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026b. Patrick's Prison Pals

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After the episode segment that was "Bubble Bass Reviews", practically ANY episode segment that came out after it was going to find that episode segment a "Tough Act To Follow"; let alone one that revolves mostly around a PRISON! Granted, I am glad that they showed off where Bunny works (even if I'm not sure if she's exactly the MOST qualified to be working there, although it's HARDLY the oddest decision ever made regarding characters in the "Spongebob Squarepants" franchise). In any case, when Patrick needs to go use the restroom, he mistakes one of the MANY open room prison cells as being an open room restroom, and thinks that one of the prisoner's there is part of a club that has their own bathroom uniforms. The prisoner there takes ADVANTAGE of Patrick's stupidity, by switching outfits with him, and attempts to break free, ONLY for Bunny to take the prisoner home by MISTAKE! Although the prospect of BEING in prison seems terrifying to Patrick at first, he's able to EASILY impress the inmates (including the two crooks from "The Getaway" making a return, cameo appearance), by eating 100 plates of prison slop, PLATE included! The prisoner, however, finds life at the Star house MUCH tougher, as he's forced to eat TRASH that Patrick wouldn't give a second THOUGHT about eating (lest Cecil suspect that HE isn't Patrick), while Squidina out-right KNOWS that while the Prisoner isn't Patrick; decides she HAS to use him anyways in order to do a painful stunt in a scene! The prisoner tries to get away, only to be faced with the prospect of having to cure GrandPat's bunions, and being sent through a PAINFUL trip through the time machine, before deciding that while prison may be MISERABLE, it's a LOT safer than being part of the Star household! Thankfully, Patrick is unwittingly being used by prisoners to escape by EATING through the floor and dirt, where the prisoner switches places BACK with Patrick! Unfortunately for the Prisoner, his peace WON'T last long, because Patrick liked HIS stay at prison SO much, he offers for the rest of the Star family to LIVE there, which Bunny agrees to, as it makes HER commute to work a LOT easier! Needless to say, the prisoner is so HORRIFIED by this prospect, he LITERALLY breaks apart in half! I'd give this episode an 8.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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