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Top 10 SB Episodes Patteh dislikes but everyone else likes

Patty Rose

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Greetings my fellow member, and welcome to a top 10 list you've never seen before (probably)
This is the Top 10 SB Episodes Patteh dislikes but everyone else likes.
Now since the dawn of existance, there's been SpongeBob episodes that I think everyone can agree on with the same opinion. But there can be episodes where only one person doesn't like them. And that would be me.
So to prove this, I have taken 10 episodes of SpongeBob that seems to have plenty of praise throughout the SB fandom but I don't really see what's so great about them.
But before we can begin, here is a couple of rules.
1. This is entially opinion based.
2. This isn't a top 10 overrated SB list.
3. Spoiler: The first three picks are pre-movie episodes and are given that spot as pre-movie reserves and imo are all meh episodes. This means that there could be post-movies that I hate more then those episodes, but I have to give them a spot just so I can talk about those episodes. After number 8, the post-movie episodes begins.
Honorable Mentions

Sleepy Time
Slimy Dancing
The Battle of Bikini Bottom
Sand Castles in the Sand
Single Cell Anniversary
I Heart Dancing

#10 coming eventually.
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Yes. This is my first choice. Come get me.
Now first of all, I mentioned that I would be listing three pre-movie episodes first which are all meh episodes and Pre-Hibernation Week is one of them.
I'm not saying the episode is bad, I think there's some really good jokes in it which is why this was lucky against it's other 2 competiters (but we'll get to those soon)
But let's move on to what I don't like about the episode. One of the main problems I had with the episode was Sandy's performance. I felt she was just unlikable and felt a little out of character. I'm not saying she was 100% out of character, Being tough and doing dangerous stuff is part of her personality, but another part of her personality that she lacked in this episode was caring for her friends.
So the plot goes, Sandy's begins preparations for hibernation but starts to get upset when she realises she only has a week to do a bunch of activities. SpongeBob offers to accompany Sandy through the week. We start of with some really brilliant humor and some of the best parts of the episode. But things get worse when Sandy prevents SpongeBob from sleeping so they can have more time for activities. This is when I'm starting to hate Sandy. The two do some more activities until it gets to the part that makes me want to strangle her. When the two are riding through the industrial park, SpongeBob is obivously screaming in pain, and what does Sandy do? She stares straight at him smiling, thinking he's enjoying it.
- "Yeah, I'm having fun too!" - Sandy.
So Basically, Sandy doesn't question the fact that SpongeBob just maybe isn't enjoying all of this. Come on Sandy, you're his friend, you should know when a friend isn't happy with what you're currently doing. But of cause, Sandy still doesn't ask SpongeBob if he's had enough and the next activity causes SpongeBob to run away. When Sandy finds his pants, she believes that something bad has happened to him and calls the citizens of Bikini Bottom to help in her search.
- "Gold Team Rules!" - Ripped Fish.
She goes far to even let the citizens suffer and like SpongeBob, forcing them to stay awake throughout their search. But again like SpongeBob, they run away. Sandy then destroys the entire city looking for SpongeBob when the citizens realise SpongeBob is in the same hiding place as them. They kick him out and the two are reuinited. Finally, SpongeBob finally confesses that he's not enjoying any of Sandy's activities, which is what Sandy should have asked him ages ago! But luckly for him, Sandy falls asleep and the episode ends.
- "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!" - Patrick.
Overall, I found the episode alright but just couldn't make a good or attraction because of Sandy's performance. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get a billion word essay on why I'm wrong about this episode, but hey. They're just opinions. But if you want to be more fanboyey, stay tune to what I have later in stock.
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This is the only episode on this list that I changed my mind about completly. When I remembered the episode, I remembered a bunch of unfunny and mean spirited jokes towards SpongeBob. So let's dig in.
SpongeBob and Patrick walk on a bus after a fun day at Glove World. We get a quite funny scene with SpongeBob giving his bus fare, although I do feel like that dragged on a bit. When they take their seat, Patrick notices a sign saying that they're leaving Bikini Bottom which makes SpongeBob realise they're on the wrong bus. The bus driver kicks the two off and leaves them at Rock Bottom. SpongeBob and Patrick get uncomfortable about the place and look for the bus scheudule, which Patrick was able to catch and get removed from the plot, leaving just SpongeBob. This is when the stuff I dislike about the episode begins. From there to near the end, it's basically boring, overused and even mean-spirited gags envolving SpongeBob waiting for the bus. The most mean spirited part is when SpongeBob has to walk over to a vending machine, he quickly pays his money, but when SpongeBob attempts to grab it, the bus just trolls him. When he gets back, an alien steals SpongeBob's candy bar leaving him to starve and carry on with the boring bus gags. He then breaks down and goes into an information centre looking for the next bus schedule. The aliens waiting plays a mean spirited joke on him just to make SB want to kill himself. When SpongeBob finally gets to reception, he's missed the last bus and SpongeBob breaks down even more. He then quickly feels like he's being followed when it's really one of the aliens he encountered that chased SpongeBob's balloon. He helpfully blows the balloon which gets SpongeBob back to the Bikini Bottom. We finally see Patrick on the bus to Rock Bottom coming back for SpongeBob.
