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what is your favorite request that I've done so far? :hehe:

I loved that "Ozu fam goes to the Shore Shack" you did recently. 


im so happy you're here?


Aw, you're so sweet! I'm happy to be here.



One of my friends showed me this New Girl gif.  Made my day?

That is great. Nice meta joke considering Zooey's in that movie :P

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what would be the best km episode around the ozu fam in your opinion?

Hmm...how about one where Guano is up for some award, but Ozu and Kiyoko are busy and can't attend, so Guano gets bummed out. But then Mikey and the other LilyMu cast decide to support Guano. In the end, parents end up going to the awards to be there for Guano for once.


(And wacky hijinks ensue at some point because it's Kappa Mikey)





LOL! Ever since I started college, I've been drinking more coffee. It sure does perk you up.

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coffee doenst work for me?

Yeah, I've noticed it doesn't affect everyone. Of course, those people who get a venti-sized coffee at Starbucks are crazy lel

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