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025b. Get Off My Lawnies

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First off, I don't know WHY they decided to call the episode title what they DID call it; it practically has nothing to DO with Grandma Tentacles NOT wanting anybody on her lawn! What this episode IS focused on, is what happens when someone who wasn't even LOOKING for people to be entertained by the things she says (I.E.: Grandma Tentacles), suddenly gets fans she NEVER really wanted in the FIRST place! And unlike Patrick Star and his family, who expect such activity due to actually HAVING an in-universe television show; Grandma Tentacles is justifiably annoyed that there are quite a few fish who are following her around! (Also, in the beginning; was Craig Mammalton one of the many seals that Patrick had performing?! It looks like he has a bigger family than I thought!) No matter where Grandma Tentacles goes or what she does, her unwanted fans keep following her! One time, the show gets its most META moment yet when Slappy accidentally turns on the SUBTITLES, and Grandma Tentacles USES them as a bridge to get across a chasm! Thankfully, Squidina and Patrick eventually come to her rescue, revealing that the reason there ARE fans chasing after her, is because (in-universe) she has the neighborhood's most wanted show!) She decides that if she can't beat them, she'll knock them dead! (Was that GILBERT Gottfried saying "Is this thing On?" During Grandma Tentacles show-stopping number?! If so, that was probably his LAST recording!) But as it turns out, her fans are SO fickle, they'd rather watch someone PAINTING a fence (like Tom Sawyer) than watch Grandma Tentacles give it her all. Oddly enough, SHE finds the show entertaining as well! I'd guess I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. It LOST half a point due to the fact that ONE of the seals accidentally got their legs cut off. Enough said, true believers!

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