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Delaware doesn't exist

Does Delaware exist?  

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  1. 1. Does Delaware exist?

    • Yes, and I'm delusional
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We all know Wyoming doesn't exist, but I personally believe that Delaware also doesn't exist. I know this is not a popular opinion, but as a southeastern Pennsylvanian who has literally been to Delaware before, there is simply no way it exists. It's literally just a small section of the country that you barely even notice on maps. You never hear about something from Delaware, you never hear about something happening in a city in Delaware, you never hear about a physical thing in Delaware like a beach or a mountain, you never hear ANYTHING about it! You never see someone say they've from Delaware, and it's convinently located near Maryland's least populated section. Also, Delaware is one of the original 13 colonies and yet it doesn't even have a million people??? It's literally had 300+ years to get a million people, even Rhode Island has over a million people! Clearly the government realizes they cannot fake a MILLION people's existence. And that's another thing, why would there be 13 colonies? 13 is a cursed number. Why would the founding fathers curse us like that? In fact, Delaware didn't even exist, it's literally just a section of Pennsylvania that left. Oh, and you know who says they are from Delaware? Joe Biden. You know, the lizard person in charge of the country? Yeah, sure he's from Delaware... in fact, he is from Scranton Pennsylvania, so this is a blatant lie! Oh yeah, and a lot of the powerful companies are incorporated for Delaware.....interesting that the only things in Delaware are powerful lizard people. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

so what is Delaware exactly? Is it a hallucination? Is it a section of Maryland or Pennsylvania that they decorate to look like "Delaware"? Is it a white void like Wyoming? Is it where aliens abduct you to to make it seem like you weren't abducted? Personally, because of the lizard people thing above, I think its a top secret government base in Maryland. I think they use it for when they want to use real life people for something, which is why you can have "went to Delaware". What is this base used for? who knows!

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As someone who loves spacesuits, and my friend ooooofy, i can confirm that Delaware exists for my love alone. 


Too bad Joe Biden is from there as well, and he is the biggest piece of evidence of Deleware not existing. 

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