that we have to be told. Futures made of virtual insanity – now! Always seem to, be governed by this love we have! For useless, twisting, our new technology! Oh, now there is no sound - for we all live underground! Now there is no sound, if we all live underground! And now it's virtual insanity! Forget your virtual reality! Oh, there's nothing so bad. (Instrumental solo) I know, yeah! Of this virtual insanity, we're living in. Has got to change, yeah! Things, will never be the same. And I can't go on while we're living in, virtual insanity! Oh, this world, has got to change! Cause I just, I just can't keep going on, it was virtual. Virtual insanity that we're living in, that we're living in! That virtual insanity is what it is! Futures made of virtual insanity – now! Always seem to, be governed by this love we have! For useless, twisting, our new technology! Oh, now there is no sound - for we all live underground. Living - Virtual Insanity! Living - Virtual Insanity! Living - Virtual Insanity! Living - Virtual Insanity! Virtual Insanity is what we're living in, yeah!” And the epic song ends as all the Dusters are broken into pieces and evaporate into nothingness!

Aye Guy says: “Ow-Hey are-day ou-yay?!”

Naruto asks: “How dare US?! Let’s take care of this creep!”

Pinkie says: “Right! It’s weapon time!” /

Toby says: “Water Ax!” / Pinkie says: “Diamond Boomerang!” / Lettuce says: “Earth Mace!” / Usagi says: “Wind Staff!” / Naruto says: “Fire Blade!” / Ebony says: “Shadow Daggers!” /

The Rangers say: “Super Power Blaster Cannon, FIRE!!!!” And a powerful beam shoots AT Aye Guy, and FORCES him out of the Digital Realm! /

Alpha 8 suddenly perks back up and says: “The Rangers did it! They got that intrusive monster out of my Digital Data-banks!”

Omnus says: “That is certainly encouraging.”

Alpha 8 asks: “But what about the Orange Ruby?”

Omnus, with a knowing glance, says: “I wouldn’t worry about it now. I have a feeling it is in VERY good hands!” /

Aye Guy groans and says: “Ime-Tay or-fay e-may o-tay, ROW-GAY!!!!” And altering his molecular structure, Aye Guy groans GIANT, and brandishes a giant cutlass! /

The alarm blares in the Command Center, and Alpha 8 says: “Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! What a busy night!”

Omnus contacts the Rangers and says: “Rangers, Aye Guy is out of the Digital Realm, but now he’s giant in the physical world! You must destroy him once and for all!”

Lettuce says: “Can do, Omnus!” And the Rangers teleport out of the Digital Realm, and arrive BACK in the big forest!

Ebony groans and says: “They just NEVER know when to QUIT, do they?!”

Usagi says: “They NEVER do! We need Dinozord power NOW!!!!” The Rangers summon their zords, while Usagi plays her guitar to summon the Velociraptor! The Rangers jump into their zords!

Toby says: “Toby is in his zord and is ready to play!” / Pinkie says: “Pinkie here, ready for the show!” / Usagi says: “Usagi is ready to send this pirate back to the scrapyard!” / Lettuce says: “Lettuce is here; let’s not mess around with this cut-throat creep!” / Naruto says: “All right! Form Multi-Megazord!”

A robotic voice says: “Multi-Megazord sequence has been initiated. Multi-Megazord activated!”

Ebony plays her tune, and the Velociraptor RAMS into Aye Guy, knocking him down!

Ebony says: “All right! I knocked him down, now KEEP him down!”

Toby says: “We’d be glad to! We need the Power Sword, NOW!!!!”

A flash of electricity appears in the hands of the Multi-Megazord, and materializes into the Power Sword! Aye Guy staggers back, as he knows that this can ONLY mean trouble!

Pinkie says: “In honor of the Power Rangers Digital Fusion; Full Moon CUT!!!!” And summoning the power of the moon, the Rangers HACK Aye Guy into two halves, and he PROMPTLY explodes!

Usagi says: “Be you an enemy of the past, or an enemy of the present, all fights will end the same way!”

Lettuce says: “Sooner or later, you WILL have to answer to the Power Rangers!” /

Meanwhile, in an underground base underneath the North Pole; which is designed with a LOT of Japanese motifs; General Shogun suddenly speaks up with dread. General Shogun says: “Our comrade, the mighty Aye Guy, has fallen.”

Banriki scoffs and says: “Killed by power levels BARELY over a 1,000?! He DESERVED it!”

Mirror produces a BUST of Aye Guy, and places it on a shelf. Mirror says: “A memorial of the monster we lost, so we DON’T make the same mistake again!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Only a Power Ranger DESCENDED from the Power Rangers Digital Fusion could POSSIBLY know how to use that move! One of them MUST be the descendants of the Rangers who defeated us all those years ago!”

Keller says: “But they don’t have the Orange Ruby, either! We’re dealing with a completely unknown variable THIS time!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Patience, my loyal warriors. In time, this unknown variable will reveal himself to us. And when he does, we must TAKE the Orange Ruby from him and regain its powers! The Orange Ruby has not completely awoken yet, so there is still time for us to set things right!”

Banriki says: “And make the whole WORLD go wrong!”

Queen Hedrian lovingly says: “You DO know EXACTLY what to say to PLEASE me, my dear Demon King! We WILL get that Orange Ruby, before that FORGOTTEN monster of Mariner Bay, does!”

/ Meanwhile, aboard Emperor Diabolica’s ship, Vipera is drinking one of Circe’s Magic potions, and it causes her swollen lips to return to normal.

Baphomet says: “Good thing that magic spell was reversible!”

Kraky says: “Yeah; because she already HAD a big enough mouth as it WAS!!!!”

Vipera LEERS at him evilly, and Kraky nervously says: “I’ll just punish myself!” And Kraky PUNCHES himself in the face, which causes Vipera to smile.

Emperor Diabolica sighs and says: “So, Queen Hedrian HAS returned! I would have SUCH a HEADACHE right now…if it WEREN’T for a great opportunity that has presented itself to us!”

Drako asks: “What opportunity is THAT, my lord?”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Queen Hedrian will be after the same thing we are. As long as BlackHawk holds the Orange Ruby; it would be…difficult for us to retrieve it on our own. But perhaps we can use Queen Hedrian’s nefarious ways to our advantage!”

Vipera chuckles diabolically and says: “That DOES sound like a good idea!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “We’ll let Queen Hedrian create as many monsters as she wants, while we continue to do the same. If we’re lucky; Queen Hedrian and the Rangers will probably take each other OUT; than we would be free to get the Orange Ruby, and CONQUER Earth without interference!”

Drako excitedly says: “I just can’t WAIT to create another Blood Beast!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “And it WILL be a good one! After all; I don’t WANT…the God of Judgment, to try to FORCE himself in the middle of MY plans! That could complicate things, for ALL of us!” /

The Rangers return to their camp-ground, after a busy night of thrashing evil! Pinkie says: “After all the excitement we had, I am READY for a good night’s sleep!”

Naruto says: “Good idea, Pinkie. We’re going to need it, now that we’ve got TWO evil threats to worry about!”

Toby pretends to yawn, and says: “I guess I’m going to hit the hay!” And he goes into his tent.

Lettuce says: “I just know that as long as we stick together, we can take whatever they can throw at us!”

BlackHawk says: “Guys, I’m back! Guess who, is the proud owner of a brand new dog?! Or should I say, D.O.G.?!”

Usagi asks: “Do you mean to say that D.O.G. now lives with you?!”

BlackHawk says: “Sure! Isn’t it great?! He is a WELCOME change of pace from the conversations that I WAS having with Bash and Smash! Thankfully, he’s not interested in bones, but he REALLY loves Spaghetti; so I guess Papyrus has at least ONE steady customer he can rely on!”

Ebony laughs and says: “That’s for sure!”

Suddenly, Toby screams: “AHHH! Ebony was RIGHT!!!! Funny guy goes FIRST!!!!”

Pinkie says: “What in the H-E double hockey sticks?!!!”

The Rangers rush into the tent, only to find Toby has COVERED himself with a lot of FAKE blood and mock chainsaw scars! Toby moans, in pretend agony and says: “Guys, I think I’m DYING!!!!”

The other Rangers laugh, while Ebony says: “Oh, Toby, you are JUST the WORST!!!!” /

Episode Notes: Debut of the evil Hedrian Clan. Queen Hedrian, General Shogun, Keller and Mirror, and Demon King Banriki. They will act as a source of RIVAL evil to Emperor Diabolica for the next several episodes. First time that Power Ranger teams BEFORE the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers are mentioned, and even briefly seen! In this case, at least two teams are known to have existed; the “Power Rangers Digital Squadron,” and the “Power Rangers Jet Fusion.” Toby is revealed to be a DESCENDANT of the Blue Ranger of the “Power Rangers Digital Squadron.” Debut appearance of the Orange Ruby; which will prove to be an important plot point for the next few episodes. First monster to NOT have any relationship to Emperor Diabolica, to appear in this episode. The debut of the talking canine, D.O.G., who becomes BlackHawk’s pet by the end of this episode. Ebony is revealed to be VERY genre-savvy when it comes to real-life situations, as she applies her knowledge from various movies she has watched. Featured songs in this episode are The Cranberries with “Zombie,” and Jamiroquai with “Virtual Insanity,” which is also the episode title. The working title of this episode was “Aye, Aye Guy,” which was a reference to a “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers” episode called “I, Eye Guy.”

Personal Notes: This is EASILY the longest episode of “Power Rangers” that I have written so far, but there was a lot of plot that I had to get to, in order to establish the next batch of episodes! The whole thing about Queen Hedrian, being the younger sister of Rita Repulsa, comes from a very UNUSUAL place! In the “Super Sentai” series of “Denziman,” which “Power Rangers Digital Squadron” is based on, Queen Hedrian was played by a YOUNG Machiko Soga; who years later, would later play Queen Bandora / Rita Replusa in “Zyuranger /Mighty Morphing Power Rangers!” Also, with the exception of Jeff (which is a reference to actor Jeff Bridges, who starred in the movie “Tron,”) all of the other Rangers and character descriptions of the “Power Rangers Digital Squadron” are pretty accurate; albeit with their names Americanized a little bit from their original “Super Sentai” source. Also, I always WANTED to bring the Talking Dog from “Denziman” into this awesome series, because Talking Dogs are funny! / :hysterical:

That’s my episode idea for today! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)

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All is Fair, or Not!

                The episode opens up in Pinkie Pie’s house. As is to be expected, her bedroom is filled with a LOT of pink, fluffy, happy stuff, as well as pictures of her Mane 6 friends back home. Pinkie Pie wakes up and says: “Ahhh!!!! A brand new, super-fantastical day with super-fantastical possibilities!”

A montage of Pinkie’s morning is shown. / First she brushes her teeth, than she takes a shower, she gets dressed and chooses a cheer-leaders outfit ALL in pink, than she starts to make herself some breakfast! But what she is UNAWARE of, is that MIRROR is IN her house, and she is ABOUT to start a SINISTER plot! Mirror chuckles and says: “Activate PERFECT reflection!”

And with a ripple, Mirror COMPLETELY blends into the scenery, making her IMPOSSIBLE to pick out, even for Pinkie Pie’s sensitivities! And while Pinkie Pie isn’t looking, the invisible Mirror, puts an unidentifiable substance into Pinkie Pie’s HEALTHY breakfast, chuckles, and then teleports away! Pinkie Pie sits down, and begins to eat her breakfast, but after only a few bites, Mirror’s sinister plot becomes EVIDENT!!!! Pinkie Pie starts shaking, and her eyes start swirling, indicating that there is something WRONG with her!!!! Pinkie Pie UNUSUALLY says: “Must…have…SUGAR!!!! I got to HAVE it!!!! Where are those treats?! I have a SWEET tooth CRAVING!!!!”

And Pinkie Pie frantically starts to TEAR through her kitchen, looking for anything REMOTELY like junk food; and in a blast of SUPER speed, she assembles ALL the junk food she can find, puts it into a GIANT sandwich, and then EATS it in one gulp!!!! Pinkie Pie pants and says: “I got to have more! I GOT to have MORE!!!!” Pinkie Pie frantically searches for her wallet, counts her money, and sees that she has PLENTY to go on a SWEET snack tear!

Pinkie Pie sighs and says: “Double-chocolate moon pies, pepperoni PIZZA; here I COME!!!!” And she dashes out of her house! /

In Queen Hedrian’s secret base, her evil crew is LAUGHING about the evil plot they have started! Mirror says: “The pink pony has taken the BAIT!!!!”

Keller says: “Really excellent work! With that sugar concentrate you gave her, it will make Pinkie Pie COMPLETELY unable to focus on ANYTHING except filling herself with LOTS of junk food! The Rangers will be indisposed in their ability to fight US!”

Queen Hedrian chuckles and says: “That was only phase ONE of my brilliant plan!”

Demon King Banriki asks: “You mean there’s MORE?!!!”

Queen Hedrian says: “I always have MORE, up my sleeves, my dear Demon King! I’m having the Dusters infiltrate the local FAIR that’s going on; capture the REAL workers, then POSE as them once the Rangers INEVITABLY have to escort Pinkie into the Fair! When the Rangers are having fun, and are completely unsuspecting; WHAM!!!! That’s when we AMBUSH them, and destroy them!”

General Shogun says: “And we will FINALLY get the Orange Ruby back!”

Queen Hedrian chuckles and says: “I ALWAYS have a plan, for getting back what is MINE!!!!” /

At the Coastal Falls mall, Pinkie Pie is RUSHING to and through ALL the restaurants, the snack stands, EVEN to the Juice Bar run by Papyrus and Undyne, all in the search for food that is FATTENING or just plain not GOOD for you! And this happens while a song by The Archies is playing in the background! /

Sugar, ah honey, honey. You are my candy, girl. And you've got me wanting you. Honey, ah sugar, sugar. You are my candy, girl. And you've got me wanting you. I just can't believe the loveliness of loving you. (I just can't believe it's true). I just can't believe the one to love this feeling to! (I just can't believe it's true). Ah sugar, ah honey, honey. You are my candy, girl! And you've got me wanting you. Ah honey, ah sugar, sugar. You are my candy, girl! And you've got me wanting you! When I kissed you, girl, I knew how sweet a kiss could be. (I know how sweet a kiss can be). Like the summer sunshine pour your sweetness over me. (Pour your sweetness over me). Sugar, pour a little sugar on it honey. Pour a little sugar on it baby. I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah, yeah, yeah. Pour a little sugar on it, oh yeah. Pour a little sugar on it, honey. Pour a little sugar on it, baby. I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah, yeah, yeah. Pour a little sugar on it, honey. Ah sugar, ah honey, honey. You are my candy, girl! And you've got me wanting you. Oh honey, honey, sugar, sugar; you are my candy girl...” / When Pinkie Pie reaches the Juice Bar, the song fades out.

Pinkie Pie THROWS down a WAD of money, and in a crazed voice says: “Papyrus! Make me the most, sugar-inducing, sweet tooth satisfying, hyper-active juice you can! I’m in the mood for a SUPER rush!!!!”

Undyne looks at her, and even SHE thinks Pinkie Pie doesn’t look normal! Undyne unusually asks: “Don’t you think you’ve HAD enough?!”

Pinkie Pie psychotically says: “I’ll tell YOU when I’ve had enough!”

Papyrus moans and says: “We better give her SOMETHING!!!! It is NEVER a good idea to say ‘no’ to a psychotic person…or pony, as the case may be!”

Papyrus puts together stuff HE thinks are sweet (even if SOME of the items are a QUESTIONABLE choice), he throws them in a blender; and pours it into a large cup for Pinkie. And Pinkie proceeds to down the UNPLEASANT smelling cup in one gulp, and she doesn’t even COMPLAIN about the smell or taste! Pinkie says: “That was GREAT!!!! What else have you got?!!!”

BlackHawk, with D.O.G. following him, enters the Juice Bar. BlackHawk asks: “What’s going on here?!”

Undyne moans, and says: “Pinkie Pie is acting CRAZY, and I don’t mean ‘normal, Pinkie Pie’ crazy! She is on a hyper-active SUGAR tear!”

Papyrus says: “I like business as much as the next skeleton, but this is a little much for ME!”

D.O.G. sniffs Pinkie, and he says: “There IS something off about Pinkie’s aura. I can’t quite place my paw on it, but there IS something FOUL about it!”

BlackHawk says: “We should DO something for her.”

Undyne asks: “But what?”

Papyrus says: “My brother Sans, might know of a cure. He DOES have an uncanny memory about a TON of things! He’s working at a Hot Dog Stand at the Fair in town!”

Pinkie Pie starts to vibrate, and her eyes start swirling like CRAZY again!

D.O.G. says: “Pinkie Pie shouldn’t be TWITCHING like that! There IS something wrong with her!”

And Pinkie Pie screams: “Super SUGAR RUSH!!!!” And with speed like The FLASH; she runs ALL the way to the Martial Arts Dojo, where the other Rangers are busy teaching Ebony the tricks of how to fight with Martial Arts. They are ALL blown away with how FAST Pinkie Pie rushes into the Martial Arts Dojo, as she even knocks DOWN Bash and Smash, who are busy lifting weights!

Bash groans and says: “Hey! A little WARNING next time you run through a place!”

Smash says: “I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but that’s no reason to RAM us!”

Naruto says: “There you are, Pinkie! What’s been keeping you?”

Pinkie says: “Never mind that now! We’ve got something super-duper, uber important, mega fun thing to do!”

Lettuce asks: “What are we doing?”

Pinkie says: “We’re going to the FAIR!!!! Who wants to eat food with absolutely NO nutritional value whatsoever?! YEAH!!!!” And Pinkie Pie rushes right OVER Bash and Smash, completely oblivious to the fact that they were there!

Bash cries: “Come ON!!!! Bad enough going IN, but going OUT?!!!”

Smash sighs and says: “Why do I STILL find her irresistible, even AFTER the fact that she LITTERALLY ran all over me?!”

Ebony accurately says: “Because you’re an idiot!”

BlackHawk and D.O.G. run in, panting! BlackHawk asks: “Did you see Pinkie Pie run in here?!”

Usagi asks: “You mean the Pink FLASH herself?! Kind of hard to miss her!”

D.O.G. says: “I sense that Pinkie Pie is not herself today, and that something evil has messed with her!”

Lettuce groans and says: “As if we didn’t have ENOUGH on our plates to deal with!”

BlackHawk asks: “Did she say where she was going?”

Bash gets up, dusts himself off, and says: “Not that I PERSONALLY care, but she said that she was going to the Fair.”

Usagi groans and says: “Oh, no! Not the FAIR!!!!”

Naruto asks: “Why is that a BAD thing?!”

Ebony accurately says: “Well, BESIDES the fact that Pinkie Pie will probably EAT herself into a sugar coma unless SOMEBODY stops her, who wants to BET that whoever it is that DID this to her will be WAITING at the Fair, and will PROBABLY try to hurt all the innocent people/creatures present at the Fair?!”

BlackHawk asks: “How do you KNOW this stuff?!”

Ebony says: “I’m very genre-savvy, plus I’ve seen this kind of stuff on TV, before.”

BlackHawk says: “Well, I am actually pretty genre-savvy myself. However, this is real LIFE!!!! Not some simulated sitcom that we WATCH on TV! Also, I suggest that you KEEP your suggestions to yourself, so that anything EVIL doesn’t over-hear you, and TRY to change their plans, and ruin all of OUR hard-laid plans for dealing with the situation at hand!”

Toby says: “He’s got a point, there, Ebony. I’ll take D.O.G., and we’ll try to figure out what’s wrong with Pinkie, and how to cure her!”

Lettuce says: “It looks like the rest of us will be going off to the Fair; if for no other reason but to KEEP Pinkie from HURTING herself or someone else!”

Usagi says: “And if we’re lucky, even have enough time to go on a few of the rides when everything is said and done!”

Toby leaves with D.O.G., and the other Rangers leave to go after Pinkie. BlackHawk turns to Bash and Smash, and BlackHawk says: “Guys, I’m going to the Fair to make sure my friends don’t get hurt! Don’t wait up!”

Smash shakes his head and says: “Not THIS time! You’re not stealing ALL the glory of helping Pinkie Pie! We’re coming with you!”

BlackHawk says: “This isn’t a GAME, you guys! If you’re coming, you’re going to HAVE to keep up!”

Bash says: “Don’t worry about us, we’ve been practicing! After all, helping out IS what friends are for!” /

Meanwhile Emperor Diabolica and Drako, are busy crafting a new Blood Beast. Drako says: “Thank you ever so much for helping to bring my new monster, Squid Clown, to fruition!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “It’s no problem! The Rangers are due for a BIG surprise, once we unleash this NEW terror on them!”

Vipera walks in, and says: “I’m sorry to disturb you, sir; but thanks to Circe’s magical ritual, we have found out where the Rangers are going to be today!”

Baphomet yells: “The Rangers are going to the Fair! It will be a perfect opportunity to attack them!”

Kraky says: “And take back the Orange Ruby while we’re at it!”

Circe says: “BlackHawk is going, so we can take out all of them in one fell swoop!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Vipera, take our newest Blood Beast and some Circus Imps down to the Fair! We’ll show them a good time they will NEVER forget!”

And Emperor Diabolica takes the vial of blood, throws it on the ground, and a very festive looking, but pretty creepy squid dressed like a clown materializes! Squid Clown says: “Squid Clown is ready, to scare the daylights out of those Rangers!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “See that you do. And make SURE you grab the Orange Ruby from BlackHawk while you’re at it. EVEN if you must KILL him to do it!”

Squid Clown says: “I’ll get that Orange Ruby, or DIE trying!” And Squid Clown teleports away!

Vipera sighs, and says: “I’ll try to make sure he doesn’t do the ‘dying’ part.”

And Vipera teleports to join Squid Clown. Baphomet sighs, and says: “I NEVER get to join in on any of the ‘fun’ missions!” /

Meanwhile, the Rangers have arrived at the Fair, looking for anything REMOTELY out of place. Lettuce sighs in relief and says: “Well, at least the FAIR is still standing! Pinkie Pie couldn’t have done TOO much damage YET!”

Usagi says: “That’s probably only because Pinkie Pie hasn’t found a good enough place to pass out on JUNK food! I mean, an occasional sweet is nice every now and then, as long as you don’t over-do it!”

Naruto says: “Agreed. Let’s spread out and look for clues!”

Sans asks: “What are you looking for?”

Ebony says: “Look, it’s the cute/cool skeleton dude, and he’s running a hot dog stand!”

The Rangers go to Sans’ Hot Dog Stand, and Sans asks: “Are you going to buy something, or just stand in front of my booth all day?”

Lettuce says: “I’ll take a Hot Dog with chili and cheese, and a diet 7-Up if you’ve got it.”

Sans serves the food to Lettuce, and Usagi asks: “Have you happened to see Pinkie Pie around today?”

Sans shakes his head and says: “No. This is just my first DAY working at the Fair, and I don’t know where Pinkie Pie is. Has something happened to her?”

But Sans gets his answer when Pinkie Pie RUSHES to the Hot Dog Stand; throws down ALL her money, and says: “Give me ALL the sausages you’ve got, NOW!!!!”

Ebony says: “And I thought Sausage Party was a DARK comedy!”

Naruto says: “Grab her!”

Lettuce and Usagi quickly do so, and as Pinkie is STRUGGLING to break free, Lettuce talks into his communicator and says: “Omnus, teleport her to the Command Center!” /

Omnus says: “We have a secure place for her. Toby and D.O.G. are working on an antidote for Pinkie right now!” /

Usagi says: “Awesome!” And Pinkie Pie is teleported to the Command Center, into the middle of an energy field that she can’t break out of.

Pinkie asks: “Hey, what GIVES?!!!”

Toby says: “Sorry about this, Pinkie, it’s for your own protection.”

D.O.G. says: “It’s not Pinkie’s fault. Mirror did this to her! She spiked Pinkie’s healthy breakfast with some form of sugar concentrate. It causes anyone who consumes it to become INSTANTLY addicted to sugar, fattening, and junk food!”

Alpha 8 says: “We’ll let her go just as soon as we whip up the antidote! It shouldn’t take much longer!” /

Naruto says: “Awesome! We’ll take care of things here until then.” And the Rangers turn off their communicators, and BlackHawk arrives with Bash and Smash.

BlackHawk asks: “Well, where is she?”

Lettuce says: “She’s already been taken care of, you guys. We sent her home to recuperate. She’ll come back once she’s rested and recovered!”

Smash groans and says: “Oh, man! I wanted to impress Pinkie with some of my new moves!”

BlackHawk notices that a bunch of ‘circus’ folk are starting to surround them, and BlackHawk says: “Well, I think you might STILL have a chance to show off to our friends!”

Bash asks: “You mean this ISN’T normal?!”

And the ‘circus’ folk SHED their appearances to reveal a bunch of Dusters! Ebony asks: “Does THAT answer your question?!”

Keller appears, with a bunch of BOMBS on her person. She chuckles, and says: “How would you guys like some SUGAR bombs?! I promise you, they are MUCH deadlier than they sound and LOOK!”

Sans asks them: “What are you going to do with Bash and Smash around?”

Usagi says: “The same thing we always do; improvise our way out of it!”

Ebony asks: “We do THAT?!”

Usagi seriously says: “Yes, we do! All the time!” /

A fight sequence occurs. BlackHawk deals with Keller while Bash, Smash, and the other un-morphed Rangers use improvised attacks to deal with the Dusters. This all happens while a hit song by Def Leppard plays in the background! /

Step inside, walk this way! You and me babe, hey, hey! Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on! Living like a lover with a radar phone! Looking like a tramp, like a video vamp! Demolition woman, can I be your man? Razzle 'n' a dazzle 'n' a flash a little light! Television lover, baby, go all night! Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet! Little miss, ah innocent, sugar me, yeah! Hey! C'mon, take a bottle, shake it up! Break the bubble, break it up! Pour some sugar on me! Ooh, in the name of love! Pour some sugar on me! C'mon, fire me up! Pour your sugar on me! Oh, I can't get enough! I'm hot, sticky sweet, from my head to my feet, yeah! (Instrumental Solo) Listen! Red light, yellow light, green light go! Crazy little woman in a one man show! Mirror queen, mannequin rhythm of your love! Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up! You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little, tease a little more! Easy operator come a knocking on my door! Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet! Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah, yeah! Give a little more! Take a bottle, shake it up! Break the bubble, break it up! Pour some sugar on me! Ooh, in the name of love! Pour some sugar on me! C'mon fire me up! Pour your sugar on me! Oh, I can't get enough! I'm hot, sticky sweet! From my head to my feet yeah! [Guitar solo]

You got the peaches, I got the cream, sweet to taste, saccharine! Cause I'm hot, say what, sticky sweet! From my head, my head, to my feet! Do you take sugar? One lump or two? Take a bottle, shake it up! Break the bubble, break it up! Pour some sugar on me! Ooh, in the name of love! Pour some sugar on me! C'mon fire me up! Pour your sugar on me! Oh, I can't get enough! Pour some sugar on me! Oh, in the name of love! Pour some sugar on me! Get it, come get it! Pour your sugar on me! Ooh, pour some sugar on me! Yeah! Sugar me!” / And the epic song ends as all the Dusters are broken into pieces, and Keller runs out of sugar bombs. /

Meanwhile, at the Command Center, Toby and Alpha 8, have finally finished their antidote; which turns out to be a piece of celery! D.O.G. says: “That should do it. This piece of celery is full of essential vitamins and nutrients, it will cancel out the sugar concentrate that is in Pinkie’s system.”

Alpha 8 asks: “But how do we get her to eat it?”

Toby says: “I’ve got an idea! Pinkie, do you want SUGAR?!!!”

Pinkie asks: “SUGAR?! WHERE?!!!”

Toby says: “Right here!”

Toby holds out the piece of celery, and Pinkie eats it right up! As soon as she does, the swirling in Pinkie’s eyes go away, she stops vibrating, and assumes her more, calm demeanor. Pinkie snaps back to normal, and says: “HEY! You said that was SUGAR!!!!”

Toby says: “Right! Sugar…sugar-free!!!!”

Pinkie says: “You tricked me!”

Omnus says: “For your own good, Pinkie. Mirror sabotaged your healthy breakfast. By giving you a form of sugar concentrate, she completely addicted your mind into only wanting sugar!”

Pinkie gasps and says: “Oh, no! Did I hurt anybody?!”

Toby says: “Just Bash and Smash, but they’ll forgive you. It wasn’t your fault!”

Pinkie angrily says: “I can’t believe those evil creeps! They want to TRY to take over Core Earth? FINE! But when you try to mess with MY good health, there will be a PRICE to pay, and I don’t mean one at the super-market! It’s time to show these creeps just why a good breakfast is so important! Come on, Toby! It’s Morphing time!” /

Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” /

The two morphed Rangers teleport to the Fair, and they are a welcome sight to the un-morphed Rangers! Naruto says: “Awesome! The Rangers are finally here!”

Bash asks: “But where are the other Rangers?!”

Pinkie, not wanting to give away their secret, says: “They’re off…polishing their zords!”

Smash says: “That makes PERFECT sense!”

Vipera, her circus Imps, and Squid Clown arrive to CRASH the party! Vipera says: “I’m sorry. Do you care if I join in? Well, too BAD!!!! I’m crashing the scene anyways! You KNOW you can’t have a party unless it’s a Vipera party!”

Squid Clown says: “And I’ll make it one you will NEVER forget!”

BlackHawk angrily says: “Yeah, well, try to forget THIS!!!!” And his Orange Ruby glows, and it ZAPS Squid Clown, turning his FOUR extra arms into fried calamari as they fall off!

Squid Clown groans and says: “My trademark specialty! How am I supposed to impress all the lady squids NOW?!!!”

Vipera angrily says: “You’re going to pay for THAT!!!! Take THIS!!!!” Vipera shoots an energy beam out of her sword! The Rangers MOVE Bash and Smash to safety, but the blast DESTROYS Sans’ hot dog stand!

Sans says: “Oh, MAN!!!! Not my Hot Dog Stand! My insurance company is NEVER going to BUY this!”

BlackHawk seriously says: “Bash, Smash, I think we’ve done all we can do here. We better see if there are any innocent people around, and get them to safety!”

Bash nods his head and says: “I agree!”

Vipera angrily says: “You’re not going ANYWHERE!!!!”

And she TRIES to zap the three birds, but Pinkie says: “Look out!!!!”

And Pinkie rushes in and SAVES their lives in the nick of time!

Smash’s eyes light up, and he says: “What a RANGER!!!! You saved my LIFE!!!!” And Smash LITERALLY gets hearts in his eyes.

Pinkie asks: “Are you okay?”

Smash, love-struck, simply says: “I think I’m in LOVE with you!”

Vipera gags and says: “UGH!!!! That is the most REPULSIVE thing I ever saw!”

Bash says: “Smash, there is a time for love, but it is NOT here! Now, come on! There are people and creatures that need our help!”

Smash, LITTERALLY feeling lighter than air, simply skips after them, and says: “Okay!”

And as the birds run out of sight, Lettuce says: “We’re in the clear now!”

Ebony says: “Let’s do it then! It’s Morphing time!” /

Ebony says: “Velociraptor!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!” /

The Rangers immediately unleash their weapons, and Naruto says: “Hey! Let’s see if we can set a new world record for taking out Imps!”

Pinkie says: “Sounds good to me!” /

As the Rangers attack Vipera, Squid Clown, and the Circus Imps, a familiar song by Mariah Carey plays in the background. / “Uh, uh, honey got me hooked on you. I like that, ooh, ooh. (Come on, MC) La, la, la, la. (Come on) La, la, la, la (MC). La, la, la, la, la, la (I like that). (Let's go). Honey, you can have me when you want me. Just simply ask me to be there, (a-huh).
And you're the only one who makes me come running, because what you got is far beyond compare! And it's just like honey, when your love comes over me; (that's right). Oh, baby, I've got a dependency;
always strung out for another taste of your honey
. It's like honey when it rushes over me. You know sugar never, ever was so sweet. And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you. Boy, you know your love addicted me. And I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? Every night and day, I can hardly wait for another taste of honey. Honey, I can't describe how good it feels inside. Honey, I can't describe how good it feels inside. I can't be elusive with you honey. (I like that). Because it's blatant that I'm feeling you, and it's too hard for me to leave abruptly. You're the only thing I wanna do. And it's just like honey, when your love comes over me. Oh, baby, I've got a dependency; always strung out for another taste of your honey. It's like honey when it rushes over me. You know, sugar never, ever was so sweet. And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you. (I need you, babe). Boy, you know your love addicted me. (Boy, your love addicted me). And I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? Every night and day, (I be waiting for your love). I can hardly wait for another taste of honey. Baby, I can love you, babe.

It's like honey when it rushes over me. You know sugar never, ever was so sweet. And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you. (Boy, I need your love, right now baby). Boy, you know your love addicted me. And I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? Every night and day, I can hardly wait for another taste of honey. It's like honey when it rushes over me. You know sugar never, ever was so sweet. And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you. Boy, you know your love addicted me. And I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? Every night and day, I can hardly wait for another taste of honey. It's like honey when it rushes over me. You know, sugar never, ever was so sweet; (that's right). And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you. Boy, you know your love addicted me; and I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? Every night and day I can hardly wait for another taste of honey.” / And the epic song ends as all the Circus Imps are defeated! /

Vipera groans and says: “I’m SICK of playing games with YOU Rangers! Emperor Diabolica, make us grow, NOW!!!!” /

Emperor Diabolica forms a GROWTH bomb, and says: “Two giant monsters, coming right UP!!!!” And Emperor Diabolica THROWS it down to them! /

Vipera grabs the bomb, and says: “Time to get TWO monsters for the PRICE of ONE!!!!” /

Vipera detonates the bomb on the ground, it causes Squid Clown to grow, and Vipera to assume her giant, monstrous Viper appearance!

Ebony gets a weird look at Squid Clown, and asks: “Are ALL the Monsters you guys fight THIS weird?!”

Toby says: “Not all of them. Some of them are even WEIRDER!!!!”

Usagi says: “We need Dinozord power, NOW!!!!” /

The Rangers summons their Dinozords like normal, while Ebony plays her guitar, summoning the Velociraptor zord!

Lettuce says: “Let’s form the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord and fight Vipera! Naruto, you take the Tyrannosaurus and take down Squid Clown! Since BlackHawk weakened him, you should have no problem delivering the final blow!”

Naruto says: “Sounds like a plan!”

The other zords get together to form the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord! All together in the cock-pit, the five Rangers say: “Velociraptor Warrior Megazord, activate!”

Squid Clown says: “Tyrannosaurus, you’re all mine!” And Squid Clown SQUIRTS ink at the Tyrannosaurus zord, but Naruto simply uses wipers to remove the ink!

Naruto asks: “Is that the best you’ve got?! Sonic BLAST!!!!”

The Tyrannosaurus roars, and BLASTS Squid Clown back with its super force!

