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024b. Olly Olly Organ Free

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To be fair, this isn't the first cartoon show that depicted an inner part of the body actually LEAVING somebody's body; "Beetlejuice" the animated series did it WAY back in the late 1980's/early 1990's when a part of Beetlejuice's brain left his body; "Ren And Stimpy" once removed Ren's brain from his body; and "Regular Show" did it when Rigby's soul left his own body! Even so, this episode shows the consequences (if depicted cartoonishly) of what happens if someone (I.E. Patrick) treats their body like a garbage dump; their organs LITERALLY quit on him! In any case, I don't think it will ever cease to amaze me just how DURABLE and nigh invulnerable Bubble Bass' BUTT seems to be! Patrick's organs hit Bubble Bass' butt with a CAR, and he didn't even FEEL it! Unlike "Ren & Stimpy", when Stimpy had to hastily replace Ren's brain into his body when Stimpy couldn't find it; Patrick decides he can replace his own organs with a bunch of random household stuff! And oddly enough, the citizens of Bikini Bottom find him MORE handsome, muscular, and more useful! Meanwhile, Patrick's organs have a bad time when the Dance Club they go to, turns out to be the BACK of a Butcher's Deli! Thankfully, one of the objects Patrick swallowed was a Fax Machine, so he was able to get a note from his organs about the Deli...only to WANT to go for the chips! Not WANTING to be ignored, the Lungs inflate themselves so big, and let out such a loud scream; it shatters the deli glass, AND the restaurant! Patrick's organs WANT to be back inside of Patrick, but Patrick refuses, since THEY left him; and he doesn't NEED them anymore! As if the Universe wanted to make sure he was "Instantly Proven Wrong", an industrial strength magnet ATTRACTS the metal objects within Patrick's body! Patrick realizes the only way to get out of his situation, is to apologize to his organs, and let them back inside his body! So he releases ALL the objects he swallowed, swallows his organs back up; and learns something important! Actually, TWO things; first, never take your organs for granted! Second, never stand DIRECTLY underneath a fully loaded industrial strength magnet; you never know when it might release EVERYTHING it's carrying! I guess I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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