Snowcember Ball 2014

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Snowcember Ball 2014
The Snowcember Ball 2014 logo.
Start Date December 5, 2014
End Date December 29, 2014
Event Coordinators Aquatic Nuggets
Events SpongeBob Jeopardy!
Christmas Trivia
Spin-Off War
Secret Santa Program
Stop What You Are Doing
Skins Bikini Blizzard
A Very Orca Christmas
Winter Wonderland
Midnight in Bikini Bottom

The Snowcember Ball 2014 was a Christmas event on SBC that started December 5th, 2014, and ended December 29th, 2014. It is the Christmas equivalent to the popular, Octerror Fest for Halloween. This event is historic for the return of iFish avatars and the launch of SBC Music.

During the event, the user-group colors were temporarily changed. Customers were gold, Retired Employees were silver, Cashiers were green, and Managers were red (which they have kept).


SpongeBob Jeopardy!

A Christmas themed Jeopardy game was held on December 13th, 2014, hosted by jjs. This was the first jep game to use the new Jeopardy chatroom, created by MDPP. In the end, JCM won the game.

SBC Christmas Trivia Contest 2014

The third annual Christmas Trivia Contest was held, hosted by jjs, JCM and ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1. There were a total of 10 rounds, with the first one being December 5th and the last two both on December 23rd. Trophy was the overall winner, who won an emerald username color, 100 rep points, a free Patrick Christmas icon, and sneak peek of a future SBC event (which was SpongeCraft).

Overall Scores:

Trophy: 342 (WINNER)

Hayden: 333

Halibut: 215

SG: 214

Crushing: 104

Calvin: 74

SOF: 66

Cha: 35

Wumbo: 33

Clappy: 25

Teenj: 11

Rev: 5

Snowcember Ball Spin-Off War

The Snowcember Ball Spin-Off War called for participants to submit a canon or non-canon written work involving the cast of SpongeBob in one way or another. If at least one SpongeBob character is not featured, the person may not qualify. Users could use an existing spin-off, or create a completely separate entry. Creations also must not exceed 1000 words. The deadline for the contest was December 20, 2014. tvguy's "ChristmasBob" won the contest.

Snowcember Art Contest

An art contest hosted by Patty Sponge. Just draw a holiday (Can be related to any holiday that's celebrated in December) themed piece (Doesn't have to be SpongeBob related) and post in the thread. Whoever won received a free King Neptune for a Day and Artist badge made by Patty. In the end, JCM won by default due to being the only one to participate.

SBC Secret Santa Program

Revival of Clappy's Secret Santa Program from 2012, hosted by jjs. The event allowed users to get gifts for other users secretly, with identities of the gift givers being revealed after the gifts have been given out. The gifts were sent out December 23rd, along with who got which user a gift.

Stop What You Are Doing

A SWYAD was held where users changed their names to Christmas related things.


An All-Nighter was held on Christmas Eve 2014.

iFish and Store

The iFish avatars which were disabled for most of 2014 returned later during the event, along with Christmas items from Christmas 2012.

Christmas Present

On December 25th, 2014, SBC Music was released to the public.





  • This was the first Christmas event on SBC to be given an official name.