Vipera hisses, and says: “Try want you want, you won’t take ME down!”

Usagi says: “We’ll just see about that! Electric blast!!!!”

And using the Triceratops triple spear, the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord ZAPS Vipera with electricity, leaving her reeling in pain!

Naruto says: “Time to finish this, FIRE BLAST!!!!”

And using all of the Tyrannosaurus’ energy, Naruto produces a fire beam that looks like a Japanese symbol, and it hits Squid Clown with such force, he falls down and explodes! /

Keller is still down at the fair, and asks Queen Hedrian: “Should I make myself grow, and fight?” /

General Shogun replies: “No. Let’s cut our losses here, and quit while we’re ahead. We’ll get the Orange Ruby another day.”

Keller says: “Very well. I shall return!” And she teleports away! /

Toby has the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord brandish the Triceratops Triple Spear, and says: “Now it’s YOUR turn, Vipera!”

Vipera says: “I know you Rangers would LOVE to see me with a HOLE in my chest, but it’s NOT happening today! She who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!”

And Vipera teleports away from the fight, causing Ebony to groan in frustration! Ebony says: “I hate it when these warriors become cowards! I wish they would take their medicine, like a true sport would!” /

On Emperor Diabolica’s ship, Drako groans in misery. Drako says: “Another perfectly good Blood Beast DOWN the drain! Nobody appreciates a good monster, anymore!”

When Vipera, in her small, normal, human appearance, appears on the ship, Kraky simply grunts and says: “Well, I hope you’re happy! Your ineptitude COST us another battle against the Rangers!”

Vipera yells: “It’s not my non-existent INEPTITUDE that’s the problem! It’s the fact that Drako either can’t and/or WON’T produce us a STRONG enough Blood Beast!”

Drako asks: “Why do you always got to blame ME whenever things go wrong?!”

Emperor Diabolica screams: “Don’t argue among yourselves! I have a HEADACHE!!!!” /

At the Fair, the un-morphed Rangers, and their friends are all back together, to enjoy a relaxing evening together. Pinkie says: “Bash, Smash, I just want to tell you guys I’m sorry for what I did to you earlier. That was TOTALLY uncalled for!”

Bash shakes his head and says: “Don’t worry about it!”

Pinkie asks: “Why not?”

D.O.G. says: “I explained to them that Mirror was trying to create havoc on Earth, and you were just an unlucky by-stander caught in her evil scheme.”

Smash says: “That must have been a REAL drag!”

Pinkie says: “Tell me about it!”

BlackHawk says: “At least you’re all better now!”

Sans wheels what REMAINS of his Hot Dog Stand and asks: “Guys, can you help a skeleton out here? I need to meet my quota by the end of the day, or I’ll get canned for sure!”

BlackHawk asks: “Bash and Smash, will you help my friend out by buying and eating his hot dogs?”

Bash says: “After beating up a bunch of EVIL Skeleton creatures today, we could use a reward! Of course we’ll help out!”

And Bash proceeds to throw down a bunch of money, and help himself to a well-earned reward! Smash says: “Pinkie, I know you’re used to me fawning over you, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to NOT get used to it!”

Ebony asks: “Why ever would that be?”

Smash happily says: “Because I’ve found someone who TRULY loves me for ME, the PINK Power Ranger! She saved my LIFE today! But we can still be friends, can’t we Pinkie?!”

Pinkie, not wanting to give herself away, simply smiles and says: “Of course we can!”

Smash asks: “Want to join us for dinner?”

Pinkie rubs her belly and says: “No thank you; I’m all tapped out on MY quota of junk food, for the whole WEEK that is!”

Bash says: “Than that means more for US!!!!”

And Bash and Smash help themselves to Sans’ food. Ebony smiles and says: “It’s nice to see a guy enjoy doing what he’s good at!”

Toby asks: “I wonder, should we tell them the TRUTH about Pinkie?!”

The Rangers all look at each other and say: “NAH!!!!” And they all laugh to each other about it! /

Epilogue, Power Fact! : The Rangers, de-morphed and out of character, appear to talk DIRECTLY to the TV audience! Naruto says: “We had a lot of fun on our show today!”

Usagi says: “However, obesity has been a growing epidemic in America for years, and is currently one of the biggest problems facing the nation today.”

Lettuce says: “While not everyone’s nutritional needs are the same, we all have a choice as to how we can live our lives.”

Pinkie says: “While you’re out and about, try to make healthy choices when you’re at restaurants! Always look for the nutritional information that’s listed on the food choices!”

Ebony says: “If you have the time, you should also exercise, and take the time to cook up healthy meals while you’re at home, and try to limit the number of times you order take-out.”

Naruto says: “The more you’re able to take care of yourself, the less money you’ll have to spend to have OTHERS help take care of you!”

Lettuce says: “And now you know!

Pinkie says: “And knowing is half the battle!”

BlackHawk appears and says: “The other half is Mr. T!!!!”

Usagi asks: “Are you sure that…?”

BlackHawk says: “It is ALWAYS Mr. T!!!!” /

Episode Notes: One of Mirror’s special skills, Perfect Reflection, is revealed. It allows her to blend in SEAMLESSLY with the rest of the environment! This marks the first time that the Rangers have HAD to fight a bunch of grunts in their un-morphed states, and the first time that Bash and Smash have helped the Rangers out in a fight. Smash gets over his infatuation with Pinkie, only to fall in love with the Pink Ranger (who, unbeknownst to Smash), is ALSO Pinkie! It is revealed in this episode that D.O.G. is able to detect when something is wrong with somebody’s Aura, as he is the FIRST to realize that there was something wrong with Pinkie. Featured songs in this episode are “Sugar, Sugar; Pour Some Sugar on Me;” and “Honey.” First time that a public service message has played at the END of a “Power Rangers Multiverse Force” episode. /

Personal Notes: In the early days of “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers,” they would have a LOT of episodes with an obvious moral message to learn; and they would often be highlighted in Public Service Messages at the END of those episodes! What I wanted to do is to make an Affectionate Parody of those episodes; that was both serious, and kind of humorous at the same time! :hysterical: And I felt that this was the perfect opportunity for me to make an episode of this nature! / :D

That’s my episode idea for today; enough said, true believers! ;)

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The Drums of War

                Ebony, Lettuce, Usagi, and Toby, are in the garage of Ebony’s house; and they’ve got a bunch of musical instruments spread out, as they’re trying to figure something out. Ebony’s garage is mostly painted in black, and covered with posters of Green Day and Blink-182. Toby says: “I’m all ready to start rocking out in a rock band, and become all famous and stuff!”

Usagi says: “We have to figure out what we’re going to play, first!”

Lettuce says: “And we have to figure it out before Ebony’s parents come home!”

Ebony says: “I wouldn’t worry about that. My parents work late day…AND night shifts at the Ministry of Magic, they are almost NEVER home! While I like the independence, it is FRUSTRATING to have to cook up food for MYSELF all the time!”

Lettuce says: “Well, I think we should get the hard part out of the way, first. What are we going to call ourselves?!”

Ebony says: “Easy; the Dark Lords of the Underworld!

Lettuce says: “I want to be called The Oddballs!

Usagi says: “I want to be called Shiny Face!

Toby says: “I want to be called the Arena Progressives!

Pinkie walks in and says: “I have a Pinkie Keen idea! Why don’t you call yourselves, The Dark, Shiny, Progressive, Arena, Oddball, Face, Lords of the Underworld?!”

The other Rangers simultaneously say: “We are NOT calling ourselves, The Dark, Shiny, Progressive, Arena, Oddball, Face, Lords of the Underworld!” (Quick Cut)

Ebony sighs and says: “I CAN’T believe we’re calling ourselves, The Dark, Shiny, Progressive, Arena, Oddball, Face, Lords of the Underworld!”

Usagi says: “At least we’ve got the NAME, settled!”

Lettuce says: “Now all we got to do is figure out a sound!”

Ebony says: “I’ve already GOT a sound! Listen to THIS!”

Ebony picks up an electric guitar, as she plays and sings her version of a Green Day hit song, “Holiday”! /

Ebony sings: “Say, hey! Hear the sound of the falling rain. Coming down like an Armageddon flame. Hey! The shame, the ones who died without a name. Hear the dogs howling out of key, to a hymn called ‘Faith and Misery’. Hey! And bleed, the company lost the war today. I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies. This is the dawning of the rest of our lives, on holiday! Hear the drum pounding out of time. Another protester has crossed the line. Hey! To find, the money's on the other side. Can I get another Amen? Amen! There's a flag wrapped around a score of men. Hey! A gag, a plastic bag on a monument. I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies. This is the dawning of the rest of our lives, on holiday! Hey! Say, hey! Zieg Heil to the president Gasman! Bombs away is your punishment! Pulverize the Eiffel towers who criticize your government!
Bang, bang, goes the broken glass and kill all the fags that don't agree. Trials by fire, setting fire, is not a way that's meant for me. Just cause; hey, hey, hey, just cause, because we're outlaws yeah! I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies. This is the dawning of the rest of our lives! I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies. This is the dawning of the rest of our lives! This is our lives, on holiday!” /

Lettuce gets an odd look and says: “We are NOT going to sing a song that INSULTS gay people! This isn’t the 1990’s, you know! It’s culturally insensitive to sing about songs like that! Now, here’s what I’m thinking of!”

Lettuce starts playing a synthesizer, as he plays and sings his version of Talking Heads hit song, “Burning down the House.” /

Lettuce sings: “Watch out, you might get what you're after! Cool babies, strange, but not a stranger! I'm an ordinary guy, burning down the house! Hold tight! Wait 'til the party's over. Hold tight, we're in for nasty weather! There has got to be a way! Burning down the house! Here's your ticket, pack your bags, time for jumping overboard. The transportation is here. Close enough but not too far, maybe you know where you are; fighting fire with fire! All wet! Hey, you might need a raincoat! Shakedown, dreams walking in broad daylight! Three hundred sixty five degrees; burning down the house! It was once upon a place; sometimes I listen to myself. Gonna come in first place! People on their way to work, and baby, what did you expect? Gonna burst into flame! OH!!!! (Synthesizer solo) Burning down the house! My house is out of the ordinary! That's right! Don't want to hurt nobody! Some things sure can sweep me off my feet! Burning down the house! No visible means of support, and you have not seen nothing yet. Everything's stuck together! And I don't know what you expect, just staring into the TV set; fighting fire with fire! Oh!” (Lettuce plays the synthesizer until the song fades out and ends). /

Usagi asks: “Do you want to ADVOCATE burning down the house?!”

Lettuce says: “It’s just an expression! It doesn’t MEAN anything!”

Usagi says: “Well, I personally don’t like a song with THAT kind of message! I prefer something more light and bouncy; like this!”

Usagi turns on a Karaoke machine, as she sings along to her version of Puffy Ami Yumi’s version of Cyndi Lauper’s, “Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun!” /

Usagi sings: “I come home in the morning light, my mother says, ‘When you gonna live your life right?’ Oh, mother dear, we're not the fortunate ones; and girls, they want to have fun. Oh girls just want to have fun! The phone rings in the middle of the night! My father yells, ‘What you gonna do with your life?’ Oh, daddy dear, you know you're still number one; but girls, they want to have fun! Oh, girls just want to have; that's all they really want! Is some fun! When the working day is done, oh girls, they want to have fun! Oh girls, just want to have fun! Girls, they want; want to have fun! Girls, they want to have! (Hums) Some boys take a beautiful girl, and hide her away from the rest of the world! I want to be the one to walk in the sun! Oh girls, they want to have fun! Oh, girls just want to have; that's all they really want, is some fun! When the working day is done; oh girls, they want to have fun! Oh girls just want to have fun! Girls, they wanna have fun. Girls wanna have; they just wanna, they just wanna, girls just wanna, they just wanna; they just wanna, have fun! Girls, just wanna have fun! They just wanna, they just wanna; they just wanna, they just wanna; they just wanna, they just wanna; girls, girls just wanna have fun!

When the working, when the workin' day is done. Oh, when the workin' day is done; oh girls, girls just wanna have fun! They just wanna, they just wanna; they just wanna, they just wanna, oh girls, girls just wanna have fun! When the working; when the working day is done. When the working day is done; oh girl, girls just wanna have fun!” / And the epic song ends!

Toby is weirded out and asks: “What was THAT we just listened to?!”

Usagi asks: “J-Pop, as performed by Puffy Ami Yumi! Isn’t it GREAT?!”

Toby says: “I’d say it was ‘SOMETHING’, but I don’t think you’d like what I’d call it! Now, listen to what REAL classical rock music is all about!”

Toby starts playing the drums, as he sings his version of a Genesis hit song! / Toby sings: “Stay with me. My love, I hope you'll always be, right here by my side if ever I need you! Oh, my love! In your arms, I feel so safe and so secure. Every day is such a perfect day to spend, alone with you! I will follow you; will you follow me? All the days and nights that we know will be, I will stay with you; will you stay with me? Just one single tear in each passing year. With the dark; oh, I see so very clearly now. All my fears are drifting by me so slowly now; fading away. I can say, the night is long, but you are here. Close at hand, I'm better for the smile you give! And while I live, I will follow you; will you follow me? All the days and nights, that we know will be. I will stay with you, will you stay with me? Just one single tear in each passing year there will be! (Drum solo) I will, follow you; will you follow me? All the days and nights that we know will be. I will, stay with you; will you stay with me? Just one single tear in each passing year, I will, follow you; will you follow me? All the days and nights that we know will be. I will, stay with you; will you stay with me? Just one single tear in each passing year, I will, follow you; will you follow me? All the days and nights that we know will be. I will, stay with you; will you stay with me? Just one single tear in each passing year.” (Hums and drums until the song fades out).

Pinkie claps and says: “Say; that was pretty good!”

Toby asks: “So you thought MY song was the best?!”

Pinkie says: “I can’t DECIDE! All of them were all so good in their OWN fantastical way!”

Ebony groans and says: “FIGURES Pinkie Pie would choose the EASY way out! Why couldn’t NARUTO have been here?! He’d give us an HONEST opinion!”

Lettuce sighs and says: “You know how stubborn Naruto is; until he gets STRONG enough to take down BlackHawk in single combat, he’s NEVER going to stop spending his nights using the Simulation Planet at the Command Center!”

Toby sighs and says: “Maybe we better sleep on it, and figure it out tomorrow. Mom will be upset with me if I’m late for dinner.”

Ebony says: “Fair enough, even quarter vampires NEED their BEAUTY sleep!”

Ebony goes into her own house, while the other Rangers head for their own separate houses. The garage is closed and the lights are turned off. But unbeknownst to Ebony, there’s a sinister looking, purple VIPER slithering in Ebony’s garage; and it TRANSFORMS into the familiar appearance of Vipera! Vipera chuckles and says: “Thanks to Circe’s latest magic ritual, I can now change into an actual viper ANYTIME I want! These look like some pretty good DRUMS; PERFECT to combine with Drako’s LATEST Blood Beast! Emperor Diabolica will take away MY curse for SURE!!!!” And Vipera takes HALF of the drum set; and teleports away!

But no sooner does Vipera leave, than does an invisible RIPPLE appear in the room, and materializes into MIRROR!!!! Mirror chuckles and says: “Thank you for the BRILLIANT idea, Vipera! But you’re wasting your time! Queen Hedrian’s drum monster will be BETTER than yours; and WE will destroy the Rangers first! And once we do, the Orange Ruby will be OURS for the taking!” And Mirror takes the OTHER half of the drum set; and teleports away! /

Emperor Diabolica smiles as Vipera arrives with the STOLEN drum set! Emperor Diabolica says: “Thank you for providing us with our latest weapon, to take DOWN those AWFUL Power Rangers! As a reward, I shall give BACK to you, what was ONCE taken away from you!”

And Emperor Diabolica SHOOTS his magic, and produces a brand NEW Purple Motorcycle for Vipera! And Vipera pleasantly sighs in contentment! Emperor Diabolica says: “I figured you would like it. It’s STRONGER, it’s FASTER, and BETTER than the LAST one was! With your new Motorcycle, you’ll be able to DESTROY the Rangers in high-tech fashion!”

Baphomet says: “That’s all nice and fine, but how is a DRUM set going to help us destroy the Rangers?”

Drako says: “If you allow me to pour my blood vial on the drum set, I will show you.”

Kraky impatiently says: “Well, hurry UP, then!”

Drako dumps the blood over the drum set, and it TRANSFORMS into a strong, masculine, muscle-bound drum monster! The drum monster says: “I am Beat Him! Those Male Rangers are in for SUCH a thrashing by the time I get THROUGH with them!”

Circe asks: “Just the male rangers?”

Emperor Diabolica says: Without the guys to fall back on, the girls will be MUCH easier for the rest of us to destroy! Besides, BlackHawk IS a guy, and he currently has the Orange Ruby, which WE will be TAKING once Beat Him DESTROYS BlackHawk!”

Beat Him says: “I’ll show THOSE Rangers the DRUMS of WAR!!!!” And Beat Him teleports away!

Baphomet says: “If you ask me, I think I could do a much better job of taking the Orange Ruby, ALL by myself!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Well, until YOU can pass a Loyalty Test the way that all the OTHERS can, that time shall remain ELUSIVELY out of your REACH!” /

At Queen Hedrian’s base, Mirror magically FUSES her stolen drum set with an unhatched egg! Queen Hedrian smiles and says: “Once again, your spying skills remain unsurpassed!”

Keller scoffs and says: “I could’ve gotten it TO, if I had been given a chance!”

Demon King Banriki shouts: “DON’T be ridiculous! All YOU can do is turn into a SHIELD, and throw the occasional sugar bomb!”

General Shogun says: “Besides, what does it matter just WHO got the drum set? All that matters is that WE destroy the Rangers, with the monster we will now FORM!!!!”

And the monstrous egg HATCHES, and a very pretty, feminine monster with pink drums, comes out of the egg! The feminine monster says: “I am Pound Her! No female ranger stands a CHANCE while I’m around! I am VERY good at what I do!”

Keller asks: “Why the female rangers?”

Queen Hedrian says: “The male rangers will be DEVASTATED if something, ‘unfortunate’ were to happen with them! And if we OFFER to make a trade; say, the Orange Ruby for THEIR safety, I think they would be WISE to cooperate with us!”

Demon King Banriki says: “Either way, they will ALL get destroyed in the end!”

Pound Her says: “I will pound all those Rangers SENSELESS!!!!” And Pound Her disappears!

Queen Hedrian sighs in contentment, and says: “If only my older sister could SEE me now; she would be SO proud of me!” /

Beat Him is running through the city in the early morning, looking for a place to cause havoc! Beat Him asks himself: “Now, how should I create as much havoc as I can, in order to draw out the Rangers?”

Beat Him looks around, and spots a Fireworks Factory! Beat Him smiles, and says: “That should work very NICELY!!!!” And he runs in!

Soon after, Pound Her arrives on the scene, and says to herself: “The Rangers won’t be able to ignore a dire emergency happening in Coastal Falls! I think creating a situation at the Fireworks Factory should work NICELY!!!!”

Pound Her runs in, but she is SHOCKED to see that Beat Him is about to start havoc of his own at the Fireworks Factory! Pound Her asks: “What are YOU doing here?!”

Beat Him says: “I’m going to DESTROY the Male Power Rangers!”

Pound Her says: “That’s what I’M going to do, but with the Female Power Rangers!”

Beat Him gasps in shock and says: “How DARE you?! You’re RIPPING off Emperor Diabolica’s PLAN!”

Pound Her says: “Your plan SUCKS!!!! Queen Hedrian’s plan is MUCH better!”

Beat Him incredulously says: “You insignificant little…take THIS!!!!” And Beat Him BEATS his drums, and starts to produce powerful, energized musical notes to attack at Pound Her, who starts responding by doing the same, by POUNDING her drums to produce powerful, energized musical notes to attack at Beat Him! /

The alarm blares at the Command Center, and this causes Naruto to exit out of the Simulation Planet! Naruto groans and says: “I HATE it when these monster attacks interrupt my TRAINING sessions! I was REALLY getting better against BlackHawk, as well! I managed to last a whole 40 minutes against him by myself; and almost fight him to a DRAW!!!!”

Omnus says: “I’m afraid your personal goal will have to wait. Both Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian have sent out a drum themed monster, and they are both ATTACKING each other within the Fireworks Factory in Coastal Falls!”

Alpha 8 says: “Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! It’s a FIRE Fight!”

Naruto looks at the Viewing Globe and says: “Hey! Those creeps are using the same drums that are owned by Ebony! How DARE they take something that isn’t their own?! Although, I suppose they WOULDN’T be evil unless they did!” Naruto pushes his communicator and asks: “Ebony, are you missing any drums this morning?” /

Ebony walks into her garage, and can see that her drum kit is no longer there. Ebony says: “Unfortunately, my drums don’t seem to be present at my house hold. Are they being used by the forces of evil?” /

Naruto says: “You guessed it!” /

Ebony groans and says: “UGH!!!! The one draw-back of being a Ranger; monsters ALWAYS tend to steal your STUFF!” /

Omnus says: “I’ve done a thorough analysis on the monsters! If you destroy the monsters themselves, it will return your stolen drum kit to normal!” /

Ebony sighs in relief and says: “Well, that’s encouraging!” /

Naruto says: “Ebony, have the other Rangers meet me at the Fireworks Factory! Tell them to expect the usual! They’ll know what you mean!” /

Ebony says: “Will do, Naruto!” /

Naruto says: “Right then! It’s MORPHING time!” /

Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!” /

Naruto teleports into the Fireworks Factory, and Beat Him says: “Ah, my first quarry of the day!”

Pound Her says: “Get out of the WAY, Ranger! I have no interest in fighting YOU!”

Naruto says: “Sorry to disappoint you, but when you mess with one Ranger, you mess with all of them!”

Beat Him says: “Imps, attack!” And a bunch of Imps appear to attack Naruto!

Pound Her says: “Dusters, attack!” And the skeleton grunts teleport in to aid Pound Her.

Naruto says: “Time for a warm-up! SABERTOOTH FOX MODE!" And Naruto once again gains his special armored form; very similar to his normal Ranger one, except that stylized fox ears were molded into the top of the helmet, and nine armored fox tails sprouted out of Naruto's tailbone. On the chest, rather than the symbol of Core Earth, the symbol resembled a spiral with eight symbols written in stylized writing around it. And it comes COMPLETE with a RED-colored explosion! Using his super-speed, Naruto takes his fire sword, and ZOOMS around with such force, that even Pinkie Pie would be impressed by the effort! Naruto makes SHORT work on the Imps, than he uses his fox claws to tear THROUGH the Dusters, and turns them ALL into dust, with a few, well aimed swipes!

Naruto reverts into his normal Ranger form and says: “So much for the warm-up, time for the main event!” /

Ebony has all the Rangers gathered at her house. Ebony says: “And that’s the story! Naruto is already starting to fight these two monsters as we speak!”

BlackHawk and D.O.G. come running up, and BlackHawk says: “D.O.G. smelled something WRONG going on in town! Is there something out of the ordinary?”

Usagi sighs and says: “You know it! Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian are at it again!”

D.O.G. says: “We’re lucky those two are at war with each other! It would be much harder for us to fight against the both of them if they were EVER to unite!”

Lettuce says: “We’ve got to go and stop them!”

BlackHawk says: “They’ll be after my Orange Ruby; I better come with you.”

Pinkie asks: “Can you teleport with us?”

Toby says: “I think so. It should be easy, given how resilient BlackHawk is in combat and fighting.”

BlackHawk says: “D.O.G., I’m going to ask you to stay!”

D.O.G. says: “I will obey, not just because I am designed to be a dog, but because I also love you!”

Ebony smiles and says: “I love a man who takes care of his pet!”

BlackHawk says: “He’s not just, ‘a pet,’ he’s a COMPANION! Two TOTALLY different things!”

Usagi says: “We’ll argue about semantics later! It’s Morphing time!” /

Ebony says: “Velociraptor!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” /

And the Rangers and BlackHawk arrive at the Fireworks Factory! Naruto says: “There you guys are. You just missed warming up against the Dusters AND the Imps!”

BlackHawk chuckles and says: “I KNEW that was you, with the impressive power level of about 4,000! You’re going to make me start LOOKING bad at this rate!”

Than the Rangers hear a familiar ROARING, and Vipera CRASHES through on her new motorcycle! Vipera says: “She’s back, she’s BADDER, and she’s COOLER than EVER!!!!”

Ebony asks: “A motorcycle-themed bad guy?”

Toby says: “It’s not the first time she’s ridden one. We DESTROYED her LAST one, and we can do it again!”

Vipera scoffs and says: “Maybe you didn’t HEAR me; it’s BADDER, COOLER, and it is way STRONGER than the last one EVER was!”

Lettuce says: “It still won’t stop us from destroying it!”

BlackHawk says: “I’ll deal with Miss Prima Donna, you guys take care of the Monsters!”

The other Rangers say: “Right!”

Vipera says: “At last, the Orange Ruby will be MINE!!!!”

BlackHawk says: “Don’t count on it!”

Vipera says: “Venom BLAST!!!!”

BlackHawk says: “Woo Foo Field!!!!”

And the venom that Vipera blasts out of her sword, is safely absorbed by BlackHawk’s magical protection! Vipera growls angrily and says: “You’re an ANNOYING little pest, AREN’T you?!”

BlackHawk says: “Annoying? Possibly. A pest? Only to YOU!!!! Take THIS!!!!”

And BlackHawk shoots an orange beam of energy with his Orange Ruby; and Vipera says: Not THIS time! Shed SKIN!!!!”

And as the Orange Beam CONNECTS with the exfoliated skin that Vipera sheds, it actually SPLITS into two, and ends up HITTING into Beat Him, and Pound Her, who are suddenly UNABLE to produce a single musical note with their drums!

Beat Him asks: “What gives?! I’ve gone MUTE!!!!”

Pound Her says: “The music is all GONE from MY drums!”

Ebony incredulously asks: “YOUR drums?! You’ve got SOME nerve to call MY drums, your own!”

BlackHawk says: “Not the outcome I was hoping for; but, when life give you lemons, you got to make some lemonade!”

Pinkie says: “Time to make some music of our own! Power Weapons!!!!” /

Toby says: “Water Axe!” / Pinkie says: “Diamond Boomerang!” / Usagi says: “Wind Staff!” / Lettuce says: “Earth Mace!” / Naruto says: “Flame Sword!” / Ebony says: “Shadow Daggers!” /

The Rangers simultaneously say: “Super Power Blaster Cannon!”

BlackHawk says: “FIRE RAY!!!!”

And at the same time, the Rangers BLAST Pound Her, and BlackHawk FIRES at Beat Him!!!! And they BOTH fall down and EXPLODE into FLAME!!!! Their body parts split into chunks!

Vipera growls angrily and says: “I’d use my motorcycle AGAINST you, except I don’t want you to use your Mega Racer against ME, again! I’ll use my Magic Regeneration Blast, and combine THESE two, small monsters, into one HUGE, giant monster! And to top it all off, this COMBINED monster will ONLY be loyal to Emperor Diabolica! Magic Regeneration Blast!!!!”

Vipera shoots at the REMAINS of the monsters, and they MORPH into one, GIGANTIC, mish-mashed hybrid of a masculine AND a feminine drum monster!

Ebony gags and says: “Ugh! That has DEFINITELY got to be the UGLIEST monster that WE’VE fought so far; and NOT because it’s both male AND female!”

Lettuce says: “Thank you!”

Vipera says: “Later, losers!” And Vipera disappears!

BlackHawk says: “Guys, I’ll leave this up to you!” And BlackHawk flies away.

Naruto says: “We need Dinozord Power NOW!!!!”

Ebony says: “I call upon the Velociraptor Zord!” And Ebony plays her electric guitar. The dinozords all appear and get ready to fight, as the Rangers jump into their cock-pits!

Toby says: “Say, I’ve been itching to see this Final Attack of the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord in action! Ebony, why don’t you show us what it’s all about?!”

Ebony smiles and says: “With pleasure!”

And five zords combine to form the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord! The five Rangers say: “Velociraptor Warrior Megazord, ACTIVATE!!!!”

The mish-mashed monster, says: “I am BEAT POUND, I will BEAT, and POUND you!” Beat Pound, beat and pounds the drums to make the powerful energy musical notes.

Pinkie says: “Activate Ankylo Shield!” And an energy shield swirls around the Megazord. Not only does it PROTECT the Megazord, it BOUNCES the energy notes right BACK at Beat Pound!

Usagi says: “Time to finish this! Triceratops TRIPLE Spear DRILL!!!!”

The three spear trips SPIN around like a powerful drill, and bore right THROUGH Beat Pound, creating a giant HOLE in its chest! The monster falls down, COMPLETELY destroyed!

Lettuce says: “To quote Queen; another one bites the dust!” /

In Queen Hedrian’s base, Mirror produces a bust of the fallen monster, Pound Her, and places it on a shelf, labeled, “Fallen Monsters.”

Mirror says: “I just can’t understand how this whole plot FAILED!!!!”

General Shogun ruefully says: “This wouldn’t have HAPPENED if Emperor Diabolica had just MINDED his own business!”

Demon King Banriki says: “We need to be more aggressive! Take those Rangers out BEFORE they learn about our TRUE potential!”

Queen Hedrian sternly says: “Don’t MAKE me put you BACK into the Phantom Zone! These Rangers are more persistent than I gave them credit for, but we are GOING to overcome them in the end! Only I can be allowed to OWN the Orange Ruby, and harness ALL the power within it! And when I do, I’ll become even stronger than my OWN Father, Master Vile! That is a victory that I can’t wait for!”

Keller says: “Just make sure you send ME out, next time! I want to show those Rangers some of my OWN skills!” /

Emperor Diabolica, is even madder than USUAL at the latest failure, as he is BLASTING his electrical energy CONSTANTLY at Kraky and Circe, and Emperor Diabolica screams: “FOOLS!!!! IDIOTS!!!! IMBECILES!!!!! I’m surrounded by a legion of LOSERS!!!! None of you can accomplish anything even REMOTELY competent!”

Baphomet says: “And I am CERTAINLY inclined to AGREE!”

Vipera scoffs, and asks: “Are you CRAZY?! He probably means you TOO; Baphomet!”

Drako pleadingly says: “Settle DOWN, my Emperor! You’ll cause premature aging in your ageless body at THIS rate!”

Emperor Diabolica sighs and says: “I have SUCH a headache!!!! It’s SO frustrating to see something that is SO close for you to obtain, and yet so FRUSTRATINGLY out of your REACH!!!!”

Vipera sighs and says: “I quite agree, my lord.”

Emperor Diabolica says: “We’ll, we’re not going to make ANY progress if we rest on our laurels! DRAKO!!!! I want you to start work on the NEXT Blood Beast, right NOW!!!!”

Drako asks: “Already?!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “That way, when it is time to attack the Rangers, the Blood Beast will be STRONGER than the USUAL Blood Beast, and it should be ready, to take the Orange Ruby for me, ONCE and for all!”

Kraky sighs in pain and says: “I can HARDLY wait for that day!”

Circe sighs in pain and says: “Me to, Kraky. Me, also!” /

The six Rangers return to Ebony’s garage, and Ebony is pleasantly surprised to see her drum set, completely restored to its original state! Ebony says: “I sure wish MY magic skills worked THAT well!”

Naruto says: “But you guys STILL need to figure out what you guys are going to sound like!”

D.O.G., who is waiting for BlackHawk, starts wagging his tail, and D.O.G. says: “I have a suggestion!”

Ebony says: “I’ve never taken advice from a dog before, but I’ll try anything legal at least ONCE!”

D.O.G. asks: “You guys all want to play different music in this band, right? Well, why not pay TRIBUTE to someone who has played ALL different kinds of music throughout his career!”

Toby asks: “Someone like that, actually EXISTED?!!!” /

The scene cuts to the late evening night, of a Memorial Day celebration, out in the middle of a park, where a stage has been set up, with a bunch of sound and lighting equipment! Sans can be seen working as the Light Technician for this production! A FAMILIAR blond-haired, female woman, walks on-stage, and attracts the attention of Bash and Smash!

Bash says: “Say! I think I’ve SEEN her somewhere before!”

Smash says: “Her face IS familiar! Why am I getting these VIBES from her?!”

The woman approaches the loud-speaker, and says: “I’m glad that I’ve been asked to be here. I traveled from VERY far away to be here! I am Kira Ford; here to promote the latest, and soon to be greatest musical act in rock and roll! I mean, other than me, of course! A rocking Weird Al Yankovic tribute band; I now present to you; The Dark, Shiny, Progressive, Arena, Oddball, Face, Lords of the Underworld!”

Ebony asks: “We’re SERIOUSLY going with THAT?! And doing this?!”

Lettuce says: “Hey! It’s not like it’s the WEIRDEST thing we’ve ever DONE together!”

Usagi says: “True enough! Let’s DO this!”

And the four Rangers start JAMMING to their version of a Weird Al Yankovic hit song, “Headline News!” / Lettuce sings: “Once, there was this kid who, took a trip to Singapore and brought along his spray paint. And when he finally came back, he had cane marks all over his bottom. He said that it was from when the warden whacked it so hard! Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. [Whip sound] Ah! Once there was this girl who, swore that one day she would be a figure skating champion. And when she finally made it, she saw some other girl who was better. [Ding sound] And so she hired some guy to club her in the kneecap. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. [Thwack sound] Ah! Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. They got paid for their sound bites, and sold their TV movie rights. And then, there was this guy who, made his wife so mad one night that she cut off his weiner. And when he finally came to, he found that Mr. Happy was missing. He couldn't quite explain it; it'd always just been there! Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Ah, ah. (There) ah, ah, (were), ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (is). Ah, ah, (there), ah, ah, (were), ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (is). Ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (were), ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (is). Ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (were), ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (is). There were, there is. There were, there is.” / And the epic song ends, as everyone applauds, including Kira Ford. However BlackHawk NOTICES her appearance there!

BlackHawk thinks to himself: “I KNEW that woman looked familiar! She’s one of the Legendary Power Rangers, from the PAST!!!! What is SHE doing all the way here?! Certainly not just to enjoy this music performance! She must be here for an important reason; I just wish that I knew what it was!” /

Episode Notes: With the exception of “Karaoke Knight,” this marks the most amount of songs EVER played in an episode of “Power Rangers.” In this case, they are Green Day’s version of “Holiday; Burning Down the House;” Puffy Ami Yumi’s version of “Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun; Follow You, Follow Me;” and “Headline News.” Ebony is revealed to like Punk Rock; Lettuce likes Post Punk; Usagi likes J-Pop; and Toby likes Classical Rock. Ebony, Lettuce, Usagi, and Toby form The Dark, Shiny, Progressive, Arena, Oddball, Face, Lords of the Underworld; the band name a mish-mash of ALL the possible band name ideas suggested by ALL four of the Rangers. They decide to become a Weird Al Yankovic tribute band, so that EACH of them can get a chance to play their own music while they are a band! First time that a PAST Legendary Power Ranger has been seen in this show, (in this case, Kira Ford from “Power Rangers Dino Thunder;”) and it WON’T be the last time a PAST Legendary Power Ranger will be seen on this show! Second appearance of Naruto’s Sabertooth Fox Mode! Vipera gets a NEW, STRONGER, and FASTER purple motorcycle in THIS episode, to replace the one that was previously destroyed by the Mega Racer! This episode contains elements of the abandoned “Power Rangers Multiverse Force”, PLANNED, episode, “Fire Fight,” which is mentioned by Alpha 8 in this episode. /

Personal Notes: I want to personally thank Renegade the Unicorn, for his tireless help and advice. For without his knowledge, this episode wouldn’t have been possible, so he gets FULL co-writing credit for helping me bring this episode together! I also want to thank him for allowing me to use the abandoned plot of “Fire Fight,” for the second part of this episode; it really helped me create an exciting battle for the Power Rangers! / That’s my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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Life is a Beach!

