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023a. The Starry Awards

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Who doesn't like to get awards? When Cecil and GrandPat fight over who deserves a "World's #1 Best Dad Mug", Patrick gets a GREAT idea, to host an Awards show! Since his show DOESN'T have the resources or the budget to craft a BUNCH of awards that look the same, Patrick just grabs a bunch of random objects, and paints them gold! Patrick gives an award for the best song, and the song ITSELF wins (which to be fair, was actually pretty good!) Next, is an award for the Best BITE, which ends up going to Slappy; who winds up BITING off a bit more than he can chew when he decides to take a BITE of his Carrot Award SPRAYED with Gold Paint! Thank goodness Patrick called an ambulance for him post haste! Next, is the award for the Best Segment of the Show; and in the most BIZARRE decision ever, it goes to the 3-D Stop Motion Franken Sponge segment, the WEAKEST segment of the entire series! At least they did something ACTUALLY creative this time, as Plankton-Stein manages to (sort of) turn himself, Patrick Igor, and Franken Sponge into 2-D creatures! There's an award for the Best Stunt, which unexpectedly (though pretty deservedly) goes to Patrick himself! There's even an "In Memoriam" segment, honoring either LONG dead and/or undead beings including The Flying Dutchman, Lady Zombie, The Flim Flam Brothers, Nosferatu, and an unfortunate fish named Lenny who gets hit by a falling spotlight! Unfortunately, Granny Tentacles doesn't LIKE all the Hoopla brought about by the awards show, mainly because Squidina's spotlight fish workers are "Literal Minded" when they put spotlights EVERYWHERE, including in HER house; resulting in her going BLIND from all the spotlights FOUR times! Granny Tentacles first attempts to physically HARM Patrick Star, but that only helps Patrick get the Best Stunt Award! Deciding to put a complete STOP to the show, Granny Tentacles decides to place a BOMB in the last award of the night, only to find out that she has SOMEHOW won the award for the Best Neighbor of the Show! And Granny is SO overcome with emotion, she completely FORGETS about her OWN bomb in her OWN award, turning herself, Patrick and Squidina into ghosts themselves! Thank GOODNESS for negative continuity HERE! I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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