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018b. A Space Affair to Remember

Jjs Goodman

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After the HORRENDOUS disaster that was "Kooky Cooks", I thought that Nickelodeon would NEVER allow Bob Camp to TOUCH anything "Spongebob Squarepants" related; not even with a..."39 and a half pole!" But, it seems that Bob Camp has actually (MOSTLY) learned from his horrendous mistake; because in this episode segment, he shows that Bunny and Cecil really DO love each other. And while neither of them are exceptionally smart on their own, they work REALLY well together! While Patrick and Squidina accidentally send their parents to space instead of Ancient Greece, Patrick's parents find themselves in an alien space station, with both of them wearing a toga! Because there's a "Weird Alien Contest" where the winner gets a "Free Dinner", Bunny and Cecil decide to heighten their chances of winning, by taping themselves together so they look like a two-headed alien, wearing rather paper thin disguises (which of course, fools the alien hosting it!) While Bunny and Cecil certainly do their best to bust a move during the dance portion of the contest, they are WOEFULLY outshone by an alien that can sprout multiple dancing legs! Next, they have to prepare a meal, with animated HUMANS appearing for the first time in the "Spongebob Squarepants" universe! Thankfully, in an example of "Everyone Has Standards", Bunny and Cecil REFUSE to personally harm their human, and ironically, one of the humans THEMSELVES manages to win that event, due to their alien suffering an allergy attack! Their last chance to win, is to ace the talent portion of the contest! However, during their routine, their costume accidentally gets torn, and the Host (and the giant, see through alien slug the contest is being held for), decides that Bunny and Cecil THEMSELVES, look MUCH weirder than any of the ACTUAL aliens there! Since Bunny and Cecil are "Brutally Honest" about there being more creatures like themselves, the Space Station goes to Bunny and Cecil's house, beaming EVERYTHING that's inside, including PART of Bubble Bass' butt! At least Bubble Bass fared a lot better than everyone else, as in a case of "Exact Words", Bunny and Cecil and EVERYTHING that was beamed into the Space Station, ended up being PART of the "Free Dinner", for the giant see through alien slug! Thank goodness for negative continuity on this show! I guess I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10, just because it is WAY more tasteful than the atrocity that was "Kooky Cooks"! Enough said, true believers!

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