                The action opens up in the Juice Bar, which has gotten to be a pretty popular spot. The Rangers are all there, and so are BlackHawk, D.O.G., Bash, and Smash! There are also two NORMAL women there! One of them is blonde, and VERY familiar to BlackHawk, while the other has black hair, and is VERY suspicious to D.O.G.’s sensitivities. All of the sudden, Sans rushes in with an excited look on his face! Sans says: “Guys, stop what you’re doing!”

Lettuce says: “But we’re not really DOING anything!”

Sans says: “Never mind that! I just got accepted into an exciting new opportunity! Who has two thumbs, AND just became a lifeguard at the Coastal Falls Beach?! THIS guy!!!!”

Toby says: “Congratulations, Sans.”

BlackHawk says: “It seems like every time I see you, you’re ALWAYS getting yourself into a new job opportunity of some kind.”

Sans says: “I can’t see myself constantly tied down to just ONE job; besides, variety is the spice of life! I hope to see you all there!” And Sans leaves the Juice Bar!

Ebony sighs and says: “Well, I guess we KNOW what we’re ALL doing today!”

Naruto jokingly asks: “Are we going to try to take over the world?!”

Ebony says: “WRONG series, Naruto! We’re going to the beach!”

Usagi says: “You don’t sound too excited about that.”

Ebony rolls her eyes and says: “Hello! I AM a quarter Vampire! And we DON’T exactly do our best in the hot, blazing SUN!”

Smash says: “You’re not worried about burning up, are you? There IS sun-screen for that!”

Bash rolls his eyes and says: “Vampires don’t burn up, they GLITTER! Besides, if we’re going to the beach, it will be a PERFECT opportunity for me to show off my surfing skills!”

Undyne asks: “You SURF, Bash?!”

Bash says: “When school is NOT in session! I live with my parents, Brenda and Brendon, and they are HAPPY knowing that I want to become a professional surfer! I’m pretty good at it, you know!”

D.O.G. says: “Let us go to the beach! I ever do SO want us to go to the beach!”

BlackHawk says: “Don’t worry, we’ll go there.”

Papyrus says: “I wish WE could go there, but we have a Juice Bar to run.”

Lettuce says: “Don’t worry about it. We’ll send you an old-fashioned post card, once we GET there!”

Undyne rolls her eyes and says: “VERY funny, you guys!”

Everyone EXCEPT the two ‘normal’ women leave the Juice Bar, and Papyrus asks the black-haired woman: “So, do YOU have any plans for later?”

The black-haired woman chuckles and in a CREEPY, familiar voice, says: “As a matter of fact, I do!” And the black-haired woman SHEDS her human appearance to reveal the FAMILIAR Vipera!

Undyne disgustedly says: “I KNEW something seemed OFF with YOU!”

Vipera rhetorically asks: “Why don’t you SLEEP on it in the MEANTIME?!” And Vipera throws two small BOMBS at them!

Papyrus groans and groggily says: “I…hate…sleep gas bombs.” And Papyrus and Undyne both fall down on the counter, unconscious.

Vipera chuckles, and switches the “Open” sign, to “Closed”, on the Juice Bar. Vipera says: “Emperor Diabolica will be SO pleased to hear about THIS!!!!” And Vipera disappears!

The blonde-haired woman, suddenly gets up, and BRIEFLY assumes a FAMILIAR purple hair-do! She says: “Zordon was RIGHT! I WAS going to be needed here! BlackHawk is going to need the help of a RANGER if he’s going to keep his Orange Ruby! Luckily for him, I, KARONE, will be there to help protect him!” And Karone, in a pink beam of light, teleports out of there!

But an invisible rippling is seen outside of the Juice Bar, and it FORMS into Mirror! Mirror says: “And the Hedrian Clan is going to make SURE that you FAIL!” And Mirror teleports out of there! /

On Emperor Diabolica’s space-ship, Drako is putting the FINAL touches into his latest blood vial! Baphomet groans and asks: “With all due respect, your rottenness, wouldn’t it be a MUCH better idea, and a MUCH better use of time, to send a REAL monster after the Rangers?! Someone like ME?!”

Emperor Diabolica scoffs and says: “If you spent less time COMPLAINING, and more time TRAINING, I WOULD send you after the Rangers! But don’t you worry, Drako has been working ALL week on THIS little monster!”

Drako says: “The word, ‘Little,’ is not the word I would use to describe this Blood Beast. It is one part cool, one part creepy, one part octopus, and one part Cthulu! With THESE ingredients, we have a guaranteed WINNER on our hands!”

Vipera appears in the space-ship and says: “Circe’s latest magical ritual works, my lord! I was at the Rangers’ favorite Juice Bar, and they didn’t suspect a THING!!!!”

Kraky sarcastically says: “Yeah, it’s nice to know that Circe isn’t COMPLETELY useless!”

Circe says: “I RESNT that remark!”

Emperor Diabolica gets a CREEPY smile, and says: “That is MOST excellent! In your human disguise, you will be able to INFILTRATE into BlackHawk’s circle of friends, and be able to PRY the Orange Ruby AWAY from him, when he LEAST suspects it!”

Drako says: “And once BlackHawk no longer has the Orange Ruby, he will not be able to weaken my newest Blood Beast! We will make Mince-Meat out of those Rangers, and Emperor Diabolica will FINALLY get what he desires!” And under his breath, Drako adds: “Heaven help us all!”

And Drako throws down the vial of blood on the ground, and it FORMS into a half-octopus, half Cthulu based monster! The monstrosity wiggles around, and says: “I am OCTHULU!!!! I am ready to destroy those annoying Power Rangers at your command, Emperor!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Excellent! Go down to the beach, and when the Power Rangers decide to take a little ‘swim,’ you make sure it’s the LAST swim they ever take!”

Octhulu says: “The Rangers will NEVER suspect to find ME, hiding in the ocean waves!” And with a SPLASH of water, that SPLASHES onto everyone in the ship, Octhulu teleports out of there!

Drako says: “Note to self, got to watch out for the splash-back effect!”

Emperor Diabolica turns to Vipera, and he says: “You know, what to do, don’t you Vipera?”

Vipera smiles, and she says: “I, or, that IS to say…” And Vipera turns into her HUMAN appearance and with a kinder tone of voice, she says: “I, VIOLA, will be able to play BlackHawk, like a HARP; and NO one will be able to STOP us THIS time!” And Vipera/Viola teleports out of there!

Circe sighs and says: “If ONLY Vipera acted THAT nice with US the rest of the time, we’d feel a LOT better about working with her; wouldn’t we, Kraky?”

Kraky says: “My sentiments exactly, Circe!” /

At Queen Hedrian’s base, General Shogun is busy, training in a simulation fight against the Rangers! Everyone else perks up when Mirror returns, elated by her latest news! Mirror says: “We have our latest plan of attack against the Rangers, my Queen! They will be going to the beach today! It will be a PERFECT time to strike them; while they are COMPLETELY off-guard!”

Queen Hedrian excitedly says: “That is most excellent news!”

Demon King Banriki asks: “The more pressing question is; which monster should we use to attack against the Rangers THIS time?!”

Keller steps up and says: “Send me!”

General Shogun yells: “STOP!!!!” And the simulation battle he is currently in, ends. General Shogun says: “I’m begging you, Keller; PLEASE reconsider! You are the WEAKEST main fighter out of the ENTIRE Hedrian Clan! Do not throw your life away on some MEANINGLESS fight!”

Keller says: “My only purpose is to serve MY Queen, and my Queen, is QUEEN Hedrian! If I am NOT able to perform my duty and live up to the expectations that Queen Hedrian herself has set for the rest of you, than I am unfit and incapable of fighting along with the rest of you! I know full well the risks and dangers that face me if I accept this mission; but I would be MORE unable to live with myself, if I chose to remain here, and spend my life as a coward! I couldn’t do that to myself, and I couldn’t do that to my Queen. Therefore, I accept the Hedrian Clan ritual, and allow Queen Hedrian to awaken my TRUE, full potential! I will either, DESTROY the Rangers; and retrieve the Orange Ruby, or I will be destroyed in the process! Either way, I shall accept whatever fate has in store for me. I will not question the outcome of this upcoming battle!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Very well! I shall grant you THIS request! Ancestors of the Hedrian Clan, sources of black magic and darkness, heed my magic spell! With this ancient ritual, I shall now remove ALL traces of Keller’s inhibitions, and allow her to fight to her full potential and strength, against the forces of goodness! Namely, the Power Rangers! I am well aware that once this ritual is invoked, it cannot be removed under ANY circumstances! I invoke this pact on behalf of Keller, to give her the strength she needs, to DESTROY the Power Rangers, ONCE and for all!”

And in a blast of electricity, Keller transforms from a silver-colored woman, into a SILVER spiked monstrosity! In a lower voice, Keller says: “The Rangers WILL never be able to beat my plans, NOW!!!! I shall strike and DESTROY them when they least suspect it!” And Keller disappears!

Mirror sighs and says: “My Queen, make sure that my twin SISTER doesn’t get KILLED in this battle against the Power Rangers!”

Queen Hedrian says: “You know that I CAN’T guarantee her safety! Besides, she’s already invoked the ancient ritual of the Hedrian Clan! It will not stop until she has either succeeded in her goal, or she is destroyed! However, I MIGHT go to the beach myself, IF I see that Keller is in trouble!”

General Shogun says: “It is very possible. Even in these simulation battles, even I am having trouble holding my own against just SIX Power Rangers!”

Demon King Banriki says: “Which is WHY we can’t allow the Orange Ruby to AWAKEN under the ownership of that TINY sparrow, BLACKHAWK!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Agreed. We’re taking a BIG risk in allowing Keller to go through with this plan that she has. It had better WORK, or else we’ll have to send General Shogun after BlackHawk, next!”

General Shogun gulps in nervousness and says: “Oh, boy!” /

The Rangers, except for Ebony, have all arrived at the beach. Naruto has brought a red surfboard, and is wearing red swimming shorts and his red headband; Toby is wearing a full-body, blue swimsuit, along with some scuba gear and a blue surfboard; Pinkie Pie is wearing a pink, two-piece polka-dotted bikini, pink sunglasses and has brought a pink picnic basket; Lettuce is wearing green swimming shorts and has brought a green inner tube; Usagi is wearing a yellow sun-hat, yellow sandals, and a full-body, yellow, underwater uniform, making her look like something out of “Baywatch;” and BlackHawk arrives, wearing brown shorts, his Orange Ruby, and having brought along D.O.G., a brown picnic basket AND a brown surfboard! BlackHawk says: “You know, you guys should REALLY think about…NOT wearing colors that are the SAME as your Ranger colors! I mean, Bash and Smash; they obviously won’t GET it; but for someone like me, the color symbolism is a BIG give-away!”

Naruto says: “You’ll have to take it up with Omnus. When you’re a Ranger, you are often REQUIRED to wear clothes that are the same color as your Ranger color. It’s an ancient Eltarian tradition, and it goes back generations!”

BlackHawk says: “I always DID wonder about that!”

Usagi’s EYES open up wide and she asks: “Is THAT Ebony?!!!”

And Toby’s jaw LITTERALLY does a Tex Avery styled jaw-drop, when she sees Ebony in a two-piece, black bikini, wearing a black hat, black sunglasses, and wearing lots, and LOTS, of sun-screen!!!! Toby runs up to Ebony and says: “Babe, where have YOU been all my life?!”

Ebony rolls her eyes and says: “Sorry.” She spreads her arms out to indicate something, and she says: “You have to be at LEAST this muscular before I will GIVE you the time of day!”

Lettuce says: “BURN!!!!”

D.O.G. turns to BlackHawk and says: “Throw the ball, I EVER do so want you to throw the ball!”

BlackHawk says: “Patience, D.O.G., we promised to meet with Sans first.”

Sans runs up, wearing what LOOKS like the same clothes he always wears, except it is ALL in red! Sans says: “You guys all made it! You should check out Bash; he is REALLY tearing up the waves, and in a PROFESSIONAL matter TOO, I might add!”

The Rangers look, and they can see that Bash is navigating some PRETTY big waves, and doing some trick maneuvers they never THOUGHT he could do!

Pinkie says: “Wow! The bird is GOOD!”

BlackHawk chuckles, and says: “He was BOUND to be good at SOMETHING!!!!”

A black-haired woman comes up, and in a polite matter, asks: “Excuse me, which one of you is the Legendary BlackHawk Little?”

The Rangers turn around, and they SEE Viola, not REALIZING that she’s ACTUALLY Vipera in DISGUISE! But D.O.G. isn’t so EASILY fooled! D.O.G. says: “I don’t know about this! There seems to be something OFF about this woman! I can’t quite put my paw on it, but it does seem to be QUITE…”

Viola quickly says: “Does pretty dog want the ball? Does pretty dog want to get the pretty ball? Does pretty dog want to CATCH the pretty ball? Then go, FETCH the pretty ball!” And Viola throws NOTHING, but D.O.G. thinks that Viola has, and D.O.G. goes SCRAMBLING for the ‘invisible’ ball!

BlackHawk sighs and says: “You’ll have to forgive my companion. He’s not exactly…fond of strangers.”

Viola says: “Understandable. Allow me to introduce myself to you, and I will no longer be a STRANGER anymore! I am…Viola! I have been looking for BlackHawk Little. Perhaps you are him?”

BlackHawk says: “I am indeed. I’m surprised that I don’t have to introduce MYSELF, for once!”

Viola says: “Your reputation is well-deserved! You see, I am seeking a big, STRONG, muscular guy to aid me, in a DANGEROUS quest of sorts! And you, are the STRONGEST guy around!”

Naruto sputters, and SERIOUSLY asks: “Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!! If HE’S the strongest; then I’M…whatever VIPERA is supposed to BE, ANYWAYS!!!!”

Pinkie laughs and she says: “Agreed! It’s like, she’s half human, and half…something ELSE!!!!”

Ebony says: “Even I’M less complicated than that!”

Toby says: “You certainly don’t want to get a snake bite from HER!!!!”

Vipera’s EYES BREIFLY burn under her Viola guise, and she says: “Why, I ought to…”

BlackHawk says: “Just ignore those guys! You don’t need to worry about this ‘Vipera,’ you’ll probably never even meet her!”

Viola RESUMES her ‘kind’ demeanor, and she says: “You’re probably right about THAT remark! But before I sign you up, I’d like to know more about you; if you don’t mind!”

BlackHawk’s eyes genuinely light up and he gets all goofy and he says: “WOW! A day at the beach, being called the strongest, AND a woman who is interested in ME?!!! This day can’t POSSIBLY get any better!”

Viola says: “I’m just a couple of umbrellas away!” And Viola walks toward a purple umbrella and purple beach towel.

BlackHawk goofily says: “I’ve got a date with a GODDESS!!!!” And BlackHawk LITERALLY flies after her, with comedic HEARTS floating in the air around him!

Lettuce asks: “Does BlackHawk ALWAYS act…adorkable whenever he gets around girls?”

Smash Swallow comes up and says: “Like you WOULDN’T believe! He acts all gruff and tough on the outside! But on the inside, he’s a real SAP for girls and pets! It’s that sweet, little soft spot he has! That’s why Bash and I are friends with him. You just got to get to know him for a while.”

Karone comes RUNNING toward them, in slow motion, and Naruto asks: “What IS it with women running all SLOW motion on the beach?! What is this, Bionic Woman?!”

Smash says: “I don’t know. But I’m going to get a bite and go for a swim! I get hungry whenever I’m WAITING for something to happen!”

Smash leaves, and Pinkie asks: “WAIT!!!! Aren’t you supposed to WAIT 30 minutes after EATING?!”

Karone finally arrives, and she says: “Excuse me, do any of you know where BlackHawk is?”

Toby’s eyes light up and, and he says: “I recognize you! Didn’t you used to be ASTRONEMA?!!!”

Karone chuckles and says: “I haven’t gone by THAT name in a LONG time! You can call me Karone!”

Usagi says: “And YOU used to be…”

Karone says: “A Power Ranger? Yes. But Zordon brought me, and some OTHER previous legendary Power Rangers here for an upcoming important mission! Zordon isn’t sure what it is yet, but what he IS sure of, is that when it happens, the current team of Power Rangers is going to need OUR help for whatever it is we have to face against!”

Naruto says: “You are in luck then, we just happen to BE, the current team of Power Rangers!”

Karone says: “And a FINE team of Power Rangers you are! But where is BlackHawk?”

Pinkie says: “It’s like a merry-go-round! You are the SECOND woman today who has asked for BlackHawk! It’s like he’s turning into a glorified dating web site!”

Karone groans and says: “Oh, no. That’s not GOOD!”

Lettuce asks: “Why is it not good?”

Karone says: “Because that other woman, must be--!!”

But Karone never GETS to finish her thought, because at that PRECISE moment, the monstrous KELLER jumps out of the sand, and starts BLASTING at the un-morphed Rangers!

Ebony asks: “Is THAT Keller?! She sure looks DIFFERENT!”

Karone gasps and says: “She’s invoked the ancient Hedrian Clan RITUAL! They must be getting DESPERATE in trying to get back the Orange Ruby!”

Toby groans and says: “I am getting SICK of all these bad guys WANTING that Orange Ruby so BADLY!”

Naruto gasps as he HAS an epiphany! Naruto says: “And I don’t think that the Hedrian Clan is the only force of evil, TRYING! How much do you want to bet; that Viola is a 24 karat PHONY?!”

Karone says: “That’s what I was TRYING to tell you!”

The monstrous Keller says: “If you want to save BlackHawk SO badly, you’re going to have to destroy ME, in order to do it! And I’m no PUSH-OVER like the OTHER monsters you’ve fought!”

Ebony says: “Reverse Lumos!”

And the light briefly goes out over the beach! Karone says: “Now is your chance!”

Usagi says: “Right! It’s MORPHING time!” /

Ebony says: “Velociraptor!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!” /

And the light returns when the Rangers are fully morphed!

The monstrous Keller says: “Dusters, ATTACK!!!!” And a bunch of evil skeleton warriors, with hardened SAND weapons, appear!

Pinkie says: “Let’s take out the trash, and clean up this beach!”

And while the Rangers are fighting the Dusters, a hit song by The Beach Boys inexplicably plays! / “Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how. Come on and safari with me! (Come on and safari with...) Early in the morning we'll be startin' out, some honeys will be coming along. We're loading up our Woody, with our boards inside, and headin' out, singing our song. Come on (surfin') baby wait and see; (surfin' safari). Yes I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Come along (surfin') baby, wait and see, (surfin' safari). Yes I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how. Come on and safari with me! (Come on and safari with...) At Huntington and Malibu, they're shooting the pier. At Rincon they're walking the nose. We're going on safari to the islands this year. So if you're coming, get ready to go. Come on (surfin') baby, wait and see, (surfin' safari). Yes, I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Come along (surfin') baby, wait and see, (surfin' safari). Yes I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how. Come on and safari with me! (Come on and safari with...) They're anglin' in Laguna in Cerro Azul. They're kicking out in Doheny, too. I tell you, surfing's mighty wild. It's getting bigger every day, from Hawaii to the shores of Peru. Come on (surfin') baby, wait and see, (surfin' safari). Yes I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Come along, (surfin') baby, wait and see, (surfin' safari). Yes I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how. Come on and safari with me! (Come on and safari with...) With me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari.” / And the epic song ends as all the Dusters are broken into pieces, and disappear! /

Lettuce says: “Looks like they don’t make evil skeletons like they used to!”

The monstrous Keller says: “Who NEEDS skeletons?! With MY spikes, I have MORE lasers than you can shake a STICK at!!!!”

And from ALL her many SPIKES, electric lasers start ZAPPING at the Rangers, causing them to scream out in PAIN!!!! /

BlackHawk snaps OUT of his romantic lunch with Viola, and says: “Say, is that the Rangers in the middle of a fight?! Maybe I better go help!”

Vipera briefly forgets herself, and in her REAL voice says: “NO, BLACKHAWK!!!!”

BlackHawk gives her a look, and Vipera/Viola clears her throat, and in her Viola voice, she says: “It’s too DANGEROUS, BlackHawk!”

BlackHawk says: “I know it’s DANGEROUS, but that’s why I HAVE to help them!”

Viola says: “But you WOULDN’T want to DAMAGE that pretty, Orange Ruby of yours, would you? Maybe I better hold ON to it, for you!”

Viola tries to TOUCH the Orange Ruby, but it ZAPS her with ORANGE electricity, REPELLING her away like the Ruby Slippers REPELLED the Wicked Witch of the West! Vipera even screams: “AHHH!!!!” And she gets BLOWN away, and her TRUE form as VIPERA is revealed!

BlackHawk gasps and says: “YOU?!!! What is the MEANING of this?!!!”

Vipera angrily says: “Curses, curses, CURSES!!!! That WASN’T supposed to HAPPEN!!!!”

BlackHawk says: “Well, I didn’t MEAN to do that! Does that mean the date is over?”

Vipera angrily says: “Foolish QUESTION; we never WERE on a date! Furthermore, this ‘Viola’ person DOESN’T exist, and she never DID!!!! I was such a fool; I should’ve realized this SOONER!!!! Once that Orange Ruby BONDS with somebody; nobody else can EVER take it from that person…as LONG as they’re ALIVE!!!! But that’s NOT what’s worrying me; it’s HOW to do it! These things must be done DELICATELY! Or you’ll HURT the magic powers!!!!”

Than D.O.G. comes running up BEHIND her, and BITES her in the butt!!!! Vipera SCREAMS: “AHHH!!!!”

D.O.G. says: “That woman you are with is a CLEAR imposter!!!!”

BlackHawk says: “I kind of NOTICED!!!!”

Vipera angrily says: “Oh, why you LITTLE--!!!!” And she KICKS D.O.G. SEVERAL yards AWAY!!!!

BlackHawk angrily says: “How DARE you?! Bad enough you tried to DECEIVE me, but absolutely NO potential LOVE interest of MINE kicks D.O.G. and gets AWAY with it! We are THROUGH!!!!”

And BlackHawk tries to ZAP Vipera with the Orange Ruby, but Vipera says: “Anaconda Armor!!!!” And Vipera PROTECTS herself with super HARD snake armor, but the magic of the Orange Ruby BOUNCES off of her, and ZAPS Keller!!!!

Suddenly, Keller finds herself UNABLE to shoot anymore lasers! Keller panics and says: “Queen HEDRIAN; more ENERGY, NOW!!!!”

Toby slyly says: “Out of juice, are you? That’s TOO bad, Keller! Power weapons, NOW!!!!”

Queen Hedrian appears and says: “Oh, NO; you DON’T!!!! I’m not letting YOU win THIS time, like you HAVE been doing!”

Naruto defiantly says: “So YOU’RE the Queen Hedrian that has been going after the Orange Ruby!”

Queen Hedrian angrily says: “It’s MY Orange Ruby, and nobody takes MY Orange Ruby AWAY from me!”

D.O.G. recovers, and he says: “That Orange Ruby was NEVER yours to begin with! It has CORRUPTED you with impure thoughts, because you had SELFISH desires! You must REPENT and realize the error of your ways, or suffer a fate WORSE than your FATHER, Master Vile!”

Queen Hedrian defiantly says: “I will NEVER repent! I will not SUCCUMB to the SAME weakness that my SISTER and her HUSBAND did!”

Lettuce sighs and says: “Than I guess WE have no choice!”

Ebony says: “Right! Power weapons, NOW!!!!” /

Toby says: “Water Axe!” / Pinkie says: “Diamond Boomerang!” / Usagi says: “Wind Staff!” / Lettuce says: “Earth Mace!” / Naruto says: “Fire Sword!” / Ebony says: “Shadow Daggers!” /

The Power Rangers simultaneously say: “Super Power Blaster Cannon…”

Keller panics and quickly says: “TURN INTO a SHIELD!!!!” And she turns into a GIANT, SILVER shield right in FRONT of Queen Hedrian!

The Rangers say: “FIRE!!!!” And the Super Power Blaster Cannon HITS Keller, and this RESULTS in a GIGANTIC explosion!!!!

Queen Hedrian gasps and says: “KELLER?!!!”

Keller briefly reverts into her normal form, and she weakly says: “I’m sorry, my Queen. I…FAILED…you--!!!!” And Keller BREAKS up into a MILLION pieces!!!!

Queen Hedrian angrily says: “You DESTROYED my LOYAL SERVANT!!!!”

D.O.G. defiantly says: “You SHOULD have repented! Keller would STILL be alive, if you HAD!!!!”

Queen Hedrian angrily says: “Mark my words! Someday soon, I’ll make you PAY for this attack! I’ll make you PAY for it in SPADES!!!!” And Queen Hedrian disappears, and Vipera chuckles at this occurrence!

BlackHawk gasps and he says: “You don’t feel the least bit MOURNFUL, that a lady has just been DESTROYED on this very beach?!”

Vipera asks: “Why should I? Keller was just a waste of space and matter. Besides, with HER gone, I can now draw MORE power from the Gods of Chaos themselves!”

BlackHawk shakes his head and says: “You really ARE evil! You are a FOOL to think that the Gods of Chaos can ever be TRULY trusted! You are playing with FIRE, Vipera!”

Vipera says: “Maybe I just want to WATCH your pretty little world, BURN!!!! My plan might have FAILED; but thankfully, Emperor Diabolica had a plan B, just for this OCCASION!!!!”

And with THOSE words, OCTHULU surfaces OUT of the ocean, and says: “Come play with ME, I am OCTHULU, my pretty, little SURFERS!!!!”

Sans panics, and with his megaphone, yells: “Everyone out of the water, NOW!!!!”

And while MOST of the surfers comply, Smash Swallow doesn’t come out! Smash is floundering about and says: “Help! I’ve got LEG cramps!!!!”

BlackHawk groans and he says: “Why doesn’t that BOY ever LISTEN to ME?! Is it the tone of my voice? It’s probably the tone of my voice, isn’t it?”

Sans gets his life-guard gear, and says: “Hold on, Smash! I’m coming!”

BlackHawk says: “I’ll deal with Vipera! You take care of Octhulu!”

Toby says: “Right! This look like a job for the Mega Racer!” /

Toby said. "ICE SMASHER!" he shouted, summoning his Power Vehicle. / "VERDE AEROPLANE!" Lettuce followed. / "ELECTRIC SHOCKER!" Pinkie and Usagi said in unison. / Naruto says: “Fire Blazer!” /

Ebony groans and says: “Oh, MAN!!!! Why can’t I do that?!”

BlackHawk is busy engaged in combat with Vipera and says: “There’s one thing you COULD do; help ME! At least THAT way, you can FEEL like you DID something!”

D.O.G. says: “Your Power Vehicle is on order, it SHOULD be here by the start of the next season…of your life!” And a comedic drum rim shot is heard!

Ebony says: “Very well! Vipera, you’re MINCE-MEAT!!!!” And Ebony JOINS BlackHawk in fighting against Vipera, and her summoned squad of Imps!

The Ice Smasher attaches itself to the back of the Fire Blazer, creating the Mega Racer's large body. The Electric Shocker splits into two vehicles, one yellow and one pink, both of which become sidecars with a cannon on each, respectively. Finally, the Verde Aeroplane attached itself to the top of the Mega Racer, adding the last component: a laser beam.

Pinkie says: “Mega Racer, ready for ACTION!!!!”

Naruto says: “Fire cannons!”

And the powerful cannons, shoot at OCTHULU, taking off his extra arms, one by one, until he is left with just the TWO!!!! Octhulu cries: “No fair! You guys play ROUGH!!!!”

Usagi says: “Now for the FINAL touch; fire MEGA Laser!!!!”

Octhulu CRIES: “Oh NO!!!!” And the Mega Laser BLOWS Octhulu up into pieces, and Sans FINALLY gets Smash Swallow out of the water!

Sans groans and says: “Oh, man! It looks like Smash needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!” And Sans starts breathing into Smash’s mouth, but in the middle of one of San’s breaths, Smash wakes up, and thinks that SANS is kissing him!

Smash RECOILS and screams: “EWWW; GROSS!!!! I am NOT that kind of BIRD!!!! That is the LAST time I EVER go to a beach with a MALE life-guard!”

And BlackHawk and Ebony finish off against the Imps as well!

BlackHawk gasps and says: “Wow! You’ve become a pretty good FIGHTER, Ebony!”

Ebony says: “I’m a FAST learner…when I WANT to be!!!!”

Vipera groans in anger and says: “We’re not through here, YET; Power TWERPS!!!!”

Ebony sighs and says: “I suppose we’re NOT; seeing how STUBBORN, you USUALLY are!”

Vipera yells: “Emperor Diabolica, do it NOW!!!!” /

Emperor Diabolica says: “Forces of Chaos, revive my monster, and make my monster, GROW!!!!” /

Powerful electric bolts flow down, and grow Octhulu into a fifty foot BEAST!!!! Octhulu says: “I’m BIGGER, and STRONGER than ever!”

Vipera says: “I’d love to stay and watch the fireworks, but I’m going to be relaxing from the safety and security of my LOVER, Baphomet!!!!”

Ebony groans and says: “You REALLY need to get a NEW hobby, lady!”

Vipera sarcastically says: “You WISH you had one HALF as good as MINE!!!! We WILL meet on another day, Power TWERPS!!!!”

BlackHawk says: “I don’t think that Mega Racer is going to be enough to take down Octhulu, now!”

Ebony says: “Right! Guys, we need Dinozord power, NOW!!!!” /

And the Rangers abandon the Mega Racer, and hop into their Dino Zords, while Ebony plays her Electric Guitar, and the Velociraptor Zord appears RIGHT from the ocean, near where the Rangers are!

Toby asks: “Say, how are you ABLE to make the Velociraptor Zord appear out of the water WHENEVER you want it to?”

Ebony says: “I’m a WITCH; DUH!!!!”

Lettuce says: “Makes sense to ME!!!!”

Octhulu says: “Get a taste of THIS!!!!” And he shoots electricity at the Zords, but the Velociraptor zord SPINS its tail around, and deflects the harmful beams of light and energy!

Ebony says: “Time to give you a little TAIL spin!!!!” And utilizing the Velociraptor tail like a DRILL; it TEARS off the parts of Octhulu that make him RESEMBLE a CTHULU monster!

Octhulu says: “OUCH!!!! That HURT, you JERK!!!!”

Usagi says: “Enough playing around! Time to form the Megazord!”

The other Rangers say: “Let’s do it!” /

The zords combine together, first in their tank formation. Naruto says: “We’re locked and loaded! Switch into Warrior mode!” /

A robotic voice says: “Multi-Megazord sequence has been initiated!” And when the Megazord switches into Warrior mode, the robotic voice says: “Multi-Megazord activated!”

Octhulu says: “You think that over-sized tin toy SCARES me?!”

Pinkie says: “If I were you, and I’m so glad I’m NOT; I would be scared!”

Lettuce says: “I call upon the POWER Sword!!!!” And a BIG, gigantic sword appears in the hands of the Megazord!

Octhulu says: “You’re not putting ME on a shish-kabob!!!! EYE LASERS!!!!”

Pinkie says: “Ankylo SHIELD!!!!” And a powerful circle of pink energy surrounds the Megazord, blocking the powerful attack!

Toby says: “This is an old attack, but it’s a good attack; Full Moon CUT!!!!”

And with the power of the FULL Moon, the Megazord SLICES Octhulu in TWO, causing both halves to fall down and EXPLODE!!!!

Naruto says: “I know what we’re eating for dinner tonight; fried calamari!” /

At Queen Hedrian’s base, Mirror produces a bust of her lost sister, Keller; and puts it on the shelf of “Fallen Monsters.” Mirror sheds a tear and says: “You did NOT deserve this, my sister!”

Demon King Banriki says: “You are FORTUNATE; dear Queen; that Keller turned into a shield when she did! Otherwise, Mirror would be producing a bust of YOU right now instead!”

Queen Hedrian angrily says: “Do you think that I’m not AWARE of the situation we’re in?! Now, unless we KILL BlackHawk, the Orange Ruby will be WORTHLESS to us!”

General Shogun asks: “Do you think, the Orange Ruby has completely awoken yet?”

Queen Hedrian says: “I am not sure, but in any case, you better be prepared to charge into battle! We cannot AFFORD to take any more chances with these Power Rangers! The next battle the Hedrian Clan takes, will either seal the FATE of the Rangers, or it will seal the fate of YOU!!!!”

General Shogun says: “Rest assured, my Queen, I will NOT return back a LOSER!!!!”

Mirror angrily says: “For YOUR sake, I just hope you CAN return; PERIOD!!!!” /

At Emperor Diabolica’s base, Emperor Diabolica is busy ZAPPING Kraky and Circe with electricity, angry at the latest LOSS that his forces have faced! Kraky painfully asks: “Come on! What did we do wrong THIS time?!”

Emperor Diabolica simply says: “You’re EXISTING!!!! That’s ENOUGH of a reason for me! You two give me such a HEADACHE!!!!”

Vipera scoffs and says: “I HATE that STUPID BlackHawk! He just HAD to bond with that STUPID Orange Ruby! Now unless we KILL him, we won’t be ABLE to summon the powers of the Orange Ruby, even if we COULD steal it from him!”

Emperor Diabolica determined, says: “Which is why we’re no LONGER going to play GAMES with those Rangers! Drako had plenty of chances as it is; and even his LATEST endeavor was no match for those meddlesome Power Rangers!”

Drako pleadingly says: “But sire, that is not my fault! The Rangers are simply getting stronger, at a much faster rate than I can create a strong enough monster! By the time I can CREATE a strong monster that COULD fight against the Rangers; they are already STRONGER than that monster!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Which is why I shall take COMMAND of the next monster’s creation! I will NOT allow THAT one to fail, like THIS one did!”

Circe says: “That’s good! Does that mean we’re forgiven?”

Emperor Diabolica RESUMES zapping Circe and Kraky, and Emperor Diabolica says: “I didn’t say I was FINISHED with you two; DID I?!!!”

