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010a. Just in Time for Christmas

Jjs Goodman

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This is the first episode that I feel, made full potential out of the Time Traveling Door in Patrick's Room. He went to the future to get his dad a laser shaver, he went to the past to get Grandpat a pterodactyl egg, and he went to a carnival to get his mom a new tattoo, and Squidina a new pet respectively. While I do question his ignorance of initially taking those things without really asking and/or paying for them, at least he later had the decency to offer the characters he took those items from, a trade in exchange, which they thankfully accepted. Also, was the big lady fish with a beard, at the fair, Mrs. Puff during a bad hair day, or a previously unseen relative of hers? Only time will tell if we get to see her again. I'd give this episode a 9.4 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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