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  1. Wikipedia is a terrible source for information.

  2. I mean, what the fuck is a muscle?


    1. Danny DeVito
    2. dmandagiraffe



  4. Now it's time to pop this video game in and play the game

  5. A Christmas music poll for people too cool for mainstream Christmas music like that Mariah song that made a year-end chart for the third time come on billboard (Hot Take: I like "Oh Santa" better) You can choose another song as long as it's not one of the choices in the other poll to avoid heavy competition (see poll here)
  6. ditty.it but since I never got to experience ditty.it, I'm going with Discord
  7. If you need a general answer: pop, rock, and hip-hop. Though I can always expand my thoughts: Although I don't mind new pop music, I always find myself more fascinated with pop from the '80s and '90s. I grew up listening to a lot of it (as well as some 2000s stuff) when I was a child and I still have some good attachment to a whole chunk of those songs. 'Course, I also enjoy the 2000s and early 2010s throwbacks if they're any good. Same can be said for my opinion on rock. I listened to a lot of rock back then whether it was Led Zeppelin or 3 Doors Down. I never became a lot aware of the indie scene until 2010 when I began listening to SiriusXM's The Spectrum. And I chose hip-hop too but my opinion is in Hawkbit's thread on it. But if we're talking about a genre that fathered hip-hop I really like the most, it's funk. A lot of great music from the '70s came from that genre. Also, I like disco to an extent. In all honesty, every genre has had a lot of good music. 'Cept bro-country. Fuck you, Luke Bryan.
  8. Fuck David Zaslav, all my homies hate him

  9. As a sendoff to my final days as mod as well as the news of Cartoon Network Studios shutting down after 27 years, I decided to send both of them off with a poll. Which era brought the greatest Cartoon Cartoons ever? And yes, I am generously adding Ed Edd n Eddy and Total Drama Island too as they were both pivotal to making this network great. Just for kicks, I will make this multiple choice so you can choose up to 2 or 3 eras you loved the most (as long as you don't go overboard like a certain #1 fan of SpongeBob).
  10. LET'S DO THIS SHIT EDIT: I see jjs already added Zombie by The Cranberries so just pretend that it's Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) by David Bowie
  11. I will never understand early 2010s SBC's lack of taste in good shows. Anyway, since I've started watching it and know a few members on the Discord who do watch it, discuss it here. It has Tom Kenny! And Jill Talley! And other people not on SpongeBob!
  12. i can already tell how rhcp heavy this playlist is gonna be ANYWAY:
  13. On the surface, 9/11 honors those who have died when the planes crashed into the Twin Towers. Down here, we honor people who fall asleep in long lines!

  15. Good thing I already had a playlist like this
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