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Kamp Koral Season 1 Part 3 Discussion (Episodes 14-19)

Jjs Goodman

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A megathread to discuss the newest batch of Kamp Koral episodes, out now on Paramount+. 

14a - Help Not Wanted: Patrick's dad unexpectedly visits Kamp Koral.

14b - Camp Spirit: SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy befriend a visiting ghost camper.

15a - Hill Fu: It's the annual foam-fisted all-camp karate battle, and SpongeBob trains to beat the butt-kicking Sandy.

15b - Sun's Out, Fun's Out: It's the hottest day of summer, but there's only one AC in the whole camp.

16a - First and Last Aid: Camp Master Krabs finally hires a camp nurse, but she needs to dedicate all her time and effort to keeping SpongeBob safe.

16b - Night of the Living Stench: When all the campers try to win the 'Stinkiest Camp in the Forest' award, Squidward has to fend for his life to stay clean.

17a - Camp Crossbones: After SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy are banned from playing pirate outside, they decide to turn their cabin into a pirate ship.

17b - A Jelly Life: SpongeBob pretends to be a jellyfish for research purposes.

18a - Lake Crashers: Desperate for help, Camp Master Krabs hires the Flying Dutchman to run the camp store.

18b - Boo Light Special: The campers have a demolition derby under Lake Yuckymuck.

19a - Painting With Squidward: Counselor Squidward is determined for his cabin to win the annual camp art competition.

19b - Kamp Kow: The Kamp Koral campers befriend a cute cow with a big appetite.

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I'll talk about the episode segments I've seen so far. /

"Help Not Wanted": Great! Cecil really feels like part of "Kamp Koral" as well! While that doesn't bode well for future appearances by Patrick's other Dad in "Spongebob Squarepants", I think it would be nice to get future appearances of Cecil in this show.

"Camp Spirit": Okay, but feels like kind of a wasted opportunity. With a ghost in this episode, they really should've gone all out, and had Kidferatu played up more, and had an appearance by The Flying Dutchman.

"Hill Fu": Very interesting to see how Spongebob got his Karate skills to fight against Sandy, and it feels like they've FINALLY integrated Nobby PROPERLY into "Spongebob Squarepants" continuity now!

"Sun's Out, Fun's Out": I really wish I had more to say, but I don't really have any strong feelings about this episode segment one way or the other.

"First And Last Aid": Interesting episode, but the writers were inconsistent about whether or not Spongebob actually COULD get hurt; unless it was DELIBERATELY a case of "Forgot About His Powers", but they could've made THAT point a little more clear!

"Night Of The Living Stench": How ironic, that SQUIDWARD; the one camper who wanted to STAY clean, ended up being the one to win an ACTUAL trophy for filthiest camper under the sea! Even when he actually WINS, he kind of; sort of loses!

"Camp Crossbones": A pretty interesting episode, but it would've been nice if they talked more about the time Mr. Krabs actually WAS a pirate (and brought back Captain Redbeard for THAT matter), but at least they actually referenced Mr. Krabs' navy days (so we now know where THAT fits into continuity)!

"A Jelly Life": An okay episode, but the concept was pulled off a LOT better in "Nature Pants". /

I'll write about the other segments as soon as I've seen them. Enough said, true believers!

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