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025a. Which Witch is Which?

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At long last; it's revealed that Squidina actually IS related to the rest of the Stars, due to the fact that her maternal Grandmother (Bunny's Mother) is a squid herself! And not just ANY squid, a witch named Agnes Steelhead, so now we also know what Bunny's Maiden last name is! Even though Bunny never got any witch powers herself, Agnes wants to see if Squidina has any magical talent to call her own. First, they try out some simple wand flame igniting! While Agnes can ignite an oblivious fish no problem; Squidina learns the HARD way, why you should make SURE your aim is TRUE before you fire! The second test is magical spell transformations! Using her LOATHED step-son Cecil as a Guinea Pig, Agnes transforms him into the likeness and sound of Slappy. But not only does Squidina's potion have no effect on Patrick, it just makes HIM thirsty for Agnes' potion, which ALSO transforms him into the likeness and sound of Slappy! At this time, GrandPat enters the picture, and he REALIZES that Agnes is up to some no good witchcraft! After slapping Patrick back to normal, GrandPat decides to (probably not for the FIRST time), become a late 17th century witch hunter! And just in time, to! Agnes WANTS Squidina to fly on a broom stick! GrandPat attempts to stop Agnes, but ends up falling off of the house! Squidina BEGS Agnes to save him, and Agnes reluctantly agrees; only to give GrandPat a CRASH course in broom riding! Since GrandPat decides that witch hunting won't work on Agnes, he decides to fight magic with magic, trying to make HER disappear with sleight of hand, smoke and mirror trickery! Only, Agnes decides to school GrandPat on some REAL magical tricks, by having a GIANT sea bunny attempt to devour him, THAN turning GrandPat into a giant carrot! However, it's by THIS point that Squidina has had ENOUGH of Agnes' bullying ways, and harnesses her OWN magic! First, she ZAPS Agnes back into Klopnodia; than she undoes the magical transformations that Agnes forced onto GrandPat! It's than revealed to be a DIFFERENT kind of magic; movie EDITING magic! Strangely enough, Squidina thinks that EDITING Patrick's show is NORMAL for a kid her age! Turning into a sea WEREWOLF during a full moon on the other hand? I sure hope THAT part becomes canon not just for her, but the REST of the Star family! I give this episode segment a perfect 10/10! Enough said, true believers!

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