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018a. The Patterfly Effect

Jjs Goodman

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So far, this episode segment has the best usage of Patrick's Time Travel Closet, even more so than the "Tidal Zone" crossover event; which is a pretty impressive feat to be honest! When Patrick wakes up from having a great dream that he can't remember (and who among us HASN'T been there), he bemoans the fact that he can't remember it. Than he hears his mom had a dream to when SHE was a young girl, but because Patrick DOESN'T let his mom finish, Patrick thinks his mom wanted to be a RACE CAR instead of a race car DRIVER! So, when Patrick goes back 30 years in the past (where we discover Patrick's Mom Bunny was a native Klopnodian), Patrick and young Bunny go through a whole training montage to help Bunny get faster, culminating in Bunny becoming PART race car! But when Patrick gets back to his OWN time, he finds his WHOLE family; including himself, now have WHEELS instead of feet! He tries MANY attempts to fix it, only to culminate with there being too much fire ONE time, a Godzilla foot stomping on his house one time, and his family's house looking wrong WAY too many times to count! Than, Patrick gets to a timeline where everything about his family is FINE, but there's no concept of BREAKFAST in this timeline! Even worse, his Time Travel Closet has now become a REGULAR closet! In order to remake his Time Travel Closet, Patrick has to go through ANOTHER montage; a LEARNING montage! This episode is GREAT, because it shows that Patrick doesn't NEED Brain Coral to be smart, and he really CAN be smart on his own if he applies himself! Finally, Patrick remakes his Time Travel Closet, and travels back to BEFORE the first time Patrick goes back in time, and Einstein Patrick (my nick-name for Future Patrick), tells Past/Present Patrick to NOT go back in time! Now, if the episode stopped there, I could've given the episode a 9.9 out of 10. But, because BOTH Patrick's had "Skewed Priorities" about wanting to have breakfast, they went back 15 minutes in time, and if it weren't for negative continuity, would be on their way to BECOMING breakfast! Because of that, the episode gets a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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