Baphomet shakes his head and says: “Man, I am SO glad I am not in THEIR position right now!” /

Everything at the beach returns to normal. BlackHawk turns to D.O.G., and says: “I’m sorry about…earlier. For not paying attention to what you were trying to tell me about ‘Viola.’ I should have trusted your instincts.”

D.O.G. happily says: “That’s okay. Forgiving is one of the things that I am best at in doing!”

Karone turns to the Rangers and says: “I’m glad you are all okay!”

Usagi asks: “Are you gonna help us out? We could ALWAYS use a force like you, on our team!”

Karone sighs and says: “I wish we could, but Zordon SPECIFICALLY said that we could ONLY use our powers for when the time was right. Our time hasn’t come yet.”

BlackHawk says: “So you and Kira aren’t the ONLY Legendary Rangers here?”

Karone says: “There are five others, and you’ll meet them; when the time is right.”

Toby says: It will be great; to get a chance to fight with some LEGENDARY Rangers!”

Karone smiles, and with a KNOWING wink to BlackHawk says: “We’ll see all SEVEN of you, when the time comes for the battle!” And Karone gets in a car, and drives off into the sunset!

Lettuce asks: “Is D.O.G. going to become a Power Ranger?”

Pinkie says: “I think it should be more obvious than that.”

BlackHawk sighs and says: “Well, I won’t worry about it. I know you guys will find out when the time is right for you.”

Ebony asks: “Are you all right, BlackHawk?”

BlackHawk sighs and says: “I meet this TOTALLY interesting girl; I manage to not TRIP myself UP for once, and it STILL doesn’t work out, because she ends up being EVIL, and totally UNINTERESTED in me!”

Ebony sighs and says: “Maybe I could go out to a movie with you, sometime.”

BlackHawk perks up and says: “Are you going out on a DATE with me?!”

Ebony seriously says: “It’s NOT a good idea to go out on a date with a quarter vampire!”

BlackHawk shrugs his shoulders and says: “Eh, I’ve dated WORSE; and I DONT just mean Vipera!”

Ebony sighs, and says: "I guess we can give it a shot. Wouldn't be the STRANGEST thing I have ever done!"

Usagi says: “Well, at least everything turned out okay!”

Naruto winces and says: “Speak for yourself!” Naruto points to himself, and he is RED all over, from a SUNBURN!!!! Naruto says: “I’ve got a DOOZY of a sun-burn!”

Lettuce smiles and says: “Now THAT’S, what I call a RED Ranger!”

And everyone except Naruto laughs! /

Episode Notes: Second appearance of the Mega Racer, and second usage of the Full Moon Cut attack. It is revealed that Vipera can now TURN herself into a normal human! Queen Hedrian’s loyal servant, Keller, ends up getting destroyed in this episode. Keller turned herself into a shield in order to protect Queen Hedrian against an attack, but it COST Keller her life as a result! BlackHawk and Ebony begin dating in this episode. Karone becomes the SECOND Legendary Power Ranger to appear, and Karone MENTIONS that there are five OTHER Legendary Power Rangers that will be met, when the time is right. In addition to being able to detect when there is something WRONG with a person’s aura, D.O.G. is ALSO able to detect when somebody evil is utilizing a magical disguise, in an attempt to DECEIVE the Rangers! Or in this case, one of their friends! Featured song in this episode, is “Surfin’ Safari” by The Beach Boys. First time that there has been the MENTIONING, that there will BE a Seventh Power Ranger! It will play a big key role in an episode VERY soon! /

Personal Notes: These past few episodes that I have written, have been leading up to a very BIG two-parter; which will be the basis of the NEXT two episodes I met! I personally never thought that Keller had much potential, so it really SURPRISED me to find that I could make her EXIT episode feel SO dynamic! I mean, she’s still evil, but you still can’t help but feel slightly sorry for her, going out the way she did. As for the appearance of the Legendary Rangers; it will play a key role into a future episode of “Power Rangers Multiverse Force” that I have planned. As to what that is, you will have to wait and see! / That’s my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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Orange Crush: Part One

                For a change of pace, the show opens up in BlackHawk’s house. Unlike his Ranger friends, the inside of his room doesn’t HAVE one main color scheme; although he DOES have plenty of posters; most of them are of CLASSIC games for Nintendo systems, as well as posters for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The B-52-‘s, and Tom Petty! BlackHawk wakes up, and says: “I have a GOOD feeling about today; D.O.G.! I have a feeling that today, great things are going to happen!”

D.O.G., who is sleeping ON BlackHawk’s bed, says: “I do to, BlackHawk. I ever so think that today will be a GREAT day for both of us!”

BlackHawk gets out of bed, and standing RIGHT in front of D.O.G., BlackHawk says: “Why, today might be the day when I FINALLY get to beat Naruto in hand to hand combat!!!!”

And as BlackHawk walks toward his music station, D.O.G. asks: “Just one question; do you ALWAYS have to begin and END every single day in the NUDE?!”

BlackHawk seriously asks: “Do you?”

D.O.G. shrugs and says: “All right, you got me THERE!!!!”

BlackHawk turns on his music station, and a montage of BlackHawk’s morning can be seen, all to the tune of a ROCKING hit song from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers! / “She laughed in my face, told me goodbye. Said, ‘Don't think about it, you can go crazy. Anything can happen, anything can end. Don't try to fight it, don't try to save me.’ She's a woman in love; she’s a woman in love. And he's gonna break her heart to pieces, she don't wanna see. She's a woman in love, but it's not me. Well alright, do what you want. Don't try to talk, don't say nothing. She used to be the kind of woman; you have and you hold, she could understand the problem. She let the little things go. She's a woman in love; she’s a woman in love. And he's gonna break her heart to pieces, but she don't wanna know. She's a woman in love, she can't let go! (Instrumental solo) Time after time, night after night; she would look up at me, and say she was lonely. I don't understand, the world today. I don't understand, what she needed. I gave her everything, she threw it all away on nothin'. She's a woman in love; she’s a woman in love. And he’s gonna break her heart to pieces, she don’t wanna see. She’s a woman in love, but it’s not me! She’s a woman in love! She’s a woman in love; she’s a woman in love! But it’s not me!” And an instrumental finish completes the epic song! /

BlackHawk is wearing brown clothes, and is standing right outside a closed door. BlackHawk says: “I’m taking D.O.G. out to the gym, mom! I’ll be back later!”

A female voice asks: “Do you ALWAYS have to go out and about?!”

BlackHawk rolls his eyes, and says: “Mom!!!! You KNOW how important it is for me to maintain my Woo Foo training exercises while we’re here on Core Earth. Besides, I can’t let Naruto get stronger than me! My new GIRLFRIEND; Ebony doesn’t LIKE weak guys!”

The female voice says: “All right, as long as you know what you are doing!”

BlackHawk says: “I always do! Love you, mom!”

BlackHawk gets onto a motorized yellow Vespa with a side-car. D.O.G. gets in the side-car, and puts on a helmet, goggles, and his seat-belt! BlackHawk also puts on a brown helmet and green goggles. BlackHawk says: “Good boy, D.O.G., I can ALWAYS count on you to remember those safety lessons!”

BlackHawk and D.O.G. zoom towards the gym, until Sans INEXPLICABLY starts to pass them, on a BICYCLE!!!! BlackHawk shouts: “Sans, WAIT!!!!”

And Sans slows down, and allows BlackHawk to catch up to him! BlackHawk says: “I’ll NEVER be able to understand how YOU are able to PASS motorized vehicles so QUICKLY like that! Where are YOU off to in such a hurry?!”

Sans excitedly says: “To my latest NEW job! I’ve just got a WONDERFUL new opportunity, as an Orange Crush sales-person! Everyone needs to drink, so I’m going to satisfy the throats of all the creatures, currently living on Core Earth!”

BlackHawk genuinely says: “Wow! That’s GREAT news, Sans!”

Sans says: “I must go! Time waits for no Skeleton!”

And Sans quickly RIDES off again! BlackHawk says: “D.O.G., please try to remind me that someday, I NEED to ask Sans, just HOW he does THAT!!!!”

D.O.G. says: “Will do, BlackHawk!” /

Above Core Earth, Emperor Diabolica is in another one of his ‘moods,’ and it is NOT a PRETTY one! Drako pleads: “REALLY, Emperor! I do seriously think you should re-consider!”

Emperor Diabolica seriously says: “NO!!!! I’m SICK and TIRED of LOSING to those POWER CREEPS all the time! It’s time for the HEAVY artillery!!!!”

Baphomet says: “At last! I shall FINALLY DESTROY the Red Ranger for you!”

Emperor Diabolica scoffs and says: “Don’t be RIDICULOUS! You’re my Plan B, at BEST!!!! It’s time to invoke the forces of Chaos, ONCE again!!!!”

Vipera seriously says: “Normally, I’m ALL for watching an EPIC disaster; but I actually think Drako has a POINT about this!”

Kraky asks: “Listen to the LADY!!!! Remember LAST time?!”

Circe says: “Exactly!!!! The last time you TRIED this--.”

Emperor Diabolica interrupts and says: “The LAST time I tried this, it was ON one of those, ‘Power Rangers!’ This time, the forces of Chaos shall be contained in ONE of my Blood Beasts! One completely strong, completely powerful, and completely LOYAL to me!!!!”

Drako whimpers and says: “This is NOT going to be pretty!!!!”

Emperor Diabolica chants in an alien language and a dark lightning storm starts to brew INSIDE of the ship; and the Tauran says: “O, sho, whis ta ma!!!! Bring forth from the agents of Chaos, a monster that will destroy those Rangers, at ANY COST!!!! Lo, co, mis zha ba!!!! Bring forth the STRONGEST beast, of the STRONGEST reputation, who craves NOTHING more than the DEATH of others!!!! Fo, mo, lis ca fa!!!! Now, let me see the FACE, of the Ranger’s imminent ANNIHILATION!!!!”

And chilling enough, the chords USED to introduce Master Vile, are PLAYED for the arrival of a MUSCULAR orange reptile, only one that’s 100 times DEADLIER and SCARIER looking than ANY reptile from Earth!!!! The reptile, looking like a Kremling, says: “BLOOD for the BLOOD GOD!!!! Skulls for the SKULL throne!!!!”

Emperor Diabolica gets an even CREEPIER smile than USUAL, and he says: “Excellent! For my first command, I order you to DESTROY any TRACE of those RANGERS!!!!”

General Crush menacingly says: “KILL!!!! MAIM!!!! BURN!!!! KILL!!!! MAIM!!!! BURN!!!!”

And before ANYBODY on the ship can blink, General Crush PUNCHES out Kraky, SLAMS Circe unconscious to the floor, BLASTS Emperor Diabolica into the BACK of his ship, rendering him temporarily incapacitated, and even renders BAPHOMET helpless, when General Crush KICKS Baphomet in the STOMACH!!!! As Baphomet falls over in pain, pointing at Vipera and Drako; General Crush evilly says: “KILL, MAIM, BURN!!!!”

General Crush disappears to Core Earth, and Vipera angrily says: “This is ALL your FAULT, Drako!!!! Thanks to YOU, if any of us try to FOLLOW General Crush, he will DESTROY us!”

Drako says: “I didn’t even CREATE the Blood Beast THIS time!!!! How is it MY fault?!!!”

Vipera smugly says: “Because it’s NEVER MY FAULT!!!! We NEED something to FORCE General Crush to obey us!!!! Drako, you NEED to tell me how to find the LOST Spinosaurus Zord!”

Drako says: “But the Spinosaurus Zord has been LOST for ten millennia; how can I find what no one else has been able to?”

Vipera seriously says: “Do you WANT Emperor Diabolica to wake UP and REALIZE that ANOTHER plan of his has FAILED?! He could literally MAIM you, but MORE importantly, he could maim ME!!!!”

Drako sweats with dread, and he says: “I see your point. Very well, I may have JUST the thing!”

Drako poofs up a MAGIC Map, and gives it to Vipera. Drako says: “This Magic Map, was given to me by T’zeen…one of the Chaos Gods, himself! This Magic Map can show you how to find anything; ANYTHING your heart desires! I warn you, since this IS a Blood Beast created by Chaos God; there’s a chance that even if you GET the Spinosaurus Zord; there’s a chance that you’ll only have an EVEN fighting chance against General Crush, and that’s at NORMAL size!”

Vipera takes the Magic Map, and says: “An even fighting chance is better than NONE at all! BAPHOMET!!!! Are you QUITE recovered yet?!”

Baphomet gets up and sarcastically says: “Sure! Just let me finish coughing up a LUNG, FIRST!!!!”

Vipera says: “You need to go down to Core Earth AND stop General Crush from destroying the Rangers! And TRY to destroy the Rangers, yourself! If General Crush is not under Emperor Diabolica’s control when he DESTROYS the Rangers; not ONLY will Emperor Diabolica have NO control over Core Earth, you will NEVER be able to ascend into TRUE demon-hood!”

Baphomet gets an eager look, and says: “True demon-hood! I like the sound of that! I shall fight on YOUR behalf! Only for YOU, Vipera!”

And Baphomet teleports down to Core Earth! Vipera says: “And YOU, Drako, must stay behind and make SURE Emperor Diabolica doesn’t wake UP too early!”

Drako seriously says: “I’m afraid I can’t DO that, Vipera! I’m afraid we WILL need the Ranger’s help on this one!”

Vipera says: “But we need to DESTROY the Rangers! Whose side are you on, anyways?!”

Drako seriously says: “Whichever side that keeps us ALL alive! I’m saying; we GET the Rangers to destroy General Crush just in case Baphomet CAN’T; THEN we can destroy the Rangers! It’s called a BACK-UP plan, Vipera!”

Vipera seriously says: “Drako, I think…I WON’T kill you once I rule Neo-Austaliasia! Now if you excuse me, I’ve got a KILLER zord to find!” And Vipera teleports away!

Drako turns to the Imps, and Drako STRONGLY asks them: “Imps, DO your best at keeping Emperor Diabolica calm and asleep while I’m away!”

And as Drako teleports out of there; the Imps just look at each other nervously! /

General Shogun is checking an energy tracker, in Queen Hedrian’s base. General Shogun says: “Vipera is on the MOVE, Queen Hedrian! What do you make of it?”

Queen Hedrian strokes her neck, and she says: “Vipera MUST be after the Spinosaurus Zord!”

Mirror says: “But my Queen; nobody has SEEN the Spinosaurus Zord ever since your own SISTER; Rita Repulsa herself, tried to USE the Spinosaurus Zord against ZORDON 10,000 years ago!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Zordon wouldn’t WILLINGLY destroy a Zord, if he could avoid it! After all, you’re fully aware that ALL Zords, no matter HOW machine-like they are, have SOME form of sentience! No; the Spinosaurus Zord is STILL on Core Earth! And I know EXACTLY how it can be found! My Demon King Banriki, do you still have the Magic Compass?!”

Demon King Banriki resentfully says: “Yes, my love!” And Banriki hands over a steam-punk compass.

Queen Hedrian says: “Excellent! General Shogun, this Magic Compass will point you in the direction of what you most desire! If you DESIRE the Spinosaurus Zord, it will POINT you in the right direction!”

General Shogun takes the steam-punk compass, and he says: “I will not FAIL you, my Queen! Death BEFORE Dishonor!” And General Shogun disappears out of there!

Queen Hedrian turns to Mirror, and the Queen asks: “Mirror, would you like to play a game of ‘Confuse the Ranger’?!”

Mirror eagerly says: “I LOVE ‘Confuse the Ranger’! And I have the PERFECT disguise!!!! You know that Blood Beast that Emperor Diabolica just unleashed? I’m going to turn into HIM!!!! Activate CLONE Reflection; General Crush!!!!”

And Mirror MORPHS into the PERFECT likeness of General Crush! In her own voice, Mirror says: “If the Rangers think that ONE General Crush is bad; wait until they have to deal with TWO!!!!”

Demon King Banriki says: “The only flaw about her Clone Reflection technique, is she can’t COPY the voice of whoever she is pretending to be!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Just as LONG as she can copy his techniques; that is all I care about! Destroy the Power Rangers AND BlackHawk if you can; and RETRIEVE the Orange Ruby once you do! Just don’t get yourself KILLED in the process! I can’t AFFORD a replacement for you, after all!”

Mirror chuckles and says: “No worries. I won’t slip up the way my SISTER did!”

And Mirror disappears! Demon King Banriki says: “Mirror BETTER get that Orange Ruby; TODAY!!!! The Orange Ruby is almost COMPLETELY awake!”

Queen Hedrian scoffs and says: “Don’t worry about it. Mirror HAS to kill BlackHawk first in order to get it, in either case! After all, if WE can’t have the Orange Ruby, then NOBODY can!!!!” /

At the gym, BlackHawk is just TEARING through his workout routine; even going SO far as to STACK multiple weights on TOP of each other, and he STILL hardly breaks a sweat! BlackHawk sighs, and he says: “This gym just doesn’t challenge me the way it used to.”

D.O.G. says: “I’m very sorry to hear you say that.”

BlackHawk groans, and he says: “At this rate; Naruto’s going to surpass me for SURE!! And there is NOTHING I can do about it!!!!”

Naruto comes in, and asks: “And why is THAT such a bad thing?”

BlackHawk groans, and he says: “You WOULDN’T understand! You don’t HAVE an Alpha Mom the way that I do!!!!”

Naruto asks: “An Alpha Mom?”

BlackHawk says: “My mom was…and probably still IS; very hyper-competitive!!!! She LOVES it when she wins! Physical events, mental challenges, games, sports, you NAME it! So she wants ME to carry on in the tradition of keeping our family name at the top! Her love is DRIVING me, Naruto!”

Naruto asks: “But is THAT what you want?”

BlackHawk says: “For as long as I HAVE to live with my family; then YES; that IS what I want!”

Naruto scoffs and says: “Excuse ME; for asking!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!)

D.O.G. looks up, and he horrifyingly says: “Oh, NO!!!!”

Naruto says: “What do you MEAN; ‘Oh, NO’?!”

BlackHawk seriously says: “If D.O.G. is saying it, then it CAN’T mean anything GOOD!!!!”

The three of them rush outside, and they see a RAPIDLY deteriorating scene, as a LIGHTNING storm has rolled over Coastal Falls, and a TWISTER is ripping through half-built buildings over an un-built section of Coastal Falls! The other Rangers and Undyne, suddenly rush up!

Undyne nervously asks: “Naruto, what is going on?!”

Even PINKIE is nervous, and she says: “This is NOT NORMAL!!!!”

Ebony darkly says: “You KNOW something is going to be TROUBLE whenever Pinkie is nervous, because she is NEVER nervous!!!!”

Omnus comes over the communicators and says: “Rangers! We have an urgent matter that you MUST attend to!”

Lettuce says: “We know! Something is CAUSING the environment in Coastal Falls to go all hay-wire!” /

Omnus says: “That is not all. I’m afraid that both Vipera and General Shogun are after the lost Spinosaurus Zord!” /

Toby asks: “You mean the lost Spinosaurus Zord that Rita Repulsa USED against Zordon in that epic battle 10,000 years ago?!” /

Omnus says: “The one and the same. However, there’s also the matter in Coastal Falls. Even Alpha can’t pinpoint exactly what is causing it.” /

Drako appears and says: “But I can!”

BlackHawk gasps and says: “You again?! What are YOU doing here?!”

Drako chuckles and says: “That would be TELLING, wouldn’t it?!”

Naruto GRABS Drako by the neck, and Naruto threatening, says: “You better tell us what the CAUSE of this is; or I’ll RIP your FREAKING SPINE out!!!!”

Choking, Drako says: “Let me down; and I’ll tell you!!!!”

Naruto puts Drako down, and Drako calmly says: “Emperor Diabolica has UNLEASHED an agent of Chaos into this world!”

Over the communicators, Alpha Eight says: “Oh, no!!!! Not an agent of CHAOS!!!! That’s the WORST kind of MONSTER you could POSSIBLY face!!!!”

Drako says: “His name is General Crush! He works for the BLOOD God himself; who desires WAR above ALL other things!”

BlackHawk angrily yells: “How could you BRING such a creature to this place?!”

Drako says: “For the record; I was firmly AGAINST it! I didn’t want Emperor Diabolica to DO this! But he was sick and tired of LOSING to you all the time and…well, let’s just say that when Emperor Diabolica has his MIND set on something, you REALLY can’t talk him out of it.”

Usagi asks: “What are we going to do?”

Drako says: “You will need the Spinosaurus Zord ITSELF, if you want an even CHANCE of fighting the monster. Vipera has already gone after it, but there’s a chance she may NOT be able to control it!” /

Omnus says: “I’m afraid Drako is right. There IS a reason why Zordon had it hidden away 10,000 years ago; only ONE certain Power source is able to tame the wild Zord! It doesn’t exactly get along WELL with others, without the RIGHT sort of friendship!” /

Pinkie asks: “What should we do?”

Naruto shakes his head, and he says: “We have no choice, we have to divide our attack strategies. I’ll take Toby and Usagi to go after Vipera and General Shogun. The rest of you stay here with BlackHawk, Undyne and Drako, and buy us the time we need. Whatever you do; don’t TRY to take on General Crush yourself! Wait until we’re ALL here, so we can form the Multi-Megazord!” /

Alpha Eight says: “I have input the Zord’s LAST known location into your Power Watches. You SHOULDN’T have any problem FINDING the Spinosaurus Zord! Controlling it? That’s a WHOLE other matter to worry about!” /

Usagi says: “We’ll worry about that ONCE we find it! For now, it’s MORPHING time!!!!” /

Ebony says: “Velociraptor!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!” /

Naruto, Usagi, and Toby teleport, and they FIND themselves in the Rocky Mountain range. Toby asks: “What are we doing all the way here?”

Usagi looks and says: “I think we just FOUND the location of the Spinosaurus Zord!”

And all three of them look, and they see the IMPOSING Devil’s Tower! Naruto says: “That’s got to be the resting place of the Spinosaurus Zord!”

Toby says: “Now all we got to do, is try to control it!”

Vipera JUMPS in front of them and says: “Not so FAST, heroes!!!!”

Naruto groans and says: “You again?! I’m getting really TIRED of this!!!!”

Vipera produces her motorcycle and she says: “I am to. So let’s make a little wager; the rules are, there ARE no rules! It will be four laps around Devil’s Tower, and the WINNER gets the Spinosaurus Zord!”

Usagi says: “General Shogun is trying to get the Spinosaurus Zord for himself! Would you REALLY rather let HIM have it?!”

Vipera chuckles and she says: “General Shogun will not be ABLE to control the Spinosaurus Zord, even IF he reaches it first! He doesn’t HAVE the type of power NEEDED to control it! I, on the other hand, DO!!”

Toby says: “Looks like we need the Power Vehicles for this!” /

Naruto says: “Fire Blazer!” / Usagi says: “Electric Shocker!” / Toby says: “Ice Smasher!” /

Vipera chuckles and says: “Keep up with me, if you CAN!!!!”

Vipera starts to race, and Naruto says: “That will be NO problem!!!!”

Than a bunch of IMPS appear on Motorcycles, and start to ATTACK at the Rangers! Toby groans and says: “UGH!!!! I KNEW Vipera would pull an under-handed TRICK like this!”

Usagi pulls out her Wind Staff, and starts BASHING at the Imps. Usagi says: “We’ll just have to multi-task! The others are COUNTING on us to get that zord!” /

But what none of them REALIZE, is that General Shogun is already on TOP of Devil’s Tower! General Shogun smiles creepily says: “Soon, you will be ALL mine!!!!”

General Shogun points his SHARP sword up to the sky, and shouts: “Forces of black magic, hear my CALL!!!! Take the Zord, that has been lost and sealed, inside this hollow mountain, and breathe new LIFE into him, so he can become MY loyal SERVANT!!!!”

And a bolt of LIGHTNING from the heavens, comes DOWN into General Shogun’s sword, and he THRUSTS the sword into the mountain, and Devil’s Tower LITERALLY explodes apart! /

Just as the Rangers beat off the Imps and over-take Vipera, they NOTICE the explosion that has just happened! Naruto, worrying, says: “Ooh; that cannot be GOOD!!!!”

General Shogun appears a top a GIGANTIC, Orange dinosaur machine, and he says: “Foolish MORTALS!!!! The Spinosaurus Zord is MINE!!!! And also, the fate of your ‘PRECIOUS’ little PLANET!!!! Spinosaurus ZORD; DESTROY the RANGERS!!!!”

But the Spinosaurus Zord glows RED eyes, and roars MENACINGLY!!!! General Shogun seriously says: “Did you not HEAR your NEW master?!!! DESTROY the Rangers!!!!”

But the Spinosaurus Zord VIOLENTLY throws General Shogun FAR off into the distance, and starts walking around VIOLENTLY, tearing up ANYTHING in its path!!!! Vipera chuckles and says: “I told you so. It takes a REAL warrior to handle the Spinosaurus ZORD!!!! WATCH!!!!”

And Vipera ZAPS an Electric RESTRAINT around the Spinosaurus Zord, and the Spinosaurus Zord YELLS in pain!!!! Vipera menacingly says: “You will listen to me, and do what I SAY; if you EVER, want to see the LIGHT of another DAY!!!!”

Although the Spinosaurus zord clearly HATES her, he decides to comply with her commands! Vipera smirks and she says: “Later, losers!”

Toby groans and he says: “You NEED a new catch-phrase, lady!”

And Vipera jumps into the cock-pit of the Spinosaurus Zord! Vipera says: “Now, my beauty, we are going to Coastal Falls to kill, AND destroy!!!!”

And with a ROAR of energy, the Spinosaurus Zord disappears in a blur of unsurpassed ENERGY!!!! Usagi activates her communicator, and says: “Omnus, Vipera has the Spinosaurus Zord!” /

Omnus says: “Vipera won’t be able to control it forever; not without the proper power source. You must get back to Coastal Falls. Drako is running out of Monsters to fight General Crush!” /

Naruto asks: “Monsters?” /

Alpha Eight says: “It’s a long story, we’ll explain later!” /

Toby says: “Right! We’re on our way!” And the three Rangers teleport BACK to Coastal Falls! /

Meanwhile, Drako has created a circle, with a SINISTER looking star in it, and candles surrounding the circle! Lettuce asks: “Are you SURE this is a good idea?!”

Drako seriously asks: “Do you WANT a chance of BEATING General Crush, or NOT?!”

Ebony says: “I agree. For now, the enemy of OUR enemy is our friend!”

Drako says: “By the dark powers invested into me, by T’zeen; (looks at BlackHawk, and he trails off); he, who shall remain un-named; I implore you, breathe new LIFE into my old monsters, so I can satisfy your hungry appetite and desires! In your name, I want the POWER!!!!”

And a lightning bolt STRIKES the circle, and some FAMILIAR monsters come out of there glowing light!

The monsters are General Skeleton; Emperor Sphinx; Greedy Goat; Road Hog; Karaoke Knight; Sciance; Vincent Van Gopher; Squid Clown; Beat Him; and Octhulu!

Drako boomingly shouts: “SILENCE!!!!” And the confused monsters suddenly silence, WORRIED by Drako’s sudden change of mood! Drako seriously says: “I know you monsters are eager to fight the Rangers again; but I’m afraid you have a much more DIRE threat in front of you! Your rival; the Blood God, has sent an agent of chaos into this place! If he succeeds, your lives and your goals will all be RUINED!!!! You must NOT allow this to happen! Therefore, you must NOW attack General Crush, and STOP him from serving the Blood God, by any means NECESSARY!!!! Do you understand?!”

The Monsters, unnerved, but still loyal, shout: “Sir, yes sir!”

Drako says: “Then my loyal monsters; ATTACK!!!!”

And as the Monsters lead a charge against General Crush, they are HOPELESSLY out-matched by the agent of Chaos, but a hit song by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers appropriately lightens the mood! / “I was working in the lab, late one night; when my eyes beheld an eerie sight. For my monster from his slab, began to rise, and suddenly to my surprise; he did the mash! He did the monster mash! The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash. He did the mash, it caught on in a flash! He did the mash, he did the monster mash! From my laboratory in the castle east, to the master bedroom where the vampires feast. The ghouls all came from their humble abodes, to get a jolt from my electrodes. They did the mash! They did the monster mash. The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash. They did the mash, it caught on in a flash. They did the mash, they did the monster mash! The zombies were having fun. The party had just begun. The guests included Wolfman, Dracula, and his son. The scene was rockin', all were digging the sounds. Igor on chains, backed by his baying hounds. The coffin-bangers were about to arrive, with their vocal group, 'The Crypt-Kicker Five'. They played the mash; they played the monster mash! The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash. They played the mash, it caught on in a flash. They played the mash, they played the monster mash! Out from his coffin, Drac's voice did ring. Seems he was troubled by just one thing. Opened the lid, and shook his fist, and said, ‘Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?’ It's now the mash, it's now the monster mash! The monster mash, it was graveyard smash. It's now the mash, it caught on in a flash. It's now the mash, it's now the monster mash! Now everything's cool, Drac's a part of the band. And my Monster Mash is the hit of the land. For you, the living, this mash was meant too. When you get to my door, tell them Boris sent you. Then you can mash, then you can monster mash! The monster mash, and do my graveyard smash. Then you can mash, you'll catch on in a flash. Then you can mash, then you can monster mash!” /

The epic song ends as General Crush COMPLETELY disintegrates General Skeleton; Greedy Goat; Road Hog; Karaoke Knight; Sciance; Squid Clown; Beat Him; and Octhulu! Vincent Van Gopher dramatically says: “Oh, DEAR!!!! This battle isn’t going well for us, at all!”

Emperor Sphinx says: “I do not CARE!!!! I will NOT allow myself to be BEATEN again!!!!”

Pinkie nervously asks: “Where ARE those guys?! Wherever you are, hurry up and get your BUTTS down here already!!!!”

Naruto, Toby, and Usagi suddenly appear, and Ebony asks: “There you are!”

BlackHawk asks: “But where’s the Spinosaurus Zord?!”

Than Vipera, RIDING the Spinosaurus Zord; appears into view!

Naruto rhetorically asks: “Does THAT answer your question?!”

D.O.G. looks at the Spinosaurus Zord, shakes his head, and he says: “I do not like this. Vipera is causing the Spinosaurus PAIN!!!! She’s KILLING the zord by FORCING her control on it!”

Ebony seriously asks: “The ZORD?!!! Who cares about the ZORD right now?! As of RIGHT now; with Vipera riding it, that THING is a KILLING machine!!!!” /

Vipera chuckles and she says: “Nobody stands a CHANCE against me, NOW!!!! I’ll destroy General Crush; the Power Rangers, BlackHawk, TAKE the Orange Ruby for myself; and when I do, Baphomet and I will RULE Neo-Austaliasia!!!!”

Baphomet appears, and he says: “Did somebody mention my name?!”

Vipera says: “It’s about TIME you showed up!”

Baphomet says: “I just was doing some last-minute training! Now I’ll kick his BUTT for SURE!!!!”

General Crush maniacally says: “Kill, burn, maim!!!! KILL, BURN, MAIM!!!!! Blood for the Blood God!!!! Skulls for the SKULL Throne!!!!”

General Shogun suddenly appears, and he asks: “Does this guy say ANYTHING else?!”

Vipera sarcastically says: “Talk to Drako, HE’S the expert!”

Drako seriously says: “General Crush is NOT my MONSTER!!!! That’s not even his real NAME!!!! That’s just a translation of his name, because his REAL name is too DIFFICULT for the human tongue to pronounce! If you’re going to INSULT me; the LEAST you can do is be ACCURATE in your INSULTS!!!!”

Baphomet says: “Irrelevant!!!! General Crush, you are MINE!!!!”

Baphomet CHARGES at General Crush madly, swinging his SWORD onto General Crush SEVERAL times, but the sword keeps BOUNCING off of General Crush HARMLESSLY, as if the sword is nothing more than a SQUEAKY toy to General Crush! Baphomet seriously says: “You DARE to mock the GREAT--!!”

But Baphomet NEVER gets to finish HIS thought, because General Crush GRABS Baphomet by the neck with ONE hand, and LITERALLY starts to drain the life out of him!!!! In an ungodly voice, General Crush says: “You LITTLE FOOL!!!! You call yourself a great WARRIOR?! You are NOTHING of the SORT!!!! How DARE you speak of Khorne as if HE would ever shower YOU with any prizes and treasures!!!! You are not even FIT to speak of Khorne in his great NAME!!!!”

General Shogun seriously says: “If ANYBODY is going to destroy ANYTHING, it’s going to be ME!!!!”

General Shogun CHARGES at General Crush, but General Crush simply uses his FREE hand to knock General Shogun far AWAY again!!!! Vipera threateningly says: “Let him go!!!!”

General Crush deranged, says: “Kill, burn, maim!!!! KILL, BURN, MAIM!!!! Blood for the Blood God!!!! Skulls for the Skull Throne!!!!”

Vipera angrily says: “I’ll make you SHUT up!!!! Fire full ARSENAL!!!!”

Baphomet nervously says: “Are you MAD?!!! You’ll kill me, TOO!!!!”

But Vipera pays no heed, and fires a BUTT-LOAD of torpedoes, missiles, lasers, and FLAMETHROWERS at General Crush!!!! Vipera chuckles and she says: “That will KILL him!!!!”

But when the smoke clears, General Crush AND Baphomet are perfectly UN-SCATHED!!!! Vipera nervously says: “He didn’t even FLINCH!!!! This is WORSE than I thought!!!!”

General Crush turns to the Spinosaurus, and simply says: “KILL!!!!”

And General Crush fires a ray of INCREDIBLY devastating power!!!! It REMOVES the Electric Restraint AROUND the Spinosaurus, and causes him IMMENSE pain, as well! In fact, it’s SO intense, Vipera is FORCED out of the Spinosaurus Zord! Vipera falls down to the ground, and says: “Oh, man! That was the BEST vehicle I’ve ever RIDDEN in!!!!”

Emperor Sphinx says: “Vincent, CHARGE!!!!”

And the two remaining monsters run towards General Crush, but General Crush simply FIRES his power ray again, and DISINTEGRATES them before they can get even CLOSE!!!!

Drako is NOW scared, and he says: “Those were my LAST monsters! Rangers, you MUST stop HIM!!!!”

Ebony excitedly says: “Just what I’ve been looking forward to! It’s BUTT-KICKING time!!!!”

What follows IS a butt-kicking sequence, but NOT for the Rangers, but AGAINST them!!!! As General Crush simply THROWS Baphomet away, and charges after the Rangers, pounding ON them, STOMPING them, CLAWING at them, and even trying to CRUSH them!!!! Despite the Rangers using their Power Weapons AGAINST him, they don’t even leave a SCRATCH on General Crush! While this horrible beat-down is happening, a familiar song by R.E.M. plays. /

When your day is long; and the night, the night is yours alone. When you're sure you've had enough, of this life, well hang on. Don't let yourself go, ‘cause everybody cries. And everybody hurts, sometimes. Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along. When your day is night alone (Hold on, hold on). If you feel like letting go (Hold on). If you think you've had too much, of this life, well hang on. Everybody hurts; take comfort in your friends. Everybody hurts! Don't throw your hand, oh no! Don't throw your hand! If you feel like you're alone; no, no, no, you are not alone! If you're on your own, in this life. The days and nights are long. When you think you've had too much of this life, to hang on. Well, everybody hurts; sometimes everybody cries! And everybody hurts, sometimes! Everybody hurts; sometimes! So hold on, hold on! Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on; hold on! Everybody hurts!” / And the song ends as General Crush knocks down ALL the Rangers to the ground, in a clearly one-sided CURB-STOMP battle!!!!

