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027b. The Star Games

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As is the case with many other animated shows, it is often interesting to wonder about what kinds of shows they have within the UNIVERSE of that show! In the case of "The Patrick Star Show", Patrick HIMSELF gets the opportunity to HOST various types of shows (all game shows, but STILL shows), that could exist within the universe of "The Patrick Star Show"! As it turns out, the types of game shows that could exist within the universe of "The Patrick Star Show", make MOST of the activities within the "Total Drama" franchise look downright SANE by comparison! Bunny and Cecil are FORCED to eat expired foods, and try to guess WHAT they are and WHEN they expired; GrandPat has to search for hidden bombs hidden WITHIN his wrinkled skin folds (and we find out that he has an older brother, hope they expand more upon THAT in future episodes!) And Squidina is FORCED to try to change the fabric of time in the past, in order to change the appearance of a teacup in the present! All Squidina ends up doing, is BRIEFLY changing everything EXCEPT the teacup to look like an abstract Picasso painting, and THEN somehow accidentally fusing Patrick and Sandy together! By this time, the Star Family has had ENOUGH of being put through Patrick Star's dangerous shows, and decide to give him a taste of his OWN medicine, by doing a game show of their OWN! Needless to say, Patrick finds out the HARD way, that putting ANYONE (let alone his own family) in danger is NOT a great way to get ratings if HE has to take the same damage he dished out! But than, as it turns out, Squidina DID manage to change the teacup, it just took a LOT of time for the change to take effect, as the teacup MORPHS into a dinosaur! The Star Family has to put aside their differences in order to fight it, with a MEGAZORD type machine (with GrandPat forming the BUTT of it, making HIM the BUTT of the joke!) But before they can do battle, it becomes time for BREAK time for COFFEE, with coffee from within the Coffee Pot of the Star House! And by the time they're done with that, they run out of time for anything else, leading it to time for a show called "The End!" I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10, mostly because I really would've LIKED to see how the Megazord and Teacup Dinosaur battle would've played out. Enough said, true believers!

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