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023b. Blorpsgiving

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My feelings on the "Captain Doug Quasar and Pat-Tron" segments seen on this show have been neutral, until now. Doug Quasar is a brave shark captain, but he's not without his own faults. For instance, MOST characters familiar with Patrick or most of his alternate variations, would KNOW by now that if you give a Patrick character instructions, you HAVE to be VERY specific about what you WANT him to do, or the Patrick character will find SOME way to do the wrong THING! So naturally, when Doug Quasar JUST tells Pat-Tron to push a button; instead of pushing a button to sign a Peace Treaty, Pat-Tron pushes a button to open fire on the Sentient Saladian's ship (basically giant, living, anthropomorphic salads), the Saladian's strike back and Doug Quasar really doesn't have a choice but to LEAVE with Pat-Tron, and journey to Pat-Tron's home planet, and meet HIS family! So far, Pat-Tron's version of the Star family, may be the ONLY version where their version of Squidina could LEGITIMATELY be related to Pat-Tron, as they are both robots! And the robot version of GrandPat is a Steampunk Automaton that runs on coal and water! Naturally, it would SEEM like Doug Quasar won't WANT to stay for Blorpsgiving, until a Swedish Cousin of Pat-Tron's named Inga-Tron just SUDDENLY shows up (the implausibility and "Contrived Coincidence" LAMPSHADED by Patrick, Squidina, and their OWN version of Inga)! It shows that Doug Quasar, while usually serious, is also longing to love. Given that "Futurama" and "My Life As A Teenage Robot" have ALREADY set a precedence for it), Doug Quasar falls in love with Inga. The two actually hit it off, and Doug Quasar decides to MARRY Inga! It is shown that when a robot on Pat-Tron's planet gets married, they have their head UNBOLTED from their normal body, and placed into a wedding outfit body, which is NORMAL for them! Unfortunately, they EXPECT Doug Quasar to be WILLING to do the same thing, REGARDLESS of his flesh and blood status. Thankfully, the Saladian Leader shows up to exact revenge on Doug, and winds up falling in love with Inga-Tron himself! In a case of "Opposites Attract", even though Inga-Tron's OWN analysis deems them incompatible, Inga-Tron decides to not waste a good wedding, and proceeds to marry the Saladian Leader, and put HIM through the wedding ceremony! Pat-Tron takes the opportunity to escort Doug Quasar to an escape ship, and explains that the sort of CRAZINESS his family exhibits, is the biggest reason why Pat-Tron only visits HIS family during the holidays!

I guess I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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