Drako shouts: “Oh, no! I thought for SURE they could do it!”

D.O.G. says: “It’s all up to the Orange Ruby, now.”

BlackHawk asks: “But what can the Orange Ruby, do?”

Undyne says: “I don’t know, but I am NOT letting this CREEP win!!!! I’ll GET him!!!!”

Undyne starts to charge, and BlackHawk says: “WAIT, Undyne!!!! It’s too dangerous!!!!”

Undyne SWINGS wildly, and her SWORD actually CUTS into General Crush’s skin!!!! Undyne says: “Nobody messes with UNDYNE!!!!”

But General Crush grabs HOLD of the sword, FORCES it out of his body, and his skin heals up as if NOTHING happened!!!! Undyne gasps and asks: “What kind of beast ARE you?!”

General Crush simply says: “Blood for the blood God! Skulls for the SKULL throne!!!!”

BlackHawk asks: “Isn’t there anything else you can THROW at this monster?!”

Drako says: “By this point, I’ve thrown EVERYTHING but the kitchen SINK at it!!!!”

And General Crush pulls out TWO swords, and starts SWINGING at Undyne!!!! Even with just ONE sword, Undyne is able to HOLD General Crush, and is even able to SWIPE a couple of times into his body; but General Crush just keeps re-healing himself, and keeps PUSHING Undyne back like there is NO tomorrow for her!

Drako says: “This is NO monster; this is a NIGHTMARE!!!! I never thought the Blood God could PRODUCE something like this! I NEVER should have allowed Emperor Diabolica to RELEASE this monster!!!!”

ANOTHER General Crush appears, and it laughs, but TALKS with the voice of Mirror!!!! The fake General Crush says: “Ha, ha, ha! Don’t be FOOLED, by that OVER-BLOWN imposter!!!! I’m the strongest warrior in the entire UNIVERSE!!!!”

Drako warningly says: “You are playing with FIRE, Mirror! General Crush does NOT like being mocked!”

Naruto weakly says: “Oh, SURE!!!! NOW you tell us!!!!”

Mirror laughs and off and says: “You think a mere BLOOD BEAST scares me?! Come on, BRING it! Bring it! BRING IT!!!!”

And General Crush temporarily STOPS pursuing Undyne, and without WARNING; suddenly APPEARS in FRONT of Mirror!!!! BlackHawk gasps and says: “He’s FAST!!!! Even I could BARELY keep track of him!!!!”

Drako asks: “You SAW him MOVE?!!!”

General Crush menacingly says: “Kill, burn, maim!!!! KILL, BURN, MAIM!!!!” /

Queen Hedrian screams: “EMERGENCY TELEPORT!!!!” /

And at the last second, Mirror is teleported OUT of there, and BACK into Queen Hedrian’s blast, as General Crush FIRES a beam of energy which would have SURELY killed Mirror if she had STILL been there! /

Back in Queen Hedrian’s base; Mirror reverts BACK to her normal self, and asks: “What did you do THAT for?! I had him RIGHT where I WANTED him!!!!”

Queen Hedrian angrily says: “That was the most INSANE plan you have ever COME up with! If I had been ANY slower; your life would’ve ENDED!!!!”

Demon King Banriki says: “You wouldn’t have fared any better against that monstrosity than everyone ELSE has! That DEMON had a power level of over 5,000! At this point, the THREE of us will just have to wait until this battle is all finished!”

Mirror gasps, and she asks: “But what about General Shogun?!”

Demon King Banriki scoffs, and he says: “His life is basically forfeit by this point. Even if he MANAGES to survive General Crush; I doubt he will survive the Rangers. His death will merely increase OUR powers ten-fold! We won’t even NEED the Orange Ruby to be at full power to conquer Core Earth!”

Mirror gasps, and she asks: “You’re WILLING to sacrifice General Shogun like this?!”

Queen Hedrian says: “I do not LIKE the plan, but it IS for a GREATER cause! Just be THANKFUL we’re deciding to sacrifice HIM, and did NOT decide to sacrifice YOU!!!!”

Mirror nervously says: “Believe me, I am VERY thankful indeed!!!!” /

Back on the battle-field; General Crush chuckles and chants: “Burn, Maim, Kill!!!! BURN, MAIM, KILL!!!! Blood for the Blood God!!!! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!!!”

Undyne screams: “SHUT UP!!!!” And Undyne STABS her sword RIGHT through General Crush’s back, and the TIP shows through his CHEST!!!!

Undyne chuckles and says: “No one kills Undyne, the UNDYING!!!!”

But General Crush REACHES for the tip of the sword, pulls the REST of his sword THROUGH the cut; and his GASH closes up, and General Crush laughs UNNERVINGLY!!!!

Weakened, Usagi asks: “Ebony; I’m not as genre-savvy as you are; but a villain that LAUGHS like THAT?!!! That’s a BAD thing; RIGHT?!!!”

Weakened, Ebony says: “Unless a miracle happens, we are thoroughly SCREWED!!!!”

Completely unable to do anything else; Undyne simply starts walking backwards and asks: “What are you, anyways?!!!”

And chillingly, a DIFFERENT voice comes out of General Crush! An UNGODLY voice, which says: “I am the essence of Khorne, the Blood God himself!!!! Thanks to the FOOLISHNESS of Emperor Diabolica, I have been brought here, where I can spread the reign of Khorne within this REALM!!!! You think that things are bad now? This is only the beginning!!!! Core Earth is just the first of MANY!!!! After I kill you; this world will be conquered! And then the next world; and the NEXT; until ALL worlds know the PAIN and suffering that IS Khorne; and all shall DESPAIR as eternal war and TORMENT is brought into this entire UNIVERSE!!!!”

BlackHawk dramatically screams: “NO!!!!”

And BlackHawk performs a POWERFUL kick, and actually PROPELS General Crush off of his feat, BACKWARDS!!!! BlackHawk breathes heavily and as his Orange Ruby starts glowing BRIGHTLY, he says: “NEVER!!!! I will NEVER allow you to carry out your insane task! I am a Woo Foo Warrior, trained by Master Yo himself! I have been trained to protect all lives, especially the lives of those you TORMENT; and I will NOT allow you to harm another LIFE!!!!”

And in an explosive BURST of Orange Energy, something amazing HAPPENS!!!!

D.O.G. excitedly says: “The prophecy of the Orange Ruby!!!! It’s FINALLY being FULFILLED!!!!”

Orange Armor starts to FORM around BlackHawk; enveloping him with a sense of strength and security he has never FELT before!!!! The energy flows through-out him, as he gets gloves, boots, and a Golden SHIELD around his upper body; and finally a helmet with a large, V-shaped Visor to let BlackHawk SEE out of!!!!

Lettuce gets up and asks: “Am I seeing what I THINK I’m seeing?!!!”

The camera pans around BlackHawk, and it is CLEAR that BlackHawk has become, an ORANGE Power Ranger!!!!

Toby gets up, and he asks: “When did HE get Ranger Powers?!!!”

Pinkie gets up, and she says: “I don’t know, but he SURE picked a good time to bust them OUT!!!!”

BlackHawk, in his transformed state, without even knowing why, says: “A little PUNISHMENT; before I take you BACK!!!! Spinosaurus; REVIVE!!!!”

And with a blast of Orange Energy, he is able to REVIVE the Spinosaurus, and it even gains, BLUE glowing eyes, to show that it is NOW firmly on the side of good!

Usagi gets up, and she says: “I’m still no expert; but now that the Spinosaurus Zord is glowing blue eyes; that’s a GOOD thing; right?!”

Ebony gets up, smirks, and says: “It is a VERY good thing!!!!”

Naruto gets up and asks: “Wait a minute!!!! Why does HE get the new ZORD?!!!”

D.O.G. excitedly says: “It’s the prophecy of the Orange Ruby! It has finally been fulfilled! When one of pure heart and good intentions masters the Orange Ruby and bonds with it, the Orange Ruby will awaken to its FULL potential, and lead to the awakening of the legendary Orange Power Ranger!!!!”

Undyne asks: “The Orange Power Ranger?! That can’t POSSIBLY be a thing!”

Toby says: “It’s rare, yes. But not unheard of. The ‘Power Rangers Battle Fever’ force had a full-time Orange Ranger; and even the ‘Power Rangers S.P.D.’ force considers the KAT Ranger to have been THEIR Orange Ranger!”

Naruto says: “No FAIR!!!! I was STARTING to fight simulation BlackHawk to a DRAW in the Simulation Planet!!!! Now I’ll have to train even harder!!!!”

BlackHawk says: “Spinosaurus, share your ENERGY with me!!!!”

And the Spinosaurus Zord POURS Orange Energy into BlackHawk; and BlackHawk, with a surge of energy, RELENTLESSLY pounds into General Crush!!!! BlackHawk DOESN’T slow down, he doesn’t hesitate; he keeps throwing punches and kicks, RIGHT and LEFT; each one of them CAUSING General Crush IMMENSE pain!!!! FINALLY, BlackHawk produces an orange beam of ENERGY around General Crush, and BlackHawk says: “You are going BACK where you BELONG!!!! Back with you, to the Chaos Realm, and NEVER COME BACK!!!!”

And in a FLASH of energy, General Crush simply fades out of existence!!!! And the sky and the environment start to return to normal. The other Rangers come up to him, and Pinkie asks: “How did you DO that fantastic thing?!”

Toby asks: “Yeah! None of us could even scratch him, let alone KILL him!”

BlackHawk says: “Truth is, even I couldn’t kill him, even if I wanted to. He WAS a demon, after all. And a member of the agents of Chaos!”

Drako realizes this and says: “Of COURSE!!!! That’s why OUR physical attacks didn’t have much of an effect on him!”

BlackHawk says: “Undyne was able to fight him because SHE’S from the underground, and I was able to fight him due to…some of the more UNMENTIONABLE things the Night Master DID to me while I was in his care!”

Usagi asks: “But why send him back to the Chaos Realm?”

BlackHawk says: “My only other option would have been to seal his energy inside of a weapon. Unfortunately, any weapon that CONTAINS a demon, will inevitably become CORRUPTED by the demon, and anyone who WIELDS that weapon would become little more than a HOST for the demon! And I was NOT about to do that! As far as I’m concerned, it’s better to have General Crush THERE, in the Chaos Realm; then HERE, on Core Earth!!!!”

Naruto bitterly says: “The last Ranger is ALWAYS the STRONGEST Ranger in ANY Ranger team!”

Ebony says: “I’ll certainly agree to that!!!!”

But unknown to them, General Shogun has come back, and has PRODUCED some sort of device over ONE of his eyes! And he IS visibly SHOCKED by what he is SEEING!!!!

Over the device, Demon King Banriki asks: “General Shogun; what is this NEW Power level READING?!!!”

General Shogun gasps, dramatically BREAKS the scanner and screams: “It’s over 9,000!!!!” /

Queen Hedrian SCREAMS: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the Power of the Orange RUBY!!!! It increases ANYONE’S natural strength at LEAST two-fold!!!! BlackHawk has AWOKEN the true potential of the Orange Ruby!!!! We can’t ALLOW this!!!! It was bad enough when we had to fight FIVE Rangers, let alone; six!!!! We will NOT allow there to be a SEVENTH Ranger!!!! Mirror, unleash the GAUNTLET!!!!”

Mirror protests, and says: “But if we do it NOW, we’ll EXHAUST most of the monsters we HAVE!!!!”

Queen Hedrian screams: “Do it, NOW!!!!!!!!!”

Mirror can SEE that Queen Hedrian is NOT joking; so Mirror pushes a BUNCH of buttons over the monster EGG hatchery, and the base itself starts SHAKING!!!! /

In Coastal Falls, the Rangers start to feel the shaking as WELL!!!! Usagi says: “I didn’t know we were supposed to be expecting an earthquake today!”

D.O.G. seriously says: “This IS no normal earthquake!!!! This can only mean one thing; Queen Hedrian KNOWS that BlackHawk has become the TRUE owner and MASTER of the Orange Ruby!!!! She’s unleashing the GAUNTLET!!!!”

Lettuce asks: “What is the Gauntlet?”

Toby nervously says: “Do you remember how the ‘Power Rangers Digital Squadron’ had to fight a bunch of monsters when THEY were fighting Queen Hedrian? Well, we’re about to fight a BUNCH of them; all at the same time; at ONCE!!!!”

Ebony seriously asks: “We’re NOT going to be able to solve THIS problem in 22 minutes; are we?!”

Pinkie shakes her head and says: “Nope! This is a TWO-parter…segment of our LIVES, that IS!!!!”

And as the sky starts to darken and thunder again, the Rangers know that their tough battle today, has ONLY just begun!!!! /

To Be Continued…

Episode Notes: First time that Emperor Diabolica has used the forces of Chaos to summon a monster, instead of relying on Drako’s Blood Beasts. Unfortunately, this does NOT end well for Emperor Diabolica! Second time that the God of Chaos, Khorne has been mentioned; and we even hear him SPEAK through General Crush! T’zeentch is also NARROWLY almost mentioned twice, but Drako doesn’t go THROUGH with saying his full name. General Crush is an affectionate parody of the Kremlings, from the “Donkey Kong Country” video game series. We get to see where BlackHawk lives, and even get to hear his MOM for the first time! Debut appearance of the Spinosaurus Zord, and first time Vipera has ever DRIVEN a Zord! Drako resurrects some of his old monsters in this episode; which are General Skeleton, Emperor Sphinx, Greedy Goat, Road Hog, Karaoke Knight, Sciance, Vincent Van Gopher, Squid Clown, Beat Him, and Octhulu! BlackHawk becomes an ORANGE Ranger in this episode, and gains full control of the Spinosaurus! It is revealed that you can’t kill a Demon from the Chaos Realm, you have to seal it BACK into the Chaos Realm in order to defeat it! First time that Undyne has ever tried to fight a monster. Another previous Power Ranger team is mentioned by Toby; the “Power Rangers Battle Fever.” Featured songs in this episode are: “She’s a Woman in Love (It’s Not Me), Monster Mash,” and “Everybody Hurts.” The episode title is a reference to the soda brand of Orange Crush; GENERAL Crush and the whole quest for the Orange Ruby; and the R.E.M. song of “Orange Crush.”

Personal Notes: While I had the idea for BlackHawk to BECOME a Power Ranger since the very beginning; I felt that since this was Renegade’s series to begin with, that BlackHawk should EARN his Ranger status FIRST, as opposed to JUST getting those powers! Having BlackHawk mature and bond with the Orange Ruby, was a way of doing that. And just because General Crush has been dealt with, doesn’t mean the Rangers are out of danger yet! The fight has JUST begun!!!! /

That’s my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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While I wanted "Cold As Ice" to be the 21st episode, I feel that this being the 21st episode is better. It releases the tension that episodes 17-20 were building up to, and we don't get to see the Orange Ruby as some useless MacGuffin, like a lot of stuff in early Power Rangers was.

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Orange Crush: Part Two

Previously, on Power Rangers Multiverse Force…

Emperor Diabolica, sick and tired of losing to the Power Rangers all the time, decided to create the strongest Blood Beast EVER; born from the Blood God himself! Unfortunately, he succeeded all too well. The beast, called General Crush, completely DECIMATED Emperor Diabolica’s ship, and forced Vipera and General Shogun to seek out the lost Spinosaurus zord; just to have a CHANCE against him! Even united; the six Rangers were completely HELPLESS against the strength of General Crush. It was only by utilizing the power of the Orange Ruby; that BlackHawk was FINALLY able to fight to his full potential, and transform into the Spinosaurus Orange Ranger! With his new powers, BlackHawk was able to BANISH General Crush BACK into the Chaos Realm; but now a NEW problem is on the horizon! Queen Hedrian; horrified to learn that the Orange Ruby has found a true master; has decided to unleash the monster GAUNTLET on the now seven Power Rangers; in an attempt to DESTROY the Rangers once and for all! The fight for the seven Power Rangers, has only just begun…

The sky has darkened, and the ground is shaking, indicating that a SURGE of evil is about to be unleashed on the planet! Drako whimpers and says: “Oh, dear! I’ve heard STORIES about Queen Hedrian’s brand of evil, but I never thought she’d grow THIS desperate!”

BlackHawk seriously says: “If you value your life, I suggest you get out of here and leave the rest to us! There’s no telling WHAT type of monsters we are going to be facing!”

Drako dejectedly says: “All right.” And he vanishes!

D.O.G. says: “Hold your ground! Just because these monsters AREN’T Blood Beasts, doesn’t make them any less dangerous! They will do ANYTHING to please their queen!”

Toby says: “He has a point there. Undyne, you better clear the area of any innocent civilians, and we’ll take care of everything else, here!”

Undyne says: “Will do, my friends!” And Undyne leaves! /

Queen Hedrian maniacally says: “Rise, my monster gauntlet! Rise, and lay WASTE to the Rangers, and their PATHETIC little PLANET!!!!”

And the monster EGG hatchery produces a BUNCH of sinister monsters; which are quickly catalogued and named by Mirror, JUST for Queen Hedrian’s convenience! Mirror says: “The Rangers are going to have quite a time fighting THIS assortment of monsters! We’ve got Slippery Soap; Panic Oil; Poison Flower; Demon Girl; Death Phone; Love Witch; Life Plague; Crocodile Slugger; Star Prince; Riot Gorilla; Grim Reaper; Spider Walker; Maze Tiger; Red Beetle; Cursed Butcher; Psychic Raider; Secret Magician; Bloodsucker; Puzzle Princess; and Sister Spectrum! Fighting alongside General Shogun; there’s no CHANCE that the Rangers will be able to take them ALL on!”

Demon King Banriki says: “Let’s hope so! We really can’t AFFORD to have this plan NOT work!”

Queen Hedrian seriously says: “Hedrian Clan monsters, you have been awakened for one purpose and one purpose ONLY; you must destroy the Power Rangers, at ANY cost! I don’t care HOW; I just want them OBLITERATED, by ANY means NECESSARY!!!!”

The monsters simultaneously say: “Yes, your majesty!” And they all disappear to Coastal Falls!

Queen Hedrian chuckles, and she says: “Sorry to disappoint you, Rita! But I’m about to succeed where you NEVER could! I’m going to destroy the Rangers ALL by myself, and take my RIGHTFUL place as RULER of this WORLD!!!!”

Mirror looks nervously at a less than convinced Demon King Banriki, and Mirror says: “Let’s sure hope so; for ALL of our sakes!” /

On the battle field; the Rangers are STUNNED to see lightning bolts land on the ground, and they see 20 monsters; CLEARLY Queen Hedrian’s handiwork, appear from where the lightning bolts land! General Shogun quickly rushes in behind them, and he laughs DERISIVELY at the out-numbered Rangers! General Shogun says: “You’re in for it NOW, Rangers! You’ve put up a good fight SO far; but this is where your heroics END! NOBODY gets the better of Queen Hedrian when SHE unleashes the GAUNTLET!!!!”

Naruto defiantly says: “We’ll just see about that; WON’T we?! Rangers, each of us must use our Power Weapons, and attack THREE monsters at the same time! Pinkie, you’ve got the Soap, Flower, and Phone Monster! Toby, you’ve got the Oil, Crocodile, and Star Monster! Usagi, you’ve got the Demon Girl, Witch, and Plague Monster! Lettuce, you’ve got the Gorilla, Spider, and Tiger Monster! Ebony, you’ve got the Reaper, Butcher, and Raider Monster! BlackHawk, you’ve got the Beetle, Magician, AND General Shogun! I’ll take care of the other three!”

BlackHawk says: “I could argue about your choices; but seeing as how we’re in a bit of a pinch, I’ll let it slide this time!” /

As the Rangers proceed to engage in the TREMENDOUS fight against the many monsters; a hit song by the Blue Oyster Cult is inexplicably played while the Flower, Witch, Reaper, Star, Beetle, Spider, and Sister Spectrum monsters are being taken down! /

“All our times have come. Here, but now they're gone. Seasons don't fear the reaper. Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain...we can be like they are. Come on baby...don't fear the reaper. Baby take my hand... don't fear the reaper. We'll be able to fly...don't fear the reaper. Baby, I'm your man. La, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la. Valentine is done. Here, but now they're gone. Romeo and Juliet, are together in eternity. Romeo and Juliet. 40,000 men and women everyday...like Romeo and Juliet. 40,000 men and women everyday...redefine happiness. Another 40,000 coming everyday...we can be like they are. Come on baby...don't fear the reaper. Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper. We'll be able to fly...don't fear the reaper. Baby I'm your man. La, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la. Love of two is one. Here, but now they're gone. Came the last night of sadness, and it was clear, she couldn't go on. Then the door was open, and the wind appeared. The candles blew, and then disappeared. The curtains flew and then he appeared... saying, don't be afraid. Come on baby…and she had no fear. And she ran to him...then they started to fly. They looked backward and said goodbye...she had become like they are. She had taken his hand... she had become like they are. Come on baby... don't fear the reaper.” /

And the epic song ends as SEVEN of the monsters are taken down! Pinkie says: “I hate to pluck a pretty flower, but that one felt alright to nip in the bud!”

Toby says: “I guess that’s one shooting star whose wish won’t come true!”

Usagi says: “That witch was easier to take down than the Wicked Witch of the West!”

Lettuce says: “I crushed THAT spider!”

Ebony says: “They just don’t make reapers like they used to!”

Naruto says: “That lady had many colors, but none of which could best me!”

BlackHawk says: “Save the witty catch-phrases for later! We’ve still got more than a dozen MONSTERS to take down!”

D.O.G. says: “Agreed! We’re not in the home stretch YET!”

As the Rangers continue to fight the relentless monsters, another hit song; this time, one by Jefferson Starship, is inexplicably played while the Rangers fight the Soap, Crocodile, Demon, Tiger, Raider, Magician, and Bloodsucker monsters! /

“I want to ride, ride the tiger! I want to ride, ride the tiger! It will be black and white in the dead of night! Eyes flashing in the clear moonlight! I want to ride, ride the tiger! It's like a tear in the hands of a western man! Tell you about salt, carbon and water, but a tear to a Chinese man. He'll tell you about sadness and sorrow, or the love of a man and a woman. I want to ride, ride the tiger! I want to sail through the rising sun for you, and you. We got something to learn from the other side. Something to give, we got nothing to hide. I want to ride, ride the tiger! Black wants out of the streets. Yellow wants the country. Red wants the country back. And white wants out of this world. Sing; sing to the sky! I want to ride, ride the tiger! I want to ride, ride the tiger! Look to the summer of seventy-five. All the world is gonna come alive! Do you want to ride, ride the tiger? It's like a tear in the hands of a western man. Tell you about salt, carbon and water. But a tear to an Oriental man. He'll tell you about sadness and sorrow, or the love of a man and a woman!” /

And the epic song ends as SEVEN more monsters are taken down! Pinkie says: “Who knew fighting a soap monster could be so TRICKY?!”

Toby says: “I won’t be crying any tears for THAT crocodile!”

Usagi says: “That demon needed a check-up from the NECK up!”

Lettuce says: “That was a wild tiger, but I tamed it!”

Ebony says: “I guess THAT monster won’t be raiding anymore!”

Naruto says: “I guess I knew more tricks than THAT Magician!”

BlackHawk seriously says: “Guys, focus! We can’t afford to GET distracted! We’ve got to finish this fight while we’ve got them on the ropes!”

Pinkie complains: “But BlackHawk, the rest of us are getting REALLY; really tired! I don’t know how much longer we can fight!”

Death Phone says: “We’ve got them on the ropes, NOW!”

Panic Oil says: “Agreed! It’s only a matter of time, before we are able to…”

Sans shouts: “Guys! I’ve come to help!!!!”

General Shogun yells: “DESTROY that skeleton!!!!”

D.O.G. shouts: “NO!!!!” And Dog barks a super-sonic BARK!!!! This bark actually BLOWS the remaining monsters away!!!!

BlackHawk says: “That was INCREDIBLE!!!! How did you do that?!”

D.O.G. says: “Well, I AM a dog from Eltar. We ARE able to DO things that most ordinary dogs aren’t able to do.”

Usagi says: “I did not know that!”

Toby says: “Sans, why are you here?”

Sans says: “Undyne told me that you guys were about to engage in a difficult battle, and I thought you might need a little energy boost to get you through this challenging fight!”

Lettuce says: “Now that you mention it, we COULD use a little bit of refreshment!”

Sans reaches into his back-pack, and takes out seven cans of Orange Crush. Sans says: “This is a special type of Orange Crush specially made by me. It will replenish your energy levels to FULL fighting strength once you DRINK it!”

Ebony says: “Sure sounds better than getting STUCK with a flavor of Bertie Bott’s every FLAVOR beans that you DON’T like!”

Sans says: “However, I DO require that you still pay for it! The materials I used weren’t exactly CHEAP, you know!”

BlackHawk says: “I’ll do it! My mother IS rich, you know! She works as a publicist and gets a lot of BOOKS written for people who CAN’T get books published by themselves!”

BlackHawk hands over $20 to Sans, and he hands over the cans of Orange Crush. Naruto says: “Down the hatch!”

The Rangers temporarily retract their visors, so they can drink the concoction; and sure enough, they are completely RESTORED to full fighting strength! Pinkie says: “Now THAT’S what I call a pick-me up!”

Usagi says: “Now we can take it to the REST of those monsters!”

General Shogun returns, and he says: “So you think restoring your energy is going to help you in this fight? It’s going to take a LOT more than just brute STRENGTH to take US down!”

Toby says: “We’re fully WELL aware of that!”

Lettuce says: “That’s why we’re working together as a team!”

Ebony says: “On our own, we’re just seven average teenagers!”

Pinkie says: “But together, we’re MUCH more than the sum of our parts!”

Naruto says: “By fighting together, we are a source of strength no one else can match!”

BlackHawk says: “And we will not rest; until your brand of evil is banished from the Earth!”

Usagi says: “Power Rangers together!”

The seven of them simultaneously says: “Multiverse Force, FOREVER!!!!”

And seven puffs of colored explosion, EACH representing the Ranger’s respective color, appear from right behind them! Sans says: “D.O.G., remind me to ask you just HOW the Rangers are able to do that EVERY time they strike a dramatic pose!”

D.O.G. says: “Just as soon as you tell BlackHawk how you are able to ride SO fast on a bicycle!”

Sans shakes his head, and he just says: “I couldn’t explain it to you, even if I TRIED!!!!”

D.O.G. says: “Same thing goes for the colored explosions!”

General Shogun says: “Monsters, attack!!!!”

And as the final six monsters and General Shogun charge; BlackHawk and Pinkie briefly STOP when they HEAR something playing in the background, and it’s the START of another hit song! BlackHawk asks: “What is WITH these hit songs that play whenever we’re about to fight monsters?”

Pinkie gasps and she asks: “You hear it TOO?! I thought I was the ONLY one!”

The song, in question, is a hit song by R.E.M. / “(Follow me, don't follow me). I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush. (Collar me, don't collar me). I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush. (We are agents of the free). I've had my fun, and now, it's time to serve your conscience overseas. (Over me, not over me). Coming in fast, over me, (oh, oh). (Follow me, don't follow me). I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush. (Collar me, don't collar me). I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush. (We are agents of the free). I've had my fun, and now, it's time to serve your conscience overseas. (Over me, not over me). Coming in fast, over me, (oh, oh). High on the booze in a tent paved with blood. Nine inch howl, brave the night; chopper comin' in, you hope. We would circle and we'd circle and we'd circle to stop and consider, and centered on the pavement, stacked up, all the trucks jacked up, and our wheels in slush, and orange crush in pocket, and all this here county, hell, any county, it's just like heaven here, and I was remembering, and I was just in a different county, and all then this whirlybird that I headed for, I had my goggles pulled off; I knew it all, I knew every back road, and every truck stop. (Follow me, don't follow me). I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush. (Collar me, don't collar me). I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush. (We are agents of the free). I've had my fun, and now, it's time to serve your conscience overseas. (Over me, not over me). Coming in fast, over me, (oh, oh). High on the booze, in a tent paved with blood. Nine inch howl, brave the night; chopper comin' in, you hope. High on the booze, in a tent; paved with blood. Nine inch howl, brave the night; chopper comin' in, you hope.” /

And the epic song ends as ALL the monsters except for General Shogun end up being DESTROYED and blown into chunks by the Power Rangers! Naruto says: “I hate blood-suckers!”

Toby says: “No need to panic, I took care of THAT oil monster!”

Pinkie says: “Call me once you come up with a BETTER monster!”

Usagi says: “You won’t be spreading any more plagues around HERE!”

Lettuce says: “That gorilla won’t be spreading anymore riots!”

Ebony says: “I butchered THAT butcher!”

BlackHawk says: “Down to one NOW, General Shogun! Surrender and we’ll spare you, your LIFE!!!!”

General Shogun suddenly LAUGHS maniacally, which fills the Rangers with dread! Sans asks: “Ebony, I’m no expert, but a monster who LAUGHS like that; it’s a BAD thing, right?”

Ebony says: “I THINK that General Shogun WANTED us to take out all these monsters!”

General Shogun says: “You FOOLS!!!! Individually, all these monsters were worth NEXT to nothing; but by combining ALL their strengths, I will become the UNSTOPPABLE monster!!!!”

And General Shogun BREATHES in a HUGE breath, and SUCKS in the blown-up chunks of ALL the MONSTERS!!!! As soon as he does, red lightning FLOWS over his body and General Shogun, very CREEPILY, says: “It’s time to get BIG, AGAIN!!!!”

And General Shogun grows GIANT, flowing with the energy of ALL the monsters he absorbed!!!! Toby says: “All right, that’s a TRICK the Power Rangers Digital Squadron NEVER faced!”

Usagi says: “Sans and D.O.G., you better get out of here! We need the Dinozords, NOW!!!!”

And as Sans and D.O.G. run away, the five normal dinozords come to join forces with the Spinosaurus, while Ebony plays her guitar to SUMMON the Velociraptor zord!

The Rangers all jump into their respective zords! BlackHawk says: “All right, it’s time to see what the Spinosaurus can REALLY do!”

Toby says: “It’s time to take out General Shogun once and for ALL!”

Pinkie says: “Time to show that creep, what the power of friendship is ALL about!”

Usagi says: “Usagi here, ready to use the full power of this Dinozord!”

Lettuce says: “I’m ready, to bring General Shogun DOWN to the ground!”

Ebony says: “Nobody’s going to bring THIS girl down!”

Naruto says: “All right! Time to form the Multi-MEGAZORD!!!!”

General Shogun chillingly says: “Do you honestly think that I’m just going to LET you have a fair chance AGAINST ME?!!!”

And General Shogun shoots a bunch of electricity at the RANGERS, preventing them from forming the Multi-Megazord! Toby says: “Ebony, BlackHawk, you need to DISTRACT General Shogun so we can form the Multi-Megazord!”

BlackHawk says: “Can do, you GUYS!!!!”

The Velociraptor zord uses its JETPACK to zoom around General Shogun, and HIT it several TIMES while the giant samurai monster is DIZZY!!!! BlackHawk says: “Time to give this beast a few ROUNDS with this zord’s arsenal!!!!”

And BlackHawk fires a BUNCH of energy torpedo’s and missiles out of the Spinosaurus, which BRIEFLY knocks General Shogun to the ground! Naruto says: “Like I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted; it’s time to form the Multi-Megazord!!!!”

A robotic voice says: “Multi-Megazord sequence has been initiated!” /

At Queen Hedrian’s base, Mirror nervously says: “Oh NO; they’re forming the Multi-Megazord!”

Queen Hedrian scoffs, and she says: “Zord, SHMORD; with his NEW strength, General Shogun will CRUSH that over-sized toy like a COCKROACH!!!!” /

A robotic voice says: “Multi-Megazord activated!!!!”

General Shogun says: “If you think that you have a CHANCE against me, you are sadly MISTAKEN!!!!”

Lettuce says: “Let’s not waste any time messing around! We need the Power Sword, NOW!!!!”

And the Power Sword appears in an electrical flash, filled to the brim with power!

Usagi says: “Time to send this creep BACK where he belongs!”

And the Multi-Megazord SWINGS, but General Shogun COUNTERS with his BIG, orange BLADE!!!! General Shogun sarcastically SAYS: “What’s the matter; out of POWER, Power Rangers?!”

General Shogun DEFLECTS the swing, and STRIKES at the Multi-Megazord, KNOCKING it to the GROUND!!!! Pinkie asks: “What HAPPENED?!!!”

Naruto says: “The Power Sword didn’t WORK!!!! General Shogun absorbed too much STRENGTH from those other monsters!!!!” /

At the Command Center, Omnus says: “Rangers, Ebony must combine her zord, with yours, and create the Multi-Velociraptor Megazord!” /

Ebony says: “I can do that?! All right, let’s see if it works! Time to join up with the OTHERS!!!!”

And before General Shogun can blink, the Velociraptor Zord BREAKS apart, and forms a protective ARMOR over the rest of the Megazord, with the head of the Velociraptor zord over the transformed head of the Tyrannosaurus, as a makeshift helmet!

Ebony gets a seat in the Multi-Megazord, and she says: “All right! I’m up with the BIG boys! Multi-Velociraptor Megazord, ACTIVATE!!!!”

General Shogun says: “Fallen MONSTERS; give me your STRENGTH!!!!”

Toby says: “Let’s strike him before he charges UP!!!!”

And with the added SPEED of the Velociraptor, the powered-up Megazord CHARGES at General Shogun, but General Shogun still says: “FIRE!!!!”

But in the nick of time, Pinkie says: ANKYLO Shield!!!!”

The charge, and the powerful blast of fire, end up cancelling each other out!

Usagi says: “We need a new tactic!”

Lettuce says: “Velociraptor, charge up V BLAST!!!!”

And with a surge of black and GREEN energy, the Megazord shoots a V-shaped blast of energy at General Shogun, but General Shogun BLOCKS the blast with his sword! The sword ends up getting KNOCKED out of General Shogun’s hand, and down to the ground next to the Spinosaurus zord! And the rest of the blast ends up getting DEFLECTED back to the Multi-Megazord, KNOCKING it down to the ground AGAIN!!!! General Shogun defiantly says: “Don’t you GET it YET; nothing you try is going to make a bit of DIFFERENCE!!!!”

BlackHawk says: “I’m not going to give up, YET!!!! If Ebony can join up with the Megazord, then so can I! Rangers, let the Spinosaurus become the BASE! I’m going to give the Megazord a MEGA boost!”

