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016b. House Hunting

Jjs Goodman

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I think this episode just MIGHT hold the distinction of being the first cartoon to combine old-time Fleischer cartoons (no doubt as a result of the recent success of "The Cuphead Show!"), a reference to "Tremors", and what might possibly be the MOST Tex Avery inspired cartoon idea that the writers have thought up of YET! I mean, I've HEARD of a MOBILE home, but the Star Tea Pot takes it to another level, as it LITERALLY runs away from where its SUPPOSED to be, with Grandpat INSIDE of it! Luckily, Squidina is able to convert their giant TV into a Mobile Studio, and they drive after their runaway house! The funniest parts were the bikers who CONTINUE biking through the moving house along with Perch Perkins, Bubble Bass WANTING the Star's giant mobile studio TV as his own, Grandpat trying to prepare for his day DESPITE the house constantly jostling him about, and Fred saying "My EGGS!!!!" When the Star family finally corners their Tea Pot House, they find that it's mating with a giant mobile Toaster, and laying an egg! Apparently, every single YEAR it migrates and mates with something, and EVERY single year, the Star Family forgets about it! The Tea Pot House hatches a flying Microwave Oven with a giant cup of coffee inside, with Grandpat using it like a SAUNA! Not only that, he LIKES the heat, the caffeine, and the fact that he now has his own pad! (It remains to be seen if the flying Microwave Oven will make any future, return appearances). The Star Family manage to lure the Teapot House back to it's proper place, with a trail of Coffee beans! The only thing preventing this episode from being perfect, is the fact that Patrick Star turned out to be terrorizing a sentient land of pigs and pork products with what was SUPPOSED to be a puppet show! I'd give this episode segment a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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