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021b. Neptune's Ball

Jjs Goodman

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While I personally disagree with Patrick taking an Invitation that wasn't really MEANT for him, it probably WAS the only way that Patrick was ever going to find out that King Neptune was holding a Ball! In order to look prestigious enough for the Ball, Patrick uses his Time Door Closet, so he and his family can go history shopping! Bunny dresses up like an Egyptian Pharaoh, Squidina looks like a Princess from the Middle Ages, Patrick looks like an aquatic version of King Louis XIV, GrandPat looks like a German Kaiser from World War I, and Cecil looks like David Lee Roth from the early 1980's! Although they certainly TRY to act the part of high society, their actions inevitably give them away! Bunny's Egyptian Head Dress Snake is ALIVE, and eats a LIVE Fur Stole! Squidina keeps TRYING to tell the Radio D.J. how to get a better sound; but BECAUSE she's only a kid, the Radio D.J. won't listen to her! Patrick won't EAT the way everyone else is eating, GrandPat is somehow ABLE to bring all the wall trophies BACK to live; since hunting them would be more interesting than merely LISTENING to the old geezers TALK about their hunting stories, and Cecil accidentally gets STUCK in a piano! Eventually Lady Upturn manages to get into the Ball and EXPOSES them...only for King Neptune to reveal that he's ACTUALLY Patrick's BIGGEST fan, and ENJOYS all of his antics! So, they decide to move the party to the Star Family's house! And, to throw Lady Upturn a bone, she DOES manage to get into this party; albeit as a plus one of Tinkle's. I guess I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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