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The Last of Us (HBO)

Danny DeVito

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This show has no right to be this good. It does such a good job at adapting the game while doing its own thing. I'm impressed by its quality in writing, directing, acting, effects, music etc. I have never played the games before but this show is definitely worth seeing for everyone, even those who never played the game. I can see some people nit-picking how some aspects of the show diverging from games, particularly episode 3 but honestly I thought changes that I'm aware of have made the show better imo. I was gonna give the show a shot but after hearing the buzz around episode 3, I couldn't just wait any longer and now that I have caught up, it's worth the watch so far. I really wanna highlight episode 3 though in spoiler section.


I have seen people complain about how Bill and Frank in the show had different fate than games and honestly knowing how their fate was in the game, I liked that they changed their ending here, so they actually got a happy ending with dying of old age. I have seen many people having distaste over anytime a gay character dies and they label it as "bury your gays" trope but I don't think the show falls in that category as we see Bill and Frank living a happy life together and dying on their terms instead of dying tragically. Of course there were downsides in their relationship but the relationships are always that and it was lovely to see it being executed here and despite all that, Bill and Frank lived happily until they made a choice of killing themselves together cuz Frank was getting very ill and he wanted to die on his own terms and Bill couldn't picture a life without Frank and he realized that Frank is the one that made him happy in his entire life. It's honestly very bittersweet and we don't get to see queers getting old and life happily together until death eventually takes them all. Pre-apocalypse, Bill's life had to be about being paranoid about everything and how the society made him stay in closet until he met Frank and eventually he realized sharing it with someone he cares about made him hold onto life even further. I get people would like to see Bill and Frank more and i get that death of queer characters isn't easy but sometimes queer character do need to die to make their story rich and powerful and this is exactly the case here. They spent 16 years together and they died on their terms, instead of getting killed by fungal zombies. Those who think the episode is bunch of gay agenda are all homophobic nutjobs who can always watch something else that isn't queer and leave this episode to us. The Last of Us is queer and we love the show for it. I'll always remember you Bill and Frank.

Anyway. Go see this shit.

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