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Snowcember Story Contest 2022

Jjs Goodman

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This returns from previous years. Here are the rules:

  • Submit a written winter/holiday themed work. It does not have to be specifically about Christmas or any holiday, it can be about winter in general.
  • It does not have to be SpongeBob related.
  • Your creation must at least be 200 words. 
  • Post it in this thread by December 28th.

Patty, Trophy and OWM will be the judges. The winner will receive 1,000 doubloons and 200 experience points.

Have fun, and let the best writer win!

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A Very Philly Christmas

Deep within the mystical kingdom known as Philadelphia and on a cold Christmas night, there rests an establishment known as Paddy’s Pub. The pub is owned and operated by “The Gang”, consisting of four friends, though I use that term loosely: Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Dee and last but certainly not least, Frank. The pub has introduced special limited edition drink for the holidays in hopes of attracting a large crowd for Christmas. Alas, barely anyone shows, much to The Gang’s dismay. Either they sucked at advertising or Paddy’s Pub just didn’t have the same appeal to Philly anymore. Had the Pub’s time finally come? The Gang contemplates the establishment’s future, as the realization hits them like a sack of coal. They each take a few good sips of that holiday drink and have a real talk about their time together at Paddy’s Pub over the years. They reminisce over the fond memories they’ve had here over the years and decide to do a Secret Santa, drunkenly giving each other their presents. They ultimately realize they don’t need the Pub to be successful as long as they have each other, so they decide to liven up the joint with their own party. And that folks, is the true spirit of the holidays or something heartwarming like that. The Gang partied throughout the night, having themselves a jolly little Christmas to themselves. The End.

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