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011a. X Marks the Pot

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Bringing Man Ray onto this show was a good idea. Trying to turn him into some kind of Thanos rip-off? Unoriginal and uninspired. In the first place, if Man Ray HAS indeed been capable of such acts of destruction all this time, he wouldn't NEED to waste his time on Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Second, if the cops KNEW that he had that kind of technology at his disposal, there's no WAY they'd just release him on good behavior; he clearly CAN'T be trusted if he even BUILT that kind of technology in the first place! Finally, I'm not even SURE how the universe GOT restarted, let alone how the cops even remembered or KNEW that Man Ray's invention had been used in the FIRST place! It's no WONDER this episode was released on April Fool's Day, because otherwise, I'd see no justification for this episode even existing in the first place! I'd give it a D- at best! A 6.0 out of 10. Enough said!

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