Pinkie says: “That’s a good idea if I’VE ever heard of one!!!!”

Changing into a huge TANK form, the Spinosaurus zord produces multiple LARGE cannons, flame-throwers, and LASERS from its body, and the Multi-Megazord JUMPS onto the back of the Spinosaurus zord! /

Omnus says: “Rangers, say hello to the final word in Megazord battles, the Multi-ULTRAZORD!!!!” /

And a HUGE blast of explosive energy is formed from the creation of the Ultrazord! BlackHawk is now seen in the newly formed Ultrazord! Usagi says: “Wow! I didn’t know we could ALL fit in here!”

BlackHawk says: “Yeah, it’s actually quite cozy!!!!”

General Shogun defiantly says: “So me what you’ve got!!!!”

Naruto says: “Multi-Ultrazord…”

And the Rangers simultaneously say: “Fire FULL ARSENAL!!!!”

And in a fast blurry of charges and BLASTS, General Shogun is completely over-whelmed by the display of FIRE-POWER from the ULTRAZORD!!!! General Shogun moans and says: “My body, is DISINTEGRATING!!!! My QUEEN, AVENGE ME!!!!” And General Shogun BLOWS up in a fiery blaze of energy!!!!

BlackHawk says: “No matter who you are, or how strong you are…”

Lettuce says: “The Rangers will ALWAYS be there to bring you down, every single TIME!!!!” /

At Queen Hedrian’s base, Mirror is producing a LOT of busts, ALL from the fallen monsters that were destroyed by the Rangers, and of General Shogun himself! But while Mirror is calm, Demon King Banriki is positively LIVID!!!! Demon King Banriki screams: “I won’t stand for THIS; I CAN’T stand for THIS!!!!”

And Demon King Banriki starts SHOOTING electricity EVERYWHERE; damaging the SHIP, and inflicting GRAVE injuries upon the Dusters in the base! Queen Hedrian screams: “Banriki, I demand that you calm down, RIGHT NOW!!!!”

And the Demon King suddenly STOPS; SHOCKED that Queen Hedrian didn’t address him by his FULL title! Queen Hedrian sighs and says: “It was NOT supposed to go DOWN like this! The only thing I’m thankful for, is that Rita is no longer EVIL, and therefore no longer inclined to criticize what has happened today.”

Mirror asks: “What are we going to do? We’ve lost MOST of the monsters we HAD in our hatchery reserve! Not to mention, General Shogun himself! We can’t POSSIBLY hope to combat SEVEN Rangers with our diminished resources!”

Queen Hedrian sighs and says: “Unfortunately, you’re right. We CAN’T fight against them; at least, NOT on our OWN! Which is why we will have to resort to something that I hoped, we would NEVER have to resort to.”

Banriki asks: “And what is that, my dear Queen?”

Queen Hedrian gulps, and she says: “We have to…we have to…we have to…WE have to…”

Banriki screams: “Spit it OUT, already!!!!”

Queen Hedrian screams: “AGREE to offer our services to EMPEROR DIABOLICA!!!!”

Mirror gasps and asks: “You’re SERIOUS about this?!”

Banriki skulks, and says: “I will NOT offer my loyalties to Emperor Diabolica, I FORBID IT!!!!”

Queen Hedrian seriously says: “As long as I’M the Queen, you will decide NOTHING!!!! My decision is FINAL!!!! Besides, it’s only until the RANGERS are destroyed! Once they are GONE, THAN we can resume our fight against Emperor Diabolica! It’s for the GREATER cause!” /

On Emperor Diabolica’s ship, Emperor Diabolica has woken up, and he is NONE too happy about the results of today’s battle! Emperor Diabolica angrily says: “BLOCKHEADS!!!! MORONS!!!! IDIOTS!!!! BRAIN DEAD RETARDS!!!! You have NO BRAINS!!!!” And Emperor Diabolica proceeds to DISINTEGRATE a bunch of Imps JUST to vent his frustration, and BLAST electricity at EVERYTHING that ISN’T bolted down to the floor!!!!

Vipera scoffs and says: “Well, I hate to say, ‘We TOLD you so;’ but the fact of the matter is, we TOTALLY did try to TELL you so!”

Emperor Diabolica angrily says: “All I asked for was for ONE monster to destroy those STUPID Power Rangers, and you CAN’T even get THAT right!!!! If YOU don’t STRAIGHTEN up, your very EXISTENCE in this dimension is going to become very THREATENED around HERE!!!!”

Drako interrupts and says: “I hate to interrupt your rant, sire, but Queen Hedrian is hailing us on the interdimensional calling channel.”

Emperor Diabolica calms down, and says: “Perhaps today has NOT been a lost cause, after all.”

And in a whir of electricity and magic, a large screen appears, and in it, the image of Queen Hedrian. Queen Hedrian says: “Emperor Diabolica.”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Queen Hedrian.”

Queen Hedrian seriously says: “I know you are a busy tyrant, so I’ll spare you the pleasantries and get right down to business. Earlier today, we both tried a HUGE gambit in our attempts to bring down the Power Rangers. Sadly, on our own, we both failed to bring an end to even ONE of the Power Rangers! I’m not calling to gloat over YOUR failure, or listen to YOUR condescending views toward MY failure! I have called you, because we BOTH want the same thing; the utter destruction of those Power Rangers! Therefore, I am proposing a temporary truce between the Taurans, and the Hedrian Clan.”

Kraky says: “A truce?! That sounds like a good deal!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Here’s how it will work; I will gladly offer any and all services you may require, as you come up with a plan that will lead to the doom and DEATHS of those DESPICABLE Power Rangers! If you are successful in bringing down the Power Rangers with one of your plans; then all I ask in return, is that you divide HALF of Core Earth equally among us, however you see fit to do so!”

Circe says: “Sounds like a good deal! Half is better than no Core Earth at all!”

Queen Hedrian says: “However, don’t expect my civility towards you to last. This is only a TEMPORARY truce! As soon as the Power Rangers are gone, we will resume our war against each other, and fight for the rest of Core Earth. Winner takes ALL; no exceptions! I won’t go easy on you, nor will I expect you to show any mercy towards me. We both fully know what EACH of us is capable of! Let’s see if we can put it to better use, as we unite to destroy the Rangers, once and for all!”

Emperor Diabolica thinks about it, and says: “Very well, Queen Hedrian; you have a deal. We shall cease fighting against each other, until we can get RID of those Rangers!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Very well, then. I hope this alliance proves to be beneficial for the BOTH of us!”

And Queen Hedrian’s image disappears! Vipera scoffs and she says: “Did you hear her TALK to us like THAT?!!! Do you honestly think the HEDRIAN clan can be trusted to keep their word?!”

Emperor Diabolica seriously says: “Of course I don’t TRUST them! But…if they are WILLING to lend their SERVICES to us in order to HELP our goals, far be it for US to stop them! As far as I’m concerned; Queen Hedrian and the REST of her breed, are just a bunch of USEFUL idiots! No more, no less. And once the Rangers are gone, we are TOTALLY going to double-cross Queen Hedrian, and take ALL of Core Earth for ourselves! And you, will even get to rule Neo Austrailiasia, as you so DEEPLY desire!”

Vipera smiles and says: “Forgive my earlier suspicions, sire. It looks like you HAVE thought of how to take care of EVERYTHING!!!!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Drako, it looks like you have a chance to redeem yourself. With Queen Hedrian’s help, you’ll be able to make MUCH stronger monsters than EVER before!”

Drako nods his head and says: “Thank you, sire! I won’t let you down again!”

Emperor Diabolica smiles and says: “Everything is going, according to plan!” /

At the Juice Bar, the Rangers are taking a much-needed break, after their long fight against all of the monsters they had to face against! Usagi says: “That was a TOTALLY amazing fight we had today!”

Toby says: “You said it! We definitely earned our R. and R. today!”

Pinkie says: “And we even got a brand new Ranger to help us out in our fights.”

BlackHawk sighs, and he says: “I’m afraid it’s not that simple.”

Lettuce asks: “What do you mean?”

BlackHawk says: “I already checked with Alpha Eight. The Orange Ruby DOES allow me to turn into a Ranger, but only as long as the Orange Ruby is connected to my own Woo Foo Powers! It’s not an inexhaustible source of energy like the Morphing Grid. I can recharge my powers, but it takes me time to do so. Therefore, I won’t always be able to just jump in and help you guys at any time, so you’ll have to continue to rely on your own strength for the most part.”

Naruto says: “Don’t worry about it; we’ll call for your help ONLY if we REALLY need it!”

BlackHawk smiles, and he says: “Well, I guess I better go shopping!”

Ebony asks: “Shopping? What for?”

BlackHawk chuckles and he says: “For new clothes! I noticed a severe lack of ORANGE in my wardrobe!”

Pinkie says: “Oh, BlackHawk!!!!” And the Rangers all laugh at the observation! /

Episode Notes: First appearance of the Multi-Velociraptor Megazord, AND the Multi-Ultrazord, the former consisting of the Velociraptor zord forming with the Multi-Megazord, and the latter consisting of the Spinosaurus zord forming with the Multi-Velociraptor Megazord! General Shogun is DESTROYED in this episode! Featured songs in this episode are “Don’t Fear the Reaper; Ride the Tiger;” and “Orange Crush,” the latter is ALSO the episode title! It’s revealed in this episode that both BlackHawk and Pinkie Pie have fourth wall situational awareness; they can HEAR the songs being played that the rest of the Rangers AREN’T able to! Queen Hedrian creates a temporary truce between the Hedrian Clan and the Taurans, which will last ONLY until EITHER of them are EVER able to come up with a plan to DESTROY the Power Rangers!

Personal Notes: One thing I noticed with a LOT of seasons of the “Power Rangers,” is that once the final Ranger is introduced, it is often the GAME changer for the “Power Rangers,” and the other Rangers will often RELY on the final Power Ranger in order to SOLVE their problems! In order to prevent this problem, I decided to LIMIT BlackHawk’s ability to morph into a Power Ranger, by making the Orange Ruby be tied to BlackHawk’s Woo Foo Powers, and NOT to the Morphing Grid! This also makes for a much more legitimate excuse as to WHY BlackHawk doesn’t ALWAYS fight with the rest of the “Power Rangers;” it’s because he needs TIME to recharge his Woo Foo powers! /

That’s my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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Cold As Ice

It's a nice and sunny morning in the city of Coastal Falls, and it was business as usual in the Jones household. The house's matriarch, Madison, was cooking breakfast when her son Toby sleepily walked into the kitchen. "Good morning, dear." the woman greeted cheerfully.

"Morning, mom." Toby replied. Immediately, it was obvious that there was something amiss. For one, Toby's voice sounded like his throat was filled with spit. As soon as he got close enough for her to reach, Madison pressed the back of her hand to Toby's forehead, her suspicions confirmed by the low fever that she instantly felt. Toby looked at his mother, utterly confused. "...Are you OK, mom?" he asked.

"I am," she responded. "but you aren't. Back to bed, mister. You're staying home today." At this, Toby realized what was going on: he was sick. There was no denying it; the gross feeling in his throat should have given it away. Normally, a run-of-the-mill cold wouldn't have been a problem...that is, if Toby weren't a Power Ranger. He obviously couldn't perform his duties in his condition, what would Omnus say? He'd probably give the usual advice of getting as much rest as possible, drinking plenty of fluids, etc. Resigned to his current situation, Toby went back upstairs, hoping he'd contact the Command Center for options on what to do once his mother left for work. Which, of course, brought yet another problem to the forefront.

"Mom," he called. "If you're not gonna be here, who's gonna take care of me today?"

Madison paused, not having thought of that. "...Maybe you can call up one of your friends?"

"Mom, they'll be in school." Toby deadpanned.

"Oh. What about those other friends of yours? The ones who run the Juice Bar at the mall?"

"Papyrus and Undyne..." Toby said, getting an idea. "Y'know, Papyrus might want to. He's always willing to help anyone."

"All right, dear. Do you have his number?"

Toby nodded, dialing the Juice Bar's number. After a small dial tone, a familiar, high-pitched voice answered: "HELLO, YOU'RE CALLING THE COASTAL FALLS JUICE BAR. THIS IS PAPYRUS."

"Hey, Papyrus. It's Toby. I need..." Before he could finish, Toby was interrupted by Papyrus.


"Yeah, that's why I called. Since my mom's gonna be at work, I'm gonna need someone to help me get better."


"Thanks." said Toby. "But, wait...won't Undyne notice you're gone?"


"Great." said Toby. "See you in a bit, Papyrus."

"I WILL SEE YOU THEN. GOODBYE, TOBY." And then another dial tone, indicating Papyrus hung up, presumably to go write his note.

Meanwhile, aboard the Diabolic, the combined forces of Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian were watching these events, as per usual...at least, for Diabolica's forces. Hedrian's forces, or what remained of them, were only starting to get used to working with the Taurans. "Hm. With the Blue Ranger out of the way, I see this as a perfect opportunity to strike." Queen Hedrian observed.

"Agreed." said Diabolica. "Should we send down a monster?"

At this, Drako's eyes lit up. "Oh, thank you, sire, I promise I will not fail-" At this, Diabolica growled, baring his claws at the small reptilian. He looked none too pleased, his pupiless eyes glowing a ghastly white.

"You will not fail, Drako, that much is certain. Before you question why, I will tell you: because you will not be participating in this scheme."

"Yes..." Queen Hedrian agreed. "He has failed you one too many times, yes?"

Emperor Diabolica nodded. "Indeed he has. That is why we will send one of the Hedrian Monsters instead."

"Are you sure you wish to do that, Emperor?" Hedrian asked. "You must remember that I only have 10 of these eggs left. Use them wisely."

"I am sure of it, Queen Hedrian." Diabolica answered. "Now, which one will we use to attack the Rangers?"

Hedrian put a finger to her chin, rubbing it in thought. "Hmmm..." she pondered. "Since the Blue Ranger has a cold, I suggest we freeze the others. And I have just the one." At her command, Circe and Kraky retrieved one of the Hedrieggs from a nearby shelf, and brought it forward. Taking it, Hedrian cast a spell, causing the egg to hatch into what could only be described as a cybernetic, squarish...thing with a maw of teeth molded into a permanent frown. The monster's most distinguishable feature was the large blue brain sticking out of its head, permanently frosted over with a layer of ice. "This is Freezir." the queen introduced. "He will be sent down to Core Earth and he will freeze the Rangers in battle."

"Excellent, my queen!" said Demon King Banriki. "Hopefully, this plan will not fail!"

"Before we begin, I have one request." said Mirror.

"Yes?" inquired Hedrian, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

"I would like to go into battle, so that I may avenge my sister." At this, Hedrian was shocked. She couldn't afford to lose another of her loyal subjects. A part of her, however, knew what Mirror's request boiled down to: revenge against the Rangers. Not just for Keller...but for General Shogun as well. Sighing, Hedrian gave a simple nod of confirmation, then cast a spell transforming Mirror into a golden monster similar to her sister.

"Do not fret, my queen." said Banriki. "I will accompany Mirror to ensure she is out of harm's way." And then he, Mirror, and Freezir teleported away.

A bit later, Papyrus had arrived at Toby's home, and was currently cooking chicken spaghetti soup...which, given that this was Papyrus' cooking, didn't sound very appetizing. And when he brought it to Toby, it didn't look very appetizing either, with chunks of marinara, chicken, and meatball swimming in a brownish broth. Not wishing to be rude, Toby took a spoonful, gently blew on it, and shoved it into his gullet. His face nearly scrunched up, the taste...actually wasn't too bad. It wasn't the best of course, but it certainly wasn't terrible. Toby began ravenously spooning more of the spaghetti-soup into his mouth, much to Papyrus' delight. "WOWIE!" the skeleton shouted. "YOU MUST REALLY ENJOY MY COOKING IF YOU ATE THAT FAST!"

"It was delicious!" Toby said with eager sincerity. "Reminds me of...of..." Toby's happy tone had changed to one of somberness quickly.

"PLEASE, DON'T CRY." said Papyrus, his tone worried. "TELL ME WHAT TROUBLES YOU."

Calming down a bit (though with his voice still on the verge of breaking), Toby replied with, "It's just...your cooking reminds me of my father's." Upon the mention of that last word, Papyrus instantly understood what Toby was talking about.


"You had a father?" Toby asked.

"...ONCE." Papyrus said, his own voice wistful and nostalgic for times gone by. "TELL ME ABOUT YOUR FATHER. IT MIGHT MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER."

"...My father's name was Derek Jones." Toby began. "He worked as a veternarian for Pokemon. Back when he was alive, we had a perfect family: him, my mom, my older sister Lucy, and me."

"I DO NOT WISH TO BRING UP BAD MEMORIES...BUT HOW DID HE...PASS ON?" Papyrus asked, intrigued and curious to hear more.

"...I can't remember; I was only five. My sister was eight. All we know is it was a work-related accident. It involved a very sick Pikachu. After my dad died...the three of us...we had to help each other support ourselves. My sister helped take care of me until she left for college a few months before we came to Coastal Falls." By the end of his story, Toby was gripping Papyrus in a tight hug. "...Thank you, Papyrus. You're not only helping me get better physically, but emotionally too."


Sometime even later, at the Juice Bar, the other Rangers were relaxing as per usual, when the familiar beeping of the Power Watches was heard. "Duty calls." Naruto said to Undyne, who simply nodded as the Rangers found a quiet corner to communicate in.

"Rangers, we have an emergency." said Omnus. "A monster is attacking Coastal Falls...but it is not the usual monster you tend to face: it is one of Queen Hedrian's."

"I thought you destroyed all of those last time!" Undyne said.

"We did, but it seems a few survived." Lettuce replied.

"All right, you know what to do." Naruto said. "IT'S MORPHIN' TI-"

"WAIT!" shouted Pinkie. "We can't fight without Toby!"

"Isn't he sick?" Usagi asked.

"Yeah." said Ebony. "Your point?"

"Point is," said Naruto. "Toby's in no condition to fight right now."

"So what do we do?" Lettuce asked. "It's not like we can just replaHEY...wait a minute..." He slowly turned to Undyne, who grinned. "Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

"Of course!" said Undyne. "I said I'd fill in for one of you just in case, and I'm gonna keep that promise!"

"There's a bit of a problem with that." said Naruto. "I don't think we can just teleport Toby's Power Watch to you."

"Do not worry!" said Alpha 8 over the communicator. "I can temporarily transfer Toby's watch to Undyne so that she can become the Blue Ranger." And just like that, the Power Watch was on Undyne's right hand.

"Sweet!" said Undyne. "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"







Once morphed, the team was teleported to the battlefield and posed. "POWER RANGERS!" they announced.

As per usual, they were confronted with the cannon fodder...except this time, it was now a blend of Dusters and Imps. "...Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?" Usagi asked.

"You mean Dusters and Imps working together?" Pinkie asked. "No, I'm seeing it too."

"So I'm not crazy then." Usagi deadpanned.

"Whatever they are, they're getting their butts kicked!" said Undyne, charging forward. The other Rangers followed suit, performing their typical moves. Undyne handled them via hand to hand combat and weapons, Naruto did backflips and hard punches, Pinkie improvised with various bucks, heaves, and party tricks, Usagi punched and kicked, Lettuce used basic wrestling moves, Ebony combined basic magic and unarmed fighting. Once the minions were defeated, Mirror, Banriki, and Freezir showed up. 

"We'll split up." Naruto said. "Undyne, you take care of Mirror and Banriki, we'll take care of this monster." Undyne nodded.

Banriki grinned devilishly, and Mirror growled. With a yell, Banriki found himself in hand to hand combat with Undyne, discovering that she was unusually strong for her size. "You're tough." he said. "But I, the demon king, am tougher."

"Oh, really?" said Undyne, summoning not one but two spears. Before Banriki could react, his eyes were suddenly gouged out via Undyne showing the spear tips into his eye sockets. Now blinded and with blood streaming out like blackened tears, Banriki wildly swung his weapon around...with Mirror in his path. With a yell, he struck Mirror dead, her body going up in a fiery explosion. Undyne pulled her spears out of Banriki's eyes as he teleported away. Once he was gone, the team was confronted with Freezir, who laughed.

"You may have defeated Banriki and Mirror, but you still have to face me." he taunted.

"Oh, yeah?" Naruto taunted back. "SABERTOOTH FOX MODE!" Once he transformed into his super mode, he charged forward with a kick, only for Freezir to fire a blue beam from his cranium, freezing Naruto into his position. The monster felt rather proud of himself, until he saw Naruto twitch and literally melt the ice off of himself. 


"You didn't count on me having a Sabertooth Fox Mode." Naruto shouted. "Now let's summon our Power Weapons!" 

"Right!" the others beside Undyne said.






Undyne joined them. "MIGHTY SPEARS!" she shouted as each weapon struck Freezir until he fell in a massive explosion. As per the routine, the battle was not done yet: the monster immediately regrew himself into a giant.

"TIME FOR A BIG FREEZE!" Freezir shouted, enjoying his new grown state.

"WE NEED DINOZORD POWER, NOW!" Naruto said, then Ebony proceeded to summon the Velociraptor Zord. Deciding that the normal Multimegazord wasn't enough for this battle, the Rangers formed the Multivelociraptormegazord straight away. Summoning the Power Sword, the massive robot struck down Freezir one last time, finishing him for good.

Back at the Juice Bar, the Rangers sat around, relaxing after the battle. "You know, it didn't feel the same without Toby." Usagi said.
"Yeah." the others said in unison.

"Hey, I have an idea!" said Pinkie. "Why don't we make Toby a get well card?"

"Where are we gonna get the stuff needed for..." Ebony began, but then noticed Pinkie had pulled out a very large blank card, along with pencils, pens, and crayons. With a small giggle and an eye roll, she joined the others.

On the Diabolic, a now-blind Banriki, his eyes nothing more than hollow black sockets, was bowing before Queen Hedrian, who was fashioning a bust of Mirror, as well as Freezir. "I apologize for this defeat my queen." he said, his voice low.

"Why do you bow before me like a sniveling coward?" Hedrian asked, her voice calm and collected. "You have failed me, yes, though this defeat was beyond your control: it has not only resulted in Mirror's demise by your accidental hand, but also you yourself becoming permanently blind, Banriki. So I will not punish you...this time."

"Thank you, Queen Hedrian." Banriki said, managing to get a good feel of his surroundings via his other senses. "I will not disappoint you next time."

"You'd better not." said Hedrian. "I will not go easy next time." Going into her chambers (which was originally an extra room on the Diabolic), Hedrian pondered her next move. It is not wise to lose more of my forces so quickly, she thought. I will need to call in reinforcements. Activating her personal communication screen, Hedrian faced a mysterious figure, and they talked a while.

That evening, as most everyone on the Diabolic slumbered, the sound of the alarm woke everyone: "INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!"

"What?! Who dares intrude on my ship?!" Emperor Diabolica demanded, as a mysterious woman dressed in black and gold, with a headdress adorned with a curved horn on the front and one on the side stepped forward.

"I am Amazoness. I come on behalf of Queen Hedrian, so that I may lead what remains of her forces."

"You mean..." Circe and Kraky asked.

"Yes. I am the new second-in-command for the Hedrian Clan."



-First time a singular Hedrian Monster is fought. This indicates that they will replace Bloodbeasts for the remainder of the season.

-Second time a Ranger's powers have been transferred to a non-Ranger. This was first done to Blackhawk in "The Red Flaw" story arc.

-We find out that Toby has an older sister named Lucy, who is currently in college in a different city.

-We also find out that Toby's father, Derek Jones, died in an accident; we also learn the name of Toby's mother: Madison.

-Papyrus reveals a bit about his family, namely his father W.D. Gaster, who might be trapped in the Warp.

-Mirror dies in this episode, and Demon King Banriki is permanently blinded.

First Appearances: Amazoness, who is based on Amazon Killer from Sun Vulcan, the sequel series to Denziman. 


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Well done! Clever combining the sequel series of "Sun Vulcan" into this season! Can't help but feel slightly bad for Demon King Banriki. Of course, this will only be a temporary setback. When I write "Hot-Blooded" you can expect Banriki to be powered up MORE than ever before! o.o

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Hot Blooded!

It is the afternoon, and on the school-yard of the Coastal Falls Academy, a bunch of athletes are playing soccer against a rival High school team; including Toby, Lettuce, Pinkie, Usagi, Naruto, Bash, Smash and BlackHawk. Ebony and D.O.G. are watching from the bleachers! D.O.G. says: “Go BlackHawk! I want to see you score some GOALS!!!!”

Ebony sighs, and says: “This is fun, I guess. I’d rather this school offer Quidditch, the way that Hogwarts does. At least THEN, someone might be at the risk of being severely HOSPITALIZED!”

D.O.G. says: “You have a WEIRD sense of entertainment, Ebony.”

Ebony says: “Look who’s talking! You can be entertained with just a stick, for HOURS at a time!”

D.O.G. says: “Fair enough!”

Pinkie says: “Pass it to me!”

But BlackHawk just scores a goal! The playing resumes, and BlackHawk soon gets the ball. Toby says: “Pass it to me, BlackHawk!”

But BlackHawk just scores a goal AGAIN! Lettuce manages to get the ball once playing resumes, and Lettuce says: “I’m going to get the goal THIS time!”

But BlackHawk TAKES the ball, and scores a goal AGAIN! D.O.G. rolls his eyes, and says: “BlackHawk is SUCH a glory hog!”

Ebony smiles, and she says: “That’s what I love about him, he knows how to get things, done!”

D.O.G. says: “Maybe, but he’s NOT being a team player!”

Usagi gets the ball once playing resumes, but she sees that her path to the goal is blocked, so she NEEDS to pass! Usagi says: “Heads up, Naruto!” And Usagi kicks the ball!

Naruto says: “I’ve got it!”

But BlackHawk takes the ball, and scores the FINAL goal of the game! Sans, who is doing the job of the soccer coach/announcer today, announces: “And it’s all over! Coastal Falls BEATS Stone Canyon 32-17!”

BlackHawk picks up the M.V.P. Trophy RESERVED for the best player, and he raises his hands, expecting a BUNCH of high fives, and he says: “All right! I won another AWARD!!!! Who’s got the Gatorade?!!!”

But his friends look CLEARLY unamused! BlackHawk asks: “Why are YOU looking so mopey, guys? We WON the game!”

Bash says: “But YOU scored most of the goals! We BARELY got a chance to PLAY!”

Smash says: “Exactly! Just because you’re the BEST soccer player, doesn’t mean you HAVE to be a lousy team-mate!”

BlackHawk scoffs, and asks: “Did I miss a MEMO or something?! I thought the goal of this GAME was to WIN!!!! What does it MATTER, who does the scoring?!”

Pinkie says: “It kind of matters to us, BlackHawk.”

Toby says: “Exactly. A game is only as much fun if ALL of us get a chance to play!”

Lettuce says: “And it’s pretty hard to do that when YOU do most of the playing!”

BlackHawk asks: “Is THAT what all you guys think?!”

Usagi answers: “Yes, that IS what we all think!”

And everybody EXCEPT BlackHawk, Naruto, and D.O.G. leave the field. Naruto goes up to BlackHawk, and Naruto says: “You know, there IS a reason why I didn’t even BOTHER trying to call you the LAST time we had an important mission; you DON’T appreciate the strengths of others!”

BlackHawk asks: “Like YOU’RE Mr. Sharing and Caring?! You’re JUST as obsessed with training as I am!”

Naruto says: “At least I care! At least I’m TRYING! What have YOU ever done?!”

BlackHawk says: “I’m letting D.O.G. live with me, free room and board, and all I ask in return is his loyal companionship! Isn’t THAT sharing and caring?!”

Naruto says: “Maybe. But you’ve got a LONG way to go before you’re anywhere CLOSE to being an ideal team-mate for us!” And Naruto leaves the field.

D.O.G. says: “Your friends ALL do have a point, you know!”

BlackHawk groans, and he says: “Fine! I have a LITTLE problem! I know! But whenever I get into one of these types of situation, I get into the zone! It’s like an addiction! I need a little practice, that’s all!”

D.O.G. asks: “The question is, are you ever going to get it?”

BlackHawk says: “I don’t know. Now let’s go home. I’m going to polish all of my trophies, naked!”

D.O.G. asks: “AGAIN?!!!” /

On Emperor Diabolica’s ship, Circe and Kraky are busy WORKING on Banriki! Banriki says: “Careful with those tools, they are SHARP!!!!”

Kraky says: “Just be PATIENT, sir! We are almost done with you!”

And the two of them back up, and Circe says: “VOILA!!!! Your sight has been restored!”

A mirror is held up to his face, and Banriki asks: “Why am I wearing a pair of cheap sun-glasses?!

Kraky says: “They may LOOK like sun-glasses; but they are a special brand of Tauran technology! Not only do they allow you to see NORMALLY; but they ALSO heighten your powers of sight IMMENSELY! Now you can see in infrared, ultra-violet, x-rays, digital, abstract, mosaic, pointillism, and practically ANY field of vision you can think of!”

Queen Hedrian says: “That’s all well and fine, but we need to focus on more important matters! I need to send a monster to Core Earth, in order to AVENGE the losses of all my fallen comrades! I owe those Rangers, NOT just from taking the Orange Ruby AWAY from me; but for destroying more than HALF of my loyal monster squad!”

Baphomet says: “Drako is cooking up something right now; you WON’T be disappointed!”

Drako says: “Exactly, my majesties! I have decided to combine the blood of a Blood-Beast, with one of Queen Hedrian’s remaining Eggs. It will be a monster that is half Blood Beast, half Hedrian Clan Monster! And the best part of it is, this monster will be composed of lava and magma! Hot to the touch, with the deadly skills to match! And being as hot as he is, the Rangers won’t be able to TOUCH this monster, let alone, defeat him!”

Vipera scoffs and says: “Finally! A REAL plan!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “IGNORE HER!!!!”

Drako says: “Will do, sir! And just in case this new creation isn’t enough, I have taken the liberty of combining some of our Imps, with some of Queen Hedrian’s Dusters, in order to create a brand new breed of Imp Dusters! Their combined strength will make it IMPOSSIBLE for the Power Rangers to win the battle THIS time!”

Amazoness appears, and she says: “Let’s hope so! Queen Hedrian only has nine eggs LEFT!!!!”

Emperor Diabolica threateningly says: “One more crass remark like that; and I’m going to take that sword of yours, and shove it SO far up your butt, you will have a sword for a MOUTH!!!!”

Vipera whines, and she says: “You NEVER let ANYBODY have any FUN around here!”

Drako says: “All done! Time for this little BEAUTY to hatch!”

And the egg hatches in a BLAZE of fire! A strong, lava-hardened monster appears, and he says: “I am Magmanificent! I am ready to DESTROY those Rangers for you!”

Queen Hedrian smiles, and she says: “Good! Take this army of Imp Dusters, and bring me back BlackHawk and the Orange Ruby! Destroy all the OTHER Power Rangers first, but I want to deal with BlackHawk PERSONALLY, for all the TROUBLE he has put me through! NOBODY makes the youngest daughter of Master VILE look like a FOOL!!!! And I’ll let you rule over BlackHawk’s home town of Neo Chicago if you’re successful! Take special care of that Orange Ruby! I want it MOST of all!”

Magmanificent eagerly says: “Will do, my majesty!”

And he, and the Imp Dusters disappear in a flaming hot fire BALL!!!! Baphomet sighs, and he says: “I REALLY hope the monster is successful THIS time! We can’t afford to have another plan go down in FLAMES!!!! No offense, Queen Hedrian!”

Queen Hedrian rolls her eyes, and she says: “Everybody is a CRITIC!!!!” /

True to his word; BlackHawk is in his room, polishing his MANY golden trophies, naked! D.O.G. asks: “If I may ask you something; why are you doing this?”

BlackHawk says: “It puts my mind at ease. Thinking about all the times I helped Yin, Yang, Dave, my younger brother Coop, and all the other Woo Foo Warriors in those battles against Ferocitus, Smoke, Ella Mental, and Indestructi-Bob. Besides; my Woo Foo Master Panda, Master Yo? He doesn’t wear any clothes at ALL!!!!”

D.O.G. says: “I can see where you get it from!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!)

BlackHawk sighs and says: “Fun-time is over! Time to suit up for another mission!”

D.O.G. says: “I highly agree!”

And BlackHawk puts on a brand-new pair of Orange PANTS; as well as a brand new Orange Shirt. BlackHawk activates his communicator watch, and he asks: “What’s up?”

Omnus says: “Your presence is required at the Command Center, immediately! The other Rangers are already on their way!”

BlackHawk says: “We’re on our way!”

D.O.G. asks: “We?”

BlackHawk says: “Of course! You can smell out the weaknesses of monsters, and you can sense how strong a monster is!”

D.O.G. happily says: “I think you’re making progress already!”

BlackHawk says: “I’m a work in progress. Now let’s go!”

And the two of them teleport to the Command Center! /

BlackHawk, D.O.G., and the other Rangers arrive at the Command Center. Pinkie asks: “What’s the situation this time?”

Alpha Eight says: “Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! It is a completely SERIOUS predicament! Take a look at the Viewing Globe!”

The Rangers do so, and they see a brand new lava monster, as well as what APPEAR to be Imps combined with Dusters! Toby asks: “What are those THINGS?!”

Omnus says: “The monster is called Magmanificent, and those THINGS are a special breed of Imp Dusters, created by Drako!”

Lettuce says: “I thought Imps and Dusters were bad enough on their own, but they look even WORSE when COMBINED together!”

Omnus says: “As you can see, Magmanificent is made of lava. Any attempt to physically fight him is HIGHLY unadvisable! He is hot to the touch, and his fire-based powers are even more deadly than usual! This is a Blood Beast COMBINED with a Hedrian Clan Monster!”

Usagi says: “That does sound bad! That means the monster will be TWICE as strong as usual!”

Alpha Eight says: “Precisely! Which means the Rangers will need a way of BEATING these stronger than usual bad guys!”

D.O.G. answers: “What’s our strategy this time?”

Omnus says: “Fortunately, I know of a specific brand of weapon that can easily DEFEAT these monsters, but getting these weapons will require a bit of a difficult endeavor.”

Ebony asks: “Why is that?”

Omnus says: “The Thunderslingers; a weapon once used by the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers themselves; can defeat the Imp Dusters AND Magmanificent. However, they were lost in history due to Master Vile’s time manipulation in 1996. Therefore two of you Rangers will need to go back to the year of 1995, BEFORE Master Vile manipulated time; in order to retrieve the Thunderslingers!”

BlackHawk asks: “But which two of us should go?”

Omnus says: “I have thought carefully about this. BlackHawk, Naruto, the two of you are the STRONGEST Rangers on this team. Therefore, you two shall be the ones to go back in time!”

Naruto shouts: “Are you crazy?! You know how stubborn and crazy BlackHawk can get! He doesn’t work WELL with others!”

BlackHawk says: “I can SO work well with others; IF you ever gave me a CHANCE to!”

