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015b. Host-a-Palooza

Jjs Goodman

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Did "The Patrick Star Show" LITERALLY use an old voice clip from an old MGM Tex Avery cartoon? Because it sure SOUNDED like that the dust bunny who sang Italian was using the exact same audio! (Wonder how much they had to pay to USE that audio?) Out of all the potential hosts we really DID see, I thought that Cecil and Grandpat had the most potential! WEIRD how they actually chose FISHING to be the thing they focused on in trying to entertain their in-universe viewers, but I did like how Cecil's had all the bells and whistles (minus actual bells and whistles!) It seems like the writers are actively trying to make Grandma Tentacles be the Nosferatu of "The Patrick Star Show", as she's now into re-animating and prettying up the non-living! However, nobody can quite nail how to actually BE Patrick; not even Squidina, who in a desperate attempt to KEEP the in-universe viewers; temporarily SNEEZED out her own brain in order to more accurately ACT like Patrick! Thank goodness she put her brain back in when she realized that the in-universe viewers weren't impressed. She than complains to the viewers, that if THEY think it's so easy being Patrick; she'd LOVE to see THEM do better! Unfortunately, the viewers take her suggestion SERIOUSLY; as they all jump into the TV and start jumping around like buffoons! However, not only does this cause the TV to completely collapse ON them; it SOMEHOW manages to UNBREAK all of Patrick's bones! Maybe from now on, the in-universe viewers will leave the whole acting like Patrick thing to the genuine article. My only real complaint about this episode, is that we never got to see Squidward Tentacles taking a turn at the hosting duties. Oh well, maybe some other time. I guess I'd give this episode a 9.5 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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