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  1. EPISODE II - MISCELLANEOUS CHARACTERS The Star Wars galaxy has such a variety of characters that for this episode, we'll be taking a look at five random people that didn't quite fit in our other categories, but are equally important all the same. So what have they been up to? Ben Quadinaros Following the grand race at the Boonta Eve Classic, Ben continued his podracing career into the rise of the Empire. He even got a lucrative brand deal with Rydonium Incorporated and became one of their star sponsors. He later retired from his podracing career after the fall of the
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  2. EPISODE I – BOUNTY HUNTERS The Empire certainly didn't need their scum, but their fame and deadly efficiency has made them some of the most interesting people in the galaxy. So what have they been up to? Zuckuss Zuckuss failed to catch Han Solo before Boba Fett did, which he took very personally. From then on, he chose to focus on capturing targets more suited to his insect tastes, such as rotting garbage and bright, ultraviolet light. Thankfully, he’s much happier this way. 4-LOM 4-LOM failed to catch Solo as well, which made him realize bounty hunting
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  3. this is honestly pretty compelling, it's plausible
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  4. So I've started to work on a new project in Squidville. With the help of crushingmayhem's WorldEdit, here are the beginnings of the University of SpongeCraftia. A comprehensive educational institution for players to party and for villagers to get smarter. It's begun with a clock tower that photographs well in brochures but serves no purpose, and the Quad is complete for now. My next step would be to build an academic building and a library on either side of it. Night View:
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