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  1. Homer, I can honestly say that was the best episode of Impy & Chimpy I've ever seen.

  2. Oh Meg, I haven't seen you smile like this in a long time. Probably not since you were in that music video.

  3. full cover of arnold shortman singing higher by creed when

  4. The Pokémon franchise is like a game of jenga. If you move one thing it all falls apart.

  5. Oh, you're not getting into Heaven in those, honey, no. I'm sorry. I died for your sins, but those pumps are unforgivable!

  6. Drop the Krispy Kreme, Serpico! We need your help here!

  7. What are you looking at? Go away before I turn you into a toad or a snake!

  8. Hey all. I've experienced some computer trouble earlier today, but just managed to get it to startup again through a different method. I'm in the process of fixing the problem with my computer, so depending on how it pans out, I might be offline for a while..

  9. The SpongeBob Community has been brought to you by the letter x.

  10. Why this trope exists

    The simplest explanation is that the woman is simply bigger than the other female characters, or simply older and thus more fully grown and developed, or both at once — unlike a flat-chested woman, who is more likely to come across as small, young and more delicate. In American Superhero comics, this is often touted as the reason the Most Common Superpower exists—to establish the difference between younger girls and older women (however, as the trope became more common, there has been less and less distinction between the body types.) In any case, her greater general size leads to both larger breasts as well as greater leverage and muscle mass (not that you'll often see much physical evidence of the latter—compare the biceps on the ladies in the trope image, for instance). If all of the female characters are physically active and she is the oldest, it can also be assumed she's been actively building strength and learning how to use it longer than her juniors have.

  11. Chemist Bob has entered the chat.

  12. It's that time of year again

    1. Danny DeVito

      Danny DeVito


    2. Old Man Jenkins
  13. My dad used to tell me I was lazy. I got dance moves like Patrick Swayze. I'm the left over turkey for the world's mayonnaisey.

  14. "Okay, you've convinced me. you can put your Crystal Pepsi display up your Crystal Pepsi ass."

  15. Owl House is the Dark Souls of Disney animated shows. Owl House is like Kiki's Delivery Service fused with Beetlejuice with a hint of Little Witch Academia along with a few touches of Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, and Jupiter Ascending, on top of being an animated fantasy that is one part Adventure Time, two parts Gravity Falls, three parts Logan meets Shrek, five parts Steven Universe, equal parts Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, and as well as Hell's Kitchen, Seinfeld, Grand Theft Auto, and Blair Witch Project in spades, and not to mention the similarities to The Looney Tunes Show in a castle far far away where no one can hear you Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      Suppose I could've also just said "kimba simba hmmm suspicious" and called it a day

    2. HawkbitAlpha
  16. *Jerry Seinfeld voice* What's with almost every psuedo-intellectual internet reviewing shmuck being named Jeremy? (Jeremy Scott, CinemaSins) (Jeremy Hambly, TheQuartering) (Jeremy Griggs, Geeks + Gamers) I need to know!

  17. We have a challenge to EIDOS. In Tomb Raider III, create a storyline in which Lara gets breast cancer. Imagine the drama of a vulnerable Lara Croft still persisting on her worldly adventures despite her illness. It needs fleshing out, no pun intended, but we guarantee the gaming world would be shocked, stunned, and moved by the effort to make Lara's character more meaningful.

  18. Trouble with the trolley, eh?

  19. Get me a sandwich.

    1. Jjs Goodman

      Jjs Goodman

      Do not forget my name.

  20. Dude, think about it. A giant cheetah jumping over Saddam Hussein. 

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      A cheetah so giant, in fact, that it seemingly dwarfs a literal tank in size

  21. Like and share this status if you are 420 (adult who still watches cartoons) and proud of it. 

  22. And you may find yourself in a SpongeBob forum. And you may find yourself in another part of the world. And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile. And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife. And you may ask yourself, "Well, how did I get here?"

    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      oh hey, this got me the Status Updater badge

    2. 4EverGreen


      And you may tell yourself, this is not my large automobile. And you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house. And you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful wife. And you may ask yourself, "Hey, where am I going?!"

  23. breaking news: ajr still sucks


    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      AND, I kid you not, the single cover art looks like this:

      The DJ Is Crying For Help - Single by AJR | Spotify

    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward


      an audacy classic

  24. You see, Mr. Delicious is, well, a little...over-extended. Perhaps the Rax executives aren't paying him enough to compromise his integrity. On the other hand, you can't eat integrity, but you certainly can eat a hearty roast beef sandwich for 99 cents.

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