While this isn't the worst episode ever, this episode has alot of mean spirited jokes and while there are some funny jokes, they're just not enough to clear this episode's name. Sorry guys, but Rock Bottom feels to me like a Rocky Bottom episode. (hehe puns)
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It was pretty difficult to pick which episode was worse. Rock Bottom or MuscleBob BuffPants. I finally decided on MuscleBob BuffPants as for reasons we'll get to eventually.
Now to be honest, I honestly don't really have any critism on the episode. But if that's the case, why the heck is it even on the list? The answer is because, it's mostly pretty boring.
While there is some pretty entertaining parts, it was mostly just about SpongeBob talking about his muscles and SpongeBob attempting the use the muscles. I felt those jokes were just played too much and die too quickly. I also did slightly feel sorry for SpongeBob because of how weak he is in this episode, I just didn't find it funny when SpongeBob was trying to move with a glass of juice crushing his hand. This is an episode which I thought had plenty of potential but just didn't use it for me.
As you've noticed this is a very short review, since I don't really have much to save about the episode since of how boring it is.
But yeah, because of how boring it was for me, that's why it's worse then Rock Bottom. While Rock Bottom did attempt at most of the mean spirited jokes, this one doesn't really have that much.
So yeah, very short review. That's the end of the pre-movie reservations. Moving on to a post-movie episode soon.
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Alright, we've finally moved onto post-movies! One of the things you might not have noticed in my first three picks were that they had some form of SpongeBob abuse (and spoiler alert, there's gonna be more) but this episode is no exception. Similar to MuscleBob BuffPants, I felt this episode had so much potetional. The Krusty Krab being themed around SpongeBob? That's a great idea and gave hundreds of doors to creative and imaginitive ideas, and while they do have some, it mostly felt that the potetional was wasted. So let's stop ranting on and start ranting about the plot.
So the episode begins with some pretty boring exposition with SpongeBob getting frighten about an upcoming critic visit. We then see the critic arrive at the Krusty Krab door, which obivously is modelled around film critic Gene Scallet (If only Roger Ebert could have still talked around this time :( ). After he tries a Krabby Patty, he appears on the news channel to give his review of the Krusty Krab. It appears negative until he mentions SpongeBob which was the only good thing about the place and saved the KK from going bankrupt. After Mr. Krabs realises SpongeBob's the reason the Krusty Krab is succesful, he starts merchandising his yellow employee, including renaming the Krusty Krab's name and forcefully stuffing Squidward in a SB suit (insert Five Nights at Freddy's joke). This is when the episode starts to go downhill. When SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs his spatula's missing, he's actually given Squidward SpongeBob's job and makes SpongeBob conduct a small kiddie train known as the Krusty Sponge Fun Train. Why are there so many SB episodes where Mr. Krabs completely forgets the reason why SpongeBob is his best employee (soon...). We get some pretty weak slapstick abuse from Squidward, along with Mr. Krabs trying out the new SpongeBob merchandise and SpongeBob finally passing out from the train rides. He replaces himself with a decoy and walks into the Krusty Krab where he's encountered by a horde of yellow zombies. SpongeBob tries to warn Mr. Krabs about this, until realising they're really his customers that have been food posioned from eating a yellow patty which Mr. Krabs again replaces because of him merchandising SB. Mr. Krabs is then put on trial for his crime for the episode and when he thinks he's about to face the music, he noticed the judge holding a SpongeBob decorated mallet where the Judge mentions he's a huge SpongeBob fan (so wait, SB has a fanbase EVEN in his own show? Wow, he really is popular). So that means SpongeBob is back to his old job and Mr. Krabs in free from punished. So who's the one who gets the punishment? Of cause it's Squidward, because this a post-movie episode. So what was Squidward's crime to get the punishment instead of poisoning innocent people? Just trying to work a SpongeBob costume.
While there are a couple of jokes here and then (Tangy Spongey Sauce and Mildy Spongey Sauce) but it's mostly just nothing happening, and even if there is a joke, they're just very weak to help entertain me. Sorry guys, this one's a miss for me.
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