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Shell City Prize Store

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Welcome to Shell City's gift shop of curiosities to spend your Goober Tokens at all. This inventory is a mix of brand new and returning items from last year.


Goofygoobertoken.png Goofy Goober Badge (New!) - 1,500 Goober Tokens

Jellypantsbadge.png JellyPants Badge - 1,000 Goober Tokens

Bfbbcommunitybanner.gif Battle for Bikini Bottom Community Skin (New!) - 1,000 Goober Tokens

32186.png Frozen Krabs Collectable (New!) - 600 Goober Tokens

18809.png Goofy Goober Guitar Collectable (New!) - 500 Goober Tokens

28922.png Bigger Boot Collectable (New!) - 400 Goober Tokens

dumbbell.png Dumbbell Collectable (New!) - 300 Goober Tokens

flyingpizza.png Flying Pizza Collectable - 300 Goober Tokens

karateking.png Karate King Collectable - 300 Goober Tokens

Gamer Discord Role (New!) - 200 Goober Tokens

100 Experience Points - 100 Goober Tokens

Let me know in this thread or on Discord if you want to buy anything.

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