Omnus says: “The two of you will have to put your differences aside. While Rita Repulsa may be the LESS evil sister between Queen Hedrian and herself, Rita Repulsa could be QUITE the headache, if you pardon the expression, back in the day; especially when teamed up with Lord Zedd!”

Pinkie asks: “But how WILL they go back in time?”

Omnus says: “The Simulation Planet will act as the gate-way between now, and 1995.”

Alpha Eight says: “When you arrive in 1995, you’ll arrive in the Command Center at that time, conveniently located in the mountains above Angel Grove, California.”

Toby asks: “But won’t Zordon question why two Rangers from the future have appeared in 1995?”

Omnus says: “He probably will. But whatever the two of you do, you must NOT mention the fact that his descendant; namely me, is now mentoring these future Rangers. It might cause him to freak out! Also, when you go back to 1995, you will meet Billy, Tommy, and Adam. They are Legendary Rangers, and you will be meeting them again when the time comes for you to team up with the other remaining Legendary Rangers! Also, one last thing; when you’re in 1995, don’t bring up the fact that Billy is GAY to the other Power Rangers! The 1990’s weren’t exactly the best TIME for gay people! I’m just saying, things are a lot cooler, now!”

Alpha Eight says: “The two of you will have to stay morphed when you’re back in 1995. Zordon and Alpha V can’t know of your true identities in 1995.”

Lettuce asks: “But how will Zordon and Alpha V know that the two of them are telling the truth?”

Omnus says: “Just mention the fact that Rita Repulsa’s more EVIL sister, Queen Hedrian, is causing trouble in the future! Zordon will take care of the rest.”

Naruto says: “Will do. The rest of you, go to the abandoned Rock Quarry where Magmanificent and the Imp Dusters are, and buy us the time we need to get the Thunderslingers. Try to take out the Imp Dusters, but don’t physically engage Magmanificent unless you absolutely HAVE to!”

Usagi says: “Will do, Naruto!”

Ebony says: “It’s MORPHING time!” /

BlackHawk says: “Spinosaurus!” / Ebony says: “Velociraptor!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!” / The Morphed Rangers simultaneously say: “Power Rangers!” /

D.O.G. says: “Good luck, you two!”

BlackHawk says: “Will do, D.O.G., and do your best to keep the other Rangers safe!”

D.O.G. says: “I will, BlackHawk!”

Naruto says: “Into the Simulation Planet!”

Naruto and BlackHawk enter the Simulation Planet; and with a surge of electrical energy, the two of them find themselves HURLING back in time to 1995! /

In the Angel Grove Command Center of 1995, it is a seemingly uneventful day for Zordon and Alpha V. Zordon says: “It’s feeling unusually quiet today. Don’t you think so, Alpha?”

Alpha V says: “Of course I do! It’s bad enough that Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa have now MARRIED together, but the Power Rangers are STILL on vacation in Australia! I don’t like leaving Angel Grove vulnerable to anybody like Scorpina!”

Zordon says: “Neither do I. But with my psychic powers of foresight, I have a feeling things are going to turn out…”

And a white glow appears in the Command Center, and Alpha V asks: “All right?”

And the morphed Naruto and BlackHawk land in the Command Center! Alpha V says: “Two RANGERS!!”

Zordon says: “But they are not Rangers that I am familiar with! Who are you two?”

Naruto says: “We can’t tell you that.”

Zordon asks: “Well, where do you come from?”

BlackHawk says: “We can’t exactly tell you that, either. All we can tell you is that we come from sometime in the future.”

Zordon asks: “So why have you come here?”

Naruto says: “Rita Repulsa’s more EVIL, younger sister, Queen Hedrian, is causing us a lot of problems in the future!”

Zordon asks: “Queen Hedrian has been FREED?!”

BlackHawk says: “You KNOW about her?!”

Zordon says: “Queen Hedrian is a MONSTER compared to Rita Repulsa! If I don’t help you, your future will be in jeopardy, and I don’t mean the game show! What kind of help do you need?”

Naruto says: “We’ve come for the Thunderslingers used by the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers themselves. Master Vile will cause them to vanish from history in a year’s time due to time manipulation if we don’t get them.”

Alpha V says: “Well, you might say we HAVE the Thunderslingers; you might say we don’t!”

Zordon says: “I have sealed the Thunderslingers in a pocket dimension, along with Titanus, due to Titanus being incompatible with the Thunderzords. If you are to retrieve the Thunderslingers, you must brave the attacks of Titanus, in order to retrieve the Thunderslingers. Titanus is good, but he can still be dangerous around unfamiliar Rangers! However, since you are indeed Power Rangers, I have a feeling that if anyone can pass the test of Titanus, it is you two.”

BlackHawk says: “We’ll do our best, Zordon.”

Alpha V says: “I’m setting up the teleportation system now. It will take you to within the radius of the Thunderslingers, so getting there won’t be any problem. Getting the Thunderslingers? That’s another matter entirely!”

Naruto says: “You let us worry about Titanus; we’ll work on getting the Thunderslingers!”

Zordon says: “Very well, you two. And may the power protect you!”

BlackHawk says: “Will do, Zordon!” And the two of them teleport out of the Command Center!

Alpha V says: “Oh, Zordon! I really DO think you should have TOLD them about how you KNOW who those two really are!”

Zordon says: “Trust me, Alpha. It’s important that they don’t KNOW that I know! This is a test that the two of them MUST pass together, in order to help them become better Rangers!”

Alpha V says: “Oh, I do hope Rita and Zedd aren’t in a WORLD conquering mood today!” /

But in Lord Zedd’s Moon Castle on the Moon, Lord Zedd is gazing DOWN on the Earth, and is viewing something with disgust! Lord Zedd yells: “RITA!!!! There are two unfamiliar Rangers that have appeared in that Pocket Dimension that Zordon set up! They’re heading for the Thunderslingers!”

Rita yells: “I HATE those things! Those weapons made mince-meat out of my Super Putties!”

Goldar says: “We must stop these strangers from getting those Thunderslingers!”

Baboo asks: “What do you think, Squatt?”

Squatt smells, and he says: “I smell the scent of Queen Hedrian surrounding those Rangers!”

Rita yells: “But my younger sister got BEATEN in a battle with those meddling twerps, the Power Rangers Digital Squadron! What gives?!”

Goldar says: “Queen Hedrian must have been freed by somebody in the future!”

Lord Zedd growls, and he says: “I HATE that irritating sister of yours!”

Rita Repulsa angrily says: “Me worse than YOU!!!! The only thing I’m GLAD about, is that she changed her last name when she MARRIED that Demon King, Banriki!”

Lord Zedd angrily says: “We must STOP these strange Rangers from getting those Thunderslingers!”

Finster asks: “Should I make up a monster for you in my monster-matic?”

Lord Zedd angrily yells: “NO!!!! Over the last THREE days, you’ve sent out a pirate, a bird cage monster, AND a telephone monster; all of which got BEATEN in a grand total of FIVE minutes! We need someone those Power Rangers can NEVER beat! Scorpina!!!!”

Scorpina appears, and she chuckles: “You called, my masters?”

Rita Repulsa says: “Two strange Rangers have appeared in that Pocket Dimension that Zordon has set up! You must stop them from getting those Thunderslingers!”

Scorpina chuckles, and she says: “You can count on me, to do this dirty deed!”

Lord Zedd angrily says: “We BETTER be able to count on you! Either you DESTROY those Power Rangers, or don’t you DARE come back! I will not TOLERATE failures around this castle!”

Scorpina seriously says: “I would give up my life before I let the two of you down. I have no plans of FAILING the two of you!” And Scorpina disappears.

Lord Zedd asks: “So, Rita, have you given any thoughts as to WHEN you want to have a kid with me?”

Rita seriously says: “Let’s wait until at least my DAD finds out about us! And IF we have a son together, we will name him Thrax!”

Goldar says: “I would fight for someone named Thrax!”

Finster shakes his head and says: “I think it’s a pity that Scorpina may be throwing her life away! But at LEAST I’ve got a VALUABLE asset on MY side!”

Finster PLUCKS a hair off of his head, and he says: “With my latest magic ritual, I will create a monster maker for a NEW generation! One based with the D.N.A. of those dreaded Taurans, and my own genius D.N.A., from ME!!!! Drako, it is TIME for you to be born!!!!”

And a tiny little baby, who looks like an infant version of Drako, appears in a basket on the floor! Finster chuckles and he says: “I think I’ve really outdone myself, this time! Perhaps someday, I will teach my son how to be nice and good, if for no other reason but so he can appeal to the more generous aspects of the Power Rangers, just in case things go south!” /

BlackHawk and Naruto appear in a canyon area, just outside of Angel Grove. Naruto asks: “Are you ready for this BlackHawk?”

BlackHawk answers: “As ready as I’ll ever be!”

Naruto points to a hill, where a familiar looking box is resting! Naruto says: “Look! The Thunderslingers are RIGHT there!”

BlackHawk says: “This could be easier than we thought!”

But as soon as he says that, TITANUS appears, and starts FIRING at the two Rangers, causing them to flip backwards in TRUE Power Ranger fashion! Naruto says: “HIDE!!!!”

And the two of them DUCK behind an outcrop of rocks! BlackHawk says: “We’re lucky Titanus is on the side of good! Imagine if he was a tool for EVIL!”

Naruto says: “I think one of us is going to need to distract Titanus, in order for one of us to get the Thunderslingers.”

BlackHawk says: “I’m better with a sword than you. I’ll stay and draw the fire of Titanus! But I can’t let you go after Titanus unprotected! Take my shield! Shield TRANSFER!!!!”

And the golden shield on BlackHawk’s Ranger armor gets transferred to Naruto! Naruto says: “That’s a handy trick!”

BlackHawk pulls out an orange sabre, and takes Naruto’s flame sword! BlackHawk says: “Just let me worry about holding off Titanus! You get the Thunderslingers as fast as you can!”

Naruto says: “Will do, BlackHawk!”

BlackHawk jumps out, and says: “Hey, big guy! Come and hit me, if you CAN!!!!”

And Titanus begins firing at BlackHawk, only for BlackHawk to BLOCK his attacks every single time, while Naruto QUICKLY scrambles for the Thunderslingers! Naruto begins climbing up the hill, and Naruto says: “I’m going to make it!”

But Titanus turns away from BlackHawk, and faces Naruto! BlackHawk says: “Naruto, look out!”

Titanus FIRES at Naruto, but BlackHawk’s golden shield causes the attack to HARMLESSLY bounce off! BlackHawk says: “Titanus, pay attention to ME!!!!”

And BlackHawk shoots electricity and FIRE at Titanus, causing Titanus to face BlackHawk again! Naruto says: “I’ll get the Thunderslingers THIS time!”

And sure enough, Naruto gets to the top of the hill, and picks up the Thunderslinger box! Naruto looks inside, and puzzled, activates his communicator, and asks: “Zordon, why do the Thunderslingers say, ‘Zyuranger’ on the side?”

Zordon says: “Ignore it! That will just disappear when you get to your own time!”

Naruto sighs and says: “Fine! BlackHawk, disengage! We can go back to our own time, now!”

But an unfamiliar enemy SHOOTS at Titanus, and Scorpina says: “Not so fast, you strangers!”

BlackHawk says: “I know who YOU are! You’re Scorpina!”

Scorpina says: “I’m flattered that you’ve HEARD of me! But hearing of me is ALL you will do! I’m going to DESTROY you, and make Rita’s wish to conquer Earth come TRUE!”

Naruto seriously says: “That will NEVER happen! Even if you had 200 YEARS to do it!”

Scorpina says: “Z-Putties, ATTACK!!!!”

And clay-based goons, with the letter ‘Z’, surround Scorpina! BlackHawk says: “It’s the Z-puttie squad! I know how to beat these guys! Do you know how, Naruto?!”

Naruto smiles and says: “Aim for the ‘Z’!”

BlackHawk says: “Let’s get these creeps!”

BlackHawk throws the Flame Sword back to Naruto, BlackHawk gets his golden shield back, and the two Rangers begin fighting the ‘Z’ Puttie squad! /

Back in the present, the other Rangers are engaged in a physical battle with the Imp Dusters, while Magmanificent throws out fire balls, trying to HIT the Rangers! Ebony says: “Stupid creep, fight FAIR!”

Toby says: “Queen Hedrian’s creeps NEVER fight fair!”

D.O.G. says: “Stay DOWN, Imp Dusters!”

And D.O.G. barks mightily, and his sonic bark BLOWS the Imp Dusters down, but they get RIGHT back up! D.O.G. says: “That didn’t do it!”

Lettuce says: “We’ll just have to keep on trying!”

Pinkie says: “Let’s use our Power weapons! That might do it!”

Usagi takes out her Wind Staff, and says: “Let’s do it!”

And the Rangers carry on in their fight against the Imp Dusters! /

Meanwhile, in 1995 Australia, Tommy exits a shop with a BUNCH of perfume and jewelry in boxes! Billy asks: “What are you doing, Tommy?”

Tommy brags: “Merely getting a bunch of gifts for my GIRLFRIEND! You know how WONDERFUL it is to have a GIRLFRIEND, Billy?! There’s nothing else LIKE having a nice GIRLFRIEND, Billy!”

Adam rolls his eyes and says: “Come on, Tommy. Cut it out!”

Tommy says: “Can’t cut it out! It will grow right back!”

(Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!)

Billy asks: “I wonder what it could be THIS time?” Billy answers the communicator and answers: “What is it, Zordon?”

Zordon answers, and says: “Rangers, Scorpina and some Z-Putties are attacking Titanus and two fellow Power Rangers! The three of you must come in and help them immediately”

Adam says: “We’re on our way!”

Tommy asks: “But what about all this STUFF that I’ve got to give to Kimberly?!”

Tommy looks around, and sees Bulk and Skull, Tommy says: “Can you guys do a favor for me?!”

Bulk says: “Depends. What kind of favor are you asking?”

Tommy hands his swag to Bulk and Skull, and Tommy says: “Give this stuff to Kimberly! I’d do it myself, but I’ve got to run back to my motel room! I forgot something there!”

Skull says: “No problem! Just get us autographed pictures of the actual Power Rangers, and we’ll do it!”

Adam sighs, and says: “We’ll do our best for you!”

Bulk says: “I told you luck would turn our way! Soon, we’ll know EXACTLY who the Power Rangers are!”

Billy facetiously nods his head and says: “Right. You just keep telling YOURSELVES, that!”

Tommy says: “Come on, you two! I need you to help me!”

And the three of them leave, and Skull asks: “Hey! Where are all THREE of you going?!”

But they don’t get any answer from them, and Kimberly soon comes up to them, and gasps: “WOW!!!! Look at all these pretty things! Skull, did you BUY all this STUFF for me?!”

Skull says: “Well, it IS for you! But…”

Kimberly says: “Wow! That is the NICEST thing anyone has ever DONE for me! Even TOMMY never does anything THAT nice for me! Want to go out on a date with me?!”

Skull, forgetting himself, romantically says: “SURE, Kimberly!”

Bulk asks: “But what about Tommy?”

Kimberly seriously asks: “What about him? Come bring the stuff to my motel room, then you can tell me a little bit more about yourself!”

Skull romantically says: “SURE, Kimberly!”

And the two of them head off, and Bulk says: “Somehow, I’m SURE this is some brand of karma for Tommy, CALLING Billy ‘Gay’ all the time!” And Bulk follows Skull and Kimberly! /

When Billy, Tommy, and Adam are alone, Adam says: “Let’s do it, guys! It’s MORPHING Time!” /

Tommy says: “Tigerzord!” / Adam says: “Mastodon!” / Billy says: “Triceratops!” /

And the three Power Rangers appear in the canyon, and Billy says: “Morphenominal! An ORANGE Ranger, and another Red Ranger!”

Naruto says: “How cool! Three Legendary Rangers!”

Tommy says: “We’ve stopped Rita and Zedd like one HUNDRED times, but I wouldn’t call us Legendary by any means!”

Adam says: “Especially in my case! I haven’t been around as LONG as you two!”

BlackHawk says: “Don’t worry, you’ll become legends for ALL the right reasons!”

Billy asks: “Why have you got the Thunderslingers?”

Naruto says: “We need them to stop Rita Repulsa’s younger sister, Queen Hedrian, in the FUTURE!!!!”

Tommy is taken aback and says: “WOW! I had no idea that Rita had a younger sister! In that case, you’ll need all the help you can get!”

Scorpina angrily says: “How DARE you Rangers come in and help these CREEPS?!”

Billy says: “You mess with ANY Ranger, Scorpina, you mess with ALL of them!”

Scorpina says: “Z-putties, attack ALL of them!”

Tommy says: “You guys are ASKING for a BUTT kicking!”

And a familiar, but STILL classic rocking song plays, while all five Rangers begin taking down the Z-putties! / “No, we cannot see. Who are we to look to? No, we cannot hear. What is to believe in? We keep dreaming of a world where all is good so we were told. We need a hero! And we keep dreaming of a time when good is all that we can find. We need a, we need a Hero! No, we cannot tell who's the one to lead us? But you know that we'll be there, waiting for them to find us. And we keep dreaming of a world where all is good so we were told. We need a hero! And we keep dreaming of a time when good is all that we can find. We need a, we need a Hero!” / And the Z-Putties are ALL broken into pieces!

Naruto says: “You’re on your own NOW, Scorpina!”

Scorpina angrily says: “I’m not giving up, YET!!!! My masters, make me grow giant, NOW!!!!” /

Lord Zedd produces a GROWTH bomb, and he says: “One giant Scorpina monster COMING up!” /

The bomb is thrown to Scorpina, and she CATCHES it! Scorpina says: “The ball is in MY court NOW!”

Scorpina detonates the bomb, and she grows into a gigantic, monster form! BlackHawk says: “Not good! Got any ideas on how to deal with this?!”

Tommy says: “Sure do! I call upon Tor, the Shuttle Zord!”

And Tor zooms in, and KNOCKS Scorpina off her feet! /

Zordon says: “Rangers, I’m afraid the only way to destroy Scorpina, is to sacrifice Tor. You must get up close to Scorpina, and BLOW up Tor at point blank range!” /

Billy says: “I understand, Zordon! Tor, GRAB Scorpina!”

And Tor EXTENDS his neck, and GRIPS Scorpina within its mouth!

Adam says: “Farewell, old friend! Initiate self-destruct sequence!”

And in a BLAST of energy, Tor blows itself up, TAKING Scorpina WITH it! Scorpina cries: “NO!!!! Rita, Zedd! AVENGE ME!!!!”

And Scorpina BLOWS up in a blast of flame! Naruto says: “I’m sorry you guys had to do that.”

Tommy says: “We just did what we had to do.”

BlackHawk says: “Well, I wish we could stay and chat, but we’ve got to get back to our own time.”

Billy says: “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure that we will ALL meet up again someday, somewhere unexpected! Good luck!”

Naruto says: “Same to you, Rangers!” And Naruto and BlackHawk disappear, to return to their own time!

Adam says: “Lord Zedd and Rita are going to be pretty MAD that we destroyed Scorpina!”

Tommy asks: “When are they NEVER mad?! Come on! I’ve got a hot DATE with Kimberly!”

Billy says: “You assume too much!” And the three of them disappear! /

In the moon castle, Goldar cries: “NO!!!! Scorpina, you were the only woman I ever TRULY loved!!!! Why did you sacrifice yourself?! Why; WHY?!!!”

Lord Zedd angrily says: “Those Rangers have CROSSED the line this time! I want those Rangers destroyed at ANY cost!”

Rita smiles creepily, and she says: “That’s why I’m going to call on the Wizard of Deception! With HIS magical powers, I can re-create the EVIL Green Power Ranger, and have HIM destroy the other Power Rangers ONCE and for all! Then, I will NEVER have another HEAD-ACHE ever AGAIN!”

Lord Zedd says: “Rita, I will THANK you to NEVER complain about having another head-ache EVER again! But that IS a diabolic plan! I LOVE how your foul, little mind, works!”

Finster turns to the infant Drako, and Finster says: “One day, you will create strong monsters of your OWN! You will stop those pesky Power Rangers, and bring a new era of peace and prosperity to this galaxy! One DAY, Drako!!!!” /

BlackHawk and Naruto RETURN back to the Command Center of their own time. BlackHawk says: “We did it, Omnus! We’ve got the Thunderslingers!”

Omnus says: “Good! Now use those weapons against Magmanificent and the Imp Dusters!”

Naruto says: “Will do, Omnus!” And the two of them disappear! /

Toby says: “Water Axe!”

Pinkie says: “Diamond Boomerang!”

Usagi says: “Wind Staff!”

Lettuce says: “Earth Mace!”

Ebony says: “Shadow Daggers!”

And utilizing their special attacks, the five Rangers ATTEMPT to strike down the Imp Dusters, but they STILL get back up! D.O.G. says: “MAN!!!! Can’t anything keep these guys down?!”

Naruto and BlackHawk appear, and BlackHawk says: “These things can! We’ve got the Thunderslingers!”

Toby says: “Awesome!”

And the five main Rangers get the Thunderslingers, and they simultaneously say: “Thunderslingers power up, FIRE!!!!”

And with a BLAST of fire energy, the Imp Dusters are BLOWN into smithereens! Magmanificent says: “You’re going to need more than THAT to bring me down!”

Naruto says: “That’s why we brought our Power Weapons! Flame Sword!”

BlackHawk says: “Electric Sabre!”

And the seven Rangers COMBINE their Power Weapons, with the Thunderslingers! The Rangers simultaneously say: “Ultra Power Blaster Cannon, FIRE!!!!”

And with a powerful blast of ENERGY, Magmanificent is BROUGHT down to the ground in ONE shot! /

Amazoness angrily says: “Queen Hedrian, Magmanificent is LOSING!!!!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Not to worry! Now it’s time for Round TWO!!!!” /

Magmanificent angrily says: “Time to stop playing around, and use my powers to GROW!!!!”

And Magmanificent grows fifty feet TALL! D.O.G. says: “You guys know what you have to do!”

Pinkie says: “Right! We need Dinozord power, NOW!!!!”

Six of the zords appear normally, while Ebony plays her guitar to summon the Velociraptor Zord! Usagi says: “Let’s do it!”

And the Rangers get into their respective zords! Lettuce says: “All right! It’s time to COOL Magmanificent DOWN!!!!”

Ebony says: “Let’s form the Velociraptor Multi-Megazord!”

And with quick speed, and maneuvering, the Velociraptor Multi-Megazord is formed!

Naruto says: “I call upon the power of the Power Sword!!!!”

And the Power Sword APPEARS electronically in the hands of the Megazord! Magmanificent says: “Just TRY to take me down, if you can!”

Toby says: “Oh, we’re taking you WAY down!”

While the Megazord engages in a battle against Magmanifcent, a rocking hit song by Foreigner is heard! / “Well, I'm hot blooded, check it and see! I got a fever of a hundred and three! Come on baby, do you do more than dance? I'm hot blooded, I'm hot blooded! You don't have to read my mind, to know what I have in mind! Honey, you ought to know. Now you move so fine, let me lay it on the line! I want to know, what you're doing after the show! Now it's up to you, we can make a secret rendezvous! Just me and you, I'll show you loving like you never knew! That's why, I'm hot blooded, check it and see! I got a fever of a hundred and three! Come on baby, do you do more than dance? I'm hot blooded, hot blooded! If it feels alright, maybe you can stay all night! Shall I leave you my key? But you've got to give me a sign, come on girl, some kind of sign! Tell me, are you hot mama? You sure look that way to me! Are you old enough? Will you be ready when I call your bluff? Is my timing right? Did you save your love for me tonight? Yeah I'm hot blooded, check it and see! Feel the fever burning inside of me! Come on baby, do you do more than dance? I'm hot blooded, I'm hot blooded; I'm hot! Now it's up to you, can we make a secret rendezvous? Oh, before we do, you'll have to get away from you know who! Well, I'm hot blooded, check it and see! I got a fever of a hundred and three! Come on baby, do you do more than dance? I'm hot blooded, I'm hot blooded! Hot blooded, every night! Hot blooded, you're looking so tight! Hot blooded, now you're driving me wild! Hot blooded, I'm so hot for you, child! Hot blooded, I'm a little bit high! Hot blooded, you're a little bit shy! Hot blooded, you're making me sing! Hot blooded, for your sweet; sweet, thing!” /

And despite using the Power Sword to CUT the arms of Magmanificent SEVERAL times, Magmanificent KEEPS reforming his arms EVERY single time! Pinkie says: “We need something stronger!”

Usagi says: “V BLAST!!!!”

The Velociraptor Multi-Megazord FIRES at the chest of Magmanificent, but Magmanificent simply HEALS the hole in its chest! Magmanificent says: “You’ll never take ME down!”

BlackHawk says: “Want to bet?! Time to form the Multi-ULTRAZORD!!!!”

And the Megazord hooks up to the Spinosaurus Zord, and creates the Multi-Ultrazord! /

Omnus says: “Rangers, hook up the Thunderslingers into the Weapons bay. It will give your cannons a super-powered charge!” /

Lettuce says: “Got it, Omnus! Fire Full Arsenal!!!!”

And with a flurry of fire-power, the Multi-Ultrazord quickly and EASILY decimates Magmanificent, causing it to EXPLODE in a ball of FLAMES!!!!

Ebony happily says: “Power Rangers; THAT was a powerful victory!” /

Amazoness sighs, as she puts up a bust of Magmanificent up on the “Fallen Monsters” shelf. Amazoness says: “I just don’t understand how these monsters keep FAILING! We even COMBINED that monster with a BLOOD Beast, for crying out loud!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Perhaps next time, YOU should fight alongside the monster, so we can ENSURE our victory!”

Amazoness says: “Will do, Queen Hedrian!”

Drako sighs and says: “I can’t believe my latest monster failed! I wonder if Finster and Rita ever had days like this?”

Then Drako looks at an old-fashioned picture of Finster smiling, and on it, in Finster’s handwriting, it says: “Don’t stop believing!”

Drako says: “You’re right, father! I can’t give up! I WON’T give up! I’m going to keep on trying until I create a monster that DESTROYS the Power Rangers!”

Meanwhile, Demon King Banriki is sulking, and saying: “Queen Hedrian has FAILED the Hedrian Clan one TOO many times for MY taste! Soon, VERY soon, I must STRIKE and take command for MYSELF! Then, and ONLY then, will the Hedrian Clan have a CHANCE for victory!” /

Back in 1995, Billy is at the Command Center, talking with Zordon and Alpha V. Billy says: “Those strange Rangers were really good fighters, Zordon! It’s a shame that they couldn’t stick around to help us out.”

Zordon says: “Trust us, Billy, they have their own battles in their OWN time that they must take care of.”

Billy says: “Speaking of battles, can the two of you do me a HUGE favor?!”

Zordon asks: “What is that?”

Billy sighs and says: “You’ve GOT to fake my disappearance! I can’t STAND Tommy calling me ‘gay’ as an INSULT anymore! I don’t want to put up with it any longer! You’ve got to do me a solid!”

Zordon sighs and says: “Give the two of us about 100 more adventures, and we’ll see what we can do.”

Billy sighs and says: “Understood, Zordon.” /

In the present day, Toby says: “Wow! It was so COOL that the two of you got to meet THREE Legendary Power Rangers!”

Naruto says: “And we succeeded, by putting our differences aside, and working together!”

BlackHawk says: “I admit it, you DID a good job, Naruto!”

Naruto smiles and says: “Thank you, BlackHawk. It means a lot to hear you say that!”

BlackHawk asks: “Does anyone want to play another game of soccer? I promise that you’ll ALL get a turn to kick the ball!”

D.O.G. asks: “Even me?”

Pinkie says: “As long as you can keep up!”

D.O.G. eagerly says: “I used to be called, ‘SPEEDY,’ back in the 1980’s!”

Usagi says: “I’m excited to see what you can do!”

And the episode ends as the Rangers run off to the soccer field! /

Episode Notes: Banriki’s sight is restored and enhanced in this episode. Banriki also begins CONTEMPLATING about BETRAYING Queen Hedrian, and taking command for HIMSELF! First time that a Blood Beast and a Queen Hedrian egg monster have been COMBINED together, as well as Imps and Dusters! Billy, Tommy, and Adam are featured in this episode as three Legendary Rangers that the “Power Rangers Multiverse Force” will one day meet up in a legendary battle! It is revealed in THIS episode, that Drako, is in fact, the SON of monster-maker Finster, and it is very clear that Drako is FOLLOWING in his father’s footsteps!

Personal Notes: The reason I made this episode, was to answer a lot of NAGGING question from the original “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.” For instance, why wasn’t Titanus used in season two? Why did Scorpina, Tor, and the Thunderslingers disappear after season two? Why did Kimberly end up breaking up with Tommy? And what was the REAL reason for Billy leaving the other “Power Rangers?” As far as Kimberly is concerned, word of God is that Kimberly ended up MARRYING Skull, so I decided to make their relationship CANNON in this episode, and as stated by Bulk, it’s karma for Tommy calling Billy ‘Gay’ as an insult one too many times! Just like how David Yost (the actor who played Billy) faced Homophobia while he was a Power Ranger, I decided to carry THAT trait over to Billy, as well as legitimize the REAL reason as to WHY Billy left the other Power Rangers! Don’t worry, this problem WILL be resolved when we meet Billy again in the future! /

That’s my episode idea for today! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)

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Weekend at Ebony's

Nighttime in Coastal Falls, and the Rangers (along with Bash and Smash) were headed to Ebony's house to spend the weekend. Each of the Rangers were dressed in their respective color, while Bash and Smash were dressed in leather jackets and blue jeans. Ebony looked at her friends and smiled, her perfect white teeth glistening. "Thanks for spending the weekend with me, guys." she said.

"Thanks for inviting us." said Naruto.

"Yeah." said Toby. "It's certainly better than polishing my Pokeballs."

"Oh, Toby." said Usagi, giggling.

"...Why are Bash and Smash here?" Lettuce asked.

"...Because Blackhawk invited them?" Pinkie guessed, bouncing along next to Lettuce.

Blackhawk and D.O.G., meanwhile were busy talking about what they might do.

"I have never been to a witch's house before." said D.O.G. "I hope it isn't scary."

"Don't worry." Blackhawk said, laughing. "Ebony will protect us."

D.O.G. began laughing as well, but stopped when he realized what Blackhawk meant. "Hey..." he protested.

Meanwhile on the Diabolic, Amazoness had come up with a plan to destroy the Rangers; her first, in fact. "My majesties," she began, turning to Diabolica and Hedrian. "it seems that all of your plans have been failures so far."

"That is correct." Diabolica grumbled irritably.

"Yes." Hedrian agreed. "Your point, Amazoness?"

"My point ia," Amazoness continued, taking an egg from the chamber. "that instead of sending down a monster, we bring the monster to the Rangers."

"Interesting." Queen Hedrian observed. "You plan to use the egg you're holding?" Amazoness nodded.

"Zombee." the second-in-command answered.

"Yes, I remember now." said Hedrian. "The Rangers will bee in for a big surprise when they fight him!" At this, Diabolica burst into gleeful laughter, along with Hedrian and Amazoness. Once it died down, Amazoness disappeared, Zombee's egg in hand. From within a corner, Banriki polished a sword, glaring at Hedrian when she wasn't looking.

"Yes...there will be a big surprise, Hedrian..." he muttered lowly so that she couldn't hear. "Your downfall."

Back at Ebony's house, everyone had settled into the living room, with Ebony and Blackhawk sitting on the couch, and everyone else sitting on the floor in groups of two: Toby and Usagi, Lettuce and Pinkie, Bash and Smash. D.O.G. laid on Blackhawk's lap, snoozing as the latter scratched his neck. "So..." Ebony said. "What do you guys want to do?"

"I dunno..." Blackhawk replied. "Wanna watch a movie?"

"Sure." said Ebony. "What do you guys wanna watch?"

Each of the others responded with varying answers. "Horror!" said Blackhawk.

"Comedy!" said Usagi and Toby.

"Musical!" Lettuce and Pinkie piped up.

"Action!" shouted Bash and Smash.

"Hmm..." Ebony pondered, pulling out her wand. "I think I have a movie that has a little bit of everything." Using Accio, she levitated a copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

"Now that that's settled..." Bash said. "Wanna get some takeout?"

"Sure." said Lettuce. "I'd cook, but this is supposed to be a relaxing weekend."

As the eight watched the film and ate pizza, Amazoness laid against one of the walls outside, blending into the night. Digging a small hole, Amazoness buried Zombee's egg, and lay in wait with a grin.

At the climax of the movie, Ebony and Blackhawk began to make out, much to the amusement of all besides Bash and Smash. "Don't laugh, guys." Bash chided. "Just let them have their moment."

As if sensing something, D.O.G. raised his head, and jumped off of Blackhawk's lap, nose raised in the air as if he were sniffing. Noticing this, Blackhawk pulled away from kissing Ebony and asked, "What is it, boy?"

"I'm not sure." said D.O.G. "I smell something." Following his canine companion, Blackhawk went to the spot on Ebony's lawn where Amazoness had been not long before. Digging a small hole, D.O.G. uncovered what lay beneath: the egg, which began to hatch. What emerged was a humanoid bee, about the size of a Beedrill, with a decayed yellow hue to his skin. "I knew something was wrong!" shouted D.O.G. "...The question is, how did a Hedrian Monster get here?" That was when Amazoness appeared from the shadows, a wicked grin on her face.

"I see you discovered my little surprise. Prepare to meet your doom, Orange Ranger. Once you're gone, Queen Hedrian can claim the Orange Ruby for herself!" She failed to notice that the other Rangers, along with Bash and Smash, had arrived to see what was going on. "Oh, goody. More playmates." Summoning a squadron of Imp Dusters, Amazoness sent them to attack.

"IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!" Blackhawk said. "SPINOSAURUS!"







The seven posed, and declared, "POWER RANGERS!" Charging at the Imp Dusters, the Rangers swiftly took them out. Bash and Smash simply watched, flabbergasted at the revelation that they now knew who the Power Rangers were. Once the Imp Dusters were down for the count, the main five Rangers summoned the Thunderslingers, firing them at Zombee, who fell back, damaged.

"AIM FOR THE HEAD!" Ebony reminded them. "That's the only way to stop a zombie!" Nodding, the Rangers armed their weapons, and fired directly at Zombee's head, which exploded. Rather than the body exploding with it, a loud buzzing was heard. "...Anyone else hear that?" Ebony asked.

"Yeah..." said Blackhawk. "It sounds like..."

"BEES!" Toby shouted, pointing as Zombee's skin came off like a suit, revealing an entire hive's worth of bees was inside, slowly forming into a new body.

"Just like in the movie!" Pinkie said. "Remember!?"

"Pinkie's right!" Lettuce said. "Oogie Boogie was just a large bug colony with a skin sack!'

"That means that there must be a queen controlling the swarm." said Naruto. "We have to destroy it with our Power Weapons!"

"Right!" said the others.








