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010a. My Fair Nobby

Jjs Goodman

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This is definitely an interesting episode, because this marks the first time that we see that Nobby, has quite a bit of hidden depths to him! By only spending a little bit of time with the Yacht Club, Nobby has apparently learned how to become civilized (which makes Spongebob and Patrick's job of babysitting him a lot either, which would normally not be frowned upon), but Nobby ends up becoming TOO civilized for his older sister (up until now, I thought Narwheen was his mother), and no matter what Spongebob and Patrick try, they CAN'T get Nobby back to his original self! So, they suggest that Narwheen should try to become civilized, in order to get her relationship back with Nobby. But Nobby THAN reveals that it was all an elaborate prank to trick Narwheen! Impressed by Nobby's ruse, Narwheen decides that Nobby is now old enough to go feuding with her, so Spongebob and Patrick succeed in fixing the sibling relationship! All in all, I'd give this episode a perfect 10 out 10! Enough said, true believers!

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