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020a. The Lil' Patscals

Jjs Goodman

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According to this episode, Grandpat WASN'T born around the time of the dinosaurs, he was a kid in the 1920's (albeit a kid who SOMEHOW had a beard), and his hair (for those who aren't aware or didn't know before), is modeled after Alfalfa, a kid on "The Little Rascals", which this episode is a parody of. Grandpat is (naturally) disgusted by the fact that Patrick wastes his time watching The Stoplight Channel (although it would STILL be a better use of time than watching "Teen Titans Go!") So Grandpat wrecks the TV so he can tell Patrick about his childhood! However, Patrick is only INTERESTED in watching stuff and NOT listening to it; so Patrick decides to go back in time to the 1920's, and he finds Grandpat and some of his friends as kids! Now, with the exception of Granny Tentacles and Old Man Walker (who is finally given the first name of Hoops), I'm sure that Mrs. Puff and Mr. Krabs (as kids) are supposed to be Mrs. Puff's mother and Mr. Krab's father respectively. In any case, when Patrick is given the black and white make-over, Grandpat and his friends try to show Patrick how to kick the can (in an homage to a very famous episode of "The Twilight Zone"), only for the can to go into Old Man Jenkins' house! One by one, the kids get ejected out of the house until only Grandpat and Patrick are left! They find out that the reason Old Man Jenkin's house seems haunted, is because Old Man Jenkins doesn't want the authorities to find out that he's secretly making and hoarding Prohibition Era Ice Cream (nice continuity reference, by the way!) In return for Grandpat and Patrick helping keep Old Man Jenkin's Ice Cream making a secret, Grandpat and his friends demand a small cut of his ice cream for as long as Prohibition is in place. And when Patrick goes back to his own time, he actually DOES learn something; having real life adventures ARE more fun than JUST watching television all the time! I'd give this episode a 9.9 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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