Combining their weapons with the Thunderslingers, the Ultra Power Blaster Cannon was formed. As the Zombee-Hive rushed forward, the team fired, striking it dead-on and setting it aflame. The swarm fell, finally exploding as per usual. With a growl, Amazoness teleported away.

Back on the Diabolic, Banriki had decided he would covertly strike, under the pretense of discussing a new plan with Hedrian. "So," said Hedrian. "what is this plan?"

"I plan to take on the Rangers myself. I will not send down a monster like we've been doing." said Banriki, slowly unsheathing his sword, ready for the kill.

"Ah, excellent." Hedrian said happily. "See to it that you succeed."

"Do not worry, my love..." Banriki said, a traitorous smirk on his face. "...with you out of the way, I will." With a loud shriek, Banriki struck Hedrian...or would have, had Amazoness not teleported between them and grabbed his arm. "W-wha..." he stammered, then felt a jolting pain as his arm was twisted out of its socket, followed by the other one. Next, Amazoness took Banriki's sword and proceeded to cut off his legs, causing profusive bleeding. Doing the same to Banriki's arms, both she and Hedrian watched the severly crippled barbarian slowly die of blood loss.

"Wait," said Hedrian, pulling a small vial from her robes. "I don't want him to die. Not yet, at least." Pouring the liquid onto what was left of the now-barely alive Banriki, she smirked. "You will get your chance to battle the Rangers, Banriki...as one of my monsters." At once, Banriki's skin began to harden and twist into an egg-like shape, becoming blinding white. In the timespan of a minute, Banriki was now a Monster Egg, and was placed inside the hatchery by Amazoness.

"Karma's a bitch." the latter remarked, Hedrian nodding as she laughed with glee.

At Ebony's house, the Rangers were discussing what to do with Bash and Smash now that they knew of their secret. It was a while before Ebony came up with an idea. "Hey, Bash and Smash. Wanna see a magic trick?" she asked, pulling out her wand. They nodded, and Ebony shouted "OBLIVATE!" In a bright flash, the duo looked around.

"...Is the movie over already?" Bash asked.

"Yeah. It was pretty good." Smash replied.

"What, exactly, did you do?" Blackhawk asked.

"Memory Charm." Ebony answered. "Removed their memory of us being Rangers." She was then pulled into another kiss by Blackhawk, who smirked once it was broken.

"Have I ever told you that I love you?" he asked rhetorically.

"Yep." she said, kissing him again as the Rangers went to join Bash and Smash in finishing off the rest of the pizza.



-Title is a reference to Weekend at Bernie's

-Zombee is the first Hedrian Monster to not grow.

-Banriki (to a degree) dies in this episode, but becomes a Monster Egg as a result of Hedrian "sparing" him.

-First time Amazoness participates in a battle.

-Bash and Smash find out who the Rangers are, at least until Ebony Oblivates their memories.

-Baphomet, Drako, Vipera, Circe, and Kraky do not appear in this episode.


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Wooly Bully!

                It is only early morning in a high school home room class. It’s before first period, and the class hasn’t even started yet. But some students have already entered the class room. Most notably, Toby, Lettuce, Usagi, Ebony, Naruto, BlackHawk, Bash, and Smash. Instead of their USUAL teacher coming in, EVERYONE is surprised when a SUBSTITUTE teacher walks in, and he is VERY familiar looking to BlackHawk, as the substitute teacher is a WALKING, talking, anthropomorphic blue dog! He writes his name on the chalkboard, and he says: “Good morning, class. Your regular teacher called in sick, so I am your substitute teacher, Anubis ‘Doggie’ Kruger; but you can call me Mr. Kruger for short!”

The class simultaneously says: “Good morning, Mr. Kruger.”

BlackHawk whispers to the other Rangers: “I know this guy! He’s one of the Legendary Rangers! From the S.P.D. days of the Ranger squadron! What’s he doing here and now?!”

Naruto whispers: “Probably for SOMETHING important! But what it is, I don’t know EXACTLY what it could BE just yet!”

Anubis says: “Anyways, I’d like to begin today by introducing a student of mine. All the way from New Tech City, please welcome Woolbur Fleecely!”

And an anthropomorphic, green sheep, wearing an S.P.D. uniform, enters the classroom. Anubis says: “Woolbur has come here to enhance his education, by learning skills and courses that are only offered at Coastal Falls. So please make him feel welcome while I prepare for your first lesson of the day; Advanced Robotic Repair Lessons Number One!”

And Woolbur takes the only empty seat in the classroom, which just HAPPENS to be right NEXT to Toby! Toby says: “Well, I guess I better get out the OLD notebook!”

And Toby reaches into his backpack to pull out his binder, but a BUNCH of “Pokemon” related MERCHANDISE and DRAWINGS fall out of it! Toby reaches down to GRAB it, but WOOLBUR picks it up first! Speaking in kind of a bleating voice, Woolbur asks: “What kind of stuff is this?”

Toby answers: “That’s my valued Pokemon merchandise!”

Woolbur asks: “Why do you OWN so much Pokemon merchandise?”

Toby says: “I used to be a Pokemon trainer! I was one of the best AROUND!!!! At least until my father passed away.”

Woolbur THROWS the merchandise in Toby’s face, and he angrily says: “I HATE Pokemon trainers! You guys and girls think you’re so HOT stuff; capturing HELPLESS little animals, and then locking them up inside little balls, and sadistically TRAINING them like they are your own personal SLAVES; like some trumped up GLADIATORS?! You make me SICK!!!!”

Anubis yells out: “Woolbur! What have I told you about acting out in a public setting?! Just because YOUR older brother died, does NOT give you an excuse to act HOSTILE towards other people!”

Woolbur SERIOUSLY says: “You AREN’T the boss of ME!”

Anubis seriously says: “I am going to kindly ask you to stand OUTSIDE; and THINK about how disrespectful you are BEING to other people in a PUBLIC setting!”

Woolbur begins walking outside, but he turns back to Toby, and Woolbur says: “We aren’t DONE with each other! We WILL, finish this LATER!”

And as Woolbur walks outside, Toby collapses on his desk in frustration, as he moans: “Come ON! What did I ever DO to HIM?!” /

On Emperor Diabolica’s ship, Emperor Diabolica has called up Queen Hedrian and Amazoness! Emperor Diabolica says: “Queen Hedrian, I’m afraid we must discuss the gigantic PROBLEM aboard this ship; the resources of your MONSTERS have been FALLING and FAILING at an ABYSMALLY high rate! I do not tolerate FAILURES in my empire! Perhaps I should call on for a STRONGER source of power. The Dark Kaiser has been looking for a chance to conquer the Earth again. Even, Dr. MANIAC wants to unleash some bio-beasts on Earth!”

Queen Hedrian desperately says: “You don’t need to DO that! I can do better than my sister! I WILL do better than my sister! I can show you that I’m the level of evil that Rita could never HOPE to be!”

Emperor Diabolica asks: “How are you going to do THAT?! With the exception of Amazoness, you have lost ALL of your loyal crew!”

Amazoness chuckles, and she says: “Not QUITE all of them! And we’ve got JUST the egg for the occasion! See for yourself!”

And Amazoness pulls out a FAMILIAR looking egg, pulsating with RADIATING evil energy! Emperor Diabolica says: “Impressive! This egg DOES seem to be a lot STRONGER than the OTHER ones!”

Queen Hedrian says: “That’s because, until RECENTLY, this egg USED to be my HUSBAND, Demon King Banriki, until he tried to KILL me and take the Hedrian throne for HIMSELF! So I had to PUNISH him, by reverting him BACK into an obedient monster slave! And you’ll be happy to know, that Banriki has a power level of over 13,000! None of the Rangers can boast THAT kind of strength!”

Emperor Diabolica asks: “Why should I throw away a perfectly good monster?! Banriki could be FAR more useful to us keeping the citizens of Core Earth in line, than as someone for the Power Rangers to roast over an open fire!”

Than a creepy voice whispers: “Don’t act like that! A STRONG monster like Banriki has his USES for you!”

Emperor Diabolica asks: “KHORNE?! You’re actually TALKING to us NOW?!” /

From many light years away; in an IMPRESSIVE Star Ship MANY times bigger and STRONGER than Emperor Diabolica’s ship, a CREEPY, blue-haired, blue-skinned, pointy-eared alien flashes a CREEPY slasher smile! Radiguet says: “YES!!!! I AM the one and only KHORNE!!!! And if you ask ME; Banriki can be used to POSSESS the body of someone the Rangers would never DREAM of hurting! It would cause a lot of CHAOS! And a lot of PAIN!!!! I suggest having Banriki possess the body of Woolbur Fleecely. With his added anger against Toby, he should have no problem; FINISHING those pathetic Power Rangers, once and for all!” /

Emperor Diabolica says: “I’m GLAD I thought of it! DRAKO; get your, mostly useless BUTT in here!!!!”

Drako rushes in, and he asks: “What do you want this time?”

Emperor Diabolica asks: “Can you take the content of this Hedrian Clan egg, and shrink it to fit inside of a blow-dart? I need this particular monster to possess the body of one Woolbur Fleecely! He will be the green, anthropomorphic sheep, who has a GRUDGE against Toby!”

Drako says: “A monster possessing a wooly bully? How exciting! But why don’t you ask one of your other loyal subjects to do it?”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Simple. They don’t have the HIGH level of competence and loyalty that YOU do! You ARE the only one, who has been unquestionably loyal to me throughout everything!”

Drako says: “That IS true, my lord! Very well! With T’zeen’tch as my witness, I will NOT let you down! Hedrian Egg, shrink to FIT!!!!”

And with his magic, the contents of the Hedrian Egg are SHRUNK to fit within the magic blow-dart gun being held by Drako! Drako says: “I will make SURE the Rangers have a DIFFICULT time prevailing against THIS beast of a monster!”

And Drako disappears! Amazoness asks: “You did not TELL Drako that KHORNE himself, told us to DO this particular deed?!”

Emperor Diabolica says: “No need to tell Drako about matters which do NOT concern him! Besides, my other servants are very BUSY at the moment!”

Queen Hedrian asks: “Doing what?”

Emperor Diabolica says: “Training and BRINGING you much needed back-up! I have HUNDREDS of loyal troops across the dozens of galaxies that I have conquered, and I think they will provide you with MUCH needed strength, to conquer the Rangers ONCE and for all!”

Amazoness says: “It’s nice to know that SOON, all of our troubles will be BEHIND us! With KHORNE to guide us, victory will SOON be imminent!” /

In his own space ship, Radiguet chuckles EVILLY to himself! Radiguet says: “Little do they know that I; the great God of JUDGMENT, has no intention of EVER bringing victory to EITHER of those two LOSERS!!!! Everything they have been doing has been so, according to MY personal design! Every evil thing they do, will gradually WEAKEN that STUPID LITTLE FORCE FIELD, preventing me from making a direct ATTACK against Core Earth! Once it’s gone, I will move in, and the whole UNIVERSE will be BEGGING for my mercy! And I won’t give it to them; because this universe deserves a BETTER class of villain, and I’m going to give them one, they will NEVER FORGET!!!!” /

It is lunch time, and Toby is sitting down to eat his mom’s home-made turkey sandwich, but then Woolbur comes along and KNOCKS the sandwich out of Toby’s hand! Toby asks: “Okay, did I do something AWFUL to you in a PAST life-time that I don’t remember about?! Well, whatever it was, I’m SORRY already! Okay?!”

Woolbur says: “SO not okay! How do you JUSTIFY owning and TRAINING a bunch of HELPLESS little Pokemon animals to do your dirty little BATTLES for you?!”

Lettuce comes up and asks: “Toby, is this guy bothering you?”

Woolbur says: “Don’t defend THIS guy, my fellow animal! He is an animal ABUSER!!!!”

Pinkie comes up, and she seriously says: “Toby has never hurt an innocent animal in his LIFE!!!!”

Woolbur says: “He’s LYING! But of COURSE, he would LIE!!!! All animal abusers DO!!!! You might may be too naïve to notice the TRUTH, but I’m NOT!!!!”

Pinkie asks: “What are you TALKING about? Toby is a really great guy!”

Woolbur says: “Not now, my lady. I will SAVE you BOTH from this BRAINWASHING that this guy has put you through!”

BlackHawk comes in and says: “And here I thought you just had an attitude problem! But now, I found out that you are either stupid, or you have some form of racism! You don’t strike me as the kind of guy who seems stupid! Do you have some kind of PROBLEM against Pokemon trainers?”

Woolbur strongly says: “You can’t honestly DEFEND this guy! He’s a HUMAN!!!! And humans are ALL alike! They will tell you that they are your BEST friends; and the minute you TURN your backs on them; they TAKE away the things that are MOST dear to you!”

BlackHawk decides to get serious, and he says: “All right, cut the CRAP; Woolbur Fleecely! I KNOW who you REALLY are; you’re the NEW S.P.D. Green Ranger!”

Woolbur panics, and he says: “Not so LOUD!!!! Do you want EVERYONE to HEAR and take you SERIOUSLY?!!!”

BlackHawk asks: “Do you REALLY want to test me? I talked to Mr. Kruger earlier; you’re BETTER than this! You’re a man of high position, esteemed by your peers! Loved by every guy at the S.P.D. academy! Especially your older brother!”

Woolbur asks: “What do you know about my older brother?”

BlackHawk says: “Nothing personally, but from what I heard, he was a GREAT guy, and he was a GREAT S.P.D. Green Ranger, until the arrival of Dr. Maniac! I heard he tricked the other Rangers into a trap, and the only way that FIVE of them could escape, was for one of them to stay behind in the trap so that the OTHERS could get out! Your older brother saved the LIVES of five, by giving up his own! Ever since then, you’ve had this irrational deep distrust about people, all because of ONE terrible tyrant!”

Woolbur yells: “My brother meant EVERYTHING to me! And that CREEP took him away from ME!!!!”

BlackHawk says: “I know it HURTS; but hurting other people isn’t going to BRING your brother back, and it will NEVER make you feel any better! Trust a guy who KNOWS from PERSONAL experience!”

Woolbur angrily says: “You don’t know what it feels like! You don’t know at all!”

And Woolbur runs outside! Toby asks: “Do you mean to tell me that Woolbur has been hurting ME, because he HIMSELF, was hurt?”

BlackHawk sighs and says: “Unfortunately, from my personal experience, I find that MOST bullies who hurt other people, have often been hurt THEMSELVES in the past!”

Toby says: “Still doesn’t explain why he decided to take it out on me.”

Lettuce says: “Obviously, Woolbur doesn’t know how to deal with his pain. Maybe if he found out that he had something in COMMON with us, he might respond BETTER to being friendly with us.”

Toby sighs and says: “It’s worth a shot. I certainly can’t think of any better ideas to try out!” /

Woolbur has run outside, and he asks himself: “What does that black bird know about pain and loss?! Besides, why should I have to admit that I’M wrong?! What would it prove, ANYWAYS?! It wouldn’t CHANGE anything! You can’t change the past!”

Woolbur looks up at the sky, and he shouts: “You said you would always BE there for me! But you’re NOT, and it’s because of ME! It’s MY fault! It’s MY FAULT!!!!” /

In the bushes, Drako mutters: “Feeling pain because you’re feeling guilty? No problem! Soon, you WON’T feel anything at ALL!!!!”

And Drako blows through the blow dart gun, and the dart HITS Woolbur in the neck! Woolbur asks: “Hey! What IS that?!”

He tries to remove the dart, but because of Drako’s MAGIC, it CAN’T be removed! Drako chuckles, and he says: “The deed is DONE!”

And Drako disappears, and inside, Demon King Banriki begins to regain his SENSES!!!! Banriki says: “I feel STRONG again! This new body will be PERFECT to bring about my COMEBACK, and I will DESTROY that TRAITOR of a wife, Queen Hedrian for SURE!!!!” /

BlackHawk, Lettuce, Toby, and Pinkie run toward Woolbur, and Toby says: “Woolbur, we need to talk to you!”

Woolbur nervously says: “Don’t come close to me! I don’t feel like myself!”

Pinkie asks: “What are you talking about?!”

And in a now demonic voice, with Banriki SPEAKING through Woolbur, he says: “GO AWAY!!!!”

D.O.G. rushes in, and barks LOUDLY, blowing the TRANSFORMING Woolbur several feet away! BlackHawk asks: “D.O.G.; why or what are you doing here?!”

D.O.G. says: “I didn’t come here to get an education! I smelled something WRONG here, and I was RIGHT! Demon King Banriki has been INJECTED into Woolbur!”

And sure enough, Woolbur transforms from his calm-looking, serene self, into a HULKING, ferocious sheep beast with LARGE bull horns! Over the intercom, the principal announces: “Coastal Falls Academy is declaring a state of EMERGENCY!!!! We ask that the school be IMMEDIATELY evacuated! Be gather all your belongings, and get to the nearest safe spot in an orderly fashion!”

Banriki yells: “SHUT up!!!!” And HE blasts the nearest intercom, FRYING it into uselessness!

Toby says: “That’s unacceptable! You want to bully ME around? That’s FINE!!!! But when you take it out on EVERYONE else, that’s where I HAVE to draw the line! We’re going to fight fire with FIRE! It’s MORPHING time!” /

BlackHawk says: “Spinosaurus!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / The Morphed Rangers simultaneously say: “Power Rangers!”

BlackHawk says: “D.O.G., get the other Rangers out here FAST! We’ll need their help in order to deal with Banriki POSSESSING Woolbur Fleecely!”

D.O.G. says: “Will do, BlackHawk!”

Banriki evilly says: “You’re not going ANYWHERE!!!!”

But BlackHawk ZOOMS fast, and STOPS Banriki’s spiky sword with his OWN Electric Sabre! Banriki says: “Out of my WAY, you LOUSE!!!! That meddling D.O.G. has been a thorn in my side for LONG enough!”

BlackHawk seriously says: “I will NEVER allow you to harm D.O.G.! Not as long as I’m ALIVE!!!!”

Banriki seriously yells: “Wooly Imps, ATTACK!!!!”

And a bunch of Imps covered in the SAME wooly armor that Banriki is, surround the Rangers! Toby says: “Okay, I wasn’t expecting this!”

Pinkie says: “We can take these creeps!”

Lettuce says: “Agreed! Let’s put these over-grown paperweights OUT of commission!”

And using their power weapons, the Rangers, fight against the Wooly Imps, all while a ROCKING hit song by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs is playing. / “Uno, dos, one, two, tres, quarto! Watch it now, he’ll get you! Here it comes, here it comes! Watch it now, watch it! Matty told Hatty about a thing she saw. Had two big horns and a wooly jaw. Wooly bully, wooly bully. Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully. Hatty told Matty, "Let's don't take no chance. Let's not be *L-seven*, come and learn to dance." Wooly bully, wooly bully. Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully. Watch it now, watch it! AHHH!!!! (Musical solo) Matty told Hatty, "That's the thing to do. Get you someone really, to pull the wool with you." Wooly bully, wooly bully. Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully. Watch it now, watch it! You got it!” / And the epic song ends as all the Wooly Imps are taken down, and they disappear!

Banriki says: “Fine! So you don’t want to play with my Imps? No problem! I’ll take care of you; ALL of you!!!!”

The other Rangers come rushing in, and Naruto says: “We’re here to help!”

BlackHawk says: “It’s about time!”

Usagi says: “Sorry we’re late! We just had to make sure there was nobody else left around at the school!”

Ebony says: “And now that we’re all alone, it’s MORPHING time!” /

Ebony says: “Velociraptor!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!” /

Banriki says: “You can’t hurt me! As long as I possess the body of Woolbur Fleecely, you’re not even going to TOUCH me, let alone, KILL me!”

Naruto asks: “Omnus, we could really use some help here!” /

Omnus says: “Rangers, use the Thunderslingers on STUN level! That will be strong enough to EXPEL Banriki from Woolbur, WITHOUT harming Woolbur in the process!” /

The five main Rangers pull out the Thunderslingers, and Lettuce says: “Got it!”

The five main Rangers simultaneously say: “Thunderslingers, STUN level!!!!”

And they all FIRE at Banriki at the SAME time, and sure enough, Woolbur REVERTS back to his normal self, though all his clothes have been torn UP as a result of Banriki possessing him, while Banriki gets tossed out, but STILL possessing his strong bully horns! Banriki says: “No fair! You weren’t supposed to HIT him!”

Toby asks: “Did you honestly believe that we were just going to LET you take over somebody else’s body like that?! Not as long as WE’RE around!!!!”

Banriki seriously says: “So allow me to take care of that problem, RIGHT now! FIST of the DEMON King!!!!”

And utilizing a BUNCH of fire power, he directs it at the Rangers, but they HOLD their ground! But the force is SO strong, it blows their HELMETS right off! Woolbur recovers, and he SEES the helmetless Rangers, and he asks: “YOU’RE Power Rangers, TO?!!!”

BlackHawk asks: “Well, why do you think I was able to talk to Mr. Kruger so OPENLY about you?”

Woolbur gasps in shock, and he realizes just how HORRIBLE he has been acting toward these heroic Rangers! Woolbur says: “I am SO ashamed of myself! I didn’t know, I SWEAR!!!!”

Banriki mock cries and says: “Boo-hoo-hoo! I’ve NEVER had a friend in my ENTIRE life, and my life is JUST perfect! Friends do nothing but get in your WAY, with their PETTY ‘relationships,’ their STUPID ‘feelings’, not to MENTION all the times a GIRL will ask you for a ‘favor,’ which is REALLY just a way of saying that they really WANT you, to put a very LONG--.”

BlackHawk seriously says: “DON’T even GO there, Banriki! How DARE you call yourself a great warrior?! Putting a fellow Ranger through something like THIS?! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Banriki seriously asks: “Do you think I ASKED to be reduced to THIS?! Because spoiler alert; I DIDN’T!!!! I was once the perfect WARRIOR of the Hedrian Clan! Uninhibited by petty, useless emotions! But then Queen Hedrian wrapped ME around HER arms, and turned my entire WORLD upside down! She took away my STRENGTH!!!! My ARROGANCE!!!! My REASON for FIGHTING!!!! She convinced me that by combining my strength with HERS, I would have EVERYTHING, and SHE left me with NOTHING!!!! That’s why I HAD to do what I have done! I needed a way, to return myself, to the warrior I was BEFORE!!!!”

Woolbur says: “You think emotions are useless? Well, you may be right about one thing. Sometimes, emotions DO cause you to feel pain and hurting. But that’s NOT a bad thing; that just makes you normal! And after going through what I went through with YOU; I’d RATHER feel hurt about not having my brother around anymore, as opposed to NOT being able to feel anything at all! I might not have been able to stop Dr. Maniac from taking my brother away from me, but I won’t ALLOW you to take these Ranger’s lives!”

Woolbur reaches into his wool, and he PULLS out an S.P.D. morpher! Woolbur says: “S.P.D., EMERGENCY!!!!” / Using a mighty jump, a morphing sequence shows a powerful surge of energy, allowing Woolbur to morph into the S.P.D. Green Ranger!

Woolbur grabs the Rangers’ helmets, and he throws them BACK to them! Woolbur says: “I think you guys might NEED these!”

Toby says: “Right! Back to action!”

And they put their helmets back on! Banriki says: “Do you think I’m scared of one more Ranger?!”

Woolbur says: “No, but you might be scared of THIS! Rangers, take my S.P.D. Blaster, and use it with your Power Weapons!”

Lettuce says: “You’ve got it!”

Toby says: “Water Ax and Thunderslinger!” / Pinkie says: “Diamond Boomerang and Thunderslinger!” / Usagi says: “Wind Staff and Thunderslinger!” / Lettuce says: “Earth Mace and Thunderslinger!” / Naruto says: “Flame Sword and Thunderslinger!” / Ebony says: “Shadow Daggers!” / BlackHawk says: “Electric Saber!” / Woolbur says: “S.P.D. Blaster!”

The Rangers simultaneously say: “Special Ultra Power Blaster Cannon, FIRE!!!!”

And the powerful BEAMS of energy FIRE at Banriki, and they knock him DOWN in one hit! /

Queen Hedrian angrily says: “Did I tell you that you could get beat UP like THAT?!!! Get off your lazy butt THIS instant, or I SWEAR I will make you SUFFER a HELL far worse than you could POSSIBLY IMAGINE!!” /

Banriki gets up, and he wearily says: “Time for round two! I’ll give you a thrashing you won’t soon forget, as I take all my STRENGTH, and GROW!!!!”

And sure enough, Banriki grows fifty feet high, and his energy is rejuvenated! Banriki says: “Now THIS is the power that I’m talking about!”

Woolbur asks: “Can you Rangers take it from here? I’ll get D.O.G. to safety!”

Ebony says: “We sure can! We need Dinozord Power, NOW!!!!”

Six of the Rangers summon their zords normally, while Ebony plays her guitar to summon the Velociraptor Zord! The Rangers all get into their respective zords! Naruto says: “Rangers, we need to summon the Velociraptor Multi-Megazord! BlackHawk, keep Banriki busy while we get it formed!”

BlackHawk says: “Can do, Naruto! Fire full arsenal!!!!”

And firing a flurry of missiles and torpedoes, BlackHawk KNOCKS Banriki down to the ground! And this gives the Rangers the time they need to form the Velociraptor Multi-Megazord!

Usagi says: “All right! We need to dispose of this bad guy for good!”

Lettuce says: “I call upon the power of the POWER Sword!!!!”

And the Power Sword electronically appears in the hands of the Megazord! The Megazord begins SLASHING at Banriki as he CLAWS at the Megazord, but the sword is BARELY seeming to PHASE him, despite making SEVERAL cuts in his body! Banriki laughs and he says: “Do you think that little TOOTHPICK is going to maim ME?!!! You’re going to have to come up with something a LOT more painful than that! WATCH!!!! FIST of the DEMON King!!!!”

Pinkie says: “ANKYLO Shield!!!!”

The Shield BLOCKS the attack, but the Megazord STILL gets pushed several yards BACKWARDS, and gets TOSSED to the ground! Toby says: “That won’t work! Now what?!”

Naruto says: “Let’s use the V Blast attack!”

The other Rangers simultaneously say: “RIGHT!!!!”

And they fire the V Blast at FULL strength, but it only ends up making a V-shaped SCAR on Banriki’s chest! Banriki says: “Queen Hedrian APPREICIATES it whenever I get a new scar in battle! It makes me look SO, masculine!” /

Alpha Eight says: “Rangers, you need the power of ALL the zords! It’s the only way to take Banriki down for good!” /

BlackHawk says: “Got it! Time to form the Multi-Ultrazord!!!!”

And sure enough, the Velociraptor Multi-Megazord, connects with the Spinosaurus, creating the powerful Multi-Ultrazord! Lettuce says: “Rangers, let us connect the Thunderslingers in, and create a super-powered charge!”

The Rangers simultaneously say: “Ultrazord, fire FULL arsenal!!!!”

And with a flurry of ultra-powerful attacks, the Ultrazord wreaks unimaginable PAIN on Banriki! Banriki cries: “This cannot happening to ME!!!! My QUEEN, don’t forsake the DEMON KING!!!!”

And Banriki blows UP in a gigantic ball of flame! Toby says: “Rangers; that was a super-powerful win!” /

On Emperor Diabolica’s ship, Amazoness sighs as she produces a bust of Banriki, and puts it on the ever growing SHELF of Queen Hedrian’s fallen monsters! Amazoness sighs, as she says: “This is UNTHINKABLE!!!! How can one of Queen Hedrian’s BEST, fail just like the rest?!”

Vipera arrives, and she says: “I’ll tell you how! He doesn’t have the discipline and skill to know WHEN to retreat the way I do!”

Amazoness angrily says: “This is all YOUR fault! If you and your FRIENDS had been around to help, we would be COMPLAINING about having nothing to do!”

Vipera says: “While I would LOVE to send Circe and Kraky to their DEATHS, Emperor Diabolica says that he NEEDS them for his world conquering plan!”

Amazoness says: “IF Emperor Diabolica EVER stops being mad about THIS latest failure!!!!”

Emperor Diabolica FLAILS a painful Cat O’Nine Tails Whip at his Imps, and he angrily says: “You stupid minions have failed me YET again!!!! Why do you DO this to ME?! You all give me such a HEADACHE!!”

Vipera says: “I SEE what you mean!”

In a hidden chamber on Emperor Diabolica’s ship, Queen Hedrian is heard being talked to by RADIGUET again! Radiguet whispers to her: “Poor Queen Hedrian! Banriki didn’t destroy the Rangers at all? Did he? How could you let that husband of yours HUMILIATE you; SO completely, hmmm?!”

Queen Hedrian says: “Please, Khorne! It’s not my fault! I’m doing my best! I’m trying! I really am!”

Radiguet says: “You don’t want to be REPLACED, do you?! It would be a REAL shame to have the younger sister of RITA Repulsa, be replaced by a bad guy who got DEFEATED by the Power Rangers Valor Force, or a bad guy who got defeated by the Power Rangers Bionic Force?”

Queen Hedrian desperately says: “NO! I CAN do this!!!! Let me call upon the strength of my allies, from the Black Magma Empire! They will give me ALL the power I need to destroy the Rangers once and for all! I WILL make my father proud, and be the daughter who made ALL of Master Vile’s dreams, come true! I’m the only one who CAN!!!!”

Radiguet says: “See that you do! I WOULD like to meet up with you PERSONALLY!!!!”

Queen Hedrian bows, and says: “I will not let you down, Khorne!” /

On Radiguet’s ship, Radiguet says: “Poor Queen Hedrian! She has NO idea that her life is nearing a tragic END!!!! I’ve already sent my GOOD Friends, Queen Beryl and Doctor Maniac as an advance party for my ARRIVAL! Since Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian CLEARLY aren’t evil or capable enough of weakening that stupid force field FAST enough; I shall simply have to rely on TOUGHER, STRONGER villains, to do the job FOR me! In terms of Core Earth time, I estimate they’ve got about six weeks LEFT to LIVE!!!! Oh, I just LOVE IT when I’m NASTY; which is all the TIME!!!! HA, HA!!!!” /

The Rangers are now de-morphed, and they’re hanging around the High School swimming pool, waiting for someone. Sans rushes up, and he says: “I got some spare, green clothes for Woolbur! You’re lucky that I decided to work as a clothes sales skeleton today!”

Woolbur gets out, and he says: “I’m VERY thankful!”

And Woolbur shakes himself dry! Ebony says: “You ARE pretty impressive! But NOT as impressive as BlackHawk!”

BlackHawk asks: “How would YOU know how impressive--?”

Ebony says: “I sometimes use Polyjuice Potion to disguise myself as a boy in order to sneak into showers and ‘SIZE’ up the competition, so to speak! Don’t worry, nobody comes CLOSE to matching YOU!”

Toby says: “Girl has some WEIRD hobbies!”

Woolbur puts on his clothes, and he says: “I’m so SORRY for all the trouble I put you through! I’m not worthy of being a Power Ranger the way you are.”

Lettuce asks: “Why would you say that? You were pretty TERRIFIC once you got Banriki out of your system!”

Woolbur asks: “How do you figure? If Dr. Maniac hadn’t have captured me, my older brother wouldn’t have had to sacrifice his life for me!”

Toby asks: “Wait a minute! Did you say Dr. Maniac?!”

BlackHawk asks: “You’ve heard of HIM, to?!”

Toby says: “Dr. Maniac was the main antagonist for the Power Rangers Bionic Force! And unfortunately, Woolbur, your older brother was NOT the first Ranger to be MURDERED by the genius CREEP! The very first yellow Ranger of the Power Rangers Bionic Force got KILLED only nine adventures IN!”

Woolbur asks: “Is THAT supposed to make me feel any better?”

Toby says: “Well, if it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only one who has lost someone close. I’ve lost my father as well.”

Usagi says: “Woolbur, we can never replace the brother you lost, but we would be HONORED if you could learn how to become our friend, and work together to STOP creeps like Dr. Maniac from taking away any MORE innocent lives!”

Woolbur says: “I’d like that! Mr. Kruger, would you come here, please?”

Kruger walks out, and he asks: “Do you need to talk to me, Woolbur?”

Woolbur says: “Yes, sir. I’d like to stay here. I found out that I have more in common with these Rangers than I thought. So I’d like to stay and help out when I can. It’s the least I can do for what I’ve put them through.”

Kruger smiles, and he says: “I was hoping you’d say that, because it will be YOUR responsibility to call the Legendary Rangers together, when it is time for ALL of us to band together!”

Naruto asks: “All of you?”

Kruger says: “You’ve met five other Rangers, right? There is one more besides me, and HE is the fiercest, and most powerful Red Ranger among ALL the Red Rangers! No offense, Naruto!”

Naruto sighs, and he says: “None, taken.”

Kruger says: “We will meet again when the time is right! Dismissed!”

And Kruger teleports out of there! Woolbur asks: “So, Toby; why do you train Pokemon, anyways?!”

Toby excitedly says: “I thought you would NEVER ask! It all started when I was very young…”

And they run off together while they start talking! BlackHawk says: “This looks like the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL friendship!”

D.O.G. says: “It sure does, BlackHawk! It sure does!” /

Epilogue, Power Fact! : The Rangers, de-morphed and out of character, appear to talk directly to the TV audience. Toby says: “Unfortunately, in many schools, bullying is still a major problem, and often can’t be solved in just a 22 minute time span.”

Pinkie says: “That’s why it is up to ALL of us to make a difference, by reaching out, and understanding the differences between all of us!”

Lettuce says: “Try talking to people. You might find out that you have more in common than you think.”

Ebony says: “And if that still doesn’t work, the best thing you can do is ignore those who try to bully you.”

Usagi says: “Or if you can’t, get an adult to try and help you out in a situation. Most adults are VERY sympathetic, and will often be very helpful to a student in need.”

Naruto says: “If we all work together, we can make school, and everywhere else a better place to be.”

BlackHawk says: “Remember, bullying is not cool, and it does NOT make you cool! And THAT, is a Power Fact!” /

Episode Notes: Character introduction of Woolbur Fleecely. He is the CURRENT Green S.P.D. Power Ranger, and he will become an occasional assistant to the other Rangers when the need arises. Anubis ‘Doggie’ Kruger makes a guest appearance in this episode, making him the sixth Legendary Ranger to appear, and mentions that there is one MORE Legendary Ranger, and HE is a Red Ranger! Demon King Banriki is unceremoniously DESTROYED in this episode! It is revealed that there are OTHER evil factions in the “Power Rangers Multiverse Force” universe. The Dark Kaiser (from “Super Sentai Goranger/Power Rangers Valor Force”), the Black Magma Empire (from “Super Sentai Sun Vulcan/Power Rangers Solar Force”), and Dr. Maniac (from “Super Sentai Bioman/Power Rangers Bionic Force”). Queen Hedrian mentions the Black Magma Empire as her allies, and decides to CALL on their help to aid her in her battles against the Power Rangers, while Dr. Maniac is revealed to be associated with SOMEONE named Queen Beryl! They will BOTH play more prominent roles in season two