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002b. Enemies à la Mode

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While this plot has been done before (such as the "Dexter's Laboratory" segment "Ice Cream Scream", it's actually pretty funny how "The Patrick Star Show" is able to put its own spin on it. I feel that the writers (such as Kaz), have been WAITING for a show like this for a LONG time, because it feels like they're able to cut loose and come up with story lines that wouldn't have been possible for any other show! It sure was interesting to see the throwback black and white flashback sequence, and I'm surprised that they were even able to MENTION a Speakeasy within a cartoon! (Granted, it was a Speakeasy for Ice Cream, but STILL). I'm glad Patrick WAS able to get some ice cream, but you got to feel bad for the Goofy Goober Ice Cream Man, for having to put up with Patrick's shenanigans. I'd give this episode a perfect 10 out of 10! Enough said, true believers!

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