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024a. Stuntin'

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While in cartoons, it's usually accepted that for most cartoon characters; they can be put through ANY situation, and emerge from it none worse for the wear. Or if they DO get hurt, they're just healed AGAIN in the very next scene! This episode shows what can happen when THAT is not the case, and a character could actually USE a stunt double. Technically speaking, it might actually show more of WHY cartoon characters usually don't USE stunt double's in the first place! Even by the standards of "The Patrick Star Show", Grandpat (with only his BEARD shaven off, which looks SO unnatural, by the way); is chosen to be Patrick's Stunt Double, simply for the fact that GRANDPAT can open up a jar of pickles! But, surprise, surprise; Grandpat DOESN'T want to do any of the HARD stunts, such as boxing a Sea Bear (who is FINALLY given the name of Bear Knuckles), and it's ACTUALLY called a "Death Match?!" One of our community spin-offs is now OFFICIAL canon lore! Instead, Grandpat takes away all the EASY gigs from Patrick, and assumes to take over Patrick's life. This would've been a BETTER use for FitzPatrick, since he looks MORE like Patrick anyways! In any case, Patrick eventually decides that he's had enough, and decides to become a Stunt TRIPLE for GrandPat! (Which IS actually "Truth In Television", Jennifer Beals needed FOUR stunt doubles to do all the dance scenes in "Flashdance"). Squidina decides to resolve the matter by having the two engage in a Stunt-off! But Patrick and Grandpat can't STOP breaking the rules of physics by trying to interfere each other, and they wind up getting caught in a FREAK explosion (although unlike other cases, at least THIS one was justified!) Instead of having the two apologize to each other and find some other way to resolve the situation; the writers come up with the most INEXPLICABLE ending ever! Patrick and Grandpat wind up FUSED to each other in a PICKLE Jar, and Squidina is grabbing the pickle they are on! At least they have the decency to end the cartoon before anything else happens! If it weren't for that ending, the episode would get an 8.5 out of 10. With the ending, it's 8.1 out of 10, and mostly for the "Death Match" segment! Enough said, true believers!

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