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The casual racism of Squidville

Danny DeVito

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Squidville is another classic beloved episode by many a SpongeBob fan. However, deep within the episode's narrative lies a dark secret: it is an allegory for racism, exampled in the clip above:

As this scene and the rest of the episode would go on to demonstrate, Squidville is not a seemingly innocent safe haven for octopi folk: It is an octopi ethnostate. It is quite bold that the SpongeBob writers tackled such a serious concept as early as 2001. Bravo Steve! However, this leaves me wondering several implications this has for the universe. Does Squidville imprison and brutally torture fish that are seemed "inferior"? And how about the geopolitical relations Squidville has with the rest of the sea? This is very important SpongeBob lore I need my answers to.

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