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007b. Who's a Big Boy?

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Well, I guess the writers must have chickened out somewhere during the writing process, because during the episode, they actually called it "Knuclear testing" (because if you were there during it, you're a Knucklehead!) Even worse, Patrick actually LEFT the 1940's before the bomb technically hit, but the gas SOMEHOW became sentient and followed him back THROUGH the time door to punch him in the face! (Also, I'm not sure if the writers actually INTENDED that the place where they were testing, WAS in fact either Bikini Bottom, or the real life Bikini Island Atoll test site, or if it was a combination of BOTH! Still, pretty gutsy of them to even REFERENCE it in either case!) As it turns out, Patrick may have inadvertently helped Spongebob find his pineapple house, because when he was giant, he threw Spongebob, and he landed in the currently unfinished pineapple house! It seemed weird that Squidina was the one who came up with a solution, that in order to shrink Patrick down, a "Knuclear Missile" had to explode on his INSIDE! I mean, Sandy Cheeks DOES exist in this show's continuity, so it really shouldn't have been a problem to simply have HER come up with a BETTER solution; but at least the episode makes sure that any injuries that happen on this show accidental, and that Patrick was mostly oblivious to the fact that he wasn't playing with action figures, but REAL men and women. And since this episode happens earlier in production than some of the episodes that have already aired, we at least know that Patrick's parents must have figured out some way to grow Patrick back to normal size, since Patrick appears normal size in episode that happen later in the production order. I guess I'd give this episode a 9.4/10, mostly because this episode doesn't go off on any side tangents like some of the other episodes of this show do. Enough said!

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