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009a. Squisery

Jjs Goodman

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In all honesty, the LAST story that I thought the "Spongebob Squarepants" universe would EVER parody/reference, would be "Misery" by Stephen King. But here we are, in the first season of THIS show, we've got (admittedly, a lighter) version of that story. When Squidward breaks his legs, it's up to Patrick to take care of Squidward. But Patrick's...idea of care, leaves a LOT for Squidward to desire. But SOMEHOW, Squidward manages to get his leg strength back, only to somehow break his legs AGAIN! Unwilling to spend anymore time in their make-shift shelter, Squidward orders Patrick to tie Squidward around Patrick, and find their way back to Kamp Koral. Of course, Squidward REALLY should've thought that idea through better, because Squidward takes quite a toll during Patrick's trek to Kamp Koral...which turns out to have only been 15 feet AWAY from their Make-Shift shelter the whole time! And not only COULD everyone else hear them, they didn't want to BOTHER them, because it SOUNDED like they were having fun! With FRIENDS like THOSE, Squidward will NEVER need any enemies! Squidward's legs heal again, but before Patrick and Squidward can go eat at the Mess Hall, a giant moose snail decides to park himself RIGHT in front of Squidward and Patrick's cabin, preventing them from getting out, and Squidward breaks his legs a THIRD time! Squidward SURE better hope his health care plan can cover his medical bills! In any case, I give this episode a 9.9 out of 10! Enough said, true believers!

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