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015a. The Uncredible Journey

Jjs Goodman

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My favorite of the three pets is Pinkeye the sea bunny. And...I can see WHY they called this episode segment "The Uncredible Journey". For anyone who was UNFAMILIAR with how this show's logic worked (as in, it basically HAS none!), they would think this journey was 'Uncredible' as well. When the Stars' first floor bathroom toilet gets broken, they call in a plumber to fix it. However, he is somehow unaware and oblivious to the fact that it IS broken, and he goes upstairs, and he thinks that Tinkie is not just broken, it needs to be taken to the Dump, post-haste! So Pinkeye, and Ouchie, hiding in the top half of Tinkie, get taken to the dump! They need to get out, but first they have to get past a giant Guard Worm! Utilizing possibly the ONLY okay instance of using a swirlie (in self-defense) they chase the Guard Worm away, and manage to get out of the Dump! They try to make their way through town, but a sea bunny, an urchin, and a sentient toilet causes unwanted attention! Not to mention, they can't even get food from a food store as long as they LOOK like pets! However, they use the "Totem Pole Trench" to get their food, but as pets, they've never HAD to understand the concept of having to PAY for something before, and practically EVERYONE in the store is an undercover cop! Thankfully, they manage to distract the lot, and get their food, and try to continue on back home! However, the trio can't walk by when there is a fire burning; so they put it out, and save a baby in the process! Did I mention this WHOLE thing was being narrated by Rube?! Speaking of, it seems like having reality bending powers DOES have it's advantages; as Rube decides to BREAK the normal rules of being a Narrator, by actually INSERTING himself into the story, and show the pets the last bit of their journey home! And good thing to, because the Stars thought that their new upstairs toilet WAS Tinkie, and that it had died! So, when the pets are exposed at their own funeral, Grandpa Star is irritated that the rest of the family went to all the fuss of having a funeral for a sentient toilet that wasn't even dead, but the other Stars are just happy that all their pets are back home. I...guess I'd give this episode an 8.1 out of 10. I just hope Rube can have more interesting narrator roles like this one! Enough said!

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