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32. The Commode Episode / Tying the Klop-Knot

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First off, making a "Bottle Episode" (that is to say, an episode that takes place MOSTLY in one location), can be a VERY tricky business! While this show has actually already managed to do it well with an episode taking place on the stairs, it's quite another to make an episode take place entirely within a restroom, but this show SOMEHOW managed to make it work without resorting to any RUDE bathroom humor! It was quite funny how so MANY characters kept barging into the restroom without WAITING to hear for anybody to NOT close the restroom door! Eventually, everyone is able to get out thanks to the tiny, blue male fish (occasionally seen with the rest of his tiny, blue fish family), as Patrick puts him into a bottle (a LIVE message in the bottle), flushes him down the toilet, and who should return to save the day except Tingle, who provides a replacement doorknob?! In the second episode segment, the plot wouldn't have been possible WITHOUT Patrick having access to a time travel door, and WITHOUT Patrick having "Skewed Priorities"! Thanks to Bunny's Klopnodian Traditions, unless Bunny and Cecil kiss the traditional Klopnodian Cake to consummate their marriage; than their marriage is NOT legitimate! To keep Bunny from having to go BACK to Klopnodia, Squidina has to QUICKLY arrange for Cecil and Bunny to re-do every single ONE of their Klopnodian marriage traditions, BEFORE the sun sets! While what we did get to see was funny, I think this episode segment would've done better as a full length episode, as a cutaway gag implied that there were MANY Klopnodian traditions we DIDN'T get to see! Also, I was totally NOT expecting a Patrick from the far-off future year of 7 million to appear, fight Present Day Patrick for the wedding cake, and have THAT actually turn out to be part of the Klopnodian Wedding Tradition! Thankfully, Bunny and Cecil manage to get married in the nick of time; and even future versions of Bunny and Cecil (with their family who managed to survive a Robot Apocalypse) are all happily married as well. I guess I'd give the first episode segment a 9.9 out of 10, and the second episode segment a 9 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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