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016a. Backpay Payback

Jjs Goodman

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Well, we've learned ONE important thing in this episode segment; Squidward's extreme apathy and overall lack of passion for working has not been a LIFE LONG thing. It might have actually come from the fact that Cecil Star, has refused to pay him for his newspaper deliveries for at least five years as of this episode segment! And as we find out, generations of Stars have made it one of their defining characteristics to never PAY a Tentacles anything; while the Tentacles family make it a point to NOT get stiffed for anything! It's nice to see that at least that most characters who got newspapers, actually LIKED Squidward, and that Squidward's Grandma is actually SOMEWHAT affectionate towards him (although it is easy to see where Squidward got his trademark SNARK from!) And it turns out, Cecil isn't COMPLETELY stupid; avoiding paying Squidward and his Grandma, seems to be Cecil's "Over-Crippling Handicap". It takes Grandpat LITERALLY combining Cecil's brain with his, to figure out a way to avoid paying Squidward and his Grandma! They make a giant Paper Machei replica of the Stars' OWN house, and EVERYTHING in it, trick the Tentacles into it; and spray it with water in order to trap them INSIDE of it! But what the Stars DIDN'T count on, is that the Paper Machei replica would end up falling ONTO the Stars, trapping all FOUR of them, and the Paper Machei replica SOMEHOW warps into a newspaper with COMICS! The weirdest thing about this episode segment, is that Grandma Tentacles is actually INFATUATED with Grandpat's ingenuity, and Grandpat is INFATUATED with Grandma Tentacles for her stubbornness. Wouldn't it be WEIRD (and a good explanation for Squidward's seething hatred of Patrick on "Spongebob Squarepants"), if Grandma Tentacles ends up getting MARRIED to Grandpat sometime during "The Patrick Star Show"? Anyways, I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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