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Status Updates posted by hippythehippo

  1. I haven't logged on in like 4 or 5 years.


  2. happy birthday to an absolute god 

  3. 2019 status that changes the universe

  4. So what was the result of the fight on sbm

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. CakeCup


      proof that sbm is irredeemable.

    3. MMM


      Wait, which fight?

    4. Klu


      In all episodes reviewed PieGuy's topic.

  5. Plankton Paranoia is the best season 11 episode.

    1. Klu



      Can't wait for your review

    2. El Jacko
  6. I take it back, pie guys season 10 vid sucks.

    1. Wumbo


      is that your final answer

    2. Klu


      Welp, I don't understand those who defend this video

      It's clearly weakest in the series

  7. DirtierDan belongs on Mount Rushmore 

  8. (Copied from SBM)

    Hot take on the new episodes from mother russia (not final)

    Shopping List was fine, not amazing, but it has solid jokes and good dynamics. Also THICC DADDY KRABS IN THE BATHTUB

    Whale Watching is really good, I love it a lot, one of my favorites of the Season for sure. Great animation, with stop motion in there too, some good jokes, great interactions between Pearl, Squid, and Dylan, and a sweet and funny ending make this a fun watch.

    Krusty Kleaners on the other hand did not work for me at all. Sponge+Pat felt way to loud and obnoxious for me to enjoy. Some good jokes, like the seppuko, Pac Man, and the ending quote, but otherwise to slapstick heavyand loud. 

    I went into Patnocchio with extremely low expectations, which is why I was blown away by the quality. It is by no means amazing, but it is surprisingly clever, the Pinnochio parody was spot on, and there were a lot of good jokes here. It you are critical of the Season, I doubt you will enjoy this, but it checks a lot of boxes for me.

    Chefbob feels like a combo of Squid Wood and Squirrel Jokes (don't worry, it is not as terrible as Squid Wood, though not as great as Squirrel Jokes). The episode is surprisingly funny with it's mean spirited humor, though the story does feel a bit rushed at the end. It's decent though.

    Pretty good new episodes if you ask me. Really enjoyed them, besides Krusty Kleaners

  9. Honestly Pokemon Showdown only rewards the garbage stall or players who make a thousand misplays. Got down from 1850s to 1550s in one shot due to every move critting or getting 10% freezes.

  10. Being a teen sucks. Being a kid sucks. Being an adult sucks. Basically, at every point in your life, you should always be materialistic to be happy. :p

    1. WinterArcanine


      ikr everything sucks

    2. CakeCup


      life used to be fun before people made it sucked.

  11. Do we know if this is the first time mdpp had...relations with a minor 

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