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298a. Momageddon

Jjs Goodman

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I feel like the BIGGEST reason this episode segment was made, was to FINALLY definitively answer once and for all, whether Squidward KNEW if his Mother was alive or not! Well, from now on, he definitely does! Ironically enough, she looks YOUNGER in this episode than she has in previous appearances. Although to be fair, we do NOW have Granny Tentacles, who uses Mama Tentacles' old character design, so I guess the animators needed to come up with a new design so that people wouldn't get confused. Also, I noticed that Mama Krabs has a new voice actress; that would make this the THIRD person to voice her! This episode is unique in the fact that prior to this episode, we really HAVEN'T seen Mama Squarepants have a major episode segment that focused mostly on her WITHOUT having to include her husband (at least, at the same time). Because it's "Bring Your Mom To Work Day" (don't know how we HAVEN'T had THAT at the Krusty Krab before), Spongebob brings not only HIS mother; but Squidward's and Mr. Krabs' mother as well! Because Mama Krabs and Mama Tentacles aren't happy with the way their boys are running the Krusty Krab (with Mama Krabs apparently now willing to be CHEAPER than Mr. Krabs is, and Mama Squarepants only going along with it because she's out-voted), the mom's decide to put the Krusty Krab under NEW management, their OWN! Naturally, the sons think that it won't be long before the mom's realize how HARD running a restaurant is, but what would ordinarily be a HARD test; Bubble Bass and his mother, turns out to impress BOTH of the big eaters! What's nice about this episode is that even though Bubble Bass DOES feel a little irritated with how his mother treats him at times, he DOES ultimately love her; and he even helps the boys figure out how to hang out and have fun in the basement, which they turn into their own makeshift man-cave! Although the mamas succeed in running the Krusty Krab for a day; it turns out to be a justified case of "Status Quo Is God", because the day doesn't last forever; and the next day turns out to be "Bring Your Dad To Work Day" (with Squidward's father ALSO turning out to be alive), and because the dad's are INSISTENT about wanting things done for THEM, it makes the sons WISH they had their mom's back! All in all, I'd give this episode segment a 9.9 out of 10! Enough said, true believers!

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